Everybody Loves Raymond: Robert the Hero (MF,inter,ncon,cons)
by Wilcox

Deborah Barone couldn't sleep. Her husband Ray was going away on a business
trip and she'd confided in him her worries about the rash of break-in's in
their normally quiet neighborhood. Ray allayed her fears of being left alone
with the kids by asking his brother Robert to stay at the house with his
family while he was away.

Deborah knew that her huge brother-in-law was a NYPD Police Sergeant and
that he was sleeping on the couch in the living room, but still her mind was
flashing the lurid details of what had happened to three of the housewives.
They had been unfortunate enough to be home alone when the nighttime intruder
struck. They'd been brutally raped by a man described as being a huge black
man and her imagination was running rampant with the vision of being at the
mercy of a huge rapist with a massive black horsecock.

Ray was average sized and in the back of her mind she'd always wondered what
a huge cock would feel like ramming deep inside of her. It was actually
making her wet as she tossed and turned, to the point where she got out of
bed and went down to the kitchen for a glass of warm milk.

As she passed the couch she paused and looked down at her big strong brother
in law. He was sound asleep and she was shocked to notice that he had an
erection. One that stretched out his shorts to an incredible size. He was
really hung, as they say, she thought. It was easily twice the size of his
brother's and she again thought about what would have happened if she'd met
Robert first.

He was a gentle giant, so sweet and sensitive, so understanding. So unlike
his brother Ray. God, her mind just wouldn't let up she thought as she felt
another tingle in her warm squishy cunt. She shook her head and went into
the kitchen to try and calm herself down.

Deborah was just putting a pan out when she heard the backdoor open. Her
instincts told her something was wrong as she turned towards the sound. There
in the open doorway, Deborah saw a huge black man looking at her with evil
intent. She knew instantly that it was the nighttime rapist and tried to
scream, but the man grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth with his
other hand.

"Look lady, if you stay quiet, nothing will happen to you except for gettin'
the best fuckin' you ever had," the street thug named Jacko told her. "I've
done this before and you don't have to get hurt, okay? I know your old man is
out of town and your here alone with your kids. Play along and I won't hurt
them either ... understand?"

Deborah closed her eyes to fight the tears and nodded her assent. "Good," he
said as his hand slid down to squeeze with ass, "damn, you're looking awfully
fine for a old married bitch? You know I'm thinking that you and me should
get to know each other." The man took his shirt off, his muscles flexed and
mesmerized Deborah.

"I...I...what are you doing?" stammered Deborah.

"Wot's it look like bitch? I'm told you I was gunna' fuck you. I bet you
never had a big black dick? Ever fantasized about a big black stud fuckin'
your tight white little pussy? You hot assed white housewives all dream
about it, don'tcha?" he smiled wickedly at her.

Deborah was in pure shock. The thought of sex with someone other than her
husband had been on her mind all night and now it was about to happen. The
big cock of her dreams was going to take her.

The black man said, "Listen bitch, you and me got a little business to do."

Deborah started to back away but he had her cornered. He finished removing
all his clothes and stood naked from head to toe. His huge black cock had to
be 11 inches long and as thick as her wrist. His entire body was covered with
tattoos that had been covered by his clothing. Tattoos that all resembled one
another, mostly in a style that represented a pretty nasty gang that was
terrorizing the town.

Jacko grabbed Deborah and spun her around. He slammed her into the wall and
ripped open her pajama top, then ripped off her bottoms. Deborah sobbed as
she realized that Jacko's huge black violator was going to rip open her tight
little cunt and probably her virgin asshole as well. She knew that there was
no hope of escape, that her fantasy was going to happen for real and began to
cry harder.

"Shut up bitch!" snapped Jacko; "You're testing my patience." He unsnapped
the hooks on her bra and grabbed her panties. He ripped them off and pushed
Deborah face first into the wall again. He stood up close behind her, his
huge dick slowly sawing through the crack of her fabulous little buns. Her
wails were lower now as he started to squeeze her ass and fondle her big

He turned her around and pushed her down to her knees. "Suck it cunt." He
grabbed his cock and shoved it in front of her face. The innocent young
housewife stared at the organ. She decided not to do it when she saw Jacko's
raised hand in front of her face. She reached out her hand and wrapped it
around the thick black pole. Her small white fingers began to pump as thick
spunk began oozing from the slit. It was a sight to see, thought Jacko, this
white beauty afraid and gingerly handling his manhood, cringing at the slimy
goo that flowed to soil her delicate hands.

