Fictional story about fictional characters.

Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Helps Out Part 2 (F-gang,inter,oral,anal)
by Shaggy77

It had been six, long months since New York Newsday had "furloughed" Raymond Barone, and all the rest of it's sportswriters. The Barone's had tried to adjust to their new economic situation; but it had been difficult. They had become used to the upper-middle class lifestyle; where money was not usually that much of an issue; and the change was difficult. They had cut way back on restaurant visits (and take-out); reduced their satellite package; and even Ray was forced to almost totally eliminate his golf outings. Ray and Debra had tried not to deprive their children: daughter Ally; and twins Michael and Geoffrey. They had done their best to shield them from the increasingly serious situation. Raymond had been able to sell a few free-lance sports articles to the paper, and to other publications; but they would not have survived if not for the contributions of Debra. After being out of the work force for ten years; she had made a successful return, by doing some occasional modeling work.

At least that was what she told her family. The truth was much more erotic and exciting. She had been befriended by Sheila, a local photographer, when she had posed for some "boudoir" photographs for their tenth wedding anniversary. The photo shoot had turned into an erotic encounter and things had escalated from there. Debra had subsequently posed for some x-rated photos for a"niche" bondage magazine; and then performed at a private club which Sheila had provided the reference for. Sheila had made many contacts over the years as a photographer, and was more than agreeable to help Debra. Luckily, Ray was pretty much clueless about her activities; being grateful for her financial contributions.

Since their Homeowners and Auto insurance payments were due next month; Debra once again felt compelled to contact Sheila to inquire about possible employment opportunities. She held some resentment of Ray for not seeking out alternative employment; but he seemed to feel that anything other than writing was beneath him. Of course, he was throughly supported in this by his overbearing, meddlesome mother; Marie. Debra could just hear her telling everyone that Ray was a columnist; not a laborer. Frank, Marie's sometimes disgusting husband, was on Debra's side this time; and often told Ray to get off his "keister" and get a job. Although somewhat resentful, Debra's conscience told her that she had ten years of lost wages to make up...and besides; she suspected that her private club performances were turning her into a "sex addict."

Sheila did not seem at all surprised to hear from her,and assured Debra that she had been saving a possible job exclusively for her. "You have the privilege of first refusal for this job, Deb," Sheila informed her. "Do you have any objections to dying your hair blonde?"

Debra's first question was obvious: "why would I have to dye my hair blond ?"

"You remember, of course, the bondage club that hired you," Sheila inquired rhetorically, "Well this is a club entitled "Blacks On Blonds." They hire blond performers, exclusively. I know one of the members; showed him some of your photos; only the ones where you had a hood on, of course; and he remarked that you would be perfect for his club if only you were blond."

After a few moments of contemplation, Debra responded that if the pay were equal to the one offered by the bondage club; she would accept the offer. Sheila was ecstatic and told Debra she would contact the club; make the arrangements; and let her know the particulars.

Sheila added, "These members usually only provide you with their nicknames; most of them are married, and do not want to take any chance that their wives will discover their extramarital activities. I assure you that you will be perfectly safe with them. You know I wouldn't recommend them otherwise."

Later that night she informed Ray that she had been retained by Sheila for another modeling job...this time she would just be using her ears; modeling earrings for a prestigious catalog. She told him that they wanted blond hair surrounding the earrings, so she would have to dye her hair. He seemed to accept her explanation without question; and was overjoyed at the prospect of more income. Marie, on the other hand, was much more inquisitive. She demanded to know why she couldn't just wear a blond wig. Thinking quickly, Debra told her they were afraid that with the wind machine blowing her hair, they were afraid the wig-cap would show. That seemed to placate her, at least temporarily. Sometimes Debra just wanted to slap her face; she was always insinuating herself into their private life. Ray was totally clueless about her true activities; and she intended to keep it that way.

Sheila called her the next day, and informed her that the "appointment" would be the following Saturday night. She gave Debra the address; contact phone number; and wished her "lots of fun." She told Debra she didn't have to bring anything special to wear.

