Everybody Loves Raymond: Allie Wants To Watch (MF,exhib)
by HornyIndian4U2 ([email protected])

Allie came to the kitchen where Debra and Ray were eating breakfast.

Allie: Dad what were those noises coming from your bedroom last night?

Debra and Ray froze as they knew they must have been loud last night. Neither
one answered.

Allie: Where you guys having sex?

Ray: (takes a big gulp) Umm...yes honey we were.

Ray and Debra are a little embarrassed.

Allie: I thought so. Can I watch next time?

This question really froze up Debra and Ray as they couldn't believe Allie
was asking this question. Again, both adults don't answer.

Allie: Well?

Deborah: Allie you do realize what your father and I were doing last night?

Allie: Sure. You were having sex. I know all about it.

Ray: You do?

Allie: Well, yeah, you and mom told me remember?

Ray: (quietly) yeah we did.

Ray looks at Deborah with a puzzled look on his face.

Deborah: I'm not so sure that this is a good idea

Allie: Come on, please? I'm old enough to watch this

Ray: Deb, she does have a point there.

Allie had just turn 14 and Ray gave her the birds and the bees talk a long
time ago.

Deborah: I don't know Ray...I mean...

Ray: Weren't you Allie's age when you first saw know...

Deborah: Yeah I suppose I was. You realize Allie that this is a serious
matter between two adults right?

Allie nods her head yes.

Deborah: And that sex is something that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Allie again nods her head as if she's heard this thousands of times.

Allie: Please?

Deborah: I guess its okay by me.

Ray couldn't believe what was about to happen. He was going to have sex
again! He was getting hard just thinking about it.

Allie: I think daddy's getting a hard on.

Deborah: (laughing) I think you're right.

Ray is wearing a bath robe and a pair of boxer shorts underneath it, but you
can see a bulge sticking out.

Ray: What?

Deborah: How about we move to the bedroom?

Ray: Right after you give me a blowjob.

Ray takes undoes his robe and pulls down his boxer shorts. His 7 inch erect
cock is pointing right out. Allie giggles.

Ray: Hey no laughing!

Allie: I'm sorry daddy, its just does mom put that thing
in her mouth?

Deborah: Easy honey.

Deborah moves to where Ray is sitting and gets down on her knees. She slowly
strokes his cock and makes it a little harder. Then she takes her tongue and
makes little circles around the tip of Ray's cock. Ray moans quietly. After
a few seconds, Deborah starts to lick the entire shaft of Ray's cock gently.
She lightly tickles his balls which makes Ray even more harder.

Deborah looks up at Ray and smiles. She then slowly starts to devour his
cock, moving up and down his shaft. The sucking is getting a little more
intense, to where Ray grabs Deborah's hair and starts to thrust into her

Allie is watching in amazement as her mother takes the whole length of the
shaft. She could feel a little wet just thinking how hard her dad must be.

Ray: (softly) Oh Deb.

Deborah gags a few times when Ray thrusts forward, but she has done this
numerous times and handled it like a pro.

After about 15 minutes of some intense blowjob action, Ray was about to get
too excited and was about to blow his load. Deborah slowly went to the back
of his nut bag and applied some pressure with her finger. This worked as Ray
started to subside. Deborah took a few more sucks and then got up.

Ray: Why don't you take off your robe hon.

Allie: Yeah, mom, take off your robe.

Deborah did as she was told and took off her robe, revealing a very hot body
for a mother. She had a nice form and a medium size B cup. Her pussy was
shaped nicely around her ass. Ray started to get hard again just looking at
his wife naked.

Ray: Why don't you lie on the table and I'll eat you out.

Deborah liked the sound of that and lied on the table and spread her legs out
for Ray. He then moved down to her pussy and started to make figure eight's.
Deborah could feel a thrill run through her body and like Ray, she grabbed a
hold of his hair and started to push his face a little harder into her pussy.

Deborah: Oh Ray!

Deborah body twitched a few times while Ray sucked her clitoris a little
harder. Allie stood and watch her mother's facial expressions as Ray gave her
oral sex.

Deborah: Oh god....I'm cumming! Oh god!

Ray sucks a little harder and Deborah has an orgasm. Her body then slowly

Allie really quite sure what her mother felt, but she knew she would feel it
soon enough.

Ray: Okay, how about we move to the couch and you can straddle me Deb.

They move to the living room where Ray sits on the couch and awaits for
Deborah to climb on him. Deborah slowly lifts herself down onto Ray's cock.
Both moan as Ray's cock pushes deeper into her pussy.

Ray: (quietly moaning) Oh Deb...

Ray and Deborah find comfortable position and Ray starts to thrust harder and
harder until a rhythm is established. Deborah moans each time she is slammed
into Ray's cock.

Allie watched as her mother bounced up and down on Ray's cock. She was
definitely liking this.

After a good long hard fucking cowgirl, Deborah dismounted and rode Ray
reverse cowgirl.

Allie could hear the slap! slap! slap! of Deborah's ass slapping against
Ray's balls. Ray was slamming Deborah hard on his lap. Deborah was moaning
with each thrust.

Ray finally slowed down and Debra dismounted.

Ray: Hon...I don't think I have much left!

Debra smiled.

Debra: Well, then we better do the grand finale huh? How would you like me?

Ray: I don't know. How about we end doggie style?

Debra chuckled as she knew that was what Ray was going to say. She gets down
on all fours. Ray smiled and kneeled down by her and quickly mounted his cock
into her. He took some slow thrust and then grabbed her hips and started to
hump harder.

Debra: Oh god!

Debra could feel each thrust Ray as doing inside of her. He was hitting her
cervix and hard. Ray started to pound his wife deeper and deeper. After a few
minutes, Ray starts to twitch.

Ray: Oh god....I'm going to cum! OH Deb!

Ray's pace starts to get more frantic and harder and harder.

Ray: Oh god!

Allie is watching as her father's face is turning red. He is holding as long
as he can.

Ray: OH god Deb! Oh god! I'm going to nut! OH god!

Ray takes a tight grip on Debra's hips and slams them towards his cock.
Meanwhile, Debra can feel Ray's cock tremble violently.

And with one swift motion, Ray lets out a groin as his back arches back and
his hips slammed forward, releasing several loads of cum deep into Debra's
pussy. Ray continues to hump her until his balls are empty and he collapses
on top of Debra's back breathing hard.

Debra: Oh god Ray. I think you dumped more then you did last night.

Ray chuckles lightly, but his balls were starting to hurt.

After a few minutes, Ray gets up and sits on the couch. His semi-erect cock
lying over into his lap with a little of cum on the end. Debra gets up and
sits next to him, a little cum dripping out of her pussy.

Debra: Well, what did you think Allie?

Allie just nods her head in enthusiasm.

Allie: Do you think I could try it now?

Debra looks at Ray and Ray looks at Debra.

Ray: Sure why not. Come over here and sit by me.


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