ESPN2: The National Ponygirl League (FF,F-mast,BDSM,F-dom,ponygirl,humor)
by Hamster

ESPN Announcer One: Just when you thought we had run out of sports to cover
we have found yet another league to give coverage to.

ESPN Announcer Two: But unlike a lot of the other lame crap we waste tv time
with we actually have somebody interesting here today. Meet Kate West of the
National Ponygirl League. Hi Kate.

An attractive blonde in a riding outfit took her seat.

Kate: Hi...Chris is it?

ESPN Announcer One: I think so? Aren't we all named Chris.

ESPN Announcer Two: It's ESPN2, nobody cares who we are.

ESPN Announcer One: True enough. So Kate tell us about your season while we
show a clip of the stuff that you are about to talk about.

Kate: Sure.

The league has two main categories for the Ranch's pony season. Trained and
Rookie. Rookie ponygirl events, due to necessity of the 6-month training
period, took place in the latter part of the season and drew larger crowds.
Veteran ponies performed in various events at the beginning of the season.
Ponygirls were only allowed to compete ages 18-25, then they were not allowed
to re-enlist.

The acquisition of new untrained ponies as ridiculously easy, profitable and
legal. An online ad, as well as other more conventional ads, were placed
throughout the country. Girls were offered 25 thousand dollars to serve as a
Ponygirl for the term of 18 months if the liked they may re-enlist for
another 12 months.

I prefer to work the rookie circuit. I enjoy the training as much as the
actual competition. In addition to the annual league membership fee I was
required to cover the fee of whatever girls I chose to draft. Once drafted
the girl was mine until as long as she continued to re-enlist and I continued
to pay her fee. During her term of service The ponygirl was my property in
every way.

When the draft took place I came dressed in khaki pants, white shirt and
combat boots. I sat on the bench with a pen and paper. The benches were
arranged around a central corral. One by one a girl was led out onto the
dirt corral by a handler. Each nervous looking pony was completely naked,
gagged and wore a leash and collar as well as having her hands tied behind
her back. I carefully examined each girls physique both for beauty and
necessary qualities for a runner. I prioritized which ponygirls I wanted
the most and prepared to turn my list over to the draft master.

Each trainer was assigned a number and as their number was drawn the girl
highest on their list that was still available awarded to them. Since the
chariots were pulled by two ponygirls she needed two rookies. The draft was
sorted out and in the afternoon I was given pictures and the pink slips of
my two ponygirls. One was blonde and the other a redhead.


I stormed into the stable of the NPL ranch and marched up to the stall
containing my two ponygirls. Both of them were laying miserably on a bed of
straw. They wore cuffs on their wrists and anklets and were secured to the
wall by a chain. I pushed the stall doors open hard and stood in front of my
girls with my hands on my hips and a stern look.

"Let me make this perfectly clear, I'm your new owner and your new trainer.
You will do exactly what I say unless you want to feel the crack of my whip
across your bare ass. If you fuck with me I will make your lives a thousand
times more miserable than it needs to be. You do not speak in my presence
for any reason. You do what I say and that's it. If you don't understand you
soon will because if you irritate me in the smallest way it will be a whip
across the ass. Look at the girl next to you, she is your new best friend.
If you succeed, you both succeed. If you fail, you both fail. You, your new
name is Trixie and you, your new name is Peaches. These are your new pony
names." I said as I first pointed to the redhead and then the blonde.

Peaches opened her mouth to protest to all of the above and immediately felt
the horse whip lash painfully across her large naked breasts, this caused
them to bounce and Peaches to scream.

"Did you fail to hear what I told you? No talking to me EVER! If you don't
like your new situation, tough. You're a pony now, MY pony, so get used to
it." I said. I stepped over and unchained the now fearful girls fro the wall.
She placed collars around their necks and then attached to leashes. "Let's
go your going to get cleaned, shaved and fitted for your harnesses."

