Fictional story about fictional characters.

A sequel to Debra's Anniversary

Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra's Adventure (F-gang,F-machine,inter,oral,anal,toys)
by Shaggy77

"Finally," thought Debra Barone, to herself, as her incredibly irritating; perpetually meddlesome; mother-in-law Marie closed the door behind her.

She had just paid Debra her "middle-of-the-morning" be followed by her "mid-day" visit; her "mid-afternoon" visit, and any other uninvited intrusions she deemed necessary to keep Debra's home and family running smoothly. This one was to volunteer to take the twins (Michael and Geoffrey) to the barber because their long hair made them resemble "bums." Truth was, Debra had been planning to take them on Saturday; but now, just to spite Marie, their hair could get long enough to braid for all she cared. She would have liked to strangle Ray, her husband, for buying a house directly across from his parents; but it had actually been her misguided decision. What she had hoped would be occasional baby-sitting; had turned out to be an "enemy occupation." She was at her wits end anyway; the kids summer vacation had just ended and she needed some relaxation now. She loved her daughter Ally and the twins dearly; but sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder. It had been a hectic summer and Ray had been no help. Besides his sports column for NY Newsday; he seemed to play golf with his cronies every day.

It was probably a good thing that summer vacation had closely followed Debra's wedding anniversary, because it served to distract her from the thoughts that had been entrenched in her head since her visit to Sheila; the attractive photographer who had assisted in making the perfect anniversary gift for Ray: boudoir photos. She had posed for photos in her skimpiest lingerie, and selected several for Ray. He absolutely loved them; so much so that he wanted to show them to his friends...a move Debra quickly quashed. What she would never reveal to Ray was that during the photography session; all her pent up passions and sexuality had exposed themselves; and she had engaged in various sexual acts with Sheila; her husband Bill; and his friend George. It almost made her blush to recall that day; but it also reminded her that it seemed like she had been in a perpetual state of arousal since that day. That encounter had turned Debra into a sexual animal...she now craved sexual attention.

She had initiated sex with Ray much more often; and would have done so even more frequently; but she didn't want to raise any suspicions on his part. She felt insatiable most of the time now. She often had to conceal herself in the bathroom, and satisfy her needs alone. She had maintained contact with Sheila since the photo shoot. They conversed on the phone quite often; usually chatting about the boudoir session or some other sexual situation Sheila had been involved in. She had confided in Debra that she and Bill were involved in swinging, and swapping; and had actually invited Debra to bring Ray and join them. Debra desperately wanted to accept the invitation; but knew Ray would regard the suggestion as being sick and perverse. Debra had a very liberal, accepting, upbringing; but that was the exact opposite of the Barones. Ray and his family thought kissing in public was extreme. The Barones' idea of liberal, was allowing all of the "M&M" colors to share the same bag. She had inquired if she could attend one of the swap sessions alone; but Sheila had informed her that they were for couples only.

Just as Debra was contemplating taking a nice long, hot, bubble bath; the phone rang and it turned out to be Sheila with a very interesting proposition. She divulged to Debra that the members of the swap group were becoming bored; had discussed various options; and had decided to stage a "sex show." The problem was they needed a female subject who was not part of the group to be the main attraction. Sheila had immediately thought of Debra, because of their past conversations. Debra was instantly excited at the invitation and pleaded to hear more details. Sheila told her that the "center of attention" would be subjected to various types of sexual acts; and would basically become the "sex toy" of the group. She would, of course, not be harmed in any way; but the sex may become almost violent. She would have to totally subject herself to their whims and desires for the duration of the evening; and once the exhibition had started, there would be no withdrawing. She confessed to Debra that she had shown a picture of her, in lingerie, to the group; with the face obscured, of course; and they had been extremely pleased and excited about the prospect.

