Disclaimer: This is a Tyval version, the kids are much tougher and braver.
More sex, more violence, none of the gross humor. Names for the characters
are different, and this basically takes place on Marvel Earth's 618 and 619.

Some parts rated NC-17 for f/f and m/f sex, incest

Synopsis: Four orphans discover their inner power, as well as forbidden love
and unimaginable danger:

Epic Movie: Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Los Angeles, Ca.; It was time for the evening meal at the St. Francis
orphanage. Looking at the same slop everyday bothered Roberto Alverez more
than usual. With just 2 months until he turned 18, Roberto was among the
oldest boys, but while good sized, was far from the biggest. Father Matthew,
a former 'Luchador' was the stern, often cruel, master of this place.

Roberto had tried to run away more than once, only to receive severe
beatings. But freedom was close now. Once he turned 18 Father Matthew had
to let him go no matter what. Roberto hated the man, but many of the boys,
especially the biggest and the bullies adored Father Matthew. The sadist had
trained, or tried to train, many of them in the 'lucha libre' style of

The sight and smell of the tasteless food was too much for Roberto this day.
He pushed it away from him. This caught Father Matthews eye of course.

"What's the matter Roberto?" Fathr Matthew mocked, "Our humble fare not good
enough for you?"

"I'm not 10 years old anymore," Roberto said angrily getting to his feet, "I
want out of your little prison."

"And where would you go?" Father Matthew asked sarcasticlly, "Your parents
abandoned you here 16 year ago. I tried to train you, give you a career. Out
there you're just another Hispanic kid picking vegtables for pennies."

"And here I'm just another slave for you and toadies to beat on," Roberto
said, "I'll take my chances."

"Oh, you think you are man enough to leave now," Father Matthew sneered,
pointing to Hector, the biggest and strongest of the boys, although 6 months
Roberto's junior.

Hector rose and Roberto knew he had a fight on his hands. Despite his bulk,
Hector was surprisingly quick on his feet. Roberto had never come close to
beating him in many training matches. Roberto was a lot smarter, but that
only went so far. Hector's first move was predictable though. Hector always
lunged, trying to wrap his gorilla arms around an opponent. Roberto was ready
and executed a perfect stomich throw sending Hector flying.

Trying to stay on offense Roberto smashed a wooden chair on Hector's head,
followed by repeated punches. He might as well have been hitting a brick
wall. After the initial surprise Hector roared and threw Roberto off like
he was a bug.

"Get him Hector!" Father Matthew ordered, "Teach the little punk a lesson!"

Hector grabbed Roberto by the throat with one hand and lifted him up. Roberto
threw punch after punch into Hector's guts to no effect. Roberto was then
thrown into the wall, knocking the wind out of him. Hector had him on a
table, choking him. Roberto's wind was cut off as he could feel his life
being snuffed out. But then...

Just as his vision began to go dark his hands found Hectors wrists, and
crushed them. Hector howled in agony as Roberto gasped for air. Hector hopped
in place screaming, his shattered wrists flailing. Eyes red with all the rage
he could muster Roberto punched Hector. This time Hector flew through the air
landing 20 feet away with a sickening crunch. Head twisted 180 degress, face
pulped, eyes popped out of their sockets, it was obvious to everone that
Hector was dead.

Robeto looked at his fist, everyone was stunned at the turn of events. It
dawned on Roberto first that he had killed someone. Roberto turned to run
when 2 other of the bigger boys jumped on him. With the same surprising
strength it was now Roberto who sent both of them flying with ease. Father
Matthew himself now tied to bar Roberto's way.

"Murderer!" Father Matthew screamed, landing his once famed roundhouse.

