Eastenders: Exploiting The Eastenders Teens Part 2 (Mff,anal,oral,reluc)
by MikeTheMaster ([email protected])

Whitney stared at the scene before her in silence for a moment with a mix of
disbelief, devastation and fury. Her friend greedily deep throating the man
she loved while he stared at his step daughter, a mocking smile on his face.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she finally screamed, battling to
hold back her tears then charging towards them not knowing to vent her anger
on but eventually settling on Tony.

He grabbed her roughly as she moved to slap him and held both her arms;
meanwhile Lucy concluded her blow job and sat back up grinning at the scene.
"Calm down ye stupid bitch." Tony snarled.

"Yeah no need to get all stressed Whitney." Lucy chipped in "Tony and I are
just fooling around."

Whitney, still being restrained by Tony span round and glared at Lucy "Shut
the fuck up, how can you do this to me you slut?" she demanded.

Lucy giggled "Me a slut? Am I the one who has been banging my step dad, even
I'm not that much of a whore."

She and Tony began to laugh reducing Whitney back to tears and she pulled
away from Tony, turning her back on the two of them unable to decide what to
do. "This is the final straw Tony." She murmured after a moment fighting her
tears "Everyone is gonna know what you are, I'm gonna tell them."

Tony jumped up from the couch, his erection still evident through his jeans
and grabbed Whitney spinning her round so they were nose to nose. "You say a
fucking word and you know what you'll get." He said with quiet menace
"Besides nobody would believe a little tart like you, I'll just say you're
making trouble cos you fancy me and I turned you down."

He rolled his eyes as Whitney began to sob again "For fucks sake don't start
with the waterworks."

"How can you be so cruel Tony? You know I love you" she said tearfully.

"Cos you're becoming a fucking bore Whitney." He nodded back to Lucy who was
still looking on, fighting back giggles at the emotional state of her friend.
"Why can't you be more like her, she'll do anything for me and she enjoys it

Whitney looked across at Lucy for a second, knowing she was facing fierce
competition. "I'm sorry Tony, I want to please you." She began "If you tell
her to go and promise never to see her again I'll show you how much." She
stroked his arm while Tony and Lucy exchanged knowing smiles; they hadn't
expected Whitney to cave in so quickly.

He turned back to his step daughter and shook his head. "Oh no, like I
said...I want you and Lucy to get to know each other." He nodded to Lucy who
stood up, kissed him passionately then approached a confused Whitney as Tony
backed off and sat back down to watch the scene unfold.

"There's no need to be jealous Whitney, we can all be friends." Lucy said

Whitney looked uncertain as her beautiful blonde friend stroked her face
gently and pulled her towards her so that they were hugging. Tony was
transfixed as the girl's hugged, pert little breasts pressed together.

"He's mine Lucy; I don't want to share him." Whitney explained.

"I know darling, I understand." Lucy said softly, she stared deeply into her
friend's browns eyes thinking how beautiful she was, especially tearful and
vulnerable like this. "But sometimes it's nice to share." She continued
before starting to kiss a startled Whitney's neck and running her hands
across and down her back.

Whitney was outraged at first and pulled away "What the fuck do you think
you're doing you crazy bitch? I ain't gonna get off with you." Her eye caught
Tony's and she began to realise what he had in mind.

"If you love me you'll do what I ask." Tony said manipulatively "You said you
wanted to please me."

Whitney gasped "I know I did Tony but I'm not into this, it's sick."

Lucy smiled and pulled Whitney back to her "You ain't even give it a chance
yet." She breathed seductively "Just give it a chance."

Before Whitney could protest again Lucy had resumed kissing her neck and let
her hands dropped to the brunette's buttocks which she began to rub gently.
Whitney began to respond to Lucy's touch almost immediately and before she
knew what was happening Lucy had began to plant gentle then more intense
kisses on her lips. Whitney was reluctant at first but eventually relaxed
into kissing the blonde girl and wrapped her hands around Lucy's back, she
was taken aback for a moment as her friend slipped her tongue into her mouth
but quickly relaxed and responded in kind.

Tony unzipped his jeans and began to jerk, a satisfied smile across his face
as he watched the two teenage girls kiss and caress passionately in the
middle of the room. His masturbation intensified as they began to undress
each other, clothes and underwear quickly discarded as their lust
intensified. He had always known his step daughter had limited will power but
her quick transition to lesbianism was particularly impressive and he enjoyed
the fact that she had partly allowed herself to be seduced by Lucy to please
him, such was his hold on her, and partly because at heart she was a whore
just waiting to be corrupted. He could think of no better teacher for Lucy
who, now naked, was taking the lead once again slipping off Whitney's thong
then pushing her naked lover down to her knees and on to the floor before
climbing on top of her.

They resumed passionate kisses; Whitney wrapping her legs around Lucy while
they rubbed their perfect naked bodies together then took turns to suckle one
another's similar sized breasts. Tony closed his eyes for a moment and
enjoyed the girlish gasps and moans from the writhing young lovers which grew
louder as Lucy slid three fingers into Whitney's sloppy pussy and quickly
found her most sensitive areas, some of which even Tony's ample cock had yet
to reach.

"Yeah you like it don't you, you like a girl fingering your clit don't you?"
Lucy taunted.

Whitney nodded and moaned with approval as she was brought to orgasm, her
pleasure intensified by Lucy using her free hand to finger the brunette's
tight asshole. She grinned as Whitney howled on pain of entry then looked
over at Tony who was masturbating frantically.

"You weren't lying about not having been up her where you?" Lucy said.

Tony smiled back then, feeling he was about to shoot his first load of the
night he stood up and walked across to the girls letting his load blow across
their beautiful faces and bodies as Lucy pulled her fingers out of Whitney
and proceeded to go down on her.

