ER: The Fruits Of Life (MF)
by Lord Bishop ([email protected])

Chapter I

Christmas eve had rolled around again, and as usual, it was busy in the ER.
People getting shocked while trying to fit 68 things into one socket, morons
slipping and falling off their roof while imitating Chevy Chase. People
having chainsaw-related accidents while cutting down their own tree.

Abby Lockhart was spending the following day alone. She had asked that she
not work on Christmas. She hadn't taken a day off in over three weeks and she
just needed to recoup. John Carter came in, dressed in his Santa Suit. He was
delivering gifts to the childrens ward. He had a massive sack over his
shoulder and a long flowing white beard. He had even put on a fat suit to
complete the appearance.

John walked over to the front desk and pulled out a manila envelope form his
costume. He made sure not to remove his beard in case any small children came
by. He didn't want to be responsible for years of psychotherapy.

"Ho, Ho, Ho," he bellowed.

Abby looked up, unamused.

"I thought I told you never to call me that," she muttered.

"Very funny, young lady." John paused for a moment. "Say, what are you doing

"Sitting home and feeling sorry for myself. Why?" John handed her an
envelope. She looked at it, then back at him. There was a label on the front.
"Make a dream come true. Charity?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said, difficult to understand.

"You know, it would be easier if you removed the beard." John glanced around
to see if any children were within earshot. Several small children were
sitting over by the waiting area door.

"But young lady, Santa can't remove his beard."

Abby snickered. "Sure, sign me up."

John pulled the beard down for just a second. "Thanks. One of the children
noticed him pull the beard down and screamed at the top of her lungs."

An hour later, Abby sat in the break room, drinking a cup of coffee. She
pulled out the envelope and tore it open. Inside was a letter and photo of a
young man. She began reading the letter.

Dear Make a Dream come True:

My name is Timothy Donovan.

I'm 22 years old and am suffering from a brain tumor. It
has been estimated that I will not live to see my 23rd
Birthday (May 16th). If you can help bring my dream to
fruition, it would make a dying man happy. Thank you.

My dream is to experience the Fruits of Life.

Abby sat in silence for a moment. The Fruits of Life. What could that be? She
looked at the picture. The man was pale, with no hair. He had a scar on his
head from surgery. She looked at the label on the envelope. There was a phone
number. She dialed it on her cell.

"Yes, my name is Abby Lochart. I received a letter from a hospice patient.
How do I go about arranging an appointment? Okay yes, Timothy Donovan. Yes,
thank you. Okay, tomorrow would be super. Yes, I realize its Christmas. Yeah.

She jotted down an address on the envelope then hung up.

Chapter II

The following morning, she drove over to Timothy's home. She knocked on his
door. His mother opened up. She was a pleasant woman of 51, with short blond
hair and blue eyes.

"Yes? Can I help you?"

"I'm Abby. I'm from the 'Make a Dream Come True' foundation."

"Oh, yes welcome, come on in. We got a call about you yesterday."

The kitchen was very well organized. Abby sat at the table. Mrs. Donovan
poured a cup of tea for her then joined her.

"So, how long has Timothy been ill?"

"About three months now. This has been a very difficult time for him. Last
year, his father died in a car accident and then he was diagnosed with this
tumor. He fought it once and overcame it, but then it came back."

"I know someone who had that happen as well."

"He asked me to send a letter to the foundation. We didn't think wed hear
back so soon." Abby just nods. "And Timothy asked for something that I don't

"I had questions about it also."

"He's asleep right now, but his medication time is coming up soon. God, I
hate giving him his meds."

"I'm a nurse if it makes a difference. I could go take care of it for you.
It would give us some time alone to discuss his dream."

"You're a school nurse?"

"No. I work over at CCH."

"In the ER?"


"Thought you looked familiar. I was in last year with a broken ankle," Mrs.
Donovan stated. "Why don't we go up and see Timothy?"


Mrs. Donovan and Abby went upstairs. The last door on the left at the top of
the stairs was Timothy's room. Mrs. Donovan opened the door. Inside, Timothy
was resting peacefully. He looked fairly well, but he was bald from the

"Mom," he uttered in a whisper.

