Eureka: The Science of Attraction
(Mf,MF,f-best,inc,first,fist,anal,cream pie,food,drugs,preg?,rough,ncon)
by Reclusive Wanker ([email protected])

Sheriff Jack Carter awoke satisfied, with his erect penis buried to the hilt
in his beautiful 15 year old daughter's pussy. His dick stiffened further as
he watched her sleep, peacefully impaled on his cock. The sensation of her
father's member moving inside her caused Zoe to stir. She turned to face her
father and smiled brightly. Zoe slipped herself from her father's prick, and
took him deep inside her willing mouth, dutifully licking around his cockhead
and swiping her tongue along his shaft. Zoe changed the angle of her slight
blonde head, and began to deepthroat her father's cock. Her cheeks bulged
indecently, and there were muffled choking noises as Zoe worked her head
sloppily up and down.

The sheriff spread his legs a little wider, and guided his daughter's head
with his hand. Zoe happily slobbered on the large, thick penis and for a
minute the only sound was the wet slurping of the horny teen. The innocent
young Zoe was quickly becoming an experienced little cocksucker. With a pop,
she pulled her blonde head from the 11" dick.

"Good morning Daddy. Am I doing well?" the blonde nymphet asked in mock

"Very well, sweetheart" her father replied "but you haven't finished, young

Zoe bent her head back to the task at hand. Her hair spilled across the
sheriff's lap, and her cherry red lips parted slightly as she again prepared
to take the outsize cock into her throat. Zoe shot a playful look at her
father, and lowered her head to his dick. She held the massive cock with one
hand while she worked more of the shaft into her tight teenage trachea. She
suppressed her gag reflex, and started to swallow her father's member. With
nine inches buried in her throat, Zoe bottomed out, her gullet reflexively
closing over the invading penis. Zoe's eyes brimmed with tears and she made
wet gulping noises as she desperately tried to swallow the last two inches
of her father's tool.

Carter watched his daughter's struggles with amusement, relishing the feeling
of her spasming windpipe clutching with surprising force at his rock-hard
dick. Eventually Zoe seemed to give up on swallowing the rest, and instead
began to bob her head up and down. Carter stopped her as she made a downward
plunge, and placed his hands firmly on the back of his daughter's head. Zoe
passively allowed him to control the rhythm as she sucked and licked at the
rod that filled her mouth. The sheriff readied himself, and forcefully pushed
downwards on Zoe's small head. Ignoring her struggling and thrashing, he
brutally shoved the young teen's head into his crotch. Zoe coughed and
spluttered, but her thoat was full of cock, and this only served to milk her
father's member. He held his young daughter's head in his hands, and flipped
her over, so that he was straddling her face. In this position, he began to
violently fuck the teenager's face as if it were a pussy.

Jack Carter slammed his dick without mercy into his petite blonde daughter,
determined that he would see his balls resting on her chin. After several
minutes of vicious pounding, Zoe's throat was raw and tender, and her daddy's
dick was still stopping an inch short. Carter adjusted himself, then thrust
hard into his helpless daughter's tight grasping throat. Zoe squirmed
underneath him, a pained expression on her cute face. With a whoop, the
sheriff saw that his cock was now firmly rooted against his daughter's
gullet, and her nose was pushed up into his pubic bone. Carter felt the
slippery velvet embrace of his daughter's throat caress his prick, and
pulled her harder into his crotch. Zoe was rapidly running out of air, and
was bucking wildly beneath her father. Her struggling triggered his orgasm,
and the sheriff exploded deep into Zoe's stomach. When he had finished
cumming, he slowly withdrew from the teenager's abused mouth, and while she
gasped for breath, wiped her face tenderly.

"Thanks, young lady" he said, before adding sternly "But no more cocksucking
today. If I hear that another drop of cum has passed your lips, there will
be hell to pay. Promise me"

"Yeah, fine Dad, whatever" Zoe said huffily "I promise, okay", imagining all
the fun activities she could have without cum being involved.

The couple then got dressed and had breakfast, sharing a distinctly unchaste
kiss before Zoe left for school and Carter left for the office.

As Carter drove his car in to work, he reflected on the strange events of
yesterday. It had been Sunday morning, and he had met Henry, who appeared
unhappy. Carter had sat with him for a while and tried to get the erratic
genius to tell him what was wrong.

"Oh no....Eureka is doomed again, right....some quantum thingy about to go it a flesh eating virus on the loose?" Carter joked.

"No, nothing like that Jack." Henry replied "Just an invention that clearly
doesn't work". He produced a complicated looking device and tossed it to one
side. Carter picked it up and looked at it closely.

"What is it? A TV remote?"

"Hah!" Henry laughed bitterly "No, this is a directed beam technology for
creating sexual arousal. Imagine it - no more need for Viagra, this device
could be worth billions, if it worked, but I can't find a specific frequency
in the it's worthless."

"Sexual arousal? Really...I wouldn't have thought the US governent would be

Henry interrupted "Imagine if a captured soldier or spy suddenly developed
feelings of uncontrollable lust for her captors. A poweful weapon, the human
body." He sighed "Theoretically, what you do is press this button here to
configure the beam to your DNA, and aim it at the subject. When you press
the send button, hey presto". Carter did as Henry said, and aimed the beam
cautiously around him, taking sight on a parked car. When the beam hit the
glass of the windshield, the beam diffused and reflected, hitting the two
women waiting for Sheriff Carter to finish his heartwarming talk with Heny.
Zoe tossed her blonde hair as she talked to Deputy Lupo.

When the beam struck, both women immediately turned towards the oblivious
Sheriff Carter. Their faces bore identical expressions of lust. The sheriff
got up, handing the device back to Henry and said his goodbyes. He walked to
his car awkwardly, realising he had an erection. "Must be all that talk of
arousal" he thought to himself, and drove back to the office.

By the time he got back, his erection had swelled, and Carter had to walk
almost double from his car to the station, faking a bad stomach cramp. He
dashed inside, and stopped dead. There was his deputy, naked save for a
gunbelt and hat, bent over his desk. The olive-skinned beauty had sizeable
firm breasts with small dark nipples, and a tight round ass. Carter stared
for a moment in shock, as the athletic young woman looked over her shoulder
at him and smiled saucily.

"Hey Carter...I got myself ready for you" the dark haired minx said, and
shamelessly reached down to her puffy little slit. Carter's eyes could not
help but follow, and he found himself gazing into a well groomed pussy, a
smal strip of dark hair adorning Jo's mound. Jo met his eye again, and this
time pressed a finger into ther tiny brown asshole.

"Mmm..I like it here too, Sheriff, deep in my naughty little ass. See how
tight it is." the slutty deputy moaned "Imagine your cock in here, mmm,
fucking my ass while I talk dirty to you...aah!"

