EastEnders: Part 4 - Sex Education With The Fowlers (mF,mF-mast,inc,veg)
by Anonymous

All was not well in the Fowler house. Pauline had just found out that her son
Martin was in fact the father of Sonia's baby. After yelling and screaming
for around half an hour at Martin, she decided her efforts were falling on
deaf ears, and a more direct approach was required. She sent him to his room,
and told him she would deal with him in the morning. Martin was woken early
next day by his curtains being flung open and turned to see his mother with a
carrier bag from the chemist in her hand. "Right then Martin...," she said
sternly, "We need to have a little chat." Martin sat up slightly in his bed
as Pauline reached a hand into the bag. He blushed with embarrassment as his
white-haired old mum pulled out a packet of condoms and held them up to him.

"If you must have sex, you might want to think about using one of these," she
snapped sarcastically.

"Er, yeah right mum, I will," Martin replied sheepishly, his face still
flushed red with shame.

"That's not good enough, I'm afraid," she replied as she opened the box, "You
need to know how to use one properly." She took one of the contraceptives
from the box and tossed the open box on the bed in font of her. Then, she
reached back into the bag and pulled out a cucumber she had earlier purchased
from her eldest son Mark's fruit and veg stall in the square. Martin squirmed
uneasily as he watched Pauline's mature fingers carefully tear the little
flat square packet open. "When you open it, you need to be very careful not
to damage it, or it won't work properly," she instructed as he looked over to
where her teenage son lay.

Quite understandably, Martin had now become a fetching shade of crimson,
and was attempting to cover his face as best he could with his pillow.
"Martin!..." yelled Pauline angrily as she held the open packet between
her dainty pale fingers, gripping the cucumber firmly by the end in her
other hand..." This is for your benefit, not mine," and yanked the pillow
from his hands, knocking it to the floor beside him. Deciding he wasn't
paying full attention to her attempted sex education lesson, she leaned
over and tossed one of the other condoms over to him. "Right, open it up
like I showed you," she said indignantly and stood, hands on hips watching
as he gingerly picked up the packet and tore it open as his mother had
moments earlier. "Very good..." she smiled. "But just to make sure you're
paying full attention I will be expecting you to be able to copy
everything I do after I have finished demonstrating."

Not wanting to prolong the agony any longer than necessary, Martin agreed
and decided it was probably best he pay attention first time. Pauline then
removed the rubber sheath from the packet and held the tip between her
forefinger and thumb. "First you must make sure there's no air in it," she
said as she placed the cucumber between her knees to hold it firmly in
place for the following steps. "Next..." she said, placing the condom at
he thin end of the long green salad vegetable between her slightly wrinkled
legs. "You place the end on the tip of your penis." Martin grimaced slightly,
uncomfortable with his own mother using the word 'penis' in his presence.
Then he watched as she began to unroll the thin rubber sleeve slowly along
the length of the vegetable between her knees. "Then you carefully roll it
down along the length of your shaft, still holding the tip like this," she
followed as her hand slid easily along the lubricated latex sheath until
the condom was fully unrolled along the cucumber.

Then came the part Martin had been dreading, as Pauline held up the cucumber
proudly and said to her son, "You're turn. Let's see what you've learned from
you're old mum."

Martin really didn't want to do this at all, but he knew she wasn't going to
leave him alone until he had done it, and said "OK give me the cucumber

Pauline's next statement made his stomach sink and his face drain of all its
colour. "Its no good you using a cucumber," she laughed," You need to learn
using the real thing."

Martin looked over worriedly at his mother and spluttered "But mum..," before
he was immediately interrupted by Pauline who rolled her eyes and tutted at
his protests.

"Don't be silly Martin it's nothing I haven't seen before, and you don't want
any more little accidents do you?"

Martin agreed with her second point whole-heartedly, but her first point held
no weight with him at all, true she had obviously seen it loads of times, but
that was over 15 years ago, and it had changed somewhat since then. "I think
I understood fine how to do it from you're demonstration mum," he offered,
knowing this would not be enough to satisfy her.

"Stop messing about Martin, I've got better things to do than this you know,
just get on with it will you."

