This story contains sexual situations and should be read by adults only.

The Electra Woman And Dyna Girl Saga Part 3 (bdsm,ff,nc,solo,forced)
by Yenoc

The room darkened and the center stage lit up like a mini sun. The hard
pounding rock music blared throughout the club over the speakers. Then came
the announcement.

"Gentlemen, Welcome to the Justice Club. We are proud to bring to you tonight
the debut of another Justice Club rising star. This will be her first ever
appearance as dancer on the stage. Please put your hands together and give a
warm welcome to....DYNA GIRL!!!!!"

The silk curtains parted and the innocent young heroine darted onto the stage
with all the happiness and purity she could muster. She immediately started
her hot number.

Dyna Girl glided to the center of the stage and arched her back, lifting her
slender arms, her hands interlocked, over her head. Her breasts strained
against thin material of her spandex uniform. Her erect nipples were clearly
visible to the room.

Dyna Girl shook her head, throwing her arms down. Long strands of her hair
fell in her face, flaming around her head and then flowing down her back.

The girl swayed in a sensuous slow circle, her glassy eyes flashing at Thorne
with increased passion as her elegant legs moved in rythm with the melody.

Dyna Girl raised her arms again, hiding her face with her hands, which then
moved down slowly, down her chin, down her neck, her shoulders and down her
chest. She crossed her arms and gripped the waist of her shirt in her hands.
Her arms slowly rose upward and took off the tight spandex top.

She wasn't wearing a bra and her innocent young breasts were now on display
for everyone in the room.

Her hands were covered her breasts and the began caressing her enflamed,
nubile body. Dyna Girl ran her hands up her body, lifting her breasts,
circling her pink nipples, which were already wrinkling into hard tight
points. Her hips thrust forward as her thighs move apart seductively.

Dyna Girl's breasts bounced as she twirled in rhythm with the music. Her
hands caressed the sensual curves of her hips, tugging at her spandex pants,
pulling them down until she was able slide to her feet out of them.

She was left clad in only her panties, boots and cape. She looked very sexy
as she pranced around the stage with her naked body, cape and pony tails.

Dyna Girl moved her body erotically. Her hands found the floor behind her as
she bent more and more backward, opening her thighs wide, as if she was being
pulled down by her hair to the floor.

She slowly slid sideways and collapsing into a heap at on the stage as her
yound body was wracked by an unexpectd orgasm. The teenager writhed and
spasmed on the stage as she was wracked by the intense climax. The crowd
shouted out its joy and began tossing money on the stage. The young girl
recovered quickly ansd resumed her premiere dance.

The heroine strode over to the pole at the center of the stage and started
dancing around it, swaying her hips and moving her body seductively. She
turned to the crowd and pressed her backside against the pole. She was
aroused and very horny.

Dyna Girl shivered as lust shot through her, a moan slipped from her lips as
she moved her ass up and down the pole, her slender legs parted wide as she
slipped down the pole and squatted, before sliding back up along the
instrument, her dark eyes smoldering with need.

Dyna Girl curled her back and ran her hands up along her legs, rising up. The
pole to her back. Her hands travelled over her pelvis, caressing her panties,
up along her torso, cupping her perky breasts, feeling them spill over her
palms, as the weight of them shifted.

She squeezed them softly, moving her hips and swaying to the music. Dyna Girl
leaned down and lifted her breast. Her tongue darted out caressing the pink

The captured teen reached up over her head and arched her back. She thrusted
her breasts forward, her nipple was taut from her energy, moisture collectng
upon her panties. Dyna Girl rolled back into the pole, her hands were up
high, curling her fingers around the cool metal.

She thrust out her hips and pressed her breasts around the pole, slowly
sliding back down along its length and rotating her hips from side to side.

Dyna Girl moaned deep in her throat, licking her lips. Her nipples were
aching, as she slid her tits up and down the pole.

Dyna Girl smiled at Thorne as she heard the music play louder and she began
to sway with the music. The teen looked all around the club and felt the
radiating warmth of the excited patrons.

She raised her head and arched her back upward as she moved her body in time,
in pace, in rhythm, with the building tempo of the music. Her body was
gyrating, swaying in time with the music. The girl unclasped her cape and
swung it over her head before throwing it to the rear of the stage.

Dyna Girl's body began to move again. She massaged her full, firm tits, her
flat, muscular belly curved and snaked, her hips circled and circled, around
and around. The girl rubbed up and down on her belly as the music's pace

Judy's body continued to undulate, moving, wiggling as her small hands moved
upward and she reached back and rubs and rubs her ass as she continued the
pelvic thrusting and hunching movements. The girl suddenly grasped her flimsy
panties and tore them from her body.

She tossed them into the crowd and this sent several men scrambling to
retrieve the discarded underwear as a souvenir.

* * *

Dyna Girl kept time with the rising crescendo as her hands went downward past
her flat, contracting belly, down to the heated warmth of her wet pussy. She
slid one hand to open her moist pussy as her fingers rubbed her clit.

Her body moved in now outright humping motions as her fingers probed, rubbed,
and pleasured her vagina. She stared straight ahead through half closed,
glazed over eyes of lust, want, and primal craving.

