WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Dong Zhuo, Zhurong (all Dynasty Warriors series)

Codes: Cons, MF, fingering, inter, bondage.

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La Part 9
An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

The use of political marriages to get the support and trust of Dong Zhuo and his army had, to the surprise of many including strategists, had been a success. Shu and Wu's joint assault on Wei and the setting ablaze of the mighty fleet of ships was wildly successful, although some claimed that Zhuo would have likely not have interfered anyway regardless of his new marriage to Sun Shangxiang. Although the now permanent, and willing, residency of Shangxiang at Zhou's palace, despite demands from Wu for her to return home, was a contentious issue. Especially as word spread that he had merely made her one of his 'wives' - rumours had it that women with allegiances from Wei, Shu and Wu were already, and willingly, accepting of the positions. Including even Lu Bu's own daughter.

On the other side of things, Wei found the marriage between Liu Bei and Dong Bai more to be of a 'paper' form with the two not even staying in the same palace. Although Bai, often unannounced, was said to arrive at Bei's palace for 'talks' late into the night. Despite that, and to Wei's surprise, the Central Plains actually honoured a call to arms to support a campaign to the South. Dealing with the troublesome Nanman tribes that resided there which in turn would remove one of the fronts Wei would have to fight on in the future. Wei merely wanted those tribes to surrender to utilise them in the future. Bai's forces however had different plans. Crushing, and capturing plans.

* * *

"Release me at once! Cowards! Worthless fools!!" Zhurong, the woman known as the Daughter of the God of Fire, yelled as she struggled against the chains that held her in place. Her arms made to be stretched upward with solid metal clasp that bound both her wrists. Her ankles held with a separate clamp each so her legs were spread but barely able to move. The blonde haired, dark skinned Nanman woman only dressed in the leather underclothing she's usually battle in of a bra-like top and underwear-like bottoms that hugged nicely to her gorgeously toned and generously curved body.

As she fruitlessly made the chains rattle to try and escape, the door into her jail cell opened up. With a wide, toothy and already leering grin, the cruel Prime Minister of the land Dong Zhuo stepped in. But not in his usual regal and lavish attire, more of a bath robe that covered his obese frame as he walked in. "What's all this noise about? You should show some respect for the man who is letting you live!" Zhuo claimed as he motioned with a hand for the cell to be closed behind him, to leave him alone with the prisoner.

"Respect?! Don't make me laugh!" The wife of the Nanman King, Meng Huo, snapped with an angry glare. "No man would keep a woman hostage like this... Release me and fight like a true warrior!"

"Fight? Ha! You've already lost!" Dong said, fazed by her defiance. "Zhurong, isn't it? Well my dear, you are my prisoner now. Your tribes are finished now! Defeated by my troops. Your lands? Gifted to the family my wonderful Granddaughter is married to... At least for now..." He said with a telling tone. "But for you? Well... You should worry less about fighting, and more about your husband..."

"I have nothing to worry about when it comes to my husband! A real man!" She stated with pride. "He will tear this prison down with his bare hands, and then claim your head as a trophy!"

"A real man? That ugly, dumb beast! Don't insult me!" Zhuo said as he stepped forward. Making her recoil a little as he placed a finger under her chin to make her stare him in the eye. "In this land I am supreme! I am the ultimate figure of a man... Not that I suppose a poor woman from the jungle swamps would know what being with a real man is like." He said tauntingly.

"You disgust me..." She hissed back, shaking her head. "My husband is a true man... Someone like you? There's no way you could measure up to him."

"That sounds like a challenge to me..." Dong said before letting out a snigger. Seeing that she's rather easily taken the bait he'd laid out for her. "Then I'll tell you what my dear... Let's make that a bet. If I can't satisfy you like your husband can? I'll let you both go. But if you can't handle me? You're mine!" He stated, taking a long look over her and slowly walking around her like an animal stalking its prey. "I might even make you one of my wives if you're worth some salt to me."

"Ha! You? Satisfy me?? Impossible!!" Zhurong sounded offended by the idea, and she was certainly glaring with anger at his look as watched him move behind her. "You play with the Daughter of the God of Fire? You will get burned!"

"So? That's a yes?" Dong challenged, already licking his lips at getting a piece of this married woman.