As Debra listened intently to the proposition; her heart was racing; and she became aroused just thinking about the possibilities. She asked Sheila if Bill's friend George would be there; and Sheila confirmed that George and his partner Michelle, would indeed be in attendance. Debra had fantasized about George; or more accurately: George's mammoth cock; ever since her photography session had escalated into what amounted to an orgy. Sheila informed her that there would be approximately five couples participating; and that Debra must agree to be totally at their disposal. Ever since the photo session; Debra had an itch that needed to be scratched. She had actually done research online about sexual addiction. She craved sexual attention; and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Debra asked Sheila for the date of the "meeting;" checked the calendar on the refrigerator; and discovered that Ray was scheduled to be in San Francisco that night covering the Mets. She knew Marie would leap at the chance to baby sit the kids; and Debra knew that if she explained to Marie that she was going out with "the girls;" she would volunteer to have the kids sleep over at her house. Almost without hesitation; she accepted Sheila's proposition. Little did she suspect that even if she had declined the invitation; Sheila would have forced her to come by threatening to expose the x-rated photos she had taken the day of the boudoir photo shoot.

On the appointed Friday, Debra spent all afternoon preparing herself, physically and mentally for her big night. Ray had taken a morning flight for his weekend on the West Coast; and as soon as the kids came home from school, and had dinner; she would be free to attend her "meeting."

Meanwhile; after actually locking the back door to keep out intruders (meaning her in-laws); she drew a nice warm bubble-bath to relax and mentally psych herself for the evening's festivities. The anticipation of what may await her was exhilarating. She added some nice jasmine scent to the water, as she even wanted to smell nice for these people; most of whom would be total strangers. She proceeded to shave everything from the waist down, and of course, her underarms. She washed her hair with her favorite smelling shampoo...mmmm...strawberry. She was going to pleasure herself; but decided to wait until later and let someone else do it...what a thought...someone else; and she had no idea who it would be.

While toweling off; she inspected her body in the full-length mirror of the back of the door. Not bad for mid-thirties; she thought; "Barnes and Noble" had just a trace of a sag...hey they were "working breasts." Ray had given her breasts that nickname after the twins were born. They had actually grown in size to about 38D's; and had stayed that large even after breastfeeding. She was proud of them; and she knew they were the center of attention when Ray's idiot friends were around. Her rosy nipples were quite large and stood at attention when aroused. Her legs were still taut and shapely, with no trace of cellulite. Her ass was still round and firm; and still drew Ray's attention when she wore tight slacks or jeans. The only negative was just the beginning of a little paunch around her waist. She wasn't fat, by any means; but her tummy wasn't hard and flat like the models on TV. She liked to think it gave her character.

She had selected what she thought was her sexiest underwear: a totally sheer black lace bra which revealed her nipples through the material; and matching black lace thong panties, which tied at each hip. Her slit was completely visible through the thong's fabric. The night before she had painted her finger and toe nails a bright red; she thought it would contrast perfectly with the black lingerie. She was determined to be as sensuous and sexy as she possibly could for her big night. It still amazed her that she was actually going through with this. It was as if a different Debra had been awakened during that photo session with Sheila...a Debra that craved sexual fulfillment and stimulation. She tied her long red hair back so it wouldn't be hanging in her face all night. She then shoved a pair of five-inch black heels into a paper bag along with a slinky, skin tight black dress; dressed conservatively to keep up appearances with Marie; and went downstairs to begin dinner for the kids.

As she was busily preparing a casserole to pop into the oven; she downed several glasses of wine. She was very nervous about the evening, and she reasoned that she needed to "take the edge off" her anxiety. She knew she still had to drive to Sheila's, but it was quite close by and she didn't feel impaired at all. The kids arrived home from school like a tornado, and she helped them start their homework, before Marie burst in through the kitchen door. Marie, checked the oven, and assured her that she would find something to feed the kids. Trying to conceal a scowl; Debra kissed the kids good-night; thanked Marie; and went out to the garage to get the car. She quickly checked her makeup in the rearview mirror, and drove toward her night's adventure.

Sheila, dressed in a plain black silk robe, met Debra as soon as she exited her car and ushered her into the garage where she had her photography studio. They quickly hugged; exchanged pleasantries; and Sheila commended Debra on her punctuality. As they talked, Debra could plainly see Sheila's erect nipples poking through the shimmering silk. Her impression was that Sheila was naked under the garment; and Debra fondly remembered Sheila's naked form from their last meeting. Sheila was a petite, blue-eyed blond with a mouth-watering little body. She had been completely shaved; her small breasts perfectly round with incredibly long nipples. Debra felt like blushing as she remembered her naked; and the things they had done together.

