DIAMOND DAYS: An Electra Woman & Dyna Girl Adventure

First a bit of trivia, for those of you who may not be familiar with the show:

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

This show is about two women, Laurie and Judy, who are newspaper reporters for
the world famous Newsmaker Magazine who coincidentally also happen to be the
super heroines Electra Woman & Dyna Girl. With the help of Crimescope, the two
reporters can transform themselves from everyday reporters to the subtly sexy crime
fighting duo. It ran in the mid-70's on a show called Kroft's Supershow, and yes,
if you doubt that it's true, hop on your search engines and type in the words Electra
Woman or Dyna Girl and you'll find actual pictures of the duo. Plus, now that
Deidre Hall's a "serious" actress, I wonder if she ever gets asked about her days as
Electra Woman.

And now, on with the story! Address any comments, etc. to [email protected]

The steady rhythm of the rain cast a plodding attitude toward the meeting. Already
the Sorcerer was growing bored with the proceedings.
"Can we at least get it resolved that we want to continue our reign of crime?" he
asked the room. It was a who's who of villains. The Pharaoh, The Spider Lady, Ali Baba
and Cleopatra.all of them legends in the world of crime.
"I think that goes without saying, Sorcerer," a female voice at the front of the table
said coldly. "But I think we all also know what stands in our way. Or more to the point,
The Sorcerer stiffened. He was a wielder of powerful magicks, but nothing
compared to the dark practices the Empress of Evil commanded. Indeed, it was she who
had called this meeting in the first place. Her pale white face, accented by dark makeup
around her lips and eyes, gave her a ghastly presence felt throughout the room.
"You speak, Empress, of Electra Woman and her brat, Dyna Girl?" the Pharaoh
"The very same, great Pharaoh!" she nodded. "How many of us have fallen at their
hands? How many of our grand designs have been torn asunder due to their meddling? I
say the time has come to put an end to them once and for all!"
"You mean kill them?" the Sorcerer asked.
"If it comes to that, perhaps," the Empress smiled devilishly. "But I have another
plan, one that may be profitable to all of us if it works."
The Sorcerer considered it. He wasn't a young man anymore. A murder rap would
put him up the river for life, or at least for the rest of his. He didn't have any problem with
imprisoning them, or sending them to some other dimension. Killing them, however, was
something he'd never considered.
"What's the plan?" he asked the Empress.
"It involves a newcomer to our fair city. Someone who owes me a favor. He's a
professional, and he takes great pride in his work. Rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, by
the time he gets through with our dynamic damsels, they'll be helpless putty that we can
mold however we see fit."
She clapped her hands once and a dark figure emerged from the shadows. He was
dressed entirely in black, and his face was covered by a dark hood. He made no sound, nor
any action to speak. The room grew so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
"Wh.who is.?" the Sorcerer began.
The Empress smiled. "He calls himself The Tickler."
The Sorcerer began to put two and two together. Smiling, he sat down in his chair.
"Tell me the rest of your plan, Empress."

"Laurie, did you read the paper today?" Judy asked from her desk at the
Newsmaker Magazine.
"Yes, and I think Apartment 3-G's gone completely weird ever since Margo quit
her agency!" Laurie smiled at her partner.
Judy sailed a paperwad across her desk, hitting Laurie lightly on the head. "Very
funny. I think you know what I'm talking about!"
"The recent unveiling of the Mahrasa diamond at the Central Museum?" Laurie
quizzed Judy.
"Yes! Don't you think that's a prime target for one of our old friends to try and
make a play for?"
Laurie thought it over. "Probably. But you know the rules. We don't make a move
until Frank at Crimescope says."
Almost on cure, the beeper on Laurie's wrist-com went off. Judy hopped up and
walked conspiratorily over to her desk, making sure to block any outsider's view of the
The tiny TV on the wrist-com came on. "Laurie, this is Frank."
"We read you Frank. What's going on.?"
"Well, word has it this Mahrasa diamond is pretty much a sitting duck at Central.
Maybe you and Judy could be a little bit more of an added security measure."
"We're not Rent-A-Cops, Frank," Laurie protested.
"I know that, Laurie," he agreed. "But this is a special case. The diamond's too
sweet a draw not to have some of the criminals around here make a play for it. You know
it and I know it."
Laurie sighed. This was to be one of the first nights off she'd had in a while. It
wasn't that she didn't like the life she led with Judy, thwarting crime at every turn, but at
times it got tiresome.
Judy, on the other hand, was all for it. "We'll be there, Frank! Don't worry!"
Laurie shut off the wrist-com. "You're awfully chipper about guard detail."
Judy shrugged. "Beats sitting around and doing nothing," she said plainly. "If you
don't want to go, I can handle this one on my own."
Laurie was tempted to take her up on the offer, but there was safety in numbers,
and she'd never forgive herself if something were to happen to her partner just because of
her selfish desire to take it easy one night. "Crime never sleeps," she gritted.
"Nope," Judy perked up. "Does that mean you're going?"
"I'm going," Laurie nodded.
"Good," Judy smiled, returning to her desk. "I can see the headline now: Electra
Woman & Dyna Girl Foil Diamond Heist! I think I'll start writing it now!"

