This is a make believe story about make believe characters. I took liberties
with the liberties the movies took with Elektra.

Elektra: A New Family (Ff,fist)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

With Typhoid Mary dead there would be nobody else coming after Abby anytime
soon. Elektra's deal with Kirigi and his death would see to that. That would
matter none though as Elektra raced through the greenery that surrounded her
house. Before her death Typhoid had gotten to Abby and now the young girl lay
prone on the ground. Elektra feared the worse that she had failed to protect
Abby, and when she reached the girl Abby's status seemed to confirm Elektra's

"Abby... Abby..." Elektra said shaking the girl who didn't respond. Elektra
picked up the girl and quickly carried inside the house taking her up to her
mother's bedroom and laying her on the bed.

"Abby listen to me... Listen to me..." Elektra said as she held the girl's
face in her hands. Again there was no response.

Elektra's heart sank. She had failed to protect Abby and now the girl was
dead. Elektra was at a loss as to what to do. She took Abby's hand into her
own as she started to mourn. It was then that Stick's words rang in Elektra's
head and she had a vision of him resurrecting her.

"I always knew your heart was pure. You simply needed to see it for
yourself," he said.

Following what she saw in her vision Elektra copied Stick's moves and began
to try to perform the advanced form of kimagure on Abby. She rubbed her hands
together a few times before placing her left hand on Abby's forehead and her
right hand on Abby's stomach.

"Hey warrior girl," Elektra whispered. "Come here. Come here, Abby. I just
found you."

Elektra leaned forward crying on the girl's shoulder as she continued not to
respond. Suddenly there was a gasp from Abby's mouth and both she and Elektra
shot straight up in bed. Abby breathed in a few times before falling back to
the bed.

"Hi," She whispered.

Elektra tried to fight back the tears, but couldn't help it and started
bawling. The girl she had been hired to assassinate had unexpectedly changed
her life.

"Umm... Listen," Elektra mumbled trying to wipe away her tears. "We'll stay
here tonight and tomorrow we'll go back to camp to meet your father. You're
safe now. Nobody else will be coming after you."

"Thank you," Abby smiled sitting up to hug Elektra.

"No, thank you," Elektra sniffled before breaking the hug and letting Abby
fall back to the bed to rest.

* * *

As Elektra stepped outside her house with Abby trailing behind she stopped
when she saw Stick standing at the gates. She had a bad feeling.

"Abby stay her for a moment. I need to talk to Stick."

"What's going on Elektra?"

"Just stay here." Elektra walked across the courtyard and though Stick's face
was emotionless she could definitely sense something was wrong. "What's going
on Stick? Kirigi and the others are dead and Abby's safe now. We were just on
our way back to camp."

"I've got some bad news Elektra."

"What's wrong Stick? Tell me," Elektra frowned concern quickly coming over

"Kirigi had a large number of the Hand's ninjas attack our camp after you
left to fight him. They were there to take Abby in case he failed. We all
found out later that she followed you here and we were successful in
repelling the attack, but Abby's father was killed in the fight."

"What? It can't be! Tell me you're lying!"

"I'm sorry Elektra."

"What did you let him fight for??? He's not trained to fight the Hand!"
Elektra screamed tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Elektra what's wrong?" Abby shouted taking a few steps towards Elektra after
hearing her sudden outburst.

"Stay there Abby! Stay there!"


"I said stay there!"

"What am I supposed to tell her?" Elektra growled. "She's already lost her

"Abby will find out what happened one way or another."

"I know," Elektra sobbed. "God I don't want her to turn out like me. What's
going to happen to her now?"

"That's up to you now. Kirigi's dead and she's safe for the time being.
You're as close to family as she has."

"I can't raise a thirteen year old. I was barely able to take care of myself
before I met her."

"All the more reason you should take her in."

"What if she decides she doesn't want to live with me? What if we find
ourselves in a situation where we both hate each other? Before today all
I've known is how to kill people. I'm barely ready to live a "normal"
life. Why can't you take her to the camp to live with the rest of your

"Elektra what's going on?" Abby screamed.

