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Starring: Dong Zhuo, Sun Shangxiang (all Dynasty Warriors series)

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal, exhib.

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La Part 8
An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

It was becoming clear that Dong Zhuo's hold on the Central Plains was not just unbreakable in the current Three Kingdoms, but it was slowly creeping. Officers and men turning their backs on Shu and Wu to side with the twisted warlord, as claims his lands were of plentiful gold, fine food and drink, and that women were subservient to men. Any previous attempts to attack his troops at the edges of disputed lands had led to humiliating defeats. Rumours even had it that seen in Zhou's Imperial Palace was the Two Qiaos who were both thought to have vanished or worse in a battle months before. Other whispers spoke of one of the sons of the God of War now being a loyal follower to the Prime Minister's grand daughter, just as Lu Bu was (if not more officers).

Wei's peace accord with Zhuo was strong, and neither would attack the other. However Zhuo rarely sent reinforcements to support Wei, meaning that when they were attacked Dong stayed in his own land of wine, women and song. Strategists of Wu reasoned that if they were to strike a peace deal with Zhuo, then they could fully focus on a campaign against Wei in the far north. Later, when the time came, they would deal with the tyrant. That way, they could strike Wei and not fear seeing the likes of the demon Lu Bu on the battlefield. The question was then, how could they possibly produce an offer that Zhuo would agree to. Land? Troops? Ships?

The answer was obvious. Give Zhuo want he loved more than anything else in the world. Another beautiful woman.

* * *

"...Say that again..." Dong Zhuo grinned, sitting back in his golden throne in the heart of his Imperial Palace. Already licking his lips as he looked down at the woman at the bottom of the steps.

"I... I will give myself to you, as your wife." Sun Shangxiang, the beautiful Princess of Wu, confirmed again with a slow (clearly worried) nod of the head. Dressed in the signature red of her family of an armoured, figure fitting dress that was open at the front to show off her nicely sized and rounded breasts, and tight at the back to hug to her hips. With gauntlets, boots with thigh-high stockings, and a golden tiara resting through her short, brunette hair. "In exchange... Your lands and the lands of Wu will leave in peace forever more." She stated, her eyes locked on the overweight, haggard-bearded overlord as she did not appear truly happy to be doing this. Yet was standing her ground for the sake of both her family and future of Wu.

"Hmmmm..." Zhuo thought it over as he looked her over. He got to enjoy this gorgeous woman all to himself, and didn't have to worry about Wu any more? That sounded like a good deal to him! He could let Wei deal with Wu, and if later one one of those two were weak enough? He could just squash them and take their lands. After all, what would this woman do to object to it if he broke the deal? As his wife, she should do as he said just like all women should! "Then I agree!" Dong said, standing up. "You shall be my wife, and... As long as Wu don't betray us and attack my lands first? I will honour this agreement and be at peace with them." He added, but with the kind of smile that was not completely trust worthy.

A sense of relief, in one form, washed over Shangxiang as she bowed respectfully. "Thank you, Lord Dong Zhuo. My father, and all of Wu, thanks you for this. I shall leave at once to inform him of..." She began to say.

"Leave? Stupid woman! You shall do no such thing!" Zhuo snapped as he waddled down the stairs. "I will send a messenger... Better yet! An envoy of my grand daughter to Wu to tell them of this joyous news! But you?" He stood in front of her, staring down with a leering gaze as he put a finger under her chin. Seeing her wide, worried eyes looking back. "My lovely wife... You aren't going anywhere..."

"W-What do you mean??" Sun questioned, already regretting to say the least agreeing to her family's peace plan.

"Well... I think we need to, what's the word... Consummate this marriage of ours..."

* * *

The next day...

A crowd had been made to gather in the central square of the Palace grounds. Peasants, merchants, officers and nobles alike in front of an arranged platform stage that looked down a few feet onto the people. On it, a raised curtain that hid from their view what was behind. Clearly something important from the guards around and in front of the stage.

