Everybody Loves Raymond/King Of Queens: Alone Together Part 1 (FF,F-mast,voy)
by Honker

The doorbell woke Debra Barone from her nap, and she slipped her robe over
her nightgown, and came down the stairs to answer the door. Her husband,
Raymond, had left a few days ago for Salt Lake City, covering the Winter
Olympics for his newspaper.

She held her robe tight as she opened the door, surprised to see Carrie
Heffernan standing outside in her winter gear. "Hey, Carrie, what are you
doing here?" she asked.

"Didn't you hear? Doug went with Ray to the Olympics, something about
watching the luge competition and shouting out "Hey, Luger!" as they zip by,
I don't know..."

Debra invited her in and closed the door tight to keep out the cold.

"I'm not disturbing you, am I? I just figured with the guys out of town, we
could hang out - besides, my father is driving me crazy, so I had to get out
of the house."

"No, no," said Debra, "I was just having a little nap - the kids are across
the street, playing in the snow with Ray's brother."

"Ray's brother lives across the street? That must be a little strange for

"It's worse than that - it's actually Ray's parents' house. You know what
they say about keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer? It's
kinda like that."

"Tell me about it!" said Carrie. "Since my father moved into my basement,
it's hard to get any privacy at all!"

Carrie took off her winter coat, and Debra offered her some hot cocoa.
"Well, we don't get much of that around here. Come on, let's have some girl
time, we can watch a movie on the satellite, make some popcorn, just relax."

"Sounds great. I know you and I haven't spent too much time together, but
with our hubbies out of town it's really a perfect chance."

The women sat down on the couch and turned on the satellite dish - scanning
through the dial, Debra found an old movie on the Romance Channel. Carrie
said, "Romance? I'm in!"

They watched the last half of a black-and-white love story, and when it was
over, they sat on the couch with tears in their eyes. "Now, why can't men
today be romantic like in the old movies, huh?" asked Carrie.

"I don't know. Ray wouldn't know romance if it jumped up and bit him on
the ass. It's not too much to ask, right? A little music, some candles,
a little wine? And by "wine" I don't mean him whining, 'C'mon, Debra, it's
been 3 weeks since we did it!'"

Carrie laughed - "Three weeks? Jeez, it seems like for me it's been more
like three months! Ever since I got the job at the law firm, I've had to work
in the evening, and by the time I get home, Doug's in bed, passed out in
front of an empty pizza box! I'd climb on top of him, but I'm afraid with
the pizza grease, I'd slide right off!"

"Hah! I wish Ray would be passed out when I go to bed - but usually I'm the
one who's tired, with the kids, and the cleaning, and the cooking, it's just
good to find a little time to be alone once in a while."

"Yeah, good old 'alone-time'. I know what you mean," Carrie said. "If I
didn't twirl the pearl every once in a while, I think I'd go crazy!"

"Twirl the pearl?" asked Debra.

"Yeah, you know, brush the beaver, beat around the bush, doin' the old
two-finger ballet!"

"You're talking about...touching yourself?"

"Of course! Don't tell me you don't buff the muffin when you get the

"Me?" Debra seemed flushed "Mmm...mmm..."

"Mas-tur-bate. The word is masturbate. And honey, if you can't say it, you
ain't doing it. What else are you gonna do but take matters into your own
hands, so to speak?"

"Oh, no, I couldn't. Play with myself? That doesn't seem right..."

"Debra, if you're not getting what you want, just lock the bathroom door,
slip into a nice bath, and let your fingers do the walking!"

"And you do this...often?"

"Whenever I can! In the shower, or at the office..."

"At the office? You actually mm...masturbate at the office?" asked Debra.

"All the time! They put me in charge of scheduling the conference rooms, and
a couple of times a week, I schedule a little 'conference' of my own - lock
the door, pull down the shades, and have a little 'menage a moi'."

"You're serious? What do you do, pretend Doug is there?"

"No, jeez! I fantasize! Don't you have fantasies, Debra, don't you ever
think about other men?"