Sheila motioned for Debra to follow her upstairs to the studio, saying,
"Everyone is here, and they can't wait to meet you."

When they entered the huge entrance room/office area of the studio; Debra noticed that it no longer resembled a studio. Another sofa, and a couple more chairs had been added; but all of the "office" furniture had been moved into a corner to create more space. The furniture was arranged in a wide circle, surrounding a tall piece of furniture that was like a table; but more closely resembled the type of examination table you would find in a doctor's office...except it's padded surface was curved; kind of like those models of the human spine you always see in a chiropractor's office. She observed some kind of contraption hanging from the cathedral-type ceiling. She also took note of the cameras set up in the corners of the spacious room.

As Sheila had predicted, there were indeed five couples present in the well-lit room (including Sheila and Bill); and Debra observed that they were all wearing black robes that matched Sheila's. Some might have thought the group resembled a church choir; but to Debra they looked like one of those witches covens that you see on the old horror movies; except the robes had no hoods.

As they crossed the room, Sheila announced to the crowd; "Everyone, this is Debra...our featured performer tonight."

"Performer?" Debra said to herself, "I wonder if I should have rehearsed something."

Sheila proceeded to introduce Debra to everyone present. Debra, of course, already knew George; Bill's large black incredibly endowed business partner; but was introduced to his wife Michelle. Michelle reminded Debra of Halle Berry, in that she had flawless black skin and was obviously not shortchanged in the breast department. Debra could not help notice that there was already a slight "tent" in George's robe. George gave her a peck on the cheek and introduced her to his brother Ben; who he mentioned was an electrical contractor who often consulted with Bill. They could have been twins, thought Debra; as they shook hands while Ben introduced his wife Chloe; whose pale white skin was in extreme contrast to Ben's. She was a little shorter than Debra, with long brunette hair and was obviously blessed with extremely large, firm breasts; judging by the way they thrust against the silk robe.

The next couple they approached could not have been more opposite. The man, introduced as David, was short, very round; with "business length" black hair that appeared to be a toupee. His partner, by contrast, could have been mistaken for a fashion model. Janet, at about six feet tall, was very slender with long, wavy brunette hair. Debra bet that under the robe; she had incredibly long legs. The final couple was considerably younger than the others; who were, more or less; Debra's age. Doug must have been in his mid-twenties and appeared to be in great physical condition (Debra almost blushed as she thought that she would soon find out). He was about six feet tall, with wavy brown hair...very handsome. He took Debra's hand and introduced her to Jen, an absolutely stunning girl of obvious Asian descent. Her long, luxurious black hair framed her oval face, and contrasted perfectly with her bright green eyes. Her nipples were poking through the silk like thumb-tacks.

Doug offered, "Jen is the brains of this outfit; she's a computer software designer...I'm just a lowly electrician."

And lastly, of course, there was Sheila's Bill; whom Debra already knew intimately. He hugged her tightly and welcomed her back.

Sheila announced, "All right everyone; now that we have all been introduced to the lovely Debra; she's going to change, and then we can let the fun begin."

It turned out that Debra's concern about her wardrobe for the evening was irrelevant, because as they went through the door; Sheila handed her on of the black robes.

"I hope you don't mind Deb, but it's kind of a tradition that we all dress alike...and you've probably guessed; we are all naked underneath," Sheila told her.

Debra took the robe from Sheila, and immediately began to disrobe.

Not the least bit self-conscious, Debra was soon down to her sexy black underwear and Sheila whistled and remarked, "What a shame no one will see them...they are so delightful."

Debra was flattered that Sheila thought she had good taste in lingerie; as she quickly whisked them off her body and stood there naked. She shrugged the black silk robe on over her head and it slid down over her nude body. She hadn't noticed it before, but there was a snap at each shoulder, that once released, would allow the garment to fall off your body. She retrieved the shoes she had brought, and asked Sheila if she should wear them.