"Do your worst!" She accepted with confidence. "A foul beast like you? You have no idea how to... AHHHHHH??"

Her boasts were cut off when he quickly reached between her held apart legs. His hand going straight to her crotch and sliding under her tight bottoms. Gasps coming from her when his fingers instantly touched her sex and began to brush against her. Working over her folds with long and slow strokes across her. Leaving the proud warrior woman with wide eyes as she looked back at the man stood behind her. An attack on her she did not see coming as his fingers already teased going right into her with the brushing against that entrance. Already causing her to let out a moan before she gritted her teeth together to try and silence herself.

"Hmmmm? What's that? Already moaning?" Dong still was smiling broadly as he slipped those digits back and forth against her pussy to rub her. Having assumed, and correctly, that she'd never experienced a 'warm up' before in her life being married to the King of the Nanman Tribes. Allowing him to easily start off this sexual battle with the advantage as he felt her lower folds start to get a little wet from his stimulation. "I suppose a beast girl like you has never been treated properly before? Does your man only turn you over and take you with a Mating Press?" He said to further mock her. Increasing the pace of his strokes against her snatch while enjoying watching her start to squirm as she was chained in place. The beauty before him trying and failing to hold back her groans that had frustration and anger in them along with the tone of pleasure his skilled fingers were doing to her.

"Ahhhhh!! S-Silence!! This is cheating!! Cheap tricks... Mmmmm!! From a c-coward!" She claimed, but her defiant tone wasn't quite as strong, or effective, as before with her words broken up by moans. Still glaring over her shoulder as she felt his chubby fingers working smoothly along her moist twat in a way she's never taken before, let alone knew could be done between a man and woman. Hating the fact however that she's being made to feel pleasure from someone other than the one she's married to. "This isn't even... AHHHHH??? Mmmmmm..." Her words were once more silenced by her having to moan. Now a finger being pushed actually into her pussy from underneath to make her body rise up out of instinct from the sensation. Soon settling back down but groaning not completely in shame as he started to finger-fuck her box with obvious experience and skill.

"To think, a woman like you? Wasted being with a man who can't even engage in proper foreplay? Disgusting!" Zhuo said to both start twisting her mind, seeing the state of conflict she's already in as well as take a cheap shot at her husband. Pumping his finger in and out of the dark skinned female's pussy with a slow and steady motion. Going in to the knuckle before pulling out until the finger tip was just in her before sliding right up to make her groan. Taking full advantage of the 'challenge' she agreed to take on. "A beauty like you should be treated like she deserves! Lucky you that I actually know how to do that... Unlike that dumb animal of a husband of yours!" He continued to mock just because he could. Not satisfied with just fingering her like this as he moved a little closer. His other hand reaching around to grip her chest through her top. Making her gasp again as he forcefully groped her rounded and large breast to double team her as she stood chained in place.

"MMMMM!! B-Bastard!! This... Ahhhhhh!! This is f-far from over!!" She voiced in between groans that she didn't want to let out, but couldn't help herself. Her body easily reacting to the stimulation with her tits being felt up as well now. The main pleasure coming from between her legs with that digit smoothly working in and out of her. Soon joined by a second to further fill up her wet hole as he with ease added another one to the mix without any warning to her. "UHHHHH!! It will... MMMMM!! Take more than this... To satisfy a Nanman woman!" The married beauty said trying to make a vow, but her body was still squirming as her snatch was finger-banged while her breasts took a groping. Her eyes narrowed to still show the hatred she had for this situation, even though she agreed to it, but those moans still coming from her showing his 'warm up' was easily winning this fight right now.

"Is that so?" Dong said as he smirked. Letting go of her tits and then pulling his fingers out from her box to make her groan. "The mess you've made on me says otherwise!" He said, moving that hand in front of her face to make her see the wetness she's left over him.

"Th-That means nothing! It wasn't even proper sex!" Zhurong said, trying to sound confident but her eyes locked on her own juices as if she's never looked at that sight before in her life.

"Well if that's what you want you should have just said in the first place!" Zhuo said, turning her words against her as he began to slip off that bath robe from his portly frame.

"That's not what I... WHAT IS THAT??!" She yelled in shock. Looking back and seeing for the first time his rock hard, fat and long cock pointing towards her backside. "Th... There's no way!!"

