Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Helps Out Part 4 (MMMMF,F-zoo,inter,oral,anal,bond,dp,cream pie,drugs,snake)
by shaggy77

It had been another three long months since her husband Ray had received a regular paycheck. He had been "furloughed" by his employer, NY Newsday, where he had been a sports columnist for the last ten years. Since then, Debra had come to realize that "furlough" was just a fancy word for "terminated." They had continued to periodically purchase a few of his free-lance articles, but this was so substitute for a steady paycheck. The latest indignity was that now they were no longer eligible for the newspapers' health and dental insurance coverage. Luckily their daughter Ally had gotten braces on her teeth before he was laid-off, but there were still the regular adjustments and checkups. Their twin boys, Michael and Geoffrey, were due for checkups, and who knew if they would eventually need braces also. It had been a long, cold winter and heating the house had cost a small fortune. The furnace had conked-out on several occasions, and would probably need a major overhaul, or replacement.

It seemed like all the normally small expenses were piling up and causing one huge headache. The car had been acting up, and their credit at the garage was no longer considered a sure thing. The boys would have been completely satisfied to stay in the house every day and play video games, but Ally had her heart set on ballet lessons, and Debra hated to deprive the children. It wasn't just the lessons that were expensive; she also had to have the ballet clothing and slippers. Ray had sold a few articles to other publications, but they were becoming increasingly desperate for money. Debra had accepted a few jobs from her professional photographer friend Sheila in the past, and she had made up her mind to call her again. She had originally met Sheila when having some "boudoir" photos taken to give Ray on their tenth anniversary. She had told the family that the jobs were "product modeling" assignments, where she was just the background for various products, like earrings or watches. This way she could just point to as ear, or hand, in a printed advertisement and say it was hers. The truth was: the jobs were extremely sexual in nature, and she could never let anyone find out the actual details.

She had posed for nude photographs to be sold to "niche" publications; like bondage magazines or web-sites. She had also performed sexually at a couple of private functions, and been paid handsomely. If she was being honest with herself, she would admit that she had enjoyed the extreme sex immensely; and maybe was even becoming addicted to it. These sexual performances were in a very controlled setting and she preferred the term "performance" to "gangbang." Just remembering these occasions was causing Debra's nipples to harden. She rationalized her infidelity by convincing herself that it was necessary to provide for her family. She was just about to reach for the phone to call Sheila, when she heard the backdoor slam shut. As soon as she heard her mother-in-law's voice call her name, Debra thought, "why don't I ever lock that damn door."

Marie came marching through the kitchen, and blurted out that she wanted to take the twins to the barber for haircuts. Her in-laws, Marie and Frank, loved directly across the street from her, and thought noting of barging in at all hours of the day. Debra wanted to explode and scream at Marie for butting into their family business, but she decided to take a different tact. "Why thank you Marie," she responded, "I've been wanting to do that, but with Ray out of work, we really can't afford it." She knew that implying Marie's favorite son Ray couldn't provide for his family, would annoy her deeply; and she was proud of herself for the way she handled Marie's intrusion.

Marie was immediately flustered, and meekly muttered, "Well, I just thought their hair was getting a little shaggy."

Debra knew that this was just another of Marie's not-so-subtle ways of labeling her a bad mother, and she had heard enough of it in the last ten years. She was the most intrusive, critical, sarcastic person Debra had ever met; and she thought that it was no wonder both her sons were so psychologically messed up. Ray was tied to Marie's apron strings permanently, and his brother Robert, despite being a Sergeant in the NYPD, was afraid of getting close to any woman. So Debra had decided to play Marie's game today and answered, "That would be great. I'll call them down. That will be one less expense Ray has to worry about."

After Marie left with the twins, Debra was alone in the house and punched Sheila's number into the phone. Ray had been gone all afternoon, interviewing some Quarterback or Cornerback, or something; she didn't really care which; and Ally was playing at a friend's house. Sheila answered immediately with, "Oh Debra; so glad to hear from you. The truth is I was debating whether to call you about an opportunity that just came up."

"I am getting kind of desperate again, Sheila," Debra admitted, "I will probably take just about anything at this point."

"Well, this is another job involving a performance for a private club...would you have any objections about dancing with a snake," Sheila inquired.

She thought a minute, and although she wasn't crazy about snakes, she assumed Sheila would not refer her if the situation was not safe; so she asked Sheila for the contact number.

Sheila gave it to her, and added, "Let me know how it goes, if you decide to do it."

Since she was thankfully still alone in the house, Debra quickly called the number provided by Sheila, and was taken aback when a man who identified himself as Antoine answered the phone. His voice resembled James Earl Jones, and it was as if she was speaking to Darth Vader. She indicated she had been referred by Sheila, and the emotion in his voice changed immediately from one of disinterest to one of intrigue. When she told him her name, he became even more excited and mentioned that Sheila had shown him some photos of her, and was fascinated by her red hair.

