Synopsis; Three are on the run for murder, can they escape wrongful
imprisonment to fulfill their destiny? And what of the one who knows what
he must do?

This part rated NC-17 for f/f sex

Epic Movie: Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected])

Los Angelas, Ca.: Roberto was on the run, and had been for 3 days now. Any
hopes of fading into the crowd as just another Hispanic man in a town with
millions of them was erased by having his picture front page on every
newspaper and on every tv station with the headline 'Mutant Murderer!'. The
biggest surprise though was that by hanging out behind pizza places Roberto
found that what they threw away tasted better than the orphanage food.

Roberto had been dodging the cops ever since he had escaped from St. Francis.
The unusual strength had not faded, and in fact had slightly increased. But
there was also a strange pain in his back shoulder blades. A swelling also.
Roberto was currently in a dead end alley, waiting for the swiftly
approaching night to fall. As darkness did come he cautiously made his way
to the alley entrance.

He was looking up and down deciding which direction he should go. This was
not a busy street. Suddenly, from behind Roberto, in what had moments before
been an empty alley, came a loud car horn.

"What the fuck?" Roberto yelled, whirling around to see a fancy, expensive
looking sportscar that could not be there!

How could that car have driven past him, then turned around in such a narrow
alley without him seeing it? The driver's window rolled down, the head of a
black man in his mid-60's appeared.

"If you want out of this town hop in," the man ordered, then his voice grew
softer, "I don't believe you murdered that boy son."

"What the hell?" Roberto said hesitating.

Close sirens and the sound of a police chopper quickly overwhelmed any sense
of caution. The man pressed a button as Roberto sat down. A tray with an
electronic handprint display was in front of the young man.

"Set your hand on it, a needle will give you a small prick, sorry, but it's
necessary to get the d.n.a. sample," the man said as the sirens grew closer.

Curiosity was getting the better of Roberto as he took in the array of
hi-tech gadgets in the cars interior. He placed his hand as instructed and
barely felt the small poke that took only a single drop of blood.

"Status," the black man spoke.

"Sample analyses complete," the car answered causing Roberto's eyebrows to
rise, "Probability match, 98.7%. Margin for error 0."

"Um, excuse me," Roberto asked, "What the fuck is going on?"

"Watch your mouth son," the man sternly said, "I have an ejector button for
your seat."

Just then 2 LAPD cruisers pulled up, blocking the alley entrance.

"Out of the car with your hands up," an officer ordered as shotguns and
glocks were aimed.

"Buckle your seat belt son," the black man grinned as Roberto considered
giving up.

Roberto complied, but covered his face with his hands. He heard shots, snuck
a peek to see the roof of a house even with the windshield. The middle aged
driver laughed as the car continued to rise. At 200' it took off at 500 mph.
Roberto turned green, but the man just laughed again.

"Oh man, if he could only see you," the man laughed, "Well, guess he can."

As L.A. rapidly fell far behind, followed soon after by the state line,
Roberto began recovering his stomach, glad he hadn't ate yet today.

"You hungry son," the man smiled pressing a button.

A burger and a soda slid from what looked like the glove box. Without
thinking Roberto wolfed it down, a second one appeared.

"I designed the food dispenser on this car," the man grinned, "With my
metabolism I have to stock about 200."

"Your metabolism?," Roberto asked as the second burger and half the soda went
down to be replaced by new ones.

"Super speed," he smiled at Roberto, "In my prime I could do Mach-5. I can
still hit Mach-3, but it takes a bit out of me."

"Umm, not that I'm ungrateful, seeing as how you just saved my ass, but who
are you? And what's all this son crap? I ain't your son," Roberto stated.

"Close enough," a sadness now seemed to deflate the previously happy black
man, he looked old now and Roberto felt like shit.

"I'm sorry," Roberto apologized, "You're the first person who's ever done
anything for me for no reason."