"Well, yeah, kinda. I guess, sometimes...when I'm with Ray. Sometimes I
imagine that he's...someone else."

"Well, there you go! It's just like that, except I'm by myself! Who do you
fantasize about?"

"Well, sometimes it's Mel Gibson - and one time after we watched a James Bond
movie, it was Pierce Brosnan..."

"Those are good, good. Who else?"

"Well, I don't know if I should tell you this, but lately, more and more,
it's been...Robbie."

"Robbie? Raymond's brother, the cop? You've been fantasizing about Ray's

"I know, I know, it isn't right. But he's just so sweet, and he's like Ray,
only he's polite, and neat. I don't know, maybe it's just something about a
man in uniform. But don't tell Ray!"

"Don't worry, I won't tell Ray," Carrie replied. "I guess I understand,
since sometimes I fantasize about Doug's friend, Deacon. He's a sweet guy,
too, and he's a great dad, and I just feel so sorry for him since his wife
left him."

"You have fantasies about Doug's best friend? I guess I don't feel so bad

"Yeah, Deacon, the paperboy, this guy in my office, I have a lot of
fantasies. But Deacon can really fill out that I.P.S. uniform, if ya know
what I mean. I wouldn't mind getting a 'package delivery' from him!"

"Um...yeah. Listen, I think that...."

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Debra opened it to see Robbie,
and her three kids in snowsuits. "Uh, hey, Deb," said Robbie. "The kids want
to build a snowfort, but Ma doesn't want it in her yard, so I'm going to
bring them around back and help them with it, OK?"

"Sure, Robbie, just make sure they keep their gloves on. And no snowball
fights!" Debra closed the door, and came back to the couch.

"That was Robbie?" asked Carrie. "My god, he's huge! He's a giant! I can
see why you've been fantasizing about him!"

"It's not like that, Carrie..."

"He must be packing some serious heat! He can handcuff and frisk me

"Come on, Carrie, cut it out."

"You have the right to remain...turned on!" teased Carrie.

"I think maybe you should go." said Debra.

"Why, so you can get it on with your boyfriend? Look, I'm sorry, I was just
kidding." But Carrie noticed that Debra was blushing. "You are turned on!
Look at you!"

"No I'm not!" cried Debra as she felt how flushed her face was. "You just got
me all crazy, with all your talk about...touching yourself!"

"What's the big deal about touching yourself? I know - you want me to leave,
so you can touch yourself! You're going to think about Ray's brother and
touch yourself!"

"Well, what do you expect, now that you got me thinking about it?"

"There's nothing wrong with that, go ahead! I wouldn't mind doing it myself,
just let me borrow your bathroom upstairs, you can go ahead, think about
whoever you want!"

"You're going to masturbate in my bathroom? You're unbelievable! And you
think I'm just going to sit in the living room and do it, too?" Debra asked.

"Who cares? You were going to do it anyway after I left, and I was probably
going to do it when I got home, so we're just doing it at the same time,
that's all!"

"Should we?" asked Debra. "I mean, the kids are right outside - what if one
of them walks in on me?"

"Lock the doors," said Carrie. "Don't let anyone in until you're done."
Carrie headed for the stairs and stopped on the first step. "Unless...we do
it together."

Debra seemed confused - "What do you mean, do it together?"

"We can both do it in the same room, at the same time - if we're going to
both be thinking about Robbie, we could both stay here in the living room,
where we can see him through the window..."

"Oh my god!" said Debra. "I'm getting wet just thinking about it! But how
would that work, I mean..."

"Just sit back here on the couch, and think of Robbie, and just do whatever
feels good. And I'll be right here, doing the same thing." Carrie eased
Debra down onto the couch and patted the pillows.

"I don't know...suddenly I'm feeling funny about this whole thing..."

"Don't be silly, look, I'll be over here where I can see Robbie through them
window, and you can watch Robbie and me 'get it on' if you want." Carrie
stood in the space just between the living room and the kitchen, and faced
the window as she lifted her sweater over her head. Debra watched her reach
behind her back and unhook her bra, and drop it to the floor.