On Thursday, after arriving home from her visit to the hair salon; she went immediately up to the bathroom to inspect her new blond "do." Charlene, her beautician for many years, had even dyed her eyebrows to match. Out of her handbag she produced a bottle of spray blond "touch-up" dye; usually used by women to add blond highlights to their hair...Debra had another use in mind. After completely shaving her pubic area for the bondage club; she had let her trademark red "landing strip" grow back. She thought it would be a great touch if she dyed her pubic hair blond to match her head. She quickly removed all her clothes; sat on a towel on the edge of the tub; and carefully applied the blond dye. When she was finished; she stood in front of the full-length mirror on the back of the door, and was utterly amazed at the transformation. The blond hair truly made her look like a different woman.

She inspected her body in the mirror, and was quite pleased with what she observed. She was closer to forty than thirty, and yet there still was not a trace of cellulite on her thighs. When she wore heels, her shapely legs put some twenty-year-olds to shame. Her breasts were her best feature, she thought. "Barnes & Noble," as Ray had named them were full 38D's, and could still pass the pencil test. They sagged just a tiny bit; but were still firm and proud. Her nipples were perfectly in the center of her breasts and still had a nice pink glow. When aroused, they became as large as gumdrops. She hefted her breasts; watching them bounce. Her ass cheeks were firm , with just a trace of sag. "Not bad for a mother of three," she thought. She wanted to explore her body at greater length; but she could hear Ray and the kids stampede through the back door. She swiftly re-dressed; went down the stairs and joined her family in the kitchen.

Upon seeing his wife as a blond for the first time; Ray immediately whistled, "hubba-hubba," and Debra could swear she actually saw drool on the corner of his chin.

She knew the reason: she looked like an entirely different woman; and the idea of sex with a new woman was very appealing. She knew she would have to fight him off tonight...or just maybe she would meet his aggression and see how he liked it. Marie had followed them in, of course, and she just stood there, mouth agape, staring. She finally offered her opinion, "Jeez Debra, you look like some kind of hussy."

For once; even if it was for the wrong reason; Ray defended her, "Don't you listen to her Deb; you look amazing."

Frank, just coming through the door, piped in, "Holy that really you Debra?"

Saturday afternoon, she put on a conservative dress and sensible heels; said her good-byes; and headed out to the car for the drive to her next adventure. She was a little nervous; but the previous experience of performing for the bondage club had helped to calm her down. The bondage club had been almost in her neighborhood; but this club's location was all the way in Queens. The directions led her to a modest, ranch style home in a seemingly quiet residential neighborhood.

When she rang the doorbell, a tall, slender black man, dressed in a floor-length black silk (at least she thought it was could have been satin) robe opened the door and inquired, "Are you Debra?"

She nodded, and was invited inside. The man asked her to follow him down a hall, and then down some stairs into a basement room which was obviously a sort of "rec" room. Some arcade style games had been pushed up against the outside walls; there was a closed-up ping-pong table against one wall; an extremely large flat-screen TV taking up one whole wall; a large black, leather sofa; and what looked like a queen sized bed with black satin sheets. Gathered around the sofa were six other black men; all identically dressed in black robes. She thought she recognized one of the men standing in the rear of the others; but couldn't quite place his face.

The host ushered her to the sofa, where they sat, and he explained what was expected of her; "First let me say, Thank You for coming. Since Sheila showed up your pictures, we have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to see your face. You are an incredibly beautiful woman Debra. We feel it is in everyone's best interest if you only know us by our nicknames; since I am the only one not married. Most of the guys just tell the wives that we're getting together for sports. Technically it's not a lie...just adultery. Let me introduce you to the club members. I am known as the "Big Bopper"; this is "Fireplug," you'll find out why later; this is "Subway,"you know, home of the "foot long;" the tall one is "Screwdriver," long and slender; the one on the end is "Meat," which is pretty self-explanatory; the guy next to him is "Cabbageman," because of his big head; and the guy hiding in back is "Deliveryman," because he delivers the goods."