Later that evening, the two had changed into their alter egos, and were being
shown the museum grounds by the curator, Mr. Dodge. Electra-Woman didn't care much
for the mini-tour, and simply noted the important things like exits, phones, and staircases.
Dyna-Girl, however, was taken aback by the sculptures and paintings that adorned the
walls. Electra Woman thought back to the time when they'd traveled back in time to stop
the Sorcerer from stealing the Mona Lisa. She made a mental note to take Dyna Girl here
when they weren't guarding the place.
"And this," said Mr. Dodge, "is the Mahrasa Diamond. Also known as the
"Why'd they call it that?" Dyna Girl asked.
"Oh, it's an old superstition," Mr. Dodge said to her. "The ancient people who'd
first unearthed the diamond performed a ritual every year that bound a person's soul to the
diamond, and that person to whoever kept the diamond. Little more than the way for a
wealthy man to keep his slaves in line."
Dyna Girl nodded. "But that's just a story, right?"
"Of course it's just a story!" Electra Woman shook her head in disbelief. "Look
Mr. Dodge, the diamond's in safe hands. Nobody's going to steal it with the two of us
Mr. Dodge smiled. "I have no doubt of it, Electra Woman, and I thank you both
for coming here!"

A few hours had passed, and it was well into night. The quietness of the museum,
left little for the two women to do but talk to each other. Dyna Girl stared at the diamond,
while Electra Woman slumped on a nearby bench.
"It's really pretty, you know," Dyna Girl said aloud.
"Hmmm?" Electra Woman was roused from her thoughts.
"The diamond," she said. "It's really pretty."
"Mmmm, yeah," Electra Woman agreed, rubbing her eyes.
"Look," Dyna Girl said, walking over to her partner and joining her on the bench.
"I know this isn't what you wanted to do, but this is what we're supposed to do, isn't it?"
"I suppose," she smiled. "I wish sometimes I had your zeal for this job."
"Well," Dyna Girl rested her head on her partner's shoulder, "it's not as exciting as
fighting an actual criminal or . . . yawn . . . anything like that."
"What are you doing?"
Dyna Girl yawned again. "M'sleepy all of a sudden."
Electra Woman felt it too. A sudden feeling of fatigue had hit her, making her too
weak to move her partner off of her, or even rise from the bench. She felt Dyna Girl
collapse into her lap, and as her own eyes became mere slits, Electra Woman succumbed
to her sudden exhaustion.
"They're so cute when they're unconscious, aren't they?" a voice intoned from the
shadows. Electra Woman heard it, but her eyelids were too heavy to open.
"You have the diamond?" the voice continued. "Good. Then let's get this pair
moved to my lab, and we'll get this grand experiment underway!"
It had all been a trap! Electra Woman hoped her partner was hearing this, but even
is she were, there was precious little either of them could do about it. But who had set
them up? Who was talking right now? And what was this "grand experiment" they were
talking about?

