Disclaimer: ER and the characters are owned by NBC Studios. However, if they
choose to adapt my story into a future episode, I am certainly fine with

History of show: Tony had been staying with Sarah and her mother ever since
his Tony's military buddy, Sarah's father, died in Iraq. They were almost
like a family, which was shattered in Sarah's mind when mother and daughter
walked in on Tony and another doctor, Neela in bed, about to have sex. Sarah
really never got over that. About a year later, Sarah's mother dies. They had
been living together ever since then, even going through a period where he
thought he was her biological father, including getting tested. He wasn't.
She eventually moved to her grandparent's house, but they had some trouble
with her and they sent her back to live with Tony. This is where we start.

Pairing: Dr. Tony Gates/Sarah Riley

ER: Tony's Christmas Cherry (Mf,f-mast)
by JoeyZ ([email protected])

"Tony, breakfast is ready!" Sarah called out after making scramble eggs and
sausages. The thirteen-year-old girl loved to take care of the man who had
been watching her like a father ever since her father died. It was Dec. 24
and she was eager to have Christmas come. Tony was off for Christmas and
Sarah was planning on giving him something extra special, her virginity. She
had read a journal entry from her mother's diary that she kept now after her
recent death. Her mother had written about having Tony help to show her the
sexual ropes just as her father had done with her when she was 12.

"What's the occasion? You still working the good girl angle up to the last
minute?" Tony joked as he came into the kitchen.

"I'm not a little girl any more, Tony. I don't believe in Santa. I just know
that you won't get anything to eat if I don't make breakfast this morning."

"Well in that case, thank you sweetie." he said, kissing her on the forehead.
He ate in a bit of a rush since he was running a little late. "I probably
won't be back until 7:30, if you want, you can eat before then."

"I'll wait then. We need to eat together. That is what the study said,
families get along better when they eat together." she announced.

"I knew there was a reason I loved you." Tony smiled as he was about to
leave. He leaned down to give her one more parting kiss, but Sarah surprised
him by leaning up and meeting his lips with hers.

He stared at her with confusion but happy that she gave him such an amazing
kiss. "Have a good day." she told him with an innocent smile on her face.

"Yeah, you too." he replied unsure what happened. Backing up, he reached for
the knob and, after a few tries, opened the door and left. Alone now, she
turned up the heat and stripped her clothes off. She was so proud of her body
with her budding, half-grapefruit-sized breasts and sparsely-haired pussy.
She had been waiting for her pubic hair ever since she got her period when
she was eleven. It was only within the past few months that it really started
to come in.

Sarah went over to her bed and took out her diary from last year. Everything
was so perfect back then. Her mother began to teach her about sex and was
trying to get her ready for Tony. Everything was ruined when they caught him
in bed with Neela and then the worst happened when her mother died in the car
accident. Since then, she had her hopes lifted that maybe she could be Tony's
daughter, only to be dashed again followed by her grandparents taking her
away from him.

Now here she was back with her favorite man and this time, she was going to
make him hers. She was going to seduce him to taking her virginity–well at
least be her first. Her cherry was already picked by her own fingers a while
ago when her mother taught her how to finger herself.

Sarah got on her computer and went to some sex sites of which her mother had
once been a member. Sarah's mother had purchased five years' of membership at
a steep discount due to her sex pictures just last year and, of course, she
had told Sarah what the password was since Sarah helped take the pictures.
She was now looking at some of her mom's pictures, masturbating to them. Her
left hand was working on her fuzzed pussy while her right hand was working
the mouse. "Yeah Mom!" Sarah moaned as she remembered taking each picture,
every noise that her mother made during the shoot. Always after the shoots,
her mother would play with her as well, usually ending up eating her out.

She now missed that contact. Her mother could make her orgasm better than she
could do on her own. She found no one her age that she was attracted to or
even wanted to play around with. For so long, her mother was getting her
ready for Tony that no one else ever could measure up to him. "Oh yeah!" she
moaned louder as she was gradually coming to climax. She was now thinking
about Tony and how much she wanted to have sex with him. "Oh Tony! Have me!"
she screamed as she hit her orgasm and her pussy oozed her hot sex juice onto
the chair and her hand.

She wiped herself clean before going to the den to watch some TV, still
naked. She loved to be naked all the time and was hoping that after tomorrow,
she would be able to. All through the day, she went through some of the plans
of how she would get him to have sex with her. She decided to wrap up her
mother's diary and show him the entries where she talked of the sexual plans.
She was also going to show Tony the website, which he knew nothing about.