"Trust me, there's a reason son," the man said, "Don't worry, I'm not gay,
or crazy. We have been looking for you for a long time. If only we had found
you kids sooner, things would have been, different."

"Okay, if that was supposed to reassure me, it didn't work," Roberto said,
"Because now I am worried."

"Your grand-father was my team-mate, your father, your real father, was like
my kid brother," the mans smile was back, but this time it was a sad smile,"
My relationship with both your grandmother and mother was, special."

"Okay, so you're telling me you knew my father, my whole family even?"
Roberto's head was swimming.

"It's not 100%, and I can't tell you everything, but it's now 98.7% certain
that your grandfather was Roberto Alverez Condoras," the man said.

"The Condor! My God," Roberto gasped, "The Condor, he's a legend! Perhaps
the greatest Latino superhero.... ever!"

"Yes, and what else do you know about him?" the black man asked.

"Everything! Everything," Roberto was overjoyed, this was like an impossible
wonderful dream; during training all the boys pretended to be the 'Condor',
"He married, he married... omigod!"

"Kelly Ray, Night Runner, my sister," Billy Ray said as Roberto's mouth
dropped open in shock.

Roberto slumped back in his seat, unable to speak. This was, too much, too
soon. His life had been turned upside down for the second time in a matter
of days.

"I-I killed Hector," Roberto finally gasped, "I didn't mean to. He was
choking me, I thought I was going to die. Then suddenly I was strong,
stronger than my wildest dream. It was an accident, or self defense or
something. I swear I didn't mean to do it."

"I believe you," Billy Ray's smile was back, "We talked to some of the boys,
I'm willing to bet Father Matthew will make a full confession."

"I, don't know what to say," Roberto was tearing up.

"Don't thank me yet son," Billy Ray said, "I may have just murdered you. I
can't tell you what you are about to face, only that you won't be facing it
alone. I can't even get you to the address on that card, but I can get you
close. Yes, we know about the card. There are 3 more like it."

"Three more?" Roberto asked.

"We knew of one a long time ago," Billy Ray said, "We knew where he was, we
knew he was safe. The other 2 popped up recently. Two girls. One showed up a
few days before you, the other one the same day you did. In case you haven't
figured it out, you are all mutants."

"That kinda clicked when you told me grand-daddy was Condor," Roberto

The danger part he ignored. Finding out that he was the grand-son of a
legend, of his hero, Roberto was flying higher than the Condor at that

* * *

Twenty miles south of Denver, Co.: Fawn Jackson was using the last few
dollars from Mrs. Muellers purse to eat a small breakfast of overcooked eggs
and greasy bacon. The bus had barely made it out of Seattle. Over one of the
others girls radios that had been left behind, Fawn had heard that she was
being sought for the murder of her beloved coach. A couple of the rich bitch
girls who didn't like poor girl Fawn were the accusers. Add to that her
fingerprints had been found on a bloody arrow. Whoever the sniper had been
his body had not been found.

When Fawn counted the arrows she found that he still had 20. That was just
another of the unusual events that was happening to her so she didn't have
time to dwell on it. She had no money except for the little she found in
Mrs. Mueller's purse and some small change in the left behind bags of some
of the other girls. Since she was taller and bustier than the other girls,
there was little of their clothing that she could take, and she only had her
practice leotard, her team uniform, and the street clothes she was wearing.
Finally she cobbled together a second change of clothes, wrapped her bow and
quiver up, and with her 'hoodie' up, started hitchhiking.

It was mostly hiking. Fawn was pretty streetwise and was very picky about who
she would ride with. Taking back roads also limited her choices. Fortunately
she was in Olympic level shape, an in fact felt more than even that now.
Miles fell away quickly as she jogged, and she didn't feel herself tiring. A
group of nuns picked her up around five in the evening and she even ate and
stayed with them at a church that night. She stayed with them until 3 the
next afternoon, when they turned north. She continued on until she came to a
small town. She slept in an alley, not wanting to use her few dollars even on
the fairly cheap hotel.