The entranced heroine danced closer and closer to Thorne, her finger moving
faster with the building pace of the music. She then sat atop Thorne's
outstretched thigh and opened her pussy wide.

Thorne reached down and started stroking Dyna Girl's hot pussy with his
fingers. His pants were wet with her juices. Dyna Girl felt his fingers
probing her as she was now lost in a trance. She could feel the heated
fingers probe and then leave her as she continues to fuck his thigh with her
velvet soft pussy.

The teen soon felt the wet heated warmth of Thorne's mouth on her tits and
her body stifffened and her back arched. She felt the twitches of orgasm
overcome her in her dance.

She moaned and murmured. A deep,low moan escaped from her panting mouth.

Dyna Girl then gracefully repositioned her body with her ass to Thorne,
offering him entry to her pussy from the rear. Thorne stared at the pussy
that was being offered to him and his cock jerked in his pants.

He was about to take Dyna Girl in front of a live audience. He shed his
clothing with super speed and pulled Dyna Girl into his lap. The girl
squealed with joy as she squirmed in his lap.

* * *

Dyna Girl loved being on top of him. She grinned as her hips were grinding
down on his thrusting cock. Thorne smiled the 16 year old girl. He watched
as she was poised above his hardness. His hands went up and cupped her
heaving breasts, his fingers ran over her hard nipples.

Judy purred as her back arched slowly. She thrust her hips down hard, her
juices coating his balls and cock. Thorne closed his eyes and moaned. He
felt her wetness glide over his manhood, her warmth enveloped him. He started
to grind his hips against her, running his hands over her breasts, tugging
hard on her nipples.

Thorne grabbed Dyna Girl's hips and guided her to ride his cock. The girl
plunged herself down hard, driving his hardness deep into her cunt. Dyna
Girl moaned, sitting up she gently leaned back into him. Thorne's hands
pushed her breasts upward beconingly. Her hips grinded down deeper than
before in the new angle.

Then he ran his hands along her thighs. He plunged deeper and deeper into
her, lifting her with each slam of his hips, grinding as he drove harder
and faster.

The girl's back arched hard her breasts bounced to the thrusts. She felt
him pulse inside her, filling her completely. Thorne could feel his hardness
glide in and out of the girl. He plunged back in deeper yet. She began to
shudder and shake.

The young heroine moaned as the waves of passion overwhelmed and she cried
out. A husky moan ripped form her being. Thorne ran one hand along Dyna
Girl's belly, feeling her muscles contract as he drove deep into her. She
felt the waves wash over her again and again as she climaxed around his cock.

Dyna Girl gasped and thrust her hips hard, settling him so very deep her
spasming pussy. Her warm pit clamped down and milked his pole. Thorne could
feel a tension building within him. He grabbed Dyna Girl's hips, driving
into her harder and harder, feeling the exquisite warmth building.

She groaned and arched her back. Her loose hair tumbling about her form.
Thorne drove his hardness faster and faster into the girl. He plunged harder
and deeper until he exploded deep within her, filling her with his warm seed.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes, fuck me. It's so good. UUUUUNhgggg!" she moaned as
she felt his cum shoot deep into her pussy.

Dyna Girl groaned and her body shuddered. Her tight pussy clenched his cock.
Thorne felt her hot cunt milking and draining him. He grumbled as his prick
twitched and pulsed deep within her body. Dyna Girl writhed slowly, her soft
mews of pleasure being heard throughout the club. The couple were far from
done fucking on the stage.

* * *

Her hair was loose and wild. Her tresses flowed in motion with the rocking
movement of Thorne riding and fucking her, his huge cock pounding into her
inner depths as she kept up in time and motion with force of his driving

Dyna Girl felt his hands roaming over her body as Thorne slammed and into
her pussy. Her wild and primal instincts were unbridled as Thorne fucked
her and she met every slam with like force and motion. Her pussy clamped
his huge cock in a vise like clutch.

Judy began moving with a backward and forward fucking motion. She began to
make round and round circular motions, determined to tame the savage cock
impaling her.

The girl felt the mammoth cock continue to pound her as she rode it in wanton
abandon. She stiffened for a moment and arched her back, moaning in blissful
surrender as waves of orgasmic convulsions rushed through her.

Thorne continued to shove his cock into Dyna Girl's quivering pussy over and
over. He grabbed her bouncing tits and squeezed them together as the passion
built within him. Dyna Girl spasmed over and over.

This caused him to drive his member into her cavern with greater force. He
leaned inward and whispered into Dyna Girl's ear.

"Cum for me baby, cum for me." That was the only prompting the girl need to
send her into a series of mind blowing orgasms that tore through her heaving
body, one after another.

* * *

The fun and games continued in Thorne's bedroom long after the club had
closed for the night. Dyna Girl prooved to be an insatiable slut. Her heroic
personna would occasionally emerge as the internal struggle for dominance
raged between her and Thorne's mind control efforts.

But he knew she would soon be completely converted to his cause. They were
both naked and rolling aroundon the bed.