She found his deep voice almost hypnotizing as he explained the performance: "We are a private group made up of men, formally from the New Orleans area, who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. Our jobs and homes were lost, and instead of rebuilding in a flood-plain; we were well enough off financially to relocate here to the New York metropolitan area where we all had family. Besides our previous geographic location, the one thing we all have in common in that we practice the Louisiana form of Voodoo. We are very serious about our beliefs, and have regular ceremonies to celebrate it. Next Saturday we have our largest celebration of the year scheduled to celebrate Marie Leveau's birthday. In case you're not familiar; she was the most famous high priestess, or mamba, in New Orleans history. Unfortunately, the woman who usually performs for us, had to leave suddenly for an extended period, to care for a sick relative, and we are in desperate need of a featured performer."

Debra interrupted his silky voice temporarily, "Sheila mentioned something about dancing with a snake...."

"That's correct," he continued, "Marie Laveau always performed with her pet python, and you would be required to perform a short, erotic dance with our python. I can assure you that she is completely safe. She is used to being handled in this manner, and is totally comfortable with people. You see, the trick to keeping a python docile, is to keep it well fed. We are all descendants from former African slaves, and as opposed to the Caribbean Voodoo who portray snakes as being evil; we believe that snakes are the most basic form of life; our connection to the earth and water. The fact that they can form a perfect circle with their body, symbolizes the circle of life. The snake deity is called Li Grand Zombi in our religion. Specifically, during our ritual, you would be required to perform the snake dance and engage in sexual acts with the members. At this point, I'm not exactly sure how many members will be in attendance, but there are seven of us. One more thing you should know before deciding, is that all the members are quite well endowed, and we don't believe in wearing condoms. Given the short time between now and this weekend, I would hope to hear from you with a decision within forty-eight hours."

Just the thought of all those large penises had made up her mind, and the soothing nature of his voice was the clincher, as she assured him, "You have found yourself a priestess." Antoine provided her with the address and they discussed compensation and a few other details before she hung up. Although she was extremely excited at the proposition, Antoine's voice had such a calming effect that she found herself actually feeling drowsy. Antoine had told her that the "snake dance" should be performed in a skimpy bikini, and since she didn't own one, she would have to go shopping tomorrow. She had already decided to tell Ray that this "modeling" job was for shoes; that way she could just point to any feet in a magazine ad, and say they were hers. She was fairly certain that Ray had no plans for Saturday, so he could watch the kids. Knowing his habits like she did; it really didn't matter what time she got home because he would fall asleep watching TV, and be oblivious to the world.

On Friday evening, as Debra was tidying up the kitchen before going up to take a nice, relaxing bath; the kitchen door flew open and in barged her least favorite house-guest: her mother-in-law. Marie blurted out, "You don't have to worry about tomorrow dear; I'll come over to help Raymond with the kids."

This was just Marie's obnoxious way of trying to make Debra feel guilty for leaving, and Debra had the perfect reply: "Why should a father need any help with his own children? You know I wouldn't have to take these modeling assignments if Ray had a steady job."

Once again she had turned the blame to Marie's pride-and-joy, and Marie was almost speechless, "Well...yeah, ok...where is Raymond?"

"Oh, he's asleep in front of the TV, as usual," Debra replied; rubbing it in. The truth was Debra really didn't hold any resentment because Ray hadn't found steady work; she just liked to push Marie's buttons. She sometimes wished Ray would look for something part-time; but anything like manual labor was considered beneath him (at least by Marie). And truthfully, he really wasn't good at anything that required manual labor.

Marie glanced in the living room; saw Ray slouched down on the sofa asleep; and meekly left through the back door. Debra smiled to herself as she climbed the wasn't often that she got the better of Marie. She drew a nice, hot bath, complete with a generous dose of bath oil; and felt immediately relaxed as she eased her naked body down into the water. She folded a towel and draped it over the end of the tub for a pillow, and lay back in the soothing heat. The water was so hot it was steaming, and all her tensions (even Marie) seemed to melt away as her body went limp. She began to think about her plans for the next night; all the large hard penises worshipping her, and her crotch began to tingle. She realized she knew nothing about dancing with a snake, even though Antoine had assured her it was safe. The only experience she had to go by, was she remembered watching Britney Spears dance with a large snake on some MTV music awards show about ten years ago. She would just do her best and improvise.