She continued on, not having ate, until about noon when she accepted a ride
from an elderly couple. They were pleasant enough, if overly compensating
with 'I have black friends' and 'love Janet Jackson, are you related'
remarks. That night was her first 'sleeping in the woods' experience. Fawn
didn't like it.

'Friggin' cold,' Fawn thought, 'Cold, cold, cold! And theres a pine cone in
my back!'

She slept little and was hungry, having not ate for almost 2 full days. She
had finally broke down and stopped at the little diner. She wolfed down the
eggs and bacon, then heard a commotion behind her. It was like something from
a ZZ Top video. A Cadallac pulled up and 3 beautiful scantily clad women got
out. Truckers, lowlifes, good citizens, everyone stared. What shocked Fawn
the most was that these were obvously not ordinary women. One had green skin
and blonde hair! A second had pointed ears, the third was a scantily clad
American Indian girl. She streatched and 14' wings unfurled from her back,
then dissapeared behind her again.

Fawn bought their calender every year, Women of 'G.O.L.D.'! Specifically
these 3 were Emerald, Princess Tara, and Kestrel. Fawn tried to run, she
didn't make it out of the parking lot. She found herself trapped in a green
bubble. Emerald's wand of course.

"I didn't do it!" Fawn half screamed, half pleaded.

"We know, security tape cleared you yesterday," Tara calmly said, "Of course
stealing the bus and all the accidents..."

A security tape. Fawn hadn't thought of that. Of course, being shot at,
having your 'mother figure' die for you, then killing a man had a way of
making rational thought rather difficult. Emerald released her from the
bubble, Fawn just stood there.

"So, why would big guns like you guys come after someone like me?" Fawn
asked, over the initial shock, "I know that what I did wasn't exactly normal,
but still..."

"Let's just say you're family," Willow Twoswords/Kestrel smiled.

"We can explain a few things on the way Fawn Ray Jackson," Emerald grinned.

"Okay, this is freakng me out," Fawn said, "How did you know that? I barely
know that. Oh, and I just remembered, you guys are all dykes too."

"Oh really," Tara said, "And lets see, there was Monica when you were 10,
Aisha and Mina at 11, your entire team when you were 12. And you were caught
for lesbian bdsm protitution 6 times that year too."

"And that's just a start and only a few that we know about," Emerald said.

"Look, the point is, we're sorry," Willow said breaking up the tone.

"Um, you guys are sorry?" Fawn asked, "For what?"

"For not finding you before now," Tara said, "If we had known..., well, you
would have had a differant life, maybe been one of us by now."

"Me, a G.O.L.D. girl," Fawn's mouth was open, that had been her dream, her
most secret fantasy. She had jilled off to bootleg tapes of their lesbian
bdsm orgys every chance she got.

"We knew of one, you and 2 others we discovered only in the last few days,"
Emerald said, "We've been trying to find all of you since. Found you by

"Wait a minute, are you saying there are 3 others like me?" Fawn asked, "And
what am I?"

"Well, a mutant for one, and it's very possible you have 2 brothers and a
sister," Willow said.

"But this could be very dangerous, we'll take you to them, but only if you
want to," Tara said.

"I don't have anywhere to go," Fawn sadly said, "But you're telling me I
might have, a family? I'd do anyting to have a family. A real family."

"Then come on," Tara smiled, "Next stop, who knows? Although you may be a bit
surprised. We have pictures of them."

"Family resemblace is something you won't have," Willow laughed.

* * *

Boston, Ma.: Lara couln't believe it when she saw all the cop cars outside
her house. The radio was reporting that she was being sought for the murder
of her father.

'This is a nighmare,' Lara thought.

Lara knew there was only so long before the cops put out the description of
the car she was in. The lateness of the night was her only friend right now.
Lara knew she had to have a plan. She needed money for one thing, a way out
of Boston, then what? Follow her only lead, an address on a card? Money she
could get. She knew her father's account and pin no. That had been easy, he
had made his pin to spell L-A-R-A.

