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Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra Does Christmas (MF,oral,anal)
by Shaggy77

Debra Barone loved Christmas, and was usually very adept at selecting just the right gift for every person on her list...she was famous for it. But this year she seemed to draw a blank when it came to the Barone men. Her, NY Newsday sports columnist, husband Ray seemed to have everything he wanted; and if he didn't, he went out and purchased it himself. Her brother-in-law Robert, an NYPD sergeant, was an enigma when it came to what he wanted for Christmas...not one hint. She had given him impersonal gifts in the past, such as clothing or gift certificates; but she really adored the gentle-giant and desired to give him something special this year. Frank, her boorish father-in-law, did not seem to need or enjoy much of anything. He already had a TV and a sofa; and his wife Marie was a great cook (a fact she never tired of reminding Debra).

The Barone's were an odd bunch. Ray had gotten his parents a subscription to the "fruit-of-the-month" club, and Marie had freaked out. All she could do was complain about "too much fruit"..."we can buy our own"..."you mean there will be more every month." They were just bizarre, and now Debra was one of them.

She shouldn't have cared so much about their presents; but she valued her reputation as the ultimate gift-giver. She was certain that she would think of the perfect Christmas present, but as the holiday grew near, she continued to draw a blank. She bought them a few, small unremarkable gifts; but nothing that had the "wow" factor. Maybe, she thought disappointedly, she had finally "lost it" as a gift-giver. Deciding not to let it spoil her holiday, she vowed to just forget about it, and enjoy Christmas with her family.

On Christmas morning the twins (Michael and Geoffrey) and their daughter Ally, were up bright and early opening the gifts "Santa" had brought. They soon exhausted themselves and Debra herded them upstairs to settle them down for a long winter's nap before dinner with their grandparents. Frank, Marie, and Robert were due to arrive soon to exchange gifts, and Debra wanted to hurry downstairs to straighten the living room, so that Marie wouldn't have more than usual to complain about. As she was descending the stairs she saw Ray in the living room, giving the carpet the "once over" with the carpet sweeper. As he swept up stray Christmas tree needles ,he was singing ( badly), a Christmas carol; and wearing a plain white T-shirt coupled with a garish pair of holiday boxers, a Santa hat perched on his head. He looked so cute that Debra approached him, put her arms around his neck, and gave him a big, deep French kiss.

He was so startled that he almost recoiled, and then reciprocated the kiss; before breaking off and remarking, "what are you parents will be here soon."

She licked her ruby red lips saying, "I don't know, you were just so cute sweeping; being all helpful, and domestic."

He replied, "So that's what does it for sweeping the carpet. Well I hope you're proud of yourself; now you've activated the launch sequence, with my parents due any minute."

She glanced down and saw that he had an erection and it was producing a tent in his boxers.

A devilish grin crossed her face as she dropped to her knees in front of him, saying, "Well, I guess I'll just have to do something about that; and if I know you, it won't take very long."

Debra reached both hands up, grasped the waistband of his festive shorts, and swiftly yanked them down, causing his cock to wave in front of him. It wasn't very impressive at only about six inches (and that was when he measured it from the bottom), but the crown was quite large, and it usually satisfied Debra.

A grinning Ray warned her, "Heh,byou better watch out; you'll shoot your eye out."

When she wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it, it was already rock hard. While staring up at him, locking eyes, she flicked out her tongue and licked the very tip of his cock-slit. It throbbed in her hand, and she felt a sense of she had complete control of him in the palm of her hand; so to speak. She had put on lipstick in anticipation of her in-laws arrival, and when she encircled his cock with her ruby red lips, it left a bright red ring around his manhood. She began to pump his cock with her hand as she suckled on the tip; running her tongue around the head like a dripping ice cream cone.

Ray was in heaven...Debra gave head on extremely rare occasions; and he knew he wouldn't be able to last very long. He gazed gratefully down at her face, watching his cock slide into her mouth; and seeing her cheeks expand and contract as she sucked him. He knew he was a lucky man; and his beautiful wife had found the perfect Christmas gift for him. She fondled his balls with her left hand, and winked as she felt him tense, and then commence to spurt his seed into her mouth and down her throat. As his cock jerked in her mouth, the front door flew open, and Marie, Frank and Robert barged into the living room unannounced. A startled Ray immediately withdrew from her mouth, squirting her lips and chin with his sticky fluid.

