Earth - Final Conflict: Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

In twenty first century, the world changed. An alien species known as the
Taelons came to Earth, supposedly on a mission of peace. They came to all
the people of Earth and offered them technology. They appeared to be highly
advanced and to be benevolent.

But everyone has hidden motives. The Taelons were a race of six-foot,
human-like beings with pale pink skin and blue eyes. They had no hair at
all. They were also a-sexual beings. They were very complicated beings.
They were energy-based lifeforms and their sole sustenance was Core Energy.
The lifespan of a Taelon was well over a thousand years. They were also
telepathic, linked to one another through something called the Commonality
of all Taelons. The Taelons offered the people of Earth technology.

In less than a decade, they eradicated war and famine and established Peace
on Earth. They had embassies all over the world. In every country was an
Embassy, with two Taelons attached to it. The Taelons had human bodyguards
called Companion Protectors. Most people saw Taelons as the friends of
humanity. They weren' least not to the extent that people thought.
The Taelons appeared all powerful in their great Mothership, a spacecraft
full of alien wonders. It was easily the size of a major city.

A group of people chose to oppose the Taelons, whom they saw as a potential
threat. They were the Resistance. William Boone was a former CIA operative
who became a Companion Protector. He was attached to the Taelon named Da'an.
Boone was a tall, handsome man with dark hair in his mid-thirties. There was
also Lily Marquette, a beautiful ex-Air Force Pilot. She was petite, with
long black hair and blue eyes. Lily was recruited by the Resistance the
moment she became the pilot for Da'an. The Taelons used spaceships called
Shuttles to travel around the globe and beyond and they used human pilots.

Both Boone and Marquette were Resistance members. They were joined by a
man named Sandoval, a tall asian man who would become the right hand man
of Zo'or, a particularly ruthless and ambitious Taelon leader. All three
Companion Protectors would play key roles in the story of Humanity and the

One day, Boone learned of the Jaridians. They were a humanoid race at war
with the Taelons. The Jaridians were brutish conquerors while the Taelons
were more intellectual and utterly emotionless. Boone and Marquette would
meet a Jaridian named Tra'ka and would help him escape Taelon custody. The
Jaridians did have space travel but they were primitive compared to the
sheer superiority of the Taelons.

Another alien would come to Earth. This one was Ha'gel, last of the Kimera.
The Kimera were a humanoid species. Like the Taelon and the Jaridian, they
were energy-based. But unlike them, the Kimera had shapeshifting powers. The
Kimera had been exterminated during the Taelon-Jaridian War.

The Kimera was declared a threat by the Taelons and the Companion
Protectors were ordered to capture him. When Ha'gel eluded Boone, Marquette
and Sandoval, the Taelon masters ordered a fourth Companion Protector on the
case. A young policewoman from Ireland, Mary Beckett. Beckett tracked down
the shapeshifting alien fugutive. In time, the alien came to admire his
beautiful pursuer. Ha'gel sensed that Mary Beckett had an attraction to the
macho Sandoval and assumed his form to seduce her. He left her pregnant.

After Ha'gel seduced and slept with Mary Beckett, he was killed by Boone,
using a special Taelon weapon designed specifically to kill him. Before his
death, Ha'gel used his remaining energy powers to fatally strike Boone.
Boone was placed in cryogenic sleep by the Taelons.

Lily Marquette took the pregnant Mary Beckett to the old church basement
that served as Resistance HQ. There, a mere 9 hours after she conceived the
alien's baby, she gave birth to him. A beautiful baby boy. Beckett died
shortly after that, but not before charging Lily Marquette with the care of
her child.

Lily Marquette was twenty eight years old. She was an ex-Air Force Pilot.
She was a single woman in the big city. She was a Companion Protector and a
Resistance member, in short a double agent. She did not need Single Surrogate
Mother added to the least. Mothering Liam Kincaid (the name the Resistance
gave the boy) was not one of her priorities. Plus, there was the fact that he
was half human and half alien and his alien father had caused the death of
William Boone, a man she cared about deeply.

But Liam Kincaid was no ordinary boy....

24 hours after his birth, he was physically ten years old. Being an alien
explained part of that.

The Resistance people in the huge underground complex, some eighty strong
marveled at him. They did not know what he was. Lily Marquette frantically
researched the Taelon database for information. She found something on the
Kimera. Apparently, they had a lifespan of over a thousand years, grew
rapidly to adulthood once born and had both shapeshifting and energy powers.
Also, they had the knowledge of all who came before them. Genetic memory.
And now, the offspring of the last member of their species was a young boy
who terrified everyone around him by not meaning anything by it. The
scariest thing was that he called her "mommy".