Martin took a quick glance beneath the covers at his groin and grinned to
himself there was no way he could possibly carry out her order in that state.
"Mum, I can't do it anyway, I'm not, er... 'ready' if you know what I mean,"
he said smugly nodding in the direction of his flaccid genitalia beneath the

Pauline was somewhat sceptical of his remark, knowing full well he would do
anything to get out of doing what she had told him to do and she whipped back
the duvet and stared at Martin's boxer shorts. He was telling the truth, if
he had an erection before, the sight of his 50-odd year old mum giving him an
impromptu lesson in contraception would soon have killed it stone dead. "Well
that's too bad, but I'm not leaving till you've done it, so you better sort
it out," she replied, unmoved.

Martin stared at her in disbelief, "What am I supposed to do?" he asked
nervous of what her reply would be.

"Well..." said Pauline "Haven't you got any magazines or something to help

Surprisingly for a lad his age, he hadn't any such stimulating material,
and even if he had, he would hardly want her to find out. "No, I don't have
anything like that mum," he said, surely she would let him be now.

Again Pauline was unphased by his reply; insistent he was going to do it.
"Well I'll just have to help you then won't I?," she said sharply as she
removed her cardigan and unfastened her long black skirt. Although she was
quite willing to continue undressing, it was really a tactic to shock him
into admitting his ownership of some pornographic aids to get him hard.
However, as he actually had no such material he was forced to lie there
dressed only in his cotton boxers, now without the added comfort of the
duvet to hide his stunned expression. Pauline stepped out of her skirt and
walked slowly over to Martin's desk.

She pulled out the chair from under it before pulling the pink blouse she
was wearing open. Martin just lay open-mouthed, still holding the condom
packet he had previously torn open, between his trembling fingers. Pauline
sat on the chair now wearing only a large pair of white cotton knickers
and her thin blouse, open to the waist revealing her surprisingly ample
cleavage partially contained within her lacy bra. She stared down at her
stunned son's crotch, still no movement. She obviously needed to go a bit
further. She pulled off her blouse showing her large white chest to him
fully, rubbing her hands slowly across her large cloth covered breasts.
Martin now began to respond and placed his thumbs inside the waistband of
his shorts.

Pauline noticed he was starting to respond to her efforts and reached behind
her, unsnapping the complicated fastening of her bra. Martin's shorts were
now on the floor with the duvet and his hands were straying down towards his
slowly swelling penis. Pauline lowered the lacy undergarment to he ground and
her large round bosoms flopped forward against her abdomen. Martin stared at
her beautiful full breasts. The white milky flesh had one or two stretch
marks around them and light blue veins streaking around her large stubby
brown nipples. Martin was now stroking his hand through his dark lustrous
pubes gently stroking across the base of his thick hardening cock.

Pauline could see the effect her nearly naked body was having on her young
son and whispered over to his softly, "I see you like my boobs then Martin."

Martin grinned as his mother pushed the soft pale titties together with her
hands, lifting them up slightly so she could flick her long pink tongue in
the groove it caused between them, stroking his now rising teenage member,
"They're amazing mum" he replied as he continued to gently rub his dick.

"I can see you're almost ready too," she replied, happy with the compliment
her stiffening son had paid her. She took one of her flabby mammories in her
hands and lifted it to her mouth before clamping her creased lips firmly
around the fat swollen nipple.

As she sucked noisily on her hardening teat, she heard a low moan coming
from the bed and as she glanced her eyes upwards noticed that her son was
now ready, and then some! She opened her mouth and dropped the tit from
her grasp, causing it to slap against her belly, which rippled as it hit.
She gazed in awe as she watched Martin grip his shaft firmly in his big
powerful hand. Pauline soon forgot her remark about having seen it all
before, she had certainly never seen a monster like that on him, or any
other man for that matter. It was about 12 and a half inches long and must
have been at least 5 inches thick, Pauline couldn't take her eyes off it.

"I'm ready know mum" he said as he took the condom from the pre-opened

"I'll say!..." Pauline gasped," It's bloody huge!"

Martin grinned slyly as his mother watched his thick veiny erection throb
between his bunched fingers. "Now let's see if I've got this right..." He
said placing the tip between the finger and thumb of his free hand "Get
all the air out and put it at the tip of the penis, right mum?"

Pauline was still stunned at the enormity of her young son's cock and was
unable to offer a reply.

Martin continued, "Then I slide it along the shaft of my cock," deliberately
using the vulgar term to make his mum take notice. Due to the tremendous
girth of his massive hardon he had some difficulty stretching the thin rubber
around the fat tool and the effort clearly required both hands. He looked
over at Pauline, who was now clearly turned on, as she was slowly rubbing her
pussy through the fabric of her panties. Martin could see she was clearly
enjoying herself, as a little clear window was forming at the front where her
vaginal juices has seeped into the material.