Robeto barely felt the blow that many times had sent him down in the dirt. He
backhanded the wrestler turned priest knocking him out cold. Some of the boys
were yelling 'murderer'. others yelled 'mutie', but none of the rest of them
tried to stop Roberto as he ran to his room, grabbing his long ago packed few

Almost as an after thought, he grabbed up the small blanket he had been found
in all those years ago. He had taken several beatings over that blanket over
the years, many taunts of 'Linus' and sissy, Father Matthew had taken it away
long ago and Roberto had only recently been able to steal it back. Curiously
he now felt something small but solid inside the lining. Roberto knew he
needed to get moving before the police came, but he was curious. A glint of
gold was now visible through the worn fabric. He didn't know what made him
tear the blanket.

Roberto now held a small card made of solid gold with an address written on
it. It was a long way away, and the cops would be after him. It didn't

* * *

Seattle, Wa.: It had been an unsettling turbulance filled flight for Fawn
Jackson and her team-mates from the Sacramento 'Golden's' gymnastic team.
Fawn had almost not been able to make the trip despite being her team's best
gymnast. the pretty 17 (almost 18) year old black girl had been shuffled
from one foster home to another since she was a baby. She had been lucky,
none had been particularly bad, though some better than others.

Her gymnastics ability had appeared young. Had she been adopted,and with a
top coach, she could have easily made the U.S. Olympic team. She was now too
tall and busty for that, but she would be able to dominate college gymnatics,
possibly become a pro cheerleader or dancer.

On the bus Fawn shut off the loud walkman of one of her team-mates playing
(c)rap music. Fawn was proud of being black, but prefered the sounds of
Motown over the bad poetry with ear assaulting beat. Fawn actualy liked her
coach Mrs. Mueller. The old former East-German, who still had a thick accent,
was about the closest thing Fawn had ever had to a mother.

Today there had been a sense of unease about the heavyset former Olympian.
The uncomfortable plane ride had made things worse. The trip to the stadium
was uneventful, but once there Mrs. Mueller called Fawn over to speak with
her in private by the bus while the others went inside. Fawn had never seen
Mrs. Mueller look worried before. Fawn had always thought the tough woman
would walk up to the devil himself and ask for a smoke. But now she was
obviously worried, nervously looking around despite being in broad daylight
in a busy parking lot.

"Whazzup Mrs. M?" Fawn asked.

"Darlink, I had thought to vait until you vere 18, but I don' tink I vill haf
the chance," Mrs. Mueller said opening up the baggage section under the bus.

Fawn was surprised when Mrs. Mueller pulled out a blanket, unrolled it,
revealing a beautiful white recurve bow and a quiver with 20 white arrows.
Mrs. Mueller handed it to the surprised Fawn.

"Dis belonged to your mama," Mrs. Mueller said, "Your real mama. I promised
her to keep it zafe until you vere uf age," she sadly shook her head, "But
dey are coming fer you. Dey tink I didn't notice, but I do."

"What, what are you talkng about?" Fawn asked, her head swimming, "This bow,
my mother, someone coming for me?"

"Oh non, non, dey haf found us," Mrs. Mueller cried as the red dot appeared
on Fawn's forehead.

The big German woman shoved Fawn to the ground, then stood there, a huge
bleeding hole in her chest.

"Noooooo!!!" Fawn screamed as she caught the falling almost dead woman in her

A second bullet barely missed Fawn's head, penetating the side of the bus.
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion for Fawn after that. Scanning the
rooftops she spotted the shooter as easily as if he was standing 10 feet
away. Covered in her mentors blood she didn't even think how impossibe it was
for her to grab the bow, notch an arrow and shoot at someone over 400 yards
away and think she had any hope of hitting anything.

Fawn was as surprised as anyone when the shooter clutched an arrow impaled
halfway in his chest from the impossibly long shot. Fawn dropped the bow in
shock. She had never fired one before and now had made a shot no Olympian
could have. Head still swmming she knealt by Mrs. Mueller who smiled at her,
blood coming from her lips now.

"You are your mama's daughter," Mrs. Mueller gasped, pressing a small gold
card in Fawn's hand as she died.

