Emmerdale: The Erotic Version Part 2 (MFF,inc,fist,ws)
by Cargy1UK

Viv Windsor walked briskly into the Woolpack; her nylon stockings cracking as
one leg stroked the other. Her blouse was unbuttoned to the base of her fine
cleavage and was tucked into the tight waistband of her black pencil skirt.
Her red high-heeled shoes clicked sexily as she strode towards the bar.

"Give me a large G & T Bernice," said Viv angrily.

"What's up Viv, have you and Bob fallen out?" asked Bernice.

Unaware of the others sitting at tables Viv reached into her bag and pulled
out a copy of "Fiesta Readers Wives" magazine. "Look what that bastard has
done," she said opening the magazine to a well-thumbed page.

Bernice looked and was shocked to see some extremely explicit photographs of
Viv wearing a red lace basque and a pair of hold up stockings. As the series
of photos went on they became more and more provocative. In some Viv was
squeezing her ample tits and thrusting them towards the camera whilst licking
her lips lasciviously. In others she even had her basque completely removed
and had held open her hairy black bush.

Bernice became rather hot and felt a bead of sweat trickle from her neck
under the front of her T-shirt and coolly dripped off the side of her own
pert left breast.

"I ... I think you look very beautiful Viv," said Bernice.

"Thank you Bernice but that's not the point. That bastard Bob took photos of
me for the lovely legs competition and the rest of the photos he took were
supposed to be for his own private use when he was travelling round the

Viv hadn't seen Angie and her daughter Ollie walk up behind her together with
her son Scott.

"Wow mum," said Scott, "I didn't know you had it in you. They're fantastic

"Oh Shit, Scott!" said Viv as she quickly put the magazine back into her bag.
"You shouldn't have seen those."

"Neither should we, but we did," smirked Angie to Ollie.

"Oh Christ, how embarrassing," said Viv as her face glowed bright red.

"Look, come through the back with your drink," said Bernice. "This lot'll
just keep on at you otherwise."

Bernice showed Viv into the back room where Scott joined them. He had
followed them through.

"Sorry mum. I didn't mean to embarrass you through there but I really think
you have a great body," said Scott.

Bernice sat down beside Viv and Scott sat opposite. Bernice was wearing a
white T-shirt tucked into her wine coloured tight skirt. She wore nothing
underneath as far as Scott could see. He had positioned himself in such a
way he could see right up Bernice's skirt. It looked like she shaved as
well because he could faintly see in the darkness a thin line between the
dark shadows of her legs.

"Look Viv, some men are like that. They love to look at their own wives in
these magazines and the thought of other men wanking themselves crazy whilst
thinking of fucking their wives turns them on even more. Am I right Scott?"
asked Bernice.

"Too right. I've wanked over loads of other guy's wives. They look much more
sexy and natural than the models. And mum, don't be ashamed but when I saw
your photos through there they gave me a hard-on," said Scott.

"Oh shit, Scott," said Viv, "You shouldn't talk to your mother like that."

"He has a point Viv. I'm afraid I have to admit to my own pussy leaking a
little quim juice when I saw you naked," Bernice leaned in towards Viv and
placed her right hand on Viv's right knee, "and right now I'd love to see
the photos the flesh," as she said this she ran her
hand up Viv's leg under her skirt, over her stocking top until she reached
her sheer lacy g-string. Viv reacted by turning her face towards Bernice
and grabbing the back of her head, pulling her mouth onto hers. Their lips
met and their tongues were soon entwined as they began kissing passionately.

Scott stood up and pulled down his jeans and jockey shorts. His proud cock
stood erect from his belly. He stroked it gently with his right hand as he
cupped his balls in his left.

As Bernice's finger found the entrance to Viv's wet cunt she could feel Viv
unzipping her skirt and pulling her top up. Viv's left hand began stroking
and kneading her hard nipples, which sent tingles straight to Bernice's clit.
The women stopped kissing as they removed each other's tops. Soon they had
also removed their skirts, doing so slowly and erotically, as they were now
aware of Scott masturbating on the seat opposite. While Viv sat on the couch,
Bernice stood on the couch, her legs astride Viv's and offered her pussy to
Viv's eager mouth. Viv clasped a buttock in each hand as she sank her tongue
into the moist slit. The shaved cunt tasted sweetly fishy but salty too. Her
tongue curled around Bernice's swollen clitoris and she pressed her lips onto
the button and sucked at it furiously.