"One way or another her fate will be decided today. You send her with me to
train and live the ways of the warrior you risk her walking the same path in
life that you did. The choice is yours."

"I'll go talk to her. I'll let you know my answer when we return to camp."

Elektra and Stick turned and walked in opposite directions. As she neared
Abby Elektra could see the concern on her face and stopped to turn and look
back at Stick who had disappeared.

"Elektra what's wrong?" Abby asked concerned running the rest of the distance
to be at her side.

"I don't know how to say this," Elektra sniffed wiping tears from her eyes.

"Please Elektra." Abby's voice had a begging quality to it and the look in
her eyes nearly made Elektra bawl.

"Last night after I left and you followed me there was an attack on the camp.
Kirigi sent a large number of ninja's to kidnap you in case he failed to kill
me. And during the attack you're father..." Elektra's voice trailed off.

"NO! It can't be! Please tell me he's not dead!"

"I'm sorry Abby."

"NO!!!" Abby cried hugging Elektra burying her tears in Elektra's clothing.
"I killed them both! I got my parents killed!"

"Don't say that Abby! It wasn't your fault!"

"If I wasn't the Treasure then the Hand wouldn't have ever come after me! My
mom and dad would still be alive!"

"Abby listen to me! You didn't kill your parents! The Hand did!"

"Train me then so we can got after them and kill them all!"

"That's your anger talking and even with the best training in the world we
could never take down the Hand by ourselves."

"Fine if you won't train me then I'll learn from Stick!" Abby said pushing
away from Elektra.

"Abby stop it! Come here!" Elektra shouted grabbing the girl by the shoulder.

"Leave me alone Elektra!" Abby screamed back knocking away the assassin's

"I know how you feel. I lost my mother to the Hand and an assassin killed my
father. His death I blamed on a friend who I almost killed. I felt the same
anger that you do now. Trust me Abby you don't want to walk down the same
path I did, to spend your life filled with anger and hate killing because
someone paid you and maybe because you liked it."

"So what am I supposed to do Elektra? Feel helpless because I can't do
anything to anything to avenge their death even though I was the reason they

"Mourn them, celebrate them, keep them in your memory, but don't walk through
life letting the anger build up inside you. It'll do you no good. It'll be
hard for you for awhile, but if you want... you can come live with me." Abby
turned to face Elektra, tears still in her eyes. She then ran and hugged
Elektra and began bawling again. "I've got my own life to get in order, but
you can live with me if you want. I wouldn't have changed if it wasn't for
you Abby."

"Thank you Elektra, thank you!"

* * *

Once Kirigi was dead and the threat against Abby had been stopped Elektra
had planned to let Abby and her father live in her old house while she went
off on her own to figure things out. Things didn't work out as she had
planned. Instead now it was Elektra and not Mark moving into the house with
Abby. Elektra wanted Abby to have as close to a normal life as she could and
enrolled the girl into public schooling so she could make friends, have
sleepovers, and such. Elektra built herself a new life as a freelance CPA
working mostly from home and going to a client's place of business when it
was needed.

Though things had settled down and their lives had become something of a
routine after about a year, Elektra still trained to keep in shape and
retain her skills and even began to train Abby in case the time ever came
when they would have to defend themselves again. With McCabe dead and now
looking to move on with her life Elektra was all but retired from the
assassination game. She played the role of mother and mentor to Abby now.
Their relationship would change one night when they were both sitting down
eating dinner.

"Not to sound too much like Full House, but how was school today?" Elektra

"Same shit like every other day. Go to school, get bored, and come home,"
Abby replied.

"Watch your language Abby."

"Okay sorry. I meant to say same crap like every other day."

"That's not much better."

"Come on Elektra, when did you become such a prude? You're an assassin. I bet
there was a lot of cussing when you were going after your targets and they
were trying to defend themselves."

"I used to be an assassin, and it's just doesn't reflect well on you when you
talk like that. It makes you sound ignorant."