That couln't be changed until the banks opened up in the moning. Even with a
$300 a pop limit Lara could get a few thousand dollars if she hit enough
bank ATM's. The security cameras were a problem though. That was when chance
intervened. A buzzing fly whizzed by her head. Lara made a hafhearted
gesture, a small stream of fire flew from her fingertips frying it.

"What the..." Lara gasped.

Lara thought for a second, her mind wandering back to the museam. She got
out off the car, stretchd out her arms, palms up and thought about a beam. A
solid beam of green light flew from her hands, knocking her on her butt in
the backlash, but when the beam stuck a mailbox, the mailbox exploded like
someone had stuck a stick of dynamite in it.

'Okay, that was new,' Lara thought as she sat back up, barking dogs and
lights coming on.

Lara started running back to the car, when she noticed that her feet were no
longer on the ground. She lost her concentation and landed in a full kiddy
pool, wet, but glad that she had only been 2 feet in the air.

"Okay, this is getting really weird," Lara softly said aloud, "But if I can
get control of this I may make it."

Lara made it back to the car and drove off, a few sleepy people had made it
to their doors, but in the dark, no one got a good look at her, or the car,
or the license plate. A kids prank was a general ruling. Lara's first attempt
blew the camera up, and the front of the ATM, sounding an alarm. The good
thing was that she got several thousand dollars her first time. Lara didn't
want to steal, didn't want to be a thief, but she was desperate.

Lara hit 2 more ATM's, this time getting the money without blowing anything
up except the camera, then abandoned her father car. Differant hand gestures
were producing differant effects, and by concentating on what she wanted she
was gaining more control.

It was a few hours later when a man in hi-tech armor, and a Japnese woman in
a 'Rising Sun' style outfit landed beside the abandoned car.

"Her trail ends here," Ron Van Tallon, a.k.a. Arsenal 2 said.

"She's the most powerful," Tina Sanlemoto/Kamikaze replied, "And we know
where she's probably headed. Let's just hope she can stay alive until they're
all together."

"I don't feel right about them having to fight this battle," Ron said, "We're
G.O.L.D. we save the whole damn universe every month!"

"We've tried to get that portal to reopen for almost 18 years," Tina said,
"Your father died in there, where-ever it leads. We hope we'll be able to
follow, but it looks like it's only going to open for them."

"I hope she makes it," Ron said.

Lara had been waiting when the used car dealer opened up. The moring paper
still hadn't hit, if this guy could even read, she thought. Lara had a crude
cobbled together disguise makng her look slightly older and a bit pregnant.
Glasses and a wig helped too. She'd already picked a car out. pretty hard,
most of this sleazebags cars were lemons, but he had a pretty nice vintage
'Mustang' that he probably used for his own use, or for a customer draw.

"Thank goodness for that year in shop," Lara thougt. She had made an A of

He had it ovepriced so he was surprised when Lara handed him cash.

"Keys please," Lara smiled.

Not believing his luck the slimeball took the money and Lara drove off. Lara
knew that he probably wouldn't record the sale so he wouldn't have to pay the
taxes. It would take a long time for the cops to run this down, if they ever
did. Lara's intelligence, now that her panic was over, was helping her
immensely. Thoughts of vengence were also coming to this once most gentle of

* * *

Westchester, NY: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters:

The office of Emma Frost: Emma poured over the new evaluaions with Kate
Pyrde. It had been 2 days since the meeting with Magneto, Dan Starr, and
herself. Dan was now undergoing some advanced training for his upcomming
meeting with his presumed siblings and the possible suicide mission they
might have to undertake. Dan's powers had doubled yet again.

"Ten tons this morning," Kate said," And he's cleaver. I ran a scenario where
he would have to move a 15 ton object to defeat a foe; instead of even trying
he unscrewed the bolts of an overhead piece of machinery and dropped a 40 ton
weight on the things head. Then I tried a rubbery creature to cross him up,
he beat it with judo."