"What's it going to be now? More taxes?" One peasant pondered.

"Shut your mouth? You want to be target practice for Lu Bu, talking like that?" Another snapped.

"Maybe it's more work for the women to do!" A third man said. "I'm real happy my wife does all the house work now!"

Before any more speculation could be done, one of the court ministers of Zhuo moved onto the platform with a scroll as he unrolled it to make the announcement. "People of the lands of the great, honourable, benevolent and humble Prime Minister Dong Zhuo! People of his Shangri-La! As of today, the Prime Minister is officially announcing a binding, legal and eternal marriage! He has granted the Princess of the Dynasty of Wu - Sun Shangxiang - the honour of becoming one of his wives! May she live happily forever more by his glorious side, until death should she part!"

With that, two men at the sides of the stage pulled ropes. Allowing the curtain to drop down and be pulled away. The crowd gasping in shock at not just that announcement, but what they were now witnessing on that stage.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm..." Sun Shangxiang herself, completely naked and on her knees with only her golden Wu tiara on, performing a blowjob on the obese, hideous warlord known as Dong Zhuo. He too only wearing his regal headpiece as he grinned, watching the gorgeous female slurp away on his cock with eager, willing bobs. Clearly having spent the previous night 'training' her just like the rest of his whores. Hence why she was happily moving her mouth up and down his fat and long cock as her hands rested on his thighs. The two of them side on to the crowd so every one from peasant to nobleman could witness this public sex act between the twisted Prime Minister and his new wife.

"Oh ho ho! Lady Shangxiang! Mmmmm... It appears we have an audience now!" Zhuo said with a dragging tone as he started down. Grinning as he watched her pretty face sliding back and forth along his pole. Moaning as he felt her tongue slapping up into his underside once in a while. Her soft lips staying nicely wrapped around his member as she serviced him. "You don't mind showing... Ahhhhh... All these people how much you love your husband, now do you?" He 'asked' but with that same cruel smile that showed already he did not expect her to object one bit to this all. His gaze switching from her mouth as she sucked his rod nicely deep into her oral hole before sliding back with a groan, to down at her lovely and rounded tits. Seeing how rock hard her nipples were already from just sucking off the man she before yesterday would never have looked twice at.

Lifting off with a gasp, Sun first spat down onto Zhuo's cock. Using her tongue to eagerly slide and slap around the tip of his manhood as she gazed up with lust in her eyes. "Mmmmm... I don't mind at all, my love..." She purred in cock-drunk fashion before she helped herself back to a taste of his meaty dick. Not caring at all at the shamefulness of doing such a lewd act in front of a crowd of complete strangers, let alone in public for all to see. A moan being muffled by his inches as she pushed down and started blowing at a quicker pace, making him groan out in approval in response. Her short hair swaying in time with the deep bobs of her head as she applied her saliva all over his tool.

"Look at her! That's Sun Shangxiang!" Someone in the crowd yelled as mumbles and whispers were spoken in the crowd.

"No way! She's a Princess, isn't she?" Another one questioned. "That's got to be some street whore up there!"

"No question, that's her! Look at that crown she's wearing!" One of the nobles at the side noted as he pointed. "Unmistakable, that's Wu! Our Prime Minister has claimed the Princess of Wu as his bride!"

