The following is a work of fiction and any relation to any real or fictional
persons is strictly coincidental. Due to sexual situations no one under 18
should read this. This is a long-time fantasy of mine.

Electra Woman And Dynagirl:
Metamorphosis Of the Evil Lesbians! Part 2 (FF,bond,mc)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Reverso could barely remember her new or old name after bouncing all over the
bed from her fifth orgasm. Judy was a total lesbian sex machine! She didn't
know why Judy had stayed gay but she sure was glad.

"Judy, that was just awesome,” said Reverso. "Now I know why Lori usually is
in such a good mood around the office, she has you licking her pussy."

"You stupid bitch," said Judy as she slapped Reverso on the face. "I told you
I wasn't a lesbian. I mean, I wasn't then. I am now and thanks a bunch for
making me like this but you better tell me how or I'll kick your ass."

Reverso explained the Metamorphosis drug and its effects.

"You are Electra-smart and Electra-evil Dorothy, oops, I mean Reverso, you
will be an excellent sidekick to me as I do my evil deeds," said Judy.

"Sidekick? For whom, for what," said Reverso, who having always been a
take-charge person as Dorothy, now kind of liked the idea of being No. 2 _for
the right person.

"Well, you have a new name to celebrate your new attitude, so do I," said
Judy. "From now on, I am Evil Dynagirl."

Reverso's eyes bugged out.

"Yes Reverso, I am, was, Dynagirl," she said. "Lori is ElectraWoman. That's
why we were always together, not because we were dykes."

"Wow, I just had really hot sex with an evil Dynagirl, this is like my
dream," said Reverso. "I already have two hot girls ready to do your bidding
boss. What's our first evil mission?"

"First, we secure Electrabase as our evil headquarters. Then we get to have
some Electra-fun as we will turn Lori into our happy little lesbian Electra
fuck toy."

"Electra cool," said Reverso as she then planted a big kiss on Evil
Dynagirl's lips and started up another long sex session with her new partner
in crime.

* * *

"No Frank, I want you going to your old CIA department's reunion, I insist,"
said Judy on her cellphone.

"Are you sure, Lori isn't coming back until tomorrow and I'd hate to leave
you by yourself, not just for work reasons, I know you can handle that, but
I don't want you being lonely," said Frank. "I know how tough it is having
no life because of this, my goodness, I can't remember the last time Lori
had a real date."

"Don't worry, I made a new friend at work and she'll hang out with me until
Lori comes back," said Judy. "Now go, I do not want to see you around by the
time I return to Electrabase."

"Alright Dynagirl, you win, see you in a week," said Frank.

Judy had made the call totally nude laying in Reverso's bed. During the whole
conversation with her Crimescope co-worker, Reverso had been lapping at her

"Electrabase secured for evil," said Dynagirl. "OK new friend, I promised him
you'd hang out with me."

"Well, my tongue can hang on your breasts, or pussy or toes," said Reverso.
"Take your pick Evil Dynagirl."

"As soon as we get to Electrabase, I'll pick all three," said Judy as she
gave Reverso a quick kiss. "Collect your slaves and let's go."

* * *

After showing Ali and Jodi a bedroom where they could have sex, and then
going to Judy's room to have more sex themselves, Judy took Reverso on a
tour of Electrabase and put on her Electracomp and then made the magical
transformation into Dynagirl.

Reverso stood in awe as she looked at the girl in her trademark skin-tight
red and purple outfit and pigtails.

"This is awesome, and I can't believe you can do all that stuff on the little
Electracomp on your wrist," said Reverso. "And with those pigtails, you are
so freaking hot. I want to eat you out all over again."

"We can do a lot of things you couldn't imagine here at Electrabase," said
Dynagirl with a wink. "Including eating people out."

"Well, I do have some bad news Evil Dynagirl, I'm all out of the
Metamorphosis drug," said Reverso. "I ran out spraying you. I was suppose to
be Professor Nabokov's only test subject so he didn't make a lot and the
formula's lost forever now that he's dead."

"Not a problem lover, I wasn't planning on using it on Lori anyhow," said
Dynagirl. "I was going to enslave her my special way."

"What's that?" asked Reverso who with her goody-goody past knew she was not
up on the latest mind control techniques.

"What's you favorite kind of ice cream to eat Reverso?"

"I don't know, I used to like plain vanilla but now I like chocolate sundaes,
why do you ask?" said Reverso.

"Well, imagine if you got a chocolate sundae every day, you love them, you
looked forward every day to that wonderful chocolate sundae," said Dynagirl.
"Now, what if one day, for no reason, you didn't get a chocolate sundae?

