ER: The Experiment (FF,MFF,MF,F-dom,anal)
by Bishop832 ([email protected])

Abby Lockhart woke up early on Tuesday, May 20th. She looked at her clock.
Six-am. She slumped back into bed and closed her eyes for a few more minutes
of sleep. Someone lay next to her, their head covered by her blanket.

* * *

Just after she dozed off, she heard the piercing cries of her phone by her
bed. She sprung up and looked at the clock. Eleven-am.

"Holy shit," she screamed as she jumped out of bed. She wore a pair of pink
panties and a tank-top. She grabbed the phone. "Yes... yes, Susan... no...
I just overslept... yeah sorry. No... I'll be there in ten minutes." She
hung up the phone without even saying goodbye. She stripped off her clothes,
tossed them into a pile by the bedroom door and sprinted to the shower.

* * *

It was eleven-fifteen when Abby arrived at the ER. She casually strolled in,
as if nothing was amiss. As she looked around, she noticed Dr. Susan Lewis
looking at her, a glint in her eye. She had spoken. Abby glanced around to
see everyone looking at her. They all seemed larger than life. She had never
noticed how tall they were. Maybe she just felt smaller.

She walked past Dr. Lewis. "Good morning, Susan," she muttered.

"Good morning, Abby... sleep well?' Susan muttered.

"Okay... so I oversleep once and that gives you permission to mock me?"

"I'm not mocking you. I'm inquiring how you slept."

"I was tired after last night."

Susan smugly replied, "You weren't the only one". Abby darted a look at
Susan, hoping no one else had caught that sentiment.

"Susan... I need to talk to you... privately."

"Sure," Susan said as she placed a chart on the counter. The two women
wandered across the hall into the women's room."

* * *

Inside the women's room, Abby locked the door. She didn't check if there was
anyone in the stalls. "Look, Susan... what happened last night was a moment
of stupidity and carelessness."

"So you didn't enjoy the sex?"

"Pleasure is irrelevant here. What happened might have destroyed our
friendship. I mean, I've never fucked another woman." Suddenly, the toilet
in the center stall flushed. Susan and Abby both froze, waiting to see who
stepped out. A moment passed before Dr. Kerry Weaver exited the stall. She
acted casually, as if none of the conversation she had overheard concerned

She walked over to the sink and began washing her hands. She then glanced up
in the mirror. "Abby..." she said, a hint of concern in her voice.

"Yes, Dr. Weaver?" she replied.

"Oh, Dr. Weaver is far too formal for this type of discussion. Call me

"Okay... Kerry."

"Whatever you and Susan did last night doesn't affect me. However, if you
wish to discuss it, I'm always available." She pulled out a pen and a slip
of paper. She scribbled a phone number down, folded it and passed it to Abby
as she exited.

"What's this?" Abby asked as she unfolded the paper.

"It's the hotline. Every Tuesday night, I work the phone. If you need to talk
it over, I'm available... if that would make you feel more comfortable."

"What are you talking about," Abby asked.

"Am I to understand that you and Susan shared some sort of 'sexual
experience' last night?"

A moment passed before Abby replied. "Yeah... we had sex. Yesterday was the
two-year anniversary of Mark's death. To commemorate this tragic time, Susan
and I got together at my apartment to drink. We ended up having a sexual

"Was it forced by either of you," Kerry asked.

"You know, it's not appropriate for a supervisor to ask these questions. This
shouldn't have any effect on my working status."

"It won't, Abby."

"Then why are you asking?"

"Because I've felt the same thing you're feeling right now. I bet, this
morning, when you walked in, you felt like everyone had known what you did.
You felt small. You felt afraid. Am I right?" Kerry asked.

"Yeah... how'd you know?"

"Because I know what it's like to feel confusion about my sexuality. I'm a

"Lesbian? You?" Abby asked a shocked tone to her voice.

"Can you name the last guy I dated? Can you name any guy I've ever dated?"
Kerry asked.

"Look, your private life if your own and..." Abby began.

"I know... and I know what it feels like to be threatened by having a private
life made public. Dr. Romano almost did that to me when he learned I was

"How'd he find out?" Abby asked.

"I told him."

A knock came at the door, interrupting Abby's train-of-thought. "Abby, you
there?" John Carter asked.

"Yeah, John..."

"Three GSWs rolling up in four minutes." Abby looked up at Susan.

"We're on," Susan said, a smug grin on her face.