Marie reacted with shock, "Oh my!" and immediately turned away.

"Jeez-aloo," exclaimed Frank, "I'll have what he's having...way to go Ray!"

Ray hurriedly pulled up his boxers and grabbed a wreath from the chair to hold in front of his erection; but ended up actually hanging it on the protrusion.

Robert, never looking away, merely stated, "we usually hang ours on the door." Debra could see the lust in his eyes as he watched her wipe her lips and chin with the back of her hand.

Ray, trying to recover, remarked, "We weren't expecting you quite so soon." He helped Debra to her feet, whispering, "Thanks for the perfect present."

"Yeah, I guess not," answered Frank as he settled into the easy chair as if nothing had happened.

Marie chimed in, "Well, you might want to put some pants on so we can get on with Christmas."

Being caught administering oral sex had mortified Debra, but Ray's remark struck a nerve, and made her consider her options... "the perfect present," she contemplated in her head.

The remainder of the morning, everyone acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened; except that Debra caught Robert leering at her several times. This was actually not a new occurrence; as everyone in the family knew he had a crush on his sister-in-law. The family celebrated a great Christmas together, and even Marie was almost civilized. She had trusted Ray to get his brother a gift from the both of them, and he had disappointed, as usual...he gave Robert a sleeve of three golf balls. Robert gave Ray a remote controlled airplane, and they agreed that Robert should keep the plane at his place (which was his parents house). Marie gave Debra a hideous housecoat, just like her own, because she said she knew how much Debra envied it.

Later that afternoon, Ray coaxed Frank to take the rest of the family across the street to his house for awhile so that he and Debra could have some "alone time." Again Debra felt humiliated, and seethed at Ray; but eventually got in the mood. Just as they were about to undress, Robert crashed the new plane through their bedroom window; and Debra went unsatisfied once again.

After a nice dinner, everyone was exhausted from the long day, and retired to their own homes for the night. After all these years living across from her in-laws, Debra knew their habits by heart. Robert would retire to his room and read before falling asleep. Frank would watch TV for awhile, then fall asleep in his chair; while Marie would tidy up her kitchen and go up to bed as soon as Frank dozed off. It was a pattern that repeated every single night...and one she was counting on. She had decided to give the Barone men a perfect Christmas gift.

Ray fell asleep almost immediately after his head hit the pillow, and Debra eased herself out of bed; making sure he did not wake up. She went into the bathroom, removed her pajamas and underwear, and put on the housecoat Marie had given her as a gift. Donning some fuzzy slippers, she went quietly down the stairs, and left the house through the kitchen door. The cold night air funneling up inside her housecoat and making contact with her naked body, served to arouse her. There was a fresh coating of snow on everything, and the neighborhood resembled a winter wonderland. She found herself humming "Jingle Bells" as she tightened the housecoat around her nudity. Her nipples grew hard as she hurried across the street. She let herself in through their kitchen door, thinking, "Why is it that the Barones never lock their kitchen doors?" After carefully sneaking past the snoring Frank, she swiftly and stealthily mounted the stairs, and carefully let herself into Robert's bedroom. Ray had told her once that Robert slept in the nude, and she found herself almost breathless with anticipation.

As she closed the door behind her, Robert stirred, and seeing her housecoat, breathed almost unconsciously, "No thanks, Ma; I don't want any milk tonight."

Not answering the semi-conscious Robert; Debra kicked off the slippers; let the robe fall to the floor revealing her nude body; pulled back the bed covers; and slipped into the bed with her back facing Robert's front. In the darkened room, she hadn't been able to see much; but she was certain Robert was indeed naked.

In his drowsy state, Robert connected the hideous robe with the body...the warm naked snuggling up against his naked body, and blurted out from his sleep induced stupor, "Jesus Ma, what the hell are you doing?" Time seemed to be moving in slow motion as he gradually processed the situation: this body was all warm and soft, with silky smooth skin...the scent he was smelling was not that of "Jean Nate" perfume; but that of strawberry scented body wash and shampoo. He knew that scent, and as he gradually regained consciousness, his mind screamed at him, "This is a naked Debra cuddling up in front of you...the woman you have had all those erotic dreams in this bed about!"