The sheriff found himself unable to tear his gaze away, and his prick was
jumping in his pants. His mind seemed fuzzy, and started to fill with images
of how he could use Jo's body. Unable to resist, he slipped out his cock,
and walked up to the whorish deputy's smooth ass. He caressed the silky
skin, and pried apart her firm buttocks. Jo's promise of anal sex seemed to
have obsessed Carter, and he wormed a finger into the tight puckered
opening. There was no way that his cock would fit, the sheriff thought, and
instead pressed his thick rod against the beautiful police officer's
dripping pussy. In a soft rush, Carter's prick sank into the petite form,
and Lupo groaned in pleasure. But this was not the first time Jo had
imagined her boss plowing her, and in her dreams he always plundered her ass
first. She grasped his cock, and pulled it from her pussy. Opening a drawer
beneath her, she extracted a 12 inch dildo. Holding this monster to her
leaking slot, she jammed her snatch onto the hard rubber, stretching her
cunt to the limits. She shuddered, and eased her ass onto Carter's dick. Now
that the sheriff's cock was lubricated with pussy-juice, the head left
trails of sticky goo as it poked into Jo's butt. Jo lined the thick penis up
with her tight asshole, and pushed her butt back into the sheriff. At first
it seemed the cock was simply too big for the adorable deputy, but wrinkling
her nose and biting her lip, she forced the greasy pole past her sphincter.

Jo loved the feeling of fullness, and began toying with the monster dildo
which poked out of her cunt, while the sheriff buggered her. Jack Carter was
in heaven. With every thrust he gained another fraction of an inch inside
this vice-like paradise. Jo's butthole was stretched wide, and every time
Carter thrust, was pushed painfully into her ass. Much of the lubricant had
worn off and Jo's ass stuck to the cock as if it had been glued in place.
Nonetheless, Carter kept pushing, grabbing Jo's hips and forcing his tool
deeper. Never had Jo been buggered so violently or so deep, Carter fucked
her for a good twenty minutes before he came, and when he did, his groin was
pushing up against Jo's firm buttocks. He let Jo sit happily on his cock,
and they shared a kiss as Carter pumped his spunk deep into her bowels. Jo
pulled herself off the cock with difficulty, and cleaned the sheriff off
with her tongue.

"I have to go now Jack" the buttfucked deputy said "But I want you to fill
my pussy later, so don't make plans."

Pulling her shirt and trousers on, the deputy bounced out, with twelve
inches of rubber cock still buried in her tight pussy. Carter fancied he
could see the material of her uniform trousers flare outwards around her
crotch where the base of the dildo stll protruded from her bare slit.

Having recovered sufficiently to leave the station, and still wondering what
the hell had just happened, Carter walked across to Cafe Diem. His daughter,
fifteen year old Zoe was sitting at the counter, swinging her legs. When she
saw her father, her face lit up, and she flounced over to him. Zoe threw her
arms around Carter's neck and kissed him happily.

"You're pleased to see me" Carter said suspiciously "What have you done

"Nothing" Zoe answered "just thought we could be a little closer is all"

Carter was uncomfortably aware of his daughter's perfume wafting across him.
So close to his daughter, he was afraid she might smell the aftermath of his
session with Jo, and what was worse, his penis was somehow hardening again
and tenting his trousers. He disentangled himself and sat down, ordering a
cheeseburger from the chef. Zoe was squirming in her seat, and looked

"Are you all right, sweetheart" he father inquired solicitously

"Fine, just an upset tummy, dad. Must be this chicken" she said, pointing
miserably at her plate. Over the indignant protests of the chef, Carter led
his daughter over to the office and drove her home. While Carter kept his
eyes fixed on the road, Zoe's eyes were fixed elsewhere. Carter's erection
was clearly visible, and Zoe regarded the bulge enviously. She licked her
lips at the thought of that massive tool plunging into her hidden depths and
spurting into her womb. Her slit was dripping, and as Zoe had worn no
panties, the juices were collecting in a small puddle on the seat.

When they got home, Zoe's juices were running freely down her legs, past her
short skirt, and her slit was puffy and red. She went immediately into the
bedroom and closed the door. The sheriff collected some antacids and other
pills from the bathroom and went into his daughter's room. For the second
time that day, Sheriff Carter was greeted by the sight of a naked body. Zoe
was lying on the bed, legs drawn up to her waist, exposing her pussy and
asshole to her shocked father. Zoe's pussy was completely hairless and shiny
from the juices smeared across her, and her tiny pink puckered asshole, just
visible between the young girl's firm cheeks. The nubile teen had a finger
in her pussy and a hand rubbing her small round breasts. Slhe looked every
inch the wanton slut, and as Carter watched, she withdrew the finger from
her slit. A small string of clear juices hung from Zoe's digit. Raising it
to her mouth and holding her father's gaze, Zoe sucked her finger clean,
with obvious enjoyment. Carter's breath stopped in his chest, and his heart
beat wildly. This was his daughter, spread out like a cheap harlot, and his
cock was threatening to burst his pants. With an effort, Carter tore his
eyes away, and addressed his daughter.

"Young lady, just what in the hell do you think you are doing! Cover
yourself!" He shouted angrily.

Carter just had time to see his daughter's eyes swell with tears at his
rejection before he stormed out of the room. How could she display herself
like that before him? How could she show her daddy her puffy little slit so
shamelessly, he wondered. She must have been shaving her pussy, he realised,
with a rush of unfamiliar lust.

A moment later, Carter found himself standing before his daughter's bedroom
door with his cock in his hand. He had to teach her a lesson, he decided. He
entered the room, and once more addressed his daughter, who was now sitting
up, holding her sheet to cover her naked body.

"Zoe, for your behaviour, I have decided that you will be punished. And I
think the punishment should fit the crime. First, you will no longer wear
clothes around the house. You will spend all your time naked, unless we have
visitors." Zoe's face seemed to brighten at this news.

"Secondly" the sheriff continued "you will obey me, whatever I tell you to

Zoe nodded meekly, and the sheriff felt a thrill at her submissiveness.

"Thirdly, there will be no more that understood"

Zoe nodded her acceptance. As her father had ordered, she left her sheet
fall from her naked body, and stood in all her glory before her father. She
had small, swelling breasts, Carter.noticed, and small pink nipples which
stood out like bullets. Playfully the sheriff reached over and tweaked a
nipple. Zoe drew in her breath sharply, but made no move to cover her
breasts. Carter's lust grew. He no longer knew why he had rejected Zoe's
advances. Carter gently pushed Zoe back down to the bed. He moved his face
in between her legs and studied her pussy. There was a strong aroma coming
from the blonde teen's sex, and Carter could not resist a quick lick. Her
pussy tasted spicy and exotic, and her skin was as smooth as silk. The
sheriff used his fingers to part his little girl's intimate lips, and peered
into the soft pink darkness.

"Are you still a virgin, Zoe?" Carter asked bluntly

"Yes...I was saving myself for the right guy. But I want you to have it,
Daddy" came the breathy reply.

Carter considered what he was about to do. His daughter was offering her
virgin pussy to him, a thought which enchanted Carter.

The sheriff pulled down his trousers, and stood in his underwear before his
daughter. He hesitated for a moment, lust doing battle with morality. Zoe
put an end to the struggle by reaching out and pulling her father's
painfully erect cock from it's confines.She felt its length and rubbed her
soft cheek along the shaft. Her face appeared in miniature next to the
enormous shaft.

"Daddy", breathed Zoe "do you want to be the first to fuck me?"

"Oh no", replied the sheriff "I am going to be the only one to fuck you"

Carter violently pushed the teenage girl to the floor and mounted her. He
was filled with a sudden urge to dominate his tiny blonde daughter. Her
whining and rebellious attitude had caused the sheriff no end of trouble,
and now was the time for some payback.