Thorne reached between the heroine's legs and slipped his fingers inside her
moist folds. Dyna Girl looked up at Thorne defiantely. She arched her back
as Thorne fingered her pussy. Dyna Girl squirmed under his touch and bucked
her hips a little.

He then crawled between Dyna's legs. He rubbed his hard-on between Dyna
Girl's thighs. Dyna Girl closed her eyes shiverd a bit. Thorne slowly slid
into the struggling heroine.

He began to slowly pump away inside Dyna Girl and she sighed deeply but tried
to look defiant. Thorne pumped into her pussy faster and faster. The teen
shook with the movement, her body tensed. Thorne drove into her harder and
harder, picking up speed.

She closed her eyes lost in the deep sensation and pushed against Thorne's
cock. Dyna Girl yelped a bit with each thrust. Thorne pumped faster, his
hands began to molest the heroine's breasts causin her to squirm under him
in pain. Dyna Girl looked at the man, her brown eyes not quite hiding the
lust in her.

Thorne was slow and sensual, breathing hotly on Dyna Girl's breasts as he
moved inside her securely and with authority in every stroke. "Yes!
Ungnnnnn......own me.....posess me.......make me yours....and yours alone."
Dyna Girl moaned wantonly, she was shocked by the words that escaped her

Dyna Girl was lost in the pleasure she felt at such total submission, she
could feel an orgasm building, she couldn't help it.

Thorne stroked her nipples, keeping her on the very edge, bringing her higher
and higher, but never over. Her pussy soaked now and her were nipples hard.
He then made the girl get on top of him and mount herself on his big cock.

Dyna Girl was forced to obey and she quickly climbed on top of the sinister
man and slowly sank down onto his stabbing organ. She winced in pain as his
hard meat penetrated her depths.

Judy angled herself so her hot slit was just above Thorne's cock. The young
heroine slipped deeply into a trance, deeper and deeper, moaning as he
impaled her sex again and again.

Thorne continued to touch and screw Dyna, sending his control and will into
her mind with every stroke. Dyna Girl had no resistance left, she was all
compliance, she belonged to Thorne, body and soul, as his cock continued to
fill her hot pussy, asserting his claim. Dyna Girl's was body on fire, she
was totally entranced.

He plunged harder and faster inside the helpless heroine. He pumped wildly
inside her. The teenager cried out as she came and then sighed. Thorne
exploded inside the captive superheroine. Thorne thrust wildly, pumping
his cum deep into the girl's body.

Dyna Girl convulsed weakly as she came, the sujugation made her weak and
weighed her down, but the pleasure was so intense.

Thorne was still fucking as he came, sending his will into her, amplifying
her pleasure. Dyna Girl slipped into dreamland. She soon laid limp on Thorne,
unconscious now, and irrevocably his.

* * *

When the young crime fighter awoke several hours later, she was a changed
person. The cute, humble, sweet, and innocent Dyna Girl was gone.

The girl awoke and felt the new raw and senual sensations coursing through
her aroused body. She had the incredible urge to serve Thorne and help him
enslave other heroines to his harem.

Her hands slowly slid down her body and began to explore her pussy. She was
horny and needed relief. She had many things she wanted to do.

But she especially wanted to humiliate and abuse her former mentor Electra

The girl started making plans for her former partner and laughed wickedly.
It would be fun indeed. Back in his office, Thorne heard his latest conquest
laughing and he had to smile. For he had at last awakened Dark Dyna...

* * *

The next morning, Judy awoke a new person. She was giddy and full of zest.
For this was the day she was to train her former partner, Electra Woman, to
be her devoted sex slave. The girl got out of bed and dressed for the

Electra Woman was asleep in the private room where she had serviced customers
of the Justice Club the previous night. When she awoke, Lori took a shower
and exited the bathroom wearing a silk robes that was tied around her waist.

The door to the room opend and Lori watched as her sidekick entered. But this
was a new Dyna Girl that stood in front of her and Lori knew that her young
friend had been changed by Thorne.

The teenager now had an air of authority to her and Lori found herself
suddenly afraid of the girl and not wanting to make her angry.

* * *

Dyna Girl was clad in a red leather bodysuit that looked as if it had been
poured onto her nubile teenage body. She looked like a seductress but she
still wore her ponytails and that gave her the look of a woman-child.

The bodysuit had a zipper in the front and it was unzipped down to her navel.
This showed off a good amount of the girl's ample cleavage and her nipples
were erect as they scratched aganst the leather outfit.

Her legs were sheathed in tall leather boots and the entire outfit was
adorned with chains and studs. "Follow me." Judy commanded and Lori suddenly
found herself afraid of her former ward.

Electra Woman quickly fell in step behind the girl as they walked down the
hallway to one of the training rooms. Dyna Girl told the heroine to take off
her robe and she quickly complied. It no longer bothered the woman to be
totally naked around people.

Lori was led into a room that she'd never seen before. The room was another
cold, stone dungeon like the ones Electra Woman had been held captive in
since she had been brought forward in time by Thorne.