"So if I become an assassin I shouldn't cuss or use bad language?"

"You're not becoming an assassin."

"Why not?"

"Because I said so. We're not having this silly discussion."

"Why are you training me then? What good are my skills if I can't use them?"

"I already told you why." Just then the phone began ringing. "I have to get

"You're avoiding the conversation."

"Yes I am. It's silly," Elektra said as she got up from the kitchen table and
retrieved the cordless phone from the kitchen counter. "Hello?"

"Hello Elektra."

Elektra's knees temporarily went weak when she heard his voice. "Matt..."

"I know, it's been awhile and we didn't exactly separate on the best of

"How are you?"

"I'm doing alright I guess. My practice is going well and since Kingpin went
to jail there hasn't been a whole lot going on. You watch much tv or read the

"With everything that's going in my life right now I don't have a lot of free

"So I hear. The reason I ask is because about a week ago there was a complete
power failure at Sing Sing, including backup generators, and when power was
restored several hours later Bullseye's cell was open and he was gone. Nobody
knows how he got out or who might have helped him. It won't take long before
he finds out you're alive if he doesn't know already and he might decide to
kill you again."

"Things have changed since that night, but if he wants to try I'll let him.
And about that night... I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it. There were extenuating circumstances, I understand.
Speaking of which, how's it going?"

"How's what going?"

"I hear you're retired now and playing mother to a prodigy."

"I wouldn't go as far to say mother, but guardian or mentor if you want to
call it something. It was a little strange at first getting used to leading
a normal life, but I've gotten used to it I guess."

"If you two are ever in town I'll be glad to show you around and I'm sure
your visit will be more pleasant this time."

"Thanks, but I don't think that'd be such a good idea."

"Well my offer stands. It's good to hear you're doing fine."

"Same here."

"Until next time. I have a feeling our paths will cross again."

"So do I..." Elektra mumbled as she set the phone back down on the counter.

"So who was that?" Abby asked suddenly behind Elektra making her jump.

"Oh, it was just an old friend."

"Must have been some old friend."

"What do you mean?"

"I saw the look on your face when you were talking to him. He wasn't just
any old friend."

"Alright since you like to be a pain and must know his name is Matt Murdock.
You remember when I told you an assassin killed my father and I tried to kill
a friend because I thought he did it? That was him. The same night I tried to
kill Matt Bullseye, the guy who did kill my father, got the better of me. A
few days later Stick would sent someone to steal my body from the morgue and
he revived me. This is the first time I've talked to Matt in about two

"How close were you two, before you tried to kill him?"


"Boyfriend girlfriend close?"

"Not really. Our relationship was a bit complicated."

"Why's that?"

"You know Abby, you're being a bit nosy about old personal history of mine."

"Oh please Elektra. If I group up to have my own protege and I'm half as cool
as you then I'm going to tell them anything they want to know."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really."

"Well I'm not telling. No go finish eating dinner."

"I am finished."

"Then clear the table and do your homework."

"If I do will you tell me about you and Matt?"

"There's not much to tell, but fine," Elektra sighed. "You're a real pain
the butt Abby."

"I know," Abby smiled.

"I'll be in the office finishing up some accounts when you're finished."

Elektra barely sat down at her desk and wasn't even able to begin working
before Abby came running through the door.

"You're done clearing the table already?"


"And you're homework?"

"Don't have any."


"Alright alright. I do have one thing, but it's just a stupid map I have to
fill the names of all the European countries. It'll take me like five minutes
to do. I promise I'll do it after you tell me about Matt."

"What do you want to know?"

"Other than the whole trying to kill him thing, why didn't yours and Matt's
relationship workout? What made it "so" complicated?"

"It was mostly the trying to kill him and when he saw me die that was kind of
the end of it. Besides when two people are in a relationship and one person's
an assassin and the other is seen as a superhero by the public then things
tend to-- Oh shit."

"Watch your language Elektra," Abby mocked her. "So what do you mean he's a

"Abby please, I'm begging you. For the safety of everyone involved please
forget I said anything."