The card was stained with blood, but Fawn could read the address on it.
Sirens could be heard now. Fawn panicked, not knowing what to do she threw
the bow and quiver into the bus, saw the keys still in the ignition and drove
off, tears streaming down her face made it difficult to see. She dented the
sides of several cars as she could barely drive a standard.

* * *

Boston Ma.: It was late, near midight, but that wasn't an unusual hour for
Lara Coleman as she walked the empty halls of the Boston Metropoliton Museum.
She had just ran an errend for her adoptive father who was the curator. They
had always been close, moreso now since her adoptive mother had passed a few
months ago in a mysterious hit and run car accident. The witnessess claimed
the man who ran away was dressed like some kind of old fashioned monk, but
stranger even than that was that he had the appearance of an albino.

Lara was a pretty girl, red hair, green eyes, just enough freckles to be
cute. She was 17, only 2 months away from her 18th birthday. The museam could
be creepy at night, even for Lara who had grown up in it. Lara had grown up
with friends and family, gone to good schools, she had known love. Lara's
world was shattered that night!

The door to her father's office was open, nothing too unusual about that as
he often worked late and Lara often stayed with him to help. Lara had a
photographic memory, very useful in helping to catalog the many exhibits and
shows. A slight smile on her face she walked into her father's office and

Her father was slumped over his blood covered desk, an unfired .38 revolver
dangling limply from his hand, sightless eyes staring at her. The man was
pulling a kama out of her father's back. Lara couldn't help but gasp which
drew the killer's face toward's her. Sickly white/orange hair over a hate
filled face that was as pale as marble, eyes pink to the point of being red,
the killer was dressed like some kind of monk.

The albino monk! At the sound, he turned his head and glared at her, a smile
on his face. Lara had never seen a smile so evil before. With one hand the
sadistic killer pried open the other hand of her father, reveiling a golden
card. Laughing the most chilling laugh Lara had ever heard he threw it at her

"He was going to give this to you on your 18th birhday. Surprise!" the albino

Lara hesitated, then slowly bent down to pick the card up.

'Damnit! Why did I wear heels today,' Lara cursed herself.

"No fun, I'll let you take your shoes off," the albino evilly grinned sensing
her thoughts, "I want to take my time with you, a little chase is just the
ticket. Don't want this to be too easy."

No sooner did she get her shoes off when the albino pulled out a second kama.

"BOO!" he laughed as the terrified girl ran for her life.

It quickly became obvious even to Lara that the killer was a faster runner.
He would get close and then deliberately slow down just so he could prolong
the chase. He trained by running barefoot in snow covered mountains on his
Earth. Lara had thought she was in pretty good shape, but despite having a
good body she had always been more brain. Every door was locked, and the
albino gave her no time to use the set of keys he knew she had.

Lara was panting now, the albino showed no effect. She had always heard that
albino's were generally physically weak, but this one most certainly wasn't.
The albino finally cornered her in the vending machine room. Slowly he
approached her with that evil smile on his face, his eyes seeming to blaze.
Lara backed up, there wasn't much room left, then she tripped and fell
backwards on a chair leg. With an obcene laugh of trimiph the killer lunged.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Lara screamed, eyes closed, arms stretced out in a vain attempt
of protection, palms out.

Lara didn't see te green beams of light that flew from her hands and struck
the albino in the chest, sending him flying clear aross the room and head
first into a chip machine. Lara opened her eyes, not believing the sight of
the out cold killer. She didn't stick around to press her luck. Lara tried
to call from her cell as she drove off in her father's car, but the phone
didn't work. She didn't know where to go or what to do. Her world had just
been shattered. It was then she opend her hand and noticed that she was
still clutching the golden card. It was a start.

* * *

Westchester, NY; Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters: Current headmasters;
Erik Magnus Lensherr and Emma Frost. Danger Room session, Daniel Starr;
recent acquired codename, Wildstar.

"Congradulations Danny," Kate Pryde said from the booth, "You may make an
X-Man yet. I'll speak with Miss Frost about moving you into the trainee group
this afternoon."