* * *

Abby's shift was rather uneventful for the remainder of the day. At 7:00 pm,
she arrived at her apartment. Sitting on the front steps, dressed in jeans
and a t-shirt was Susan. Abby was dressed in a pair of jeans and a white
button-up sweater with a white t-shirt underneath.

"Abby..." Susan started.

"Yes?" Abby replied, sharply.

"Look... about last night..."

"No... you don't need to say anything."

"But I must."

"What is it?"

"Can we go inside?" Susan asked.

"Sure. Wanna a cup of coffee?" Abby replied.

"Yeah. Sounds good," Susan replied. The two women walk up the stairs to
Abby's apartment.

* * *

Once settled in Abby's apartment, Susan looked at Abby. "Look, Abby, what
happened last night was a mistake."

"No it wasn't. It was wonderful." Susan looked at her secret lover with
shocked eyes.

"Really?" Susan asked.

"Yeah... I mean, it was like tasting a new food or visiting a new city or..."

"I get the picture."

"In fact, I'm very comfortable with it."

"So you'd be willing to try it again?" Susan questioned.

"Yeah... I guess." Abby replied. With that said, Susan leaned forward and
kissed Abby upon the cheek. Abby looked back at Susan, almost as if she were
a strange creature from another world. She then looked into Susan's eyes.
They were a beautiful hazel/blue. They entranced Abby, hypnotizing her. She
leaned forward and kissed Susan on the lips, easing her tongue into Susan's

Susan, in return, reached down and placed her right hand on Abby's left knee.
Abby lifted it off and looked at Susan.

"Too soon?" Susan asked as she drew away from the kiss.

"No... wrong place." With that, Abby placed Susan's hand on her left thigh.
Susan looked at Abby's hand movements and then leaned in to kiss her. They
fell back on the couch, Susan atop Abby, her hands tracing the nurse's body.
She gently squeezed Abby's breasts. Abby, in return, moaned.

Susan leaned down and kissed Abby's neck, then her neckline. She reached over
and began unbuttoning Abby's sweater. Abby cupped Susan's breasts and they
kissed passionately.

After a few moments of this renewed thirst for passion, they broke apart.
Abby looked into Susan's eyes. "Bedroom?" she asked.

"Yeah," Susan replied.

* * *

A few minutes later, Abby found herself on her bed, having her jeans pulled
off by Susan. She looked down at her pink panties. She felt naked and
vulnerable. Susan stood up and stripped off her shirt. She then spun away
and looked back at Abby.

"Could you unfasten my bra?" she asked, a playful hint in her voice.

"Sure," Abby replied. She sat up and unbuttoned Susan's bra. The undergarment
fell to the ground. Abby looked at Susan as she spun back around. Susan
covered her breasts with her palms. "Don't be shy," Abby said.

"I'm not..." Susan replied as she removed her hands from her body. "Tell
me... are my tits beautiful?"

"Very beautiful," Abby said. She then removed her sweater. A moment later,
she stripped off her shirt. She sat on her bed, looking at Susan. She wore
just a white bra and a pair of pink panties. She reached over and unsnapped
the clasp on front of her bra, bringing it open.

Susan exhaled as she saw Abby's tits. They were perfect, petite and very
suckable. She leaned and kissed Abby on the lips, initiating further sexual
play. She then stood up and removed her jeans. She slid them down her smooth
legs to her feet. She stepped out of them and looked at her white panties
with little red hearts on them.


"Thank you," Susan replied. She took Abby's right hand and placed it between
her legs. She smiled as Abby eased the crotch aside and slid a finger into
Susan's vagina. Susan moaned as Abby thrust her finger in deeper.

After a few moments, Abby slowly pulled her finger out and looked up at
Susan. "Like that?" she asked, an inquisitive tone to her voice.

"Yeah... I liked that a lot."

"Lay on the bed..." Abby instructed. Susan did as she was told. She sat back
on the queen-sized bed and began playing with her tits. Abby hovered over
her. She placed her hands on Susan's hips and slowly pulled her panties off,
revealing her furry little love spot.

"Oh... Abby...," Susan moaned as Abby leaned down to her pussy. She eased the
folds open and blew a stream of cold air over the epicenter. Susan grabbed
the sheets and held them tightly as she felt a sexual rush through her body.

Abby leaned over the bed and grabbed a dildo that she had under the mattress.
She returned to Susan's crotch and readied the long sextoy for penetration.
She looked over at Susan.