"Oh? What's the problem? Never seen a real man's cock before??" The smile of the cruel warlord couldn't get any bigger after hearing those words - confirming his thought that Meng Huo wasn't packing anything like what he was. Making his plan to break this beauty of the wild tribes all the more easier as he stepped forward. Not even bothering to lower her bottoms as he pulled them to the side. Helping himself to the snatch of the woman who had willingly agreed to his sexual challenge. "MMMMM... And tight as well! Did you two... Ahhhhhh... Never even have sex before?" He said to further insult her as he started to pump his dick into her love tunnel from behind. His hands holding onto her toned hips as he worked in and out. Moaning himself now for the first time as he actually got involved in the action instead of just making her feel it. Smiling as he stared down to watch his shaft vanish forward into this stunner he was making groan out.

"AHHHHHH!! How dare you!! We... MMMM!! O-Of course we did!! MMMMM!!" She tried to spit out her outrage at his words, but found it hard with how her pussy was being made to stretch out. A massive dick the likes of which she's never had to handle before ploughing into her without any let up, so she had very little time to adjust to such a vast size. Perhaps a mercy then his prior fingering provided a form of lubrication to make the motion smooth. "MMMMM... You... Ahhhhh!! Are no real man! MMMMM!! Not to take me like this!!" She snapped, still glaring over her shoulder while getting fucked. Knowing full well she's a prisoner and the fact she's still chained in place with her legs and arms bound. However there was no denying she was willingly in this situation now. Clothed but being taken from behind as that fat dick worked in and out of her tight, wet snatch to keep her moaning between her protesting words.

"MMMMM... You've got fight in you! I like that Lady Zhurong!" The twisted Prime Minister said as he groaned shamelessly. More than happy to thrust his length in and out of this happily married woman, despite being 'married' to several other females himself. His tone already sounding victorious, and in a way he was with how each pump he delivered was making her moan out no doubt a tad louder than any sexual encounter she's had with her own man. "AHHHHH... You'll be a fine addition... MMMMM! To my Shangri-La!" He added, making his intentions clear that he simply sees her as another beautiful woman to use and abuse however he wants to, just because she exists. Still gripping her waist firmly as he starts to increase the force of his thrusts. Working his dick deeper up into the snatch of the Daughter of the God of Fire.

"AHHHHH... Don't call me your Lady!! UHHHH!! This is... MMMMM!! Just the start!" She claimed, even as she was starting to jolt upward as she stood in place, held by those metal binds around her wrists and at both ankles. Each stiff pump delivered from below into her twat making her rock upward on her tiptoes before she fell back. Unintentionally allowing him to slam in deep when their bodies next connected as the bottom of his massive gut met her shapely backside. "I... I will n-never surrender... MMMMM!! To a monster like you!!" She spat before letting out a gasp. Eyes wide again as her snatch was filled up unlike anything she could have dreamed was possible before. Every inch of his thickness now buried into her snatch when he pumped into her. Unsurprisingly leaving her beginning to sweat as the blonde haired warrior was made to rock back and forth to meet each and every deep thrust he had for her.

"MMMMM... Surrender? MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" The sex-addicted warlord laughed loudly at her. Knowing she'd already been defeated in battle and her moans showing that to him she'd already lost this current war she'd agreed to take on. The slap of their bodies hitting off of one another as sent his far paler in colour dick sharply in and out of the dark skinned woman's wet and snug box. "By the end of this... MMMMM!! You'll be begging for me to take you as one of my women!" He stated before letting out another deep and long groan. Turning his gaze to see the delicious torn look of hatred for him but pleasure from his fucking of her that she had in her glaring eyes. Only encouraging him to pound way into the bound in place stunner as they both moaned out, but one of them a lot more shameless than the other.

"N-Never! UHHHHH!!" Zhurong gasped out, still acting defiant even if her moans were telling a building, different story. "In a fair fight... AHHHHH... You would lose in an instant!!"

"MMMM... Well... I suppose I have been doing all the work here, haven't I?" Zhuo said with a sinister chuckle. Suddenly pulling out of her snatch and tellingly making her groan from the new empty feeling. Rather casually walking over to levers on the walls that worked the chain mechanisms that currently bound the warrior woman in place.