Now Debra knew why she had recognized "Deliveryman"...he was Deacon Palmer; a co-worker of Ray's friend, Doug Heffernan. They had met once when she and Ray had dinner with Doug and Carrie. He must have known she recognized him; because he kind of shied away in the back.

"Big Bopper" continued, "we have all been friends for years and meet about every other month to release our sexual tensions. I guess it sounds racist to call ourselves "Blacks On Blonds," but the truth is we also hire black women who have blond hair. No one is ever harmed; and we try to give as much pleasure as we receive. The only prerequisites for membership in our club is that you have to be black; and have a penis at least twelve inches long. Oh, and before I forget; Screwdriver is a Physician's Assistant, and he gives us monthly blood tests that he runs through the lab in his office...we're all perfectly clean. For that matter; three of the guys have had vasectomies; so they're good-to-go in that regard; but Sheila assured us that you are on birth control. If you agree to the terms; we can get started."

Debra thought to herself; "Yeah, I'm on the pill now after a certain very embarrassing Halloween trick-or-treat incident involving her idiot father-in-law, and gold foil wrapped condoms."

Debra, already feeling herself get moist; quickly did the math and determined that there was at least seven feet of cock in the room; as she spoke, "I think we indeed have an do you want to proceed?"

"Deliveryman will show you to the bathroom where you can change into the articles we have provided. Sheila furnished us with your sizes. If you don't mind, we usually ask the performer to do a little strip-tease dance for us; as a preliminary."

As Deacon directed her to the changing room, he nervously told her, "I have a feeling that Ray doesn't know about this; so I'll make a deal with you: you don't mention this to Kelly; and I won't say a word to Ray. Kelly and I are separated now anyway; but there is still a chance we could get back together."

Debra nodded her agreement, adding, "I have always found you attractive Deacon...I mean Deliveryman; I can't wait to see what you've got under that robe."

She entered the full size bathroom and found a black silk robe, and black lace lingerie hanging on a hook. There was a pair of almost impossibly tall, black heels on the floor. She hastily undressed and put on the underwear. The lacy bra was so sheer, it was almost totally transparent; and the g-string panties were almost non-existent. The back string disappeared between her ass cheeks, and the front barely covered her slit. The heels made her shapely legs even more firm and taut. She had to admit, she looked damn sexy. She could hear some "party music" thumping in the background as she emerged, wearing the robe. She loved the way the silky material caressed her skin as she moved into the center of the room. The floor was carpeted, so her feet didn't slide as much as she would have liked; but her heels weren't going to go sliding out from under her either. Some of the men had gathered on the sofa; others had pulled up folding chairs...all eyes were on her.

Debra, of course, had absolutely no experience at stripping; but she had seen enough movies to know that you pretty much just dance and sway to the beat...and there was definitely an emphatic beat to this music. She paused, with her back to most of the men; dipped her right shoulder; and then began to sway to the rhythm. She slid the silky robe off one shoulder, exposing it entirely; the contrast between her pale skin and the black material was very sensual. She let the robe slide off both shoulders; shook her newly blond hair; and then let go of the garment, letting it slip all the way to the floor. The men whistled and shouted; as she spread her legs apart; bent all the way over from the waist, using her long hair as a dust mop; and grabbed her ankles with her hands. Those behind her could plainly see her sphincter, with the thong string centered between her sweet cheeks. She stood up; continued swaying to the beat; reached up between her ample breasts; released the front-closure; and whisked the lacy bra aside; throwing it into the crowd. As her magnificent tits swayed to her movements, she could see several of the members begin to rub their crotches. She caressed her breasts, and began hefting them and bouncing them... her tits were truly spectacular.

The string thong was so tiny that they could already see her, recently, blond landing strip. She played with the sides of her panties, teasing them. She ran the palm of her hand through her crotch; and could feel the moisture building there. She was trying to think of a sexy way to complete the awkward movement of removing her panties; and finally just put her legs together; lowered the string over her inviting hips; and just let it fall to the floor. More cheers and whistles, as she was now completely naked in front of seven virtual strangers. The heels made her legs seem endlessly long, as she continued to dance for her hosts. She put one leg up on the sofa arm, putting her pubic area on display for the appreciative audience. She extended her right index finger, and let it linger on her slit, before bringing it up to her mouth and sucking on it. Her head rolled in a circle; her blond hair sweeping her shoulders; and her tits jiggling.