40 days after he was born, Liam Kincaid was physically sixteen years old. He
was a brown-haired, blue-eyed boy, quite handsome. He was demonstrating some
rather unsettling abilities. He could speak and write in 34 languages. He
seemed to know an awful lot about computer and engineering. Math and science
were no mysteries to him. But he was young-like. Somewhat. He was well
acquainted with all the members of the Resistance.

They were awed by the boy who knew everything without being taught a thing.
He excelled at everything. His innocence and boyishness made him everybody's
favorite. Lily Marquette was not too happy to see people buddying with him.
His father was the evil alien s.o.b. who killed Boone. She was careful when
she saw him. Always had a weapon around. Aside from his amazing intellect
and learning abilities, the boy had yet to demonstrate any truly alien
abilities. He did not have "super-powers", as they said.

He was amazing to look at. Mr. Doors, the head of the Resistance insisted
that Liam Kincaid be studied. At the mention of the word "study", Lily
flinched. Images of young Liam being studied like a lab rat flashed in her
mind and she surprised herself by saying, "NO!"

Mr. Doors only smiled and said that from then on, the boy was her
responsibility. Lily glared at him. "Sir, I ain't into the whole babysitting
thing," she said.

Mr. Doors grinned. He was a wise old man with white hair. "What's the matter,
Lily. Afraid of a little babysitting?"

Of course she wasn't. But between spying on the Taelons and conveying key
info to the Resistance, she did not have any time to herself. She was
thinking of all that when Doors smiled again.

"I know, why don't you take him with you for the weekend ?" he said. WHAT???
He had to be kidding! Had to be! There was no way she was going to babysit a
half alien freakazoid kid! She protested. Doors eyed her coldly. He was
revealing another facet of himself. The cold business-like side. "That was
not a suggestion or a request, miss Marquette." With that, he walked away.

Lily could not believe it. She sat down on a chair where nearby, Resistance
members were having lunch. Her friend Augur, a jovial black man joined her.
"Hey, got the blues?" he said, sitting next to her.

"Yeah." Lily replied. "An unwanted, unpleasant mission."

"Ha," said Augur. He smiled. He told her how glad he was that he was more of
an intellectual than an Action Man and Doors could not take him out of the
Lab long enough for him to do missions. He was so happy about it that Lily
slapped him on the shoulder. He grinned. "May I ask who he's got you
watching?" Augur finally asked.

"You aint gonna believe it." said Lily.

"Try me," said Augur.

Lily was about to answer when she heard a noise. Roger and Stern, two
workers were carrying a heavy load. A stolen robot they took from the
Taelon Mothership. The two men were straining. The thing was heavy!

"Careful," warned Augur. The black scientist had high hopes of reactivating
the stolen alien robot one day. His hopes were dashed when suddenly Stern let
go, and the robot fell. The thing fell on the hard floor, and to everyone's
shock, shattered like glass. "Moron!" screamed Augur as he got up from his
seat and went to give the crestfallen workers a piece of his mind.

Lily Marquette watched him go, and chuckled to herself. Boy, were those
workers gonna get it! Just then, something caught her eye. A tall, lean
figure. It was unmistakable. Kimera-Boy-Wonder Liam Kincaid. He casually
strolled over to Augur, who was busy swearing at the guys.

"Hey, Auggie," said Liam.

"Stay out of this, kid," said Augur. "Those idiots deserve a lesson."

Lily watched. In spite of herself, she was smiling. The kid had guts, trying
to stand up to Augur when he was pissed off.

"What is the problem, my friends?" said the boy.

"Those morons broke my robot," whined Augur.

Liam looked at the fallen robot and paused. He seemed to be pondering

"What is going through his head?" Lily wondered.

Liam Kincaid did something very strange. He stood amid the pieces of the
alien artifact and simply knelt, touching the shards. Just then, his body
began to glow. To glow so bright, even the guys and Augur and everyone in
the lab including Lily stared at him. The glowing boy touched the shards,
and they began to be lifted off the ground by an energy emanating from
him and swirled around. They swirled around and round until they were a
whirlwind of bright pieces. Slowly, the broken robot began to reconstitute
itself. Then it was whole again. The glow surrounding Liam Kincaid vanished
as suddenly as it had come, and he looked at hand
on the shoulder of his reconstructed humanoid Robot and the other on his
hip. "There," he said. "I fixed it."

Like everyone else, Lily was baffled by what the kid just did. They knew he
was strange, less than fully human but still....

Let's just say everyone's attitude toward the Kimera-Boy wonder was going
to change.

The End


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