He watched as Deborah tentatively began to lick at the juicy pole. Finally,
Jacko wrapped his fingers in Deborah's hair, forcing his plum size cockhead
into her tight mouth. It took awhile before she could get accustomed to such
a huge piece of black meat. Slowly, Jacko began to fuck into the now sucking
mouth. Deborah felt ashamed for the dirty deed she was performing, even
though she knew that she was being forced to give the huge black man head to
protect her sleeping children.

He looked down at the pretty housewife sucking his dick and reached down for
her big jiggling boobs. He palmed them, feeling the nipples on his palm, as
Deborah sucked on his thick black cock. He was smiling in satisfaction, when
a loud thumping sound filled the room and Jacko fell to his knees. Deborah
let out a gasp as his huge dick popped out of her mouth and she watched him
fall face first onto the floor.

"Deborah!" her brother in law Robert was standing there. "Are you OK
Deborah?" Deborah turned in shock to look first at Robert and then down at
the unconscious rapist slowly bleeding onto her kitchen floor.

Robert Barone had awoken to the sounds coming from the kitchen and knew
instinctively that something was wrong. He quietly made his way to the
kitchen and was shocked to see Deborah on her knees being forced to suck off
a big black guy. He spotted the pan on the counter and quietly picked it up
and moved in behind the distracted intruder. He swung the pan in controlled
rage at the man who was forcing his beautiful sister in law to suck his big
black cock.

The man never knew what hit him and went down for the count. Robert called
911 then bent down to comfort Deborah, who was obviously in shock. Robert
couldn't help himself from coping a feel when he had to push her breasts
back into her torn top. He always had a schoolboy crush on Deborah, she was
like every girl that he wanted but was too shy to approach. She was his
perfect woman and the fact that she was married to his whiney brother only
made it worse for him.

He scooped her up into his arms and paused in the darkness of the kitchen to
look down at the unconscious rapist as he slowly ran his hand up the back of
her leg to cup her ass; feeling it's firmness as he held onto her. His other
hand moved to fondle her full breast as he stood there lost in the moment.

He squeezed her firm buns and slid his fingers into the crack of her ass to
probe at her tightly puckered anus. She let out a soft moan and buried her
head against his chest as he moved downward and parted her cunt lips to slide
two fingers into her surprisingly warm squishy pussy.

"C'mon Barone, snap out of it!" he told himself after a couple of minutes. He
slid his slick fingers out of her juicy crack and licked them as he went to
the front of the house, where he saw two black and whites pulling to a stop
through the window. He carefully put Deborah down on the couch and called the
officer's in.

Robert explained who he was and what had happened. The officer's went into
the kitchen and found the unconscious intruder lying in a heap on the floor.
They carried him out to one of the cars after he'd come around and found
himself in handcuffs.

In all the commotion the kids woke and came downstairs, immediately upset at
the sight of their shaken mother answering a policeman's questions. Across
the street her in-laws awoke to the noise and rushed over to see what was
going on. They rushed in and we're shocked to find out what had happened and
over-joyed at Robert saving the day. Marie hugged him, calling him a hero
for saving Deborah from a fate worst than death and for capturing the man
who'd been terrorizing the neighborhood. Frank smiled broadly and shook his
hand as he told Robert how proud he was of him.

Frank and Marie wanted her to sleep at their house but Deborah insisted that
she would stay in her own house. Marie said that she'd take the kids then, so
that Deborah could rest. Deborah then found Robert and asked him if he would
stay with her for the rest of the night so that she would feel secure.

Deborah finally calmed down after her fifth stiff drink. She was thinking
about what had happened, and was strangely ... excited. She had read
somewhere that being excited was physically similar to becoming aroused and
here she was a victim of a home invasion.