"Mmmmmm yes! Be a good wife, Lady Shangxiang..." Zhuo mocked with a proud laugh, insulting the woman handling his cock with already clear experience as she slurped up and down on his rod. Her saliva dripping down to his balls amidst the jungle of pubic hair at his crotch. Her hands sliding rather lovingly, further showing how already broken she is, up his tubby thighs as she knees before him. "Ahhhhhh... MMMM!! Pleasure me well, and I might... Mmmmm! Just fuck you in front of all these people..." He added, as if she clearly needed any more bribes to suck him off like she's been doing since before that curtain dropped. Indeed already looking far from a prim and proper Princess, and more like a desperate slut with how she's slobbering all over this thick piece of man meat.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Gahhhhhhh!! Hmmmmphhhh... GAHHHH-HHHWWWLLLKK..." Hearing that however, it easily made her increase her efforts as she pushed that pretty face into his mess of pubes. Causing herself to choke as she takes in far too much cock than her not completely experienced mouth can handle. So lost in desires she never had before that she doesn't let the discomfort stop her from servicing her new husband. "GAHHHHH... MMMMM!! HHHHRRRRKK... GAHHHHHH!!" The saliva was spilling out the sides of her mouth as she gagged. Eyes closed as she tried to focus and bob as steadily as she could. The spit running down her chin and onto her own tits from the repeated chokes, let alone dripping off the fuck-stick she was working over. Letting the entire crowd witness her sucking cock of a man she was only supposed to marry for a piece deal between lands. Now she's being used like a rented whore as she sucks and gags on his big dick.

"MMMMM... That will do for now, my lovely wife..." Dong said, using a handful of her hair to forcefully pull her off from his cock. Leaving her gasping as she stared up. "Ready for your reward?"

"Yes! Yes please, my love! Lord Dong Zhuo!" Sun eagerly said with a smile, not even wiping away the spit on her chin. "How do you want me, my Lord?"

"On your back! Like a good wife should be!" Zhuo instructed (and insulted) as he let go of her hair and stood towering over her. Seeing how she was looking at his freshly sucked dick.

"Of course my love! Anything you want!" Shangxiang as she moved onto her back. Her shoulders just on the edge of the platform so her head was hanging off it. Already spreading her legs obediently wide for her husband. Letting him see how clearly wet she was down there.

"Bet all you peasants would love to do this!!" Zhou said, looking out to the crowd before he moved down between those long, smooth legs. Wasting no time as he pushed his cock into her wet snatch to make her moan loudly out. Those limbs them moving up, trying to wrap around his bulk but do to his massive size they just rested into him. Already her head tilting back in delight when delivered the first thrust into her. "MMMM... Too bad! She's my wife now... AHHHH... And I'll be the only man she'll ever be with from now on!" He boasted between his groans. His hands gripping the edge of the stage as he pumped his dick in and out of her box. Leaning over her to cast a shadow as he already saw her gorgeous body jolting in response to his pumps. Her hair swaying as it hanged down and breasts bouncing nicely as he fucked her for all of his people to witness.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM... Lord Dong Zhuo!! Oooooooooh!! You're so good!! MMMMM!!" The beautiful Princess of Wu cooed as she was taken. Her hands caressing his flabby warms as she willingly and happily let him ravage her snatch. Doing her 'duty' as the wife of the sex-crazed tyrant despite there not having been no doubt any proper, official wedding ceremony yet. That of no concern to her. "MMMMM... OH YES!! Ahhhhh!! Mmmmmm..." Only craving the cock she's now obviously addicted to as he sends it firmly in and out of her snatch. Her head just tilting up so she can stare in almost a trance up at his hideous facial features with a look of half-lust, and half-love for a man she could easily do far, far better than settling for.

"I-Incredible!" One officer in the crowd marvelled, sounding honestly impressed as he witnessed the sex on the stage above. "Lord Dong Zhuo is truly the master of his land!"

"I've never seen a Princess act like such a whore before!" A merchant said as, like others, he couldn't look away from this. "Are all women of Wu like this?"

"This is the same man who tamed Lu Bu's daughter! There's no woman alive who can resist our Lord!" The voice of a beggar shouted out, like he was praising the twisted warlord.

Truth be told, Zhuo wasn't really caring or listening to what his people had to say about this. He was making this all be about him. Showing them all not just that he could claim the stunning warrior officer as one of his wives, but he could do whatever he wanted to her now just for that reason. Including having her engage in shameless sex in broad daylight, for any eyes around to see. Exactly why he had a big, broad smile on his face as he dipped his member in and out of her tight, wet snatch. Just like he'd done no doubt all of last night and probably before this 'ceremony' too. Making sure, just like any other woman of the Three Kingdoms that he's claimed as his own, they were up to his standards of being a willing, ready set of holes for him.