"Do I need a rubber" she asked, half jokingly.

"No... just give it to me," Susan replied, a pant to her tone.

"Okay..." Abby answered. She slid the nine-inch lovetoy into Susan's waiting
pussy. The handle had a little ring on it and the body was shaped like a
corkscrew. Abby put her middle finger through the ring and began screwing the
toy into Susan.

In a matter of seconds, Susan was screaming in pleasure. She had broken into
a sweat. Her odor was filling the room as she hit her first orgasm. She had
never had an orgasm with a woman. She cried out again, this time louder. Her
hands grabbed her tits and she pinched her nipples.

One of Susan's hands, her right one, found Abby's crotch. She eagerly
explored the elastic band and then slid down into the inside. She felt no
hair, only smooth skin. Abby was shaved bald. Susan pushed two fingers into
Abby's vagina. The younger woman cried out in sexual pleasure as she was
finger fucked.

Within minutes, Abby reached her first orgasm of the evening. She felt the
weight of her release explode into her panties. Susan's hand was covered by
sexual juice. A wet spot soon formed in the crotch where Abby had cum.

"Take the panties off, Abby," Susan said as she withdrew her hand from the
undergarment. Abby stood up and pulled the panties off. She tossed them to
the hamper.

"You're so beautiful, Abby. Have you ever modeled?"


"Would you like to?"

"When?" Abby asked.

"Right now... come on, Abby... pose for me." Abby smiled, thinking this was
a joke.

"You serious?" she asked.

"Yeah... come on... it'll be fun." Abby walked over to the bed and began
striking nude poses for her lover.

"Hold on..." Susan said. She grabbed her purse off the floor and opened it.
Inside, she had a bottle of baby oil and a digital camera. She took the
camera out of its pouch and placed it on the dresser. She then handed the
bottle of oil to Abby. "Rub it all over your tits... then move down to your
belly," Susan instructed.

Abby began doing as she was told. She smeared a palm of oil onto her tits,
then traced her way down her belly toward her crotch. She then rubbed the oil
down to her crotch and began masturbating. In a matter of seconds, she had
regained her sexual stamina and she felt her body on the brink of her second
orgasm of the evening.

As she pleasured herself, Susan took pictures. Abby looked up at Susan, then
at the dildo. "Pass the dildo over here," Abby asked. Susan complied. Abby
took the sextoy and began easing it into her ass. She put her leg high into
the air and began working the device in.

Susan stood over her, snapping sexually explicit photos of the action. Sweat
streamed down Abby's forehead as she had a third orgasm. Just as she finished
screaming out, the two women heard the doorbell.

"Fuck," Abby muttered as she withdrew the cock from her ass. She grabbed a
robe and placed it over her shoulders. She pushed her arms through the
sleeves, then tied it in the front. She walked from the bedroom to the
kitchen and then to the speaker by her door.

"Yes?" she asked as she depressed the button.

"Yeah, Abby... It's John."

"Yeah, what's up?"

"You told me to stop by."

"Well, tonight's not really a good night. Can you come by tomorrow?"

"Not really. I'm flying to New York tomorrow morning."

"Hold on." Abby pressed the button, releasing the front lock. She then
hurried back into the bedroom.

"Who was at door?" Susan asked.

"Carter's coming up."

"What?" Susan asked, a stammer to her voice.

"Just get dressed. We'll finish later." Abby and Susan began dressing. In a
matter of minutes, they were both fully clothed. Susan walked out into the
living room, Abby right behind her.

A knock at the door. Abby walked over and opened the door. Standing in the
hall was John Carter. He walked in and sat on the couch. He looked over at

"Susan... what are you doing here?" Abby quickly jumped in.

"Oh, Susan and I were just having a girl's night in. We were going to watch
a movie or something."

"Or something..." Susan replied.

"I see."

"So..." Abby replied, no general direction of questioning in mind.

"So..." John repeated. None of them had ever been so uncomfortable in their
lives. "I'm going to New York tomorrow morning."

"Really? Why?" Abby asked.

"Oh, my Grandmother had some holding there. Being executor of her estate, I
need to go and sort them out."

"Well, safe travels then."

"Thank you." Susan got up and headed into the kitchen. She opened the fridge
and pulled out small cake. It was partially eaten from the night before.

"Abby... you want some cake?" she asked.

"No... thanks." Abby replied.

"How about you John?"

"What kind?"