She'd seen the man who'd forced her to suck his huge black dick knocked
unconscious before her eyes by her hero of a brother in law Robert. He'd
probably saved her live as well as stopping her from being raped. She was
getting wet just thinking about something that had scared her to death only
a few hours before.

"Deborah, uh you okay?" Robert asked as she came down from her bedroom as
though in a drunken trance.

She snapped out of it, "uh...yeah Robert, I'm all right, I was just thinking
about what happened."

"Oh, are you, uh...okay?" He asked again without knowing what else to say.

Deborah could feel the heat growing between her legs, "Robert ... I don't
want to be alone right now. Can I sit with you for a while? I want to find a
way to thank you for coming to my rescue and saving me like you did."

Robert was sitting there wearing only some baggy shorts and Deborah was
beside him now in a small teddy. She wasn't a big drinker so the alcohol was
really started to kick in. She leaned back into the couch as Robert saw his

He pulled her against him and started to rub her shoulders and back. Deborah
was somewhat startled but the massage felt good. As she leaned her head back,
she took a deep breath.

Robert's eyes locked onto her full thrusting breasts, which filled out the
small teddy nicely. As he rubbed her shoulders he could feel how warm and
soft her skin was.

She felt the strength of his hands and was somewhat turned on as his big
strong hands caressed her shoulders. She rested her head back against his
shoulder as he inhaled the fragrance in her hair. As one hand gently squeezed
her shoulder the other hit the power button on the remote to turn off the
late sports show he'd been watching on TV.

The room was quiet and darkened with only the full moonlight pouring through
the windows, providing just enough light to see. Deborah was fully aware of
what was happening but being so drunk and flushed with gratefulness her
inhibitions were lowered.

As she lay back against him he continued to rub her shoulders. She shut her
eyes and almost giggled when he tried to slide the straps of her teddy down
her shoulders. When the strap would fall she just raised her arm and it would
jump back into place.

Robert leaned his head down against hers and started to breathe into her
ear. His warm breath turned her on as she braced herself with her hands and
squeezed his inner thigh. Robert grabbed her by her small waist and lifted
her onto his lap so that she was sitting up higher.

Deborah let her head tilt back against his shoulder as he started to slowly
breath down her neck. He left his hands down around her waist as she rested
her arms on top of his. Deborah wanted to make sure she knew where his
powerful hands were at all times. Her tight little body amazed him, as it
felt more feminine than any of the girls he'd been with.

As he breathed down her neck, she turned her face away from him, giving him
a clear shot from her ear down her neck. She felt good being in his powerful
embrace and his warm breath on her fair skin was making her feel hot. Robert
slowly started to nibble at her ear.

The warm sensation she felt sent a tingle down her spine. As he continued to
nibble on her ear she raised her arm up and caressed his head with her hand.
He instinctively slid his hand up her waist and cupped her full breast.

Deborah quickly retrieved his hand and pulled it back down to her waist, as
she whispered no. Robert now knew he had to work overtime to seduce his
brother's sexy drunken wife. She'd let him go farther than he would have
expected and knew that it was only a matter of time. He had all night to get
into her panties. He thought, 'Fuck Raymond, I'm going to fuck his hot assed
little wife right under his nose.'

She was thinking that she was in control and she would dictate the actions.
She still had no concious intention of cheating. She just wanted to be in
Robert's strong arms.

Robert was impressed by how firm Deborah's big full breasts were. He thought
to himself that some of the women he'd been with had tits that size or bigger
but not near as firm. As Robert continued to work on her ear he started to
gently lick her luscious neck. He slowly licked and sucked his way up and
down her neck, savoring his first taste of his hot sister in law.

Deborah squeezed his arms and let out a small sigh; his warm wet tongue felt
so good. He licked her ear lobe and continued onto her neck. He would lick
and suck and kiss gently on her neck and up to her chin. He then would travel
around to her ear and even across her shoulder. He noticed that when he
licked across her shoulder her shoulder strap slid down and she didn't raise
it back up.

He felt he was making progress and started to become a little more aggressive
in his attack. With her one strap down, he could see the top of her
incredibly firm right breast from over her shoulder. He had his fantasy right
where he wanted her. Robert had no doubt that if he took his time, he would
be able to seduce his brother's wife.