"You'd really want that sundae, wouldn't you?; more than ever. Soon, all
you'd think about is getting that sundae. You'd do anything for that sundae."

"And this involves Electrawoman how?" asked Reverso who thought Dynagirl had
gone a bit Electraweird with this talk about ice cream.

"Simple, when she arrives we are going to tie her up and between the four of
us, whether she likes it or not, give her an unrelenting lesbian lickdown
session. She will be getting girl on girl sex all day and then after a while
we will completely stop."

"I see, and by then she will be totally addicted to having sex with another
woman, she'll willingly become our slave for a chance to eat more pussy,"
said Reverso."O-h-h-h-h. I get it now. That is so evil, to break her will
with non-stop lesbian sex."

"That's why I'm Evil Dynagirl," she said.

* * *

Dynagirl and Reverso laughed with glee and playfully cupped each other's
breasts at their evil plans_when they stopped dead in their tracks.

"Sorry to break into your lesbian lovefest but no one is turning me into
anyone's sex slave."

Dynagirl and Reverso whirled around and saw the tall, blonde red and yellow
clad figure of Electrawoman.

"Wha-, what are you doing here, Frank said you wouldn't be home until
tomorrow," sputtered out Dynagirl.

"I wrapped up my assignment early when Frank told me he was going to the
reunion at your urging, I wanted to make sure you wouldn't be alone, and I
see you're not," said Electrawoman. "Dorothy! What got into you. You're such
a good girl and you look like a tramp.

"Something's happened to both of you, you must fight it. A good brain scan by
Crimescope and we'll get you two girls back to normal."

Dynagirl and Reverso looked at each other with beseeching eyes. They had
been caught completely off-guard and neither had a clue what to do to stop

At that moment, the elevator doors behind Electrawoman opened and Ali and
odi, wearing nothing but bra and panties, walked out.

Electrawoman tuned around and was shocked at the sight of the two near-naked

"What is this, a brothel," exclaimed Electrawoman, still looking at the
beautiful girls. "Who are you?"

"These are my slaves Ali and Jodi, girls attack Electrawoman right now!"
shouted Reverso.

She knew Electrawoman would flick away Ali and Jodi like gnats but at least
it would buy them some time.

Jodi and Ali made tentative moves toward Electrawoman but she simply smiled
and pushed a few buttons on her Electracomp and quickly a beam burst from her
wrist and enveloped Ali and Jodi in an Electrashield, leaving them unable to

Suddenly, Electrawoman gasped and said: "Electrashoot!"

Electrawoman quickly realized to keep Ali and Jodi at bay she had turned her
back on the strange acting Dynagirl and Dorothy and her Electracomp was now
tied up with the two semi-naked college cuties.

Dynagirl had realized this immediately and she ran to the computer and
shut off Electrawoman's Electracomp and then used her own to immobilize
Electrawoman in her own Electrashield.

"Let me go, let me go now," shouted Electrawoman as she struggled helplessly
against the electronic bindings. "Dynagirl, Dorothy fight this, you're

"I don't want to fight this, I electra-like being this way," said Dynagirl.
"I'm in charge now and I'm going to spreading lots of evil and having lots of
electra-sex with women. And you're going to be part of the sex stuff too."

Reverso then walked in front of Electrawoman, who had a pained look on her
face as she knew she could not break the Electrashield and was totally at
their mercy.

"Don't call me Dorothy anymore, future sex pet," she spat out at
Electrawoman. "I'm Reverso because I'm the reverse of everything. I now want
to be evil as well and my appetite for electra-lesbian sex is just as strong
as Dynagirl's I can assure you."

"Get moving Electrawoman, " said Dynagirl as the movement of the beam forced
Electrawoman to shuffle toward the elevator. "We're starting your training to
be my electra sex pet immediately."

* * *

Electrawoman was now hog-tied and naked lying on her own bed. Dynagirl had
used to the Electrashield to crush the air out of her lungs and she had
briefly passed out, giving Dynagirl and Reverso time to tie her up.

Dynagirl at the moment was wearing a strap-on and plunging it again and again
into Electrawoman's asshole as she cackled with glee while below her Reverso
was hungrily lapping away at Electrawoman's pussy.

Electrawoman had a ball-gag stuffed in her mouth. She tried to mumble
some kind of protest originally, particularly when she saw the length of
Dynagirl's dildo, but now in the third hour of this assault on her bum and
slit she was reduced to sighs and moans.