"I can keep a secret Elektra. Just tell me. You're like a sister to me and
sister's tell each other secrets right?"

"Not this one."

"Then I'll just have to figure this out on my own."

"Go ahead," Elektra smirked.

"You were or weren't dating Matt Murdock who you said is seen as some kind
of superhero. You just said the last time you two were together you blamed
him for your father's murder which was actually Bullseye doing. And according
to this guy Jason Smith at school this Bullseye is some kind of badass. He
was knocked off a building and landed on top of a car breaking nearly every
bone in his body. After he was healthy enough to be transferred to prison he
escaped from Sing Sing prison sometime last week. The only Sing Sing that I
know if is in New York and the person that nearly killed him in the first
place is Daredevil. I'm guessing that your friend Matt is Daredevil. Am I
right?" Elektra just sat her desk with her mouth open and a dumbfounded look
on her face. "I'll take that as a yes."

"There's a lot more going on with you than you're letting on," Elektra said.

"Trust me Elektra there'll be a few more surprises down the road. I've only
lived with you for about a year, so don't assume anything about me because
of my age. I'm a little more conscious of what's going on in the world than
people would think."

"So it seems. Now go finish you're homework."

"Just one more question."

"Yes Abby?" Elektra asked rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"I like you too Elektra. I was just wondering if, you know, if you and Matt
ever had sex?"

"Now that's a discussion I'm not having with you!" Elektra said flabbergasted
caught off guard by the question.

"Oh come on! Why not? They've started the whole sex education thing in health
class and if it's as normal as they say it is then what's the problem? With
my mom dead and me and my dad constantly on the run before we met you we
didn't exactly have the time to talk about the birds and the bees."

"I sincerely doubt they're saying fourteen year olds having sex is normal."

"They're getting all third grade on us with the way they're talking about
puberty and bodily changes and all that junk. The whole thing is kinda lame
the way they're talking about it."

"I thought you were more conscious of what was going on in the world than
people think?"

"I am."

"So why do you need me to talk to you about sex?"

"Because I want to."

"Not because you need to?"

"Not really. I already know how everything works."

"Ok then, so we're good to go. Now if you'll excuse me I've really got to get
these files done tonight."

"God you really are a prude now."

"Okay let me ask you this. Are you a virgin?"

"Now that's a discussion I'm not having with you," Abby mocked Elektra.

"That's what I thought. Everything's fun and games with you."

"You know what Elektra, you were cooler when you were an assassin trying to
protect me and my father. Now you're no fun."

"Well the next time your turn your life completely upside down trying to
start over and raise a teenager at the same time come talk to me."

"So what are you saying? If it'll make things easier I'll leave. You wouldn't
have to worry about anyone but yourself."

"Don't be stupid Abby, I don't want you to leave."

"So now I'm stupid?"

"I didn't mean it like that."

"What did you mean then?"

"Abby look. I don't think you're stupid and you're certainly not making
things any harder on me. I think of you like a sister too and I love you. I
want you to stay."

"You mean that?"

"Yes Abby."

"Alright since you want me to stay I'll stay."

"Good. And not that that's settled can I have an hour alone so I can finish
my work?"


"Thank you." Abby left Elektra's office shutting the door behind her. "Geez
I never acted this difficult for my parents." Elektra said under her breath.
"Man, I'm not ready to raise her."

Elektra finished the accounts she was working on around nine. Having not
taken one in a long time she decided to take a nice long bubble bath before
bed. Before she did though she walked to Abby's bedroom door.

"You finish you're homework?"

"Yep, it's all done."

"I'm going to take a bath then go to bed. Please try to get to sleep before

"We'll see."

"They should be, but would you at least check and make sure all the doors
are locked before you go to bed."

"Sure thing."