Sheila looked at the five inch black heels, and said ,winking, "Oh Hell yes; those will look incredible when you lose the robe. Now remember Deb, there is nothing to be frightened about; everyone here are your friends. They only want to exchange pleasure."

Debra thought; realized she wasn't the slightest bit apprehensive; just horny; and replied, "I can't tell you how much I have anticipated this all week. Let's get started."

Sheila led Debra back into the studio's main room saying, "I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised with some of the props we've prepared. It's amazing what you can do when you combine the talents of contractors, electricians, and computer geeks."

When they entered the "play room," as Debra would come to label it; all of the men took seats in the circle, while the females present stepped forward and gathered around Debra; who now stood by the table. She was shaking; but not with fear or apprehension; merely anticipation of the unknown to follow. As she stood, with her arms by her sides, facing the "audience," with Sheila on one side and Jen on the other; she became conscious of how aroused she really was...she could feel herself becoming damp between her legs. They reached up to Debra's shoulders; ceremoniously unsnapped the robes bindings; and let it cascade to the floor, revealing Debra's magnificent nakedness. The silk sliding over her already aroused, sensitive nipples made Debra shiver; and she now stood before the room's inhabitants wearing only her black heels. Sheila had been correct: the heels made Debra's wonderful legs even more shapely, and were the perfect accessory to her nudity. She stepped out of the robe, which had pooled around her feet, and Jen tossed it aside.

Jen whispered to Debra, "You are exquisite; I can't wait to taste you."

Debra heard a collective "mmmm" sound as her naked body was revealed; and she involuntarily thrust her chest out a little farther with pride.

Then, in a move that had to have been choreographed, the men stood; and all ten other people in the room let their robes fall; reveling their complete nudity. Debra tried to comprehend and record all their bodies as she glanced around the room. She had, of course, seen Sheila, Bill, and George naked before but the others were new to her. When she had thought George's wife Michelle had resembled Halle Berry; she wasn't far off. Her body was shapely and firm. George's brother Ben, could indeed have been a twin, as his semi-erect cock was every bit as impressive as George's...maybe even thicker. His wife Chloe had extremely large breasts that hung on her chest; and she was the only female in the room sporting any pubic hair...a large triangle of it sprouted between her legs.

David's fully erect penis was of average size in every aspect, except the crown was absolutely huge...totally out of proportion to the shaft. Debra chuckled to herself that she imagined that was what the "Seinfield" character, George Costanza, must look like naked. David's wife Janet did indeed look like a fashion model. She was almost six feet tall, and it seemed like her legs came up to her shoulders. Her breasts were small, but perfectly round and firm; and from her vantage point, Debra thought she could see very long labia. Standing beside her was Jen, who was the epitome of Asian beauty. Her breasts were of medium size, but perfectly shaped and they stuck out proudly from her body, as if they were begging for attention. Her fine black hair cascaded down over her graceful shoulders almost all the way to her perfectly round ass cheeks. Doug, her husband, had a slightly longer than average penis that was very thick; but what made him unique was that he had "man-groomed:" his crotch was totally hairless.

The women all gathered around the naked Debra; and she could feel their nipples brush against her body as they began to rub and stroke every inch of her exposed skin. It was an incredible sensation to be fondled by ten hands simultaneously. There were lips and tongues on both her breasts; and she could feel each nipple being bitten and nibbled. Hands urged her legs apart, and when she glanced down, she saw Jen kneeling between them. She watched as Jen reached out both her hands and spread Debra's moist pussy lips apart. She flicked her tongue on both sides of Debra's slit, and then firmly drove it deep inside her cunt. If four other people hadn't been holding her upright; Debra would have collapsed to the floor, as her knees weakened; and she gushed all over Jen's olive-skinned face.

"Oh God," Debra murmured, as every erotic zone on her body was being stimulated.