"Honey, I have someone from the foundation here to see you." Timothy looked
up at Abby. He smiled. "This is Abby. Shes a nurse. I'm going to give you two
a few moments alone." Mrs. Donovan kissed her ailing son on the head and then

Abby began taking care of the meds. Timothy reached over to stop her. "No
meds. Not today."

"Timothy you need to take your meds. It'll help slow the tumors progress."

"I've got a death sentence. I would rather not fight it."

"For me? Please?" Abby asked.


Abby gave the meds then sat down by his bed. She took his left hand. "So,
what is your wish?" she asked.

"I'm dying. I'm never going to experience world travel, having a wife, having
children, getting married, growing old. I just want to experience a few
fruits of life."

"I dont know how I can help you."

He traced his hand over hers. "Are you married?" he asked.





Abby laughed this one off. "No."

"So youre single?"


"I want to experience a normal life away from this bed."

"What do you want to do?"

"Go on a vacation with a woman."


"Las Vegas. Do a little gambling, see a show or two share a laugh."

"I could do that. I have a few days of vacation saved up."

"The foundation will pay for it."

"You called them already?"

"They said all expenses paid," Timothy replied.

"Okay. When?"

"New Year's Eve."

"Why not?"

"Oh and one more thing. I won't be taking my meds for those days. I want to
forget that I'm sick. I just want to enjoy my life without worry."

"I understand.

Chapter III

Five days later, they boarded a plane for Las Vegas. Together, they checked
into a four-star hotel. Abby helped him into the suite. There, she sat on the
bed and looked at him. There was only one large bed.

"Do you want me to order up a cot?" she asked.

"No. I want you to share the bed with me."

"Timothy you know..."

"I'm dying. I'm also a virgin."

That caught her off guard. "Are you saying you want to?"


"I can't."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because it wouldn't be love."

"You've loved every man you've ever had sex with?"

Abby paused for a moment. Of course not. But she wasnt about to reveal
that. She looked at him. He looked frail and saddened, as if he had just had
his dream crushed. "No. I've had sex with men that I didn't love."

"So can we?"

Abby paused for a long moment. He was dying and he would never know true
physical affection. This was her one chance to make him happy. "Under three

"What conditions?" Timothy asked.

"One: use a condom," Abby remarked.


"Two: You never tell anyone."


"Three: nothing weird."

"Define weird."

"No talk of animal sex or fantasies of torture. And no pedo fantasies."

"Absolutely not. Thats just nasty," Timothy replied. "However, will you do a
naughty nurse fantasy with me?"

"I guess I could."

"Can you get a costume?"

"Sure. What the hell."

That evening, they went down to the casino for some gambling. Timothy won
three hundred dollars at the blackjack table, which he used to buy Abby a new
dress and a sexy nighty. Later on, they went dancing in the hotel ballroom.
There, as they spun to Earth Angel, they shared a kiss. As they parted lips,
Abby noticed a tear escape Timothy's eye. That was when she decided that she
was going to make every dream he had ever had come true.

Chapter IV

Two hours later, they found themselves back in the suite. Timothy walked
over to the bathroom. He closed the door and the shower began running. A
few minutes later, it died out. He exited the bathroom, dressed in a
complimentary hotel robe. Abby went in next, her nighty in hand. As she
passed Timothy, she whispered, "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be out in
a few minutes."

She stood in the shower, rinsing off. She let the water run through her hair
as she washed it. She then ran the lufa over her curves, washing herself
clean. She then exited the shower and dressed in her nighty. She exited the

The lights had been dimmed and dozens of candles had been set up. Timothy
stood by the window, overlooking the city. He had two glasses of wine poured
out. Abby walked over and accepted a glass of wine from him. They both sipped
their drinks.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Abby asked.

"Yes. I don't want to die a virgin."

"Okay." She finished her wine then placed the glass on a table. He did the

"I've never been this close to being with a woman," he muttered.

"I'll be gentle," she replied. With that, she leaned into his and kissed him
on the lips. He responded by kissing her back. He forced his tongue into her
mouth. She quickly pulled back and looked at him. "Whoa... Easy there,

"Sorry," he replied. "I'm a little nervous."