* * *

After sitting in the tub in the warm water with a warm towel over her face
Elektra felt really relaxed for the first time in a long while. Her thoughts
then turned to Abby. There was no longer the threat against Abby coming from
the Hand although that could change any day or some other organization or
person could decide they wanted her. That was simple stuff though, use their
ninja skills and defeat the bad guys. Elektra was training Abby so her skills
were really starting to improve and she was becoming more and more able to
defend herself. Abby the teenager was a different story though. There were
days when Elektra found herself doubting her abilities to raise her and
thought that their friendly relationship rather than a mother/daughter
relationship was causing some of the problems. Maybe the problem was that she
was trying too hard to be a mother for Abby. Elektra sighed to herself and
submerged herself under the water for about a minute before coming back up.

"Something wrong?"

"Abby!" Elektra flinched in the tub startled by the girl. "Everything's fine.
Just got to thinking about stuff with work."

"Huh, okay. So are you going to tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"Did you and Matt ever sleep together?"

"I already told you I'm not having this conversation with you."

"Why not? I'm fourteen, I already know about sex. Besides do you have plans
to go back to New York City?"

"No, and I'm still not talking about this with you."

"Fine, I'm not leaving until you tell me."

"Suit yourself then," Elektra said as she covered her breasts with her left
arm and reached out of the tub for a towel hanging on the wall not too far

"Nuh uh," Abby said snatching the towel before she could get it. She then
threw it on the floor on the other side of the bathroom. Elektra's robe was
hanging on a hook on the back of the bathroom door and there was no way she
could get it without exposing herself to Abby.

"Abby get my robe for me."

"Not until you tell me about you and Matt."

"Why are you being so difficult?"

"Why are you? It's a simple yes or no question."

"Because it's personal and it's none of your business."

"Okay fine. If you want to be like then go ahead," Abby seem to concede as
she retrieved Elektra's robe and stood at the edge of the tub.

"Thank you Abby."

"It's just hard to believe what I'm hearing coming out of your mouth. You
used to kill people for a living and now you're like a church lady or

"Killing and sex are two different things, neither of which you need to know
about right now. What are you doing?" Elektra asked as Abby threw the robe
on the floor just out of reach of Elektra and took her shirt off.

"I already know the answer to the question," Abby replied as she removed her
pants and stood just in her bra and panties. "But I want to hear it from

"I'd like to see you try and get it out of me then," Elektra said seeing what
Abby was doing and calling her bluff.

"You're going to lose Elektra," Abby replied.

Elektra's mouth opened slightly as the fourteen-year-old dropped her bra
and panties onto the floor and climbed into the tub. The tub was rather large
and could fit two people easily, but with both Elektra and Abby having their
legs stretched out they touched each other. It seemed to Elektra that Abby
was trying to stick it to her and try to embarrass her into answering the
question. Abby was sitting rather than leaning against her side of the tub
which exposed her breasts to Elektra rather than them being under water had
she been laying back. For a girl her age Abby had nice breasts Elektra
thought momentarily before shaking it from her head. She then decided she
would ditch her new inhibitions and play Abby's game.

"Is that the best you can do?" Elektra chuckled. "We've both got breasts

"Yeah, but mine are bigger than yours," Abby shot back arching her back
slightly making them stick out.

"Keep dreaming, but if you want to think that then go ahead. Only bimbos care
about how big their breasts are."

"Hey, I'm not a bimbo!"

"Okay you can be a slut then with as much as you want to talk about sex all
of a sudden."


"Something wrong Abby?"

"I'm not either of those things! I'm like you were when you were my age!"

"Oh really? And how do you know that?"

"Remember what I said earlier?"

"Ah yes, the wizened child. Being me is no fun. I'm a prude remember?"

"Ok fine. You're a prude like I'm stupid. I just think you're trying to be a
little too parental with me."

"Someone's got to raise you and you're living in my house so it's up to me."

"I can take care of myself and you know I can. It's just easier if I'm living
with someone."

"So you think you're all grown up?"

"After dealing with Kirigi and the Hand and being the Treasure I can handle
my own. Most of the growing up I have left to do is physical."

"Is that right? Come here then," Elektra said having an idea on how to get
Abby out of the tub and end this entire conversation.