"AHHHH... Th-They're watching us, my Lord!!" Shangxiang groaned as her head titled back. Giving her an upside down view of the mass of people down below at ground level as she was taken on top of the staging. While the people might now see the actual penetration of his shaft sliding in and out of her love tunnel thanks to his hulking stomach, they can easily tell she's being fucked. Seeing her tits jiggling as she rocks on the wooden surface of the stage as her hair sways in time with her body's motion. "MMMMM... He-Hello everyone! I'm Sun Shangxiang! AHHHHH!! Princess of Wu! MMMMM... And... OOOOOOOH!!" She tried to 'introduce' herself. As if just greeting these people she's never met before was perfectly fine while she was having her snatch stuffed full with fat cock at the same time. Her words cut off by her loud moans as she squirmed and rocked underneath the bulk of a beast she now had to call her husband.

"MMMMM!! Tell them! Tell my people who you are!" Dong ordered as he grinned down at his latest, and certainly one of if not the most high profile prizes yet. Loving the sight of her moaning away each time he either sent his cock straight down into her pussy or pulled a couple inches back before repeating the motion. Showing off his superior sexual ability which broke this once respected Princess of Wu. "AHHHHH... Don't be shy now my dear... MMMM!! Let them know... AHHHHH... How much you love me!!" He said between his sinful grunts, but making it sound like an order to her as he fucked her. Keeping his eyes locked onto his bride as he rams his dick down into her folds. Feeding her every thick inch of his shaft again and again to keep them both moaning out.

"AHHHHHH!! YESSSSSSSSSS... MMMM!! I d-do!! I love you, L-Lord Zhuo!!" The short haired beauty said as she deeply moaned out. Speaking the kinds of words she'd never have come up with prior to agreeing, for what was supposed to be for the sake of the people and future of Wu, to marry this overweight and ugly tyrant. Hey eyes wide, looking like she's in a trance from how good it is to be fucked by his meaty dick. Seeing the crowd below, but not focusing on them as her hands grip onto Dong's arms as her head hangs off the edge of the stage. "I'm his wife!! AHHHHH!! I'm Dong Zhuo's... UHHHH!! W-Wife!!" Sounding proud in amongst her deep lust as she groaned out again. Looking far from a talented battle officer she has been in the past. Now appearing more suited for life in a Brothel with not just how easily she's taking dick like this, but doing so with the most hideous man in all the land without any issue or shame.

"That's the way! Give it to her Lord Dong Zhuo!" A peasant yelled in encouragement, loving what he was seeing.

"I'm gonna go home and try that out with my house keeper after this!" One of the nobles openly said with a laugh.

"What a whore! No wonder Lord Dong Zhuo has the finest women in his Palace!" Another of the crowd said as he cheered the Prime Minister on. A sentiment that's loud throughout the not just completely male, but openly misogynistic crowd.

"MMMMM... Sounds like my people... Aren't tired of you yet, my lucky wife!" Zhuo stated as he pulled out of her snatch. Leaving her groaning from the empty feeling as moved up. "Lucky for you... As I'm not done with you yet either!" He informed his wife, not giving her a choice in the matter as she rolled her over onto her her front.

"Th-Thank you, my Lord..." Shangxiang said. Instinctively, and showing how broken in she truly was, getting to her hands and knees as she gripped the edge of the platform. Looking back as her 'love' got down behind her and shifted in close. "Please... U-Use your wife however you want to!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." The warlord grinned as he shoved his cock back into his horny wife, making her squeal out in delight as the first thrust once again made her head tilt back. Soon her body rocking forward as not so much the force of his pumps but the mass of his obese body colliding with hers sending her jolting briefly towards the watching audience. "MMMMM!! Your thoughtful husband... AHHHHH!! Will use your whore pussy like you deserve!" He said as he groaned himself. Insulting the woman he's getting to plunge his cock in and out of even without them being properly married. Just using her like he would any other of his women as he drives his dick into her slick tunnel from behind.