Her razor glided over her silky skin as she shaved her legs, underarms and pubic mound. Since the birth of the twins, she had alternated keeping her mound completely bald or leaving a thin "landing strip" of bright red pubic hair. She decided to leave the "landing strip" for this occasion, since Antoine had mentioned her red hair. As she was toweling off, she checked out her reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. "Not bad for a middle aged housewife," she mused. Her ass cheeks were very firm with just the beginning of a sag, and her legs were completely taut with no indication of impending cellulite. Her breasts, widely considered to be her best feature, were a full 38 D with dark pink nipples which protruded like gumdrops when aroused. They hung down on her chest from the sheer weight of them, but did not sag. She knew all of Ray's friends admired them, and he had once nicknamed them "Barnes & Noble."

Retrieving the tiny black string bikini she had purchased yesterday, she decided to try it on. The bottom triangle of cloth just barely concealed her slit; and the top two triangles did not even fully cover her half-dollar sized areola. The string on the bottoms disappeared up between her cheeks, leaving them fully exposed. She thought to herself that if Ray ever saw her in this, he would be all over her. She knew that she would look even better in heels, stretching her shapely legs; but Antoine had indicated that she would be dancing barefoot. When she walked around the bathroom, her wonderful breasts bobbed and wobbled, threatening to spill out of the top. She was pretty sure this bikini would have the desired effect.

Before she went to bed, she used her curling iron on her long lustrous, red hair. As she stood in front of the sink mirror, she laughed to herself, remembering the time the iron had gotten caught in her hair; and Ray had invoked his father's old rule: A-I-S, which stood for Ass In Seat. He had left for a sports award banquet without her and she had made him pay dearly: for the next two weeks she had paraded around the bedroom in her skimpiest negligee, and would not let him touch her. She hoped she could manage to get in bed before him tonight because she did not want him getting her all sweaty before her big night tomorrow.

The next day went quite quickly: some shopping with the kids, and watching a movie with the family before ordering pizza from Nemo's. She threw some bright red lipstick and her bikini in her purse, and went downstairs to leave. She kissed the kids goodnight, and Ray gave her a peck on the cheek and wished her a good time at her modeling job. "If you only knew," she thought. She noticed that Marie was not there yet, but was sure that as soon as she left the driveway; Marie would run across the street to be with her favorite son. Getting into the car, she realized that instead of being nervous; she was surprisingly calm. The address Antoine had given her was only about thirty minutes from her neighborhood. It turned out to be further out on Long Island, and only about one block from the beach. The neighborhood was very ritzy, and when she pulled up the driveway at the given address; she would have called the house a mansion.

She quickly applied her lipstick, and made her way to the front door. The stone facade made the home seem very impressive and when she rang the doorbell, it opened almost immediately. When the large black man spoke the words, "Welcome, I recognize you from your pictures. You are an incredibly beautiful woman, Debra...please come in," she knew from the deep, mellow voice that it was Antoine. "Welcome to my home, please follow me," he instructed.

As Debra passed through the foyer, and into the "great room," she was almost in awe at the opulence of the furnishings. It was obvious that Antoine did not have any financial worries. His physical presence matched his voice: he was at least six foot four inches tall, and when they shook hands, her hand felt like a child's in his. He was dressed in a black silk (she was pretty sure it was silk and not just satin) robe and barefoot. As they walked through the room and down a flight of stairs to the basement, he explained, "We have a total of seven members, but one had an urgent business trip, one had to attend to his wife who had an emergency appendectomy, and another had to attend his daughter's play; so there are only four of us at the ritual tonight. I think you will be surprised when you see the basement."

And indeed she was, as she reached the last step. It looked like she had gone through some sort of portal and emerged in the jungle. There were huge potted palms and fichus everywhere. The walls had been adorned with wallpaper embossed with green palms and ferns. The carpet was a deep pile in mixed shades of green that mimicked the jungle floor; it was so soft and spongy that it was like walking on thick moss. There was a background soundtrack of jungle drums and tropical bird sounds. Debra twirled around like an astounded child; the effect was truly amazing. In one corner was a king size platform bed covered in green, silk (she assumed) sheets and pillows. In another, there was a built-in bar, also in a green, jungle motif. Even the ceiling was like looking up at the leafy canopy of a rain forest. She was so fascinated by the decor that she almost stumbled over the other three members. All were clad in identical black robes and were also barefoot, as Antoine introduced them.

The first man, who Antoine introduced as Jake, was easily as tall as her brother-in-law Robert, who was six foot eight inches. His head was shaved, and she immediately thought of Mr. Clean. His hands and feet were immense, and Debra found herself wondering about other extremities. Maurice was probably just as tall, but very slender, seeming almost undernourished. His hair was set in long dreadlocks and fell around his head like a curtain. She felt like she was surrounded by imposing trees, as they towered over her. The fourth member, Jerome, was "only" about six feet two inches tall, but seemed almost as wide...not fat, just extremely solid and muscular. They all smiled and were extremely gracious, saying how glad they were she had come to perform.