"Ah! Good to see you've decided to join us, Electra Woman!"
She wasn't sure how long she'd been out of it, but she soon found out it had been
long enough for someone to tie her down. She looked up and saw her hands were held
above her in stocks. She tried to move her legs and saw her feet were also held in stocks.
She tried to break free from her bonds, but couldn't.
"Go ahead and struggle, Electra Woman. I want to be sure these bonds will hold
you!" the voice continued. "As you can see, they hold your partner quite nicely."
Unseen hands rotated Electra Woman's table up to a sixty-degree angle so she was
nearly standing upright. Facing her, equally held on a separate table, was her partner.
"Have they hurt you?" Electra Woman asked.
"No," her partner's voice was soft, weak, "but they took my boots. Yours too!"
Electra Woman hadn't notice that, but it was true. Her boots were missing, as
were their wrist-coms. She could understand why they'd want to get rid of those, but why
her boots?
"What do they want, Electra Woman?" Dyna Girl asked desperately.
"I guess we'd better ask our captor that question," she boldly responded, still
trying to keep control of the situation. She was answered with a cold, steely laughter, and
she looked around wildly, trying to find a source.
"It's not what I want, Electra Woman, but what my benefactors want."
"And who are they?" she demanded.
"That would be telling, wouldn't it?" and again the voice laughed.
"Who are you?" Dyna Girl screamed through the laughter.
"I'm called The Tickler. I've been paid handsomely to do what I've done, and
more importantly, what I'm about to do."
With those words, Electra Woman saw two young women, both wearing white
robes, enter from an unseen doorway. They looked like two nurses, but hardly any that
would pass hospital muster. One was pushing a small cart, which had a variety of
implements on it. She made out an assortment of feathers attached to several of them, and
could hazard a good guess at what they were for.
"These are my assistants, Helga and Inga," the voice continued. "Don't bother
trying to appeal to them for help, because neither of them can understand a word of
English. I imported them myself, and they're two of the best at what they do."
"W-what do they do?" Dyna Girl asked nervously.
"A good question," the voice said plainly. As if in response, one of the girls, a
petite brunette, grabbed a tiny rod containing a single feather and approached Dyna Girl.
Slowly, but with deliberate precision, she began stroking Dyna Girl's bound feet with the
feather, all the time looking into the hapless heroine's eyes with an evil smile.
"No!" Dyna Girl screamed, and began trying to fight the urge to laugh. Electra
Woman knew her partner well enough to know that she was ticklish, and this was
probably killing her.
"Fight it, Dyna Girl! Be strong!" she yelled.
"I..c-can't." Dyna Girl's breathing came in short spurts. The girl was doing her
best, Electra Woman knew, but it wouldn't be enough.
"Let her go, you monster!" she hollered to the voice in the darkness. "Whatever
you want, I'll give it to you! Just let the girl go!"
The voice laughed again. "But that's just it, Electra Woman. I don't want
anything. At least not anything you might bargain with! You're wasting your breath!"
"Come on, Tickler!" she responded. "Let the girl go! Take me instead!"
"But I already have you," the voice pointed out. "And as for the girl, she was
ready enough to play the role of super-hero. She should know the risks
should you!"
With those words, the second woman, a slightly more developed blonde, produced
a bizarre-looking device that had several long spines to it. With a click of a button, Electra
Woman looked in horror as the girl brought the device to life. The spines began gyrating
and whirling, and with a smile, the girl brought it to rest against Electra Woman's exposed
The sensation was beyond anything she'd ever experienced before. Nervous
twitches ran up and down her body, and she shuddered in anxious response. "D-dyna
Girl..keep!" she screamed to her partner.
"Trying.b-but, we c-can't do this, f-f-forever!" she responded. Her body was
shaking uncontrollably, trying to get out of the stocks that held her in place. Her torturer
looked impassive as she went about her work, methodically stroking her feet with the
feather, as if knowing exactly where to touch her to send the sensations in wave after
wave over her body.
"Ahh, Dyna Girl," the voice cooed, "you know you're enjoying this. You feel like
you did when you were a little girl. Daddy would tease you and tickle you, and deep down
inside there was a part of you that enjoyed it, wasn't there?"
"N-nngh!" Dyna Girl grunted, trying not to listen to the madman's voice.
"And you, Electra Woman. Don't you feel that you're actually enjoying this in
some strange way? Isn't some part of you enjoying the sensations that are even now
dancing around your body? There's a part of you that wants this. Wants it more than
anything in the world. You know it's true. Why fight it?"
"Ahhrrgh!" Electra Woman screamed, managing to stave off the laughter building
within her. She knew if she started laughing now, there would be no stopping it.
"Don't resist it, ladies," the voice soothed. "You're both going to weaken
eventually, and then I'll have all your delicious laughter to feed my hunger. Helga and Inga
will not stop until you either stop them or collapse. Since you can't do the one, we'll wait
patiently for the other to happen."
"W-what are you.going to do with us?" Electra Woman said shakily, biting her
lip so peals of laughter wouldn't escape.
"Well, perhaps you know the soul-stealing qualities of the diamond you were sent
to protect - How it was used as a weapon? Well, it turns out those myths were actually
true. Soon, your wills will be broken, and your souls will be forfeit. I'll ensnare them into
the diamond, then turn you both over to my benefactors. They've waited a long time for
this. Who knows what they'll do from there?"
"W-wh-who are . . . " Dyna Girl tried to get out. Sweat poured from her body as
she tried to resist the tickling torture at her feet. Sensing this, her captor put down the tiny
feather and began tickling her with her bare hand. Dyna Girl began screaming aloud, and
the girl looked over at her partner and laughed. Her partner removed the device from
Electra Woman's foot and began using her own bare hand as well, stroking right along the
arches of her feet.
"Oh I suppose it couldn't hurt to let you know. You've met them all before. The
Sorcerer. The Pharaoh. But the person footing the bill is particularly interested in getting a
hold of you."