"What are you...? Ahhhhhhh?!?" She exclaimed in surprise as the binds at her ankles loosened up to allow them to have more freedom. However in the next moment the chains at her wrists actually pulled upward, making her gasp with some pain as she was actually lifted up and off the cell floor completely.

"What? I thought this would make things easier!" Dong claimed with a cruel smile as he came back over, and approached her by the front. Capturing her by the waist again to pull her towards his body, and positioning his bell-end against her entrance. "So you could prove yourself of course... Let's see if you can finish me off now that you're in control of this." He said, goading her into doing some work now even though she wouldn't be in true power here, still bound as she is.

"Ha! Gladly! Time to end this!!" The proud Queen of the Nanman Tribes easily fell for the sex-craving Prime Minister's trap. Her legs wrapping around his vast bulk as she steadied herself. In the next moment making them both moan out as she was able to drop herself down onto his dick, sinking down already to take him in almost to the hilt thanks to the loosening of the chains she was restrained in. "UHHHH!! AHHHHH... MMMMM... This... This is how a Nanman woman does things!!" She proudly stated between moans. Going at this unusual position considering the bondage she's stuck in with mighty effort and energy. Already sending her long blonde hair bouncing away behind her as she rides this ugly, fat man's cock in such a way it didn't look like this wasn't the man she's happily married to. Trying to prove a point by working over his cock with the kind of pace that honestly not many red blooded males could likely handle.

"MMMMM... That's more like it! Ride me!! MMMMM!! Show me what a tribal woman is capable of!" Sadly how her, this is exactly what the cruel warlord was wanting to happen. Feeling that tight, slick pussy moving up and down over his fat and long cock to make him moan. Seeing this woman start to fuck like, fittingly, a wild animal as she bounced away on his dick. A sight made hotter by the fact she's still clad in that skimpy leather clothing that barely covered her jiggling, large tits and was hauled to the side at her crotch. "AHHHHH... More! Prove yourself! Let's see... AHHHHH!! What you can really do!" Choosing his words carefully to dare her to keep going, he was just making sure she kept this pace going to maximise his own pleasure. Knowing she'd no doubt tire herself out soon enough but for the moment he was loving the sight of this dark skinned beauty riding away on his manhood like her life depended on it.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! S-See?? UHHHH!! Y-You can't... AHHHH!! P-Possibly handle this!!" She claimed in between her own groans and gasps. Stuffing her own twat full with the biggest cock she's ever taken in her life, including that of her own beloved husband. Her arms still held and bound above her head but using that along with her legs around his massive waist to allow herself to lift upward a few inches on his member. Gravity then helping with a rattle of chains as she dropped sharply down with a sinful smack of skin meeting skin. "MMMMMM... You... UHHHH!! You will lose... I... AHHHHH!! I swear it!!" She grunted as she dropped down again to fill herself up with his cock. Sweat now coating her exposed body from the effort she's using to try and out-fuck this man. Not realising she's fallen deeper into the trap he's laid for her to use up her energy in this position, while still giving him everything he's wanting out of her and that stunning, curved body.

"MMMM... Oh? With this kind of pace? Ha! I'm barely... MMMMM... Getting aroused here!" He lied, although sweat was starting to form across his obese body from how skilfully she was riding his dick, even as chained at the wrists and held up she currently was. A big smile plastered to his face from how much he was enjoying making this married woman bounce away on his cock to try and secure her freedom along with her honour. "AHHHHH... It might be enough for you lowly jungle people... MMMMM! But for a real man like me? AHHHH... I should just pull out and go find another woman to please me!" He said as a threat, his words further twisting her already clouded from sin mind. His eyes switching from watching those covered tits bouncing away just in front of him to up at her gorgeous, moaning face as she glared at him. Seeing the effect of not just the dick stuffed up into her, but that his manipulative words were having on the proud Nanman warrior.

"AHHHHH!! Wh-What?? N-Not good enough?? Never!!" She yelled as she grunted. Trying again to wildly move herself up and down on that fat length she's mounted on top off. However, just as he'd planned, attempting to keep this kind of motion going for so long was finally taking its toll on her. Groaning as her bounces became mistimed as she found herself grinding against his crotch when she fell down to take him inside. "I cannot... AHHHHH!! MMMMM... I ca-cannot fail here... NNNNHHHHH!! AHHHH!!" She groaned as her motion became slower to a steady but forceful rhythm. That sound of skin meeting skin still sounding out around this jail cell as well as their moans. Now however she's panting out for air as she's worn herself out trying to out-fuck the Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms. Finally slumping against his tubby frame as strands of her blonde hair were now stuck to her pretty face after all that bouncing.