On the other hand Deborah was feeling totally hot by his aggressive oral
assault on her neck. His lips and warm tongue sent shivers right through her
as they continued to feed off her neck, ear and shoulder. Her skin glistened
with his saliva as he continued tasting her.

As he made another trip to her chin, Robert slowly started to kiss her. He
kissed her lightly on the chin, cheek, and nose. Deborah turned her head
toward him as he slowly leaned down and lightly kissed her soft lips.
Electricity shot through their bodies as their lips touched for the first

Her lips were small he thought but he was aroused by his progress. Deborah
was turned on and decided that there would be no harm if she allowed him to
make out with her. She had never even kissed another man and making out with
her brother in law was so forbidden that it, for some reason, turned her on.

As their lips melted into each other's, Robert ran his hands over her waist
and hips, across her expanded rib cage and around her back. He was in awe
over the tightness of her body. Deborah lifted her arms around his neck and
slowly opened her mouth.

With the open invitation, Robert let his tongue slide into Deborah's mouth
and searched out hers. When their tongues met it was almost magical. They
aggressively licked each other's tongue as blood rushed to their loins.

Robert was becoming hard and Deborah started getting wet and squishy. They
held each other tight as they powerfully kissed. They would only retreat
for a second to catch their breath, then they would open their mouths and
continue to lick each other's tongues. Robert liked the fact that Deborah's
mouth seemed smaller than those of the other women he'd kissed did. Deborah
liked his big long tongue that continuously overmatched hers as it licked
deep inside her mouth.

As Deborah's arms were stretched up around his neck, Robert reached down and
squeezed her left breast. The feeling of his powerful grasp around her tight
breast had a sobering affect on her. She pulled back and brought his hand
away from her and whispered, "let's just kiss."

Robert felt confident that his patience would pay off. Satisfied that she had
control, she sat down on his lap, facing Robert with her legs straddling his.
She slowly leaned in and they went at it again.

He held her head as she gripped his wrists. The kiss was so intense that you
could almost see steam rising out. They licked deeply into one another, as
they seemed to be sucking the life out of each other. As they continued
making out, Deborah ran her hands up his powerful arms and to his muscular
shoulders. Robert dropped his hands off her head and wrapped them around her

Like most women she liked to be held and she pushed her body against his. She
kissed with more aggression as his strong body pressed powerful against hers.
Her firm tits pressed in against his chest and he wanted to throw her down
right now and rip into her, but he held back, knowing that it was only a
matter of time.

He ran his hands down her back as he kissed deep into her. Robert hands
lowered as he started to cup and squeeze Deborah's hot little ass. Her ass
was tight and firm and he really wanted to rip into it.

As they passionately made out, Robert was pleasantly surprised that Deborah
didn't object and allowed him to feel up her ass. Meanwhile, she was really
getting into it, she could tell by his powerful grasp that he loved what he
had. With a powerful tug, Robert lifted his brother's wife up against him as
she tilted her head back and he started feverishly licking her neck. As he
lifted her he pulled her in tight and pressed in against her.

It was here that she first felt his enormous bulge against her. As he licked
down her neck she was in shock by the massive size of his package. She went
numb as she realized he was packing serious heat. Meanwhile, Robert had
worked his way down her neck and was now lapping her up at the top of her
firm mounds.

She leaned into him, lowering her breasts down away from him in the process.
She whispered, "slow down," as she buried her head against his. For the first
time she felt a little out of control. Sensing this, Robert aggressively
turned and pushed her down under him on the couch.

With his hands firmly grasping her sweet ass and holding her hips up, Deborah
slid her legs out and around his, allowing for his tremendous bulge to press
in against her sweetness. She moaned at the power that she felt grinding
between her legs. With her shoulder straps down, her firm cleavage was at eye
level with him. Her mind was racing as he was looking at her loosely covered
tits as a predator would a prey. Trying to decide how far she would let this
get, she lowered her head and started to kiss him.

Robert raised up to meet her sweet lips, which allowed for him to press his
best asset harder against her wet pussy. She no doubt was fully aware of it
as he felt another moan escape her lips as he took them against his. With
the fire burning between her legs and the confidence she could stop this at
anytime, Deborah decided to let him take the next base.

