Everybody Loves Raymond: What Do You Want? (MF,F-mast,reluc,cons)
by Ambush Bug ([email protected]

Debra had been working all day and she was tired; she'd done three loads of
laundry, cooked dinner for the family, straightened up the house, got the
kids their baths and put them to bed, and on top of all that she'd had to
put up with her in laws all evening. She'd finally managed to get into the
bathroom herself and, after cleaning up a little, showered and put on her
pajamas. Now she wanted nothing else but to simply get into bed and go to
sleep. She wasn't even going to do any reading tonight. Unfortunately, Ray
had different plans; as soon as she got under the covers he turned to her,
draped his arm across her stomach, and began kissing her neck.

"Ray, please," she said. "I'm too tired."

Ray's only answer was to continue kissing her neck as he moved his hand up
over her left breast. He squeezed gently and nibbled her earlobe, while at
the same time pressing his hardon against her hip.

"Ray......" Debra squirmed and halfheartedly tried to push her husband away.
She felt bad about it, though, because she loved Ray and wanted to please
him. Unfortunately, he always seemed to wait until she was exhausted to go
at her.

"Come on, sweetheart," Ray said as he pulled at the buttons of her pajama
top, "I need you."

"I'm tired," Debra replied, but she realized that it would just be easier to
give in and let him have his way.

She stopped resisting and relaxed as Ray finished unbuttoning her pajama top
and immediately took both of her breasts in his hands. He fondled and kissed
them, sucked briefly at each of her nipples (not even long enough to get them
hard), then quickly got up on his knees. He grabbed the waistband of her
peejay bottoms and Debra, with a long suffering sigh, lifted her butt up from
the bed. Ray pulled her bottoms down her legs and over her feet, then did the
same thing with her panties. His eyes seemed to gleam and he grinned as he
looked over Debra's body.

"Oh yeah, baby," he said, and Debra couldn't help but smile; at least he
still thought she was sexy.

Ray fell almost clumsily on top of her and Debra automatically opened her
legs. She wrapped her arms around him and held him lightly as he fumbled
between them. A moment later she felt the tip of his cock pushing into her
and took in a sharp breath; Ray may not have been the most romantic guy in
the world, but he was definitely very well endowed, and it always kind of
surprised her. She held her breath for as long as it took him to push all
the way inside of her, then she let it out, giving in to the familiar
sensations of making love with her husband. Ray began fucking her steadily,
almost casually, as he grunted and groaned in her ear. Debra made her own
sounds, light and sweet, to let him know that she too was enjoying it,
although actually she really wasn't. Not that it was awful, in fact there
was some pleasure involved, but it was a mild, limited kind of pleasure,
not nearly enough to satisfy her. She tried to help out by moving with him,
matching the rhythm of his thrusts, but ultimately she had to fake it again,
pretending to come just as Ray found his own release, pushing himself into
her one last time as his cock pumped inside of her.

When it was over Ray rolled off of her, as usual, and Debra got up to go to
the bathroom. When she was finished she returned to the bedroom to find Ray
already fast asleep. Debra breathed a sigh of relief and crawled back into
bed, pulled the covers up to her neck, and closed her eyes.

Normally, she drifted off to sleep pretty quickly (especially after sex), but
tonight she decided not to. She was still a little energized (unfortunately,
with Ray it was always a situation in which she was only a little energized)
and was hoping she could find some relief.

Oh, who are you kidding? Debra asked herself. You wanna come. And why not?
Raymond got to, why shouldn't you?

She began with her breasts, very lightly caressing and squeezing them, while
in her mind she imagined a pair of very manly hands taking the place of her
own. George Clooney's hands. Clutching and kneading, pulling gently on her
nipples with his fingertips as his lips gave her sweet butterfly kisses all
over her smooth bare skin. Nice.

Except she didn't feel in the mood for George Clooney tonight. She needed a
fantasy a little saucier, a little more....taboo. Robert? Not a bad idea;
he could fulfill her incest fantasies as well as her "giant overpowering
authority figure" fantasies. But she wasn't really in the mood for him,
either. Will Smith, handsome sexy black man? Naw. Another woman? Alicia
Silverstone in her Batgirl costume? Nice, but not this time. How about Chris
O'Donnell? Good looking, much younger, and very hot in that Robin outfit.
Or that other kid, the one who played Spider Man, what was his name? But
no, she didn't want to fantasize about him, either. Young was good, but no

What about that bag boy at the supermarket? Debra thought. Now, there was an
idea. Good looking, charming, nicely built, and very very young. Couldn't be
more than eighteen or nineteen years old. She smiled devilishly in the dark.