Dan grinned as he headed to the showers, the remains of the robot he had
just smashed were already being scooped up by the repair bots. Dan was a
telekinetic, up until a few weeks ago a fairly weak one. That had changed.
Previously Dan had had to really exert himself to mentally lift anything
over 50 pounds. Now he was lifting 5 tons effortlssly and had developed a
psychoketic force blast like the one he had just used on the robot. His
finesse control had also increased 20 fold in the last month.

Not that Dan couldn't take care of himself even without powers. Dan had the
All-American look, blond hair, blue eyes, he was 6' 4", 225 of solid muscle,
and the current 'unenhanced' martial arts champion of Xavier's. Like many
children who tested 'POZ' for the mutant gene, despit his normal look, Dan
had been left at Xavier's as a baby. Unlike most, Daniel Starr knew who his
parents had been. They had been heroes!

Max Starr, codename Mace of the Global Order of Law and Defense, and Maria
Condoras, a.k.a. Pixie of the X-Men! It had been easy finding pictures of his
father. He had been somewhat of a teen idol in Japan among teenage Japanese
heroines. Entire websites were devoted to Mace and his even more famous (and
powerful) brother Questar. Of his mother however, there was little. Dan only
knew that she was second generation; the daughter of Roberto Alverez
Condoras, a.k.a. Condor and Kelly Ray a.k.a. Night Runner. Maria was half
black, half Hispanic, what a combo Daniel thought.

He only had one picture of her. She was standng proudly in her new X-Men
uniform beside Mace. Despite not being an actual X-Man Mace had gone with her
team on a mission. They never came back. Ten months later he had been found
on the schools front steps. In 2 months he would 18.

Elsewhere in the mansion Emma Frost exited the 'Cerebro' room and hurried
to Magneto' office. He was on the phone to his contact in the FBI when Emma
burst in.

"They have manifested," Emma said, "The other 3. And Daniel is getting
stronger every day now."

"I'll have to call you back," Magneto said hanging up the phone.

As Daniel showered he was unaware that he was being watched. Some of the girl
students had taken a page out of the old 'Porky's' movie and watched the boys
as they showered in a 'girl power role reversal' move. Misty Darkholme,
codenamed Mysteria and her friend Julia Chang, who didn't have a codename,
watched the handsome young man.

"Stormy was telling the truth," Julia whispered in admiration, "He's got a
huge dick!"

"I heard it runs in the family, but I wanted to see for myself," Misty licked
her lips.

"Down girl," Julia cautioned, "Logan will slice it off if he even looks at
you wrong. Be a shame though."

"Wouldn't be too sure of that," Misty whispered, "I hear he's gone from level
1 to almost level 3 in just the last few weeks. Logan's only level 3."

"Well, its against the rules for a trainee to fight a student," Julia
whispered, "Then again, when does Logan ever follow the rules."

"Good point," Misty replied.

The kids of Xaviers were divided into 2 catagories, trainees and students.
Trainees were future X-Men, the strongest or the most useful powers. Turning
into the Hulk made you a trainee. Students had lesser powers (like growing
flowers for example) or lower power levels. There were strict rules about
trainees fighting students. Emma Frost was especially sensitive about
protecting the weaker kids.

Logan Howlett, a.k.a. Wolverine 2 was always in trouble. His natural skeleton
was secondary adamatium, he had his father's claws, healing factor, and
senses. But he had great potential and a following with other second gen
trainees. He also considered Misty and others 'his'. Misty didn't even like
him. Or any of his 'posse' except for Stormy, the daughter of Storm and the
Black Panther.

Minutes later Dan was dressed in his normal clothes and headed to his next
class. He stopped at his locker for his books, turned and saw Misty and
Julia over by Julia's locker. They were about 20 feet away and between him
and his next class. Misty smiled at him and turned her mini boombox on. A
shapeshifter, Misty was always nude. Misty began doing a very sexy and
slutty dance for Dan, and for dozens of other kids of both sexes.