"It's okay. Here let me show you how to kiss a woman properly." Abby leaned
in and placed her lips to his. She pulled away and then repeated. They
continued kissing, each one being a little more daring. As they kissed, Abby
took Timothy's left hand and placed it on her belly. She then helped him
trace it up to her breast. A droplet of sweat ran down his forehead as he
felt the curvature of her bosom. She sighed just a little as she felt his

"Shall we go further?" he asked.

"Yes." She stepped away from him and the eased the straps of the nighty off.
The nighty fell to the floor. She stood before him wearing nothing but a pair
of silk thong panties. He opened his robe to reveal his naked body. She
smiled as they embraced in each others touch. He felt a stirring as his
crotch rubbed her silk panties.

"Can I touch you?" he asked, trepidation in his voice.

"Yes and you don't have to ask permission form this point onward."

"Okay." They embraced in a kiss.

A few moments later, they parted. "Lets go to the bed."

Abby escorted Timothy over to the bed. He sat down on the side. She looked
down at his eyes. "Do you have any particular fantasy for nurse naughty?" she

"Yeah I would love it if you'd," he stammered, a slight blush coming on.

"No need to be embarrassed. What would you like me to do?"

"Would you perform oral sex on me?" he asked, turning beet red.

"Of course." She kneeled down by his side and began to play with his already
semi-erect cock. She began to speed up, bring him to his first full erection
in over two months. As Abby's right hand stroked Timothy's cock, she licked
her lips. She lowered her head to his manhood and began to gently lick it
with her tongue. She traced her tongue up the length of his cock, making him
quiver and moan in pleasure. She looked up into his eyes.

"Like that?" she asked.

"Yeah... felt good."

"Lie back." She paused, then stood up. She found her way over to the dresser.
On top of the dresser was a welcome package, which included a set of bath
soaps, earplugs and a sleeping mask. She took the mask and returned to
Timothy's side. She handed the mask to him.

"What's this for?"

"I'll show you slide it on." Timothy placed the mask over his eyes. He laid
back on the bed and giggled a little. Abby returned to her knees. She again
began fondling his cock. After a few moments, she resumed performing fellatio
on Timothy.

Within a few moments, Timothy was moaning rather loud, signaling that he was
close to orgasm. Abby looked up at him. "You want me to finish you off?" she

"Yes please," he muttered. She returned to him and deep-throated him, causing
his moans to become even louder. After a few seconds, his hand gripped the
sheet and he came, filling Abby's throat with hot cum. She quickly swallowed
it all down. She sat back, a smile on her face. Timothy sat up and looked at
her. "I'm so sorry," he said, a regretful look on his face.

"Why? You didn't do anything wrong. I never minded the taste of semen."

"It's not that. I feel like a used you."

Abby got up and sat on the bed next to Timothy. She looked right into his
eyes, almost peering into his soul.

"You didnt."

"I... I just wanted to give you something in return."

"You can just go wash up."

Timothy stood before the bathroom sink, rinsing the excess cum of his body.
He then returned to the bed, naked. He sat down on the bed next to Abby, who
was still topless.

"Ready to give me something?" she asked.

"Yeah what do you want?"

"Ever hear of cunnilingus?" Abby asked, a hint of a smile on her face.

"What is that? Some sort of Italian dinner?" Timothy responded, somewhat

To this remark, Abby broke out in laughter. "No. It's the act of oral sex on
a woman."

"You want me to perform oral pleasures on you?" he asked.

"Yeah its not that hard. Just let me guide you."

He smiled to this suggestion. "Do you want me to get off the bed or

"Yeah hold on here." She took a pillow and placed it on the ground. "Just sit
on that and follow my lead." She draped her legs over the side of the bed,
giving him enough room to sit between her legs. He took the proper position.
She took the sleeping mask and placed it over her eyes. "Okay before we
begin, know that the smell is supposed to be musky. It's not unnatural at
all. At first, it can be a bit over powering, but after a while, itll smell
like a sweet perfume."


