ER: Wild Night In The ER Part 2 (MF,inter)
by SohoWanderer

Dr. Lewis didnít tell Abbey they had been seen. She knew that Abbey wouldn't
take that very well and didn't want to rock the boat. She knew that the
experience she just had was incredible and wanted to keep her options open.

Susan dressed quickly and rushed out to find Gallant. She wasn't sure what
she was going to say him. He was a very by the book kind of guy and she was
sure he was going to talk to Dr. Weaver right away. She knew that Abbey was
looking a little hurt by her rush to get dressed, but she really didn't want
Abbey to know they had been seen. She quickly found Gallant by the nurse's

"Hey, Gallant," she called. "Can we talk for a few minutes?"

Gallant smiled to himself. 'This was going to be fun,' he thought.

She led Gallant off to a corner.

"Alright, I'll get right to the point. I saw you looking in at me and Abbey."

"Yeah, well... I didn't mean to," replied Gallant.

"I'm sure not but the simple fact is that Weaver can't find out."

"Yeah, but we can't have that going on in the ER either. I'm sorry Susan but
if I want to get a supervisory spot here I need to show her I can take

"Being a tattletale is not taking charge," Lewis countered.

"Look, Susan," Gallant started. "That's easy for you to say. You aren't a
minority trying to get ahead. You have no idea about that."

Lewis looked at Gallant. He was an attractive, single guy. Lewis knew that it
was risk, but she thought she knew a way to change his mind.

"What if I made it worth your while to not tell on us?"

Gallant instantly knew what she was offering. The tug of war in his head
was in overdrive. He knew that part of him wanted to tell, but part of him
tattling wasn't the answer to make friends and get ahead. He thought about
the scene he witnessed. Instantly he felt a stirring in his pants as his
cock stiffened. He pictured Susan with her heavy breasts and thick bush.

Susan noticed Gallant's stare and knew it was working. She glanced over her
shoulder to be sure no one was watching and reached out and brushed the front
of his pants. She felt the incredible force of his hardon pounding at the
front of his scrubs.and walked away.

Minutes later, Susan sucked in her breath as the door slowly opened and
Gallant walked in. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he realized
that she was already naked. He stared close up at the body he admired peeking
through the door only a short time earlier.

Without a word, Lewis pulled Gallant towards her. Their lips met Lewis felt
a surge of electricity as she kissed a black man for the first time. It felt
amazing as Gallant wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

They kissed passionately for several minutes and Lewis began to wonder if
there wasn't some hidden attraction between the two of them. She had never
kissed someone so perfectly if there wasn't something there before.

Susan reached down and into Gallant's pants. She nearly screamed when she
felt the full size of his massive cock. She was wrapping her hands around it
couldn't ever remember feeling one so big before.

Gallant moved his hands to Susan's tits. He cupped them and felt their weight
and softness. He looked down and was drawn by the contrast in their skin
tones. It turned him on even more. He pinched her nipples and felt them
stiffen in his fingers. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

He felt Susan pulling away and thought maybe he had been to strong. Instead,
he felt his pants being lowered and his thick cock and balls were out in the
open. As his pants fell to his ankles, Susan dropped to her knees and began
stroking his hard shaft. Susan pumped hard as she ran her hand up and down
the biggest cock she had even been with. She figured this had to be 10 inches
long and very thick. It rippled in her hands as she pumped it up and down.

Susan then look her tongue and began to run it up and down the shaft of
Gallant's dick. It pounding and she could feel the power on her tongue. She
heard Gallant groan as she took the head into her month. She worked hard to
take as much of his cock into her mouth as possible. As much as she wanted
to, she knew that she was never going to get it all.

She cupped Gallant's balls and bobbed her head back and forth on his cock.
She could feel the pressure of his mounting climax so she slowed up, not
wanting this to end yet. She brought him to the edge several times but never
let him get all the way there.

Dr. Lewis then stood up and turned around. She bent over offering Gallant a
great view of her full ass and now dripping cunt. Gallant grabbed her hips
and with one long stroke push his big cock into Lewis's pussy.

Susan could feel it in every part of body as Gallant stroked his hard member
faster and faster in her silken channel. She hadn't felt this full before and
she was loving it. Her mind flashed through the events for the day. Seeing
John and Abbey fuck. Licking and sucking Abbey all over. And now, getting
filled with a huge black cock.

Susan bit her lip to keep from screaming as Gallant pumped his cock harder
and harder into her dripping snatch. His heavy balls slapped at her body with
every stroke. Gallant kept pumping his rod deeper and deeper.

"God, I'm gonna cum," moaned Gallant.

"Do it. Fill me, please," Susan responded.

Suddenly, Susan felt the flood of Gallant's seed filling her up. He shot with
a force she had never felt and wondered if she could take it all. Finally,
after what seemed like forever, Gallant pulled his cock from Susan's body.

She smiled at him and whispered a soft thank you. She watched with a glow as
Gallant dressed and with nod, told Susan that all was OK with talking to Dr.
Weaver. Gallant slowly opened the door and peeked out. With coast clear, he
left Susan in the old supply room, naked and smiling.

Dr. Lewis quickly dressed and rushed out. She couldn't wait to see where this
was going!


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