This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Ella Enchanted:
The Unrated Director's Cut Part 1 (FF,FFF,BDSM,inc,magic,food,reluc)
Idea and outline by Dr. Blasphemy
Written by BRD ([email protected])

Fairy tales tell as their labels imply stories of magic of creatures that
fly with giants and dragons and ogres and elves and inanimate objects that
speak for themselves. There's romance and danger and plotting of schemes.
There's good guys and bad guys and some guys in between. A fairy tale also
reveals some sort of truth, the perils of choices we face in our youth. But
our story today is different in theme for our hero had no choice or so it
would seem. It starts with a fairy bestowing a spell. This one's for a baby
named Ella of Frell.

"Now now Ella. Mother's here," the dark haired woman said as she picked up
the fussy baby. "There now Ella."

"Oh it's nothing a little burping won't cure." Mandy said. "Up," She directed
a cloth on a nearby table. It raised up and hovered in place. "Come on, all
the way." The cloth then flew across the room smacking Mandy in the face. "I
gotta work on that."

"Hello ladies," Lucinda said as she flew around the house before making her
way inside.

"Lucinda!" The women exclaimed simultaneously.

"She gives the worst gifts," Ella's mom said with worry.

"Not if she can't find the baby," Mandy replied hiding Ella in the closet.
She closed the door just as Lucinda came crashing down to the floor.

"Lucinda here, fairy par excellence," She said standing up to greet the
women. "Now where's the baby?"

"At her grandmother's," Mandy replied.

"Oh look. She's back," Ella's mother said as the closet swung open with the
baby snug in a sash hanging from the door.

"What shall we give this beautiful little child today?" Lucinda asked as she
picked up Ella. "What's her name again?"

"Ella," her mother answered reluctantly.

"Ah, Ella of Frell," Lucinda asked as the baby began to fuss again. "Not a
very well-behaved little stinker, is she? Quiet, please. I can't concentrate
here. Ella of Frell, I give you the gift of obedience. Now go to sleep."
Ella was asleep in the blink of an eye. "Now wake up." Ella woke up just as
quickly. "Isn't it wonderful?"

"No, it's terrible," Mandy answered horrified. "It's a terrible gift to have
to do what you're told. Take it back."

"I have a no-return policy. If you're going to be ungrateful, I can always
turn her into a squirrel instead."

"No obedience is a lovely gift," Ella's mother quickly said.

"Besides, you should thank me. I've just given you the perfect child,"
Lucinda said just before Ella began to pee on her.

Though cursed with the gift of obedience Ella was free to do things however
she wanted unless specifically instructed how to do so and in spite of her
"gift" Ella grew up strong of mind and kind of heart.

"Why don't you go back to where you came from?"


"Areida. What a stupid name."

Three bullies taunted the new girl at school as they pushed her around.

"Nobody wants you here," the leader said as she pushed Areida down into the

"I do," young Ella said confronting the girl.

"Bite me."

Unfortunately for the bully Ella had to do what she was told and she bite
the girl on the arm. Areida smiled as the girl screamed and quickly ran off.
She then reached her hand out when Ella turned around and gave hers.

"Hi, I'm Areida," She said getting up.

"I'm Ella."

"Thank you for your help."

"Those girls are a bunch of losers. They pick on everyone."

Not knowing it then Ella and Areida would quickly grow to become very close
personal friends. Areida would be instrumental in Ella dealing with her
mother's death two years later. Areida would even find the necklace Ella's
mother had given to her daughter shortly before dying the one time Ella lost
it. It wasn't until they became teenagers and went through puberty that they
realized their interest in boys never took off like it should have and that
they had deep feelings and sexual desires for each other.

"Are you sure you're ready to try this?" Areida asked waving around a
sixteen inch long one and half inch thick English cucumber as the two young
lovers sat on a blanket in a cave that would serve as their hiding spot on
many occasions.

"The cucumber was my idea. I'm ready. Are you?"

"Of course!"

With a smile on her face and Ella watching eagerly Areida began pushing in
the cucumber splitting her pussy lips wide apart. Ella felt her pussy start
to wet itself and let her hand wander between her legs. Her fingers began
rubbing against the out edges of her pussy as inch after inch of the
vegetable slowly pushed into Areida's cunt.

"Are you going to join me?" Areida smiled after stopping at nine inches.