I led the two ponygirls to the groom. The two sullen, naked women had their
hand cuffs attached to chains that hung from the ceiling. The groom applied
some shaving cream to their vaginal hairs then shaved them bald. Next they
were fitted for their leather harnesses, corsets and boots. The boots toe
was molded to look like a hoof. A lock of hair was taken from each girl and
a horse tail was fashioned to match their hair. The tail would be attached
to the back of the leather hot-pants they would wear in pony-guise.

The next couple of weeks were filled with running. They ran in circles,
around a track, on a giant hamster wheel, on a treadmill and even
cross-country on a special path on the league's private grounds.
Conditioning was very important and I was going to insure my ponies
were well-conditioned. Peaches and Trixie did nothing but sleep, eat and
train for 3 solid weeks.

The next week came the chariot. The chariot was a fine piece of engineering.
It weighed not much more than a bicycle. The seat was supported by a light
frame on two wheels. Two bars connected to the ponygirls' harnesses and to
their leather sleeve restraints. The girls were hooked up and had to practice
pulling the cart for hours. Soon their regular daily work out included a run
around the track.

By the time the official competitive season was to start Peaches and Trixie
were so co-dependant upon each other to the point that any time apart caused
them great distress. I went to go check on them in the stables one night and
was treated to the sight of them rutting like the animals that I had
conditioned them to be. Blonde Peaches was laying on the bed of straw and
redheaded Trixie had her face buried in Peaches' lovely cunt. Peaches was
groaning and panting like a bitch in heat while Trixie ate her out and
fingered her at the same time. They looked so hot, glistening with sweat and
making loud passionate noises, I couldn't help but unbutton my blue jeans
and stick my hand down my panties to masturbate. Peaches had her eyes closed
and Trixie had her face in Peaches' cunt so neither saw me. My hand was
pumping good and hard as Trixie and Peaches got into the "69'-position and
began to start to munch each other out with admirable enthusiasm. I came
fairly quickly and left silently before they k new that I was even there.

The firt day of Competition started and the chariots all lined up on "Mallory
Lee Baker" Track's starting line. This was a 3 lap race and my main rival's
were lined up against me. Yoshi Tanka, both of his ponygirls were tall
blonde's. Yoshi was a fat bastard and his poor pony's were going to have to
pull 300 pounds of pure ass. Still they were tall and had very long toned
legs, perfect for running, so their master's excessive weight wasn't going
to be as much of an issue. Damen Stone a Brit, his girls wore red leather
instead of black and he was excessively hard on them. Whip marks
criss-crossed their poor asses. John Black was an idiot Texan with an ugly
handle-bar mustache that was just plain gross. He was more interested in
fucking his ponies silly than in winning. And Josh Cross, Josh was seriously
vain Canadian who dressed like a boy-band member. Both of his ponies were
prairie girls with enormous breasts. The seats were filled to capacity and
fans waved their Canadian, Japanese, British, Texas and Californian flags as
they cheered for their respective charioteer. The gun blasted to start the
race and I cracked my whip across Peaches and Trixie's asses. The took off
instantly I found myself in a three way competition with Tanaka and Stone.
By the end of the firt lap the three of us had left the other two well behind
and were now pushing our girls to faster and faster speeds. Stone began to
fall behind so I cracked my whip over and over and finally got them to move
faster we pulled ahead of Stone and soon so did Tanaka in the final lap we
were nose to nose put as we approached the finish Tanaka's ponies simply
could not last any longer as they were exhausted from hauling the equivalent
of Jabba the hutt around the track. All that was left was the victory lap and
the trophy ceremony.

That night I celebrated in style with a double-headed strap-on dildo I
pounded Trixie's and Peaches' cunt almost all night long until I passed out
from exhaustion.

Karen finished her monologue as the clip showing the events of the season
finished playing.

ESPN2 Announcer One: Thanks. If anybody actually accidentally stopped to
watch the show while flipping through the channels then they got a real
_ _ _

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