"Just imagine those big hands of his running over my body, squeezing my
breasts, and going up and down my back..." Carrie started to slowly gyrate
as she ran her own hands over her body. Debra found herself starting to do
the same thing, loosening her robe so she could reach her hand under her
nightgown and touch her hardening nipples.

Carrie slipped out of her shoes, then leaned against the wall as she unzipped
her pants,and tugged them off as well. "Then he'd take off my pants, and
slide his hand into my panties..." Carrie was wearing a red thong, and stood
with her back to Debra as she began to finger herself.

Debra was supposed to be thinking about Robbie, but found herself drawn to
the sight of Carrie's almost naked ass as she swayed back and forth. Her own
pussy was starting to tingle as she rubbed her breasts, so she laid back on
the couch, pulled up her nightgown and started rubbing herself through her
light purple underwear.

Carrie was leaning up against the bookshelf with one hand on her breasts and
the other moving faster on her clit as she turned to look at Debra on the
couch. She smiled devilishly as she watched Debra losing her inhibitions,
touching herself in front of someone else for the first time.

Debra was enjoying the feeling of stroking her pussy through her underwear,
but wanted to feel more, so she reached her hand down through the waistband
so she could apply more pressure to her button. The feeling was so intense,
her eyes were closed, and she tried to concentrate on her fantasy of Robbie,
tearing off his police uniform.

Carrie used the opportunity to move closer to the couch, quietly continuing
with the situation she wanted Debra to be thinking about. "Then, he'd throw
me down on the bed, take out that huge cock of his and force himself on me.
God, he's so big - he's filling me up and I can't even take it all inside
me!" In Debra's mind she could see the naked, muscular Robbie thrusting in
and out of Carrie, lying on a bed. Carrie was caught somewhere between agony
and intense pleasure as Robbie pounded into her again and again.

Debra opened her eyes and saw Carrie standing at the end of the couch, with
her legs spread and her fingers moving quickly inside her panties. Debra
sped up her own fingering to try and match Carrie's speed, and she could
feel herself approaching an orgasm.

Carrie's panties were getting in her way, so she slipped them off, and she
sat on the arm of the couch so she could spread her legs and reach her pussy
better - this also gave Debra a great view of her pussy as she rubbed it.
"God, it's so good..." moaned Carrie. Debra was fascinated by Carrie's
openness, her sexual freedom in frigging herself right in front of another

"Look at you," sighed Debra. "You're so beautiful."

This almost pushed Carrie over the edge, knowing that Debra was looking at
her, and concentrating on her breasts and pussy as she fingered herself. She
cried out as the waves of her pleasure started to crash, and looked down at
the previously-frustrated housewife, masturbating on the couch next to her.

"Are you gonna watch me? Are you gonna watch me cum?" asked Carrie. Debra
nodded her head and slowed down to watch Carrie, who was trying to remain
quiet, but failing. "God, it's so good! So good! I'm almost there, I'm
gonna cum!"

As Carrie's body started to shake, Debra realized she had never watched
another woman having an orgasm - it was weird to be sitting so close to
someone whose body was going through it, and yet not be touching them.
Carrie seemed to realize this too, since after her orgasm subsided, she
reached down and put her hands on Debra's thighs. "How about you, are you
going to cum, too?" Carrie asked as she looked Debra right in the eyes.

Debra hadn't realized it, but slowing down the motion on her clit was
actually the most intense thing she had ever felt - Ray had always rubbed
it too fast, apparently - Carrie's light touch on her legs, combined with
the dirty talk, was rapidly sending her over the edge. "I think I....I
think I am going to...oh, God!" The feeling was so intense, it felt like
she was having convulsions when she finally came. Carrie's hands on her
legs had the added benefit of holding Debra down, otherwise she might have
launched into the air.

When Debra came back to earth, she looked at Carrie, and said, "My god,
that was so...intense! I didn't quite know what to look at, or what to
think, or..."