"I was just waiting for you to finish," Ella grinned sliding in close to
Areida and the cucumber.

"Just a moment. Let me get that for you." Areida stopped Ella and ran her
fingers along her pussy wiping up some of the wetness. Ella gasped when
Areida suddenly thrust two fingers and worked them around for a minute
before pulling them. "I don't want the cucumber to get too slippery and have
you fall off," Areida grinned devilishly before sucking Ella's wetness from
her fingers.

"Very funny," Ella smirked as she took the free end of the cucumber and
began to work it into her pussy.

As the cucumber slowly began to inch into Ella's opening she slid her left
leg under Areida's right leg and her right leg over Areida's left leg.
Areida was already thrusting her hips onto the vegetable when Ella reached
five inches inside herself. Ella moaned feeling the vibrations of the
cucumber inside her with each of Areida's thrusts.

Soon both girls would be on the doorsteps of heaven when Ella finally worked
the seven inches of vegetable that had been left for her into her pussy. A
heated passion pulsed through the bodies of the teen lovers as they thrust
themselves onto the same sex toy with their labias and clits often times
rubbing against each other when they meet in the middle.

That day in the cave Ella experienced her first orgasm and it introduced a
new source for joy in her life. Ella always felt safe and loved whenever she
was in Areida's presence whether it be in private or in a public place like
school. Ella's comfort would come to an end one day when the unexpected

"You're married?" Ella asked her father in shock.

"I had no choice. She has money, Ella. It was either get married or sell the
house. You'll adore Dame Olga, and her two daughters. She'll make a wonderful
mother. Well, a motherlike figure. Look, I'm sure you'll all be the best of

* * *

"Is this the right address?" Olga asked stepping from carriage. "There must
be some mistake."

"My dear welcome," Ella's father greeted Olga kissing her on the cheek. "And
these must be your lovely daughters."

"My precious Hattie and my special Olive. Oh, and you must be Ella," Olga
said when Ella walked outside.

"Pleased to meet you."

"The house looks delightful, but I do seem to remember that at the
noblemen's convention you said that you lived in a castle."

"No I said a man's home is his castle," Ella's father quickly replied.

"Hi, I'm Ella. Welcome to Frell," the brunette teenage said to her bored
looking stepsisters.

* * *

Ella did her best to put up with Hattie and Olive as they moved their things
in and complained.

"What's with all the prince pinups?" Ella asked as Hattie tacked Prince Char
pinups all over the wall.

"Hattie's president of the Prince Char fan club," Olive proudly said.

"Char and his uncle are responsible for the segregation of the kingdom."

"So? He's dreamy," Hattie replied fondly. "Is this hutch meant to be a
closet? It's pathetic. My clothes need more room than this. We'll have to
use yours. Show it to us." With Hattie's command Ella led the sisters to her
room and opened her closet door. "It's so quaint. Almost like, well it's
just ugly isn't it?" Hattie said looking around Ella's room before inspecting
the closet. "There's no room in here either. We're gonna have to throw out
some of your gowns to make room."

"Wait! Get away from there!" Ella protested.

"You get away!" Hattie growled with Ella following the command. "Oh. What's
this? I do actually like this," she said noticing Ella's necklace.

"Please don't touch it. It was my mother's."

"Can I have it?"


"It can be your welcome gift to me. Come on now. Hand it over." Ella quickly
took the necklace off and gave it to Hattie. "Aren't you accommodating?"

Ella look on horrified as Hattie and Olive played with her mother's necklace
and tried it on. She desperately wanted back the only thing she had left of
her mother, but her curse wasn't going to make getting the necklace back
easy. Almost with tears in her eyes Ella quickly left the house to find
solace in the only place she could.

* * *

"Perfect," Areida said smiling as she put the finishing touches on a banner
protesting Prince Char she and Ella were going to carry at the prince's
upcoming appearance in Frell. As she began rolling up the banner she heard
the echoes of footsteps and crying start to filter through the cave she and
Ella had used as a hideout for several years. "Ella what's wrong?" Areida
asked as her tear-soaked red-faced friend came running into view.

"She -- She took it!" Ella bawled hugging Areida tightly and crying on her

"What do you mean? Who took what?" Areida replied hugging her friend back
trying to comfort her.

"Hattie took my necklace!"

"The one your mother gave you?"

"Yes!" Ella said hysterically crying out loud.