She dropped down onto the carpet; sitting on her shapely ass, with her legs extended in front of her. Using both her hands, she fluffed her long blond mane; then cupped her enormous tits and tweaked her aroused nipples. As she licked her lipstick coated lips; she slowly spread her legs, revealing her shaved slit. When her legs were as wide as she could get them; she reached between them; and with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, she hooked them into her cunt lips and spread herself open. Wide open; enough so that each member could see the bright pink deep inside her pussy. Moisture was now slowly drooling down her thighs onto the carpet. She let go of her lips; grabbed each ankle; and spreading her legs to their extreme, rolled onto her back with her legs pointed straight up. Now the club members had an unobstructed view of both her holes. As the song ended; she stood in the center of the circle, and took a bow.

Almost as if there was a silent cue; all the members circling her body dropped their robes simultaneously. All cocks were fully erect; and Debra had to stifle a giggle, because it reminded her of a dark forest. They definitely all met the club's criteria. Fireplug was obviously so named because his cock resembled was incredibly fat, and didn't taper at all. Meat was probably the largest; maybe fifteen inches, she guessed. She noticed the crown on Cabbageman was the size of an orange, and Screwdriver was indeed, long and slender. Deliveryman's (Deacon) cock was as perfect a specimen as she had ever seen...about a foot long, with a nice sized head.

Trying to determine how exactly to proceed; Debra did what seemed to be the logical next step: she dropped to her knees in the center of the group, and opened her mouth wide, motioning for the men to approach. They didn't have to be urged; as they were already crowding around their "main attraction" for the evening. As Debra kneeled, she grasped the hard cocks of Subway and Fireplug in her hands and began stroking them. Her tiny fingers did not go even half way around Fireplug's stout member; a fact which, from the smile on his face, obviously made him very proud. Meat stepped up in front of her; presented his mammoth specimen to her face; so she stuck out her tongue and began to lick the underside of his throbbing organ. Someone, she thought it was Screwdriver, was behind her wrapping her blond tresses around his cock, while he jerked himself off. Big Bopper had set up a video camera in the corner of the room, and was making sure everything was in focus. Cabbageman and Deliveryman were sitting on the edge of the sofa watching the show; which was also being broadcast on the huge TV; patiently waiting their turns.

Meat slowly pushed about half his cock into her throat, as she sucked and tongued the massive tool. She had trouble concentrating on jerking the two cocks in her hands, with the obstruction in her mouth threatening to choke her. She remembered reading that it was impossible for the human brain to truly do two tasks at one time; so she just tried to work up a steady rhythm with her hands, while she directed her immediate attention to the cock in her mouth. Subway and Fireplug had began to fondle and massage her beautiful tits as she squeezed their meat; and she could feel the fire in her groin growing. It didn't take Meat that long to reach his limits..the sight of this gorgeous blond, with her cherry-red lips milking his cock was overwhelming, as he began to spurt his cum directly down her throat. Debra managed to swallow every drop; and licked him clean as he withdrew from her mouth. Not wanting to "waste" his ejaculation on a mere hand-job; Subway quickly took Meat's place in front of Debra; and watched her lips wrap around his "foot-long." Big Bopper laid his swelled cock in her hand, replacing Subway.

She felt someone rubbing her round ass cheeks, so she raised up on her knees a little; and was surprised when Cabbageman's head appeared between her legs, from behind. He was lying on his back on the floor, behind her; with his head between her legs; looking up at her angelic face. Sitting on her knees, her slit was already partially open; and he took this as an invitation, as he shoved his tongue straight up into her wet pussy. She couldn't help herself, as her body convulsed; she bit down on Subway; strangled the cock's of Fireplug and Big Bopper; sat hard on Cabbageman's face; and flooded it with her cum. Feeling her teeth sink into his tool; Subway began to pump his seed into Debra's inviting mouth, as Cabbageman literally drank the fluid dripping from her cunt. Fireplug disengaged from her grip; and presented his stump to her red lips. Deliveryman folded her fingers around his cock, as they all watched her try to open her mouth wide enough to encompass Fireplug.