Reluctantly, she had to get dressed a few minutes before Tony was to get
home. She had been making a small supper for them and had everything ready
when he walked in the door. The rest of the night was spent normal and Sarah
went to bed knowing the next day on Christmas was going to be her most
memorable one. That night, she fingered herself to one more orgasm before
going to sleep.

When she awoke on Christmas morning, she was more excited and nervous than
she had been in a long time. Naked in her bed, she got up and threw on a long
nightgown with no underwear and a robe to combat the cold until the heat
warmed the house enough. She walked to Tony's room but didn't see him in
there. "Tony?" she called.

From the bathroom came the response, "I'll be done in a minute. Just go
downstairs and wait for me." he said, adding in a louder, more fun, voice,
"And don't even think of opening any presents until I get there."

Sarah went back to her room and got the diary she wrapped before going
downstairs. She placed the gift under the tree and then got excited to see
so many presents for her. Tony always liked to spoil her. She sat down on
the couch waiting a few minutes until Tony got back downstairs. "All right,
you may commence." Tony said as he sat next to her. She got up and started
tearing open her gifts such as CDs and clothes. She squealed in excitement
every time she received something she wanted. Finally, she gave Tony his
first present, some clothes that she thought he would look real nice in.
Tony realized she had very good taste. After everything else had been
opened, Tony noticed the last gift. Sarah nervously gave it to Tony,
sitting right next to him when he unwrapped the diary.

"It was Mom's diary." Sarah explained as he was looking at it. "I have saved
some pages that I wanted you to read. I need you to read it now while I make
you some coffee. She got up and went over to the kitchen, starting the coffee
pot as she took some juice from the fridge and pouring herself a glass. She
needed something as her mouth was dry. A few minutes passed and she hadn't
heard anything from Tony. The coffee was ready so she poured some into a mug
and brought it and her juice over, placing them on the table in front of the
couch. "Well?" she asked, noticing the shocked look on his face.

"She wanted me to have sex with you?" Tony was dumbfounded.

"I want to have sex with you. She began teaching me a few years ago." Sarah
explained. "In fact, you are the reason why I haven't had sex, yet. I have
been waiting for you."

He finally looked down at his little girl. "Oh Sarah, I can't." He didn't
sound as convincing as he wanted to.

"There's more, Tony." Sarah said. She took him to the computer and signed
into the sex site. Immediately, she went to the pictures of her mother.
Although he had seen her naked and, in fact, had sex with her a few times,
he was still shocked to see this lovely woman naked on her bed. "I took
these pictures, Tony." He went through the many thumbs on the site, amazed
that Meg, Sarah mother, would be so exhibitionistic.

"You took these?" he asked, amazed at how well they were.

"Yeah. I took them when I was naked as well. Oh Tony, Mom taught me so much."
Sarah said leaning into his arm. He looked into her eyes again and could see
the desperate look in her eyes. "Oh Tony, I want to have you for Christmas.
I am giving myself to you." She kissed him on the mouth briefly.

"I need to think." Tony said as he went to his bedroom. He brought with him
the diary and stayed in there for a half-an-hour. Sarah stayed in the den
watching TV and looking at her presents, not really paying attention to what
she was doing. She was just biding the time until Tony came out.

When he came back out, he went straight over to the couch and sat down next
to Sarah. He had a look of seriousness on his face. "Are you sure you know
what you are asking of me?"

"Yes. I am asking you to stick your cock into my pussy." she replied. "It'll
hurt the first time, but I am ready for anything."

"It's also very illegal and I could go to jail for it." Tony reminded her.

"Like I would tell anyone." Sarah said, "I'm not stupid."

"What about protection from pregnancy?" he asked her.

"I just had my period last week." Sarah told him. "And you know I am disease
free, in fact from that perspective, I am taking the risk. I have to assume
you have no STDs." She gave him a little grin with that statement.