"Ha! Pathetic!" Zhuo claimed with a grunt as he lifted her off his dick. Leaving the tired woman groan and humiliatingly swaying a little as she was left to dangle in the air by her bound wrists overhead for a moment as he walked to the wall. Unceremoniously pulling another lever and making her fall down to the cold floor with a thud.

"Urrgh!" Zhurong groaned in discomfort. Laying on the floor gasping for breath. The chains now loose but still binding her at each of her ankles and around both wrists to hold them together.

"You're already lost, don't you see?" Dong mocked as he came back across. Moving down behind her and forcing her over to make her get onto her knees. "But a bet is a bet... Now allow me to show you who your true King now is!" He announced, as he positioned his cock back in line with her soaking wet snatch.

"UHHHHHH!! MMMMMM..." The feeling of that mighty, big cock slamming in to the hilt into her already dripping snatch with a single, commanding motion made the Nanman beauty jolt up properly to her hands (even bound as they were) and knees. Being 'rewarded' for unintentionally assuming the position by getting that cock rammed in and out of her pussy from behind by this twisted warlord. "AHHHHH!! MMMMM... AHHHHHH!!" Acting primal now as the sweat dripped off her face, all she could let out were moans and gasps of delight. Staring ahead but without any focus as she was couldn't even look back over her shoulder now at the man having his wicked way with the woman that, whether she wanted to admit or not, had been defeated already by his superior sexual skill.

"MMMMM... I've never taken a dark skinned maiden before! AHHHHH... I'll be sure to make a habit of this with you from now on!" The cruel man bragged with a moan. Loving having not just broken this once proud warrior, but getting away with fucking another man's wife along with how she'd actually agreed to this all in the first place. Making the most of this as he pumps away into her still pleasurably snug but dripping wet now twat. "MMMMM!! After all, we can't have you wasted fighting in the swamps! MMMMM... You'll be staying here in my palace, serving me from now on!" He added, without even giving her a chance to agree it but knowing there's nothing now she can do against him. His bulging stomach slapping off her rounded backside each time he fired a thrust off deeply into her love tunnel. Stuffing her full over and over again without any shame at all. Treating her live a sex slave already despite having only met her just less than an hour ago.

"AHHHHHH... HHHHHNNNNN... AHHHHH!! AHHHHHH..." The pleasure of that massive cock ploughing back and forth into her slot was more than overwhelming the Daughter of the God of Fire. Her head lowered but still in that doggy style position as she was fucked from behind. Her top covered tits swaying as her body jolted forward not just from the force of the pumps she was taking. The mass of the obese size of the man screwing her sending her rocking back and forth. "UHHHH!! MMMMM!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHH!! MMMMM..." Her moans continued to pour out of her open mouth. Eyes half-open while a slightly strand of drool hung off the edge of her lower lip. Already a small pool of sweat underneath her from what's dripped off her stunning, scantly clad body. Thrust after thrust sent balls deep into her pussy to leave her looking like a whore from a far off land instead of the proud Nanman warrior she's supposed to be.

Noticing that the beauty he was stuffing full wasn't even answering back to his insults now, the wicked Prime Minister of the land decided to see if he could get a different reaction out of her. Reaching forward to grab her long, blonde hair as he gave a sharp pull back. Forcing her head to be tilted back and instantly making her moan out loudly like a beast in heat. His cock buried deeply into her snatch that tightened around is thick size, only serving to make him moan too as he continued pounding her. A wide, proud grin on his ugly face as he abused the woman he'd made offer up his body to try and earn freedom. Gripping her hair and ramming his member in and out of her snatch again and again just because he could. No care given to the fact she's a married woman, and he himself already has more than enough 'wives' of his own he could to this too.

The tugging of her hair and the continued assault of her snatch by his fat and long cock finally became too much for even this wild woman of the Nanman Tribes to handle. Zhurong moaning out as she came hard over Dong Zhuo's cock. Juices gushing out all over his shaft as he kept ploughing away into her. Making her ride out without a doubt the most intense peak of her life. The likes of which she'd never dreamed possible, and certainly never got during any sexual encounter with her husband before in the past. By the time she started coming back down to Earth, her eyes were already staring upward to show how lost in pleasure she was. If not for the grip he hand on those long locks, she'd collapse down onto the floor of the cell she's supposed to be a prisoner in instead of being just his newest sex slave.

