Even Stevens: Bending Over Backwards And Forwards For A Birthday Gift Part 1
by Dimes N. Nickels ([email protected])

Ren Stevens jotted down an answer to the fifth question of her algebra
homework, erased it, and then wrote "Bobby" in its place. Usually, Ren would
have been aware that the solution to an arithmetic problem probably would not
have been her boyfriend's name, but it would have to suffice on that day. She
tugged at her blouse, itched her head, and felt her panties ride up the
separation of her rear. 'If no one is going to see these things I should wear
something more comfortable,' Ren thought, as she maneuvered the pink thong
under her jeans and leaned back on her bed.

Accompanying Ren with her after-school studying was a petite ninth-grader
named Ruby. The strawberry blonde was stretched out on the tan carpeted floor
besides the bed, just out of sight from the bedroom's regular occupant. Her
fingers twirled around her lemon locks, while she snapped her cherry
Bubblelicious gum, and bobbed her head to the boy-band music humming through
the stereo. For the fifth question Ruby wrote twenty-four. If Ren and Ruby
had compared their answers to those in the back of the book, chances are
"Bobby" would have been closer to the correct answer.

"What did you get for five?" Ruby asked, laying on her stomach, her book just
below her face, and her legs bent backwards so she could kick the air. "Ren,

When the answer was withheld, Ruby pulled down her miniskirt knowing that she
was about to ascend to Ren's elevated bed. The length of her attire covered
just below her cheeks, and she had to constantly remind herself to cover what
was south of the equator. Ruby misplaced her underwear in the locker-room
during third-period gym class, and because of it, became acquainted with that
Friday's windchill factor. In an action that caused her to feel both sick to
her stomach and give her a tickle on her inner thigh, Ruby was positive that
the mailman received a free show on her way home from school. Regardless, she
peered over the edge of the bed just to see her friend gnawing on her pen,
and not finishing her homework.

"Ah, Ren? Hello?" Ruby requested again, as she sat up on the bed. "Ren?

Ruby grabbed a hold of Ren's blouse and pulled at its blue-and-green
design. A button tore off of the shirt and landed on the aqua bedspread. Her
best-friend, Ren Stevens, who never missed a day of school, was lost in a
daydream. Ren Stevens, who had a near-perfect grade-point average, wasn't
focused on her academic career. Ren Stevens, who with her long legs that
seemingly grew each time Ruby caught a glance of them, was sucking on the
tip of a stiff round object.

"Ren, Ren, wake up," Ruby pleaded. "And to think, it's usually me who gets

"Wh... what?" Ren responded, shaking her head, and flapping her eyelids open
and shut. "What did you say?"

"What did you get for five?"

"Um, four, wait, no, I haven't done it yet."

"Ren, even I'm on six by now, and I've spent all trimester reading fashion
magazines and playing with my cell phone in class. Of course, that doesn't
mean I'm actually right on any of these. Or at all..."

"Yeah, yeah, you're right," Ren said as she sat back up and pulled her blouse
down to conceal her exposed stomach. "My head, it's not where it should be.
What happened to my button?"

"Never mind that. Ren, this isn't like you."

"It's not anything Ruby, I just want to finish this, this, this, math, right?
It's math, right?"

"Ren, enough of this chitchat, you have to tell me what's worrying you."

Ruby threw her arm around her best friend and pressed their facial cheeks
together. Meanwhile, Ren fumbled over her words as she rested her head on
Ruby's shoulder and inhaled the aroma of natural fruit shampoo. The smell
awakened Ren's senses to such a point that she draped her own arm around
the gossip queen and lowered her face down to Ruby's chest. Her open mouth
hovered above Ruby's shirt while a small pool of drool developed on the
white fabric.

"See, it'll be all right," Ruby said. "Not just about your headaches, but
about the shirt. It'll wash out."