"Shhh...." said Carrie, "It's OK, just relax." Carrie brushed back Debra's
hair from her face, and Debra was amazed how gentle her touch was. "You
obviously really needed that, I don't think I've ever seen anyone cum so
hard before!"

The unusualness of the situation suddenly set in, two friends who had now
watched each other masturbate, one naked and one nearly naked, both in a
state of wonderful exhaustion. Carrie rose from the couch and started to
get dressed again. "Boy, I'm starving! You wanna go grab some lunch?" she
asked, trying to remain casual.

"Um, sure... just let me go get out of these clothes - I mean, put something
else on." Debra felt embarrassed and closed her robe before she headed

* * *

Two days later, Carrie was at her desk in the law office, when she looked up
to see Debra standing in the reception area, looking slightly lost. Carrie
got up and rushed over before she could talk to the receptionist.

"Deb? Hi! What are you doing here?" Carrie said as she hugged her. "It's not
a legal problem, is it?" she asked sarcastically.

"No, it's just that I was thinking about our...encounter the other day."

Carrie pulled her aside so that other people wouldn't hear them. "Yeah?"

"Can we go somewhere and talk about it?"

"Sure, give me a minute and we can go grab some coffee down in the lounge."

"I was thinking about someplace more private," Debra said. "Maybe one of
those conference rooms you mentioned?"

Carrie realized that Debra was blushing, then figured out what she had in
mind. "OK, let me see if any are free. Follow me." Carrie took her back
to her desk to check the schedule, and grabbed her keys to unlock one of
the rooms.

Debra was surprisingly quiet as they walked to the back of the office
together, but Carrie could feel the tension of anticipation between them.
Carrie led Debra into a room with a large table, about a dozen chairs,
and a small presentation area in front of a screen, and locked the door
behind them.

"No one should bother us in here," said Carrie. "I was wondering if we'd
do it again."

"Well, I wasn't sure how to bring it up," said Debra. "but I couldn't stop
thinking about it. So I thought, well, what the heck, just go ahead and ask

"I'm glad you did," replied Carrie. "because if you didn't, I would have!"
Carrie walked over to the windows and closed the blinds, then turned to face
Debra. She gave a smirk as she started unbuttoning her blouse and advancing

Debra took off her coat, and put it over a chair, keeping her eyes on Carrie,
not wanting to miss a thing. She mirrored Carrie's actions by unbuttoning
her top, but Carrie kept her blouse and jacket on, and unhooked her bra from
the front, exposing her breasts to Debra again.

Carrie stopped about a foot away from Debra, and started grabbing her own
tits and rubbing her nipples. Debra had removed her blouse, and pulled her
bra cup down, exposing one nipple, showing it to Carrie for the first time.
"My nipples are so hard," said Debra, trying to talk dirty like Carrie had
last time.

"They sure are...Let me see you rub them..."

Debra did, and Carrie started to unzip her skirt. "This is so naughty..."
said Debra, as Carrie's skirt fell to the floor, revealing a garter belt and
lacy white panties.

"I know," said Carrie. "That's what makes it so much fun. Do you want to

"I didn't say that." Debra undid her pants and slid her hand inside her
underwear. As she touched her clit it seemed as if the room had started to
spin around them. Carrie had started to frig herself as well, watching
Debra's hand inside her pants.

She bent down to pull down Debra's pants to make things easier for her to
finger herself, and when she stood up, Debra made a similar move to pull off
Carrie's blouse and jacket, exposing her whole top. "God, you have such
beautiful breasts," said Debra as she put her hand back under her panties.

"Do you want to see my pussy, too?" asked Carrie, and Debra nodded. "OK, you
first." Debra kept her eyes on Carrie as she slowly pulled her underwear down
- too slowly for Carrie, apparently. "C'mon, don't tease me, take 'em off!"

Debra stepped out of her panties, completely exposed to her friend Carrie for
the first time. "There, isn't that better?" asked Carrie. "Now I'll show you
mine..." Debra began to touch herself again, backing up a little to get a
better view of Carrie's bush as she slid her panties off.