"N-no," Electra Woman shuddered, a wave of recognition coming over her.
"The Empress of Evil, ladies," said the white-skinned woman, emerging from the
shadows. "I must say, it's been awhile in the planning, but it seems to be going splendidly,
wouldn't you say?"
"Noooooha ha ha hah!" Dyna Girl screamed in protest, suddenly erupting in a
screaming laughter as the tickling overtook her. Within minutes, her partner joined in, and
the room was filled with the helpless laughter of the two heroines. The Empress smiled as
the torture continued. She produced the diamond from a pouch at her waist and set it on
the floor between the two bound women. Muttering a few phrases, the Empress was able
levitate the diamond so it came to rest at a point between the two women's faces.
"And now.for your souls," the Empress smiled and began chanting a gibberishy
incantation. The diamond began glowing a crimson red. Both heroines watched helplessly
as this went on, but their laughing and struggling gave them no hope of stopping it.
Electra Woman felt herself breathing heavier and heavier, as if the oxygen in the
room was cutting off or dwindling down. She felt she must be hyperventilating from the
torture, but something was making her struggle less and less at her bonds. She couldn't
stop laughing as her assailant continued moving her hands beneath her, but after a time she
no longer tried to move her feet around in the bonds.
The Empress finished her chanting, and the diamond went back to its normal
opacity. It fell from its position in the sky into the Empress' waiting hand, where she
quickly put it back in her pouch.
"Did it work, Empress?" the voice of the Tickler boomed over the laughter of
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.
"Let's find out," the Empress grinned evilly. "Electra Woman! Dyna Girl! You are
now bound to serve whosoever controls this diamond! As you new master, I command
you both to not be ticklish and stop this laughter immediately!"
Without a second's hesitation, both women stopped fighting their tormentors and
quit laughing altogether. The Tickler bade both his women to attempt even harder
methods to make the women laugh, but nothing worked. No device, no position, nothing
made the two heroines laugh. Dully the two captives stared into the space around them,
saying nothing.
"Now I say that you are both ticklish and are even now being tickled against your
With these words, both heroines started laughing and gyrating uncontrollably. The
Empress motioned for both of the Tickler's women to move away from them, and even
with nobody tickling them, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl continued laughing hysterically.
"All right, enough! Stop laughing!" the Empress commanded. She looked to the
Tickler's women. "Unbind them and put them in front of me."
The two women hurriedly took Electra Woman and Dyna girl out of their stocks
and held them both in front of the Empress. The two heroines made no attempt to get
away. Indeed, they couldn't, unless they were told to by the Empress.
"I think now it's fitting that you both kneel before your Empress!" she
commanded, and the two superwomen immediately dropped to their knees.
"Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind while you're down there, ladies," the
Empress smiled.
"You'll never get away with this, Empress," Electra Woman sneered.
"We'll stop you.somehow," her partner backed her up.
"And how do you propose to do that, when I command you both to love me like
your own family? I think you both owe me an apology."
"I'm sorry, Empress," Electra Woman said quickly.
"Me too," Dyna Girl added.
The Empress laughed loudly. "Tickler, whatever I paid you, it wasn't enough!"
"Just remember the final part of the bargain, Empress!" the voice boomed.
"But of course!" the Empress smiled. "Please come out and accept your payment!"
From the shadows the masked man appeared. He'd been there all along, but his
dark garments obscured him from view. He bowed to both women, and with a word the
two of them left, taking the cart with them.
"You're sure this is ample enough payment?" the Empress responded.
"The money was enough," the Tickler patted both kneeling superheroines on their
heads. "This is going to be icing on the cake."
"Very well, then," the Empress smiled. "Ladies, I'm going to leave through that
door. I want you both to lick the Tickler's entire naked body with your tongues. Make
sure no part of him is left dry, except for his mask. When you're done, both of you will
thank him, kiss him on the cheek, and leave through the same door. I will be waiting for
you. Understood?"
"Yes, Empress," both women nodded.
"Good. Then get to it!" the Empress laughed, and with quick steps left into the
shadows. "Take care, Tickler, and thanks for a job well done!"
"No problem, Empress," he responded, lifting his shirt over his head as the two
women helped him undo his pants. "No problem at all."
The two women began earnestly running their tongues all over his face, saying
nothing. The Tickler took it all in, enjoying the wetness and the pressure of their tongues
as they lapped around his face. He felt his erection coming quicker now, as they moved
around his neck.
This was his failing in life. His one true weakness. He loved to be licked. Tickling,
though his claim to fame, gave him no real thrill at all. But to have these two pure,
innocent people.defenders of good, righters of wrongs.debase themselves by licking at
him like two gave him more pleasure than a man had a right to expect. Even
now, as they worked their way down his chest, lapping at his navel, he found himself
struggling to contain his composure.
Then Dyna Girl began licking up and down the shaft of his erect penis, and he
could contain himself no longer. Both women greedily lapped up the come that bubbled
off the end of his prick, then continued down his body as if it had been nothing. Indeed, to
them it was nothing, the Tickler thought. They're more like machines now. Emotionless.
Not really comprehending what they're doing. The thought turned him on all the more.
Finally, they finished their work, each ending on the big toe of his foot. Both girls
moved up to his face, whispered "Thank You", and kissed him gently on the cheek, then
rose to their feet and left the same direction the Empress had gone. The Tickler sat there a
moment, reveling in what had just occurred. He didn't know what the Empress had in
mind for the two women. He didn't really care. He had his money, he had his women, and
he had other clients in the wings. Life was good.
"Hail and farewell, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl," he said softly. "Hail and