She had nuzzled the entire length of her naked body up against Robert in a "spooning" position, and she felt like a child next to his giant frame. Robert hesitantly put his arm around the inviting body in front of him, and gently cupped his huge hand around her wonderful right breast. He touched it so gently, almost like he was afraid her silky skin was going to scald his palm. As he tenderly kneaded her impressive tit, her nipple became engorged until it was the size of a gumdrop. He timidly asked, "Debra?"

"Merry Christmas Robert," she lovingly replied.

She could feel what felt like a third arm beginning to slide up her back, and she was almost afraid to reach back and touch it. As he rolled her incredible nipple between his fingers, she reached her right hand behind her and came in contact with what felt like a baseball bat. She knew it was his penis, but could not comprehend its unbelievable dimensions. As she ran her hand up and down its length, she attempted to wrap her fingers around its massive girth, and they did not come close to touching. She could tell that it was bigger around than one of Ray's ginger-ale bottles, and its length was half as long as her entire arm. She was almost having second thoughts, but she could feel the moisture between her legs beginning to leak out.

Robert gently slid his giant hand along her flat tummy and down between her warm thighs. He could feel a small landing strip of pubic hair just above her slit, and then noticeable dampness as his fingers traced the outline of her pussy lips. His middle and index fingers stroked the sides of her slit, as she moaned softly. Debra raised her right leg and draped it back, over the top of Robert's legs; spreading her legs and giving him complete access to her pussy. He nuzzled his face against the back of her neck, breathing in her amazing scent, as his giant middle finger parted her lips and began to slide inside her cunt.

"Oh, Robert," Debra moaned, as his finger explored deeper inside her. His finger was almost as large as Ray's penis, and her tight pussy gripped it as he massaged the inside of her opening. Debra, knowing she was sampling the forbidden, had never felt more aroused, as she begged him, "Fuck me, Robert."

She pressed her firm backside him as he stuck, what felt like a third leg, between her legs and it flopped back against her stomach. It reached up almost to her belly button as they lay pressed against each other, and she grasped it tightly, maneuvering her body so that his crown was nudged at the entrance to her slit. She slid the tip of his cock up and down her slit, lubricating it with her leaked juices. Robert began thrusting his hips upward, and the head of his cock split her cunt lips apart; spreading them wider than they had been since Michael and Geoffrey were born. His huge hands gripped Debra's waist as he forced her downward, and he pushed upward, entering her from behind. Her cunt continued to stretch, allowing his monstrous cock to penetrate her inch by inch. Her pussy was so tight around his log that Robert had to use all his strength to force its entire length up into her belly. Her cunt gripped his cock like an inflated blood-pressure sleeve; and when its entire length was buried inside her; Robert paused to let her relax around him. He snuggled his face into her wonderful long red hair, and relished how warm and soft her skin felt against his. He reached his long arms around her wonderful naked body and hugged her tight against him, as he slowly started to withdraw his massive cock.

His huge pole dragged her cunt lips as he withdrew, scraping against every inch of her canal, and Debra convulsed in orgasm, "Oh my God Robert...fuck me Robert...fuck me."

Her body quivered and twitched as he violently shoved his cock back inside her. She was completely stuffed with cock and nothing had ever felt better. She craved to be fucked...she wanted him to fuck her for the rest of her life. There was nothing else in her mind except the gigantic cock stretching her cunt wide open. Never in her life had she been more aroused, as she reached down and punished her clit with the palm of her hand. Her body convulsed as the massive cock jammed into her. She felt like skewered piece of meat, as Robert rammed his cock in and out of her. He grasped her marvelous tits in his gigantic hands and kneaded then roughly. They were a full 38D, but his huge hands contained them completely. He could feel them wobble as he thrust his cock into her. Robert was in heaven: he was fucking the woman of his dreams, and he was fucking her hard.

Every time Robert shoved his giant cock into her; Debra was shoving her ass backward to meet him. She had never been fucked so hard in her life, and now that she knew how wonderful it felt; she wasn't sure she could live without it. She wanted this cock inside her every night...every day...every minute. Suddenly Robert encircled her waist with his arms and held her tight against him. She felt his log twitch inside her, and abruptly her womb was flooded with hot liquid. Robert continued to spurt his cum inside her, fulfilling his dream. He trailed his hand down to her crotch, found her engorged clit and pinched it harshly. Debra exploded, and joined him in release, as her cunt muscles went into a spasm and milked his cock. They ground their bodies together violently, her wonderful ass cheeks spreading out against him. Robert roughly manhandled her wonderful tits as his cock continued to jerk and spurt inside her belly. Debra fingered and pinched her own clit, as they came together for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, totally spent, they collapsed against each others sweaty body. Debra was the first to speak, "I hope we didn't wake, Marie."