"Now, I'm going to lift my butt off the bed. I want you to gently roll my
panties off. Place your hands on my hips and slide your fingers under the
elastic. Then, you gently pull them off. Take it slow."

"Okay. Are you shaved?"


"Any stubble?"

"No. I shaved this morning. I'm very smooth. Ready?"

"All set," Timothy replied.

Abby put her feet up on the edge of the bed, as if she were at her OB-GYN.
She lifted her butt up from the bed. Timothy placed his hands on her hips
and slid his fingers under the elastic band. He then slid the panties to
her knees. She brought her legs down from the edge of the bed. He took her
panties off. He crumpled them up in his palm and sniffed them, inhaling her
feminine scent.

"Okay now, I want you to place your index finger and middle finger on either
side of my vagina." He did so. "Now, spread them apart just a little, like
two or two and a half inches." Timothy spread his fingers, causing Abby to
moan. "Now, with your other hand, lick your index and middle fingers. Then,
you gently rub my womanhood with your slightly moist fingers. I find its best
to rotate between counter-clockwise circles and a gently up and down motion."

"Okay." Timothy did as he was instructed, provoking an immediate sexual
response from Abby. She started out with a light moan which quickly became a
pant and then a whimper. She gripped the sheets as she felt her first orgasm
approaching. Although she had men give her many orgasms, she was impressed
that this virgin was able to do it so quickly.

Without warning, she cried out. She came. Timothy stopped his actions. Abby
looked up at him. "Whyd you stop?" Abby asked.

"Because you came."

"Honey ever hear of the multiple orgasm?"

"What's that?" Timothy asked.

"Woman can have multiple orgasms in a single session of sex."

"How do I do this?"

"Just keep working me. This time, do it with your tongue. Similar motion just
with your tongue. Also, you can suck on my clitoris. That's the tiny piece of
skin and flesh that seems to grow during sexual contact."

Timothy returned to Abby's womanhood. He began by tracing his tongue over her
folds, then delving it into her, causing her to cry out. He quickly pulled
out. "What did I do something wrong?" he asked, nervously.

"No why'd you stop?" she asked. She lifted the mask off her eyes.

"I thought I might have hurt you or something."

"Heavens no. It felt great. It was just a little more advanced. But, you are
welcome to do it."

"What did I do?" he asked.

"You put your tongue in the holiest of holies."

"What do I do?" he asked.

"Just stick your tongue in and trace the inner walls as best as you can. You
may want to place my legs over your back and hold onto my hips. I may buck a

"Okay." He began to perform sensational oral sex on Abby. In a matter of
seconds, her cries escalated to screams of delight. Then, as if nothing, she
had three orgasms one upon the next. She finally felt as though was going to
pass out.

"Okay okay stop please," she cried out.

He pulled his tongue from her and looked up at her. "What did I do wrong this

"Nothing. I just can't take another orgasm right now."

"Can I join you on the bed."

"What did I say about asking permission?"

"Sorry, I forgot."

"It's okay," Abby replied. "You can join me in the bed if you wish."

He climbed under the covers. Abby joined him. They laid together naked,
cuddling close. For the first time in a long time, Timothy didn't feel sick.
He felt normal. He felt healthy, even though he was far from being so. For
the next hour, they talked.

"I read somewhere and maybe you can tell me if this is true," Timothy

"What?" Abby replied.

"That people who are physically intimate with others are generally

"Sort of. People who have physical contact with others have stronger immune
systems and are generally not depressed. Have you been depressed recently?"

"Hello brain tumor. Yeah," he replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Dumb

Abby paused fora moment. She then climbed out of bed. Naked, she walked
across the room to the bottle of wine. She poured herself a second glass.
She then poured Timothy a second glass. She returned to the bed with both
glasses. She climbed back in bed. He glanced over at her, then back at the

"Whats wrong?" she asked.


"You have something on your mind."

"When someone knows that their death is imminent, they look back and ask
themselves what they have accomplished. I'm wondering what I've

"I'm happy," Abby whispered.


"I'm happy."

"That I'm dying?"

"No." Abby paused for a long moment. "I've been in a ton of miserable
relationships. I've been divorced. I've had the man that I love show me the
ultra-sound of his unborn baby and gloat about it. I've been unhappy for a
long time. But not tonight."