"Chocolate with vanilla frosting," Susan replied.

"Yeah, sure." Susan began cutting pieces of cake. She placed two pieces on
two separate clear plates. She then carried the one for John out into the
living room. As she passed over the rug, she tripped and flung the cake into
John's face. Abby cracked up, thinking it was hysterical. John sat there,

"Thank you," he muttered. Susan began apologizing. She then looked up at him.
She could barely contain the laughter. "It's not that funny," John replied.

"Yes it is," Abby responded. "Susan, go get your camera. We need to save this
for posterity. It'll make a great Christmas card." Susan walked into Abby's
bedroom and grabbed the camera. She came out a moment later and snapped off a
picture of John's face.

"Let me see," Abby said. Susan passed the camera over and Abby began laughing
even harder when she saw the photo.

"Okay, it can't possibly be that funny," John said as he began wiping the
frosting off.

"See for yourself." Abby passed the camera over to John. He looked at the
photo then smiled. Suddenly, the picture disappeared.

"Picture's gone."

"You deleted it?" Abby asked, an annoyed tone to her voice.

"No... the picture just disappeared."

"Oh, just hit that small arrow button on the left," Susan said without
thinking. John hit the button just as Susan remembered what else was on that
camera. He smiled.

"Hello... what have we here?" he asked, sarcastically. Displayed on the small
screen was a picture of Abby, naked and spread eagle, a dildo in her ass.

"What is it?" Abby asked, oblivious to the pictures. John turned the camera
to Abby. She looked at the photo, then her mouth dropped.

"Holy shit."

"Nice picture... girl's night in, huh?" John replied, a self-satisfied
expression on his face.

"Look, it's not what it looks like," Susan said.

"Well, it's not a tea party, is it?" John answered.

"John..." Susan started.

"Yes," John replied.

"Look... It was a moment of experimentation."

"You don't need to explain anything to him, Susan," Abby butted it.

"Oh, wait to the guys at work hear about this one," John answered.

"You wouldn't..." Susan said, sensing a threat from John.

"How could I not?" he replied.

"What would it take to convince you not to ever mention this?" Abby asked,
knowing the answer already.

"Hum... let me see here. Okay, can I deduce one thing - you two are having

"Yeah... so what?" Susan answered.

"Okay. I've been with each of you. Now you've been together. What would the
big harm be if we had a threesome?"

"John... come on."

"What? We've all swapped some sort of body fluid. It's not like we're
strangers. Besides, I haven't had any in at least six months."

Susan looked down at John. Was he serious? Would he really want to have a
three-way orgy? Could he really go through with it? "We'll let you watch,"
Susan replied.

"No. I want inclusion or else this is the hot word from 35,000 feet." Abby
and Susan sighed.

"You have rubbers?" Abby asked.

"Yeah. I always come prepared."

"You come outside of us, that's what you do," Abby replied.

"Okay. Deal."

Susan looked at Abby, then at John. "So, when do we do this?"

"Right now."

"I'm okay with that," said Abby. They all stood up and walked toward the

* * *

Inside the bedroom, Abby and Susan began stripping again. John stripped off
all of his clothes as well. "Do you ladies mind if I take a quick shower?"
John asked.

"Go for it." John headed into Abby's bathroom and began showering. Abby
looked over to the bathroom door.

"I'm going to go and join him."


"He wants to have fun... he has it by our rules." Susan just smiled,

* * *

John stood in the shower cubicle, singing as he washed his body with a lufa.
The door opened and Abby stepped in. They embraced under the showerhead. As
they parted, Abby looked up at John.

"Thanks for coming by tonight."

"It's going as planned."

"Yup." John reached down and cupped Abby's boobs and began squeezing on them.

"Now... how are we doing this?"

"You'll be our bitch tonight," Abby said.

"Okay." Abby reached over and hit the knob to turn the shower off. They both

* * *

Back in Abby's bedroom, Susan was pleasing herself with a dildo. She sat on
the bed, her legs spread wide. She plunged the sextoy into her pussy at a
quickened pace. John and Abby walked in to see the excitement. Susan had her
eyes shut tight and was moaning.

Abby sat down on the bed. She lay beside Susan, who had since stopped
masturbating. John sat on the other side of the bed. He looked at Abby. "So,
how do we want to start?"

"Did I say you could get on the bed?" Abby asked.

"No." John replied, a hint of confusion in his voice.