" gentle daddy, don't hurt me..."

Carter positioned the head of his cock at her tiny unprotected pussy, and
yanked the girl towards him. Carter's dick burst into the immature tunnel,
stretching her pussy lips obscenely and forcing apart the soft jelly of her
insides. He pushed again, ignoring his daughter's squeals, and burst through
her maidenhead. Carter's full size cock was plunging ever deeper into Zoe's
fragile bald twat. The incestuous coupling continued in this manner for some
ten minutes. Carter forced his cock into his teenage daughter's sex in
violent lunges, loving the heat and pressure of the teenager's vagina. The
sheriff looked down to see Zoe had taken only six inches of his cock. He
shook his head "This will not do" he thought to himself. Zoe was crying
continuously now, and every time Jack tried to force his prick deeper, she
wailed and shied away.

Carter withdrew and lay on the bed, as Zoe snuffled her tears, and smiled at
her daddy.

"Zoe, get on top of me." Carter ordered

The slim blonde was in no hurry to obey, but after a few firm spanks to her
titties and ass, she scrambled up, and positioned herself above her father.
She took his tool in her hand and aimed it at her slit. Carter let her work
the head of the cock into her pussy, then took a firm grip of his daughter's
narrow hips. Telling her to take a deep breath, Carter pulled Zoe's hips
down onto his cock with all his might.

", stop....stop...I'll be
good...I prom...aargh..promise daddy"

Zoe shrieked as the massive tool was buried to the hilt in one thrust.
Eleven inches were lodged inside her fifteen year old pussy, which twitched
and spasmed around the invading cock. Zoe continued to plead and squeal, but
her father disciplined her severely. He drew his cock out slowly until just
the tip was till inside Zoe's slot, and then drove all the way back in. He
repeated this motion, to the accompaniment of Zoe's yelps and the wet
squishing sounds as the teenager's snatch was ravaged. She buried her face
in the pillow, and let her father slam his cock into her womb. Zoe sobbed
breathlessly as the huge organ filled her pussy to the limit, pushing past
her cervix and coming to rest deep inside her womb. Carter felt his orgasm
build. The thought of cumming inside his baby daughter, making her pregnant,
sent Carter over the edge. He groaned, and even though his member was buied
balls deep in Zoe's tight fuck tube, he pushed down again, trying to pierce
her completely. His seed began to spray into Zoe's womb, hitting the back of
her pussy so hard that Zoe jerked and shuddered. Carter revelled in his
dominance as he ejaculated deep into his daughter. He loved the resigned
look on Zoe's face as he painfully stretched her pussy and resolved that he
would do much more to his daughter than simply fuck her.

Carter was sure Zoe had been impregnated, but decided to put her on
fertility drugs in any case. "Better safe that sorry", he thought, and he
did so want to see his child growing in his daughter's womb, swelling her
belly and widening her hips. He thought of Zoe's tits swelling with milk,
and in his mind's eye, pictured the fragile teen attached to a milking
machine with an enormous dildo in each of her lower holes. In his fantasy,
Zoe was deepthroating him, and her button nose rested on his pubic mound as
milk spurted from her immature breasts.

Carter realised he was hard again already, just from thinking about the
plans he would make, and looked down at Zoe. Her red and inflamed pussy
would need a little more time to recover, he saw. He knelt down, and parted
Zoe's buttcheeks. Carter thought for a moment and went to fetch some things
from the kitchen. First, he selected a large carrot, and coated it in oil.
Then he squirted some of the oil over his dick, and spread it with his hand.
He stood over his daughter, and watched her massage her aching pussy.

"Reach back and spread your butt, Zoe" the sheriff instructed.

Zoe continued to massage her slit and paid little attention. Carter let out
an exasperated sigh, and gave Zoe a hard whack on the ass. She squealed, but
made no move to obey. Carter's eyes narrowed. He stepped back and picked up
his leather belt from the floor.

WHACK!! The leather belt snapped across Zoe's buttocks, leaving a red stripe
across her pale ass.

CRACCK!! Again the belt came down, leaving another welt.

SPLATT!! This time the belt tip landed in Zoe's open pussy, slapping her
clit. She jumped, and let out a yell.

Before the next stroke could fall, Zoe reached back with trembling hands and
parted her childish ass cheeks. Carter dropped the belt, and moved closer.
Zoe continued to hold herself open, her puckered brown hole quivering in

"Good girl, Zoe" the sheriff encouraged, and was rewarded with a teary
smile. Zoe wanted to please her father, but her pussy felt as though it had
been used as a punchbag, and the heavy sting of the belt on her pink folds
had set her clit on fire.

Carter set the head of his penis against Zoe's tight back door. Moving more
gently than Zoe expected, he pushed the bloated, oily head of his cock into
the tiny rosebud. With the incessant pressure, Zoe's sphincter opened, and
Carter's cockhead was soon lodged in his daughter's ass. This was the way to
proceed, Carter saw. He kept up a steady pressure, and watched the first
three inches of his rod sink into the abused teen's asshole. Zoe grunted and
panted, but was no longer crying. Instead, she felt a satisfying fullness,
and when her father reached beneath her and played with her clit, her juices
began to drip once more from her battered pussy. Carter stopped, and
savoured the sensation of his daughter's back passage. Her velvety bowels
enveloped his dick in their hot embrace, and squeezed him mercilessly. Her
previously miniscule hole was now obscenely violated by the thick tool that
filled her. Carter stared down. His penis seemed far too big to actually be
inside that hole. It was a miracle she had not torn, he thought, and for a
second, he regretted his recklessness in using his daughter's tight ass.

Carter was startled out of his reverie a moment later, as Zoe pushed back
against his cock. "My god" he thought "she wants more...the dirty little
slut". He shook himself, then gave his daughter what she wanted. Holding her
belly with his hand, Carter leant over the tiny blonde frame, and thrust
powerfully into her. Zoe gasped and let out a low keening noise as another
two inches of thick man-meat slid into her abused anus. Her eys rolled back,
and Carter thrust again, even harder. Eight inches of cock were now buried
in Zoe's dirtbox, digging into her entrails. Zoe felt stuffed, and let out a
sigh of contentment. But her father was not finished. He carefully changed
position, placing Zoe in the missionary position. Then he pulled up her legs
and surveyed his little girl. He picked up the carrot he had brought
earlier, and brought it to her gaping pussy. The pointed tip of the thick
vegetable slid easily into the girl's slit, and lubricated by the oil, it
slid a further 4 inches into the puffy slot. Although only seven inches
long, the carrot was the thickest her father could find, and was half as
wide again as his cock. Working the carrot into his baby girl's pussy until
it would not easily go any further, Carter paused.. He leaned over his
daughter, noting her stuffed snatch and the erotic sight of his prick still
protruding 3" from her asshole. Carter leaned down to whisper to his