"And this is Baby," proclaimed Antoine, leading her to a large cage, which contained an enormous snake. "We named her after Marie Leveau's python; it just seemed perfect. When she stretches out, she's about eight feet long. She weighs about fifty pounds, so we won't expect your dance to last terribly long. Trust me, she is used to being handled, and actually seems to enjoy it. Even if she became agitated; it's not a python's bite that is is when they coil around their prey and squeeze the life out of it. But there is nothing to worry about, that takes several minutes, and we will always be here with you. If something went wrong, we have a syringe filled with a muscle relaxant; kind of like an epi-pen; that would immediately cause her to uncoil." Debra watched Baby for several minutes, mesmerized by her movement. The snakes body contracted and expanded when it moved; changing its diameter from about three inches, to probably almost eight. Her trance was interrupted by Antoine, "If there are no questions, I'll show you to the bathroom where you can change."

He led Debra to a wall where a door was completely camouflaged by the wallpaper, and opened it for her. The bathroom on the other side was as large as her living room; complete with marble fixtures, and one of those huge shower enclosures where the water cascades down from all sides. The bathroom even had a sofa and TV in it. She quickly changed into the black bikini; arranging it carefully so that her intimate parts were (almost) covered. She put on the black silk (now she knew it was silk) robe that they had provided for her. She could feel her pendulous breasts sway when she walked, and it made her feel very sexy. When she stepped out of the bathroom onto the thick carpet, it felt heavenly under her bare feet.

The quartet was waiting for her, each holding what looked like a brass goblet. Antoine handed an identical one to her, explaining, "This is part of the ritual. They are filled with a drink composed of ground-up snake-shed and mandrake root. Mandrake is part of the Nightshade species and its root has been used in Voodoo ceremonies for centuries. It serves as a sedative and actually slows the heart rate. In some people, it has been known to produce minor hallucinations. Its effect is short lived, so no need to worry about the drive home. It's harmless, and we always drink it in our ritual." They drank the liquid down in one gulp, and then led her to a clearing in the "jungle" where her dance would take place.

The men swiftly discarded their robes, leaving them clad in what looked like loincloths, with green leaves and fern fronds sewn onto them. She thought they looked like black Tarzans standing in the jungle. She followed suit and let her robe slide down her silky shoulders and off. As it floated to the floor at her feet, she heard the men collectively draw their breaths, at the sight of her virtually naked body.

Jake exclaimed, "You are exquisite, Debra," which the others confirmed.

It was almost as if she could actually feel their eyes on her body, as she blushed and felt her nipples harden. The volume of the drum music increased and Antoine retrieved Baby from her cage. Although somewhat apprehensive, Debra allowed his to drape the python across her shoulders. She was surprise by the heavy weight and also by the warmth and smoothness of Baby's body. She had expected it to be cold and scaly, but was wrong on both aspects. The men began to sway and dance to the beat of the drums, and Debra followed suit. She twirled around and lifted Baby over her head (like she remembered Britney doing). She swayed and gyrated her hips seductively, attempting to be as erotic as possible. Her huge breasts quickly escaped their confines, and were now free and flopping aimlessly around on her chest. Seeing no sense in pretense, she again draped Baby around her shoulders, reached down, and untied the top and bottom of her bikini. The pieces fell to the floor, leaving her totally nude, except for the python.

The men quickly followed and lowered their loincloths; tossing them aside. Now it was Debra's turn to suck in her breath. Antoine's statement that the members were well endowed was the understatement of the decade, as their cocks hung between their legs. Maurice, his dreadlocks flailing around his head, seemed to have the most unique penis. Due to his height, she had expected it to be long; and it was, probably almost a foot long; but its crown was what made it was huge, and bulbous. It looked to Debra like a sledgehammer swaying between his legs. Antoine's tool was also at least a foot long, but thicker, and with a normal sized head. "Mr. Clean," as she referred to Jake in her mind; had the largest cock she had ever seen. It must have been a good fourteen inches long and as fat as her truly looked like a weapon. As she watched Jerome dance in front of her, his "undersized" cock of "only" ten inches began to grow. But it didn't get any longer, just thicker. It looked like someone was blowing up a balloon as his tool expanded; finally resembling the world's largest kielbasa waving in front of him. She knew that it was just a matter of time before they would take her and use her body for their pleasure, and she felt the dampness begin to form between her legs.

It was strange; the more excited Debra became, the more calm she felt...then she remembered the mandrake cocktail. It truly must be acting to slow her heart rate somehow; definitely acting as a sedative. As she swayed to the music, she thought of how she was completely naked in front of four strangers with the largest cocks she had ever seen. She was wantonly gyrating her hips and bouncing her ample breasts; virtually inviting them to have sex with her. Baby no longer seemed like a snake to be feared, just a prop to be used with her dance. She swung the heavy python around her head like it was a feather boa. The one thing she was sure of, was that she was fast approaching the point where she absolutely needed to be fucked...she craved something large and hard inside her moist pussy. As she watched the four feet of man-meat wave in front of her, she was nearly ready to beg for relief.