As she watched Carrie playing with her pussy, Debra could feel herself
starting to cum - "Jeez, that's so good...watching you watching me...touch
myself" She advanced closer to Carrie, but standing for so long made her
feel dizzy as she started to cum, so Carrie reached out to steady her.
Carrie held Debra up as her orgasm hit, and their breasts brushed each
other. The contact felt so good that Carrie put one arm around Debra,
while the other hand returned to rubbing her clit. Carrie pushed their
breasts together, steadying herself in preparation for her own orgasm.

After their climaxes subsided, they fell into two padded chairs to relax.
When Debra caught her breath, she shyly broke the silence. "I' to
try a little experiment if I could."

"OK," said Carrie, "what is it?"

"Would you...kiss me?"

"Sure," said Carrie as she leaned over, giving Debra a soft light kiss on the
lips, then tentatively advancing her tongue to see if it would be received.
Debra felt the tongue caressing her lips and hungrily opened her mouth for
more. Carrie teasingly kissed again with just her lips, prompting Debra's
own tongue to seek hers out. Finally their tongues met and disappeared into
each other's mouths. Carrie broke the kiss, then came forward again for a
final press.

Carrie stepped back, keeping her eyes on Debra to gauge her reaction. "That
was so intense," Debra said. "I love you...but...this isn't for me."

"Oh, I love you too - God, you're so serious!" she chuckled, and the tension
was broken.

"Well, I had to find out if I was really gay," said Debra. "I mean, I just
kept thinking about it. But it's what we thought, voyeurism. Thanks for
letting me try my little experiment."

"Sure, no problem. You're a pretty good kisser."

"PRETTY good?" asked Debra, pretending to be insulted.

"Now how about letting me try a little experiment?" asked Carrie.

"OK..." said Debra hesitantly. "What do I have to do?"

Carrie patted her hand on the conference table. "Just sit up here. Come on,
don't you trust me?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"There's always a choice," said Carrie as she hovered over Debra's body.
"Now, just relax and lean back." Carrie kept the eye contact with Debra as
she moved her head down to lick one of her nipples, then she sucked the
whole nipple into her mouth and moved her tongue in circles around it.

"Ohh..." moaned Debra, "what are you..."

To combat Debra's protest, Carrie took a deep breath, put her lips on Debra's
stomach and exhaled sharply, creating a long raspberry sound. Debra laughed
and dropped her guard, during which time Carrie moved down and dove her face
right into Debra's pussy.

"Oh, no," gasped Debra, "not..." but looking into Carrie's eyes as she licked
up the length of her slit was enough to drive away her reservations. When
she reached the top, Carrie flicked her tongue back and forth over the clit,
and then sucked it into her warm mouth. The heat spread out from Carrie's
mouth, warming Debra all over, and putting her back into her naughty mood.
"So good..." was all she could manage to say. "Ohh, it's so good."

"Mmm - and you taste so good," said Carrie during a quick pause, "and you're
so wet!" A few more licks, then she decided it was time to drive Debra
crazy. "Are you gonna cum for me again?" she asked as she stuck one finger,
then two, inside Debra.

"Oh, I think so!" said Debra as Carrie put her tongue back on her clit.
"Just keep doing that and - yeah." Carrie worked her fingers in and out,
looking for the right rhythm. She found she could make Debra gasp by just
teasing her inner labia with her fingers, then thrusting her fingers in
again at an unexpected moment. It didn't take too long before Debra was
about to scream again with another orgasm, and she had to put her own hand
over her mouth for fear of someone outside the room hearing her.

When she was coherent again, she pulled Carrie close and noticed the wetness
around her mouth. "What did it taste like?" she wondered aloud.

"See for yourself," said Carrie, and gave her another long tongue-kiss so
Debra could taste her own juices from Carrie's mouth. "How did you like my

"It was very...liberating," mused Debra.

"Well, now that you've been liberated, what do you want to do next?"

To be continued....


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