"Get on the floor." John climbed off the bed. He sat on the floor. Abby put
her foot over the side of the bed. "Now, John, you need to kiss my feet in
order to climb onto the bed."

"Yes... mistress Abby," he replied.

"Oh... very good. You'll call me that all night long. Furthermore, you'll
refer to Susan as her royal highness."

"Yes... I understand," John replied, weakly.

"Very good." Susan looked over at Abby. She was impressed by the control that
Abby exuded.

"Abby... I'm shocked, if not a little impressed by the control which you
wield." Abby looked over at Susan, a glint in her eye.

"You know what they say... men are like concrete. Lay a guy right the first
time and you'll walk all over them for the next twenty years." The two women
cackled at the sentiment. Abby then looked back at John, who was waiting. She
put her feet over the edge of the bed. "Now... you need to suck each toe
before you can join us, you filthy dog."

John proceeded to suck on each toe. Susan then put her feet over the bed and
received the same treatment. John was quiet masterful in his toe-sucking
abilities. Once finished, John climbed up between the two women.

"So... what shall I do to pleasure you now, my royal highness?" he asked.

Susan looked over.

"I want you to fuck Abby... in the ass."

"As you wish." He climbed off the bed and walked over to his pants. Inside
his pocket, he had a 6 pack of rubbers. He took one out and then stood up. He
wasn't fully hard yet. Abby and Susan stood there, admiring his form.

"Get yourself hard," Abby ordered. John stood there. He slowly began stroking
his manhood. In a matter of seconds, he had achieved a full erection - 7 and
a half inches. Abby licked her lips at the sight. He was most impressive.

"Now... roll the rubber onto your cock," Susan ordered. John began rolling
the rubber down his erection. Once at the base, he presented himself to the
two women.

"Very nice," Abby said. They began applauding. John tuned bright red.

"Thank you... thank you. May I climb on the bed again?" he asked.

"Yes," Abby replied. John climbed on and then looked at his one-time lover.
"Just like old times, huh?" she said.

"Yeah... so how do you want me to do this? Want to be on your belly or your

"My back." Abby positioned herself for entry. John got on his knees and
placed his cock at her butthole. He then began sliding it in, slowly. Abby
cried out as the penetration began. She gripped the sheets with one hand and
Susan's hand with the other.

John began thrusting. He started out slowly, allowing Abby to relish in the
physical pleasure. He slowly began increasing his speed. As he sped up, he
spanked her on the bottom, causing her to yelp unexpectedly.

"Oh yeah, ride me hard, baby... harder... harder," Abby screamed as she was

"Having a good time, Abby?" Susan asked. She looked down on Abby.

"Oh yeah...," Abby managed to cry out.

"So, what's going on?" Susan asked.

"Oh... I'm getting fucked... and it feels wonderful." John gripped Abby's
ankles and held her legs up high. He then placed her legs on his shoulders
as they continued to fuck. Abby suddenly cried out as she reached another
orgasm. "Okay... okay... stop..." she cried. John pulled out and sat back
on the bed.

"Feel better?" he asked. Abby sat up on her elbows, her legs still spread
wide open and her body fluids dripping out of her soaking crotch.

"Oh yeah... much better."

"What do you want me to do now?" John asked. Abby looked over at Susan, who
was still watching them.

"Titfuck Susan."

"Okay..." John said as he pulled the condom off. Susan got onto her back
and John straddled her belly. He placed his cock between her tits and began
easing it in and out as she compressed them.After just a few minutes of this,
he felt his urge building. In seconds, he cried out as he released his cum
all over her tits.

* * *

He fell back onto the bed, exhausted. He took a deep breath and sighed. Abby
looked over at him.

"You're not done just yet, John."

"Just give me a moment, okay?" he said, an exhausted tone to his voice. Abby
looked over at Susan, who was steadily cleaning the cum off her chest. She
then looked up at Abby.

"Susan... can I fuck you?" Abby asked, a frank tone to her voice.

"Yeah... sure," Susan replied. Abby climbed off the bed and walked over to
a dresser. She opened her panty drawer and pulled out a strap-on dildo. She
eased the elastic band around her torso, then hooked the band between her
legs. The dick hung out nearly a foot. She walked back over to the bed.

"Ready to be fucked by my big cock?" Abby asked in a joking tone.