"AHHHHH YESSSSSS!! AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM..." Sun stared back over her shoulder at the man she's been mind broken by into just a cock-craving slut. A wide smile as she moaned out and happily took every balls deep thrust he had for her. Loving the feeling of her tightness being made to stretch and accept without question the biggest cock she's ever had. Now it'll be the only cock she ever takes. "Take me my Lord! AHHHHH... Fuck your wife!! F-FUCK ME!!" She begged as she groaned out. Her sizeable breasts swinging back and forth as her body rocks against his motion. Her golden tiara still resting in her hair - the only thing that's leaving her recognisable as the Princess of Wu she's supposed to be. Her cries and how she's taking this tyrant's fat cock making her looking more suited for this kind of action than being on a battlefield.

"Face forward! MMMM! Show my people how much you love me!!" Zhuo ordered with a twisted smirk as he used a hand to make her short haired head look forward. The crowd of his loyal subjects now able to again see her gorgeous face and more importantly the look of pure, filthy pleasure she had. Sweat starting to form over her facial features as strands of hair stuck to her. Of little concern for the beauty who kept herself in place on her hands and knees. More than willing (something she'd never have done before agreeing to a political marriage to benefit her family) to take this arrogant slob's cock into her soaking wet twat.

"Amazing! She loves it!" A soldier in the crowd stated at the sight of the Princess moaning away as she was taken from behind. "Truly this is how all women should be!"

"I hope Lord Dong Zhou doesn't claim my wife for himself!" Another peasant said. "I'd never get her back if she took this kind of sex!"

"Keep going my Lord! Take her!!" A blacksmith encouraged with a cheer. "Praise be to Lord Dong Zhuo!"

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Yes! YES!! YES YES AHHHHHH MMMMMM!!" Shangxiang moaned out before she gritted her teeth. Trying her best to do as her Lord and now husband demanded to let the watching crowd see her as she's fucked. A tough task as she suddenly started to cum all over his thrusting cock. Juices flowing out to coat his thick length as he plunged in balls deep over and over again. "UHHHHHH!! MMMMM... AHHHHH... MMMMMM..." She purred as her eyes slightly rolled up in delight. Getting no choice but to experience every sinful moment of the most powerful sexual high of her lift so far. Showing no shame at all in doing this sexual act not just our in the open, but with an audience of total strangers watching from below. Word of her fall from royalty to being another of the Prime Minister's sluts would surely spread before sundown back to her homeland. From the smile plastered to her face, she couldn't care less what anyone now, including her own family, thought about her new life as a 'wife'.

"MMMMM... Finished already?" Zhou just laughed at the feeling of her orgasming over his stiff and swift thrusts. Showing off his superior sexual ability by being able to last throughout the tightening of her snatch around his rod as she came. No doubt used to the feeling from 'training' her all through the night to make her a bride fitting for his twisted, sexually-driven court. "AHHHHH... I guess I'll have to teach you how to be a better wife! MMMMM FUCK... Don't want you being just like one of these common women these peasants settle for..." He further mocked her, even as he's clearly moaning out from how great it is to send his cock in and out of her dripping wet folds. Still making her rock forward as his bulking stomach smacked off her rounded ass every time he drove into her to the hilt with his big prick.

"F-Forgive me, my Lord..." Sun gasped when he pulled out of her snatch. "I... I swear! I'll be a better... Huh??" She gasped out in confusion when he then reached down and easily hauled her not just up, but off the ground completely. Making her lean back against his obese frame as he held her legs apart. Letting the entire crowd get a good look at her well-fucked, soaking wet pussy.