A series of quick moans by Electrawoman signaled yet another oncoming orgasm
and her body soon began vibrating. Dynagirl and Reverso withdrew from her
holes and watched the show with wide grins.

"What's this, her sixth orgasm since we started?" said Reverso, whose face
was already covered in Electrawoman's pussy juice.

"Yeah, she was really electra-horny but, like I told you, we didn't get much
action doing what we did," said Dynagirl as she then planted a big kiss on
Reverso's lips. 'That's why I am so glad you turned me into a sex-loving
lesbian. Make that an evil lesbian. Spreading evil and having sex with other
women is a great way to live."

"I can't even remember why I didn't want to have sex before, it seems so
stupid," said Reverso. "Being a slut, particularly a lesbian slut, is so much

"And I think it's time, speaking of lesbian sluts, your slaves did their bit
here," said Dynagirl. "When Electrawoman is finished, boy she's taking a long
time with this orgasm, we'll tie her spread-eagle to the bedposts and let
them get licking her."

An exhausted Electrawoman could not put up a fight as the two newly minted
villains retied her to her new position.

Reverso got Ali and Jodi, who had been busy having sex themselves, into the

"OK, here's the deal," said Reverso. "Ali you stimulate the breasts, Jodi the
pussy and then after a couple of hours reverse. And, oh, your mistress will
be displeased unless you get her to have at least 10 orgasms in the next six

"Yes Mistress, we obey," said Ali and Jodi.

As they left the room, Reverso said: "Hey, Evil Dynagirl, what do we do now?"

"Well, I'm certainly still electra-hot for some action," said Dynagirl with a
smile. "Let's have sex with each other."

"Awesome, I love your thinking Evil Dynagirl," said Reverso.

As Dynagirl led the way to her room, both suddenly felt a prick on the back
of their leg. They reached behind and each came up with a tiny dart. They
then whirled around and we're stunned at what they saw __ Frank!

"Wha-, what the heck are you doing here," sputtered Dynagirl. "You're suppose
to be gone for a week to the reunion."

"I was going to but because it was such a late decision all the flights to
there we're already booked for today so they told me I couldn't leave until
tomorrow," said Frank. "So I go back to Electrabase and on the vidcam I'm
seeing Dynagirl talking evil with this strange girl while reaming out
Electrawoman's behind, and in my fricking bedroom two girls are screwing
each other like rabbits."

Reverso put her hand to her head. "I feel funny," she said.

"Don't worry, I just hit you both with a tranquilizing dart," said Frank.
"Luckily I still have some of my old CIA stuff. Something is definitely
electraweird here and until I find out what, it's best if you two take a
nap for a while."

Reverso's eyes began fluttering and within seconds she had collapsed
unconscious onto the floor.

Dynagirl was physically fitter so the drug took longer to work on her. She
looked at Frank with pleading eyes and said: "You don't know what you did, I
was having such great sex" before she too lost consciousness.

Frank stepped over the two limp bodies and reloaded his dart gun with two
more charges and went to Electrawoman's room.

* * *

As Electrawoman walked, gingerly, back into Electrabase she saw Evil Dynagirl
and Reverso strapped into old-style chairs and each had an upside down metal
bowl with wires pouring out of the top right on their heads.

"My God!, Frank you have them in electric chairs," said a surprised
Electrawoman. "You're not electrocuting them are you."

Dynagirl and Reverso's eyes widened.

"No, no, no, don't scare them like that Electrawoman, they'll just feel a
little buzz in their head," said Frank. "I bought these two electric chairs
when they closed the old county prison as a keepsake and since the chairs are
so resistant to electricity I figured I'd put them to good use here, since we
need to reverse the electrical fields of all these girls' brain patterns."

"Thank goodness," said Electrawoman. "Now let's get this over with. I want my
partner and friend back and we have those two other girls to fix remember."

Reverso had a look on her face like she WAS being executed, totally morose.

"Sorry Reverso but you are going to have to turn back into sweet, kind
Dorothy," said Electrawoman with the trace of a smile. "Good, as usual,
triumphed over evil."

"I know, I'm pretty much resigned to being that sickening goody two-shoes
again, what's really upsetting to me is the sex," said Reverso. "Even before
all this happened, when I was still Dorothy, I told Judy flat-out if I was
gay I would marry Dynagirl and I meant it.

"When we get changed back, me and Dynagirl will both be straight again, which
means we can be friends but never sex partners and I'll lose the best lover I
can ever hope to have."

"I feel the same way, " said Dynagirl. "You and Frank are always so worried
about me having no social life and ending up alone, and you know Electrawoman
that Dorothy is like the electra-best person of all time and I'll never find
someone as dedicated to goodness as her to be my life partner.