"Oh, give it to me," Susan replied. Abby climbed onto the bed and positioned
herself between Susan's legs. She pushed the grooved rubber cock into Susan's
pussy, causing the older blond to moan with pleasure. The two women embraced
with a hug and began kissing as Abby worked the sextoy in and out with her

John sat up and watched this sexual display. He suddenly felt arousal. He
watched as Abby's ass went up and down and as the two women shared their
intimacy. Abby looked back at him. She noticed his growing erection.

"Hey, big boy... why don't you come and pleasure us?" she asked.

"Okay." John went for another condom.

"Don't worry about the condom." John shrugged his shoulders and then
positioned himself behind Abby. He held his cock in his right hand and he
guided it into her pussy from behind. She looked up and began panting and
he slid it into her slowly. He started going faster, gripping her hips with
both hands.

"Grab my tits," Abby cried out. John reached under her and cupped her tits
in his hands. He began playing with her nipples as he continued to fuck her
without mercy.

Abby leaned down and began tongue-kissing Susan, who was in a near comatose
state from the pleasure. As they were kissing, Abby felt that familiar tingle
between her legs. Her heart rate quickened and sweat streamed down her face.
Then, like nothing, she screamed as she reached her fifth orgasm.

She took a deep breath, sighed and pulled the rubber sextoy out from Susan's
drenched womanhood. John withdrew from Abby and leaned over her shoulder.
"Come join me in the shower."

* * *

Once back in the shower, Abby lowered to her knees. Poking right into her
face was John's cock. She took the bottle of body gel, squirted a dab into
her palm and began stroking John off. In a matter of seconds, she had managed
to lather him up with suds. She then rinsed him off and took hold of him. She
opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Gently, she flicked the head of his
tip, then traced her tongue around the crevice. She then stuffed the entire
length into her mouth.

In a matter of moments, he was moaning as was she. One of her hands found its
way down to her clit. She began to play with herself as she sucked cock. John
took notice of this.

"I wanna fuck you again," he mumbled. Abby withdrew the cock from her mouth.
She stood up and he embraced her. He placed his hands on her hips and lifted
her off the ground.

"Okay... now what?" she asked inquisitively.

"Wrap your legs around my waist."

Abby did as she was instructed. She put her arms around John and he pressed
her against the shower wall. Deftly, he slid his cock into her. She winced a
little as it burrowed deep into her. A few seconds passed before she began
gently bouncing up and down. Her nipples quickly grew hard as she steadily
approached her sixth orgasm of the night. She screamed at the top of her

Abby could feel John's hands trace down to her bare bottom. She leaned back
just a little so he could suck upon her tits. As he sucked, she placed her
head on his right shoulder. "You almost ready to cum?" she whispered.

"Almost there..." he replied. He lifted her off and she returned to her
knees. She took his cock and began stroking it. After a matter of seconds,
he exploded, covering her face, her neck and her tits with his juice. Abby
quickly wiped it up and licked her lips. She then stood up and rinsed off.

"Would you return the favor, John?" she asked.

"Of course..." he answers.

"Great... this way." Together, they exited the shower. Abby walked over to
the toilet. She sat down, still naked. She parted her legs. John kneeled down
before her and began licking her delicate folds. Abby quivered in delight as
she felt her juices racing for the seventh time. In a matter of minutes, she
had both hands wrapped around the toilet seat, her legs draped over John's
shoulders and head leaned back. In one final burst, she came. Tears streamed
down her face and her chest heaved.

* * *

After cleaning up, John and Abby walked back toward the bedroom. As they
passed by the front door, someone knocked. Abby, dressed in a robe, walked
over to door. "Yeah... who is it?"

"Chicago police, Ma'am".

"One minute." Abby unlocked the door and opened it to find a uniformed
officer. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Are you okay, Ma'am?"

"Yeah... I'm fine. Why?"

"Neighbors reported a woman screaming in this apartment not too long ago."
Abby turned beet red.

"Yeah... that was me. Sorry."

"Why did you scream like that?"

"I was... well... I was having my brains fucked out." The cop wore a blank

"Thanks for sharing... next time... just say you were enjoying a passionate
moment. Sorry to disturb you."

"It's okay." Abby closed the door and put her back to it. Outside, she could
hear the cop snickering.

"Hey... Charlie... yeah, that's a negative on the domestic abuse... just some
woman getting humped by her boyfriend... yeah... she looked familiar... yeah,
I saw her at CCH last week."

"Oh man... I'm never going to live this one down..." Abby thought to herself
as she returned to the bedroom.


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