ER: Media Zapper Part 9 (MF,mc,drugs)
by Wetsprocket

I found myself awaking in the emergency room of a hospital. "What the hell?"
I asked to myself.

My question was answered when Kellie Martin appeared through the room door.
I was in the County Hospital setting in the TV show "ER." Kellie, Lucy in the
show, was a 3rd year resident. She was shorter than I would've figured, but
she is listed at 5'2. She was rummaging around in one of the emergency crash
carts stored in the room. I scanned her from behind.

She wore tan work slacks, which form-fitted her ass well. The white doctor's
lab coat hid her upper body frame, except for what I caught a brief glimpse
of in her white cotton blouse. Her ample breasts pushed out her front very
well. She had the nice, tight body I had expected. I pulled the dart gun from
my pocket and shot her on the second shot in the legs. She turned and saw I
was awake.

"Oh! I didn't know you were awake." She walked over to my chart and wrote in
it. "You have some swelling that we're looking at. We can do a more in depth
exam now that you're awake."

I felt the swelling. It was my groin, which was enlarged.

"Let's pull back this sheet and see what we have." She pulled down the
hospital sheet. The "swelling" was very visible under my hospital gown. "My!"
She said, before looking underneath my gown. She pushed aside the gown and
viewed my stiff, swollen penis. It was hard and erect. It was longer and
thicker than it normally was for some reason. I wondered if the palm top or
the program had made me larger. Kellie had a look of amazement and awe. I
watched her face. She licked her lips, then noticed me looking at her. She

"Uh. Well...uh...let me get a second opinion from anther doctor." She
stuttered, uncomfortably. She exited into the hallway.

I heard discussions outside the door. Mainly, results from some of the tests
they supposedly did on me. I heard a second voice, familiar as belonging to
Alex Kingston, or Dr. Elizabeth Corday on the show. Both characters entered
the room.

"This is Dr. Corday. " Kelly introduced us. I knew her as Alex. "She wants to
check a few things with me."

Alex began. "How long, I mean, have you been like this awhile?" She asked,
showing some blushing.

"I've been like this lately." I answered, not knowing what really had caused

"Have you had intercourse lately?" She resumed questioning, while feeling my
scrotum and testicles.

"I've had some lately, but I know my partner was clean." The questioning
resumed in a vague manner, not very entertaining, so I'll skip it. I noticed
Kellie was fidgeting some. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw
rubbing herself some in the crotch area. I presumed the drug had taken

The exam concluded and the two doctors exit the room for forther discussion.
I heard some of their conversation. It sounded like some schoolgirl gossip.

"The guy has a big penis." Alex stated.

"I told you." Responded Kellie. "Do you think he's a porn star or something?"

"I don't know. He tests clean and healthy." She paused to think. Her pager
went off. She checked it.

"Damn. I've got to get to surgery." She returned to Kellie. "You've got to
drain the thing and see if it returns to normal."

"How do I do that?" She looked back at Alex as Alex began to walk away
towards the elevators.

"I don't know. Get him to masturbate or something. " Alex answered louder
now, being further away. People looked at her strangely and she laughed,
realizing what she'd said, too loudly.

"Masturbate?" Kellie repeated, also garnering her a few looks. "Not me." She
responded towards those looks.

Kellie re-entered my room. She moved to my side, eyes fixed on my still-erect
penis. She had the look of confusion.

"Lucy." I said, using her character's name. Kellie looked at me. I looked
into her eyes and told her, "Touch it with your hand and give me a hand job."

The drug was in full effect now. The young actress enclosed her right hand
around the shaft of my penis and slowly began moving it over it's length. Her
hand was soft and she had a good hold. Her eyes were open wide as she ran her
hand over my cock.

I sat up and moved right in front of her, my legs dangling off the side. I
gave her a big kiss with tongue. She continued to hold my organ in her hand.
I felt her breast between her open lab coat, through her blouse. Through the
cotton of her blouse and bra, I squeezed the taut melons she carried. They
felt firm and ripe. I finished kissing her. She smiled and lowered to blow

Her lips pursed on the head of my cock. They parted as she took my shaft into
her mouth. Her steamy hot breath breezed to the base of my shaft as she took
as much into her mouth as she could.

"Mmmmmm." She said, enjoying the meat that she was devouring. I felt my cock
head hit the back of her throat. I placed my hands on the back of her head
and she drove like a piston on my cock. I helped her take off her lab coat.
I could see into her blouse from her neckline. Her bra held those tits well,
and her cleavage was still impressive. Through her blouse, I unsnapped that
bra, releasing her breasts. She stood and removed her blouse altogether. I
looked at the topless young woman. Her breasts were taut and firm as I had
imagined. They were perfect for her build. I reached and felt them
individually, running my thumb across the roughness of her nipples. The small
areolas were capped by good hard nips.

"Do you like them?" Kellie asked. I nodded a "yes." She was really turned on,
breathing heavily.

"Why don't you get out of those pants, too." I suggested. She unbuckled her
belt and unsnapped the front. I watched as she dropped the work slacks and
re-tracked her hands to pull off her white cotton panties. Her brown bush was
lush with pubic hair, kept nicely and compact in the familiar triangular
pattern. It was thick and bushy. I moved my hand down to it, feeling her
clit. She looked at me and sighed. She was already extremely wet.