"Isn't there some way Frank you could rig it where everything on us is
reversed, except we are still both into girls."

"It would be pretty easy to do actually, just create a mini-force field
around that portion of the brain," said Frank. "But who wants a dyke
Dynagirl? But, hey, I don't know all the details here so I'll leave the
decision in Electrawoman's hands."

Electrawoman gave Frank a "thanks for passing the buck" look as the two
desperate and helpless women looked up longingly at her.

"Let me think about it, Frank start the warm-up process," she said.

Her first thought was that since both Dynagirl and Reverso were still evil
this must be a trick.

But she couldn't figure out what advantage they would gain by still being
lesbians since they would no longer be evil, they would be just the nicest
homosexual couple you would ever want to meet.

Despite her urging, they had never fought the effects of the drug on their
minds but now that their ability to have sex with each other was being
endangered, it seemed like they had just acted like their true selves, not
the evil drug-induced characters they had been twisted into.

And Dorothy really was a total sweetheart and now that she'd seen her in the
skimpy Reverso outfit, Electrawoman could also tell she had an absolutely
smoking body.

To a lesbian, Dorothy would be an incredible catch, and Dynagirl certainly
deserved to be with an incredible person for a lover.

"I know it sets a precedent Frank but it's OK, keep them lesbians," said
Electrawoman as Reverso and Dynagirl visibly sighed with relief.

"OK Electrawoman, here we go," said Frank as he punched a few buttons and
Dynagirl and Reverso's bodies began shaking as electricity began flowing into

After a few minutes, Frank shut the power off and he and Electrawoman began
untying Reverso and Dynagirl's straps and wires.

Both women sat there, shaking their head and blinking a lot.

Finally, Electrawoman said, "Dynagirl? Are you OK? How do you feel?"

"I feel not bad, a little fuzzy in the head but OK. I don't want to commit
evil acts if that's what you mean."

"Are you OK Reverso? Dorothy?" asked Electrawoman.

"Don't worry, its Dorothy," she said with a shy smile. "I can't believe what
the professor did to me. Honest, Electrawoman and Dynagirl, I'm so sorry
about all the trouble I caused but I couldn't help myself. As soon as he
sprayed me I was totally consumed with being evil."

"Let's get to the big question," said Frank. "Either one of you girls want
to come to my room and meet 'Little Frank'?"

Dorothy and Dynagirl looked at each other tentatively.

"Well, I would like to, uh, still date Dynagirl if she's interested," said
Dorothy softly.

"In that case, I want to date Dorothy, then throw her on my bed, rip her
clothes off and electra-eat her out like she's never been munched on before,"
said Dynagirl in her most perky tone.

"Answer's my question," said Frank.

"OK you lesbian lovebirds, time to help out," said Electrawoman. "Dorothy, go
up and get your slaves, they need to be fixed next."

"Oh my gosh, that's right, I have slaves," said Dorothy with an embarrassed
look. "I'll go get them now."

* * *

Since they obeyed any instruction Dorothy would give them, there was no need
for rope or prodding to get Ali and Jodi to come down and get their brains
fixed up.

But it seemed an unusually long time to fetch two people who would provide no
opposition as the others waited. When Dorothy finally brought them to the
control center the others were shocked at the slaves' appearance.

Both had makeup smeared all over their face and both were crying and wailing
uncontrollably as Dorothy led them to the chairs. Frank then strapped them in
so their bodies would not move during the process.

"Dorothy what the heck is with these two," asked Dynagirl.

"I don't know," she said. "I woke them up and told them to get dressed
because they had to go down and get the effects of the Metamorphosis drug
reversed and they've been like this ever since, just completely fallen to
pieces. I tried to buck up their spirits but as you can see it didn't work."

Ali and Jodi continued to cry in the chairs, occasionally one of them would
bleat: "Why! Why!"."

"We can't process them in this state, they're body chemistry is too
unstable," said Frank. "We have to calm them down."

"Dorothy, they still think of you as Mistress," said Electrawoman. "Tell them
to stop crying, settle down and find out what's wrong with them."

"Ali and Jodi, your Mistress commands that you refrain from any more crying,"
said Dorothy in as strong a tone as the super-nice girl could manage, and her
slaves immediately stopped. "Now, explain to your Mistress why you are both
bawling like babies and embarrassing your Mistress with your childish

"We are sorry beloved Mistress, we would do nothing to harm you," said Jodi.
"It's just that when you told us we would be returned back to normal it was
really upsetting."