Michelle replaced Jen between Debra's legs and immediately inserted two long black fingers into her pussy; as Sheila and Janet munched on her gum-drop sized nipples. Chloe had kneeled behind her; separated her firm ass cheeks; and was giving her anus a tongue bath. Jen, now standing beside Debra, leaned into her and they shared each other's tongues. Debra, for the first time, tasted her own juices; as they were still coating Jen's face. As the women devoured Debra's body; she observed that all the men had their cocks in their hands, slowly stroking them, keeping them hard. What an incredible turn-on it was for Debra to see five hard cocks; and knowing they were all aroused because of her. While her body was still being stroked and licked; the women were gently urging her back to the edge of the table-like-thing.

At closer inspection, it did indeed resemble a doctor's examining table. It was about waist high; and as they eased Debra onto it, she could see them pull foot stirrups out from the sides where the design had concealed them. They urged her to lay back on the well-padded and extremely soft table, as they secured her feet in the stirrups; and subsequently raised her legs as if for a gynecological exam. In this position, her legs were spread wide and her pussy was totally exposed to the entire room...not that Debra objected.

Sheila informed her, "Before you arrived, the couples all drew cards to see who would initiate you into our group...and Ben and Chloe had high card."

As Debra had noted before, George's brother Ben could have been his twin. His cock was an absolute monster: at least twelve inches long; as thick as a soda can; with a head that resembled a tennis ball. She remembered being fucked by his brother; and couldn't wait for Ben to take her. As they approached the table, Ben's erect cock swayed in front of him like an additional appendage; and Chloe's impressive breasts jiggled as she walked. Even with his immense size, Debra knew she didn't need any extra lubrication; she provided her own. The way she was situated on the table; Debra's ass was at the edge, perfectly at waist level; so that Ben's cock was lined up exactly with her slit.

Chloe took a quick lick between her legs to taste her; and Debra was reminded where Chloe's tongue had been minutes before; and then she stepped aside; leaned over; and used both hands to spread Debra's pussy lips apart. Ben lay his immense tool on her belly and Debra could feel it's weight; then firmly wedged the ample head between her spread lips. As Chloe spread her even farther; Ben lunged steadily forward, penetrated Debra's cunt; and kept up steady pressure until he had slid completely into her belly. With her pussy completely full of Ben's cock; Debra moaned loudly and immediately provided more lubrication; unnecessary as it was. With her legs positioned in the stirrups; Ben was able to achieve maximum penetration, and he thrust his monster into Debra's cunt with all his strength until his balls slapped against her ass cheeks. He began a steadily increasing pace of hard thrusts until he was fucking her so fast that a white froth became visible at the entrance of her cunt. Chloe had repositioned herself so that she could suck and nibble on Debra's wonderful tits.

Chloe slid her hand down Debra's stomach, and caressed, then pinched her swollen clit; sending Debra over the edge again. As she thrashed about on the table; her cunt convulsed and squeezed Ben's cock and he responded by flooding the inside of her pussy with his sperm. It was like someone had shoved a fire hose between her legs as he kept spurting inside her; filling her completely and making her stomach ripple. When he had finished erupting; Ben just stood between Debra's legs with his cock still embedded inside her. As Debra lay back on the table catching her breath; Chloe continued to knead her breasts as they lay flattened against her chest. Eventually, Ben's meat shriveled enough to let it slip naturally out of Debra's hole; allowing his cum to drool down her ass crack and onto the table.

Everyone in the room applauded and converged around the table, as Sheila spoke, "Now Debra, we have a real surprise for you; thanks to the imagination and skills of our members."

Chloe helped Debra off the table, and it was moved to the side of the room. Doug produced a remote control; pressed a button; and the contraption at the ceiling began to lower. As it reached eye level, Debra could see that it was a series of, what appeared to be, canvas straps of varying lengths and widths all connected with metal rings; almost resembling a kind of cage.

Jen assured Debra, "You are going to love this," as she wrapped straps around Debra's waist, chest, shoulders, and each thigh.