Misty licked her finger then gave the come here sign. Screwing up his
courage, and being one of the few students that wasn't afraid of Logan, Dan
came over. Unfortunatly just at that time Logan and his 'posse'; Stormy,
Cyclops 2, and Steel showed up.

"Oh shit," Misty said, then pleadingly looked at Dan, "I swear I didn't want

"You talkin' ta my gal bub?," Logan asked.

"I don't see your name on her," Dan replied, "And with her power that would
be pretty damn easy for her to do."

"Look Logan, I called him over to ask him something," Misty said.

"You giving me attitude punk?" Logan said popping his middle claw for a

"Seems to me that in combat class I'm always the one putting you on your
ass," Dan said unafraid. He'd put up with Logan's guff before, win or lose
he wasn't taking anymore.

"Hey, hey," Julia stepped in the middle actually care shitless," Logan,
you're a trainee, trainees can't fight students."

"I'll willing to waive that," Dan said, "How you want to go Logan? Powers or

"You're funeral bub," Logan snarled, popping all his claws.

"Stand down Logan!" Magneto ordered calmly walkng down the hall, "All of you,
back to class! Except you Mr. Starr. My office, now."

No one was going to go against Magneto. Misty whispered 'sorry' to Dan as she
walked away. Dan was dejected as he followed the headmaster to his office.
Just when things were finally starting to go his way he now had the school
psychopath on his case and the he may be in trouble with the headmaster. Dan
was a little surprised that Miss Frost was also there as Magneto motioned him
to sit.

Taking his own seat Magneto opened a drawer, laid a gold card on the desk and
slid it to Daniel.

"Um, what is this?" Dan asked.

"We don't know, yet," Magneto said, "We are trying to find out. What we do
know is that there are 3 others like it. An that it was found when you were
left here."

"The others are also held by mutants," Emma added," Mutants who just
manifested over the last few days. Mutants who are the exact same age as
you are. A few hours apart actually."

"I had my powers when I was 13," Dan was confused, not knowing where this was

"And until a few weeks you were a level 1," Magneto continued, "Your power
level is increasing every day, so is your control."

"I just ran through your latest Danger Room evaluation," Emma said, "At this
rate you'll be trainee level in days. You could barely lift a couple bowling
balls last month, now you can do a semi. Next month you'll be juggling

"Um, that's good isn't it?" Dan asked.

"Screen," Magneto said.

The room darkend as a screen rose from behind the 2 headmasters. Dan couldn't
help but sneak a look at Miss Frost. She was a 40 year old MILF who still
looked and dressed like a 20 year old porn star.

'Shit, forgot she's a telepath, now she'll think I'm a perv,' Dan thought.

'If I didn't like being looked at I wouldn't dress this way,' Emma mentally
told him smiling,' I like the fact that 98% of the boys and 77% of the girls
in this school masterbate thinking about me. I swing both ways too.'

Dan turned red as Emma fed him some images of her naked. A cough from Magneto
brought him back.

"What do you know about your father?" Magneto asked, an image of Max
Starr/Mace was onscreen," His powers that is?"

"Class level very high 3, just shy of being a 4," Dan said, "Telekinisis,
got that, psychoknisis, just got that a couple weeks ago, pyrokinisis, don't
have, not yet anyway. Oh, and he had limited super strength, wish I had

"And what of your mother's powers?" Magneto asked, an image of his mother,
one Dan had never seen. she was proudly standing by Mace in her wedding gown,
laughing as Dan's uncle was dumping the wedding cake on him.

"Never found much, even in the school's databanks," Dan sighed," Second gen
mutant. Powers nothing like parents that I've seen. With the name Pixie I
figured some kind of magic or probability powers such as your daughter sir."

"It was my privalidge to serve with your mother for a short time," Emma
said, "Her time with us was brief which is why we have little about her. The
G.O.L.D. files were somewhat more, complete. China Dragon is a tightass when
it comes to sharing information."