She resumed caressing her breasts, this time imagining the bag boy's hands
there. His name was Jim, or Joe, or....Jack, that was it. Jack touching her,
squeezing her, teasingly licking little circles around her nipples. Touching
her cunt at the same time, rubbing his fingers up and down over her lips. He
wasn't very good at it, but that was okay; she could teach him everything he
needed to know. Show him how to touch her, how to kiss her and caress her,
how to play with her cunt just the right way. Give him guidance as he learned
how to lick her and suck oh so gently on her clit. Fingerfucking her at the
same time, of course.

Speaking of fucking, Debra thought as her hands became more animated. She
imagined Jack anxiously climbing on top of her, covering her face with kisses
as he maneuvered to get his cock between her legs. It was long, of course,
and fat, and hard as iron. She saw herself taking it in her hand, stroking
it gently and lovingly, heard him moaning with pleasure and uncontrolled
eagerness. He wanted to fuck her, he wanted to fuck her bad, his desire was
almost greater than he could stand.

Debra squeezed and pulled on her breasts with one hand while the other moved
energetically over her cunt and her fantasy played out behind her eyes. Take
it easy, she told him, Go slow and gentle, I like it slow and gentle, but
Jack wasn't hearing her. He clumsily pushed his cock forward, nudging at her
cunt lips, poking at her, trying to get it in. His urgency threatened to
overwhelm her. It's alright, sweetie, it's alright, she told him, here, let
me help you. She guided his cock to the right spot and he pushed forward,
jamming it into her. He groaned with the pleasure, tightened his arms around
her, kissed her feverishly as he began fucking her, and Debra let him do it
his way, because he was young, he was new at this, and he would learn, in
time, that there were special advantages to making love with an older woman.
I'll show you everything, I'll show you and you'll be so grateful for me,
you'll love me so much.

Debra was holding her breath now, her hand flying back and forth between her
legs as Jack fucked her hard in her fantasy. Her orgasm was approaching fast,
a hot wet tidal wave inside of her, suddenly crashing and spilling in her
belly, her womb, her cunt. Her body became rigid with the force of it, her
back arched, and she cried out as the pleasure thundered through her.

"Huh? What?" Ray said sleepily from his side of the bed.

Debra, startled and out of breath, said, "Nothing, Ray. It's nothing....I
just...had a bad dream. It's okay now. Go on back to sleep." She listened for
a moment, could tell by the sound of his breathing that he'd fallen back to
sleep, and she took a deep breath, let it out slowly. She stayed as she was,
hands on her breasts and cunt, her legs spread wide, and with a small
satisfied smile, said, "I'm alright now."

* * *

Debra pulled into the parking space and stopped, put the car in gear, and
shut off the engine. She grabbed her purse, made sure she had her shopping
list, then got out of the car, locked it, and went into the supermarket.

Her mind, as usual, was on everything she needed to get done today; she had
lots more to do than just the groceries. When she got home she had to start
yet another load of laundry (the stupid laundry never got completely done),
she had to mop the kitchen floor, get the living room straightened up, and
get dinner started at five. Debra sighed. It never ended. But at least she
didn't have to worry about taking care of Ray; he'd left early in the morning
to spend the day golfing with his friends. She'd have the whole house to
herself until four, when she had to go get the kids from her in laws.

As she made her way around the store, picking out the items she'd written
down on her list, Debra entertained herself with the idea of being alone all
afternoon. Everything quiet, peaceful and still. She might have the chance
to read a book or take a nice long bubble bath. Maybe even a nap. God, that
would be nice. She decided she couldn't wait; she'd get through this shopping
as quickly as she could, get back home, and hurry through her chores. She
might even skip straightening up the living room. Maybe then she'd have
enough time to read, take a bath, and a nap.

She got all the items on her list, then made a hurried beeline for the
checkout counter. Unfortunately, she had more than ten items, so she had to
go to one of the slower moving lines. She found the shortest one, with only
three people, and parked her shopping cart behind a woman with two toddlers.
She busied herself by writing her check out, and by the time she was done
there was enough space on the counter that she could start putting her
groceries up. Finally, it was her turn, and as the checkout girl (a pleasant
little blonde thing named Mindy whose big breasts Raymond could never keep
himself from staring at) scanned her purchases Debra waited, pen poised over
her checkbook and her eyes on the increasing total. She didn't even think to
look to see who was bagging the groceries.

