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Starring: Dong Zhuo, Sun Shangxiang, Lianshi (all Dynasty Warriors series)

Codes: Cons, MF, FF, oral, anal.

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La Part 10
An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

The war of the Three Kingdoms continued to be at a tense stalemate. Neither of the three dynasties were willing to make a move just yet, even over disputed lands in the West that both Wu and Shu laid claim to. Annoyingly to them, the Prime Minister Dong Zhou was also content with just standing by after having brutally demolishing the Nanman Tribes to the South. An action that would benefit all sides, but many questioned what benefit he got from the battle. Until the public announcement that Zhurong, the former wife to the Nanman King, was now one of Zhuo's wives in his growing harem.

The fact he now had wives angered some, especially of Wu who had let their Crown Princess Sun Shangxiang leave to join a political marriage with Zhuo. Some seeing it as disrespectful that Zhuo would then take women, including some from other dynasties, as wives too. One officer in particular, a former loyal maid and guardian to Shangxiang, was so furious that she set out - against orders from her own Lord - to the Prime Minister's Imperial Palace in order to see the Princess who had not left that Palace since the marriage began. A decision that would lead her to become just like her Lady...

* * *

"I demand to see our Lady Shangxiang at once!" Lianshi demanded. A clear anger in her voice as she stood staring up at the cruel Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms.
"Ha! Demand all you want!" Dong Zhuo laughed off the furious beauty, as he cast a look over her form. "She is my wife now, and I do with her as I please! As I will all women who I deem worthy to serve me! Now unless you wish to follow in the footsteps of your Lady, I suggest you silence yourself and know your place!" He stated, sitting back in his golden throne, completely unfazed by her demands.

Lianshi stood her ground, even though she was unarmed and attempting to see the Crown Princess of Wu who had agreed to a political marriage with the twisted warlord before her. Clad in red attire of Wu, the long dark haired maiden's body was nicely shown off by the flowing oriental style dress, cut at the front skirt to expose her legs and heeled boots. Up top, her large chest was on display with the open front for generous cleavage to be displayed. Complete with gauntlets, arm bands and a flower headpiece. Her hair a long ponytail with a spike and red band securing it by the bottom.

"Serve you?? Never!" Lianshi snapped. "I only serve Lord Quan and my Lady! And I will not leave this place until I see her!"

"You've got fight I see..." Zhou, clad in his familiar, lavish regal attire, said as he was obviously more interested in her body than her attempt to uphold her duty to Wu. "Very well!" He snapped his fingers, looking to the side. "Lady Shangxiang! Get over here! Now!" He bellowed across the royal chamber in a very rude manner considering it was one of his wives he was talking to.

"You dare speak to my Lady like this?? You are as cruel as they say..." Lianshi shook her head, folding her arms under her sizeable chest. "To think she agreed to marry the likes of you, and then you take others as your wives? This is..." She was going to keep ranting, but hearing someone approaching made her look to the side. Her eyes widening in shock as she gasped. "L-Lady Shangxiang??"

Indeed it was Sun Shangxiang, but not looking quite like the woman Lianshi happily served as a guard and maid in Wu. This Sun was clad in barely any clothing at all - a short skirt that barely covered her backside and rode up with every step of the high heeled shoes. Her bust bouncing in almost a corset-like top that had stitched lettering that represented the words 'Zhuo's Wife' like a sick branding. All made worse by the outfit being coloured red of her former royal family of Wu.

"You summoned me my Lord?" Sun purred seductively without even being told to. Her eyes locked onto Zhuo as she walked up to his throne. Her movement and tone showing she was more than just broken in to be one of his loyal whores like so many other warrior women of the Three Kingdoms have already.

"Lady Shangxiang! We have a guest..." Dong said, but he was just staring at the gorgeous woman now at his side. "Show her what a good wife you are to me... On your knees, and service me." He bluntly ordered as he glanced down at the other, still stunned female watching on.

"My pleasure!" Shangxiang agreed without hesitation as she slipped down to her knees in front of him. Quickly undoing the front shawl of his outfit to peel it away before hauling down his baggy bottoms.