"Yes, your mother had a, unique ability to use real magic," Magneto continued
with another new image, this one with Magneto's daughter the Scarlet Witch,"
But that wasn't all. Next."

A short film clip rolled of Dan's mother in a training exercise using complex
gymnastics an Olympian couldn't perform while dodging rubber bullits with
ease. A white bow then seemd to come out of nowhere. Magneto stopped the

"Your mother also had superhuman agility and reflexis," Emma said, "Hank,
the Beast couldn't dodge that many bullits, rubber or real."

"And the white bow," Magneto said, "The ultmate exprssion of her magical
ability's. She could make shots at ranges even men like the Avenger Hawkeye
couldn't dream of."

Magneto let the short film play some more. It ended far too soon for Dan,
tears welling up in his eyes. He felt closer to his long gone family. This
was all leading somwhere. Where it would end no one in the room yet knew.

"Tell me Dan," Magneto started again, "Do you know anything of the

"Well, I've read Dr. Richards works on the subject," Dan said, "And when they
didn't know I was there I've heard Miss Pryde, Dr. McCoy, and some of the
other insructors talk about some they actually went to."

"The multverse is real," Magneto sadly shook his head, "An infinate number of
Earths each one slightly differant than all the others. Sometimes the changes
are slight, in others exteme. With the help of Dr. Richards, Dr. Pym, Dr.
McCoy, and Mr. Stark among others we have learned quite a lot. Our Universe,
our Earth for example is designated number 618."

"Some 19 years ago, our founder, Professor Charles Xavier, vanished without
a trace," Emma said, "Every hero on Earth looked for him. Finally Captain
Marvel used his cosmic awareness and traced him to Earth 619."

"A portal, a way to get to Earth 619 was found," Magneto said, "I think Dr.
Strange, or was it Brother Voodoo? A team of X-Men entered the portal. They
never came back. A second team also went in, this time something came back,
dismemberd bodies. Six lesser known Avengers were next. Bloody parts were
all that came back again. Your parents were the last group that tried.
Woverine came back, or what was left of him. We got very little out of him,
only something about an evil queen who could only be beaten by the 4 who are

"Wolverine eventually recovered," Emma said, "Except for the memory of what
happened to him in there. S.H.I.E.L.D sealed it up disguised as a factory.
Every year a dozen agents stationd there go insane, many commit suicide."

"The address on that card is the portal," Magneto said, "Screen, images R,
F, and L."

The pictures of 3 teens, a Hispanic boy, a black girl, and a white girl
appeared. Underneath was their date of birth, the sameday as Daniel's and
the powers they had manifested.

"Roberto Alverez-super strength; Fawn Jackson, name on note when first found
Fawn Ray-super agility and she used a white bow to make a shot of 400 yards,
Lara Coleman-some kind of green energy that Wanda identified as 'a 'Flames of
the Faltine' energy bolt," Magneto said," Each one with a golden card that
matches yours."

"The names alone make you wonder, add that each person with the card has at
least one power possessed by either Max or Maria," Emma said, "And who else
could have had 4 children with 3 differant ethnicities."

"This would be, impossible," Dan said, "Why wouldn't be all be left at
Xavier's then?"

"I'm not saying they are your brother and sisters," Emma said, "But it
could be, or maybe it's a clue to find Maria and Max who then could tell
us something."

"I don't believe in coincidences," Magneto said, "Four mutants with the
same birthday, 3 manifest and the one whose had powers the longest, and is
slightly the oldest, suddenly gets a power surge."

"Then there's that almost prophetic message about 4 who are 1," Emma added.

"I know what we must do then," Dan said standing up, "We must brave the
portal. I am the legacy of heroes on both sides of my family. My duty is
clear, I will face it, as an X-Man."

Magneto extended his hand. Yes, the boy was a X-Man now.

End of part 1


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