"You see this, all you dogs??" Dong boasted as he yelled at his subjects. "I did to her! She's mine! Just like all the women of this world are!" He said like it was just a clear, cold fact. "And I can do whatever I want to her! Just... Like... This!!"

Without much warning, Zhuo pushed his cock back into her. However, not into her snatch. Roughly, and with only her pussy juices as a form of lubricant, forcing his cock up into her tight asshole. Making Shangxiang scream out in a mix of pain but clear pleasure as he invaded the hole that she, until agreeing to become his bride, had never even thought once about offering up during sex. All she could do was stay in place and take it. Her hands fruitless reaching back to try and grab around his head for support as she felt his big dick forcing deep into her backside. Legs still wide so the whole crowd could witness this anal action along with her freshly pumped snatch. Grunts and moans escaping the beauty of Wu as she was impaled on the Prime Minister's dick without any way to even work her stunning body against him.

That was just what he was after as he moved his hands not just up her legs, but pulled them back so they pressed against her body to make her curl up. His hands crossing over her feet before holding onto the back of her short haired head. The position that in the future would be commonly known as the Full Nelson. It made her groan out deeply as her eyes lost focus and her mouth hung open. A primal grunt then escaping her when he began to fuck her ass like this. Completely dominating the already broken woman as trapped her in place, thrusting away up into her rounded and sexy ass. The kind action that only a (once) feared female officer of the Three Kingdoms could possibly take, even if clearly here and now she's barely thinking straight having to endure this anal pounding.

"How can she handle that??" A peasant yelled just above the rousing cheers and support the people were giving their Lord. "She's no Princess! She's lower than a back street whore!"

"Break her in half Lord Dong Zhuo! Show that Wu whore who the true leader is!!" The yell of support came from a different section of the crowd.

"I never knew women could take it in that hole! Truly, our Lord is the best at all things!" A different, but just as in-awe man chipped in as he yelled out.

"AHHHHHH!! AHHHHH... AHHHHHH!!" All Sun could do was groan and grunt out as the sweat dripped off her stunning, curled up body. Her tits jiggling against legs as they were pinned to her chest. Somehow her tiara still in her matted hair as the strands stuck to her face. Her eyes half-closed and while looking down at all the people below, she certainly wasn't focused on them any more. "UHHHHH!! AHHHHH... HHHHHNNNGGG!! AHHHHH..." The thrusts up were merciless and stiff. Ensuring that even with how well 'trained' she's been already, she would not be able to walk straight for more than a couple days after this public performance. Both her lower holes exposed to every set of watching eyes, but the main focus being her snug asshole getting rammed over and over by this warlord's long, fat cock.

"MMMMM!! Magnificent! This is... AHHHHH FUCK!! Exactly how a wife of mine should be!!" Zhuo grunted as he grinned wickedly. Slamming his manhood in and out of this Princess' backdoor like she was truly only just a set of holes for him to use, and in this case abuse, however he wanted to. Yet, she was willingly in this position (but not quite how she thought life as a wife of the Prime Minister would be). Letting her ass be fucked for his sinful pleasure as he kept her easily trapped in the Full Nelson. "AHHHHH... In fact! I think I'll make all the women... MMMM!! In my Shangri-La harem my wives! Why just make a whore like you... AHHHH!! Think you're special... When any of those whores can take this too!!" He mocked between grunts. Once again showing not even a moment of respect to this woman he's roughly to say the least fucking up the ass. Already thinking about the next beauty he'll be deep inside of even when this one is more than enough to make him sweat and moan.

Whether the words registered with her or not, this relentless pace finally took its toll on the Princess of Wu. Her body jolting on the dick slamming balls deep into her anal passage as she was forced to squirt without her snatch even being touched. Juices flying out from her pussy down onto the people below as peasants cheered and laughed, even drinking down the unexpected 'gift' of the taste of a woman far out of their league. By the time the burst of liquid finished, her eyes were closed and head slumped. Rendered unconscious by that powerful sexual high but the shame far from done. Drool escaping from her parted lips as her out of it body still rocked against the fat frame of her new husband as he drove into her ass a couple rounds more.