The straps connected to themselves with "Velcro", and actually felt quite comfortable. Debra was almost breathless with anticipation as Jen and Doug continued to adjust the straps until her legs were secured in a spread-eagle pose. Most of the straps hung loose behind her, unused for now. Doug again pressed the remote and Debra was gently lifted off the floor; her legs still held wide apart, as she rose. She was totally relaxed in the harness, as she watched George retreat to the corner of the room and wheel a sheet covered, object to the center of the room, and position it directly beneath her. When he whisked the sheet away, he revealed a narrow platform, with an object protruding upward in its center; it sort of reminded her of the pommel-horse from high school gymnastics. She realized that the object was an absolutely enormous dildo; the largest she had ever seen.

Sheila broke the silence, "We think it was meant to be a novelty item...a joke...but we couldn't resist it. Doug, show Debra what we have programmed it to do."

The dildo must have been at least eighteen inches long, and it had to have been ten inches around. Luckily, the head was no bigger that the rest of the girth. Debra was a captive audience as Doug, using the same remote, hit a button and the gigantic dildo started to visibly vibrate. As he kept pressing a button, the vibrations and gyrations grew increasingly intense until it resembled a snake. He pressed another button, and the dildo began to thrust upward and contract in a steady rhythm like a piston in an engine. What was amazing to Debra, was that it was totally noise-less. Sheila had told her she would be amazed at the things the talent in this room had thought up. No one had to tell Debra what was supposed to materialize here...they were going to lower her body over this contraption until she was impaled by that monstrous dildo.

Sheila assured her, "Don't be worried Debra; we'll go slow. It really isn't that much larger than Ben, and he made sure you were well lubricated. "

Just to be sure, Debra saw Janet produce a bottle of lube from under the platform and generously squirt the entire length of the fake cock. Debra had to be impressed with the design of her harness, because it was almost like she was floating...she felt no pressure whatsoever from the straps. Doug was controlling the remote, and he had raised Debra about six feet above the floor; as the others positioned the platform directly under her crotch. He pressed a button and her body began to be, very slowly, lowered. Everyone had gathered around the platform to watch this portion of the show. Her legs were secured so wide that her slit was wide open as she neared the enormous phallus; which was now perfectly still. She could feel fluid drip from her cunt; and she wasn't sure if it was her's of Ben's...probably a combination. She wasn't sure which emotion was stronger at this moment: horny anticipation; or fear of the immense size of the object.

As she slowly approached the massive cock; Sheila and Jen guided her legs, making sure her pussy was centered over the tip. She was being lowered so that gravity was actually what was doing the movement. Debra felt the end of the dildo make contact with her wide open slit, and Doug stopped the hoist there. It was just barely touching her lips; teasing her; making her crave more.

Michelle asked her, "Are you okay, Debra?"

Trying to make a joke, Debra assured her, "Yes, we have splashdown, Houston."

Taking his cue, Doug touched the button; and Debra's body resumed it's downward movement...very slowly. They watched intently as her moist cunt lips spread around the tip of the dildo; very slowly stretching to their extreme. Debra looked down to see the enormous cock beginning to penetrate her cunt. It was so huge, she wanted to scream, as her body absorbed more, as she was lowered. She was totally amazed that her pussy would stretch far enough to accommodate the proportions of the plastic cock. She could actually see her the size of her stomach increase as the dildo was buried deeper inside her. Doug released the clutch on the hoist, allowing gravity to take effect, and Debra was suddenly fully impaled on the beastly dildo.

She did scream, "Oh my fucking God," as eighteen inches of thick plastic was embedded inside her pussy.

As she thrashed around on top of the dildo like meat on a skewer; Doug was not satisfied with her having just one orgasm; so he tapped a button, and the dildo began to vibrate inside her. He touched another and the hoist raised her up a couple inches; causing an almost delirious Debra to wonder why. Then she knew; as the cock started to thrust up into her pussy.

In sensory overload, she shrieked, "Holy fucking shit."