"Why would she do something so cruel?"

"I don't know..." Ella answered calming down a bit. "She and Olive and Olga
all hate me..."

"They don't hate you, why would they?"

"I don't know. They just do." Ella loosened her grip on Areida and looked up
at friend.

"Don't worry about them," Areida smiled wiping the tears from Ella's eyes.
"Why don't you get the blanket out of my bag and take a short nap to calm

"I'll be fine," Ella finally smiled kissing Areida on the cheek before
sitting down on a nearby mossy rock.

"Ella take a nap. It's good after a cry like this."

"Fine, but only if you lay with me."

"Sure," Areida smiled at Ella's slowly improving demeanor.

The two girls took the thick blanket from Areida's bag and fully stretched
it out before laying it down on the cave ground. Resting her head on her
arms Ella laid down on the blanket with Areida at her side doing the same.
After almost ten minutes of silence Ella spoke.

"Thank you Areida," She said sitting up. "You've always been there for me
and I've never thanked you for it."

"You're my best friend and I love you Ella. You were there for me before we
were even friends remember?" Areida replied sitting up as well.

"Yeah..." Ella said letting out small chuckle. "Those girls were losers and
picked on everyone."

"Two of them are already married with children and the other-"

"The other one got really fat and competes in pie eating contests now," Ella
said barely able to finish Areida's sentence without laughing too much.

"See? They tried to treat you like crap and you hated them and look how
things worked out. Don't worry about your stepsisters or stepmother. Things
will work out and they'll get what's coming to them too. Just be patient."

"You're the best friend a girl could want," Ella said smiling widely.

"So are you. We've got each other and that's enough to get through

"I love you Areida."

With those words Ella leaned in and kissed her friend squarely on the lips.
Their mouths stayed pressed together for a time as Areida's tongue slipped
between Ella's lips and wrestled with Ella's tongue. When their kiss broke
both girls grinned lustfully at each other as they began removing their

When their dresses and undergarments were folded neatly on top of Areida's
bag the two teens returned to the blanket and their lips met again. Ella
then found herself gently being pushed onto her back as Areida's kisses left
Ella's mouth and began moving down her neck and shoulders towards her chest
leaving a trail of saliva at each stop.

Ella moaned as Areida's hands groped her firm round breasts and began
fondling them. Ella's moans got louder and echoed through the cave as Areida
tugged on her nipples twisting them before flicking her tongue across Ella's
right one. Areida's tongue touched down on each protrubance teasing one then
the other with her occasionally suckling Ella's breasts.

Ella found her nipples becoming large and puffy sensitive to the slightest
touch and she began to grope her own breasts squeezing them gently as her
friend's kisses continued down her body covering her abdomen and inner
thighs. Ella then felt Areida's hand began to rub up and down her slit as it
brushed aside the dark thicket of hair that nearly hid her opening.

Ella forgot all of the day's woes as Areida's tongue began licking up and
down her slit teasing her pussy lips. Ella continued fondling her own
breasts tweaking the nipples as her friend's tongue continued to press back
and forth over her slit, but not push inward. Several minutes later Ella
finally got her wish and Areida's tongue pushed inward splitting apart
Ella's cunt. As Areida's tongue slipped in and out of her pussy lapping up
her juices Ella felt her cunt start to tingle and her hands left her breasts
and found their way between her legs. She began rubbing her index finger
back and forth over her clit sending shots of excitement throughout her

Watching her friend start to writhe with passion Areida lifted her head
licking the stickiness from her lips and slipped two fingers into Ella's
pussy. Entranced by her lover's touch Ella let out a passionate moan as
Areida thrust her fingers in and out. Ella continued to feverishly finger
her clit working her body into a frenzy as her best friend kept pumping her
digits hard into her pussy. Hearing Ella's moans get louder and seeing her
body move closer and closer to orgasm Areida suddenly pulled her fingers out
of Ella.

"What are you doing?" Ella complained as she slipped her own fingers into
her cunt and began furiously working them in and out.

"I've got this," Areida smiled pulling Ella's fingers back out. "Now turn
over for me."

Ella did as her girlfriend asked and couldn't help but let out a slight moan
as Areida's hands began moving back and forth along the smooth soft skin of
her buttocks. Ella bit her lip and moaned silently as Areida spread her butt
apart and her tongue began licking up and down her asshole. A few quick
swipes of Areida's tongue along her anal opening was enough to get Ella's
pussy to start pumping out her juices. When she felt Ella's stickiness on
her chin Areida gave Ella's backside one long deep lick before bringing her
head up. She then pushed two fingers back into her friend's pussy and
punched one into Ella's rectum.