In the center of the room hung two handcuff apparati that dangled from the
ceiling. Lori's heart pounded for she knew what they were for. Judy
instructed the heroine to stand under them.

Electra Woman reluctantly did as she was told. No sooner was she there than
Dyna Girl released a switch on the side of the room which lowered the cuffs.

Then Judy returned to where Lori stood and attached the cuffs, one on each
wrist. Dyna girl went back to the wall and flipped the switch once more.

The cuffs slowly rose, and with them, Electra Woman's arms, until she was
standing, this caused her naked tits to stand out firmly and tautly in front
of her.

Wasting no time, Dyna Girl went to a closet and took a strong, steel bar from
it. She brought it back to Lori's feet. The bar had chains and links on it,
so that it could be attached to Lori's ankles in such a way that it caused
her legs to be spread apart.

Electra Woman felt her body become stretched and parted. Judy went back to
the closet and withdrew her equipment from it.

"NO!" Lori yelled, as she saw the lashes of the whip being slapped into the
teenager's hands. Lori knew that she was going to be whipped severely.

Judy walked back to the bound heroine and ran her fingers up and down Lori's
struggling naked body. "I am going to enjoy training you very much Lori.
You are so uptight and repressed that it makes me want to puke." Dyna Girl

"And to make things worse, you tried to turn me into a prude just like you.
I will never forgive you for denying me the pleasure of knowing all this
carnal sexuality. I'm glad Thorne brought us here and liberated me from you.
Now, I am the teacher and you will soon call me Mistress!" Judy let out a
wicked laugh as she finished speaking.

Dyna Girl then raised the whip upward and brought it down across Electra
Woman's ass for the first in a series of long, hard strokes. THWACK went the
whip as it bit into the heroine's flesh and left a raised red welt behind.

Lori screamed in torment as the girl lashed her body over and over. She
winced and cried out in pain as the sharp sting of the whip kissed her tender
skin harder.

The whip came down again and again as Judy soon worked herself into a wild
frenzy. Dyna Girl enjoyed beating her former partner and taking out years of
frustration on the older female.

She was also getting very aroused by the whole training session. Her pussy
was wet and her clit stood erect between her thighs.

The whip turned Lori's body a crimson color from head to foot as Judy
ruthlessly lashed her. The teen worked the whip up high for several stinging

Dyna Girl lashed Lori's tits, thighs, and pussy over and over until the
heroine writhed madly in her bonds and shrieked insanely.

Electra Woman was bound and trussed and being forced to submit to a brutal
working over at the hands of her sidekick. It seemed like hours passed before
the teenager slowed up on the tortoure.

Lori turned to Judy and pleaded for the girl to stop. "Please, Mistress! I'll
do anything you want...only please, PLEASE STOP!!!" she sobbed in defeat.

"You are such a BITCH!" Dyna Girl hissed. But at least she'd finally gotten
Lori to call her Mistress. Dyna Girl redoubled her efforts and pounded on
Lori without mercy.

After a time, in a blaze of tears and pain, Electra Woman slumped forward in
her bonds, beaten into unconsciousness.

When she next opened her eyes, it was to the sight of Judy strapping on a
larger rubber dildo. The teen had waited for Lori to awaken for phase two of
her training.

Electra Woman's body tingled all over in pleasure and pain. Then Dyna Girl
stood directly in front of her and rubbed the head of the dildo against her
pussy lips.

Judy grinned at the vanquished woman and started to apply the cock into her
cunt. The fake cock made her pussy feel as if it were jerked upward as it was
shoved into her pussy.

Electra Woman was being hammered into submission by the teenager. "Come on,
Lori." Judy said as she continued to slam the dildo in and out of Electra
Woman's cunt.

The cock moved in and out with luscious, rapid strokes, until Lori began to
moan and hump her hips forward to meet the thrusts of the dildo. As her pussy
churned, she felt herself start to climax.

Lori came in waves, over and over again. She twisted and trembled in her
bonds as she pumped her pussy back and forth on the invading dildo. She
begged Judy to fuck her harder.

Electra Woman gave into the degradation and had a severl powerful orgasms.
She surrendered herself to the girl who had dominated and punished her.

"Yes, Mistress! Fuck me! AARGHHH! I'm yours!" she called out as she was
wracked by another climax.

Dyna Girl fucked her new slave for several hours and had the woman slobbering
at her feet. At the end of the ordeal, Judy drew the fake cock from Lori's
pussy and stroked the side of her face.

Electra Woman moaned softly and rubbed her cheek against the Mistress' gentle
hand. Lori was now the girl's slave and only wished to obey Dyna Girl's

Judy released Lori from the cuffs and allowed her to rest. The girl had
further plans for the heroine and Lori would need to build up her energy

* * *

That night Dyna Girl took her new pet to a local night club to show her off
in public. Judy wore a tight silk dress that clung to her body and Lori had
on a trench coat and black leather boots. She also had a black collar around
her neck.

The bar was dark and the music loud. The place was filled with people trying
to hook up with someone. Judy knew the club had a reputation for wild sex
antics and she thought it was the perfect place to show off her pet.