She released her lips from his and leaned back as Robert licked down her
neck. As he reached up to her straps, she now was contacting him only by his
tremendous bulge rubbing between her legs. She closed her eyes as Robert
eagerly pulled Deborah's teddy down. He watched intently as her tremendous
boobs released themselves from the confines of her teddy.

The cool night air combined with the intensity of the evening's events had
her nipples swollen and erect. The beauty of her bust mesmerized Robert.
Deborah's breasts looked bigger than they were because they were so round
and firm and she had such a petite little body.

He was astonished at the size of her dark swollen nipples. Robert reached up
and gave them a slight squeeze as the contrast of color made him hot.
Deborah's body contracted to his touch and he noticed her upper abdominal
muscles flex.

He knew he had to have her. Robert lowered in and took her right breast into
his mouth. The warmth of his tongue and the sensation of his lips against her
tight tit sent her into a shudder. She really wanted him to take her tits
against his big tongue and suck.

Robert didn't disappoint her as he licked her swollen nipple to maximum
attention and went in for the kill. Deborah moaned and bucked up against his
tremendous bulge as he started to aggressively suck her tits. He alternated
from one to the other, sucking her tits and licking her nipples.

She threw her arms back over her head and arched her back, allowing for her
tits to grow and jet skyward. She looked down to watch as her brother in law
was licking her swollen nipples as his saliva was dripping everywhere. He
grabbed her rib cage and slowly dropped her teddy lower. He loved the way her
rib cage expanded and her little body displayed such heavy tits.

He returned to her lips and deeply kissed her as he squeezed Deborah's full
thrusting tits. Robert laid her down onto her back as if to put her into
fucking position. As she lay on her back looking up at this powerful man she
knew what he was thinking. His loose fitting shorts were pitching a ferocious

Although she no doubt wanted to, she didn't think she could. She loved her
husband and wanted to stay true to him.

As Robert reached down and pulled her teddy down more she stopped him. She
whimpered to him that this was as far as they could go. Frustration clouded
his mind, as he wanted to plow into this little cock tease. But his cooler
head prevailed and as he noticed her toned abs he decided to stay on course.

She said, "let's just lay together." As he lowered back on top of her, she
decided that this was too dangerous a position. She moved over so that her
body was against the back of the couch and he could lie next to her side by
side. Her tits were still exposed as they took on a spent look from his
intense sucking. Robert wasted no time as he squeezed her tits and went in
to continue their intense make out session.

Deborah relaxed as she felt she dodged a major bullet. She now felt back in
control and really got into it with Robert. They were feeling each other up
and kissing passionately. She would re-route him if he got to close to her
sweet love canal but she allowed him to have his liberties anywhere else. She
was at it too, grabbing his ass and feeling all over his muscular body.

She wasn't a bad enough cock tease to grab his massive tool, but she wanted
to. She was very turned on. He reached down and pulled her teddy up enough
to expose her panties. He grabbed her ass and lifted her one leg onto him
and noticed that she again pressed her hot pussy into his massive bulge.

Just as he thought she would, she lifted herself onto him a little bit more
to bump uglies with him. He was surprised to see her move her teddy out of
the way. He knew that this was his meal ticket. She started to burrow down
on his bulging tool with her hot squishy pussy as she licked his neck.

Robert grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly against him causing her to
moan. She started to suck his neck with more aggression as he continued to
rock her against his massive crank. She seemed to really like the dry hump

Meanwhile, Deborah's pussy was on fire. She was extremely wet and loved the
way it felt to press her juicy womanhood against his huge manhood. She felt
like she was doing him a favor for his heroic efforts by dry humping him but
she was the one who was really benefiting from it.

Robert knew this and soon she was aggressively spreading her legs around him
so she could better feel his bulge against her wet snatch. She continued
dragging herself against his length as she continued to suck his neck. As
Raymond's wife was exploding with passion, Robert abruptly stopped her. He
whispered that they should slow down.