Ella couldn't help but to return one finger back to her clit as her body
started to build with excitement as Areida's fingers eagerly penetrated her
pussy and anus. Ella's body pulsed with excitement again building up towards
a release as Areida continued to wildly finger her openings pushing harder
and deeper with each thrust. Soon Ella's body was aching begging for an
orgasm and she could fight it for only so long. Her cunt exploded as her
body gave in and covered Areida's fingers in her cum.

Ella's lover fingered her through out the orgasm until she was laying flat
on her stomach with her ass in the air. Areida pulled her fingers out from
both openings and licked Ella's spunk from her fingers before laying down
next to her.

"Thank you," Ella said turning to Areida with a smile on her face. "You
always know how to make my day."

"I'm just happy to see you in a good mood again."

"I am in a good mood, but I could be better," Ella replied suddenly crawling
on top of Areida and getting into a sixty-nine position with her.

Ella buried her nose into the thick dark bush between her lover's legs and
she ignored the hair that entered her mouth as her tongue searched for
Areida's opening. Areida squealed with delight when Ella's tongue found the
opening to her pussy and her fingers spread it open allowing access inside.

Areida was as easily excitable as Ella was and her cunt was quick to start
wetting itself as Ella's tongue pressed in and out stroking her inner walls.
As Ella's tongue flicked in and out of her friend's warm wet opening Areida
grabbed her by the hips pulling her pussy close to her face and began
tonguing Ella one again. Everytime the two of them had sex Ella was always
quick to recover and this time was no exception. Her body quivered each time
Areida's tongue slithered in and out of her pussy and there was the slight
chance she could come a second time before her friend even had her first

"There's no way I'm coming twice in one night before you even come once,"
Ella said climbing off of Areida. "It's your turn to get on all fours."

"Yeah, you're right. You probably would come again before I even had my
first orgasm," Areida teased.

"Is that so?"

"Of course."

Without a word Ella gave Areida a playful spank on the ass. "Are you going
to take back what you said?" Ella asked grinning.

"Of course not. It's the truth!" Areida replied returning the smile.

"Take it back," Ella said spanking Areida again with her bare hand.

"I do not tell lies Ella. Besides you'd have to do better than that to get
me to lie anyway."

"Oh really?"

With a mischievous grin on her face Ella took up the challenge and began
spanking Areida's butt with both hands this time. The sound of skin striking
skin echoed through the cave and Areida's ass jiggled as Ella's striking
blows to her bottom became harder and more frequent.

"Is that all you've got?" Areida smirked after almost five minutes of
continuous spanking. Her butt checks had begun to turn red and handprints
were starting to become visible.

"You're not a normal girl," Ella replied as she slipped one hand between
Areida's legs to feel up her pussy. She slipped two fingers inside swirling
them around in Areida's wetness for a moment then pulled them out. "It
takes more to get you off."

"Regardless, you may have gotten me wet a little, but you haven't gotten me
off yet."

"Yet is right," Ella said before licking Areida's cream from her fingers.

Ella then grabbed hold of both sides of Areida's ass cheeks and spread them
apart. Ella began to tonguing her friend's ass pushing it hard and deep
moistening up her sphincter. As her tongue darted in and out of Areida's
backside Ella slipped two fingers into her friend's pussy.

Areida groaned as a sudden and intense shot of excitement pulsed through her
body. She could feel Ella's saliva dripping from her asshole and down her
legs as her friend tonguelashed her ass. Feeling the wet appendage thrust in
and out of her sphincter was almost too much for Areida not to mention the
intense grinding her drenched pussy was getting from her friend's fingers.
Areida's moans started to become loud, even louder than Ella's had been but
she was able to hold back her orgasm and let the intensity build.

Ella frantically worked over her friend's wet nasty holes and had even
started to finger Areida's ass, but her friend was still able to keep her
self control. As she thrust her fingers deep and hard into Areida Ella
looked around the cave to see if anything was available to be used as an
aide. Then not five feet away she spotted several pant brushes laying on the

"Just a second hon," Ella said removing her fingers to grab the two
paintbrushes with the thickest shafts.