When the total finally came up she had to force herself not to make a face:
102.00!!! For what?!? But she didn't say anything. Instead she just swallowed
her shock and filled in the number on the check. She handed it over to the
unfairly blessed checkout girl, and as the girl finished ringing up the sale
Debra happened to look to her right and saw Jack. He was just putting the
last of her items into a bag, and once he was done with that he looked at
her, noticed her looking at him, and smiled.

Debra returned his smile automatically, then shifted her gaze away from him,
feeling herself getting red in the face; she was suddenly remembering the
fantasy she'd had about him the night before. Except now it didn't seem so
much exciting as just embarrassing. After all, she was a middle aged woman,
a wife and mother, she had a daughter who was half this boy's age. What was
she doing having sex fantasies about him? He certainly wouldn't be having any
about her. More than likely he'd be having fantasies about Mindy and her big
boobs. Hell, she thought, for all I know, he's doing Mindy. Not that I'd
blame her. Not a bit.

Mindy handed Debra her receipt, thanked her with a big friendly smile. Debra
said, "Thank you," then turned to go. Jack already had her shopping cart
moved away from the counter and as she came closer he asked, "Can I help you
with your groceries?"

"Yes, thank you," Debra replied, feeling her smile get almost too big for her

She started toward the exit and Jack followed with the shopping cart. Debra
led him out to her car, very aware that he was behind her and probably
looking at her butt. She was dressed downward today, in jeans and a blank
white teeshirt with a red and white plaid shirt over it; not very sexy, but
she knew how nice her rear end looked in jeans. She felt herself blushing
again as she got to her car.

She took her keys out of her purse and unlocked one of the back doors,
pulled it open. Jack was right there with the shopping cart and he quickly
and efficiently loaded her bags onto the back seat. Debra watched him, trying
to be casual as she checked out his muscular arms and chest, his broad back,
and yes, his butt too. Very nice. He was quick with the groceries, though,
and nearly caught her looking.

"There you go, Mrs. Barone," he said, smiling. He gently but firmly closed
the car door, then turned to her and stuck his hands in his pockets.

"Aw, you remembered my name," Debra said, giving him a flirtatious smile,
although she really didn't mean to.

"Of course I did," Jack replied. "I always make an effort to remember the
names of our prettiest shoppers."

"Oh, stop." Debra felt herself blushing once more, remarkably gratified by
such a harmless compliment.

"My name's Jack, by the way."

"Yeah, I saw that on your little nameplate thing."

"So, um, are you still married?"

Debra gave up a small surprised laugh before she could stop herself.

"Yes," she said, "still married. Very happily. For ten years now."

"Ten years?" Jack said. "What did you do, get married when you were fifteen?"

This time Debra's laugh was a bit louder, more selfconscious, and she put her
hand in front of her mouth.

"Now you're just being silly," she said.

"No, I'm serious," Jack insisted. "You don't look a day over twenty five." He
shrugged. "Okay, maybe thirty. But you still look totally great."

"Well, thank you, Jack, but I'm not even that young. In fact, I'm almost old
enough to be your mother." Debra crossed her arms beneath her breasts, then
brought them up a half inch, causing her breasts to move up too; they were
pretty firm on their own, but now they looked just a little bit more firm.
"How old are you, by the way? If you don't mind my asking."

"I'm nineteen," Jack told her. "And yeah, I know I look younger than I am.
It's a curse we share."

He flashed her a very warm and winning grin, and for a few moments all
Deborah could do was stand there and smile back at him. Then she snapped out
of it and told herself, You've got to get out of here, as fast as you can.

"Well, thank you, Jack," she said, "for helping me with my groceries."

She stepped around him and opened the driver's door of her car, but just as
she was about to get in she felt his hand on her arm. She looked at him, saw
that he was looking at her. He was still smiling his amazingly charming smile
as he said, "My pleasure, Debra. And if you need anything else, just let me

Debra's blinked and her mouth opened a little as she stared into his eyes and
a sudden surge of warmth welled up between her legs.

Oh yeah, she thought, get out of here right now.

She listened to her heart beating in her ears all the way home.

* * *

When Debra got home she carried her groceries into the kitchen and
immediately began putting them away. She hardly noticed what she was doing,
though, she was so preoccupied with her thoughts about Jack The Bag Boy.
That handsome face, that oh so charming smile, those strong arms. And the
way he was coming onto her! It was unbelievable! Flattering, yes, but still
unbelievable. And that, she decided, was how she was going to deal with it:
simply not believe it. He had to have been teasing her, or doing it on a
dare or something. There was no way he could be interested in her. Besides,
even if he was, she certainly wasn't going to do anything about it. She was
a married woman, after all.