"You heard me come here and turn around," Elektra repeated as she sat up in
the tub.

Abby had no problem stripping off her clothes and getting into the tub with
Elektra. Like she had said Elektra was like a sister to her or a really
trusted friend and she had no problem being naked in front of her. The two
weren't blood related anyway, but Elektra's response now was unexpected. She
assumed Elektra would just say yes and end the whole thing, but now she had
issued a challenge of sorts and Abby wasn't about to let her win. As she
stood up and turned around Elektra found herself staring at Abby's butt,
before she sat back down. Abby caught a brief glimpse of Elektra's tits and
tried to forget the dirty thoughts and compliments she wanted to give them.

"Hey Abby has anyone seen your ass besides your parents?"

"I played truth or dare with some friends at my old school once. Why?"

"Because you've got a great ass," Elektra replied. "Now scoot back."

"Um thanks."

"Not good Elektra, not good," Elektra thought as she wondered if she said
that because she was trying to shock Abby or because she meant it. Abby
flinched when she felt Elektra's arms slide underneath hers and Elektra's
breasts press against her back. "Tell me something Abby, how does this

Abby nearly jumped out of the tub when Elektra's hands grabbed hold of her
breasts and began fondling them. She squeezed and massaged them and Abby let
out a sudden moan when Elektra began rubbing the nipples between her fingers.
This caught both females off guard and Elektra was suddenly finding that
Abby's breasts felt as good in her hands as they looked and that she was now
starting to like playing with Abby's body.

"It feels fine, but is that the best you can do?"

Though she had sex with boys before, a fact that Elektra would soon find out
if things kept up, Abby had never been with a girl before mostly because she
had no interest. What had started out as a bit of a dare and challenge with
Elektra was starting to turn into something else. For some reason the simple
act of Elektra playing with her tits was turning Abby on.

"I heard you moan. You didn't hear that from me," Elektra said dropping her
hands from Abby's tits.

"I admit you caught me by surprise, but that doesn't mean anything. You'll
have to do better than that. All you have to do is say yes and this'll all
be over."

"I'll give you your second chance, but you're not getting a third."

"I won't need it," Abby said as she got to her knees and faced Elektra. "This
is my last offer. Say yes and that I'm a better person than you and I'll get
out of the tub."

"Offer denied little girl," Elektra smirked.

That smirk turned into a smile as Abby kissed her square on the lips.
Elektra finally gave in admitting to herself how hot she now found Abby and
how turned on she was becoming. They kissed for nearly a minute before
Elektra parted their lips and darted her tongue into Abby's mouth teasing her
momentarily before pulling it back out. Abby felt Elektra's tongue and was
starting to have the same feelings toward Elektra that she had towards her.
She pushed her tongue deep into Elektra's mouth where they proceeded to go
into a passionate French kiss before separating their heads.

"You going to say yes yet?" Abby asked smiling.

"No. Are you going to give up and get out?" Elektra replied with the same

"Hardly. You ready to go another round?"

"You know Abby, perhaps if I were younger and a male I'd be more than willing
to continue."

"I see, so then I guess I'm too much for someone your age?"

"To quote you, 'Hardly'. Let me ask you something though. How many girls have
you been with?"


"Not including me."

"Uh... zero."

"That's what I thought. You're going to need my help then if you want to
explore this any further," Elektra smiled as the two of them stood up and
got out of the tub.

"You been with many girls before?" Abby asked excited at the idea.

"I've been with a few. Dry off and drain the plug and meet me in my room."

"You're the best Elektra," Abby said as she pressed her naked wet body up
against Elektra's and hugged her.

"So are you," Elektra thought smiling. Although she had had many love
interests and many relationships none gave Elektra the same feeling she had
now as she watched Abby drain the tub and start to dry off. Age aside there
was just some kind of connection Elektra could feel forming between her and
Abby. Perhaps it had been there since the first time she looked through the
scope of her rifle and saw Abby and now it was able to freely develop. All
these new emotions and thoughts about Abby had become a bit of a headrush
for Elektra and concern quickly overtook her as she wondered what Abby's
feelings towards her were.