"Ohh Tony this is so good, I'm sorry I've been such a dick." Whitney
murmured, running her fingers lovingly through Lucy's long blonde hair as her
friend lapped at her pussy.

Tony smiled "I knew you'd relax eventually." He said then crouched down and
offered her his erect cock.

Whitney smiled and brought it back to full erection, gasping as Lucy explored
her swollen, sloppy clit then muffling her satisfied moans by taking Tony's
huge organ between her lips and swallowing down as much as she could take
without any hesitation.

While Whitney sucked away his gaze turned to Lucy as his new blonde lover
emerged from between Whitney's legs, pussy juice dripping from her chin. The
two exchanged smiles and the naked Lucy moved across to Tony showering him
with passionate kisses while he rubbed her perfect ass and fingered her pussy
for the umpteenth time that evening.

Tony quickly shot a series of thick, sticky loads down Whitney's throat
which he was pleased to see his step daughter accept without hesitation and
swallow down greedily. Lucy, between murmurs of satisfaction, nodded down at
Whitney's parted legs as Tony pulled his come covered cock out of her mouth.

"Your turn between them." She said grinning.

Whitney looked startled and uncertain but was determined not to be outdone by
her blonde lesbian lover tonight and maintained her position flat on her
back, legs wide open. Tony moved to position himself on top of his step
daughter only for Lucy to grab his arm.

"One second champ." She said and went down on him swallowing down the
remaining come from his cock and sucking it back to full erection. "Gotta
make sure Whitney gets you in full effect." Tony grinned then, once Lucy had
finished her spirited blow job, moved round in front of a nervous Whitney who
stared pleadingly at him.

"Please be gentle Tony." She breathed.

Tony smirked and pulled her a little closer, parting her legs wider in the
process. He prepared the brunette for entry by rubbing her already stimulated
cunt and clit until she was fully lubricated again then began to run his cock
along her opening eliciting moans and murmurs of delight from Whitney. Her
nerves began to evaporate as he slid inside her and Lucy soothingly ran her
fingers through her brown hair and gently kissed her face and lips. "You're
going to enjoy this so much Whitney, he feels amazing when he's inside of you
believe me."

Whitney was a little jealous that Lucy had experienced penetration from Tony
before her and bitterly regretted not submitting to him earlier but she also
appreciated Lucy's reassurances and loved her soft, gentle kisses. The
teenager began to moan and squeal on pain of entry as her step father pushed
in and out of her with increasing pace and force. Her ecstasy intensified by
Lucy rubbing her fully erect nipples then slipping two fingers into her pussy
just above Tony's huge cock. "Ahh shit, oh my god this is so fucking good!"
Whitney screamed.

"Yeah go on ye little slut...I knew you'd love it." Tony grunted pounding her
relentlessly as her virgin pussy accommodated more and more of him.

"Get ready." Lucy said continuing to frig Whitney, she could tell by the
expression on Tony's face he was about to come.

Whitney and Tony came in quick succession, the perverted older man hardly
able to believe he had fucked two nubile teenage girls in one night and
finally nailed his beautiful step daughter. Whitney was breathless for a
second and Tony gave a break from his huge cock to lick her clean before, now
without inhibitions, she begged him to go back inside her.

Tony and Lucy shared smiles at the new, depraved Whitney and he was happy to
oblige fucking her to a string of orgasms each louder and more intense than
the last until eventually she could take no more and Lucy got bored of
observing and frigging herself. While Whitney got her breath back and rubbed
her now sore pussy she watched as Tony fucked Lucy for the second time that
evening first in her tight pussy then in her perfect ass on all fours.
Whitney couldn't stand being uninvolved for long and positioned herself in
front of the squealing Lucy, shoving her sodden and slightly bloody puss into
Lucy's face so the blonde could lap at her while Tony fucked her within an
inch of her life.

Eventually Tony was too exhausted to do anything but lay on the floor b
eside them gasping for breath so the girls resumed their lesbian show for
him. Whitney took more of a lead this time pushing Lucy down and climbing on
top of her then showering her with passionate kisses, suckling her budding
breasts then settling between the blonde girl's parted legs to poke her, rub
her clit and lick her greedily. Whitney loved Tony's come but she had to
admit Lucy's pussy juice was even sweeter and she couldn't get enough of it.

The two girls eventually adopted a 69 position, shifting positions several
times so they could jerk Tony off while they explored each other by now sore
but very well stimulated pussys and anuses. A reenergised Tony rounded off a
memorable evening by fucking Whitney in the ass while Lucy shouted
obscenities and urged him to "rape the bitch!" before the two girls showed
they had learned to share as they took it in turns to suck his huge cock and
spit the semen into one another's mouths.

They lay in a naked, breathless heap for a while before Tony noticed the time
and that Bianca was due back any minute. "Right girls get cleaned up and ye
clothes on...we'll have to do this again soon." He said Both girls smiled and
nodded, showering each other with passionate kisses, Tony knew they'd be
having their own private sessions without him from now on as well.

He smiled to himself as they put their thongs and bras back on. "There's
something I want you to bring next time we're together." He said.

Both girls looked intrigued then shared knowing smiles.

* * *

Lauren excitedly prepared for her sleepover with Whitney and Lucy, she always
felt a little out of things as she wasn't as mature or worldly wise as the
two of them so she was really pleased they wanted to come over and spend time
with. She had thought it was a bit strange that they were keen to make it a
night when her parents were away and that they'd told her to prepare to be a
bad girl but she decided not to question it and smiled as her two friends
knocked on the door downstairs. This was going to be a night to remember she
decided as went to answer.


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