If Lianshi was frozen in shock before, she might have been now stunned by the sight of what had broken her Lady and so many others before. The thick and long cock of the sex-addicted warlord that was already hardening. Then easily so when Sun greedily took him into her mouth. Moaning as she started to suck on him and using her hands to slide up the pole to race him towards full erection. Staring up lustfully as she worked her mouth up and down with a smoothness and speed very unfitting for a Princess. Her motion getting him moaning with approval as he watched and grinned. Seeing her gorgeous face moving up and down on that familiar to her fuck-stick, and having no shame about this act being done in full view of someone who was more than just an ally to Sun not too long before today.

"This... This cannot be!" Lianshi tried to process what she was witnessing. Her Princess, the woman she was once proud to serve and protect, acting like a common whore? It couldn't be! Yet that's what she saw as she approached the steps, her body walking like she was in a trance - like she needed to be closer to see if this was real or not. That just allowed Shangxiang to continue bobbing away, uninterrupted and already enjoying herself. Moaning around the cock she was slurping away on and swaying her ass a little from side to side as she did so. The raised position of her skirt showing she wasn't wearing underwear downstairs, and just from sucking this dick she was a little moist there as well.

"Mmmmmm... Oh it is! This is what your... Ahhhhhh! Your 'Lady' does here in my court!" Zhuo proudly boasted with a grin. Not even giving respect to look at the other female as he spoke. His gaze locked on the kneeling Wu beauty. Seeing his dick vanishing up into her talented, and now very experienced with his length, mouth as she kept her lips perfectly wrapped around his vast size. "Mmmmm... Ah, so you've come for a closer look have you? Perhaps... Mmmm! You want a taste too I bet!" He claimed with a wicked smile. Running a hand through the short haired head of the woman sucking him off to make him moan. Letting her bob along the upper half of his inches skilfully. Already feeling saliva being applied to his pole thanks to the mouth work and the occasional flick of tongue he felt against the underside.

Hearing that, Sun lifted her head off from that dick and looked at the new woman at this already perverse scene. "Lianshi!" She brightly said with a smile. "You've come to serve Lord Zhuo as well! Yay!!" She said with a laugh that was also very unlike her manner before she married this man. Acting like there was nothing wrong sucking cock in front of others. Could it be that being broken in and serving him like this has not only robbed Sun of her dignity and honour, but perhaps some of her intelligence as well?

"What?? B-But my Lady! This is..." Lianshi tried to protest, but found herself unable to talk sense into the already corrupted woman who was taking her by the wrist. Making the bustier female now take her place in front of the overweight tyrant. No choice but to stare right at that meaty dick, still freshly topped with saliva. "There's... There's no way! It's... It's bigger than Lord Quan's!!" She gasped as she tried to protest this situation. However, she dare not struggle or fight against the Princess she had sworn to protect to matter what, even in this strange times.

"Less talking! More sucking, Lianshi!" Shangxiang said with a tone that made it sound like an order, but the friendly smile making this situation even more twisted. Grabbing the long ponytail of her maid and forcing her head down towards her husband's crotch. Taking advantage of Lianshi opening her mouth to try and speak once again, which only led to the fat crown and then a few inches entering the oral hole of this conflicted to say the least stunner. Lianshi groaning with wide eyes as the biggest cock she's ever had to handle already makes her soft lips stretch to accommodate this size. Her hands out of reflex going up to his thighs, perhaps thinking to push herself free form this position. Yet she finds herself unable to, and her head now being made to push down and then back up his length by the woman standing at her side.