"What is your point?"

"If you've achieved nothing else, you can take comfort in the knowledge that
you made a sad woman happy for the first in a long time." She sat and looked
at him.

"What?" he asked.

"Are you afraid to die?"


"You believe in God?"

"I did. Once."

"What happened."

"After my father died and I got this tumor, I felt God had forsaken me."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"Abby - do you ever wonder what your purpose is here?"

"No. I don't. I know my purpose."

"What is it?"

"To heal those who are sick."

"But you can't heal me."

"No I can't. But here I am."

"But why are you here?"

Here's a thought maybe your purpose is to show me my purpose."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't heal you but I can be with you even if its only for a little while."

Timothy glanced up at Abby, who was now cradling him close to her left
breast. She rocked him gently. "Abby I love you."

"Dont say that." She sniffled a little.

"Why not? Its not like we can have a long term relationship."

"That's why you don't say that."

"Abby I want to experience a lifetime of feelings in these few days."

"I know."

"And falling in love I don't have the time to figure out if its true love or
momentary infatuation. I would rather say it and be wrong than not say it at

"Can I tell you a story?" Abby asked.


"A few years ago I had a friend named Mark Green. He was a doctor in my ER.
He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He fought it, as you did. However, it
came back."

"He died?"

"Yeah. But before he died, he went to Hawaii. He used his final days to
reconnect with his daughter. He used his final days to do all that which he
always wanted to do. He decided he wasn't going to live in fear of death, but
with zest for life."

"And the moral of the story?"

"Yes, you are dying. But live one last time. Do that one thing you always
wanted to do. Something you never could do but always wanted to."

"I know what it is."


"I always wanted to sky-dive."

"Then lets do it tomorrow afternoon."

"But just in case my parachute fails to open I'd still would like to die not
as a virgin."

"Can you manage already?"

"Yeah tonight was my first orgasm since I got sick again."

"Okay you wanna be on top or shall I?" Abby asked.

"Whatever you prefer."

Abby laid Timothy back on the bed. She reached under the cover and began to
stroke him, gently at first. Soon, she had him hard in her palm.

"Did you get condoms?" she asked.

"Yeah they're in the bedside drawer."

Abby leaned over and opened the drawer. Insider were several different boxes
of rubbers. One was a dry brand, another a lubricated brand and the third was
a spermicidal brand, with ridges for increased sensitivity. Abby took the
ridged box. After taking one from the box, she tore the package open and
removed the rubber. She placed it at the tip of his cock and rolled it
downward, all the time looking into his eyes. She then straddled him. Gently,
she traced his cock over her soft shaven folds. She then lowered herself onto
him, causing them both to moan in pleasure. She then withdrew. She plunged it
back even faster, causing him to cry out. She continued to ride, clenching
her butt tightly for increased sensation. She rode him like that for a good
ten minutes.

Timothy placed his hands on Abbys hips, holding her stable. As she rode him,
her boobs bounced hypnotically in every which direction. Touch my boobs she
moaned. Timothy placed his palms on her boobs, squeezing them gently as he
continued to fuck her. Abby placed her hands flat on his chest as they
continued. She leaned down to him and began to kiss him. After they had
shared a kiss, Abby positioned herself so he could suck on her nipples.

As he suckled, she whispered in his ear, "You want to change positions?"

"Yeah lets do a little rear entry."

"Doggy style?" Abby asked.

"Yeah." Timothy responded.

She dismounted him, then pushed the sheets off the bed. She climbed on the
bed on her hands and knees. He sat up, licked his index and middle fingers
on his right hand. He then began fingering Abby's pussy. "It's nice to see
you're learning a little somethings," she muttered as she looked back.

He then took his penis in his left hand and guided it inward. She clenched
her teeth just a little as entered her. Although she wasnt new to doggy
style, she hadn't had it since she dated Luka, which was nearly two years a
go. Timothy withdrew, then slid himself back in. He withdrew again. "How's
that feel?" he asked.

"Feels good just go a little faster."