Nevertheless he interrupted her, asking "Mum, I'm having some trouble getting
this on, can you come over here and hold it for me?"

Pauline didn't need asking twice and jumped at the chance of getting her
hands on the monster fuck-stick, she leaped up and hurried over to the bed
beside her son. His hand released its grip from the base of his cock and was
quickly replaced by that of his mother, who gasped as she struggled to get
her small hand around his thick veiny erection.

"Thanks, mum," he grinned as he took the condom now in both hands. "Is this
how you do it mum?" he enquired as he strained the latex to its limits as he
forced it over the throbbing purple head.

"Mmmmmm, that's right," purred Pauline as she watched her son's hands slide
the transparent pink rubber down along his fat shaft.

"There..." he said proudly, glancing down at his handiwork"'s that?"

Pauline released her grip from around the thick cock and was amazed that it
stayed standing as more and more blood continued to pump through its deep
throbbing veins. "Perfect," she whispered breathlessly as she slid her eyes
along its length. Indeed, Martin had done a good job of applying the sheath,
although due its sheer enormity, less than half of the entire length was

"Does it matter that it doesn't go all the way down mum?" he asked as he
looked at his now imprisoned member.

Pauline shook her head, "As long as you don't let any sperm escape, it'll be
fine, but I'd better show you how to do that to hadn't I?"

Martin looked at his semi-naked mother smiling as her hand gradually began
to inch closer once more to her aching groin innocently enquiring "It'll
need to be full for that won't it mum, are you going to help me with that
too?" hoping his mother would be as keen in this department too, but was
disappointed to see her shaking her head.

"I want to watch you play with it," she said lustfully, "I want to you to
jerk off for you're old mum, don't worry though, I'll still show you how to
take it out from a vagina..." she whispered as she climbed onto the opposite
end of the bed, facing her young handsome boy. "But it'll need a little
lubrication first, it's far too big to just slam in straight away, let me
know when you're about to cum."

Martin, although pretty pissed off at mum's refusal understood her hesitance,
recalling the way Sonia had screamed in pain when he entered her virgin cunt
for the first time. "OK mum," he agreed, and steadying himself on his other
elbow, grabbed his big cock and began to slowly slide his fist along its
considerable length.

As Pauline watched her son go to work at pleasuring himself in front of her,
she pulled aside the crotch of her soggy knickers and ran her wrinkled finger
between the lips of her glistening pussy. Martin stared as her exploration
produced a little trickle of fluid from inside her hole and his pumping began
to quicken. Pauline had know inserted her finger inside herself and had begun
to finger herself, getting herself nice and wet, before introducing a second
and third finger simultaneously, causing her to moan softly as she found her
throbbing clitoris.

Martin was in heaven as he watched his dear old mother bring herself off for
his pleasure and was now furiously sliding his large smooth palm quicker and
quicker along his dick. Pauline felt she was now ready for the next stage,
and reached her free hand down beside her, feeling around for a moment before
finding what she was seeking. As Martin watched intently, wondering what his
mother had in store, Pauline lifted her hand from the bed, holding in it the
large cucumber she had commenced the lesson with some half an hour ago.
Holding it in front of her dripping slit, she removed the fingers and held
her cunt lips open, pointing the sheathed tip of the vegetable towards her
greasy minge. "This should prepare me to take that big cock of yours Martin,"
she muttered as she pressed the end of the cucumber hard against her luscious
pink tunnel.

Martin stared in amazement as the soft pink flesh of her sticky fanny
suddenly yielded swallowing the first 3 inches of the big green vegetable.
Martin's wanking became more frantic as he watched his mother take inch
after inch of the thick rubber-coated cucumber inside her, screaming with
delight as she forced more and more of it inside herself. "You fucking
dirty bitch!" spat Martin as he felt his balls tighten below.

Pauline gazed deeply into Martin's dark eyes as she rammed another couple of
inches violently into her already well-filled fuck-hole, "Are you cumming
yet, you horny little bastard?" she moaned sexily as the tip of the vegetable
pressed against her clitoris, causing her whole body to shudder with

"Shit yes, quick mum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fucking cum!" he replied
urgently and Pauline responded by rapidly sliding the hard slippery cucumber
noisily from her pussy and shifting over to where Martin lay gripping the
base of his twitching dick firmly to prevent his imminent ejaculation.