"You'll never please Lord Zhuo with suck sloppy technique!" Shangxiang scolded as she stared down with a smile that just made the situation worse. "Come on Lianshi! Suck that cock!" She ordered, even as she was the one making the sucking happen with that grip of the hair. Lianshi looking to the side with almost pleading eyes. Knowing she has to do this as, whether Sun knew it still or not, she could not bare to deny any order the former Princess of Wu gave her. Hence why she was letting her mouth be slid up and down this fat length. "Mmmmm yeah... Get it nice and deep in there... Just like Lord Zhuo likes..." Sun said with approval, licking her own lips as she watched that pole vanish up in past those of her good friend. Hearing the moans from her beloved Lord and the muffled groans from the woman she was helping to blow him. Already seeing saliva dripping down that rod from the repeated motion, knowing a good messy sucking off is what he enjoys to kick off some dirty action.

Feeling defeated, not able to believe this is what her Lady has become as the rumours said, Lianshi closed her eyes and allowed it all to happen. Making effort herself now, as much as it sickened her, to suck this fat man off that she would never dare pleasure even if her life depended on it. Freely pushing her gorgeous facial features downward towards the jungle of pubic hair at his crotch before raising back up. Filling her mouth up with so much cock than even just over half-way down she was starting to reach a limit. Not used to this kind of length that, as much as it also hurt her pride to admit, was a size that she never thought a man could possess. It was no surprise then that, with the aid so to speak of Sun holding her hair still, she was starting to gag whenever she pressed down to take him inside her soothing oral hole.

"MMMMM... She's not half bad, you know Lady Shangxiang!" Dong said with back-handed approval. Feeling the fresh saliva of this new beauty now seeping out from those plump lips as it dripped down. His gaze switching from that beautiful face as she gagged away on his member to further down and watching her huge breasts jiggle just from the motion of her head. "If you keep... Ahhhhh! Training her up like this? MMMMM... She might be just as good as you are some day!" He said, but not even looking at the other woman involved in this threesome of sorts as he spoke. Focused just on the woman currently giving him pleasure with her mouth. Enjoying that damp and warm hole sliding up and down his manhood without him even needing to thrust once to do any work for this position.

"It would be my honour, my Lord!!" Shangxiang quickly agreed without any hesitation, as if any idea of his was the best she'd ever heard. She didn't even really need to hold her maid's hair now as Lianshi willingly, but not happily, did the sucking herself. Saliva flowing down and raspy gagging heard when the head of that dick touched the back of the longer haired woman's mouth. "You deserve the best! I'll make sure she serves you real good from now on!" She decided for her former guard, and all with a cock-drunk smile that alone showed how far from a Princess she now was. Not that currently Lianshi looked like a faithful warrior of Wu right now. On her knees, sucking the cock of a man she's only met and has already several 'wives' that could perform this oral act like she's having to do.

"GAHHHHH!! HHHHHLLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHHH!!" Lianshi gagged around that prick as it now found its way into her snug throat. Causing her eyes to water from the discomfort but the man receiving this to moan out a little louder than before. Saliva not just coating those fat inches, but dripping off her chin to leave the exposed skin of her breasts glazed from it. Yet even as it hurt, she couldn't find the energy or might to stop her own action. Was it fear of what might happen to her Lady? Something else? Why was the rare sound of a low moan escaping her once in a while as she slurped away? "UUUUULLLLKKKK!! GAHHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRRKKK..." She groaned, staring up with a glance between the woman standing up and smiling with a lusty pride at what she was seeing, and the twisted in another way grin from the ugly man she was servicing now. That snapping and demanding she was doing just minutes before now as ancient history like the Yellow Turbans Rebellion compared to this.

"MMMMM... I think that's enough of a warm-up, don't you?" Dong decided with a snigger, knowing that he could make either of these women do whatever he wanted even though only one of them is currently loyal to him. At least for now.

"No problem, my Lord!" Sun agreed as she used the grip of the hair to pull the darker haired of the two off that cock. "Time for you to really serve our Lord, Lianshi!" She announced, before forcing the taller woman upward.

"W-What a moment, my Lady! I'm not... Eeeeek!?" Lianshi was made to squeal as she tried to buy herself time to recover from that deep throating. Instead, Shangxiang reached under the dress and hauled down the under-shorts she had, taking them off as she made her friend step out of them.