In fact, he didn't let go of her hair even when he finally pulled out of her box to leave her groaning. Pulling her roughly back and making her kneel as he made her face him. Perfect position as he stroked his cock with the free palm. The dark skinned beauty just closing her eyes in time to avoid being blinded when Zhuo started to paint her face with his thick seed. Groaning deeply with a grin as he sprayed his jizz across her pretty cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Making some catch into her blonde hair that was sticking to her face already from the sweat, or just hanging over her from that wild sex just moments ago. By the time he was squeezing out those final drops from his spent dick, cum was already dripping off her face and down onto her heaving chest. Staining the leather top she still had on and glazing the tops of those mounds for final sinful humiliation for the defeated warrior.

"Hmmmm... Not bad Lady Zhurong!" Dong said with a cruel laugh. Letting of that sweat-soaked hair and watching her collapse with exhaustion to the jail floor. Still chained at both ankles and around her wrists as she lay on her side. "But I think I still need to 'train' you a little more before I officially let you become one of my wives!"

"Ahhhhhh... Gahhhhhhh..." Zhurong just gasped out, her face coated with spunk as she rested in her own sweat. "I... I will... N-never... S... Surrender... Ahhhhhh..." She claimed in a rather pathetic tone, especially when she then slumped over onto her back. Knocked out as the spunk rolled off her cheeks to the floor just below.

"BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Zhuo just laughed as he walked around the slumbering beauty. Casually putting on his robe to dress himself, before clicking his fingers to give the signal as the cell door opened. "Feed her well guards. I'll see her again tomorrow!" He announced as he walked out the room, without even looking back at the woman he'd just fucked and claimed as another of his whores. Making the sight of her out of it and coating in sweat and spunk all the more humiliating when the door closed and locked shut after he left.

Moments later as Zhuo was leaving the jail area, he stopped as he heard a blood-curdling scream of a man, following by the hard slamming of a weapon. Curious, he changed direction and headed towards where the sound came from. Seeing his beloved Granddaughter Dong Bai, dressed in her signature dark purple dress attire, storming out of another cell room with her signature Flail weapon being dragged behind her. Creating a trail of blood from off that sharpened metal as she walked with fury away.

"Granddaughter! Whatever is the matter?" Zhuo asked as she approached.

"Urgh! That ugly beast I captured from those lowly jungle people!" She said with an annoyed grunt, stopping in front of her Grandfather. "King... Whatever his name was! Doesn't matter! He was no King!" She pointed down to her foot, showing off a small stain of what appeared to be male jizz on her shoe. "He couldn't even handle a little stimulation from me?! AND got my new boots all dirty!! Pathetic!" She ranted, stomping her feet as she looked at Zhuo. "All muscle but no stamina... And to think I was thinking about making him one of my play things..." She added bitterly but sounding very arrogant about it all.

"Darling... Are you meaning to tell me that you just killed the King of the Nanman Tribes?" Zhuo asked, looking at her. Knowing that now one of the few things he'd been using to trick Zhurong into offering up her body to him was now actually dead.

"...Yes. Yes I did, Grandfather." Bai admitted with a nod, and from her tone she clearly had no regrets about it either.

"...AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Zhou proudly laughed, turning to put his arm lovingly around her. Showing he couldn't care less about the fate of the now late husband of the woman he'd just been fucking. "That's my Granddaughter! Come now! Let's celebrate our latest victory over those lowly jungle tribes! I think a grand Imperial Feast is called for!" He decided, walking along with her.

"That sounds wonderful Grandfather!!" Bai grinned back with a skip in her step. "I think I... I think WE deserve it for all the hard work we're doing for all these ungrateful people!" She said, correcting herself as she smartly playing things sweet with her relative who is besotted with her. "One of these days all these peasants from the other Kingdoms will see things your way!"

"Oh they will my darling, they will..." Zhuo said, smirking sinisterly. "And if they don't? We'll crush them... Just like we've just done to the Nanman Tribes..."

* * *

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