He began speeding up, thrusting into her faster. The sounds of his pantings,
their flesh slapping together and her moans quickly filled the room.

Then, as if nothing, Abby had an orgasm. "Oh shit I'm cumming!" she screamed
out." A warm sensation overcame Timothy's manhood as she released her sexual
juices. "Okay you need to pull out, she cried.

He did as he was told. She sat up, still on her knees. She leaned her head
back onto his right shoulder. "Now what?" he asked.

"Trace your hands up my body. Play with my nipples. He began to feel her up,
a smile on his face. I want you to nibble very gently on my left earlobe.
Then, start kissing my neck. Once you reach my shoulder, repeat. Okay?"

"Yeah okay."

She closed her eyes as he began sucking on her earlobe. He bit it ever so
gently. He traced his tongue over her lobe, flicking it a little. He then
kissed his way down her neck. As she felt him probing her breasts with his
hands and her neck with his tongue and lips, she could also feel his still
stiff cock pressing tightly against her bottom. She reached down between
her legs with her right hand and grasped his cock. She pulled it down and
began to firmly stroke him off. With her left hand, she took a hold of his
balls. She began to gently squeeze them and manipulate them, causing a
reaction from Timothy.

"Do you like this?" she asked.

"Definitely. Feels so good."

"How would you feel about tit-fucking me?" she asked.

"I'm definitely into it."

"You're such a positive guy. You know that, right?"

He just smirked. She released him and laid back on the bed. He laid by her

"Okay now what?"

"First, I want you to get me off."


"Suck on my breasts. Kiss them, play with them, squeeze them, lick them,
press them together just take your time."

"Okay." He leaned across her and began kissing her boobs. He sucked the
nipple of her right breast into his mouth, while his right hand squeezed her
left breast. He then began running his tongue over her nipple. He alternated
between her boobs, focusing a few moments attention on her right, then her
left then her right again. Abby seemed to be enjoying the attention her boobs
where getting. Rarely did she have the opportunity to show them off. And when
she did, she usually attracted the wrong kind of attention. But tonight,
although it might have been wrong, it felt so right to her. She felt like she
was 18 again. However, unlike her teen years, she didn't feel the fumbling
experimentation of teenage boys in the back seat of a dingy Monte Carlo.
Timothy seemed to be getting the hang of sexual exploration. Abby had been
with numerous men in her time. Most of them had found themselves more
concerned with their own pleasure than hers. Timothy was different. He seemed
to enjoy pleasuring her, not himself.

He pressed her boobs to
gether, the released them. He did it again. Having fun? Abby asked, a smirk on h
er face.Yeah.You know that really tickles.And you dont like it?I would really en
joy getting your cock between `em.Okay. Timothy straddled her body. He placed hi
s cock between her boobs. He still had his condom on. Abby took hold of him and
eased his rubber off. What are you doing? he asked.Im going to let you do someth
ing Ive only let one other guy do.What?Give me a facial.Im not a beautician.You
dont know what a facial is? she asked.No. Can you explain it?Its when you cum on
my face, neck and tits.Okay. Abby squeezed her boobs around his cock, creating a
warm and tight environment. He began to gently slide it and out of her newly cre
ated canyon. He quickly sped up, bring himself to an orgasm in a matter of minut
es.Almost there? she asked, sweat streaming down both of their faces.Yeah, almos
t there. He sat up and began stroking himself off. Abby took hold and helped him
, bring him to a complete orgasm. He shot his first blast directly onto her fore
head. It ran down her face to her lips. He shot a second and third blast on her
tits. They both cried out as he came, for she had an orgasm a few moments later.
It was the mere thought of having this type of sex that got her wet. The actual
act had made her juices flow.After showering together, they went to bed. They sl
ept close together, snug and warm. Both of them wore smiles on their faces, Abby
for she had done something good and Timothy for he had lost his virginity to a w
oman he felt was beautiful. And indeed she was beautiful.

Chapter V

Early the next morning, Abby woke up alone. She was still naked under the
sheets. She climbed out of the bed. In the bathroom, she could hear the
shower running. She went into the steamy bathroom.In the shower, Timothy
stood, rinsing himself off. Abby joined him. He spun around to see her. She

"Good morning," he whispered.