The two heroines sat silently in the back of the limousine as the Empress faced
them on the opposite bench. She, too, remained silent. Now that she had them, she wasn't
sure what she wanted to do first. She decided to get the boring details out of the way first,
producing two clipboards from a briefcase beside her.
"Ladies," she began. "I want you both to take this time to write down your vital
statistics. This includes your alter egos, the aliases of any other super-freaks you may
know, any accomplices you work with.basically anything you wouldn't want someone
like me to know. Understood?"
"Yes, Empress," both women said, taking the clipboards and pens. They wrote
furiously, and the Empress smiled. In the end, she would have enough information to
crush them and anyone who had allegiance to them.
She grabbed her cel-phone and dialed. "Arthur? Yes I know it's late, but I have a
proposition for you. Remember the time we talked about compromising the integrity of a
couple people? You're still interested? Good. Yes, I have them. No shit, Artie, I really
have them. How soon can you have your studio ready? We're on our way."
She whispered some directions to her driver, and the limo sped off into the night.

"I don't believe this," the fat man said. "That's Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!"
"The very same," the Empress smiled. "Held captive by an old spell and a couple
well placed feathers."
Arthur Rimbaud didn't pry as to what that meant. His job as a pornographic
photographer sometimes involved not asking questions, not delving into the details. He'd
worked with the Empress before, but this was a chance for him to make history.
"You know what magazines will pay for photos of these two?" he gushed.
"No, but I'm sure you do," she smiled back. Looking at the clipboards, she added
"Perhaps you could sell them to Newsmaker. It's where they work, you know."
"Really?" he said, loading film into one of his cameras. "Newsmaker wouldn't pay,
I don't think. But I've a couple other books in mind that'll pay quite handsomely for shots
of these two beauties!"
"Well, you'll find they're both very good models," the Empress said, walking over
to the two. "I want you two to do whatever this man asks of you, unless I overrule it.
Now go stand in front of the cameras."
A small set consisting of a bed and some props had been set up. Electra Woman
knew what was coming, but there wasn't anything she could do about it. This was the
worst part of the Empress' spell. She and Dyna Girl were more than aware of the events
going on around them. They just had no free will to resist it.
Dyna Girl looked at the cameras nervously. She had a good idea about the nature
of this man's work, but her fear was just how far he was going to take it.
"Okay, I'm about ready here," Arthur began. "Why don't the two of you just strike
a couple normal, hero-type poses for me?"
The women put their hands on their hips in the stance they always adopted when
posing for the press. Dyna Girl stood a pace in front of Electra Woman. Both women
smiled as widely as they could, though inwardly they fought these actions with every fiber
of their being.
"Okay, now how about a nice, friendly hug?"
Electra Woman embraced her partner, and the two women smiled at the camera.
"Very nice. Now why don't you both move your hands down on each other's
Without hesitation, Dyna Girl moved her hand down to rest on Electra Woman's,
and Electra Woman did the same to her partner. Their expressions didn't change,
however, from the syrupy sweet smiles of before.
"Hmmm. Okay, ladies, now why don't you both act like that really turned you on."
"Because it did," the Empress added.
Suddenly, both women changed their expressions from warm cheerleader smiles to
a more passionate, steamy visage. Dyna Girl looked up into her partner's eyes, just as if
she were looking into the eyes of her boyfriend.
"Dynamite!" Arthur continued shooting. "Now how about a nice long kiss?"
Electra Woman brought her hands up to her partner's face, and guided her in for a
long, passionate kiss. Her partner was shaking at first, but the two slowly warmed into
each other as their tongues danced around. Dyna Girl squeezed Electra Woman's butt
lightly, and Electra Woman smiled. She was getting into this, damn the Empress' spell!
"Well, that's a lot of C-notes right there," Arthur smiled. "Now we've got to get
the two of you to give the public what they really want! Undress each other, slowly, one
garment at a time."
The Empress sat back, watching as the two women moved helplessly to the
photographer's dictates. Her hand moved slowly underneath her flowing black robes and
began stimulating her finger, then two.
Electra Woman pulled away from her partner and removed Dyna Girl's cape,
tossing it on the bed. Dyna Girl then did the same thing to Electra Woman. And so the