Most of the time it was Ruby who sought advice, especially when Ruby would
break up with her boyfriend over a dispute usually involving a lack of
attention. And ice cream. A lack of attention and ice cream. Nonetheless
now, Ruby cradled Ren in her arms and squeezed. Ren's lips pressed closer
to the silky flesh belonging to Ms. Mendel. Nothing could be between them
now. There wasn't any room.

They weren't a high-school couple who could just split up; they were friends
who were committed to each other, and they weren't just any bosom buddies who
could redirect the attention of all of the heterosexual boys (as well as some
of the curious females) at Lawrence Junior High either. The pair shared
lunches, lipstick, and even a sleeping bag... once. The sleeping bag incident
transpired during a camping trip in which most of the equipment fell off the
back of the truck. It was a necessity to share. How could they allow one of
them to sleep on the filthy ground that was infested with worms, ants and
other vile creatures? As paramount as this was, so too was the cuddling,
because, as they put it, "they had to keep warm." This was despite that it
was close to eighty degrees outside, and neither wore more than a sports bra.

"Now, what's wrong. We've known each other for how long?" Ruby asked.

"Years upon years."

"And did we ever keep secrets?"

"Only from everyone else."

"So, tell me, what's stopping you now? If I guess it, will you admit to it?"

Ren's answer was more of a mumble than an actual English word.

"It's not homework; is it boys?"

Ren tightened her grip around Ruby, closed her eyes and mouthed the word yes.
If there was a word Ren leaned in Semantics class to express herself at that
moment, she couldn't remember it. So, instead Ren blew a minor gust of regret
with a sigh. Nevertheless, Ruby could still feel the silent response rest
upon her body. On Ms. Mendel's mounting breasts (that were jailed behind an
unfortunate amount of clothing) sat a nipple who was attempting to stand
erect. Its attention was on Ren's mouth.

"It's boys, huh? Well, there's only one boy in your life and it's Bobby."


"Yes he is. Now what's the matter with him?"


"Yes, there is."

"No, there's not."

"Ren? Tell me."

"Fine, Bobby's birthday is soon and I need to get him something. Something
special. It's the first birthday for either of us while in the middle of our
relationship. This is substantial. What if I screw this up? It could cast a
shadow on our entire time together. This is a lot for a sixteen year old girl
to deal with. I'm just not ready for all this."

"Oh Ren, that's simple. Look who you're talking to. I know where to shop. I'm
the diva of department stores."

"I know what I want to give him, Ruby."

"Well, then, let's move out and buy it, we'll do our math in science class.
We'll do our science in history, and we'll do our history during lunch."

Ren pushed Ruby away and shook her head. Her long hair flowed from each side
as it hid her face.

"It's not that simple. We can't buy this," Ren whimpered.

"What can't we buy?"

"I wanted to give him..."



"Yes, darling? M... mmmm... make over? Marbles? Mickey Mouse?"

"M.. me.. me."

"And the problem is? You two have been intimate, right? You told me that. How
I kept that a secret is beyond me."

"We have, we have, but not with all of me..."

"All of you?"

"The front we have, but not the other side."

"The other side?"

Ren looked behind her and down. In her line of sight sat her derriere.

"The back."

The two lips of Ruby Mendel joined in unison to design a smile that stretched
to the outer edges and inspired a chuckled by the blonde. Ruby slapped her
hands on her skirt and rubbed her buttery-white thighs. As she caressed her
own blemish-free skin, and her palms slid from around her pelvis to her knee,
Ruby imagined another set of legs under her grasp. A pair of legs that were
much, much longer than hers, and that looked great when they jogged in gym

"Ren, that's nothing to be worried over."

"Speak for yourself, Ruby."

"I am and I have. It's nothing to worry over." Ruby threw her arms back
around Ren, and pulled the sixteen year-old teacher's pet towards her. Once
close enough, Ruby applied a kiss on Ren's ear and scratched her lobe with
her nose. A giggle designed as a cough ensued from Ren.