Areida gasped loudly when she felt the large wooden instruments penetrate
her body. First to be filled was her pussy immediately followed by her ass.
She didn't know why but suddenly Areida felt her pussy clamping down hard on
the paintbrush and she could swear her butt was doing the same.

Either way Ella didn't notice and quickly worked her thrusting motions into
a nice hard rhythm. Areida's body shook and she squealed each time the
instruments were rammed deep into her private openings. The look on her face
and the quivering of her body made it clear to Ella how close she was to

"Don't fight it Areida," Ella said as she continued to piston the brushes
into her friend's sopping cunt and widening anus. "Be a freak and come for

"I know you are..." Areida moaned as her body inched ever so closer to the
edge. She was aching with an intense excitement and she was losing control.
"But what am... I!"

Areida screamed hysterically barely finishing her sentence as she came. The
paintbrushes were sucked in a small amount by her openings before they were
pushed out as Areida's body shivered. With the brushes in Ella's hands there
was nothing to stem the flow of Areida's cum and it came spilling out onto
the blanket. Ella scooped up what she could with her fingers and swallowed
it. The rest was caked into the blanket as Areida's orgasm died down and she
turned herself around.

"If you knew how to use your fingers properly then you wouldn't have needed
the brushes."

"Riiiight. It you want to start using aides again then let me know I'll
start bringing cucumbers again," Ella said laying down next to her friend.

"Whatever you want Ella, whatever you want."

The two lovers cuddled in the cave content with each other presence longing
for a day the two of them could live together in peace.

* * *

Though spending time with Areida always brought a smile to Ella's face and
made her feel better about things that feeling often didn't last long now
that she had a stepmother and stepsisters. This time though the happiness
wasn't short lived because of her new family, but instead it was due to her

"The second I sell the last of these, I'll be back. I promise," Her father
said as he closed his satchel containing numerous wristwatches. "I know it's
not a great job, not even a good job - okay even a monkey could do it, but
we need the money, Ella."

"I'll miss you father."

"I'll miss you too."

Several days later Ella sat in her room going over her notes and finalizing
things for her debate with Hattie at school the next day when she decided
she had had enough and was tired of being Hattie and Olive's doormat. Curse
or no curse she was going to get her mother's necklace back. Hattie and
Olive were startled when Ella barged into their room interrupting their
nightly swooning session of Prince Char.

"I want my mother's necklace back!" Ella demanded.

"It's mine. You gave it to me," Hattie replied"

"I don't care! I want it back!"

"Do you hear that Olive? Ella wants back the gift she gave me. That's very
rude of her don't you think."

"Very rude indeed!" Olive squealed and giggled.

"Okay Ella, I'll give it back, but you're going to have to earn it back."

"All right. What do you want me to do?" Ella asked conceding to her lack of

"Hmm... Bark like a dog."

Ella did her best to fight the demeaning command and keep some air of
respect about her, but her curse wouldn't let her. Hattie and Olive laughed
as Ella began barking. Ella's face began to become flush with embarrassment
as she continued barking like a dog until she was given a new command.

"Now sit like a doggy," Olive ordered. Ella obeyed and was quickly squatting
behaving like man's best friend. "Roll over."

Hattie and Olive looked at each other with glee as Ella followed every basic
dog command ranging from rolling over, to playing dead, to begging, and even
having Ella chase her tail in circles. Then wanting to see how desperate
Ella was to get her mother's necklace back Hattie came up with some new
devious commands. She sat down on her bed took over her nightgown and spread
her legs.

"Lick my pussy." Hattie and Olive here shocked as Ella's face immediately
dove between Hattie's legs no questions asked. "Oh my!" Hattie moaned as
Ella's fingers spread her cunt apart and her tongue pushed inside.

Olive could only bear to watch Ella's tongue flicking back and forth into
her sister's opening for so long before she felt her own pussy start to
tingle. She slipped two fingers into her cunt and began thrusting them in
and out as she watched Ella and Hattie. Hattie meanwhile was feeling her
body start to burn up as Ella tongued her pussy. In and out she felt the wet
appendage go and it was driving her crazy. She brought her hands up to her
chest and squeezed her own breasts kneading them with her fingers.