She leaned into him and kissed him. "Good morning. How'd you sleep?"

"Like the dead," he replied.

"Like the dead?"

"Maybe that's a bad choice of expressions."

"You chose it," Abby responded. "So what do we have planned for today?"

"I got us two skydiving lessons. Two-oclock."

"You want me to skydive?" Abby asked.

"Sure, why not?"

"Because I could get killed."

"And you could slip in the tub and break your neck. Why not live a little?"

"Good point."

They kissed again. Timothy began sudsing Abby's boobs up. She seemed to enjoy
his soft touch.

"Having more fun?" she asked.

"Just a little."

"Wanna go do it?" Abby said mockingly.

"You serious?"

"Why not?"

Abby laid back on the bed, still naked. She looked up as Timothy loomed over
her. She clenched her teeth as she felt his cock enter her fragile womanhood.
He thrusted forward, her legs draped over the side of the bed. He leaned down
and they kissed. He wrapped his arms under her shoulders, lifting her up a
little bit. He continued to push into her, deeper than he had the previous

"I'm almost there," he muttered in her ear.

"You can cum inside me," she replied.

After a few more thrusts, he came. He filled his condom in a might burst.
He then laid her back on the bed, exhausted. She smiled as he withdrew. He
disappeared back into the bathroom to wash up.

Upon his return to the bed, he found that Abby had drifted back to sleep. He
climbed into bed next to her and cradled her. They slept for three hours.

Chapter VI

When they woke up, Abby looked at the clock. It was nearly noon. She climbed
out of bed and headed for the shower. After washing off, she got dressed.
Timothy woke up as she buttoned her jeans. He went and showered as well.
After he was dressed, they went down to the lobby for some lunch.

Two hours later, they arrived at a nearby air strip. They took a safety
course in skydiving and then were herded onto a plane with two other couples.
They sat across from each other.

Abby had never really enjoyed flying. She was more of a keep both feet on
the ground kind of girl. And the idea of jumping out a plane was even less
appealing. Timothy, however, was psyched to be taking this risk. He had even
gone so far as to have a camera mounted on his helmet so he could show his
friends back home.

When they were over the drop-zone, he volunteered to go first. He looked at
Abby and shouted, "If I don't make it, tell everyone I beat cancer twice."

Abby broke out in laughter. "And what if I don't make it?" she asked.

"I'll write a tell-all essay about our trip and have it published in the New

"Thanks," Abby replied.

Timothy turned and leapt from the plane. A few moments later, Abby leapt out
after him. Fortunately, both chutes opened. They gently glided down to the

Chapter VII

When they returned to the hotel, Timothy received a full-body massage from a
masseuse at the hotel. Abby, meanwhile, sought out a nearby costume shop. The
closest one was at a local mall. She strolled in and asked a clerk for some

"Yes, I'm wondering if you have any naughty nurse costumes." She found one
that was styled in the 1940s tradition, with a short skirt. She rented it out
for the evening and then went to Victorias Secret. She purchased a pair of
crotch less panties, a pair of white stockings and a push-up bra that lifted
and separated. When she returned to the hotel suite, Timothy was not back
yet. She quickly changed into her outfit and dimmed all the lights. She then
light a few scented candles.

Twelve minutes later, Timothy showed up. Abby walked over and greeted him.

"I'm Nurse Naughty would you like to get naughty with me?" she asked,

He quickly responded. "Yeah."

"Take off your pants. Time for your examination."

Timothy did as he was told. He undid his belt and lowered his jeans.

"And your boxers."

Again, Timothy followed the orders. Abby got down on her knees and took hold
of Timothys semi-erect cock. She began to slowly jerk him off.

"Oh, that feels good," he murmured.

Abby leaned forward. She gently traced her tongue around the head and then
down his shaft to his base. She wrapped her fingers around his balls and
began squeezing them slightly. She then looked up at him. "Want me to
continue?" she asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

Abby began sucking his cock. She started slow but quickly began going faster.
He placed his hands on her head as she gave him oral sex. Then, as quickly as
she had begun, Abby pulled Timothys cock from her mouth. She sat on the bed
and looked at him.