"I am clean, I can guarantee you that." Tony mussed her hair. They were quiet
for a moment before Tony continued, "If this is really what you want, I'll do

Sarah got very excited. "Oh thank you Tony!" she hugged him in a loving,
excited embrace. She looked right into his eyes. "Kiss me first, Tony. Like
you mean it." Sarah leaned into Tony and pressed her lips gently to his. It
took him a second to overcome his hesitation before he responded with his

Tony ended the kiss and looked at his little, or not so little, girl. She
slowly removed her robe, feeling warmer after the kiss. "My room, Tony." she
said as she grabbed him by the hand and led him up to her bedroom. Sarah
stood next to the bed and pulled her nightgown off, revealing her naked body
to Tony for the first time.

"Oh Sarah, you are so beautiful!" Tony sighed, noticing how amazing this
blossoming girl looked.

"More than your girlfriends?" Sarah teased, hoping for a yes answer.

"Sarah, you are perfect. I only wish you and your mother had told me earlier
bout your plans." Tony said as he took his shirt off. Sarah could notice the
tenting of his shorts.

He slowly removed his shorts, knowing this was the point of no return. His
cock sprung out, as hard as it ever was. Sarah let out a little gasp, seeing
a penis for the first time in her life, and knowing that this would soon be
inside of her most intimate parts. "I can't believe that will fit."

"It may hurt going in." Tony warned. "But it should feel amazing." He went
to sit on her bed and she followed. He grabbed her and brought her to his
lap so they were facing each other. They kissed once more, this time an
intentionally sexual kiss with both of them naked. He let his hands slide
over her body and stopped at her ass, massaging her cheeks as he would with
his girlfriends but enjoying her smaller stature.

He laid down with her on his chest in the middle of the kissing. Sarah pulled
away from his face and had seen enough porn pictures to know how to ride him.
She got up on her knees and hovered over his waist. "I love you so much,
Tony!" she said as she lowered herself onto his cock. His cock strained at
her tight lips that had never had anything so large trying to fit in. She was
groaning with determination to get his cock into her cunt. Suddenly, her lips
parted and allowed his head to enter. She stopped there to get used to the
feeling of something so big inside of her pussy. Tony could only look in
amazement as his cock was sticking out of this girl's thirteen-year-old

"Oh Tony!" Sarah said with a deeper voice. Slowly and delicately, she slid
down his cock, swallowing inch after inch. She had never had anything so big
inside of her and she was determined to take all of Tony's hardness. Even
though he was splitting her newly sexed vaginal walls apart, she did not stop
sliding down until she was sitting on his hips, his pubic hair tickling her
lips. She now rested with her father-figure inside of her.

Tony gently brought her down to his chest and gave her a powerful kiss. She
easily reciprocated as their tongues danced within each other's mouth. "You
did it, Sarah!" he whispered to her. "And you feel so good!"

"I'll never forget this Tony!" she replied before sitting back up. It hurt
her, but the hurt felt so good. She pulled off of him until only his head
remained inside of her, then sank back down on his cock. Both of them moaned
with pleasure. She repeated the move, up and down on his pole, each time
squeezing a moan out of each person. Tony soon reached up and played with
Sarah's budding breasts. "Ooh!" she sighed feeling his hands on her sensitive
nipples. "Do you do this to all your girlfriends?"

"None of them has such soft breasts as you, Sarah!" he answered breathlessly.
"And none of them are so tight. Oh Sarah, this will not be the only time we
do this, will it?"

She looked down at him, his face contorted with lust. "We'll do it as much
as you want." Slowly, she was riding his cock, savoring her first sexual
experience. Tony was in heaven, never having lasted this long while having
sex. He let his hands roam down her chest and around to her ass cheeks. He
started to get involved now as he gave counter shoves into and pulls out of
Sarah's cunt as she was riding him. Sarah increased her pace, being met by
Tony's counterpace.

A couple minutes later, as they were finally getting into a quickening
rhythm, Tony felt his orgasm building inside of him. "Sarah! I'm about to
cum!" A few seconds later, he groaned as he unloaded his potent sperm into
Sarah's fertile body. As soon as his first squirt hit her muscles, she came
with a loud grunting call as she began to spasm on his cock, squeezing and
milking him for all it was worth.

"Oh Tony!" she breathlessly called out as her orgasm was coursing through her
body. She was pushed down completely on Tony's cock, sitting on his hips as
their fingers were entwining. She leaned down and met her lips with Tony's,
their kiss beyond passionate. They stayed in that position until they both
came down from their orgasmic highs.

Sarah rolled off of Tony, lying right next to him. "How did you like your
Christmas present?" she asked with a wide smile.

"It was more than I could have hoped for." Tony replied.


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