He turned the tables on her as she looked down to notice his enormous bulge
had wet spots on it. She grudgingly agreed and they went back to making out.
Every once in a while, she would attempt to rub up against him but he
wouldn't let her and had her going out of her mind with lust. She really
wanted him but knew she shouldn't do it.

Robert knew she was on the ropes. He worked down her ripe body, methodically
licking down her chest to her abs. As he licked down across her abdominal
muscles that lightly protruded, he lifted her leg onto his shoulder. The
scent of heat was strong as he felt the back of her leg and ass. His thumb
was within an inch from her wet snatch but she didn't move it. Deborah had
already decided that he could take her to third base.

Feeling confident, Robert lowered a bit, licking his way down her body. He
allowed for his thumb to brush against her panties and rub her wet pussy.

Feeling his thumb against her furriness, Deborah moaned and climbed up his
face a bit. The invite was obvious and with a powerful pull, Robert ripped
her panties off her sweet pussy. He pulled the teddy up her body and looked
at his sister in law's cunt. Deborah shut her eyes and moaned as she quietly
rolled her hips, begging for him to eat her out. Her thick bush was drenched
and her sweet snatch looked small and very tight to him.

He almost blew his wad thinking about how tight Deborah was and how he'd soon
feel her tightness milking his big dick. Robert leaned in and split her cunt
lips with his big tongue and licked deeply. He savored the taste as Deborah
squealed in delight.

His big tongue almost made her cream the moment it touched her tight little
fur trap. She pushed down on his head as he started to lick her out. Her body
started to spasm as he sucked on her pussy. Her body tingled as she instantly
went into an orgasm. He didn't slow down as he aggressively lapped her joy
juice up and ate her out like a starving man.

He lifted her leg into the air to spread her out and allow for more room to
lick. She was moaning as she pushed his head deep into her and began to slide
around as he licked her deep. He found her quivering clit and really went to
work. She was panting like a dog as he ate her out.

She smelled good to him and tasted even better. He licked her wet cunt until
he had her to the edge, then worked his thick tongue down her crack to her
tightly clenched little asshole. He reamed her tiny anus as she went off
again then made his way up her body and deeply kissed her again. He almost
lost his cool when she whispered frantically, "please don't fuck me."

He couldn't believe it. Deborah pleaded, "I want to, but I just can't." He
reached down and pulled the string to his shorts and kicked them off,
displaying a gigantic cock.

Deborah stared at it as if she seen a ghost. It was extremely long and thick.
It had to be a good foot long. It was the most powerful looking love muscle
she had ever seen. Robert played his last card and it was an ace. He told
her, "You've got me so hot I'm going to explode. You've got to get me off."

Trying to hold on to her marital fidelity, Deborah hungrily said "OK, I'll
suck your dick, but we can't fuck." This was music to his ears, as Robert
rolled onto his back. She hurried down his body and pulled his massive cock
straight up into the air.

She was double fisting his long thick shaft when she lowered in and took its
massive head into her mouth. They both moaned as her soft wet mouth wrapped
around his massive cock and took it in.

Robert gleefully watched his fantasy come true as his brother's sexy wife
started to slowly bob her head and take in his incredible staff. Although she
had only sucked Raymond's dick before, Deborah was really doing a number on
his big cock. She worked hard not to gag as she took his meat deep into her

She instinctively withdrew and spit on his massive member, coating it with
her tongue so she could slide more of him down her throat. She really started
to bob up and down, faster and faster. His huge dick spread her mouth and
throat to the max as she barely was able to get it passed her tonsils.

Robert grabbed her hair as she pushed her head down. He was amazed by the
way her neck expanded as she took his big cock deep down her throat. Deborah
retreated and gasped for breath as his huge manhood was withdrawn from her
air passage.

It was all wet and slimy with her saliva. She swirled her tongue around the
head and then went back down on him. She did her best sword-swallowing act as
she took his big dagger deep down her throat repeatedly.

He started to feel his cock swell as she worked her lips and tongue up and
down his long staff. He knew he was close to blowing his load as she
continued her oral attack. He wasn't sure if he could get to fuck her so he
was going to give her a mouthful of thick rich cum to swallow.