Debra was now in a state on constant multiple orgasms. It was like being fucked by some gigantic beast. Her belly was totally and completely filled with cock. The group watched in awe as her cunt lips gripped the dildo; first being stuffed up inside her pussy; then being drawn completely outside it. Her huge tits jiggled as the machine thrust up inside her. Doug lowered her onto the platform so that every inch of the dildo was being jammed up into her cunt. Debra's head was thrown back in ultimate ecstasy; as she fought for consciousness. She now knew what was meant by; "out of your mind with pleasure." She knew that she was absolutely flooding the platform; that was, if there was room for her juices to leak out. She must have actually lost consciousness momentarily; because she didn't remember the dildo being removed from her pussy; just her feet, still wearing her heels, touching the floor; and Sheila and Jen asking her if she was feeling alright.

"Oh my God; that was indescribable," gasped a completely breathless Debra.

"Well, catch your breath," Chloe advised her, as she handed her a bottle of water, "because you haven't felt anything yet. Now it's time for complete audience participation."

As Bill and Ben held a weak-kneed Debra upright; Jen and Michelle were adjusting the harness straps surrounding her. When they were done; the contraption resembled a weird lawn chair cage hanging from the ceiling. Debra was sitting on a couple straps, with others holding her legs apart and straps on the sides to hold on to if she desired. She was raised about three feet above the floor; and again, totally comfortable. She could swing back and forth; and actually wished she had one of these at home. As the group surrounded her; she suddenly realized that, from this position, all her holes were readily accessible. George advanced between her spread legs; his huge cock swaying before him; her still wide open hole inviting him. George had fucked Debra before with his giant cock, and normally she would have pleaded with him to go easy; but after being defiled by their machine; she actually welcomed him inside her. She was at the perfect height, and George just walked forward; cock in hand; and slid his monster meat to the hilt in her pussy.

"Oh that's nice," groaned Debra, as George began to slide his cock in and out of her well-lubricated cunt.

Debra just closed her eyes, leaned back in her harness, and enjoyed being fucked. Having George's enormous cock inside her was like welcoming back an old friend; even if it was only the second time. He felt so great thrusting into her pussy; his balls slapping against her ass cheeks. She opened her eyes when she felt someone grasp her right hand; and saw that it was Bill, urging her to wrap her fingers around his impressive eight inch tool. She had almost forgotten: this was not about her...she was the "featured performer" at this party. She took hold of his penis; noticing how sexy her bright red nails looked against his cock; and began to stroke it gently. Doug approached her left side with his completely smooth cock; and she immediately grabbed it and began to jerk him off.

She looked up and saw David (she still thought of him as George Costanza) being lowered toward her sitting on a trapeze bar; until his huge cock-head was even with her mouth. At close inspection; she was astounded at the size of his crown compared to the normal size of his penis. She instinctively opened her mouth to accept the bulbous head; and David began to stuff it into her mouth, past her lipstick-coated lips. The crown absolutely filled her mouth and she began to flick and slide her tongue all around it. The only man missing was the man who had already fucked her: Ben; and she didn't have to wait long to discover what he was waiting for. George stopped thrusting into her cunt; and just held there; and she felt large, firm hands spreading her still accessible ass cheeks. She couldn't really get a good look behind her because of the cock filling her mouth; but she knew it was Ben...she recognized his scent.

She knew that his cock was every bit as immense as George's which was stuffed in her pussy; and she could just imagine what it looked like poised against her ass. She knew she should be dreading this penetration because the only other time she had been double penetrated (the only time anything had ever been in her ass, for that matter) was with Sheila's dildo and Bill's almost normal cock. But she wasn't dreading it at all...she craved his cock in her ass...she couldn't wait. Ben, his cock still coated with Debra's cum, nudged his crown against her sphincter muscle; spread her cheeks as far as possible, and gave a shove; burying his cock-head in her ass hole. It hurt for just a split second, and then the pleasure began to spread through Debra's body. As she hung in mid air; George and Ben thrust into her body with all their brawn and their huge cocks disappeared inside her. She almost bit down on David's penis, as she let out a scream of ecstasy that was so muffled no one could hear. She knew she was cumming, but wasn't sure how much fluid she had left to expel.