"Not undressed? Oh, Lord Zhuo doesn't mind that!" Sun wrongly assumed her maid's attempted statement. "Now get busy! My Lord doesn't like being kept waiting!" He warmed, before forcing Lianshi to stumble forward with a firm push on the back. Sending her right onto the lap of that grinning warlord.

"It sounds like you need some more convincing, Lady Lianshi! Then allow me to show you the light that your Lady already has..." Zhuo stated as he gripped Lianshi by her toned hips, bringing her into place on top of him. His cock finding her entrance, that was nowhere near as damp as Sun's currently was, but that being far from important as he worked that pole up into this new beauty. Making them both moan out as she once again stared with wide, shocked eyes as the biggest dick she's ever had invaded her private hole without any ceremony. "Lady Shangxiang! Go fetch me... MMMMM... One of the lotion jars!" He ordered as he began to thrust his hips upward to make this beauty now mounted on him further moan out as he started to bang her. That hold on her ensuring she couldn't escape the position, not that right now she had the will power to even consider it with how stunned she is about this all.

"AHHHHH!! Oh!! Oh God!! AHHHHH!! It's... AHHHH!! So big!!" Lianshi gasped out. Looking back over her shoulder but only seeing the bottom of her dress swaying as she started to take stiff thrusts up into her snatch from this obese man. Unable to see the act itself but feeling it as that fat and long cock forced her vaginal walls to part and accept this invasion. Her own saliva still coating him providing a lubricant of sorts to allow a smooth entry and exit. Although his cock never once actually left her snatch when he pulled back. Making sure to keep the crown and a couple inches at least in her before pushing in. Fully intent on resizing this tight pussy to his liking, not just so he can eventually hammer her balls deep at some point once she's broken in, but to ensure she never forgets her first taste of his dick as she starts her life as one of his faithful whores. "This can't be!! I... I shouldn't be... AHHHHH!??"

Once again, Lianshi was made to squeal out but not from the thrusts driving into her pussy from underneath. Sun had returned and without any warning, had invited herself under that flowing dress to start lubing up Lianshi's even tighter asshole while she was being fucked. Smiling as she held a small pot with clear liquid in it. She applied a coated finger to Lianshi's asshole to rub and prepare it. Soon enough the digit pushing in, leaving the older woman being double penetrated in a way as she took a finger in her ass while a cock pumped away into her twat. Both actions making Lianshi moan out as she stared back with a look mixed of conflict and slowly growing desire. She's obviously never experienced any backdoor action before in her life, so this crash course in a sample of it only further serves to chip away at the honour and dignity that she came here with to try and rescue her Lady. The same woman who was now finger fucking her shapely, rounded ass as she worked the lubricant further up into that vice-like hole.

Zhuo just sat back and grinned as he moaned out. Feeling himself that the woman on top of him was starting to be come wet from the thrusting work he was administering to her box from underneath. His inches working deeper into that love tunnel than even the Lord she served before today could have reached. He was also pleased that Sun was so broken and cock-drunk to him that she knew exactly what he wanted her to do with that lotion without even needing to tell her. Just like a good whore should. It made his job easier here as he could focus on his own pleasure, and in turn starting to warp this voluptuous woman's mind and spirit with sex just like he'd done to Sun and all the other women he's claimed as he own so far.

"UHHHH!! OH F-FUCK!! L-Lady Shangxiang!! Please... AHHHH!! Th-This is... MMMMM..." As much as she tried to protest, all Lianshi could do is moan out as her body was already betraying her. Hips slowly rocking back and forth to both grind her snatch down against Dong's pumping dick, and push her backside against that digit sliding in and out of her previously untouched asshole. Her twat wet and now welcoming, despite her mind's losing thoughts of knowing how wrong this all is, his length deeper up into her. "AHHHHHH... H-How... How can you accept this all, m-my Lady?? MMMMM!!" Her chest made to bounce deliciously in her top, the material straining to contain those large orbs. Her ponytail swaying briskly as her body jolts from the stiffening thrusts she's taking from underneath by a man she's suppose to hate but is rather easily making her moan out.