two women took turns removing each other's gloves, belts and as Electra Woman began
to unzip Dyna Girl's suit from behind, Arthur stepped in.
"A little slower now, ladies. Be sure to cop feels off each other as you go."
While the photographer snapped wildly, Electra Woman slid Dyna Girl's costume
off her shoulders, standing behind her. As she moved it down her chest, she took a
moment to play with her partner's now-exposed tits, gently stroking her tiny nipples until
they both had nice, erect points on them. Slowly she moved down to her waist, and -
"Stop right there," Arthur commanded. "Dyna Girl, do the same to your partner,
but stop at the waist."
Dyna Girl, being slightly shorter than Electra Woman, unzipped her partner's
uniform, but then moved to face her in the front. She began running her hands down
Electra Woman's front, with each pass brushing her partner's breasts. Slowly the costume
began to come off, as Dyna Girl pressed down harder with each pass. She smiled up at
Electra Woman, as both women were caught up in the heat of passion.
"Wow!" Arthur beamed. "Now both of you, take up that first pose you did. Hands
on your hips, big smiles, the works!"
The Empress smiled as the women did as they were told. Her fingers continued to
probe inside her, and she let out a tiny gasp of pleasure. This would ruin the two of them
in the public's eye. When these photos got put in every porno house, with a few leaked to
more reputable places like the Inquirer and the Tattler, the career of Electra Woman and
Dyna Girl would come to a crashing end! The thought made her work her fingers all the
"Okay," Arthur continued. "Electra Woman, go ahead and take off your partner's
clothes all the way."
Electra Woman grabbed Dyna Girl's clothes at her hips and with one deft action,
pulled them all the way off, panty hose and all. Arthur snapped photo after photo as her
partner returned the favor. Now both women stood before him, naked and helpless.
Arthur wiped the sweat from his brow. "Okay. Let's see some more kissing from
you two."
The duo embraced warmly and began kissing passionately. Dyna Girl rubbed her
body all over her partner's, making sure their breasts collided repeatedly. The Empress
worked her fingers faster and faster in and out of her pussy, getting more and more into
the situation. Here were her two greatest enemies, naked and ruined, and she was allowed
to sit back and masturbate while it all happened. The thought was delicious to her mind.
"O-okay, ladies. Just lie down on the bed now, and make out. Take it to it's
natural conclusion, whatever." Arthur had been through so many rolls of film already,
but he knew these shots were going to make him wealthy enough to quit the biz once and
for all.
Electra Woman collapsed on the bed, and Dyna Girl hopped on top of her, the two
of them moving into a 69 position. Electra Woman used her tongue gently, tickling her
partner with light strokes. She could hear Dyna Girl's light laughter as her partner lapped
hungrily at her pussy. Electra Woman ran her hands up and down her partner's thighs,
coming to rest on her ass, which she squeezed tightly.
"Feel free to talk to each other, ladies," the Empress called from her chair.
"Oh God, Electra Woman," Dyna Girl yelled between licks. "Is this the end?"
"I.don't know," Electra Woman responded. "Just try to your
dignity! I'm.sorry.this wasn't supposed to happen!"
"It's .okay. You couldn't have known," Dyna Girl tried to soothe her partner,
then began moving her fingers in and out of Electra Woman's pussy. At first she played
lightly with her outer lips, then began moving in deeper and harder. She could feel the
moistness of her partner waiting to come out, and she also felt her partner entering her
from behind as well, her fingers probing her pussy as the mad cameraman continued
documenting their downfall.
In time, the cameras stopped, and the Empress stood before them.
"We're done ladies, you may stop."
But the duo didn't stop. Dyna Girl continued stroking her partner's pussy and
Electra Woman had moved on to poking Dyna Girl's asshole with a finger. The Empress
made a note of it - apparently too much sex made the control effect diminish.
"Ladies! Enough! We're done!"
Both women stopped. Dyna Girl rolled off her partner and the two women sat on
the edge of the bed.
"Now get dressed, both of you!"
As the two women got back into their costumes, the Empress took Arthur aside.
"You'll have no problem selling these photos?"
"Are you insane? The press will pay huge amounts of money for this! I can't
believe you don't want a cut!"
The Empress smiled deeply. "I want no money. Merely several copies of the
"You've got `em, lady! These'll sell even better than those one's we took of that
other lady. That Marvel chick."
"Yes, well, she's been a bit of a disappointment," the Empress looked away. "But
these two.well, they're going to be a good addition to the collection, I think."