Still, as soon as she was done putting the groceries away, she hurried up the
stairs and to her bedroom, nearly flung herself onto the bed, and masturbated
to a fantasy of what might have happened if she'd brought him home with her.
She'd just finished bringing herself to a fairly satisfying orgasm when she
thought she heard someone knocking on the door downstairs.

"Crap," she said to herself. "If that's Marie bringing the kids home early
I'm going to strangle her."

She got up from the bed, straightened her clothes, and went downstairs. When
she reached the living room she heard the knocking again and realized it was
coming from the back door, not the front door. She went into the kitchen,
then stopped suddenly. She could see Jack standing at the back door, peering
in through the glass. What was he doing here?

Debra unconsciously ran her fingers through her hair as she went to the back
door and opened it.

"Hello again, Mrs. Barone," he said, smiling pleasantly. "I accidentally left
a bag of groceries in your cart, so I thought I'd bring them over."

Debra glanced down and saw that he did indeed have a bag of groceries in his

"Oh. Well. Thank you, Jack." She took the bag from him. "It was very kind of
you to come all this way."

"No problem at all, Mrs. Barone," Jack said.

The two of them stood looking at each other for an awkward moment, then Debra
said, "Well, thank you again." She touched the door, as if she was going to
close it, but then just went on standing there.

"You're welcome," Jack said, still not showing any indication that he was
going to leave. And still smiling that irresistible smile.

Debra thought about inviting him in, but she didn't feel she could do that.
At the same time she couldn't just close the door in his face. Well, okay,
she could, but she didn't want to. She decided to compromise; she turned and
carried her groceries to the kitchen table and set them there, leaving Jack
with the decision of whether or not to come in. She didn't hear anything
happening behind her, but she was afraid to turn around and look, so she
pretended to peer into the bag and check her groceries. That was when she
noticed: these weren't her groceries. She made a face, then turned to tell
Jack he'd brought the wrong groceries and nearly bumped into him; he was
standing less than a foot away.

"Oh," she said, startled.

"Okay, I lied," Jack said. "I bought the groceries myself."

"Why would you do that?" Debra asked, although she figured she knew the

Jack shrugged and said, "I needed an excuse to come see you." He stepped even
closer to her, only a few inches away. Almost close enough, Debra thought, to
kiss her. "I think you're totally hot, Debra."

"Oh," Debra said again. " you?" This can't be happening,
she thought. This shouldn't be happening. She took a step backward. "Listen,
Jack, maybe you should-"

Jack suddenly took her face in his hands and kissed her. Debra was so taken
by surprise that she didn't do anything, just stood there and let him press
his lips against hers. His lips were warm and dry, normal lips really, and
the way they moved and danced over her mouth wasn't all that different from
the way her husband kissed her, but still Deborah felt a rush of excitement
course through her body. He was so urgent, so passionate, insistent and yet
not demanding. She liked that.

But I can't, she told herself. This is....I can't!

Jack pulled away from her and she managed to catch her breath as he told her,
"Debra, I've wanted you from the moment I first saw you. I think about you
all the time, I can't get you out of my head, I-"

Debra shut him off by putting her hand up to his mouth.

"Don't say anything more," she told him. Then she took his hand, turned, and
led him out of the kitchen, through the living room, and up the stairs. As
she went she told herself she shouldn't be doing this, it was wrong, it was
unfaithful, she was a bad person, but those thoughts were easily overwhelmed
by the feelings Jack had stirred up within her. She paid attention to them,
focused on them as she led Jack into her bedroom, and let all of her other
considerations float away.

Of course, she imagined that her fling would go largely the way she'd
fantasized: Jack would show initiative and desire, but his technique would
need some loving guidance, her loving guidance, and with that dynamic she
would be able to control all of the events. But it didn't turn out that way.
It didn't turn out anything like that.

Instead, Jack suddenly had his arms around her again, kissing her and
pulling at her clothes as he maneuvered her toward the bed. She tried to
say something, to tell him to at least slow down, but his tongue was in
her mouth, exploring, as his hands feverishly worked their way under her
tee shirt. She felt the backs of her knees hit the bed, and suddenly they
were falling together. They landed softly, Debra flat on her back and Jack
on top of her, pulling her teeshirt up to her neck, moving her bra out of
the way, grabbing at her naked breasts. She forced her mouth away from his
and breathlessly said, "Jack, wait-"

"No," Jack replied, just as breathlessly. "I wanna fuck you, Debra."