Suddenly the drum beats reached a crescendo, and the men stopped dancing. Debra followed their lead and stopped; draping Baby around her neck. Antoine stepped forward and took Baby; using her as a scarf around his neck. Maurice and Jake each took one of Debra's hands and led her over to the large platform bed. It had no head or foot boards, and it occurred to her that it resembled a kind of altar. As they backed her against it, the silk covering was incredibly soft when it touched her ass. They raised her effortlessly up and lay her back on the cool silk; centering her prone body on the bed. The slippery silk caressing her backside served to increase the sensuousness of the situation. Each of the members grasped one of her naked limbs and secured them to the four corners of the bed with Velcro straps. Her legs were spread wide and she knew her slit had opened because she could feel the cool air against the inside of her pussy. Maurice and Jake each lay their hard logs in her open hands, and although she was unable to stroke them because of her restraints, she tightened her fingers around them (although her fingers did not even come close to encircling their girth). Jerome placed green silk pillows under her head and neck so that she could look down the length of her body without straining. She had never thought about it before, but the way her breasts spread out on the sides of her chest, allowed her to see down between her legs.

She knew the moisture between her legs must be visible, but embarrassment never even entered her mind. Antoine stepped up to the side of the bed/altar and gently lay Baby on Debra's stomach. In the background, the CD of drumbeats was still playing and the cocks in her hands almost seemed to throb to the beat. She didn't know what they had planned for her, but she was totally relaxed as Baby began to flick her tongue rapidly and slither up her abdomen. It was so soft and erotic as it weaved its way around her right breast, lifting it as its body crawled underneath her tit. Baby's long slippery body formed a figure-8 around her massive tits; causing them to jiggle, and the nipples to harden even more. Her tongue gently flicked the gumdrop on her left tit, and Debra moaned at the stimulation. Its tail trailed up between her legs, wetting it as it split her slit. Baby then began to crawl back down her body, flicking its forked tongue inside her belly button, and making the muscles in her stomach ripple. As it crossed her red "landing strip," its body tickled her pubic hair and she shivered at the sensation. Its body was everywhere on her abdomen, but its head was now at the entrance to her pussy, flicking its tongue everywhere.

Antoine calmly assured her, "As you probably are aware, snakes are attracted to damp openings. Now you will understand that we secured your legs to protect Baby."

Debra was now so aroused that her whole body twitched when Baby nudged its head between her puffy lips. Without warning the snake's head disappeared inside her slit and began to stuff itself up into her wet cunt. She had watched Baby moving on her stomach and understood that it moved by expanding and contracting its girth; now she could feel this expansion and contraction inside her pussy. It was like having a living dildo inside her and the feeling was indescribable. More and more of the python disappeared into her pussy, and she could feel it sliding and slithering deep inside her belly. Debra's body was racked by a series of orgasms as her entire tunnel was filled with this warm, slippery creature.

"It will stop when gets to your womb," Antoine assured her, "but be warned, snakes don't go in reverse."

Debra was too aroused to comprehend this statement until she felt Baby's body turning inside her, doubling its width and expanding her pussy walls to their limit. She saw bursts of white light in front of her eyes, as she felt the python's body entering and exiting her cunt simultaneously. Every nerve ending inside her cunt was being stimulated as it was stretched beyond comprehension. The sensation of the huge snake body going in and out of her pussy at the same time was overwhelming, and Debra opened her mouth and screamed, "Oh... my... God!"

It was a good thing that their cocks were hard as steel, because Debra was unconsciously clenched her fists around Maurice and Jake with all her strength. As Baby scraped against her cunt walls, going in both directions, Debra felt her pussy lips being spread further apart. She raised her head and looked down between her thighs just in time to see Baby's head emerge from inside her. Her slit was now stretched to allow the double thickness of the python's body entering and exiting her pussy. Later, she would reflect that Baby was appropriately named, because it felt like she was giving birth. Her orgasms seemed to be non-stop as the huge python stretched and stimulated the inside of her cunt. As Baby's body emerged and slithered down her right leg, she noticed that its length was now soaking wet. She thought that if not for the mandrake, she never would have been able to relax enough to permit this obscene penetration. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of climaxes, Baby's tail slid out of Debra's hole, and she was empty. She let her whole body go limp as she attempted to recover; she even released the poles of Jake and Maurice.

Antoine picked up Baby and returned her to her cage, then informed Debra, "Now that we have honored Li Grand Zombi, we will worship the spirits of the dead by infusing every orifice of your body with the seed of life."