A quick limo drive and the three were back in the Empress' lair. She led them to
an elevator and the trio descended.
"Where are you taking us?" Electra Woman asked.
"To a special place. A place I bring all my conquests. My trophy room!"
Almost on cue, the elevator opened into a long hallway. Foot-high pedestals lined
it to the other end, and while many were empty, a few had rather lifelike statues on them.
"Observe my handiwork, ladies," the Empress laughed as she led them to the first
one. They recognized her immediately. Her red minidress with the lightning bolt gave
everything away. She was staring into space with a vacant expression, and as they got
closer, they began to realize one horrible fact: she was no statue.
"You kidnapped Mary Marvel?" Dyna Girl asked incredulously.
"She was easy. Such a načve girl. She, too, is a prisoner of my diamond-spell."
"I thought we were its prisoners," Electra Woman responded.
"Oh there's more than one diamond, dear," the Empress laughed. "In fact, it isn't
really a diamond at all. Simply something I whipped up and added a legend to. Anytime I
need really powerful protection, I simply activate Mary here and let her do my bidding!"
"You're not worried about Captain Marvel coming after you?"
"Worried?" the Empress smiled. "I'm practically counting on it, dear!"
She pointed to the podium next to Mary's, and they noticed the inscription of
Captain Marvel on the pedestal.
"You see," the Empress began, "at heart I am a collector. But I never wanted to
collect ordinary things, like comics or stamps or even Faberge Eggs! I wanted to get
something no one else could.superheroes!"
She led them down the hallway, and they saw some of her conquests, the Black
Canary stood motionless before them, as did the Huntress, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.
In addition, they saw those she had yet to claim, but planned to, including Supergirl,
Wonder Woman, Superman, and the Flash. Still, even under the hypnotic spell of the
diamond, both women shuddered when they saw the next set of figures.
"Batman and Robin?" Dyna Girl exclaimed. "No way!"
"Easier than you would think, Dyna Girl," the Empress pointed out. "They've got
great minds, but a real weakness when it comes to helping each other out. All I had to do
was get Robin under my control, and Batman soon came tumbling after."
Both women paused. Batman and Robin were part of the reason they'd gotten into
the superhero game as well. If they could be stopped by the Empress, could anything stand
against her? Electra Woman felt Dyna Girl grab her arm.
"Look!" her partner screamed.
Directly opposite the dynamic duo were a set of pedestals with their own names on
"At least you'll both have a nice view," the Empress laughed. "When you step
onto those pedestals, you'll adopt the same heroic pose as all these other losers. You'll be
perfectly preserved, not aging or dying, but you will not be able to move from that spot
unless the possessor of the diamond that holds your souls allows you to. And I don't see
any reason to need you for more than, oh.twenty years or so!"
"You monster!" Dyna Girl raged.
"Oh, please, Dyna Girl. It's not like you can hurt me or anything. Now get on that
Helplessly, Dyna Girl found her feet moving up onto the pedestal. Almost instantly
she felt her body going rigid and stiff, and her hands came to rest on her hips in the same
pose as Robin's, whose eyes she now met, and would stare into for a very long, long time.
"You'll never get away with this," Electra Woman gritted. "It may not be us, but
someone will stop you!"
"Now where have I heard that before?" the Empress mocked. "Oh yes, from Mary
Marvel, the Huntress, the Black Canary, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman and yes, even
dear little Robin! How good of you not to break with tradition!
"Get on the pedestal," she commanded, and Electra Woman complied. As the final
wave of stiffness came over her body, she wondered how long they would be there, and if
anyone would find them. Then darkness consumed her as her eyes glazed over.