Pauline raised herself up of her knees and crouched over her son's groin
whispering softly as he gazed at her soft ripe bosom. "Put it inside me
son," and slowly lowered herself onto his big angry looking bell-end.
Martin responded to his mother's horny request by grabbing her hips firmly
and thrusting his pelvis, roughly shoving his hard cock straight up inside
his mother's well lubricated pussy. As he thrust the final 2 inches of his
impressive length deep into his mother, her stretched lips contracted as
best they could around the wide hot dick of her young son and she bit her
lip hard as she began to orgasm from the sheer fullness of her aged cunt.

Martin was also more than ready, and the firm grip of Pauline's fanny sent
him over the edge of orgasm. He grunted and jerked his hips and his hot
spunk shot up from his balls and along his thick fat shaft, before erupting
from his helmet filling the end of the ill-fitting condom with what felt
like gallons of creamy white jism. Pauline remained still on top of her
son's cock for a couple of minutes, milking every drop of cum from his big
heavy balls. Martin panted breathlessly from the intense effort of his
climax and flopped back onto the mattress below him.

"Now for part 2 of your education Martin," Pauline said as she felt her son's
cock begin to soften inside her soaking wet vagina. Martin was now almost
fully recovered from his fierce ejaculation, and keeping his limpening penis
inside her, lay Pauline on her back as he knelt between her widespread
thighs. "Now," she began, "you need to slowly slide your big dick out of me,
carefully trying to keep the condom fully extended along your length.
Usually," she continued, "the man would hold the base of the condom firmly
as he slid out, but your cock is so bloody big its shoved right up inside
me, so be careful, and when you see the bottom of the condom do it then, OK?"

Martin nodded and slowly slipped out of his mother inch by inch, just as she
had said, and when the base finally appeared, gripped it between his thumb
and fingers. He continued to pull his big penis out gently until the head
came into view and eventually the whole thing was out. "Was that OK mum?" he
asked as he stared down at the unattractive sight in his hand.

Pauline nodded, "Yes, that was good, well done," she responded happily, "Now
we'd better clean you up."

Slipping the well stretched rubber up over his large flaccid tool caused the
cum to trickle down the sides of his veiny penis like a little waterfall over
a craggy canyon and when the whole thing was off, she placed her head on his
lap and flicked her tongue out, licking the drips back up towards his helmet
before gulping loudly, swallowing every last salty drop.

Martin grabbed the slimy condom from his mother's hand as she lay back,
content from her creamy meal. He turned it upside down and tipped its gooey
contents over Pauline's wobbly fat tits, before tossing aside the empty
contraceptive and smearing the little puddles of milky white cum into his
mother's soft squashy boobs, pinching her puffy nipples until they became
firm between his fingers. Pauline had become aroused again, watching her
son rubbing his spunk into her pale mature breasts and was ready for a
final lesson. A quick glance at Martin's groin revealed he was almost ready
too, as massaging her squidgy tit flesh had caused his penis to swell once
again and he was three-quarters of the way to another full erection.

Pauline leaned over and kissed Martin lovingly on the forehead. "There is of
course another way you can shag a woman without getting her pregnant," she
beamed as she watched her son's cock grow before her.

Martin looked up at her and smiled, he knew exactly what she meant, and what
she would need to prepare her. Martin got up off the bed and told Pauline to
get on all fours on the bed. Pauline was delighted she required no further
explanation and was impressed Martin had taken the initiative to get her
ready. Martin knelt on the floor behind Pauline who had presented her big
round ass towards him. "Damn," he thought, "I forgot about her panties!"

Pauline realised the reason for his hesitation and told him to just tear them
off her. Martin was shocked at how dirty his mother really was and grabbed
the thin cotton in both hands before fiercely ripping the back of them open
revealing her peachy white ass. Martin leaned forward and planted a wet kiss
on each of her flabby buttocks before grabbing a big handful of each in his
hands. He began to knead her soft behind rou ghly as his tongue traced the
lines of the silvery stretch-marks that had formed over the years. Pauline
reached between her legs and started to run her fingers through her bushy
grey pubes as Martin bit and sucked at her behind. Then she felt her cheeks
being separated and her son's warm breath on her quivering anus.