She was so ticklish on her ears. Mrs. Stevens often rubbed them when Ren was
younger and she was depressed about getting a B in a class. Now, it just made
Ren giddy. Perhaps too giddy.

"I'll help you prepare, darling," Ruby sang in a heated whisper.

"Prepare, Ruby?"

"When I'm through with you, you'll be fabulous."

"And just how will you prepare me, Ruby?"

"Well, you trust me, right? You'd trust me in that area too... right?"

"No, no, no," Ren repeated as she leaped off the bed and paced around her
room. Her hands waved in the air as if she was conducting a symphony. "I know
you're an idea person Ruby, but let's not kid ourselves. You... and me?"

"Yes, you and me. Come on, it's not like we never tried anything before."
Ruby paused as the implications of the statement materialized in the space
between her ears. "Wait, what's wrong with being with ME?"

"Those were accidents Ruby."

"I'll be gentle. Have I been anything but?"

"That time in the girl's shower after gym - total accident. During the
slumber party - total accident. In the bleachers at the football game -
total accident. And anyway, all we did was snuggle, and hug, and, and
kiss, a little. Snuggle, hug and kiss, and kiss, and kiss some more. You
know, we sure did a lot of kissing. But it's called high school. We're
suppose to experiment."

"That's college Ren. We're suppose to experiment in college."

"You know me, Ruby. I'm never one to put stuff off. I don't procrastinate."

"Look Ren, I'm trying to be your friend. Do you want to give Bobby a birthday
gift that'll make him forget about Mandy for good?"

"I do, but, Ruby, my parents are home. I don't have a lock on my door. They
could come in. This would ruin me. I mean, they were understanding about the
time that I didn't want to bowl with my mother, and the time I didn't want to
hike with my dad, but this?"

"Just tell them the truth. Tell them why you're doing this if they come in.
Honesty is what parents long for."

"Sure Ruby, I can see it now, 'Gee mom, it's not that I wanted to do this.
Ruby was just helping me prepare for the anal my boyfriend wants on his
birthday. But don't worry, I'll be done in time to wash the dishes.'"

"You know Ren, I kind of get the feeling you're really tight back there."

Ruby waved her index finger in the air and motioned her friend over. With
a pat of her palm on the bed and one raised eyelash, Ruby extended an
invitation for Ren to sit besides her. By bending over just enough for the
two lines of her cleavage to sprout out of her tight top, Ruby gave an
exhibition of her true nature. She was luring her bait, as well as sending
a tiny amount of juice down to her tennis shoes. The liquid streaked and
flashed in the light protruding from Ren's open window.

"Now, get your sweet caboose over here and stop your complaining," Ruby
demanded with a rapid delivery.

Ren curled her lip, took a few steps forward, and sat adjacent to Ruby. With
the bed creaking thunderously in Ren's uncertain mind, her head lowered as if
she was ashamed for not knowing the answer in class. Each step of Ren's was
monitored by Ruby, who still had to work on keeping her composure as her
friend paraded her B-cup breasts in front of her. It was enough for a drop of
sweat to ski down Ruby's forehead and land on her ample cleavage.

"Good Ren," Ruby said, as her hand caressed her friend's back. Afterwards,
those same fingers made their way south past the blouse to the roundness
disguised by a pair of blue jeans that were tight enough to make out a small
mole Ren had on her left cheek. Ren's rear looked similar to an overlarge
water balloon placed under pressure. To Ruby, it was just as juicy, but not
as wet as a part of her own anatomy.

"But Ren, I meant I wanted your face here. You need to be bent over the bed."

"Oh Ruby, I don't know about this..."

Ruby leaned in, and brushed her lips on Ren's face until the blush
transformed into a painted red sun. With her wet lips suctioned around the
flesh, and her hand sitting on Ren's thigh, Ruby "accidentally" slipped. Her
hand fell between Ren's legs.

"But Ren, I know all about this."

A kiss blessed the brunette's shoulder.

(To be continued in part two)


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