"Come on up here, honey." I said to her, laying back down on the bed. I
helped her up and her bush brushed wetly across my chest. I pulled her crotch
to my face and placed her cunt on me. Her pussy smelled of sex. I nibbled on
the soft mound of her clit. She gasped and groaned as I ate her out. We
six-to-nined one another so she could get to my cock. I munched on her pussy
until she came. My wood was still rock hard. Kellie bent over me, pushing her
breasts to my chest. We were unable to get my cock into her. She sat up and
squatted above it. I had the prime view as she opened her clit and slid down
on my shaft. The head burrowed into her crevice and inches of the shaft
disappeared inside her. Several attempts later and more of my length went
inside her. I looked at her face. She winced as she began to ride me. My cock
completely filling her vagina, she struggled to keep from breaking me. I sat
up and moved us around. On top of her, I began plowing open her cunt. My cock
penetrated deeper inside her. She grunted and gasped for air. I felt the
tightness of her pussy around my shaft and I knew I was deeper than anyone
had been with her.

"Oh, my gawd." She wailed, taking deep penetrations. She came again while I
nailed her. I grabbed her ass to keep her from getting too wild. I sucked on
her tits and enjoyed them while I did her.

I knew my climax was coming. It was like a hot lava flow that had been
building forever. It ran up the length of my cock until I felt it explode
inside Kellie. With deep shots, my jizm jetted out. I slowed almost passing
out from the sensation of coming. Kellie embraced me, keeping me to her.

My "hot lava" continued to leak inside her. I wondered how much I had
dispensed. I sat up and looked over the woman I had just screwed. She was
exhausted and spent.

"We did it." She said. "You're cured, I think." She smiled. She had cured me

Kellie returned to her rounds in the Emergency Room. I rested comfortably,
waiting to be transported upstairs to a semi-private room for an overnight
stay for observation. A quick rap came from the door. In walked Alex
Kingston. She looked like she was sneaking in to see me. The sense I got
about her was she wanted some dick.

"So, how are you doing?" She asked, reviewing my chart. "Better." I

"I see the swelling has gone down some. Is that correct?" She peered up at
me, scanning for my tent peg under the hospital sheet.

"Some. It's still alittle stiff." I answered, feeling the arousal of laying
this chick building inside. My penis began to rise.

"Oh, really." She had some concern and moved closer to my bedside. I knew
she'd never let herself do a patient on her own, so I stuck her with a dart
as she moved to pull back the sheet.

My cock had expanded in size significantly since she had entered the room.
Alex checked my balls and grasp the shaft of my penis. She moved her hand
vertically on my shaft.

"How's that feeling?" She asked, with a slight smile because she knew the

"Good." I told her. "Would you suck it?"

"What? Give you a blowjob?" She asked, a bit surprised at the request. Then,
she broke a smile. "I'd be glad to." With that she bent over me and took my
organ into her mouth.

The British beauty worked over my cock with skill and finesse. I watched as
she took my cock and slurped along the shaft with her lips and tongue. She
was definitely a cock lover. She really enjoyed holding my hardness and
working it over. Her right hand gripped my wood as she burrowed down and
sucked my balls. Her tongue wisped over my sack and ever so often, she'd
pause to kiss a testicle. Her hand continued to pull on my stiff pecker.

She returned from my balls to slurp me more. She looked up to where I was
enjoying the view and attention and smiled. I watched as she reached up her
dress and pulled off her black lace panties.

"I've been waiting all day to try you on for size." She informed me, pulling
up her dress and getting on top of me.

With experience, something Kellie had lacked some, Alex moved over my
enlarged penis. I saw the strawberry tint of her pussy hair as she lowered
her wet clit over my cock head. My shaft disappeared inside her crotch. She
had a big pussy. Even though my length wasn't as long as with Kellie, I was
still quite a good size. Her pubic hairs tickled against my belly as she
took it all inside. She began to rock on top of me and ride. She removed
her white lab coat and I moved my hands up to feel the bouncing tits that
she had in her blouse. I squeezed them and held on, as she was riding me
hard. As I paused, I felt my cock being squeezed tighter. My cock was

Alex began to wail some as she continued to ride hard on my expanding cock.
I looked to my crotch and saw that she was no longer taking all of my length
inside her. My cock was busting deep into her vagina. I looked up at her

"Oh, my! That's unbelievable! Umph!!" She kept repeating things along the
same lines. Once again I knew I'd have to switch us around. With her help,
we moved into the doggie-style position.

It was no problem getting into her clit from behind. I saw her flappy lips
opened wide from where I'd been doing her before. I squeezed her ass, opening
her more. I put my rod in her clit and slid into her deep.

"OH! GAWD!" She cried out. I had reached her depth limit. I pounded her from
behind. I bent over her ass and felt under her, squeezing her tits and using
them for further balance.

"You're going to make me cum!" She said, breathlessly. I held my position and
drove into her, sending her into orgasm. The woman shuddered and cried out as
she climaxed. I kept pound her cunt. I felt under her blouse and bra. I
squeezed the tits I could not see, but filled my hands. The smoothness of her
nipples changed when I tweaked them. I grasped them tightly. Soon, I felt my
climax building and Alex sensed it.

"Cum inside me. Go ahead, do it!" She ordered and I followed. I paused deep
inside her as I came. I felt the spasms of my hot load emptying out of my
penis and into her vagina. Our bodies were sopping with sweat as I resumed my
thrusts, pulling out the rest of my jism. My hard on began to subside. I
pulled my softening pecker from it's entry to her vagina from behind. She sat
up and tossed back her mane of hair. She looked at me and smiled.

"I've never done it with a patient before." She admitted. "That was good,
probably the best I've had." She continued to share. "No one has ever brought
me to a true orgasm before. Thanks you." I nodded in response.

"I think your problem is you're penis is just not getting enough sex or isn't
able to release it's ejaculation enough to shrink it. I think you're ok now."

"Thanks for the treatment, Doc." I said, joining her off the table. She began
to straighten herself up, finding her panties.

"Anytime you need treatment for you condition again, please drop by. I'll
take care of it personally." With a smile, she left the room. "Bye."

I wondered if my "problem" would continue as I ventured on. I would have to
wait and see.

to be continued...

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