It was impossible, even with her lips fully extended, to get Fireplug's fat cock into her mouth; so she fastened her lips around the tip and sucked hard, while running her tongue around the edge. This seemed to satisfy him, as he placed his hands on the back of her head to hold her in place. Big Bopper suddenly erupted in her hand, shooting his considerable load all over the side of her left breast; then reached over and rubbed the sticky fluid into her skin. Debra had read somewhere that the protein in male seminal fluid was actually beneficial for skin texture; so she didn't mind. She would never admit it to anyone; but she had recently had a dream about taking a bath in a tub filled with men's cum.

Cabbageman slid out from under her, and replaced Big Bopper in her left hand; while she continued to jerk Deacon (Deliveryman). Fireplug decided he wanted to save his sperm for another hole; and let Screwdriver take his place in her mouth. This was a welcome change for Debra, because, although his cock was extremely long; it was very slender and she easily took him far down her throat without choking. She made a mental note of how great she was becoming at cock-sucking...maybe she would even try it on Ray sometime; for a special occasion. Deliveryman was massaging her wonderful tits with his huge hands, and it felt glorious to Debra. He twirled her gumdrop sized nipples using his forefingers and thumbs; causing her to shiver. He too, decided to save his first big load; and stepped aside to let Cabbageman have his turn at a hand-job. When Screwdriver shot his load, he was halfway down her throat; and she had difficulty swallowing fast enough. She gulped as fast as she could, and only a couple drops escaped her mouth when he withdrew.

Deacon winked at her as he placed the head of his cock on her bottom lip; then slowly slid it past her puffy lips. She licked the head inside her mouth, and sucked him deeper. He began to thrust into her face, as his scrotum slapped against the underside of her chin. He placed his hands on her shoulders and actually moved her whole upper body forward and back, as he fucked her face. Meat and Cabbageman were sucking on her nipples; and Fireplug was fondling her soft, round ass cheeks. When having dinner at the Heffernans with the Barones; Deacon had observed Debra licking the wine drips off the rim of her glass; and the innocent gesture had given him an that tongue was playing with his cock. She licked the underside; he jammed it down her throat, and forcefully blew his load, as he held her in place.

Debra was pleased that she had not eaten a large meal that day; because her stomach was now full of liquid protein. All the members seemed to draw back; giving her a break; and she realized, waiting for the next round of sex. Every cock in the room was still erect; seven giant roots, all growing straight up. Deacon offered her a towel, if she wanted to wipe away any stray fluids, and, taking her hand, led her to the satin covered bed.

He leaned over, smiled and whispered in her ear, "Ever since the first time I met you; I've fantasized about jamming my cock up your ass."

As he laid back on the bed and scooted his way to the center, pulling Debra with him; Deliveryman called out to Big Bopper, "Toss me the bottle of love lube."

He caught the squeeze bottle one-handed; flipped the top; and squirted the slippery liquid all along the length of his stiff cock. As he sat on the bed, he pulled Debra, with her back facing him, up onto his lap until her back was wedged against his ready log. As he ran his hands up and down her arms and shoulders; he was amazed at how incredibly smooth her skin was. Reaching his long arms around her naked body; he pulled her close to him and began to knead her wonderful, full breasts.

He whispered in her ear, "Your tits are just fantastic, Debra...even better than I fantasized."

Juice was literally dripping out of her pussy now, as she reveled in the fact that someone, as handsome as Deacon, had fantasies about her. As she nestled against his firm chest, he grasped her waist in his hands, and lifted her up off his lap. She assisted him by putting her knees down and raising her body up, until it was poised directly above his pole. Big Bopper was busy moving and adjusting the camera near the foot of the bed; and the other members were gathered around the action. Debra felt the head of Deacon's marvelous specimen nudging between her smooth, round cheeks as he held her above it. The crown found her ass hole, and began to wedge itself inside. As her sphincter spread gradually wider, his head popped through her muscle ring and penetrated her ass. Deacon, his hands firmly encircling her waist, slowly pulled her down onto him; impaling her ass with his substantial cock.