The four men swiftly released her bindings, and let her fully recover and regain her circulation. Debra sat on the side of the bed/altar and wiped the perspiration from her naked body with a green towel Jake provided. Looking between her legs, she saw that her cunt was no longer a slit; it was now a wide open hole; having been stretched beyond its limit by Baby's thick body. After a couple of minutes, Maurice lay back on the bed, his long dreadlocks spilling out over the silk pillows. His cock, with its enormous head, stuck straight up in the air as if trying to reach the ceiling. Jake and Jerome each put one arm around Debra's back and the other arm under one of her knees, and lifted her straight up into the air. It only took a few seconds for her to guess what they had in mind, as they held her soft, silky body poised directly above Maurice's cock head. They pulled her legs further apart, and although her back was facing Maurice, she felt his huge hands grasp her tiny waist and position her exactly over his groin.

Although her slit had already been stretched, she felt his massive crown spread her lips even farther apart as they slowly lowered her nude body down onto his pole. Inch by inch his cock penetrated her, until about half of his log was inside her; then they released their grip on her body and gravity took effect, fully impaling her on his huge shaft. She felt like a piece of barbecue meat on a skewer as she sat on his lap, her wet cunt enveloping his man meat. Jerome climbed onto the bed and straddled Maurice's legs, standing in front of Debra and waving his incredible "kielbasa" in her face. She knew there was no way she would be able to fit it in her mouth, so she just flicked her tongue out and licked the pre-cum from the tip. Jerome began to slide his massive meat up and down between her magnificent tits, using her sweat for lubrication. He used his hands to mash them together, forming a fleshy groove for his cock. On every up-stroke, she would lick the crown, tasting his secretion. Debra grasped his tree-trunk with both her hands, and even using both, she could not fully encircle his incredible girth. She knew her hands were relatively tiny, but the thickness of his cock was mind boggling. She licked his pole like an ice cream cone: from his balls all the way to the crown. Maurice put his arms around her waist and pulled her backward until she was laying on his chest.

Jerome kneeled between their legs, grasped his hefty meat in his hand, and began to wedge it between her pussy lips alongside Maurice's. Debra knew she had just been stretched beyond comprehension by Baby, but she used her index fingers to hook her cunt lips and pull them as wide as possible to accommodate the two cocks. Even with her hole already stretched, it was a very tight fit as Jerome twisted and turned his meat attempting to gain entrance. Maurice withdrew his penis about half-way and rubbed it against Jerome, using Debra's juices to lubricate him. They began to push into her warm pussy, and once Jerome was past her lips, he just continued to push forward until both immense cocks were completely inside her. Debra lay her head back against Maurice and lay there, feeling her pussy completely stuffed with about two feet of cock. It felt just as full as when Baby had twisted its serpentine body inside her. Maurice reached around her and encompassed her wonderful tits in his huge hands; rolling her gumdrop nipples between his fingers.

Then began to withdraw at the same time, agonizingly slow, and scraping every inch of her insides. She could actually feel Maurice's huge head bumping against her cunt walls. When Jerome had withdrawn almost completely (of course Maurice still had four or five inches to go), they paused, and then began to push back into her just as teasingly slow. Inch by inch she felt them scrape every nerve inside her pussy, and the feeling was incredible. After repeating this rhythm several times; after they had withdrawn almost all the way, they suddenly shoved their massive cocks all the way up inside her with all their strength.

The feeling of complete arousal took Debra by surprise as she immediately came around them, and she shouted, "Oh my fucking God." They began to violently pound their giant cocks into her wet hole, and she shrieked, "Oh my God...fuck me...fuck me hard!"

As they continued to shove their huge poles up into her belly, Debra wasn't even sure she was conscious. She had never felt anything so wonderful in her life. She was only sure of one thing: that she wanted two huge hard cocks up inside her cunt, every minute of every day. Debra never wanted this feeling to end. Her entire body twitched and jerked as she had more orgasms than she could count. She was in love with the cocks jammed up inside her pussy. Her arms and legs flailed aimlessly as her climaxes ran together; her motions involuntary and triggered by passion. As they battered her expanded hole; as far as Debra was concerned, this was heaven on earth. They alternated their strokes: one cock thrusting up into her, while the other was withdrawing...the sensation was unbelievable. A white froth leaked out of her cunt as they hammered her pussy. Suddenly, without warning, they both shoved the entire length of their gigantic cocks deep into her belly, and she felt them expand even more. Her cunt walls accommodated the invading monsters as they began to spray her womb with their hot, sticky seed. It was like having two fire hoses erupt inside her pussy, as they flooded her belly; and with nowhere to go, her cunt expanded ever more to accommodate their liquid. The twitching of their cocks, and the gushing of their cum triggered Debra's scream, "Oh my fucking God...don't stop...jam those fucking cocks into me!"