The feeling of being so stuffed with cock was incredible. She was cognizant of having over two feet of hard, fat cock inside her; and the thought overwhelmed her. As they thrust up into her, she could feel their cocks rubbing together, separated only by a layer of flesh. It suddenly occurred to her what an amazing invention this harness was; to be able to accommodate five cocks simultaneously...wait a minute...she was accommodating five cocks! She was finding it difficult to concentrate on sucking; and double jerking at the same time. Unexpectedly, she felt fingers on both her tits; which had been flopping around uncontrollably. Janet and Chloe were massaging her wonderful tits and pinching her nipples hard. Her nipples were being stimulated; she could feel cocks in her ass and pussy; and Debra wasn't sure how much more titillation she could tolerate.

Trying to concentrate on the cocks in her hands was almost impossible; and then David erupted in her mouth and down her throat. She gobbled and slurped and tried to keep it all in her mouth; but when he withdrew, he still spurted on her face. She ran her tongue around her lips and swallowed every drop she could gather. Now she could concentrate on the jobs at hand; and she quickened the pace; as she watched David's trapeze being lowered to the floor. It was the first she had noticed that the remote for the trapeze had been worn on a necklace around his neck.

As the two, twin, giant cocks hammered her holes; Debra tugged and yanked Bill and Doug with all her energy. She was actually afraid their cocks were going to be rubbed raw by the increased friction. Just as her arms were growing weary, the two weapons exploded in her hands virtually simultaneously; spewing and spurting a shower of cum into the air. It coated her hands; arms; and seemingly everything else in sight. She licked it off her fingers; thinking how each man's sperm had a distinctive taste. Debra once again relaxed in the harness and just enjoyed the sensation of two massive cocks filling her pussy and ass. But her state of utter bliss didn't last long, as the trapeze raised up in front of her, with Michelle astride it. Debra had eagerly anticipated this; and as Michelle wrapped her long legs around Debra's head; she used both her hands to spread Michelle's legs even farther.

While using her thumbs to part Michelle's prominent cunt lips; Debra paused a moment to breathe in her scent. She couldn't believe how pink the inside of Michelle's cunt was...maybe it was just the contrast against her black skin. Debra had nothing to compare it against since this was obviously the first time she had eaten a black woman. Sheila had been her first lesbian encounter; and she had enjoyed it immensely. She held Michelle open; leaned forward; and gently licked the folds surrounding Michelle's pussy. It was difficult to lick smoothly with her body quivering from the cocks hammering into her belly. She thrust her tongue inside Michelle's cunt; and used it as a spoon to gather and swallow as much of Michelle's juices as she could. She lapped Michelle's pussy like a dog on an ice cream cone. She felt Michelle's legs squeezing her head tighter; carefully bit down on her protruding clit; and held it between her teeth as Michelle's body bucked and jerked on the trapeze.

Michelle gasped, "Oh God Debra; you're the best cunt-licker I've ever had."

Debra didn't have time to bask in the praise, as the pace of the cocks fucking into her increased drastically. Ben was the first to cum, as she felt his mammoth cock suddenly expand; then flood her ass hole. He immediately withdrew; and everyone exhaled as they watched his sperm drool and drip out of her sphincter. George was battering her as his monster cock spread her cunt with each stroke. Everyone else was just watching the show now; and Debra now was enjoying being the "featured performer." It felt so wonderful having her pussy stretched so wide; so full of hard cock. George wrapped his huge hands around her ass cheeks; drew her close to him; and held her tight as his gigantic cock sprayed a steady stream of cum deep inside her cunt, as it gripped him tight. She threw her arms around him as the pulsing of his cock encouraged her orgasm. The two of them jerked and thrashed in each other's arms, as her pussy milked every drop from his balls.

After catching his breath, George stepped back; his shrinking cock sliding easily out of her enlarged pussy. They both laughed as a steady stream leaked out of her expanded hole; leaving a sizable puddle on the floor beneath her.

Everyone agreed it was time for a short bathroom break; and to hydrate. Over the next couple of hours, Debra and her holes were shared by everyone in every possible combination. She was happy that Ray would be gone the entire weekend, because she knew she was going to be sore. The entire group agreed that they should have an encore performance in the future. Two of the couples asked Debra if she would be interested in joining them for just a threesome. She left all options open; but felt like her cravings would be satisfied for the time being.

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