Her own legs were suddenly pushed apart and she felt a finger parting her
hairy pussy before a wet tongue also probed her cunt while she licked
Bernice. She broke off suddenly knowing it could only be Scott.

Looking down she pushed Bernice off and pushed Scott away.

"You can't do this Scott. I'm your mum."

"Oh god yes. Its so erotic watching a son tongue fuck his own mum," said
Bernice. "Why don't you let him carry on?" asked Bernice.

"I must admit you lick cunt well," remarked Viv, "Oh go on then, if it was
good enough for your Kelly, its good enough for me."

So saying she rolled Scott onto his back on the floor and grabbed his rock
hard cock.

"Would you like mummy to suck your cock sweetheart?" asked Viv.

"Oh fuck mum go on please," said Scott as he pulled his mum's head to his
cock. Her lipstick covered lips opened and swallowed his huge hard-on and she
began to suck off her son.

Bernice knelt astride Scott's face and planted her cunt onto his lips. He
reached up and rolled her nipples between his fingers as he expertly probed
her fleshy lips and licked her clit. His mother was knelt down sucking him
with her arse facing him. He slipped a finger into her wet cunt to moisten
it then pushed it home deep into her anus.

Viv moaned as she sucked and pushed back hard against his finger. He slipped
another and another into her arse and all the time he ate and sucked on
Bernice's sweet shaven cunt. Soon he had his whole hand in his mother's arse
and was fisting her. Still she pushed back and moaned. "My god!" he thought
to himself, "I'm fisting my mum's arse and she's fucking loving it."

Bernice suddenly shuddered as she let go a torrent of piss into Scott's
mouth. The boy slut drank every drop and licked the wet pussy lips before him
clean. The smell off ammonia alerted Viv to what had happened and she stopped
sucking his cock. She put her arse over her son's face and as he licked it
and probed it she embraced Bernice and tongued her mouth again. She then felt
ready for Scott's cock in her arse. Bending over the front of the couch she
instructed Scott, "Come fuck mummy's arse Scott darling."

Bernice guided Scott's cock towards Viv's arse and spat saliva onto arsehole
and cock before thrusting one into another. As Scott's muscular body flexed
and bent as he fucked his mother's arse he felt a tongue probe his own anus.
Bernice had slipped her tongue between his tight buttocks and tongue fucked
his arse. She also slipped her fist into Viv's cunt and fist fucked her cunt
until the lips were red and swollen.

"OOOOOOOOOHHH Scott fuck me fuck me!" moaned Viv.

Bernice withdrew her tongue from Scott's arse and slipped two fingers in its

Scott let out a yell. "Ooo fuck that feels good Bernice, more more!"

Bernice put the rest of her fingers into his arse and to their moans and
screams she pushed and pulled both her arms as she fist fucked Viv's cunt
and fisted Scott's arse.

After a few seconds Scott yelled out that he could not hold back any longer.

"Wait!" screamed Viv, "Not yet, let me turn over I want your spunk on my

Bernice withdrew her fist from Viv's cunt as she turned round. The sight of
his mum's heaving tits and the touch of her hands wanking his dick was too
much and he exploded a wad of thick creamy cum which landed on her lips, chin
neck and tits. Viv kept rubbing and as Bernice began to lick some of the cum
on her nipples Scott came again this time into Bernice's face. Both women
rubbed each others clits frantically as they kissed and licked Scott's cum
from each others bodies and when Scott joined in licking his own cum from his
mum's swollen tits both women climaxed together bucking and heaving their
bodies as their lips pressed hard to one another.

All three kissed and licked the cum from each other including Scott. Some
spunk hung from the corner of his mouth and his mother leaned forward and
licked it off. Just at that there was a flash of light and the three looked

"Hi Viv," said Bob who was standing there with a camcorder in one hand and a
camera in another. "I don't think we'll get these in Fiesta somehow. These
are for the Internet."

"Oh Fucking Shit!" said Viv as they all fell in a sweaty sticky heap on the
carpet. "Go on then Bob, I think I've become an Internet swinging incestuous
slutwife guys."

"GREAT!" said Bob as he left.


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