"Are you kidding," Robert answered, "She sleeps the sleep of the dead...and with that goop she smears on her face, she looks like it too." And he giggled. This six foot eight, giant of a man actually giggled. In that moment, Debra fell in love with her brother-in-law. Her affection for him grew three sizes that night.

Debra chuckled at his joke, which coincided with his massive cock finally shriveling enough to slip out of her stretched out cunt. As she felt their combined cum drool out of her pussy, she felt empty and lonely. She missed the incredible intimacy that she had felt when their bodies were connected.

As she swung her lovely legs over the side of the bed, Robert pleaded, "Can't you stay a while?"

She leaned over, kissed him tenderly on the forehead, and answered, "You know I can't. Merry Christmas Robert...don't forget; your birthday is coming up," and she winked.

As she stood beside the bed totally nude, looking for her robe, Robert got his first real look at her naked body. In the moonlight streaming through his half-open blinds, she looked absolutely perfect. Her wonderful ass cheeks were perfectly round and firm atop her long shapely legs. She wasn't skinny like some starved model; she had a woman's figure. Her magnificent tits stood high and proud, with just a trace of a sag. Her tummy was firm, without being concave and anorexic looking. He thought she resembled a Botticelli classic nude. His cock was rock hard again as he worshipped her body. All he could think was, "That Ray is one lucky bastard." As she opened his bedroom door to leave, he gratefully told her, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Deb; thanks for the perfect Christmas gift."

Debra closed the door behind her and made her way quietly down the stairs to the living room. She realized she could feel the breeze from her movements making contact with the inside of her pussy, which was still open from the stretching Robert had given it. She wiped the fluid dripping down her thighs with the robe, and made a mental note to throw it in the laundry basket tomorrow. When she reached the living room, Frank was still there, snoring and sleeping in his favorite chair, in front of the TV. She noticed that "It's a Wonderful Life," was playing on the screen; and she thought to herself, "it certainly is."

She still had one Barone man to take care of tonight, no matter how disgusting and crude he behaved at times. She kneeled down in front of Frank's chair; reached out with her right hand; and began to massage his cock through his pajamas. As it began to grow under her touch; Frank ceased snoring and gradually regained consciousness.

He partially opened his eyes, saw the robe, and grunted, "Not tonight Marie, I'm tired, leave me alone."

Debra squeezed his hardening cock, and whispered to him, "It's not Marie; but I'll leave you alone if you really want me to."

As his eyes went wide; Debra stood in front of the chair; shrugged the robe off her shoulders; and it floated to the floor revealing her nude body. With the light from the TV behind her shining through her long red hair; Frank thought she looked like an angel. He could see the outline of her body perfectly, and his eyes focused on the cleft between her pussy lips.

"Holy crap, is that you Deb?" he said softly; not wanting to wake Marie. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to give you the best Christmas gift you've ever received," she informed him, "Do you still want me to leave you alone?"

Frank's cock was creating a sizable tent in his pajamas, as he replied, "Jeez-aloo no...get over here."

He didn't waste time pulling his pajama bottoms down, he just fished his cock out through the slit in the front; waving it at her. It was no where near as big as Roberts, of course, but it was still impressive. She guessed it must be eight or nine inches, and gnarled its entire length with bulging veins. After seeing all their cocks tonight, she concluded that Ray must take after Marie's side of the family. Whereas Robert had been tender and gentle; Frank was the exact opposite : rough and crude. He grabbed her wrist and dragged her forward; having her straddle his lap, facing him in the chair; her knees on the outside of his thighs. As she rested her ass on his knees; he reached between her wide stretched legs and rubbed her wet mound with the palm of his hand. His rough, calloused hand made contact with her clit, and she shivered involuntarily. If he noticed how open her cunt was; he didn't mention it.

"Oh, you like it rough...I never would have guessed," Frank exclaimed, as he continued to fondle her lips.