As she felt her ass being invaded by Deacon's salami; Debra thought to herself that just a few short months ago, she had been an anal it seemed perfectly normal to her. She had never had anything that large in her ass before though, and she concentrated on relaxing her muscles to permit it. It surprised her how nice it felt; so firm and snug. He released her waist and resumed kneading and squeezing her tits; as his hips pumped his cock into her incredibly tight ass. She was so tiny in his huge hands, that she felt like a doll riding his log.

Screwdriver climbed onto the bed and advanced in front of Debra; his long, slender penis waving like a flag in front of him. She nestled back against Deacon's chest; brought her legs back in front of her and spread them obscenely wide. Screwdriver, holding his erection in his hand; crawled up to her body, and placed the head of his cock against her slit. No external lubrication was necessary; but, as a courtesy, he grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a generous amount onto her mound. Deliveryman thrust his hips forward, elevating her body and making her more accessible; as Screwdriver wedged his crown between her juicy cunt lips. Debra balled her hands into fists; preparing for the upcoming invasion; and grit her teeth. Then with steady, firm, forward pressure; Screwdriver slid his thirteen inches of hard cock all the way up Debra's pussy; joining Deacon's inside her body.

"Oh my God," moaned Debra, as she shuddered and her body added lubrication to both cocks; as her leaking juices drooled down onto Deacon's penis.

As they both began to thrust in and out of her tiny body; Debra was overcome with pleasure, and she continued to shiver and cum. Deliveryman began to slowly withdraw and slide into her ass; while Screwdriver resumed a more frantic pace. He was truly turned on by the blond housewife, and it only took a few hard strokes before his body shook and she could feel his warm cum spurting up inside her pussy.

Almost embarrassingly, he breathlessly proclaimed, "you are a really beautiful woman, Debra."

He backed his shriveling cock out of her wet pussy, and climbed off the bed. Replacing him was Fireplug; as Deacon continued his assault on her asshole. Debra's body stiffened as Fireplug crawled up to her. His cock was like a foot-long beer can; and she had serious reservations about him joining Deacon inside her...she truly didn't think there was room. She reached down with both hands; hooked the middle and index fingers inside her pussy lips; and spread them as wide open as she could. As if Fireplug needed any more stimulation; seeing the pink deep inside this beautiful woman increased the blood-flow to his cock, and the adrenalin to his brain. Deacon stopped thrusting, but remained inside her; to allow Fireplug easier access to her pussy; and Fireplug nestled the blunt head of his weapon against her hole. His cock was different, in that there was no large crown to get past her opening...his entire cock was as thick as the normal crown. He pushed forward with increasing pressure, attempting to penetrate her hole, until finally her lips stretched enough to allow entry.

Perspiration had broken out on Debra's forehead, as Fireplug attempted to enter her pussy. He leaned his whole body into hers, increasing the pressure against her slit. When he finally was inside her; she relaxed and the entry was actually easier. She could feel him gradually sliding deeper inside her; stretching her cunt as he advanced. The undersides of both cocks were rubbing against each other; separated only by an extremely thin membrane. Debra glanced over Fireplug's shoulder; and could see the image captured by the camera, on the large-screen TV which virtually covered the whole wall. It was an incredible sight; obviously she had never seen herself being fucked before. The shot was focused on a close-up of her crotch area; showing in great enlarged detail, the two giant cocks penetrating her holes. She was mesmerized by the image...the fact that she was feeling what the picture was showing. Fireplug's cock was so big in circumference, that when he withdrew, it looked like she was giving birth. She stared as his huge member dragged her cunt lips completely out of her, as they gripped its sides; then forced them back in. She thought to herself that she could be a porn star, with no effort at all.

Deacon and Fireplug began to pick up the pace; pounding their monstrous cocks into her body. She watched the screen as they hammered into her holes, then closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of being totally filled with cock. She played with her own tits, pinching her engorged nipples until they ached.