Judy paid the owner of the night club an obscene amount of money to ensure
that she could put on a show there without interruption. The owner saw the
cash and told the girl to do whatver she wanted to.

Dyna Girl pulled the leash out of Electra Woman's coat and walked onto the
dance floor, she tugged on the leash and Lori quietly followed her onto
the floor.

Lori knew that she was going to be humiliated in public and forced to perform
vile sexaul acts but there was nothing she could do about it. She was now a
sex slave and Dyna Girl was her Mistress.

Dyna Girl ordered Electra Woman to drop her coat and go to the middle of the
floor. Lori gulped and slipped off the trench coat. She was naked under it
and got the attention of everyone in the place. She lowered her head in shame
and went to the middle of the floor.

She then sat down on her haunches and spread her wide open. This gave all the
people an unobstructed view of her wet, bare pussy. Lori leaned back and
rested on her outstrecthed arms. Her hands were flat on the floor.

This caused her tits to jut outward and up proudly. Her nipples were rock
hard and a shiver ran down spine as she displayed her naked body to the room.

"I am a slut and worthless whore. This girl is my Mistress and I am her loyal
dog bitch!" Lori said to the gathered crowd. Judy had told her to make that
statement when they entered the night club.

Electra Woman blushed as her was pussy displayed to all the room.

Lori whimpered as she feared what came next. Dyna Girl pulled out a leather
riding crop from her gym bag and lashed it across Lori's naked ass.

It slashed across her cheecks, leaving red welts with each stroke. The
heroine screamed with each stroke of the lash.

Electra Woman squirmed and wiggled as she tried to avoid the stinging bite
of the crop.

Judy reached down and grabbed Lori's jiggling breasts. She grasped her
nipples with her fingers and cruelly twisted them upward as the girl whipped
the heroine's ass with the crop.

Electra Woman screamed as the hard strokes landed. Dyna Girl wrenched her
nipples with her fingers and pinched the tips until Lori yelled in pain. Her
ass was covered with red welts and the crop sliced deep into her flesh.

"Oh, oh GOD!!! Please stop Mistress!!! I beg you!" she pleaded. Her nipples
burned with pain.

Judy pulled Lori's breast up to her mouth and bit the hard nipple with her
teeth. She then brought up the crop and slashed it over her bouncing breasts
with hard, fast motions.

Electra Woman screeched in unbridled agony as she was tortured. She was
embarrassed as her pussy gushed fluild while she was abused.

Dyna Girl went back to her bag and drew out a tail of soft brown hair, set
into a wide butt plug on a strap. She shoved her finger into Lori's cunt and
scooped up some of her love juice.

Judy smiled and pressed her lubed finger to Lori wrinkled anal ring. She
frownd and pulled Lori back onto her knees by her leash.

Dyna Girl took Electra Woman's leash and ran it through a ring set into the
floor, drawing it tight and pulling her cheeks against the tile.

Lori pulled on the leash hard and tried get it off. Judy attached a cuff to
Lori's right ankle and tied it by a strap to another ring.

The teen held her in place, as the heroine struggled, by her firm hold on the

Electra Woman struggled and tried to get free. Dyna Girl slapped her ass

Judy took Lori's left ankle and tied it as well, cuffing and hooking it to
the floor. This stretched her thighs apart and left her ass spread and raised
in the air.

Dyna Girl let some slack into the long leather leash and then snapped it up
across Lori's chest, stomach and pussy.

Electra Woman begged and pleaded with Dyna Girl, not wanting to be hurt.

Judy moved to the front of the bound heroine slave and presented the cone
shaped tip of the butt plug to her lips.

"Wet this bitch!" Judy commanded. But Lori kept her lips shut and was
defiant. The teenager then picked picked up the riding crop and raised it
over head threateningly.

"Nnooo!" Electra Woman wept and licked the plug until it was wet.

Dyna Girl smiled as she watched the degraded woman slobber on the butt plug.
"Good girl." she said.

Lori was fearful and in tears. Judy drew the wet rubber cone from Electra
Woman's sucking mouth and brought it around to her spreadopened cheeks.

The girl pressed the plug gently against the tight ring of Lori's anus.

Electra Woman let out a howl. She was fearful of what was being done to her.
She tried to struggle but was helpless t do a thing.

She then tired to relax, her insides were tense with fear. Dyna Girl started
to slowly push the rubber cone into Lori's narrow rectum.

Electra Woman squeezed her eyes shut and tried to stay relaxed, and not yell
out. Judy smiled soflty and watched the tight ring of muscle stretch to
accomodate the hard rubber cone.

Lori felt some pain and fiercely struggled against it. The girl scowled and
stepped back.

Electra Woman kept struggling every time Judy came near. Judy faced Lori. She
held the leash in her hand as it ran between Lori's legs.

"All right then, Lori, I will show you what happens to bad doggies." Dyna
Girl vowed.

Judy took the long leather leash in her hand and cracked it briskly,
whiplike, several times, catching the wrinkled pink flesh of the woman's
exposed asshole.

Electra Woman let out a scream, her body trembled fiercely as she felt the
stings over her tender spot.