He peppered her face with kisses while one hand continued to fondle her
breasts and the other worked at the fly of her jeans. He got the button
undone, pulled the zipper down, then began tugging them down over her hips.
In another few feverish moments her jeans, along with her panties, were
down to her knees, then her ankles. Debra wasn't sure how he managed to do
it, since he was still on top of her and kissing her and feeling her breasts,
but she decided she didn't care. She kicked off the pants and underwear, then
opened her legs so that Jack could lay between them.

Moments later she felt the head of his cock nudging at the lips of her cunt,
then suddenly he was pushing it into her. Debra gasped and held onto Jack
out of reflex as his cock burrowed and wormed its way deep inside her cunt.
She noticed that he was almost the same size as Ray, and felt a strange
combination of sadness and acceptance as she felt him invading her; she was
letting another man fuck her, betraying her husband, but as much as she knew
it shouldn't happen she couldn't bring herself to make him stop. To make
herself stop. She was wrong, but she needed this.

Jack got himself all the way in, then held Debra tightly and began to fuck
her. He fucked her steadily, insistently, but at the same time with a
surprising gentleness that magnified the already pleasurable feelings
beginning to stir in her body. He spoke to her softly as he moved inside of
her, telling her how beautiful she was, how hot, how sexy. His voice was
mesmerizing, and the even pace of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt
was hypnotic. The sensations that were growing within her were both shocking
and gratifying, and soon the tide of heat and delight was so strong, so
overwhelming, that she couldn't hold it back anymore. Debra moaned loudly
and without restraint, her body shaking with Jack's increasingly strong
thrusts, her breasts bouncing wildly, her hands grasping at his shoulders,
his biceps. She wrapped her legs around him and held on as he fucked her
harder and harder, until finally she cried out with the most passionate
sounds she'd ever heard herself make as the wave of orgasm spilled through
her shuddering body. After it passed she relaxed her grip on him, letting
her legs fall back to the bed, but Jack continued fucking her, driving
himself toward his own intense release. He pulled her closer to him, hugging
her to his chest and burying his face in her neck as he plunged his cock
into her over and over again. Debra felt another orgasm approaching, one just
as brilliant as the last, and just as the crest of pleasure broke within her
Jack groaned, embraced her even tighter, and his cock began pumping come into
her cunt.

Afterward the two of them collapsed on the bed, sweating and exhausted. They
lay there for a long time, neither of them speaking, seemingly stunned by
what they'd just done. Finally, Debra decided she had to get up. She went
into the bathroom, cleaned herself up, got her clothes straightened out. She
brushed her hair, then as she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror she
said, "Well, you did it. You actually cheated on Ray. You didn't exactly
fulfill your fantasy of the Wise and Gifted Teacher, but you still got what
you wanted. Didn't you?" She looked at herself a little closer. "What do you
want?" She wasn't sure what the answer to that question was, and decided not
to try to figure it out. At least not now.

* * *

When she returned to her bedroom Jack was sitting on the end of the bed and
buttoning his shirt.

"I hate to say this," she told him, "but you're going to have to go."

"That's cool," Jack replied, "I understand."

"It's not that I don't want you to stay....."

"I know." Jack stood up, came over to her, put his arms around her. He kissed
her forehead. "It's okay, Debra. I understand, you're a married woman, and
you can't risk letting me hang around too long. I'm cool with that." He
kissed her again, this time on the nose.

"Well...." Debra said, "Will coming back?" She didn't like how
needy she sounded.

Jack gave her his perpetually charming smile.

"That's up to you," he said. "Any time you want me to come over, just drop by
the store and let me know."

"Okay, I'll, um....I might do that."

"Can't wait," Jack said. He kissed her one last time, on the lips, then left
without another word.

* * *

The next morning Debra dreamed that Jack was lying next to her, holding her
close and kissing her cheek and neck as he fondled her breasts. Then suddenly
he was on top of her, almost rudely pushing her legs apart, and jamming his
cock into her. As soon as he entered her Debra woke up and discovered that it
wasn't Jack but Raymond who was fucking her.

"Ray...." she protested, but she didn't say anything more. She simply held
onto him and stared at the early morning sunlight streaming in through the
bedroom window and let him fuck her, let him use her until he was finished.
She didn't particularly enjoy it, but at the same time she didn't mind.
Because she knew that in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow while Ray
was at work, she was going to need to go back to the market. For more
groceries, of course.



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