* * *

"Come here Abby," Elektra said as she sat on her bed and patted the spot next
to her. Abby sat down with a bit of reluctance suddenly finding that a small
strain of nervousness had entered into her body. "Something wrong?" Elektra
asked noticing this.

"No, I'm fine..."

"You sure?"

"Yeah it's just... I like you Elektra. I really really like you. As mean and
tough as you acted the first day we meet when I broke into that house... I
don't know. I just had this weird feeling or something about you. I know it
sounds stupid and corny and whatever, but--"

Abby was interrupted as Elektra initiated this time and kissed her.

"Lay back Abby," Elektra whispered.

"Okay," Abby said as she moved further back onto the bed and laid on her

She watched nervously as Elektra climbed onto the bed and started to crawl up
her body. Elektra smiled at Abby as she started to fondle the girl's breasts
in her hands again. Abby could feel a definite shudder work through her body
as Elektra tweaked her nipples between her fingers making them hard. Elektra
felt a slight rumble of excitement run through her body when Abby moaned as
she flicked her tongue across the tip of her left nipple. As Elektra licked
Abby's nipple again she could feel it become rock hard and sat up and started
to roll both of Abby's nipples between her fingers. The teenager couldn't
help but moan as Elektra stimulated her sensitive parts. Abby's face suddenly
turned red when she felt her pussy become wet and Elektra noticed this.

"Something wrong Abby?"

"No it's nothing. It's just I've never felt this good before."

"Hmm..." Elektra turned around with her back facing Abby and looked between
her legs.

"Elektra!" Abby whimpered as Elektra got into a sixty-nine position with her
and her tongue slid down Abby's slit licking up the wetness starting to ooze

"Feels good doesn't it?"

"Oh yes!"

"Good. Now are you going to lick my pussy too or am I going to have to do all
the work?"

"Oh sorry!"

Elektra smiled at Abby's eagerness as the teen grabbed her ass and pulled
her closer. Abby's naivete was evident by her clumsy and inconsistent tongue
play on Elektra's pussy. Elektra was just happy though at Abby's willingness
to try and learn. As her tongue slithered in and out of Abby's pussy Elektra
decided to give her a treat and she work a little bit of cum from her pussy
onto Abby's tongue. The teen started moaning as Elektra's cream hit her
tongue and she quickly swallowed it burying her tongue deep into the former
assassin's cunt. Abby had finally found something of a rhythm eating out
Elektra and Elektra decided to give Abby her first orgasm flicking her tongue
across Abby's clit which was now jutting from it's hood.

"Elektra!" Abby groaned as her head hit the bed.

Her body rocked with orgasm, her pussy burned as she came. Elektra gladly
sucked on Abby's vagina swallowing the girls cum as it dribbled out onto her
tongue. Elektra then carefully inserted one finger into Abby's hole and
twisted it around wiping up more of her wetness. She succulently liked her
finger clean before inserting it back into Abby for more of her juice. During
the second time around Elektra pushed her finger in a little further and
noticed something was missing.

"Hey Abby?" Elektra said turning around to face Abby and lay on the bed next
to her.

"That felt great Elektra!"

"When did you lose your virginity?"


"Your hymen's no longer intact."

"Well... You remember when I said I showed my butt to that guy playing truth
or dare?"

"You lost you're virginity playing truth or dare?"

"No, but I lost it to the same guy. I was over at his house one night working
on a science project and we got bored. And since his parents weren't home..."

"I see."

"And it was also part of the reason I got expelled from my last school. He
started bragging to his friends telling them I was a slut and I kicked his
ass. You're not mad at me are you?"

"No, of course not, but there is something you can do if you want to make it
up to me."

"Anything! What?" Abby asked her eyes beaming.

"Get between my legs and stick your index finger into my pussy," Elektra
said as she laid back and spread her legs. "Mmm... That's a good girl." She
complimented Abby as she felt the first finger slide into her slit and start
pushing in and out. "Now your middle finger... Nice, very nice."