Deborah never swallowed so she had no idea what was in store for her. She
just kept sucking like she couldn't get enough of it. She really started
bobbing again when he started to tense up. She noticed his cock thicken in
her mouth but she had no idea what was coming. He held her head down as she
took his cock deep down her throat and he exploded.

She could feel a tremendous burst down her throat and a warm burn deep
within. As she pulled back she tasted his warm thick cum that was continually
shooting into her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the first blasts.
As she tasted his cum he repeatedly unloaded his gun into her mouth. He was
shocked when she seemed to prefer swallowing all of his potent cum.

She swallowed all she could and licked it clean. She started to bob on it
again and Robert knew he was going to fuck her. She sucked his massive tool
until it regained its size. She then raised up and laid next to him with a
"didn't I do good" look on her face.

He grabbed her tight little body and positioned her with her legs straddling
him on top of his muscular body. Deborah's slippery pussy was sliding up and
down on top of his long shaft as it lay on his stomach. Her lips spread open
as she rode his thick dick and she applied a liberal coating of her flowing
juices to his long throbbing rod.

She still didn't plan on fucking him until he slid her down to the base of
his balls and lifted his enormous cock straight in the air against her firm
little belly. She was in a sex-induced trance and in her drunken horny
condition she instinctively knew what was expected of her.

Without any conscious thought, she used the couch for balance as she lifted
herself up, almost to a standing position over his mighty cock. She lowered
a little, enough for him to drag his enormous cock head through her drenched

She purred at the sweet sensation she felt by having her wet inner sanctum
massaged by a thick cock twice the size of her darling husband's. If she
wasn't so wet there would be no way his huge cock could fit into her tight
love canal. As his fat cock head found her tight hole she instinctively
lowered herself.

Deborah moaned loudly as her tight cunt opened and accepted his huge mounting
stick. Her cunt lips stretched to the max as she lowered herself further. A
strong adrenaline rush ripped through her veins as she was taking in another
man's cock for the first time.

Robert was amazed at her change of heart as she really worked to get him
inside of her. She continuously lowered and raised herself, sliding up and
down on his massive meat missile to work it in deeper. She hit the four-inch
mark and really started to struggle. The intense feeling of her cunt
stretching over his thick cock was making her weak.

Robert sensed her struggles and grabbed her small waist and steadied her for
the ride. He lifted her up and down on his big cock. She started trembling
as his manhood peaked her inner most carnal desires. Deborah's cunt worked
feverishly to adjust to his enormous size. Feeling more comfortable that she
could handle him, she lowered down and his big cock easily passed her
husband's depth.

She raised slightly then slid down his enormous pole again and again. She
took him in deeply but hadn't fit it all in yet. As she has never felt such
a long, thick cock inside of her before, something inside of her clicked. His
massive meat pushed her to the limits and she was now ready to get down to
some serious fucking. She bounced up and down as his big rod slid in and out
of her stretched cunt.

Raymond's custom fit pussy was being seriously resized. She rode Robert's
cock like she was in a rodeo. She couldn't get enough of his thick cock.
Robert watched in excitement as she rode him. Her cunt felt so sweet to him
as it gripped his big cock tightly and started to really adjust to his
enormous size.

As she rode on his pole, he reached up and filled his hands with her bouncing
tits, watching intensely as his thick cock glistened with her juices.
Everytime she landed, Robert could here a loud squish. After fifteen non-stop
minutes he couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to really let her have it.

Robert rolled Deborah over so he was on top of her. He hooked her long sexy
legs up over his shoulders and started to fuck her brains out. As he
powerfully thrusted, he repeated buried every long thick inch he had into her
glove tight passage. After a few minutes he pushed her feet over her head and
bent her in two, burying his massive 13" horsecock all the way into her
wide-open womb. The long deep thrusts and withdrawals had an overpowering
effect on Deborah's ravaged body, her vaginal muscles began to contract upon
the mighty shaft within her whenever it plunged deep into her womb, milking
the overthick intruder with a mind of it's own.

Deborah screamed in delight as he pounded her pussy with his big cock. The
intense feeling of being fucked by a large cock made her have one orgasm
after another as he pounded her hard and deep for another ten minutes before
letting her legs down.