"Why'd you stop?" he asked.

"It's time for you to examine me," she replied as she sat on the edge of the
bed. "Get down on your knees," she ordered.

He did as he was told.

"You are going to trace your tongue from my foot all the way up to my crotch,
then back down the other leg." She spread her legs open and smiled, revealing
her crotchless panties. He leaned in and began kissing her left foot. He then
began running his tongue up her leg, over her stockings, toward her shaved
womanhood. The costume had already gotten her a little wet. Timothy pried two
fingers in and began flicking his tongue over her ever so gently. She started
moaning a little, her hands tracing over her tits. She unbuttoned her top. He
then went in to devour her. He thrust his tongue into her, causing her to cry
out in delight. Timothy withdrew. He looked up at her.

"Does Nurse Naughty like that?" he asked.

"Oh yes," she whimpered.

"Want me to do it again?" he asked.

"Yeah do it again please," she cried.

Timothy plunged his tongue back into her. He ran his tongue over every square
inch of her vaginal opening. As he did this, he also inserted a finger into
her ass. The new penetration pushed her over the edge. Her cries escalated to
screams of delight as she felt a fire through her body. Her legs quivered,
her grip on her tits tightened and she came all over his tongue. After a few
moments, he looked up at her his face covered in sweat.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied.

"Want another one?" he asked.

"No. I want to fuck you right now. Get on the bed," she commanded.

He climbed on the bed and took his shirt off. She took hold of him and began
to stroke him off. As soon as he was fully hard, she straddled him.

"Don't I need a rubber or anything?" he asked.

"Fuck the rubber," she replied.

She sighed as she sank down on his cock. It had been years since she had a
naked cock inside of her. She leaned down and they began kissing, gently at
first. At the same time, she humped him using her knees to lift herself
almost off his cock, then plunge it back in.

"Take off your clothes," he whispered.

"Why?" she replied.

"I want to see you naked."

Abby dismounted. She walked across the room and put on the radio. The song
was 'Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon'. She stood on the bed, looming over
Timothy, as she began stripping for him. She removed her top, revealing her
new bra. She then unzipped the back of the skirt and let it slide down her
creamy thighs and over her legs to her feet. She then kicked it off. Now,
she stood before him, in her crotch less panties and her bra.

"Do you like?" she asked.


"Want me to go naked?" she asked.

"Yeah. All the way."

Abby stripped off the bra. She then slipped out of her panties. She stood
before him, butt naked. "Can I be crass tonight?"

"As long as I can still be Timothy," he replied.

"You know what I mean." She paused for a few moments, looking over his naked
body. "I want to fuck the hell out of you. I want your cock inside of me,
probing me until I feel my juice flowing down my thighs." She climbed back
onto the bed, this time, completely naked.

Timothy looked at the clock 11:59 pm, New Year's Eve. Suddenly, the entire
room lit up as fireworks exploded in the night sky. It was a new year. "This
is the last new year I'll ever see," he muttered.

"I know," Abby replied.

"I want to start it with a bang."

She smiled, then mounted him again. She lowered herself onto him, still with
no condom. "I'll even let you cum inside me if you want," she whispered.

As they rode together, Abby quickly brought herself up to a steady gallop.
Timothy reached up and cupped her breasts, playing with her nipples between
his fingers.

Then, as if nothing, Abby cried out. She had an orgasm, unlike one she had
ever had before. She found herself panting, and slightly lightheaded. As she
experienced this new level of sexual pleasure, Timothy came as well, pumping
his hot juice onto her warm pussy.

She laid across him, his cock still lodged in her womanhood. She kissed his
sweating brow, then whispered, "Happy New Year, Baby."

They both drifted off to sleep soon after.


On March 20, 2005, Timothy died. Abby attended his funeral, dressed in a
traditional black dress. She was pregnant with his child and unlike her first
pregnancy, she intended to keep this child. Timothy had found his point of
existence to make a childless woman into a mother and to make his mother into
a grandmother. Indeed, Timothy has left a mark on the world a new generation.

The End


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