"He's getting good, I hope he doesn't get too cocky," Emma said, "Remarkable
advancement. Anything else going on?"

"Julia Chang, she earned her codename today," Kate said, "She's 'Spark'. I'm
putting her in Laura's trainee class with her friend Misty. Oh, and Stormy
wants to transfer into Laura's class too. Had another fight with Logan and
zapped his crotch with a mini lightning bolt."

"So, Stormy wants to leave the class with Wolveine's son to go to the class
of Wolverine's female clone?" Emma sighed.

"Hey, Laura's hot, and she's not nutzoid like Logan is," Kate said.

"That's an all girl class," Emma said, "And I know Laura and Misty are at
least bi, rooming with Misty I can see Julia that way too, Stormy hates
clothes, and Nina's a definate dyke," Emma said.

"You'd fit right in," Kate grinned earning her a dirty look.

"I know a few things about you and Illyana too," Emma shot back, she changed
her voice, "Oh, yes, suck me Kitty, eat my hot cunt!"

"So what?," Kate said, "It was proved a long time ago that almost every
heroine and villainess was at least bi and most were lesbian masochistic."

Emma Frost was lost in thought for a moment. The banter with Kate was a

"Kitty, are we doing the right thing?" Emma asked, "Four relatively untrained
kids facing something that's killed at least 14 X-Men, 6 Avengers, and 4
members of G.O.L.D.?"

"We've ran every test the best minds on Earth could come up with," Kitty
said, "They are the only ones that can even enter the portal. For some
reason, since the last team went in, it only reacts to their d.n.a. We're
hoping we can slip a small team in before it closes again."

"Dragon won't be happy," Emma said.

"Prof. Xavier was our founder, we've shed the most blood for this," Kate

Julia Chang was proudly wearing her new jacket with the 'trainee' X over a
T. She had a code name now and enough control over her electrcal powers to
be in the elite. Even though they tried to downplay it, the 'trainees' were
the top of the food chain. All the kids hoped that someday they could grow
up to be X-Men, to be heroes, only a few made the 6 'trainee' classes, and
out of each 'trainee' class only 1 or 2 ever became X-Men.

Right now though, at this point in time, there was no team of X-Men. Most
of those who had been X-Men were Instructors or retired. The X-Men were
re-building and could field a formidable team if they had to, but they
really wanted another year for the 'trainee' teams to reach a certain level.

Julia was being assigned to Laura Kinney's class. Laura, also known as X-23
was originally created as a Wolverine clone. She was probably in her late
30's now, but because of her slow aging still looked like a 16 year old.
Misty was in her class and so was Nina the daughter of Prince Namor, the
Sub Mariner. Juiia had seen Stormy talking to Laura so maybe she was
transferring. Laura's class would still be pretty small. Dr. Hank McCoy had
15 in his class, the largest.

'Then again, his class attracts the eggheads and this school is top heavy
with them right now,' Julia thought.

Even among the 'trainee's' there were cliques. Usually the psi's, the
physical powers, the brains, and the ninja's. Misty was both physical and
ninja (who usually had the same goals just as the psi's and brains often
found common ground).

Julia bounced into the room she shared with Misty. Misty, naked as always
was in her 'Carmen Electra' body, Julia's favorite.

"Congradulation's roomie," Misty grinned, "Or do I have to call you Spark

"Just don't call me late, for eating your pussy," Julia grinned.

"Girl, you are so bad," Misty smiled, "I have trained you well grasshopper."

Julia locked the door and started peeling her clothes off. Misty walked over
to her and started to help. Soon the electric Asian was nude, their arms were
around each other, lips and tongues hungrily seeking.

Hands caressed each other as the kiss deepened. Julia then kissed down
Misty's neck, down to her breasts. Julia licked each nipple to siffness,
going from one to another. Misty moaned and came.