"What do you mean?? This is a life I wish I'd had all along!!" Shangxiang said with such conviction that it was clear she was not thinking with a clear, untainted mind. Believing that it's totally right to finger the backside of her former maid and guardian while she's having to take a fucking from a cruel, sex-obsessed tyrant. "My lord makes me so happy with his big, wonderful cock... So it's only right I repay him any way I can! If that means making you into one of his wives too? Then I'll happily do it!" She added with a far too cheery laugh considering these circumstances. Seeing nothing wrong in being married to this sick man and letting him take another woman as his own just because he wants it. Sun keeping that lube working up into Lianshi's rear tunnel while her vaginal one gets stuffed to the limit at the same time. Acting obediently and willingly but in a way that she would have never done before marrying this man for political benefit - which has already clearly backfired by luring another woman into his twisted web of sin.

"You... AHHHH!! You really are doing this... UHHHH!! Under your own free will..." Lianshi said between groans as she looked back at Sun. Sounding more than just defeated as the reality of this all hit her like fire attack hit the fleet of Wei ships.

"As are you, my Lady Lianshi..." Dong pointed out with a grin. Knowing full well he was twisting the knife as he toyed with her mind. His work on her already having the desired effect when she groaned as he pulled out of her snatch.

"Lianshi! You're being so silly right now!" Shangxiang said like she was telling her friend off for still denying her new Lord. "What woman wouldn't want to serve such an amazing, kind Lord like Dong Zhuo?" She added as she pulled her finger out of Lianshi's backside, also making her groan in the process.

"I think it's time we really showed her what kinds of fun we both get up to..." Zhuo announced, lifting Lianshi with ease off from his lap, but only to turn her around. Pausing for a moment as he felt Sun's hand grip his cock to stroke him off, rubbing lotion over his inches for some extra preparation.

"What... What do you... AHHHHHH?? Ooooooooooh FUCK!!" Lianshi groaned deeper than before when now after having her pussy fucked, that same cock was now pushing up into her juicy backside from underneath. Finding herself moaning from unexpected pleasure - a possibly stimulant in the lotion? - as that meaty cock forced its way up into her tight rump. The head and an inch entering her as he started to thrust to fuck her. "H-How?? How can this... MMMM!! AHHHHH... F-Feel so good??" She moaned out, and a clear cry of pleasure at that as she started to jolt on his cock. Her tits once again bouncing away even in her clothing she still had on as he held her in place to take his pumps. Her arms out of reflex reaching back, placing onto is obese frame for a bit of support. Once more her body betraying what little resistance her mind still had as she started to raise and lower that curvy frame on that fuck-stick.

"It's because my Lord is the best!" Shangxiang giggles as she watches her friend and servant now become more and more willing to this sinful action. Despite how much she wants Zhuo's cock to be ravaging herself right now, she loves watching him fuck another woman just as much it seems if the juices trickling down her inner thighs are any indication. "Mmmmm... You're going to have so much fun serving our Lord, Lianshi..." She added with a sinful purr. Deciding to help herself to some action in a way. Slipping a hand under the cut open bottom of Lianshi's dress so her fingers could find, and then push into, that wet slot of the woman having her other lower hole pumped. Shangxiang having no issue fingering another female in this hole either as she starts to firmly work a couple of digits in and out of that damp twat, ensuring Lianshi moans out loudly from this sudden double teaming.