"Electra Woman? Laurie?" the voice seemed to be coming from all around her. A
blob-like image hovered over her eyesight. It was hard to focus at first, but slowly, reality
came settling down around her, and she gazed up into the eyes of Frank, her contact at
"F-frank?"she sputtered.
The old man let out a long sigh. "Thank God! You and Dyna Girl are going to be
"Judy's here too?"
"Yes, I'm here," her partner came in. Laurie looked around. She was in on a
hospital bed in the underground Crimescope lab. "We're lucky to be alive!"
"Wh-what happened?"
Frank filled in the details. "Captain Marvel caught up with his partner, and trashed
the place!"
"And the Empress?"
"When they released Aquaman, she tried to escape, but he impaled her with that
hook of his, and jumped into the ocean with her. After that, nobody knows."
"What about all the other heroes?"
"All free. When the Empress disappeared, her control of the diamonds
disappeared. I got to meet Batman!"
" long were we out?"
"Only a few days, Laurie!" Judy beamed. "We're still okay!"
"Not quite," Electra Woman pointed out. "Remember those photos."
"Oh yeah," Judy whispered.
"Already purchased and destroyed by Crimescope," Frank put up a hand. "No
need to thank me."
"What about our souls, Frank?" Judy asked. "I mean, where's the diamond?"
"Unfortunately, we were unable to recover the diamonds for several people, but
the search is underway. Captain Marvel really did a lot of damage! For now, I guess you'll
just have to be satisfied that nobody else has the diamond."
Electra Woman rose from her bed. "Yes, but what happens if another villain gets
ahold of it? We're in the same mess as before! Come on, Dyna Girl, let's get going!"
"Electra Woman?" Frank called, and the two women stopped in the doorway.
"Forget about the diamond. In fact, why don't you forget about this whole ugly
affair? Let's just say you've had a bad encounter, but you prevailed, and now the two of
you are getting ready to head back to Newsmaker to resume your lives. Got it?"
"Yes, Frank," both women responded. Electra-Woman turned to Dyna Girl. "We
really should get going back to Newsmaker! Heaven only knows how much work has
piled up!"
As the two women sped up the elevator out of the Crimescope labs, Frank
nervously put his hand in his pocket. Feeling past his car keys and some loose change, his
hand clutched the diamond tightly. He went over to his private phone and dialed a few
numbers quickly. The line picked up on the other end.
"The diamond worked flawlessly, didn't it?"
"Yes, Empress," Frank whispered. "It did."
"Then we're in agreement? You have complete control over their wills, and in
return you keep them both out of my affairs?"
"Yes," he said. "You definitely have a deal."
"Marvelous," the laughter came from the other end of the phone.
"One last thing, Empress?"
"What would it cost me to get ahold of Mary Marvel for a night?"
The laughter came from both ends of the phone, echoing throughout the caverns of
the Crimescope lab, and out into the suddenly colder evening breeze.

The End(?)


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