"Here comes your punishment, my double-stuffed angel" he hissed into her ear

Carter plunged the carrot into Zoe's tortured pussy, stretching her young
hole obscenely wide. Zoe's mouth opened wide, but no sound came out. Her
father shoved again at the large vegetable, and her pussy stretched wider
still. With a loud plop, the thickest part plunged painfully past her lips
and into her vagina with a squelching sound. Seeing this, Carter pulled
Zoe's hips down toward him as hard as he dared. His position gave him
perfect access to her butt, and preoccupied with the enormous object in her
cunt, her ass muscles had relaxed. Carter's penis was hammered another two
inches into her ass. Zoe tried to screech, but only a squeak came from her
lips. Carter rammed his hips forward, and pulled Zoe's hips again. Finally,
his cock was buried to the hilt in his daughter's butt. Zoe wriggled and
spasmed, increasing her father's pleasure. Carter relaxed, and enjoyed the
sight. Zoe's curvy little ass nestled in Carter's crotch. He held her
tightly for a moment, hardly believing that his 15 year old daughter had
taken all of his dick in her virgin asshole. Carter reached down and fondled
Zoe's pubescent tits. The tiny blonde teen had gone quiet, and had closed
her eyes.The sheriff began to slide his dick in and out of the poor girl's
butt, increasing the speed of the thrusts gradually. Carter noticed Zoe was
grunting rhythmically and moaning. "Was she enjoying this brutal buggery?"
Carter wondered. He lowered a hand to the girl's pussy, and rolled her clit
between his fingers. He felt her slit, and immediately, he found his fingers
slick with girl honey. He grinned, and continued to slam his cock into the
small teen's back passage. Carter watched Zoe's tight brown hole as he
forcefully assfucked her. With every push, her puckered ass would cling to
his thrusting cock, painfully stretching the young girl's butt. Zoe panted
each time this happened, and her father realised she was getting off on the
pain in her ass.

"Mmm...ah..oh..faster daddy....ooh....harder...fuck my little bum...punish
me daddy...aah...yes...fuck my ass...oh, daddy.. .yes..aahh..

With a squeal, Zoe climaxed,her pussy clamping down over the large carrot
and creamy nectar spilling out of her cunt. Carter dragged his cock from his
daughter's clenching ass with a loud sucking noise, and pointed his cock at
his daughter's pretty face.

"Open your mouth" the sheriff ordered, and the dazed teen hurriedly

Jack Carter slowly fisted his cock over his daughter's blonde visage. With a
cry, he came, sending thick streams of cum at Zoe's face. The first shot hit
Zoe's forehead, and hung down over her eyes. Further streaks splattered on
the teen's face, and by the time he had finished, Zoe was covered iin her
father's seed. Cum plastered her blonde hair to her face, and her eyes were
glued shut. Not one splash had gone on her bright pink outstretched tongue.

Carter thought his daughter looked adorable, covered in his semen, and
scooped some of it into her mouth. Zoe eagerly sucked it down, and began to
search her face for more.

"I want you home and in my bed by 8 tonight, Zoe" Carter said when he had
his breath back

Zoe had learned her lesson well. She smiled and kissed her daddy, already
looking forward to the evening and the surprises it would bring.

By the time Carter returned home at 19.45, Zoe was already home, and was
brushing her teeth. He walked upstairs to check on her. Zoe was nude, as
they had discussed, and Zoe's holes were still inflamed and reddened from
their earlier abuse.

Carter fetched the bag of goodies he had bought that afternoon. He went into
the bedroom and lad out his purchases on the sheet. From the bag he produced
two enormous dildoes, at least 11 inches long, and wider by far than
Carter's cock, and a number of other toys of differing sizes. He laid these
on the sheet, imagining them buried inside his daughter's holes. Then he
drew out a ball-gag and several silken ropes, some of which he tied to the
bedposts. Finally he took out something resembling a long syringe.

When Zoe came in Carter ordered her to spread-eagle herself, and tied her to
the bedposts. Then he slipped the ball-gag into her mouth, and checked the
knots. Satisfied, he took the syringe and filled it with lubricant. The thin
syringe fitted easily into her pussy, and Carter squirted the lube
generously into Zoe's cunt. He then repeated the procedure with her tight
ass, having only a little more difficulty inserting the syringe. Carter was
ready to insert the dildoes. He rubbed lubricant on the smooth, cold rubber
and placed the first of the monster dildoes at the entrance to her pussy.
With a vicious lunge, Carter seated the first dildo in his little girl's
cunt. Her pussy lips looked strained and were stretched like elastic across
the silicone cock. Her pink folds gripped the phallus as her father rammed
it deeper into the teenager. Zoe screamed into the gag.

It was lucky that Sheriff Carter lived alone in an underground bunker. Had
there been any neighbours they would have heard Zoe's anguished cries as her
father roughly forced the two monster dildoes into her holes. Having finally
plunged each dildo to the hilt inside his little blonde daughter, Carter
fucked her into exhausted sleep. Zoe's juices fron numerous orgasms stained
the sheets, and before Carter fell asleep, he shot his load into Zoe's mouth
and face. Zoe stirred a little but did not wake. She flicked her tongue over
the thick cum load in her sleeping mouth, and unconsciously swallowed, with
a contented look on her face.

Carter came back to the present. He had arranged a surprise for Deputy Lupo,
and wanted to get in early to ensure all was ready. When Carter arrived at
the office, he saw that Jo was nowhere to be seen, and that his surprise had
been delivered. In the office, was a long, low board, with padding and rope
cuffs at the front. At the back were a pair of stirrups. The next part of
his plan waited in the office next door, and when Jo walked in, Carter
grabbed her immediately. Jo responded to these frantic attentions, and the
pair locked in a fierce embrace. Carter manoeuvred her over to the table,
and laid her down gently. Unobrtusively, he fastened the straps, trapping
the sexy deputy. Carter reached across and injected something into Jo's arm.

"Whaaat...what are you doing" the uniformed beauty asked, her head spinning.

"It's a sedative and a muscle relaxant" Carter explained " will help
with the size."

Jo felt a rush of tiredness, and let herself slump a little. Carter sprayed
a liquid onto Jo's pussy, and placed her legs in the stirrups, still face
down. This spread her buttocks wide, revealing the asshole Sheriff Carter
had so enjoyed. Carter squirted a strange whitish lube into the brunette's
open holes, and sprayed a little more of the strange-smelling liquid on Jo's
tight brown hole for good measure. Carter then led in a large stallion. As
soon as the beast scented the pheromones Carter had used, his cock began to
come to life. The stallion's penis jutted out well over 18 inches, and was
tipped with a large, bulbous crown, already dribbling precum.

Carter led the stallion to where Jo dozed peacefully, and mashed the tip of
the stallion's cock into Jo's wet pussy. From here, the stallion needed no
encouragement, and with one huge thrust, he buried the first 8 inches of his
enormous member in the slim deputy's snatch. Jo yelled into the gag and
thrashed around, but the straps held her fast. The stallion drove forward
again, sinking another three inches inside the writhing young woman. The
stallion's cockhead lay pushed up against her cervix, and Jo squealed as the
beast tried to force his monstrous appendage into her womb. Jo resisted
gamely, but the stallion would not be denied. With a forceful jerk of his
hindquarters, the horse slammed past the clenching jelly ring of muscle, and
lay in her womb. Jo felt the dribbles of precum in her womb, and prayed the
animal did not cum this deep inside her. She was sure that the pressure
would rupture her cunt.