Abby had fingered herself many times before and even used some assorted
vegetables from around the house, but to now be fingering Elektra who she
loved and had a bond with that she had never had with anyone else before was
making Abby hot all over again. As she pleasured Elektra with her right hand,
Abby reached down between her own legs with her left and began to finger

It had been awhile since Elektra had tried this with anybody and if Abby was
going to spend any amount of "quality" time with her she might as well start
learning of it now. Happy with the rhythm Abby had come to Elektra gave her
further instructions.

"It might feel like it's tight to you or be uncomfortable for me, but don't
worry and do your best. Now I want you to stick your ring and pinky finger
into my pussy."

Abby stopped momentarily amazed at the request, but Elektra only smiled at
her and she did as she was asked. It was a bit of a tight fit at first, but
Elektra must have done this before or had some kind of training Abby thought
because she didn't hint at any kind of discomfort as she pumped her four
fingers into Elektra's cunt.

"That's it baby, keep pushing those fingers into my pussy. That feels good
Abby," Elektra moaned.

Elektra could feel her body really start to burn as the thought of what was
coming next entered her mind. Abby could really feel Elektra's wetness as
she continued to piston her fingers in and out of her opening. Elektra's
moist pussy along with her periodic groans really turned Abby on who was now
digging her finger deep into her own pussy with hard thrusts.

"Now Abby, slowly work your thumb into my cunt as well and work your hand in
all the way down to the wrist."

Abby did as she was told and was amazed as Elektra's cunt expanded to take
her entire hand inside. Abby stopped fingering herself and watched astonished
as she pumped her fist in and out of Elektra's pussy and she took it all in
with ease and enjoyed it. As she moaned with each of Abby's thrusts Elektra
got hornier and hornier and her opening started to clench down on Abby's
wrist. She looked down at the teenager and saw the look of amazement in her

"Oh god Abby! I'm fixing to come on your hand!" Elektra panted as Abby's hand
pushed hard back and forth into her pussy and her body really started to ache
for orgasm.

A few minutes later Elektra had had enough and could no longer hold back.
Her body shook violently as she had her first hard true orgasm in nearly two
years. When Elektra was done shaking Abby pulled her cum covered hand out.
Elektra wasn't kidding.

"So what do I do with this?" Abby asked grinning.

"Clean it," Elektra replied sitting up and licking her cum from Abby's hand
as Abby did the same.

"Where did you learn to take in an entire hand like that?" Abby asked several
minutes later when her hand was a clean as it was going to get.

"Your hand is rather small compared to a grown adult's hand so I've had
bigger. But one of my targets about a year or so ago was a CEO of a company
that dealt with the occult on the side. If it had just been a normal hit I
would have been done within a day, but I was asked to retrieve some
information from a highly encrypted computer. So I had to spend some time
with him to make him not suspect anything while I worked on hacking the
computer. He was into some kinky stuff, fisting being one of them and I
found that I liked it. Many times I've fisted myself, but it's more
enjoyable when someone else does it to you."

"Will you teach me how to take it? Please?"

"One day perhaps. There's so much more for you to learn before then. Now go
take a shower and get cleaned up ready for bed. You've got school tomorrow,"
Elektra said as the two of them got off the bed.

"So will you finally tell me about you and Matt?"


"You're no fun. You know that?" Abby pouted.

"I know," Elektra replied smiling as she kissed the top of Abby's head.

* * *

Elektra couldn't sleep as she lay in bed. She looked at the clock on her
nightstand and it read 2:23 A.M. She lay awake, because she couldn't stop
thinking about Abby and their relationship. Less than six and a half-hours
ago she had been trying to play mother to the teen. Now she was Abby's sex
partner. So many things had changed since the first time Elektra saw her
and although she tried to convince herself the age issue was reason enough
to put an end to her and Abby's relationship she couldn't. The connection
Elektra now felt with Abby was undeniable.


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