Without warning, he jammed two fingers up inside her juicy cunt. She moaned loudly as he harshly finger-fucked her. He scooped her juices out of her hole with his fingers, and smeared it the length of his hard cock. He urged her to raise up on her knees, but when she began to lower her slit on his cock-head, he refused her, "oh no...this is my Christmas present...I get to choose the hole. "He pulled her body forward, and nudged his crown between her perfect ass cheeks.

She wanted to scream, "no," but realized he was right...this was his gift. She had never been a fan of anal sex, and never had done it with Ray; so she was more than a little afraid, as she felt him trying to penetrate her sphincter.

He put his hands on the sides of her waist, and tried to pull her body down onto his cock. She squirmed and twisted her ass, attempting to corkscrew his rod into her rectum; and the crown finally broke through her muscle ring. There was nothing subtle about Frank's technique, as he thrust his hips upward, while jerking her waist downward. His body scrunched down in the chair, as he tried to gain leverage to push harder. Debra grit her teeth as she felt his invading cock sliding farther up into her ass hole. She was afraid he was going to tear her apart, when suddenly he must have hit some nerve, and it started to feel better. Inch by agonizing inch his knobby cock stretched her tight ass. He slapped her wonderful ass cheeks with both hands, and the sting distracted her from the pain of having her hole violated.

When he was finally all the way inside her, and she was sitting on his lap; he paused and just looked at her marvelous body. "That is some great set of jugs you got there, Deb; that Ray is one lucky bastard."

Well, the Barone men all agree that Ray is the lucky one, she thought, as Frank began to roughly knead her huge tits. He pawed and squeezed them, and pinched her gumdrop nipples until they turned bright red. When he leaned over and bit down hard on her left nipple; her body shuddered involuntarily, and she leaked more fluid onto his lap. Maybe I do like it rough, she admitted to herself.

"I can't get any leverage here in this chair," Frank announced, "put your arms around my neck."

She did; Frank put his arms around her ass; stood up; and carried her skewered body over to the dining room table, where he sat her on the edge. This was the perfect height, and as soon as he set her down, he began to thrust in and out of her incredibly tight ass hole. The fluids still drooling out of her cunt and down her crotch, thankfully, lubricated his cock as he battered her ass. His balls slapped against the side of the table as he hammered her narrow canal. She leaned back, stretching out on the table top, and began to actually enjoy having her ass fucked. Her left hand tweaked her nipple, as her right hand flicked her clit. Frank grasped her tightly around her hips and pulled her forward to meet each brutal stroke. He fucked her for what seemed like hours, and she was sure her rectum would be sore for days.

He was breathing heavily, and sweating profusely; worrying Debra that he might be having a coronary. She concluded that it was merely because he was nearing orgasm, because he abruptly shoved three fingers up her cunt and wriggled them around. Her whole body immediately shivered as she came around his digits. This seemed to trigger his release also, as he grunted and filled her rectum with an incredible heat. His lumpy tool expanded inside her, and he squirted and spurted his hot seed deep inside her ass. Debra was surprised at the volume of his ejaculation for a man his age.

"Hot damn," exclaimed Frank, "you have one hot ass, Deb."

"Thanks Frank," she replied, "hope you enjoyed your Christmas gift."

"Best ever," he affirmed, "Merry Christmas."

Not being known for niceties, Frank abruptly yanked his withering cock out of her ass, and stood back to admire her nude body. She was an incredible sight, laying back on the dining room table with her legs splayed obscenely wide. Both her holes were still stretched wide open, and glistening with fluid. Frank regretted that he wasn't a few years younger; because he would have fucked the hell out of her pussy now. But in reality, he knew he wouldn't be able to recover for hours. He reminded himself, "That Ray is one lucky bastard."

Debra quickly climbed down from the table; put on her robe, and left through the kitchen door. Once outside, she shivered as the frosty winter air drifted up her robe, making contact with her moist areas. She hurried home, and once safely inside her own familiar bedroom; she wiped herself clean with her robe, and crawled back in bed naked beside her husband. She thought it would be a nice surprise for him when he woke up. As she drifted off in an exhausted sleep, she smiled and thought to herself that her reputation for being the best gift-giver was still intact.

(Merry Christmas to everyone. Thank you for your feedback and story suggestions. Please keep them coming. Many of my stories are the result of requests. [email protected] )


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