The horse began to fuck Jo as he would a mare. Not understanding that Jo was
bound and captive, or that her pussy was not built to take his cock, the
stallion tried to plunge even deeper into Jo's womb. After pushing up
against the end of her womb several times in an attempt to get deeper, the
beast started to fuck Jo with long, inhumanly fast strokes. Jo felt as if
her pussy was going to split, and when the horse's cock slipped from her
cunt and poked her ass, she was glad of the respite. The stallion tried to
slip his manhood back into the tight, warm slot, but the massive prickhead
just squashed against her pussy entrance. The stallion snorted, and tried
again. This time, his cock buried itself in Jo's ass crack, pressing vainly
against her tight back door. Carter chose this moment to slap the horse on
the rear. The stallion started, and drove forwards sharply, ramming his
outsize prick into Jo's round butt. Although used to large objects stuffing
her dirtbox, Jo had never taken a dick this size in her rear, and was in
trouble. Passively, she allowed the stallion to rape her ass, as her face
fushed and she grunted noisily. After several painful strokes in her ass,
the horse decided Jo's back passage was too much work, and allowed the teen
to guide the mammoth penis back into her cunt. For almost half an hour, the
beast fucked her violently, bruising the inside of her cunt and stretching
her lips. When the horse finally slowed, buried in her womb, Jo felt
pummelled. Suddenly, Jo felt warm fluid splash into her womb as the stallion
came, emptying his balls into the cute deputy. Jo's eyes snapped open, and
she felt her womb begin to swell with the amount of semen the stallion was
pumping in to her. His cock plugged her pussy completely, and Jo's stomach
was beginning to distend as he gigantic cock continued to twitch and spray
into her depths.

Eventually the horse stopped cumming. Jo looked pregnant with the amount of
cum that had been dumped in her snatch, and as the stallion withdrew, a
torrent of cum flowed from her raw cunt. Carter undid the straps, and led
the horse away, leaving Deputy Jo Lupo, still dressed in her uniform, cum
splattering in a small torrent from her open holes.. Had anyone come into
the sheriff's office, they would have seen their deputy scooping the cum
from her pussy and sucking it into her mouth, moaning contentedly. Despite
the pain in her well-used holes, Jo felt satisfied to have pleased her boss.

Carter was planning more animal fun for the afternoon, and arranged to go
straight from Zoe's school to a nearby kennel. When they arrived, the twelve
dogs Carter had requested were milling around in a large pen. Their smell
reached Zoe, standing some distance away, and she wrinkled her nose.

Carter led her to the enclosure. Zoe shot her father a puzzled glance;

"Are we adopting a dog?" Zoe asked naively

"Nope. They are getting a new bitch to play with". Zoe did not realise at
first that Carter meant her, and docilely follwed him into the cage.

Once inside, Carter ripped off his daughter's dress and threw her to the
floor, Zoe landing on her bottom. She looked up at her father with hurt,
shocked eyes at this brutal treatment. Her father stepped out of the cage
and locked the door. Without a male human in the pen, the dogs went manic.
Every time Zoe tried to stand up, the dogs charged at her, and when she
tried to shield herself from their sharp claws and fierce nips, the dogs
growled and pawed her threateningly. Zoe thought about what her father had
said. Did he expect her to fuck these dirty beasts? She reluctantly
uncovered her slit, and almost immediately one of the dogs tried mounting
her, pushing his cock through her torn panties. The cock missed it's target,
and another dog took his place. This time the doggie dick slipped inside her
twat, and began to fuck her at high speed. Soon Zoe felt a large swelling at
the base of her pussy, and assumed it was her pussy contracting in orgasm.

However, when her arousal cleared, and she tried to disengage, she found she
was impaled on a large knot that was lodged in the base of her pussy. It
took some forty minutes before the knot popped free from Zoe's bald teenage
pussy with a rush of watery cum. Zoe consoled herself that the experience
had not been so bad. She had cum from the flashing dick that had churned her
pussy, and he dog had drooled only slightly on her shoulder. Zoe made as if
to stand, but was again pulled down by the dogs. She looked around
desperately for her father, but found nobody to help. She squealed as the
dogs mounted her again and again.

It was seven hours later when Carter returned to collect his daughter. He
left out a low whistle when he saw the state of the underage teen. Zoe
looked like a filthy street whore, with cum, dirt and drool matted in her
hair. She was covered in scratches and small bites, and there was cum on her
pretty face. But it was her lower holes which had attracted Carter's
attention. Her pussy was gaping wide, and was bright red. Her asshole had
obviously been taken many times, and a constant flow of stale cum leaked
from the blonde's winking rosebud. Carter inserted a finger into her pussy,
then quickly into her ass. Each hole was slick with doggie cum, and
noticeably more loose than the previous day.

The sheriff lad his daughter down on the grass beside the dog pen. She
barely stirred, even when her father slipped three fingers into her abused
cunt.The sheriff continued pumping his fingers in and out of his daughter's
cum filled slit,, marvelling at the ease with wich his digits slid in and
the sloppy sounds his fingers were making. He added another finger to her
recently virgin cunt, and sawed his fingers back and forth. Beneath him, Zoe
started to stir, clutching at her used snatch, and mewling protests. Carter
spread his daughter's puffy lips with his other hand, and folded his thumb
into his palm. He pushed down firmly on the young girl's slit and saw her
lips begin to part. Excitedly, he pushed down harder, drawing pained moans
from the small blonde. Carter's hand slid inorexably into his slutty
daughter's vagina, millimetre by agonising millimetre.

"Oh fuck...Oh dad...aah....I
can' pussy...daddeee..." Zoe pleaded
despeartely as her pussy lips were stretched once again.

Carter listened to his daughter's entreaties and wondered that she had not
yet grasped today's lesson.

"Young lady, you need to learn that you are nothing more than my bitch" Jack
said firmly "now stop whining and get used to my fist in your cunt"

Zoe stifled her groans and allowed her father to press her hand into her
cum-slick tunnel. With a loud squelch, Carter's hand slipped past her
swollen entrance, and planted itself deeply in Zoe's engorged sex. The hot,
slippery walls of her fifteen year old pussy squeezed Carter's hand
delightfully. Carter twisted his hand, working it deeper into his daughter's
stuffed cunt. Zoe gasped into the cold grass as her pussy was battered by a
full-sized fist. Her tits pushed against the floor, and the grass stems
prickled her stiff nipples. The petite blonde shuddered, and her lips
contracted around her father's wrist. Carter looked at his daughter in a
calculating fashion, gauging how much pain the slim teen could take. Judging
the slutty adolescent capable of a little more punishment, Carter worked his
wrist up and down in Zoe's hot snatch. He lifted Zoe's ass with his free
hand, and pushed her head down, so that her tortured sex was pointing at the

"Try not to move, young lady, then when I am finished we can go home and put
you to bed" Carter advised his daughter.

"Okay daddy...I'm your little bitch. Your slutty baby bitch..." Zoe managed
to grunt.