So focused on his own pleasure from filling up the tight rear tunnel of his latest conquest Zhuo didn't pay any attention to the actions of his already broken in whore. Most likely he wouldn't have objected to it anyway. His focus was working his fat inches in and out of that juicy, rounded ass that was bouncing with nice timing to his own pumps. Making sure he was more than pleasured from the combined motion as he thrust his inches deeper and deeper still into that clearly previously inexperienced hole. Giving him some twisted pride in knowing that he was the first man to use her backside like this, just like he's used all three of her equally pleasurable holes over the course of this strange to say the least threesome she didn't plan to be in, but has never refused to engage in.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM..." Lianshi moaned as the sweat dripped down her pretty face. Riding as best she can on the cock in her ass while taking the fingers of the woman she's supposed to be a maid and protector of knuckles deep in her dripping snatch. The once proud and defiant look on her face now one of dirty lust as groans of joy spilled from her mouth. "MMMMM YESSSSSS... F-Fun... AHHHHH!! MMMMMM... F-Fun... Serving our Lord... MMMMM!!" She spoke like she was under some kind of spell. Acting more like a filthy street whore than the proud warrior of Wu she's supposed to be. Fucked up the ass while still clad in her battle attire, while a fellow beautiful woman stuffs her fingers in and out of Lianshi's needy pussy. The pleasure overwhelming her to such a level that even if Lord Quan appeared here and now, she would still pledge her service to the wicked warlord driving deep up into her ass.

"MMMMM!! You'll be another fine whore... AHHHHH!! For my collection, Lady Lianshi!" Zhuo bragged with a wide, perverted smile knowing she's already past the point of returning to her previous respectable life by now. All the more reason for him to keep driving his cock up into her ass now that she's clearly able to handle his size inside that tightest of her holes. The smack of his crotch connecting off her cheeks now sounding out when he pumps upward to keep himself groaning. "AHHHHHH... I might even... MMMMM!! Let you keep being Lady Shangxiang's... AHHHHH... Personal maid too!" He added between his moans, but his words more to mock the fact she came here to try and talk sense into her Lady only to end up just like her - being a slut for his long, fat cock. The same shaft that was stuffing her rear full beyond anything she ever dreamed being possible.

"UHHHHH!! YES!! WHORE!! MMMMMM!! I'll... AHHHHHH FUCK!! I'll be!! MMMMMM OOOOOOOOOHHH!!" Lianshi gasped out, trying to speak but the building pleasure as she continued to have both her lower holes stimulated to say the least took its toll. The long haired beauty gritting her teeth as her eyes stared upward at the roof of this Imperial Throne Room. Her body shivering with delight on his dick as she started to cum hard. Soaking the digits of her Lady Sun Shangxiang as she kept finger-fucking her. "AHHHHHH!! MMMMM!! OOOOOOOOOOOH... MMMMMMM..." Lianshi moaned as her juices covered not just the fingers, but the hand and wrist of Sun as she rode out her orgasm. Her bounces mistimed on that cock slamming up into her rear but still craving some more of it. The smile on her face being just like that of Lady Shangxiang - of a broken, pleasure addicted slut craving that fat length. The expression staying on her even when those fingers were finally pulled out of her slot and she was raised off that fuck-stick that's owned all three of her sexual holes over the course of this threesome or sorts.

"A decent display!" Zhuo claimed, even though he was sat sweating from the effort needed to fuck a stunning woman of Lianshi's quality. "With some more training, you'll be right up there with the rest of my whores!"

"Th-Thank you... L-Lord Zhuo..." Lianshi gasped out as she was helped to stand by her former Lady. However, she soon groaned when Sun instead pushed her down back to her knees.

"You can thank our Lord by finishing the job you started on him!" Shangxiang claimed, even though she had been the one to first do anything sexual in this encounter. "And I know just how you can do that..." She added, as she turned Lianshi to face the grinning tyrant who hasn't yet stood up from his throne during all of this.

The longer haired of the two groaned when Sun knelt behind her just to reach around. Ripping the front of Lianshi's dress to let those massive, rounded breasts finally spring free much to Zhuo's lip licking approval. Shangxiang not stopping there as she cupped those mounds herself in order to bring them to that cock that's she's long been addicted to and now her good friend is as well. Making the twisted warlord moan as those mounds were wrapped around that meaty length before Sun started to work them up and down his pole. A big grin on her face as she loved hearing and seeing her Lord in pleasure from her actions, even if it wasn't her own body making him feel like this.