She lay back on Maurice's chest, trapped between their large bodies; completely impaled on two feet of monster cock. Her cunt felt like it was on fire as their cocks continued to jerk inside her. Their poles served as plugs, holding the copious amount of fluids inside her, and making her pussy muscles expand even farther as they kept pumping their cum into her. If not for the effects of the mandrake, Debra would have noticed that her nipples were sore from the violent pinching at the hands of Maurice. When Jerome's "balloon" finally began to deflate, she could feel their juices start to dribble down between her firm ass cheeks and onto Maurice's lap. It felt like someone had turned on a hot water faucet between her legs, as the drip turned into a steady flow. When Jerome slid his shrinking sausage completely out of her pussy, it was like a dam had broken as their combined cum gushed out of her wide hole. She raised up and dislodged Maurice from her pussy, and a flood succeeded in soaking the bed.

There would be no break for Debra, and she didn't want one...she craved hard cock. She anxiously waited for Jake to take Maurice's place on the bed. He used the other end of the bed/altar for the head, so they could attempt to avoid the soaked spot. As he lay back, Debra was reminded by the "third leg" reaching for the ceiling, that he possessed the largest cock she had ever seen. She probably would have been embarrassed if she had realized she had actually licked her lips in anticipation of being fucked by his monster. As she straddled his waist, facing him, she used her arm for measurement, and found that his cock stretched from her elbow to the tips of her fingers. She wasn't sure how long that was, but vowed to measure her forearm at a later date. She knew that with all the lubrication that was in her pussy; penetration by his huge log would be no problem.

Debra raised all the way up on her knees and watched Jake aim his enormous pole between her legs. She felt it nudge against her puffy lips and slip inside her slit as he squirmed into position beneath her. She looked down and saw cum dripping out of her cunt, coating Jake's penis, as he prepared to enter her. She was so aroused at the prospect of having his horse- cock inside her that she couldn't wait any longer, and just threw her legs out to the side, removing all support. She immediately sank all the way onto his lap, burying the entire length of his monstrous cock into her belly. Her mouth opened in shock, but no sound emerged as she felt the largest cock she had ever seen bump against her cervix. It was truly like having someone's arm shoved up inside her pussy, and it was wonderful. Jake grasped her waist with his huge hands, and held her in place as he ground his pubic bone up against hers.

She began to raise up on her knees and drop back down again, impaling herself on his pole, again and again. Jake joined her rhythm by thrusting up into her every time she sat down. It was a remarkable feeling having something that massive buried inside her, and Debra was once again in heaven. Her magnificent breasts slapped against her chest as they flopped up and down in unison. Jake complimented her, " you have incredible tits, Debra."

He encircled her with his long arms and pulled her down on top of him, trapping her breasts between them; and she was aware of Antoine climbing onto the bed behind her. Jake had reached around her and grasped her perfect ass cheeks in his over-size hands and was now pulling them apart to give Antoine access to her ass hole. If she had not been so mellow from the mandrake cocktail, Debra probably would have panicked over the thought of something the size of Antoine's log pushed up inside her ass, but she merely hugged Jake's chest and presented her ass in all its glory. Her ass cheeks had been soaked with the cum of her previous penetrations, and Antoine proceeded to rub his crown all over the area, coating it as well as he could with the slippery secretions. As he lined up the head of his giant cock with her cute little rosebud of a sphincter, Debra lay on Jake and just enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her pussy. Antoine started to twist and corkscrew his massive cock at the entrance to her ass hole, and since she was so completely relaxed, the head popped through her sphincter ring with relatively no problem.

"Ooooo," escaped Debra's lips as Antoine began to slide into her incredibly tight ass, inch by amazing inch.

She could feel Antoine's immense tool slowly sliding into her ass, joining its virtual twin inside her belly. Its progress seemed to be endless, until his balls finally rested against her pale ass cheeks. She now had a foot of cock in each hole, separated by a mere membrane of skin. It felt like they were going to burst out of her belly at any moment. The sensation was incredible; she could swear she could feel every vein and wrinkle as they pressed against her walls. They lay there as one for several minutes, just enjoying the tightness and warmth of the situation. Debra marveled at the logistics: where did those two cocks disappear to; there was no way there was that much room inside her tiny body. She never thought that she would enjoy anal; she and Ray had never even tried it. Maybe it was just the sensation of being thoroughly and utterly filled with cock that was turning her on now. Then the men began to slowly withdraw their penises from her tunnels, scraping every inch of her walls as they went. It was more difficult for Jake, being on the bottom; but his hips were surprisingly flexible for a huge man.