The sheriff squatted a little higher, holding Zoe steady with his free hand,
and pointed his arm directly into her cunt. To his daughter's screams,
Sheriff Carter started punching vigorously into the little teen slit, making
sounds more akin to a plunger unblocking a drain, than a pussy being fucked.
Carter grasped his daughter close to his chest, and plunged his hand into
the hoarsely yelling teen. He extended two of his fingers, and explored the
jailbait pussy. Carter found Zoe's cervix, and clamped his free hand over
Zoe's mouth to muffle her squeals. Carter watched his teenagge daughter's
face change as he fucked his fingers through her cervix and into her womb.
After another fifteen minutes of ruthlessly battering his child's cunt,
Carter pulled his hand free, leaving Zoe's pussy red-rimmed and wide open.

"Fuck" he thought to himself "I can't believe she's still conscious. She
looks like she could take a horse cock in there..."

Carter slung his abused daughter over his shoulder and drove back to the
house. He put Zoe to bed, where she drifted off in a fog of exhaustion. He
watched her innocent face relax as she slumbered, and wondered what they
would do tomorrow.

In fact it was three days later before Zoe's slit had fully recovered.
Sheriff Carter was finding it difficult to cope without his daughter's
steaming pussy and tiny ass at his disposal, and so had to content himself
with fucking her hot, wet throat each night, and dumping a fresh load of cum
directly into the young girl's gullet. Every morning, Zoe swallowed an
assortment of fertility drugs with her cornflakes, preparing herself to be
inseminated by her father.

On Thursday morning, Zoe's holes had lost their inflamed look, and Jack
Carter knew she was ready for another fucking. With all the activities he
had planned for her after school, Carter didn't think her holes would stay
that way for long He had used his free tme to order a few items from the
internet, and several of the packages had arrived with the post. Carter set
them to one side, and watched his naked daughter wander brazenly round the

"Dad - is it okay if I have a friend back for dinner?" Zoe asked innocently.

"Sure", Jack replied absent-mindedly, his mind still on the games he wanted
to play with his new fucktoy.

Zoe ran gaily out to school. Carter called in to work, claiming sickness. Jo
seemed disappointed, and he guessed her holes needed filling. He was tempted
to drive over and give the olive-skinned beauty a quick assfuck, but
regretfully shelved the thought. He would need all his stamina for tonight,
he reminded himself. Working swiftly, Carter set up his new toys. A video
camera with a tripod sat in one corner of the room. In the centre of the
room were chains hanging from the ceiling, and there was a large vat of
white liquid leaning against the wall. Carter had asked questions around
town and had finally found what he wanted in Global Dynamic's vaults. He had
"borrowed" a synthetic duplicating machine, which would apparently allow him
to recreate any substance, almost ad infinitum. Carter had slipped a small
quantity of his fresh cum into the machine, and was now the proud owner of
almost seven litres of cum, all of it his own. He had also purchased another
dildo, shorter than the others, but a little thicker. The rubber cock had a
thin tunnel running the length of the dildo, bored directly through the
centre. Finally, Carter drew a thin whip from the bag, and coiled it in the
corner. His preparations made, the sheriff waited for his daughter to return
from school.

Shortly after 3pm Carter heard his daughter's voice downstairs, and the
pneumatic sound of the pressurised door closing. Carter stripped naked, and
made his way downstairs, his erection standing proud before him. As he
walked down the stairs, the sheriff called out to his daughter;

'Zoe...I hope you are ready to get fucked, my little cum-bitch, because I am
going to..." His voice trailed off as he saw the petite stranger in his
living room, her mouth open in shock as she stared at his naked form.

"'re not Zoe...I mean...I didn't mean to know" Carter
struggled to voice an explanation.

"Zoe invited me for dinner" the girl said in a small voice. "Is that your
thingy?", she asked innocently. Carter looked again at the girl. She seemed
about twelve or thirteen years old, he thought, with long brown hair and
perfect pouty lips. Her gaze was locked on the adult's crotch, an excited
look on her face.

"Can I touch it?" the preteen asked

Carter pretended to hesitate, and the little brunette boldly approached him.
She grasped his cock with her tiny hand, and Carter saw her fingers barely
encircled half his girth. The girl cooed, and moved closer.

"I see you have met Annie then" Zoe said in an amused voice. She had
stripped off her clothes, and came forward to join her friend. Zoe started
to explain to her young friend how to please a man, demonstrating on her
father's tool.

Before long, Annie's small mouth was filled with Carter's prick, and she was
sucking happily on the rock-hard head. Zoe was guiding her had with her
hands, gently working the preteen deeper onto her father's cock. When the
bulbous head reached the back of the preteen's mouth, Zoe whispered in
Annie's ear, and the naive young brunette made a spirited attempt to get
Carter's dick down her throat. However, the thick shaft proved too much for
her, and she rose coughing and spluttering from the slimy cock.

"Let's go upstairs" Carter suggested, and led the girls to the room he had

On entering, he immediately clicked the chains around Zoe's thin wrists and
ankles, and proceeded to lift her from the floor to waist height, where the
horny teen swung horizontally, face down. Carter studied his daughter's
position. Pulling at one of the chains that connected Zoe to the ceiling, he
spread her legs into a splits position, and moved his face close to his
little girl's cunt. Her pussy lips were quivering gently, and Carter pried
them apart with two fingers. A small strand of girl cum linked her labia and
her pink folds were gistening. Carter pumped some lubricant into the
blonde's bald pussy, and moved the syringe to Zoe's ass. Forcing a large
dollop of lube into her tight brown hole, he stepped back.

"Here comes the dildo" Carter said in a fatherly tone, and pressed the
thick, wide rubber cock into the 15 year old snatch. Initially, nothing
happened, and no matter how hard he pushed, Carter could not coerce the
massive dildo into Zoe's tunnel. Carter played with his daughter's pussy for
a few minutes while he decided what to do. Eventually he could see no other
option. He caressed Zoe's thighs and said gently;

"I'll have to hurt you to get this inside your cunt, sweetie. What do you

Zoe chewed on her lip nervously. If her father said it would hurt, it would
definitely be painful. But the petite blonde lived to please her father, and
wanted to give her watching friend a good show.

"That's okay Daddy. Do what you have to" she said loudly, and added more
quietly "I'm your bitch, remember."

Carter delighted at his slutty daughter's response, and once again brought
the massive dildo to Zoe's dripping slot. Zoe closed her eyes in
anticipation, her sweet nectar mixing with the kubricant and trickling down
her buttock crease. Small droplets pooled in her puckered asshole, and
dripped to the floor. Carter firmly gripped the base of the dildo, and
looking at his daughter's pretty face, slammed the dildo forwards violently.
As Zoe swung back and forth, Carter smacked the base of the dildo, seating
the tip firmly inside the teen slut's vagina. Another violent push saw the
massive silicone pole bury itself another inch in the straining pussy. The
fifteen year old felt impossibly stretched. Her tight snatch was obscenely
spread around the tree-trunk that split her pussy, and every time he pushed,
Carter saw Zoe's pink labia stick to the plunging dildo pulling them deep
into her tunnel. It was slow progress working the immensely wide rod into
Zoe's depths, and by the time the dildo was securely planted several inches
deep in Zoe's cunt, the blonde teen's body was dripping with sweat, and her
breathing consisted of pants and gasps.