"MMMMMM... That's a new one... AHHHHH... We'll be sure to do this again sometime!" Dong announced as he moaned. Watching his fat length pop up from between that deep cleavage before vanishing back down as those tits were pumped along his side swiftly and smoothly. Although Sun herself wasn't exactly lacking in the chest, Lianshi's mountains were perhaps the biggest he's ever seen to date. Perfect for sliding a massive manhood like his in and out of as his moans proved as he sat and took a tit-fuck to remember. Made all the more hotter by the fact the motion itself was being performed by another woman, with no objections of Lianshi herself as she stared up still with lust in her eyes for the man who has sexually broken her.

"Any time my Lord!" Sun happily said with a tone of pride in her voice. More than overjoyed to please and pleasure the man she's married to with another woman's breasts. Seeing nothing wrong in engaging in this kind of action as long as it meets his sinful satisfaction. Even if to any normal thinking person it was an activity not fitting for a Crown Princess of Wu, her loyal maid, and especially not for someone claiming to be the Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms. "Any other woman's chest you want to use! I'll be there to make sure you get them!" Shangxiang added with a giggle as she kept those mounds sliding up and down his dick. The slap of skin meeting skin ringing out when she lowered those breasts down to connect with his crotch before bringing them right up swiftly in order to repeat the motion.

Having those plump, round breasts sandwiching his cock in such a filthy manner didn't just leave him moaning and sweating in his clothing as he sat on his throne. His dick was now pulsing between those orbs as Sun with surprising skill worked them briskly up and down like this was all too common an activity for both women to take part in. Lianshi groaning herself as certainly for the first time having someone else work her tits on a man, she seemed to be enjoying the feeling of that huge cock she was now very familiar with working in and out of her cleavage. Both women gazing up with still strong desire even though one woman has already been brought to orgasm, while the other had only sucked his cock briefly before the action really got underway.

Unsurprisingly, this kind of sinfulness finally brought Zhuo to his limit. His cock pulsing between those big breasts but not bothering to warn either of his whores, both new and long broken in, of what was about to happen. Lianshi finding out when the first thick shot of spunk nearly blinded her when it caught high up to her cheek. A second burst then hitting her mouth and chin, leaving her eagerly licking it up off her lips with a groan. Shangxiang keeping those breasts of her maid pumping along that dick to milk their Lord dry. Cum firing out to splash back into the valley between Lianshi's mountains as well as covering the tops. So much jizz that it dripped down the front and over Sun's fingers that were keeping those mounds in place until his rod finally started to go soft.

"So? Was Lianshi good enough for you?" Sun asked as she finally let go of her guardian and maid's breasts. "Can she stay? I can train her up to be the best whore for you, just like me!" She said, standing and placing her hands together looking ready to beg him for the privilege.

"Ha! Very well then... I'll allow it!" Zhuo announced with a smile, even though he'd absolutely keep this new busty beauty as one of his whores even if these two women had never known each other before. "Lady Lianshi! You shall serve me as part of my Imperial Court... But you must also serve Lady Shangxiang until you can satisfy me like she can!" He added, despite the fact that she had already done more than enough to make him moan let alone her breasts making him cum just then.

"Th-Thank you, my Lord!" Lianshi said, standing up so she could bow as if she'd just been granted a major honour by a man she had hated at the start of this. "I promise I will not let you down! Or my Lady down either!"

"Good! Now come on Lianshi!" Sun say brightly as she took her friend by the hand. Not even caring that she hadn't been allowed to be sexually satisfied by her Lord during this all. "Let's go get you trained!" She announced, leading Lianshi down the steps from the throne in order to leave. "Lady Bai gave me just the device the other day that can help us train that mouth of yours... You'll be sucking Lord Zhuo's cock real good soon enough!" She explained as the two headed away despite Lianshi's breasts and face being covered with cum.

Dong just sat back, still with his cock out and pants lowered as he grinned with satisfaction. Somehow he never got tired of breaking in and claiming beauty after beautiful warrior officer of the Three Kingdoms. Plus, with how things were going in the land soon enough Shu, Wu and Wei would be at one another's throats to restart the wars between them once again. All he'd have to do is wait and pick up the pieces... Especially if there was another stunning woman he could get for himself in the process.

* * *

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