Out of the corner of her eye Ella could see Olive furiously pumping her
fingers in and out of her pussy with a wet popping sound being audible each
time Olive thrust inward. Soon as her tongue continued to jut into Hattie's
moist hot opening Ella could taste Hattie's fluids on her tongue. With her
tits in hand as her fingers tugged on her nipples and Ella ate her pussy
Hattie was quickly edging closer and closer to orgasm. Her body was starting
to quiver and her sexually energy looked for the nearest place to release.

Wanting some of Ella's tongue action Olive removed her nightgown and sat
down on her bed. "Lick my pussy now," Olive commanded.

Without a word Ella obediently complied leaving Hattie to hang. With the
other stepsister still fresh in her mouth Ella began running her tongue up
and down Olive's slit before pushing it inside. Olive giggled in delight as
the brown haired girl eagerly ate up her wet pussy licking her cream and
swallowing it.

Watching Olive squirm on the bed and refusing to have to finger herself for
even a second Hattie walked over to her sister's bed and straddled her body.
"Now lick one of our pussy's while you finger the other," Hattie ordered.

Her face now completely red with embarrassment Ella could only do as she was
told even if she didn't want to. She continued flicking her tongue in and
out of Olive's cunt as she punched two fingers in Hattie's opening and began
thrusting them in and out.

Now realizing they could use Ella as their sex slave seemingly whenever they
wanted to Hattie and Olive grinned devilishly at each other before kissing.
Olive was "slow" at most things, but sex wasn't one of them. She pressed her
tongue into Hattie's mouth and began wrestling with her tongue swapping
saliva. Olive let out a soft moan the first time Ella moved her tongue to
Hattie's pussy and her fingers to Olive's pussy. Hattie became the one to
break the French kiss the sisters were sharing and she groped Olive's breasts
squeezing them gently before taking one into her mouth and sucking on it like
a bottle. Hattie then felt Ella's tongue and fingers switch places again and
her pussy was once again being rammed by Ella's digits. Feeling her body once
more move towards an orgasm Hattie had one last devious thing for Ella to do
to see how far she would go to get the necklace back.

"If you really want your mother's necklace back you're going to have to
tongue-fuck my asshole while you finger my pussy."

Hattie suddenly cried out when Ella's tongue began burrowing into her
backside and her fingers continue to drill deep into her cunt. With Ella
fully occupied with Hattie Olive returned her sister's favor and groped
Hattie's breasts fondling the puffy nipples before sucking on the right one.

Hattie was in bliss as Ella's tongue penetrated her anus leaving both inside
and out wet with her saliva while her fingers pistoned hard and deep into
her pussy. That coupled with Olive sucking on her tits moving from one to
the other was becoming more than Hattie could bear. Her body was burning up
and tingling like it never had before and she was preparing for the most
intense orgasm she had ever had.

It came a few minutes later and it was a good thing Ella's father was out on
a business trip and their mother was still out at a dinner. Hattie let out a
blood-curdling scream as her body shook violently as she came. Her cunt
opened up and a torrent of her juices came gushing out. Ella's fingers, hand,
and forearm were covered in Hattie's cum by the time she was done coming.

"Now lick your hand clean and help Olive," Hattie said exhausted as she
rolled off her sister.

"Do the same to me," Olive commanded. "Lick my butthole and finger my
cunnie." It was no rest for the weary as they say and Ella as right back to
work at Olive's demand. "Oooooh! That feels nice!" Olive giggled when she
felt a tongue press against her asshole for the first time in her life. "Oh

Olive gasped when Ella pushed her tongue into Olive's backside and began
pushing it in and out. Just like she had done with Hattie Ella also thrust
three fingers into Olive's pussy and began pumping them in and out.

While Ella was busy eating out Olive's ass and fingering her pussy Hattie
lifted up the back end of the nightgown Ella still wore and cleaned the cum
from her cunt and thighs. Ella felt Hattie moving around behind her and
could guess what she was up to.

Tears began to form around Ella's eyes while at the same time some anger
began to build within her. Ella doubled her efforts increasing the intensity
of her tongue-lashing on Olive's asshole and her fingers on her pussy. More
sensitive to the sensation than Hattie was Olive's body gave in shaking as
she came.

"That was wonderful!" Olive cooed when her body calmed down and Ella removed
herself from Olive's openings. "Oh my! I've made a mess!" Olive said as her
cum spilled out onto the bed.