"MMMMM... Bwhahahahahaha!!" Dong loudly laughed as he finally pulled his dick out of her, leaving her asshole gaping from the invasion. "Finished again? You definitely can't be my only wife now!" He mocked the woman who he knew now couldn't even hear his insults. "A true ruler like me needs many women to satisfy me!" He bragged, letting go of the Full Nelson so he could dump her down to the floor. Having to reach down and pull her up by a handful of hair on the back of her head to get her into position to 'kneel'. "Witness this all you peasants! This is the fate of any woman I desire across these lands!" He yelled at the crowd as he used the free hand to stroke himself off.

There was only the soft rising of her chest to show there was still life in this completely fucked stunner. So Sun Shangxiang offered zero resistance, let alone how she didn't know her 'husband' was doing this to her, when he began to stain her face with his thick load. Not just that, but making sure to splatter cum across her golden Wu tiara to leave jizz dripping off of it and through her hair too. More shame for her to go with the shots left over her cheeks, nose and mouth so that by the time he was finally done it was falling off her facial features onto her tits from the vast amount. A massive load fitting for a public performance that left the watching crowd cheering at the lewd sight.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Zhuo just roared with laughter, turning the out of it Sun towards the crowd so they could see her cum-covered face as they applauded loudly. Leaving the spent tyrant grinning as he rudely just dumped his new bride down onto the stage. Standing over her as he soaked in the applause from the people he has living in fear of him. "This is my land! My world of wine, women and song! Me Shangri-La!!" He yelled out before letting out another long and loud chuckle. Not even looking once down at the woman he's made a wife of his, but clearly has no plans of honouring the original deal behind that political marriage.

"All hail Lord Dong Zhou!!" A peasant yelled out.

"Bring another whore out! Fuck someone else!!" Another called for.

"He puts me to shame! No wonder Lord Zhuo is go great!" A nobleman proudly said.

Soaking in the response, Zhuo finally turned and moved away from the still slumbering woman. Motioning to a couple guards as they came in to carry her by the arms, following the twisted warlord as he went down the stairs. As public performances went, that was one he'd have very fond memories for. For now, he had a wedding banquet to look forward to tonight. If his lovely bride wasn't able to be awake for it? Then he'd just pick another whore to take her place. After all, he now had several women as his wives to pick from now... And if others were lucky? He'd add new ones to as he took further control of this land.

* * *

"L-Lady Dong Bai?" A cautious court minister approached the throne of the cruel grand daughter of the Prime Minister.

"Urgh... What do you want?" Dong Bai said, rolling her eyes and being annoyed already. Even though all she is doing was sitting on top of the former officer of Shu, Guan Suo as he (only in a white underwear cloth) acted as a human seat for his Mistress. Beside him, Lu Bu stood similarly dressed. Holding a silver platter with fruits on, as she selected a grape to eat. "I've had a very busy day... Coming back from meeting those little Wu dogs and making them remember to care about me more than their wives my father is having fun with..." She claimed, as she popped the grape in her mouth to eat.

"My Lady... An envoy from Shu has arrived and seeks council with you." The minister explained.
"...And I should care, why?" Bai didn't even raise an eyebrow at the statement.

"The self-proclaimed Lord of Shu, Liu Bei wishes to speak with you. I... I believe his wishes to make you an offer... That is, of marriage."

"...Marriage?" She questioned, motioning for Bu to move aside as she stood up. "The man of boring virtue and peace? Wants to marry me?" She said as she moved down the steps, making the minister back of. "Hmmmm... He must want the same worthless deal my grand father got with that whore from Wu... Although..." A sly, wicked smile crept across her face. "It would be fun to see how much this man of honour could handle of me... Before I either broke him... Or took his little Kingdom for myself..." She reasoned, running her tongue over her upper teeth at the prospect. "...Send him in."

* * *

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