Deacon whispered to her, "this is why they call me the Deliveryman," and she immediately felt his body go rigid; and her asshole was filled with hot fluid.

She guessed this was how an enema must feel, as he sustained his orgasm; continuing to squirt inside her. His climax and twitching, must have triggered the same in Fireplug, because he too, literally erupted inside her. It was just like having a fire hose inside her pussy, because the force and pressure of his ejaculation felt like something had exploded deep inside her cunt. She could feel the warm, sticky liquid inside her holes; seeking a way out; but there was none...her holes were totally plugged with two enormous cocks. Deacon and Fireplug jerked and twitched for what seemed like twenty minutes; then finally their swollen organs began to shrivel and slide out of Debra. Her thighs and the bed were becoming soaked with the cum flooding out of her stretched out holes. She glanced up at the TV screen and saw that her, now empty, holes were remaining completely wide open. She thought that if someone wanted, they could slide their whole forearm up her cunt. She had never seen inside her own pussy before, and was amazed by the bright pink tint.

She didn't have much time to reflect because Meat and Big Bopper climbed on the bed replacing Deliveryman and Fireplug. Big Bopper admitted, "Since you have just experienced Fireplug; we figured this was a good time for our favorite act." He lay back on the bed, much the same as Deacon had; and pulled her onto his lap. He grabbed her waist, and she was all prepared to have her ass violated again, when she felt his cock-head bang against her pussy lips. Her pussy was still in the shape of a big "O," and he had no trouble sliding his entire length deep up inside her belly. Big Bopper wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her snug against his chest as Meat advanced in front of her.

Now she knew what their favorite act entailed, and she started to protest, "Oh no guys...I don't think...," when she once again glanced at the TV screen and saw the image of a second hard cock approaching her cunt hole.

Meat had prepared his monster by giving it a generous glaze of lube, before crawling up the bed. Debra lay back against Big Bopper waiting for the invasion. Cabbageman and Screwdriver leaned over her on either side of the bed; each hooking their fingers in her pussy lips; pulling them wider than she thought possible. As they each attached their lips to her nipples; Meat nudged the head of his huge cock at the entrance to her hole; pushing against the cock already there. Big Bopper nodded his head affirmatively, and Meat pushed forward aggressively, trying to wedge his cock into the already full hole. Cabbageman and Screwdriver nibbled on her sensitive nipples, and Meat succeeded in crowding the first two inches of his tool into Debra's pussy. They continued to stretch her cunt lips impossibly wide, and Meat worked hard to slide more of his monster in along side Big Bopper. Screwdriver reached the bottle of lube; squeezed a stream onto her crotch; and Meat lunged forward until all fifteen inches were buried up inside Debra's cunt.

Debra now had over two feet of hard, black cock inside her pussy and she reacted, "Oh Jesus Christ, fuck me...fuck my little cunt with your big hard cocks."

Her body twitched and convulsed as Meat and Big Bopper began to assault her pussy. They started to hammer their cocks into her; sometimes in unison, and sometimes alternating strokes. Deliveryman was alternating watching the display live, and watching the TV screen, where the action was magnified. He couldn't believe the sight: here was this gorgeous, but tiny, middle aged housewife with two absolutely huge cocks inside her pussy. There was no way her cunt should be able to stretch that far, and yet it was...and she was absolutely loving it.

He watched her throw her head back against Big Bopper's shoulder and scream, "Fuck me harder; come on, fuck me."

As Cabbageman and Screwdriver bit hard on her reddened nipples; Debra was in a constant state of orgasm. Her body jerked uncontrollably, and this excited Meat and Big Bopper even more, if that were possible. They jammed their donkey-cocks into Debra's battered pussy , double-penetrating her with all their strength; their balls slapping together. She realized that her pussy was becoming very warm, and wondered if it was because of the friction being built up. She was almost delirious with pleasure, as she reached down and began to squeeze Meats huge balls inside his scrotum. His reaction was predictable: he immediately began to flood her belly with hot liquid. Feeling his partner's cum coating his cock; Big Bopper joined him, and his cock started to twitch and squirt inside Debra. Their climaxes seemed to be endless, as they erupted deep inside Debra's cunt. Cabbageman and Screwdriver had been stroking their cocks; climbed completely onto the bed, flanking Debra, and began spurting their seed all over her magnificent tits, which were jiggling, flattened against her chest.