Carter retreated, and surveyed his handiwork. The dildo was immobile in his
daughter's slit, and not a drop of juices could escape around the sides.
Instead, the juices from Zoe's abused yet excited pussy were running down
the tube in the centre of the dildo and splashing to the floor, where Annie
was doing her best to clean up the rapidly growing puddle with her tongue.
Carter selected a smaller dildo, and with less difficulty, worked the shaft
into his daughter's butt. Zoe responded enthusiastically, humping her narrow
ass onto the surrogate cock. Soon the rubber cock was buried to the hilt in
his daughter's spasming dirtbox.

With the two dildoes in place, Carter picked up the vat of semen he had
obtained. Connecting a small metal pump and a thin plastic tube to the vat,
he fed one end into the vat and the other through the centre of the dildo,
deep into Zoe's cunt. The blonde teen had no idea what her father was doing,
and jumped as the tube slid along her inner walls and up through her cervix.
The sheriff leaned down and switched on the pump at his feet. With a low
hum, the pump began to suck the thick liquid through the tube and deposit it
into Zoe's womb. Zoe could feel the creamy hot liquid filling her, but had
no idea how her father was doing it. Expecting a normal cum load, she
enjoyed the sensation of the hot cum blasting against the walls of her womb.

Zoe thrilled at the idea of bearing her father's child, and welcomed the cum
into her pussy. After a minute, however, Zoe noticed that the flow of spunk
into her stuffed pussy was not abating. Instead, her womb was feeling
uncomfortably full and bloated, and she groaned at the increasing pressure.
Because the wide dildo was lodged so firmly in her slot, there was nowhere
for the trapped juices to go. After the semen had filled her vagina and
womb, the pressure began to stretch her insides further. She gritted her
teeth, and waited for the flow to stop. Eventually, Carter shut off the
pump, removed the tube, and replaced it with a small plug. The sheriff
measured the amount he had pumped into Zoe's womb. He realised he had pumped
almost a litre of the gooey spunk into his teenage daughter. He examined her
stomach, and saw it curve out slightly just above her pubic mound. Carter
pressed down firmly, and watched his little girl writhe in discomfort. He
wondered how much he could distend the pale teen's belly, and looked
curiously at the vat beside him.

Six minutes later, Carter had fed the plastic tube down Zoe's throat, deep
past her gag reflex, and deeper than his cock had ever been. When he
calculated that the tube must be near her stomach, Carter switched on the
pump once more. Zoe felt the bizarre sensation of hot, fresh cum being
dumped in her stomach without warning. She felt so dirty, being used as her
father's cum receptacle, and this only made her hornier. After Carter had
pumped another three quarters of a litre of his cum into his blonde
daughter's gullet, Zoe showed signs of wanting to retch. Carter quickly shut
off the pump, and gently withdrew the tube from Zoe's throat. The blonde
teen's face screwed up, and for a moment, Carter thought she was going to
puke up the massive cum load. But the underage teen just burped, a small
flood of cum accompanying the trapped air into her mouth. She looked up,
embarrassed, at her father, who smiled back at her.

"Well done, young lady" Carter said. "Almost two litres of my cum in your
slutty holes. How do you feel?"

"Ohhh...dirty....I feel like a dirty whore....your cum sloshing inside me,
in my womb....I feel wonderful" Zoe replied "But what about my ass?"

Carter stared down at his beautiful daughter. Two litres of cum flooding her
insides and she wanted more. Annie looked on in amazement.

Carter adjusted the chains so that Zoe's dildo filled poopchute was pointing
at the ceiling. He drew the rubber cock from her asshole, eliciting a gasp
from the well-fucked girl. He slipped the tubing in easily, and started to
fill Zoe's bowels with cum. After pumping in a litre of his man-juice,
Carter checked on his daughter. She appeared not to have reacted to the
fresh flood of semen, but her stomach was visibly sretching before his eyes.

He kept up the flow, marvelling at his daughter's capacity to push her
limits. A litre and a half had now been sprayed into the blonde teen's
distended ass. Still the girl's hungry buttpipe swallowed more and more of
the thick cum. At two litres, Carter switched off the pump. He selected a
thick buttplug from his bag of toys. Carefully keeping Zoe's ass pointed
upwards, the sheriff pushed the buttplug firmly into the teen's tushie. Her
brown hole gripped the toy tightly, and Carter had to work the toy back and
forth for five minutes before he was able to force the thick part of the
hard plastic toy past Zoe's convulsing sphincter. The girl's ass closed up
around the wide toy, sealing in the huge reservoir of cum deep in her
bowels. Carter rolled his daughter to her feet, and heard a thick sloshing
sound coming from Zoe's swollen belly as almost a gallon of thick, heavy cum
churned inside her. There was a faraway look on Zoe's face, and she was
breathing in short, jerky gasps. Her father carried her over to the side of
the room, rocking her gently to hear the depraved wet noises that issued
from his fifteen year-old daughter's womb, bowels and stomach. He placed her
to one side, standing her on her head her so that his cum would pool in her
womb, hopeful that the teen would prove fertile.

Now Sheriff Carter turned his attentions to the enraptured twelve-year old
girl who stood watching Zoe squirm, full of daddy-cum. Carter flashed the
brunette a reassuring smile. He directed the preteen to stand in the centre
of the room, and told her to strip. Nervously, the young girl did as she was
told, slowly peeling her dress from her lissom frame. Standing in her
sports bra and white cotton panties, Annie was a pervert's delight. Her long
coltish legs seemed endless and, looking upward, Carter noticed a damp patch
in the plain white panties, which made him grin. The slim preteen fumbled
with the straps to her bar, then let the garment drop to the floor. Her
breasts were just starting to swell, and were barely the size of ripe plums.
Her nipples were puffy and pink, and began to harden as they were exposed to
the cool air.

Annie took a deep breath as she hooked down the flimsy material of her
panties. She revealed a silky smooth mound, with just a suggestion of downy
fuzz above her slit. Her pussy lips were pink and neat, and Carter could not
resist moving a little closer. The horny preteen took this as a sign of
approval, and began to saw seductively. She bent forwards, carressing her
prepubescent breasts and running her hands across her nubile body. Carter
felt his mouth go dry with lust. He longed to bury his 11" cock between this
sweet young thing's asscheeks. In his imagination he saw the preteen sobbing
into the floor as he raped her ass with all his might. He visualised the
tiny brunette's miniature vagina taking his long shaft to the hilt, and
groaned with anticipation at being the first to fuck Annie's immature
orifices. In reality, the twelve year old had paused in front of Carter,
wiggling her pert, childlike butt at him.

"Open yourself up....let me see you" Carter demanded hoarsely

The young cutie-pie reached behind her with trembling hands, and slowly
parted her crevice, opening her slippery pussy and revealing her asshole for
the first time.The preteen's puckered opening was tiny, Carter saw . "How
the hell does this girl take a crap", he wondered. His cock was as hard as
diamond at the thought of penetrating that tight ass. Carter gulped, but his
throat only made a dry clicking noise.

Carter took her virginity then with practised ease. Playing with her clit
and nipples, Carter fucked the slim child gently, letting her arousal build.
As Annie panted and mewled happily, Carter built up his speed, until he was
swiftly driving half of his cock in and out of her previously virgin cunt.
After ten more minutes, the incessant tug and slide of the preteen's vaginal
walls caused the sheriff to erupt a torrent of cum deep into her snatch.