Robert had to hold on to her, as she couldn't lay still. He held her waist
as he powerfully thrusted his meat into her faster and faster. Deborah was
bucking wildly as she moaned in delight. Robert was amazed by how hot and
wet he was making her. He pulled out of her and rolled her trembling body

Deborah was in spastic ecstasy as her body was creaming out of control.
Robert couldn't believe it as he looked down and saw his gigantic prick as
big and hard as he has ever seen. It was so sticky with his brother's wife's
juices dripping from it. She rolled her sexy ass in front of him and begged
him for it as he raised her to all fours and mounted her from behind.

She arched her back and moaned as he easily landed his huge cock into her
swollen drenched cunt. He loved how her tight little body looked as he
hammered away at her. His massive horsecock glistened with her flowing juices
as he watched her sweet little pussy take it hard and deep. Deborah buried
her face into the cushions to muffle her constant moans as Robert sawed her
in half.

He reached up under Deborah and mauled her hanging tits as he ram fucked her.
After a while he lifted up and grasped her flaring hips as he rode her into
the sunset. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore, Deborah's sweet pussy was
the best he'd ever had and it was milking his big cock for his load of heavy
cream hungrily. With a mighty thrust, he rammed all he had inside of her on
held it buried to the hilt in her tautly stretched little quim. His muscular
body tensed as his testicles exploded.

Deborah drunkenly realized that he was about to pump his fertile semen deep
in her spasming baby factory. Barely able to speak, she cried out weakly,
"pull out!" as Robert shot load after heavy load of his thick warm cum into
her quivering body. He laid on her back with his huge cock fully embedded in
her obliviated pussy as their bodies meshed into one and they lay joined,
totally exhausted from their super intense fuck session.

With his seed planted deep within Deborah's womb, Robert pulled out of her
with an audible plop after several minutes of recovery time. His thirteen
inches of swinging meat glistened with his brother's wife's sweet pussy juice
as he'd lived out his fantasy. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply,
savoring his brother's sweet little wife. She was still sweating and her cunt
was dripping his freshly deposited cum as he took her up to her husband's

Three more times that night, Deborah awoke at the movement of the muscular
body upon her. 'My God, he's inhuman!' she muttered to herself, as she knew
what was in store for her once again. But on each mating she wrapped her arms
and legs around him and humped her wildly milking pussy back onto Robert's
massive cock. She couldn't count the numerous orgasms that had rocked her
body, only knowing that she had never before experienced anything like this

When early morning came, she had to go down on him again and deepthroated him
until he filled her belly with a breakfast of thick rich semen. As she was
licking his jizz off her fingertips, Robert moved behind her and fit his dick
against her tiny asshole. His cockhead throbbed at her anus as he pressed
forward. It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and slid his
hips forward. His cockhead popped into her rear channel. Deborah's head
jerked up as he began to sodomize her with a masterful buttfucking that
threatened to callapse Raymond's bed as her muscular brother in law sodomized
her through several all-consuming orgasms.

Deborah became numb in her body as Robert fucked her up the ass for another
half-hour non-stop before he deposited a heavy load of potent spunk deep up
her tight little asshole. After a couple of minutes he withdrew from the
still moaning, quivering woman in front of him. Deborah was bent over on her
knees, her head and shoulders on the bed with her sweet lucious ass displayed
in all it's glory for her brother in law to see.

Her asshole was gaping wide open with a puddle of his cum in it. The cheeks
of her ass showed his big handprints on it. Her asshole was beet red and cum
was slowly oozing out. He watched his semen as long drips of cum also
trickled from her equally gaping pussy down her legs and began pooling on the
sheets. It added to the impressive wet spot in the middle of Raymond's bed.

Luckily Robert was in the shower when Deborah heard Frank and Marie call out
from downstairs. She had just stripped the soiled sheets from her bed and
quickly threw on a bathrobe.

As she called back to them she thought that fifteen minutes earlier and they
would have found Robert comforting his sexy sister in law in his brother's
bed by pounding his massive dick hard and deep up her tight little asshole.
She smiled as she went downstairs knowing that her life had changed forever
and that Robert was going to be a regular fixture in her bed from now on.


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