Seeing this, Meat and Big Bopper withdrew their, still squirting cocks, from Debra's enlarged hole, and coated the outside of her belly with their sticky juices. Debra saw the copious amount of cum on her body, and feverishly started to massage it into her skin.

She seemed almost frantic as she loudly announced, "Hurry up...I need a cock inside me now."

Subway was more than willing, as he virtually leapt onto the bed; his hard log slapping against her thigh. There was no pausing, no foreplay; he positioned himself between her wide spread legs, and lunged forward, burying his twelve inch cock inside her open hole with virtually no resistance. He didn't make love to Debra: he fucked her...hard. She wrapped her glorious legs around his waist, locking her ankles behind him, as he pounded her pussy. She shoved her body upwards, meeting his every thrust, as the bed-frame actually moved. Subway's steel-hard tool hammered Debra's pussy furiously; as Deacon kneeled on the bed next to her head, and rubbed the head of his cock all over her sweet face. With her body bouncing vigorously up and down on the bed, it was difficult for her to get her mouth around Deacon's crown; but she managed to grab it in her hand and stuff it into her mouth.

She gobbled Deacon's monster down the back of her throat; milking it with her throat muscles...she really was becoming an expert cock-sucker. With her legs wrapped around his waist, Subway reached behind her; clamped his hands around her perfect cheeks; and with the added leverage, was able to jam into her pussy even more violently. Deacon knew he wasn't going to last very long. He was face-fucking his friend's beautiful wife; watching her cunt being penetrated by a giant cock, as her magnificent tits flopped around on her chest uncontrollably. He ran his hands through her long blond hair (he had always loved blond hair) as he continued to feed her his black meat. The members of the club not currently involved in the action stood around the bed stroking their cocks; waiting for another turn. Big Bopper had removed the camera from the tripod, and was circling the bed; getting close-ups from every angle.

The sight of Debra's shiny red lips encircling his dark black cock was too much for Deacon, as he commenced to coat her throat with his seed. Debra wanted to swallow every drop, but Deacon had other ideas; as he withdrew and spewed his cum all over her flushed face. The sight of her tongue circling her cum-dripping lips, pushed Subway over the top, and he pulled her tight against him as he began drenching the inside of her pussy with his fire-hose. Debra had long ago lost count of her orgasms, as her body again began convulsing around a hard cock.

Over the course of the next hour, the members continued to use and abuse all of her holes. Their stamina was matched only by Debra's. She was indeed addicted...when one shriveling cock was pulled from her body; she couldn't wait for a hard one to replace it. When it was finally time for the night to end, Debra wasn't sure she would be able to stand. As she swung her legs over the side of the bed, and pushed herself to her feet; she felt her legs being bathed in a flood of warm liquid. The men all started to laugh, as she looked down to see a very large puddle of their juices pooling at her feet.

She joined in the laughter, and stated, "I'm not cleaning that up!"

As she was showering in Big Bopper's upstairs bathroom; a still horny Debra, masturbated herself using a shampoo bottle. The funny thing was, her cunt was still stretched wide open, and offered no resistance at all to the hard object. She knew her ass hole was in the same condition, so she would have to avoid Ray's amorous advances for a couple days to keep him from noticing. Soaping her wonderful breasts, she found herself smiling while recalling the incredible fucking she had just received. She knew she was helping her family, and didn't feel the slightest amount of guilt for the methods. Then she thought, "Who am I kidding...I just love getting fucked."

Before leaving Big Bopper's house; the club members gave Debra an incredibly large bonus; and asked her to please consider making a regular performance for them. Deacon gave her a wink, and added, "We all agree that you were the best sex we have ever had."

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