A little while later, the sheriff eased the well-fucked preteen to the
ground, and put a cushion under her ass. Carter pushed the little girl's
head further down. He grabbed the lubricant and squirted it several times
around Annie's almost invisible butthole. With a finger, Carter circled the
puckered orifice. He pushed his finger softly against the girl's back door,
and after a little wriggling and a firm hand laid on her butt, the sheriff's
finger slipped inside Annie's tight hole. Carter began to have second
thoughts about using this preteen's anus. The pressure on his finger was
intense, and even with more squirts of lube, the grasping butthole was
painfully tight around the probing digit.

After five more minutes of working his solitary finger into the fiery heat
of the preteen's bowels, continuously coating his finger with slippery oil,
Carter felt she was ready for a second finger. He pulled the twelve-year
old's slippery ass cheeks apart, and pushed the two fingers up against
Annie's immature bumhole.The invaders would not slide in easily, but Carter
was convinced the girl's ass could take it. He wriggled his body so that his
face was close to the pert buttocks and eyed her tiny pink butthole.He
angled his fingers and drove them swiftly at the preteen's tightly cinched
hole. The sheriff sighed with satisfaction as he felt his fingers sink into
Annie's butt. For five minutes he fucked the precocious whore, bringing a
light sheen of sweat to her skin and fresh dew to her sweet pussy.

Carter felt as though he had to try fucking this angelic preteen ass. He had
attempted the seemingly impossible so many times since he came to Eureka,
and he felt lucky. The sheriff pulled the slight girl to her feet. He
attached the cuffs and chains to her wrists and ankles and spread-eagled her
facing the ceiling, level with his groin. The young girl whimpered
nervously. She could see Carter's sizeable penis jutting out at the side of
her vision. She couldn't believe it would fit in her bottom, and she gulped

"Umm..mister Carter...I think my bum hole is to small for your thingie.
Could you let me down please?"

Now that Jack Carter had the preteen trussed, lubed and at his mercy, he saw
no reason to release her. The sheriff soothed the nervous little girl.

"Trust me, Annie, didn't my cock feel good in your pussy hole? Your butthole
is just as stretchy. Would I lie to you Annie...I'm the sheriff, I have to
protect you"

The helpless brunette quietened, and saw the sense in what Carter had said.
Her pussy had felt good stuffed with cock, and she had been brought up to
obey police officers. She felt her pussy tingle at he thought of the grown
man inside her tiny asshole, and turned her innocent face to the sheriff.

"Okay...put it in my bum then mister Carter" and, testing an expression she
had heard Zoe use, added "fuck my little ass". For emphasis, she wiggled her
ass as much as the chains allowed. The sheriff smiled, and fitted the ball
gag to the young girl's mouth. The sheriff grabbed the lube, and slathered
his prick liberally in the oil. He would need every bit of help he could get
to sink his tool into this anal virgin. Carter placed his cock between
Annie's firm buttocks at the greasy entrance to her back door. He
contemplated his next move. If he was too gentle, he would be unable to
pierce this fine preteen ass, and if he thrust too hard, there was a fair
chance the girl's anus would tear. He settled for pressing his cock head
firmly into Annie's tight puckered hole, allowing the twelve year old to get
used to the pressure up against her rosebud. For now, Annie's ass was
clamped tightly closed. If Carter was to get past that ring of muscle, Annie
would have to relax. Carter reached beneath the immature form and plunged
three fingers into Annie's still open vagina. As Carter sawed his fingers in
and out of the undeveloped slut, there was a soft squelching as her arousal
returned. Nectar began to drip from her slit, collecting on the immoblie
preick that demanded entrance to her ass. Maybe Annie's cream acted as extra
lube, or maybe it was just chance, but Annie chose that moment to relax her
wrinkled anus. Carter felt the tight sphincter open momentarily around the
head of his tool. He bunched his hips and thrust hard into the preteen's
unsuspecting ass.

Annie let out a muffled yell through the gag. Carter looked down, and saw
that only the very tip of his cock had buried itself in her dark
tunnel.Annie's bowels clamped down hard on the invading member, seizing it
in her oily grip. Her yells shrank to soft whimpers through the gag as she
adjusted to the bulbous intrusion. The preteen's blue eys swelled with tears
and she looked pleadingly at her captor, moaning. This served only to
inflame him, and he abandoned his earlier plans to go easy on this little
whore. Carter waited and concentrated on the hot twitching movements inside
the 12 year old's rosebud. When he sensed Annie had released her vice like
grip a fraction, Carter rammed his cock deeper into the stretched child.
Annie screamed and screamed into the gag as the sheriff savaged her virgin
butthole. Like a crazy person, Carter smashed his hips into the sobbing
preteen, gaining only fractions of an inch with each violent thrust.

Zoe watched in shock as her young friend was brutally ass-raped. Her dad was
using the abused girl as a fucktoy, slamming his cock into her bowels,
massaging his cock with the preteen's gut. Despite Carter's forceful
violation, his thick penis was only halfway into Annie's butt. Her anal
walls held his cock in place, and prevented his thrusts from gaining much
depth. Every time Carter rammed his outsize member into the lilliputian ass
before him, Annie's bowels clung to his dick and her bowels stretched
painfully. The little girl wailed desperately as her virgin anus was
desecrated. Carter enjoyed himself immensely, trying every trick he knew to
work his shaft further past Annie's sphincter. When this approach failed,
Carter resorted to brute force. Grabbing the preteen's waist and adjusting
his position,the sheriff pounded his way deeper into her tightness. After
fifteen minutes of exhausting work, Carter looked down at the young girl's
tortured ass. The puckered hole was red raw and was enveloping nine inches
of fat cock. Carter pulled out experimentally. Annie's sphincter was so
tightly wrapped around his cock that it stayed lodged deep inside her, and
the distended ring was pulled outwards. The little preteen was past crying
now. Her head was resting on the floor and she was drooling out of the side
of her mouth. Carter squirted a little more lube around the tiny girl's
ruined asshole. There was only one thought on his mind. To feel this little
angel twitching and squirming on the full length of his member. Twenty
minutes later, Carter knew that feeling. He had, by sheer dint of effort,
rammed his entire tool into this naive child's virgin ass until the very
root of his szeable prick was swallowed up. Annie had passed out ten minutes
ago, and the sheriff had not stopped ravaging her until her small buttocks
were pressed firmly against his groin.

Carter swallowed anxiously. He was about to fuck this ass properly. He used
all his strength to pull his cock from the clutching ass and promptly
plunged it back in. He set up a steady fucking motion, delivering his brutal
thrusts with glee. Several minutes later, Carter was blasting hot jets of
his seed deep into Annie's bowels. He waited for his cock to soften before
removing it from the fragile preteen's butt. When he finally pulled his
bloated crown from the tiny rosebud, Annie's red and abused asshole gaped
hugely. Carter left her hanging, unconscious, from the ceiling, and as an
afterthought, slipped a buttplug into the formerly virgin hole. He regarded
his work with satisfaction. His teenage daughter was still lying against the
wall, seemingly 9 months pregnant with the quantity of her father's semen
bloating her small frame, and her friend was in no better shape. Carter
nodded to himself and went to fetch a beer. It had been thirsty work, but a
lawman's job is never done, and he had plans...

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