Debra was experiencing total ecstasy, trapped between two giant men; completely impaled on the largest cocks she had ever seen. The thought crossed her mind that they must resemble an Oreo cookie as they lay there. She pressed her palms against Jake's chest and raised up, permitting them easier access to her holes, and allowing her to glance down between her legs to watch Jake's cock in her pussy. Jake and Antoine gradually picked up the pace until their cocks were like two enormous pistons hammering into her ass and cunt. Jake was scraping her G-spot with his cock and grinding his pelvis into her clit, while Antoine filled her ass completely. As they pounded two feet of cock deep inside her, Debra shrieked, "Holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck me...ram those fucking cocks into me!"

She felt her amazing body spasm, as they skewered her with their enormous cocks. Her tits flopped and danced on her chest as they rammed their monstrous tools up into her holes. She wanted to scream again, but was so overwhelmed with passion, that she could not even form words. She began to pinch her own tremendous nipples, as her body twitched in another orgasm. Maurice clambered onto the bed and stood, straddling Jake's head; presenting his "sledgehammer" to Debra. She released her tits and grasped his cock with both hands, as Antoine and Jake kept up their feverish pace. She licked his crown as if it was a "Tootsie-pop," and even though she was fairly certain it was impossible; she attempted to stretch her red lips around his head. Leaving a red lipstick ring around his crown, she forced the head inside her mouth. It was so huge that she could barely move her tongue, but she tried to tickle the underside of his cock. Jerome, not wanting to be left out, had sat on the side of the bed and was suckling on her left nipple; biting and nibbling on it. It was necessary to breathe completely through her nose because her lips were forming a vacuum around Maurice's log.

Every erogenous zone of her body was being stimulated: she was sucking cock, and had over two feet of cock in her holes. Her pussy was secreting more cum than she thought was humanly possible. As Jake and Antoine persisted their thrusts up inside her holes, she grasped Maurice's incredibly long pole with both hands and stroked, as she licked the tip inside her mouth. Jerome decided to become more actively involved and stood on the side of the bed, jerking himself off and aiming his thick kielbasa at Debra's face. She found it was extremely difficult to give the proper attention to Maurice, because she was distracted by the actions of Antoine and Jake. They were absolutely hammering her pussy and ass with their gigantic cocks and she felt like she was going to faint from the over-stimulation. Jerome was becoming incredibly aroused watching her magnificent tits bouncing around and he began to ejaculate; spraying her flushed face and spurting his load all over her breasts. Feeling his milky semen dripping down her face, Debra rubbed it into her tits and began to squeeze Maurice's balls; suddenly craving the taste of cum.

Urged on by this cum-hungry housewife, Maurice exploded in her mouth, coating her throat with a steady stream of his juices. Debra began to swallow as fast as she could, but she couldn't keep up with his stream and his cum actually started to leak out of her nostrils. She pulled his cock out of her mouth so she could breathe, and was treated to another load on her face and tits. Just then she felt Antoine and Jake violently slam their monsters up inside her holes. They expanded inside her, and then her insides were being flooded with their hot streams.

She threw her had back and howled, "Oh my fucking God...cum in me...cum in me hard...that feels so fucking good!"

Their ejaculations were so strong that her body actually jerked upward with each major spurt. Their enormous cocks were so large that her holes were totally plugged and with no place to escape, her tunnels were forced to expand even more. She began to feel bloated with the extreme amount of fluids inside her. Without waiting for their erections to shrivel, Antoine slid his monster out of her ass, and helped Jake lift her effortlessly up off his cock. The sensation was incredible: it was just like the plug being pulled in a full bathtub, as their combined cum gushed out of her stretched out holes like a waterfall.

"H-o-l-y shit," exclaimed Debra as they held her aloft.

Everyone in the room was watching the cum flooding out of her cunt and ass, and drenching the bed. Antoine and Jake set her gently down on the side of the bed, while Maurice retrieved a clean towel and handed it to Debra.

Antoine explained, "Well, Debra, the ritual is now complete. All of your orifices have been anointed with the seed of life."

She was still incredibly aroused as she glanced at the four huge, black men surrounding her. Their now flaccid cocks dangled between their legs like fire hoses. She was incredulous that she had just had four feet of hard cock inside her...and had loved every minute of it. She refrained from telling them that she would do it again for free if they were up for it. The truth was, she really wanted to be fucked again; but she knew it was getting late and she should be getting home.

Antoine allowed her to make full use of the bathroom and shower. Even after the shower, her stretched out cunt was still a wide open hole, instead of a slit. The sumptuous bathroom even contained a professional full-head hair dryer. When she emerged from the bathroom, the men had all changed into casual attire, and Antoine was feeding Baby a live mouse. They inquired if she might be available for future ceremonies; and she assured them she would be honored. When she sat in the car for the ride home, she realized that her ass was unbelievably sore, and knew she would have to be careful with her actions for a couple of days. She smiled as she remembered being the "Oreo cookie" and having a slithering snake inside her. If only the Barones knew....

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