Dyna Girl lashed at Lori's butt hole in this way again and again, snapping
up the leather length that ran from her collar through a ring in the floor
and down between Lori's legs.

Lori cringed in pain, her face distorted as she felt pain strike through her

Dyna Girl finished with three final snaps of the leather leash. These ones
were very hard and caught Lori's trembling body hard from the top of her
pussy to the already scortched ring of her anus.

Electra Woman screamed loud as the tears streamed down her face. She felt
pain like felt before.

After the whipping, Judy picked up the still slobbery wet cone of the
buttplug presented it to the tender, reddened ring of Electra Woman's abused

Lori felt the sting, like her anus was pulsating. Dyna Girl pushed the cone
into Lori's body and watched her tender anal ring stretch to accomodate the
tail plug.

Electra Woman let out a scream as it felt like her asshole was on fire. Her
face contorted in agony.

Judy smiled wickedly as she drank in Electra Woman's sobs and moans. She
pushed the hard rubber cone halfway into Lori. The butt plug slowly stretched
the tight flesh of her sphincter wide.

Electra Woman felt herself stretched in pain. She tried to breathe and stay

Dyna Girl pushed the cone most of the way into Electra Woman's tight,
tormented hole. The girl tugged it lightly away for a moment and watched her
anal flesh distend and grip its bulk.

Lori threw her head back. Her body jolted as she was filled with pain. Judy
pushed the butt plug tail all of the way into the woman's anus, its hard wide
body burdened her rectum, her tortured sphincter gripped the narrow base of
the tail as it closed around the bulk of the cone.

Electra Woman let out a scream, her body was tortured and exhausted. Dyna
Girl smiled and rested a hand on Lori`'s trembling ass cheeks.

"How does it feel to finally be treated like the bitch dog you are, Lori?"
the girl sneered at her former mentor.

Electra Woman felt her body in shock and was unable to reply properly to the
girl. Judy kicked Lori in the face with her raised boot and knocked the
humiliated heroine back down to the floor.

Lori cried more trears. She laid on the floor humiliated and distressed.

Judy stepped up to Lori's bound, weeping form and pushed her crotch against
the woman's face and laughed sadistically.

Dyna Girl grinned and lifted Elaectra Woman's face by her hair.

Judy took hold of Lori's tits and dug her finger nails into the erect
nipples. "AHHHHH!" Lori shouted out in pain.

Judy then ordered Lori to stand up and go to the center of the room.

Electra Woman stood walked to the center of the room, trying to cover herself
as best she could.

Her body racked with tears and all she could do was await further humilation.

Dyna Girl grabbed a chair and put it in the middle of the floor. "Sit down
and spread your legs for everyone." she said. Lori looked for some compassion
in her face and whispered, "Please, no."

"Do it!" Dyna Girl slapped her cross the face to get the point across. Lori
mounted the chair. Then slowly spread her legs very wide, her face burned
from the slap.

Judy reached into her gym bag and pulled a 9-inch dildo out of it. She handed
it to Electra Woman and told her to get it wet with her mouth.

Lori reluctantly licked the enourmous cock and then sucked it deeply into her

Judy patted Lori on the head. "Good girl Electra. Now I want you to stick the
toy in your sloppy pussy and fuck yourself with it. Put on a good show for
the room." "Oh God, no!" she weeped.

But the crushed heroine knew betther than to disobey her Mistress, so she
lowerd her head and placed the dildo at her opening.

Lori felt the dildo enter her cunt tube.

The dildo inched into her and Lori slowly stroked it back and forth in her
pussy. She felt her juices lubricate it the thing.

Electra Woman sobbed as it went deeper and deeper into her slit.
Unconsciously, Lori's fingers wandered to her clit as the humiliation also
excited her.

Dyna Girl grew inpatient with her slowness and grabbed the end of the dildo.
The young girl shoved half of it into Lori's dripping pussy and she cried out
in pain.

"AHHHH!" Lori shrieked as she was speared by the fake cock. She pushed it
into her cunt faster and deeper as she tried to please Judy. "OH it hurts so
good!" Electra Woman whipsered to herself.

Lori had most of the fake cock in her, as she twisted and rubbed her ample

Dyna Girl cruelly twisted Lori's hard nipples and snapped. "You are pathetic.
Put more feeling into it or I will give you to everyone in the room.

Electra Woman felt her climax build, in spite of the audience, the dildo was
a blur as she fucked herself faster and harder. "Yes, that's it. Cum for me
slut. CUM!" Judy told her.

Dyna Girl slapped Lori's breasts. Electra Woman's shook as she froze and let
out a low moan. Judy slapped her tits as Lori came.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH, yes, yes yes..." Lori squealed as she climaxed.

Electra Woman raised her bowed head and saw all the people as they watched
her watched her. This only intensified the force of her orgasms.

"That's a good start Electra Whore. Now, I want you to look at the room and
tell everyone what a slut you are for cumming on the dildo like that."

Lori blustered and then said, "I am a dirty cum slut for doing that in front
of all of you, please forgive this whore." Her eyes were downcast and her
head lowered in shame.