Suddenly she gasped as she felt her son's tongue press at the entrance to her
ass as he licked at her puckered poo-hole. Martin was surprised at how good
it tasted, and pushed his tongue inside her asshole, lapping at the soft
walls of her colon. He was slobbering and dribbling all over her cheeks as he
continued to lap at her delicate anus. He removed his face and looked at the
thin film of saliva dribbling in the crack of her bottom. Coating his index
and middle fingers in a pool of his spit he ran his wet fingers between her
bottom until he found her twitching entrance. Putting one hand firmly on
Pauline's shoulder he forcefully thrust his fingers up her asshole, making
her shudder, as her middle-aged ass was probed for the very first time.
Martin decided she was suitably wet and stood behind her, sliding his hand
out of her freshly moistened colon.

Pauline reached back and spread her ass as wide as she could to help try and
accommodate the immense intrusion it was about to experience and Martin
positioned his throbbing head at her out-stretched opening, before grabbing
a big handful of her chunky hips in both his big powerful hands.

"Ready mum," he asked as his spear shaped helmet slightly opened up her anus.

"Ready son..." she hissed, gritting her teeth in anticipation of the painful
introduction of her son's enormous member, "Fuck me Martin, stick it deep in
my ass."

Martin was so turned on by his mum talking dirty to him, and showing no mercy
for his mature slut mother, pushed hard at her ass, which slowly spread,
allowing the head of his cock inside it. Pauline bit her lip hard as she felt
the fat meat slowly push up her colon and screamed with pain ass her ass was
stretched like never before. Although her ass had been well lubricated
beforehand, the sheer size of Martin's cock meant that only 4 inches would
fit inside her, so he had to make do w ith that. As he slipped the buried
third of his length back out he took his right hand away from her hip and
wrapped it around the base of his shaft. Sliding the huge dick back in as far
as he could, he started to wank the inches of cock flesh which remained
outside her.

As he started to pump faster and faster in and out of her somewhat unwilling
rectum his wanking became more furious, until his hand was banging hard
against Pauline's quivering bum cheeks with each rapid up-stroke. Fucking
such a tight hole, Martin knew he would cum very quickly, but he wanted to
please his mother before he came, so gripping the bottom of his dick firmly
he forced another 2 inches into her. It had the desired effect immediately
as Pauline yelled with ecstasy, her pussy flooding with her old-woman cum.
Martin smiled to himself as he felt Pauline's juices flow between her legs
and trickle into his pubes. "Oh I see you like that" he said, "Well here's
some more bitch!" With that, he rammed another inch or so inside her until
just over half of it was now inside her.

Again the extra length caused her heaving cunt to explode with desire and
her juices continued to pour from her cunt as she climaxed. Martin felt his
balls tingle and knew he was about to join her any minute and slapped his
mother hard on the ass, "I'm cumming mum" he grunted as he pumped hard and
fast into her asshole.

"Shove it all in you dirty cunt!" was his mother's animalistic reply as she
grabbed the bedsheets hard.

Martin was amazed at his mother's horny request and quickly replaced his hand
on her fat hip. Pushing her backwards as he thrust his pelvis, he forced all
12 inches of his rock hard dick right up inside her until his balls slapped
noisily against her buttocks.

Pauline screamed loudly as she felt the thin skin of her rectum being torn by
the solid shaft of her son. A little trickle of blood ran along the length of
his cock as he noticed a small wound appearing on her damaged rectum, but far
from being a cause for concern for the pair, Pauline simply shouted and
screamed as se felt the huge monster jerking inside her belly. Martin pushed
hard grinding his pubes against her wrinkled skin before his cock jolted and
his buttocks tightened. Within seconds, Martin's young dick was once again
filling his mother with streams of steaming hot spunk, but this time there
was no protection and Pauline felt it splash against the walls of her newly
widened rectum. Martin slipped his dick out of her and continued to jerk it
with his hands, spraying a couple more shots of gooey seed across her back as
he watched his cum, slightly tinged with blood dribble from her asshole and
down along her chunky, cellulite speckled thighs.

Pauline collapsed in exhaustion on the mattress as Martin massaged the
pinkish coloured cum over her legs, bottom and back before cheekily asking
if he had done OK. Pauline tuned her head to her side and coughed, "Yes, you
did very well son. I don't think you'll be getting into any more 'trouble',
do you." Then she laughed as she continued her conclusion, "Apart from the
fact they probably won't be able to sit down for a week!"


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