"No you didn't. Ella did. Lick Olive's bedsheets clean then change them."
The two sister's watched Ella do as she was told still amazed at her lack of

"I did everything you asked," Ella began after changing Olive's sheets.
"Give the necklace back now."

"I don't think so Ella," Hattie replied. "You're not even close to getting
it back. I don't know why, but you're doing everything we're telling you to
without saying a word. It's like you're cursed or something and there's
still plenty of enjoyment Olive and I can get from you."

"Why you little-"

"Don't say a word to me for the rest of the night."

Ella's mouth suddenly shut tight and she could only stomp her feet in
frustration as she walked to her room to the sound of Hattie and Olive's

* * *

Little did Ella know that the entertainment Hattie was talking about involved
having her steal numerous items from Frell's marketplace and getting arrested
for it. Of course Hattie and Olive were the ones to tell Olga that Ella was
in jail and they made no mention of why Ella had stolen the items she did.

"Get inside!" Olga scowled pushing Ella from the carriage before it even
came to a complete stop in front of their house.

"Hey! I could have been hurt!"

"I don't want to hear it Ella! Get inside and wait for me!" Almost robot
like in her response Ella got up and immediately walked inside without saying
another word. "That girl is odd," Olga thought as she looked around the
outside of the house until she found a large switch suitable enough for
punishment. Breaking it off she took it and went inside. "Ella come here."

Ella's eyes widened she saw the switch and she tried to keep herself from
walking to Olga, but she failed. "What are you doing?" Ella stammered.

"No one in this family is going to get arrested and go unpunished!"

"I'm eighteen! You can't whip me!"

"Do you have the money to pay me back for getting you out of jail?"


"Do you want your father to find out about this when he gets back?"


"Then hold up your dress and take off your undergarments!" Ella prepared for
the worst as she obeyed Olga's command and stood in front of her with her
bare ass showing.

"Stop this! You can't do this to Ella!" Mandy said entering the room getting
between Olga and Ella. "I won't let you!"

"I can and you will," Olga replied coldly pushing Mandy to the side. "Do not
interrupt me again or you're fired."


"It's okay Mandy. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine," Ella said trying to
reassure the housekeeper.

"You can be sure her father will here about this!"

"Then you can be the one to tell him his daughter's a thief. Now leave!"
Olga screamed. With her head low Mandy quietly turned and left the room.
Meanwhile Hattie and Olive appeared at the top of the staircase after
hearing the commotion.

Ella cried out as the switch bit into her ass for the first time stinging
her. Olga reared back and whipped Ella a second time who again cried out in
pain. Hattie and Olive continued to sit atop the stairs giggling trying to
keep from laughing as Olga lashed the switch into Ella's bare ass over and
over again. Before it was all said and done Olga whipped Ella two dozen
times and Ella whimpered from the pain and grimaced each time. Her smooth
white ass was now red and covered in welts

"You are a disgrace Ella. I have a felon in my own family. How embarrassing.
Go to your room and clean up for dinner."

"Maybe she was put up to it," Many suddenly interjected appearing out of

As Mandy tried to stick up for Ella again Hattie noticed Areida walking
towards the front door and hurried downstairs.

"Mandy's right mother. We were there," Hattie said. "It really wasn't poor
Ella's fault at all. She was forced to do it."

"So Ella, who put you up to it?"

"Tell her it was Areida," Hattie whispered.

"Ar-" Ella began but quickly covered here mouth.

"I'm waiting. Tell me who's to blame."

"Areida," Ella reluctantly answered.

"Areida! I might have guessed it! You are forbidden ever to see her again."


"Ella?" Areida called from outside.

"How dare she come here now? Answer the door and tell her you never want to
see her again."

"And tell her you could never be friends with an Ayorthian," Hattie added.

"Dame Olga there must be some mistake!" Mandy protested.

"Please Dame Olga," Ella pleaded.

"Don't argue. Just do it."

With her eyes still wet from the whipping and a heavy heart Ella answered
the door.

"Thank goodness you're alright," Areida said trying to hug Ella who backed
away. "What's wrong?"

"I never want to see you again."

"Ha-ha. Very funny." Areida then looked into Ella's eyes and saw that she
was serious. "I don't understand. We're best friends."

"I could never be friends with an Ayorthian," Ella said with fresh new tears
running down her face. "Just go."

Ella began bawling as she watched Areida run off. She closed the door and
ran to her room to cry into her pillow.


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