Dyna Girl smirked and saw the smoldering lust in her eyes. "And only a gutter
whore would cum like that, right Electra?" "Yes, Mistress, only a little
cocksucking bitch like me." she replied.

Judy took the dildo from her cunt with a loud pop sound and handed it to
Lori. "I want you to clean off your toy and show the folks what a dirty whore
you really are."

Electra Woman eyed the plastic prick and tenatively stuck out her tongue.
"Clean it good slut!" Dyna Girl warned.

Lori tasted her own juices as she slid the thing in and out of her mouth.
Tears flowed as the phoney dick was lathered in her saliva. She licked the
dildo clean and presented it to Judy for her to inspect.

Dyna Girl had watchd Lori as she licked the dildo clean. Electra Woman may
have cried but Judy knew that was what Lori truly desired.

"You seem to like your new toy Electra." Judy commented. Lori blushed as she
realized the Mistress knew her too well.

Judy then took the dildo from Lori and saw the disappointed look in her eyes.
This made the teen smile.

Dyna Girl then grabbed the leash and yanked on Electra Woman's collar. "Get
on your hands and knees pet." she commanded.

Lori was jerked out of the chair and onto the hard floor on her hands and

Dyna Girl sat in the chair and pulled Lori to her side. She patted Electra
Woman on the head and told Lori to lick her hand like a good doggie.

Electra Woman's head was forced into the air by the leash. Her tongue
reacheed out and licked Judy's hand.

"Electra, I have an idea. Why don't you bark for the room like a nice
doggie." the girl snorted with glee.

Lori looked into the girl's eys and opened her mouth. "Arf, arf!" and the
humilation continued. Lori panted and let her tongue hang out.

Judy then pulled out a box of doggie biscuits from her bag and gave one to
Lori as a treat. "Here you go pet." she said.

Electra Woman was repelled, but knowing better than to refuse, she slowly
chewed and swallowed the "treat".

"Good isn't it? heh-heh." Dyna Girl smirked. Lori looked to Judy's face for
any sympathy but saw none.

Dyna Girl then slid off her leather boots and stockings. She ordered Electra
Woman to clean her feet with her tongue.

Wanting to vomit, Lori bent over, shoving her plugged butt high in the air.
She then began to licks Judy's toes. The taste was complex and repelant.

Electra Woman slowly sucked and licked each of her Mistress' toes.

Dyna Girl felt Lori's tongue between her toes and she groaned. Judy reached
down and shoved two fingers into Lori's pussy as she licked her feet.

Electra Woman's hips grinded in circles as Judy slid her fingers into her
sloppy hole.

Lori moaned and licked harder and harder. The room was blur as her passions
overwhelmed her.

Dyna Girl watched as Lori pushed her ass back toward her invading fingers.
"I think you like this Electra." the girl stated. Lori only humped back at
Dyna Girl's hand.

Electra Woman blushed as she moved faster on Judy's hand. The teen then told
Lori to stop licking and move to her side. Dyna Girl then took the leash
and walked Electra Woman around the room on all fours.

Lori cried openly as she was led about the room. Each patron eyed her. Some
customers even whispered harsh names at Electra Woman.

Judy walked around the bar faster as Lori tried to keep up. Her hands and
knees are rubbed raw on the floor as she crawled about.

Electra Woman soon panted like a real dog as her tongue hanged out of her
mouth. The heroine was stressed beyond her abilities and she collasped in a
heap. Judy summoned the limo driver, who picked up the unconscious woman and
dumped her into the back of the limo.

* * *

After the debasement in the bar, Dyna Girl took Electra Woman back to the
Justice Club and forced the beaten heroine into her bed chamber. Lori fell
in a heap onto the bed and looked up at Judy with terror filled eyes.

"I have just the thing to get us both off real good," Judy said.

She walked over to her the toy chest, her grinding ass cheeks were a highly
sensual sight. Lori started creaming just looking at the girl's firm, juicy

Dyna Girl opened the lid of the chest and pulled out a long wooden box. She
removed the cover and pulled out the most obscene object Electra Woman had
ever seen.

It was a 12-inch dildo made of some sort space age material, moldedin the
shape of huge erect prick, the head flanged out, the shaft ribbed.

"Oh my goodness!" Lori gasped in disbelief. She could never stick a thing
like that up her pussy. It was unnatural. Besides, it could damage her
delicate cunt tissues.

"I'm gonna fuck you with this," Judy said. "We're both going get off good."

She grabbed the straps of the obscene object and hooked them securely around
her waist. The huge prick jutted from out of her patch of pussy hair like a
real prick.

The pressure of the metal backing on the phony cock chafed against her clit
and made her writhe involuntarily. Dyna Girl walked menacingly toward Lori.

Electra Woman was afraid, but at the same time, fascinated by that cold hard
prick that would never lose its erection.

She backed up on the bed and laid down on the mattress, looking at the heavy
cold prick.

Dyna Girl climbed up on the bed and straddled Lori's legs. There was a craven
look on her face. She leaned forward, rubbing the dildo up and down her
mentor's slippery cunt gash, nudging her puffy cunt lips and pressing down on
her clit.