"The process must be reversed," said Electrawoman. "We can't have evil people
running around."

"Oh, but we're not evil, we just did that stuff to you because Mistress
commanded, that's kind of our point," said Ali. "Before I got sprayed I was
mean and selfish and didn't care about my education.

"Since then, my cheerleading squad has qualified for the national finals
because I gave the most popular routines to the cheerleaders who did them the
best instead of me doing them because I had to be the star, and I cut the
incompetent cheerleaders who only made it because they sucked up to me.

"I have so many genuine friends now and I study hard and I just made the
honor roll. And, oh yeah, the sex with Jodi is great, and I've had sex with
a lot of the cheerleaders too and that's helped our new ‘family' feeling."

"Everything is so good in my life now. I don't want it to change."

"Me too," piped in Jodi. "After I got changed, I listened to everything the
director said and was positive and encouraging to the other actors and the
paper said it was the best play the university has produced in years

"Several agents saw me and wanted me to quit school and move to Hollywood
right now because they said I would be rich and famous real quick with my
looks and acting ability, but I told them my education was important to me
and I wouldn't go until I got my degree.

"And the sex with Ali is great and now I get to have sex with all these
pretty actresses too. See, me and Ali's lives would be absolutely awful if
you turned us back to what we were. That's why we're so upset."

"It is true that these two used to be total bitches," said Dorothy.

"Well, what do we do with them Electrawoman?, do they stay as is or go back?"
said Dynagirl.

"O-o-o-h-h-h, no," said Electrawoman as she stepped back a bit. "I made one
life-altering decision today, that's my limit. Dorothy, they are your slaves,
and I know with your basic decency restored you will do what is truly in
their best interest. The decision is yours."

Dorothy's eyes got wide and her mouth dropped open.

"Gosh oh gee Electrawoman, that's a lot of responsibility for a college girl
like me," said Dorothy. "I'm lucky I can decide what to order for breakfast."

"I know you'll do the right thing Dorothy," said Dynagirl as she came up to
her lover and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Well, I think the reason for living is to be the best you can be and to do
good works for others," said Dorothy solemnly. "The way they were before,
they were the worst they could be and did nothing for anyone except

"The problem is that right now they are total submissives. Eventually,
someone will take advantage of that fact and hurt them and other people,
like I was doing as Reverso. Unless we find them a slavemaster who is
undeniably good-hearted we'll have to return them to their old selves for
their own safety."

"I'll do it," said Electrawoman immediately. "Ali and Jodi, I am your new

Frank, Dorothy and Dynagirl just stood there stunned.

"Really, that's great," said Jodi.

"That is great but I do have a question," said Ali as she eyed the tall,
athletic blonde up and down. "Uh, our old Mistress had sex with us, like a
lot. Will our new Mistress have sex with us too?"

Electrawoman had a big smile on her face as she strode up to the two college
girls strapped in their electric chairs. She bent down and jammed her tongue
into Ali's mouth and gave her a big kiss. She then went to the other chair
and did the same to Jodi.

"Remember, Dorothy was distracted by her relationship with Dynagirl," said
Electrawoman. "My focus will on you two hotties. If you think you had a lot
of sex with Reverso believe me, you haven't seen anything yet. You will be
having a ton of sex with me, and I expect you to organize threesomes with
all those sexy cheerleaders and actresses as well."

"Yes Mistress, we will obey!" said Ali and Jodi enthusiastically.

"Electrawoman, having sex with Ali and Jodi means, uh, um," stammered
Dynagirl, disbelieving. "But Dorothy never sprayed you or anything."

"Yeah, do you want me to run a brain scan on you Electrawoman," added Frank.

"For two really smart people you both are kind of dumb when it comes to
relationships, you're lucky to have Dorothy now Dynagirl," said Electrawoman
as she rolled her eyes. "You never figured out I was a lesbian. I thought it
was pretty obvious.

"Here is a good-looking blonde who is smart and outgoing yet never has a
date, goes to Fire Island to "be with the gals" on vacation and has posters
of the Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge in her bedroom."

"I guess we were Electra-blind to that," said Dynagirl. "But, hey, then why
did you fight us so much when we tried to have sex with you."

"That's because you wanted me to be your stupid sex slave and be my boss,"
said Electrawoman. "Straight or gay, no one pushes me around. If you had just
asked me to role play and act like your sex slave Dynagirl for you and your
hot-bodied friends I'd have done it in a second."

"Well, what do we do now?" said Frank.

"I know what I'm doing; Frank, let's get Ali and Jodi out of their bonds,"
said Electrawoman. "And in my bed."


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