"What? I barely started," Julia said.

"Mmmmm. That's the advantage of being a shapeshifter," Misty grinned, "I can
make my nipples just like clits, make my clit really big, and put another in
my ass. You remember 'La Blue Girl'? I can do that with my clit. Hell, I
could look like any guy, but neither of us really like guys. Well, once in
awhile. I'd do Dan, once, but I like girls."

"I've thought about, he's kinda cute, but I'd much rather have girls," Julia
said as she and Misty moved to the bed.

"Well, I haven't told you this before," Misty said, "I was waiting for you
to become a 'trainee', and I knew with your power level you would, but Miss
Frost, she wants Laura, Stormy, Nina, You, me, and these 2 new girls, she
want us to form our own lesbian group."

"That sounds great," Julia smiled, "I'm in!"

"Now, let's get back to some serious sex," Misty smiled, kissing Julia.

The kiss deepened as Misty laid the Chinese-American beauty on her back. Now
it was Misty who was kissing down Julia's neck, then taking each nipple in
her mouth, sucking slightly, then moving to the other. Julia moaned slightly,
her fingers running through Misty's hair. Misty and Julia then kissed,
tongue's seeking and dueling with each other.

Misty then raised up so that Julia could again lick and suck her nipples.
Misty ran her hands over Julia's tits, lightly caressing them, then massaging
them harder.

"Lover," Julia moaned.

"Mmmmm, harder baby," Misty returned the moan, "Bite my nipples."

Julia mixed licks with gentle bites as Misty began kneading Julia's tits
harder. The 2 girls kissed each other's lips again. Misty arranged herself
on top of Julia now, lips together, tit on tit, nipple on nipple, clit to
clit, pussy to pussy. Misty began the erotic pussyfuck, making her clit 3"
long for both of their pleasure.

"Oh darling," Julia gasped, "Fuck me!"

"Oh baby, baby," Misty moaned, "So hot! I wanna fuck you, fuck you good!"

The erotic girlfucking became faster. Misty's downward thrusts were met by
Julia's rising to get more of each other's pussy's. Clits and nipples pressed
and rubbed, again, and again! Lips an tongue's hungrily sought and found each
other. Neither girl could hold out long.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Julia cried out as she lost control of herself.

"Ahhh, ahhhhhh, aaaaaaaaa," was all Misty could manage.

With cries of pleasure both girls shudderd in climax! Panting, Misty rolled
off of her lover. Only a few minutes later, the lust crazed girls looked
lovingly in each other's eyes. Julia again started on Misty's nipples, but
quickly began licking down, tracing her tongue down Misty's flat stomach.
She paused for just a moment at Misy's naval, ran her tongue around it in a
circle, then stabbed her tongue inside.

Misty repositioned herslf so that they were now in a side by side 69
position. Both girls now licked down towards each other's clits. Julia
admired Misty's still big clit and had an idea. Sending electicity through
her tongue she made Misty cum.

"Ahhhhhh!," Misty cried out cumming, "I didn't know you could do that!"

"I have a few tricks up my sleeve, Misty," Julia grinned.

"Let's see how you like this," Misty threatened, making her tongue like a
litte whip and whipping Julia's clit with tongue lashes.

"Ooooooooooo!" Julia moaned as she came.

Both girs went into serious pussy licking, licking up and down each others
pussy's, teasing each others clits, then tongue fucking each other's hot
pussy's. Greedily they lapped up each other's juices before attacking each
other's cunt's again. Their powers againg compimented each other a Julia
sent electrc shocks deep into Misty's pussy, while Misty made her tongue
10" long. They shuddeed as they climaxed again and again into each other's
mouth's. Exhausted they finally rolled away to again be in each others arms,
lightly kissing, tasting their own juices from each other's soft lips.

"I love you," Misty whispered, a tear in her eye.

"I love you darling," a tear also in Julia's eye.

They fell asleep in each other's ams.

End of Part 2


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