"Ooooooh," Electra Woman sighed, liking the feel of the cold, inflexible
plastic against her hot little clit. "Ooooh, don't stop."

Lori reached down and spread her cunt lips apart. They stuck together
briefly, glued by her drying cunt honey.

Judy's eyes were half-shut with lust, the backside of the dildo scratched at
her tender clit, teasing it into angry erection. And the sight of Electra
Woman's tender thighs and slippery little jewel of a pussy knocked her out.

"Gonna fuck you now," the girl murmured, positioning the head of the plastic
prick right against Electra Woman's tight fuck hole.

"Unnngggghh--yeah" the blonde heroine gasped, feeling the hard prick head
enter her burning pussy, stretching her cunt opening.

Sweat broke out on Lori's forehead as she tried to control her entry into
Lori's moist pussy. Every time she inched forward, the metal backing of the
dildo scraped against her pussy flesh, sending a mixed message of pain and
pleasure to her over stimulated brain.

"Ooooh, fuck me!" Electra Woman gasped as the immense dildo penetrated her

She began to feel the grooves and ribs on the thick prick shaft as they
scraped against her cunt walls, making her squirm with pleasure.

Dyna Girl couldn't stand it any longer. The dildo not only chafed her cunt,
but the uneven edges of the fake cock excited her pussy and clit unbearably.

"Uggghhh," Judy grunted, lunging forward, out of control. "Aaiiieee!"

The prick pushed back against her clit, and a clump of her pussy fuzz was
yanked out. It was excruciatingly pleasurable. Dyna Girl thought she would
die from the exquisite pain.

"Electa-shit!" Lori cried as the rough cock plunged into her sticky cunt.
"You're murdering me! Fuck me to death!"

Electra Woman was out of her mind, flailing around, gnashing her teeth,
humping up on the plastic cock till the head bumped up against the end of
her cunt tunnel.

"Uuuuuungh!" Dyna Girl moaned, trying to take control, trying to ease the
rigid prick out of her partner's clasping pussy.

But Lori's cunt muscles had spasmed violently at the touch of the ribbed
prick shaft, and they had closed tightly around the plastic cock.

"Uuuuuunh--let go!" Judy whimpered, squirming madly, as more of her cunt
hair was pulled out.

Electra Woman grinded her hips in small, fast circles, and this movement
mashed the jagged dildo against Dyna Girl's clit and pussy lips.

"Owww!" Judy cried. "Heeeeelp!" Thick gobs of pussy cream were falling from
her fuck hole.

Lori's cunt muscles relaxed slightly, and Judy began to ease the dildo out
of her fuck tunnel, tears coursing down her cheeks.

"Huuuuunh!--Fuck me!" Electra Woman cried, feeling a void is her cunt,
wanting to be filled up again.

Dyna Girl recovered slightly and eased forward again, sliding the fake cock
in to the hilt. Again, her clit was bruised and mashed, but she was in
another world, pleasure and pain had no boundaries.

She reached out blindly and herfingernails dug into Lori's tender tit flesh.
As she bit her lower lip and squeezed her eyes shut, she raked her nails down
the heroine's tits and across her hard, long nipples.

"Yeeeeooowww!" Electra Woman shrieked, spasming violently and kicking her
feet out.

That movement caused the dildo to push forward full force again. When it hit
bottom, its base pressed back against Dyna Girl's ravished clit, its shaft
bruising Lori's cunt walls.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Electra Woman screamed hysterically. And Dyna Girl, lost
in a wild sexual delirium, began to fuck the woman in earnest, with fast,
brutal fuck strokes.

For long moments, the room resounded with moans, curses and shrieks. Their
foreheads were creased with frowns, their lips pulled back from their teeth
in grimaces of lust.

Their heavy tits slapped against their chests and abdomens, becoming swollen
and discolored.

"I'm coming!" Electra Woman whimpered as the dildo plunged into her battered
cunt. "Fucking holy shit! I'm gonna cum so hard!"

"Scream it! Tell me you need my cock!" Dyna Girl rasped, grasping the dildo
around its base, feeling, for the time being, like it was really a part of

She pretended she was raping Lori, and it gave her a tremendous sense of
power. The power of owning a huge, commanding cock and stuffing it up some
soft woman's cunt.

"I-I want your prick! Fuck me!" Electra Woman wailed.

Judy began to get off in earnest now. Intense ripples of pleasure played up
and down her cunt and loins, in just a second, she was going to go over the

"Yeah! Aaaagh!" Lori screeched, her cunt exploding. "Cumiiiiing!" Dyna Girl
cried as juice gushed from her pussy.

Each female held on to the other as the waves of orgasm washed over them
both. For ten minutes, they lay panting together, Dyna Girl on top, the dildo
still embedded deeply in Electra Woman's cunt.

At last, the teenager slid the prick out of Lori's cunt and untied the straps
that held it painfully against her clit.

Electra Woman's pussy flesh was raw and tender and Lori suddenly realized
that she had turned into a full fledged whore.

To be continued. One more part to go folks.


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