WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Bao Sanniang, Dong Bai, Dong Zhuo, Guan Suo (all Dynasty Warriors series)

Codes: Cons, MF, FemDom.

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La Part 7
An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

The cruel warlord of the Central Plains, the Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms, Dong Zhou continued to act as a tyrant almost unopposed by the other Dynasties of the land. Wei to the North, Shu to the West, and Wu to the South. His army far smaller than the others, but with loyalty and a seemingly growing number of powerful officers, headed by his own grand daughter Dong Bai and her own most obedient of warriors Lu Bu. However the rumours that the people of his land were heavily taxed and either though fear or beatings were forced into submission were well known. Wei, through their alliance with him and keeping face with the Emperor, turned a blind eye. Wu, with their own plans in mind for those central lands themselves, stayed back to build their own forces, and word had it ships.

Shu on the other hand made a stand. Attempting to liberate the people of their suffering as Liu Bei sought a land of peace and benevolence they struck out. Engaging Zhou's forces at the edge of the lands they both laid claim too, attempting to save the people. However, the attempt was a foolish one. Enraged by his tax collectors being attacked, Zhou ordered those villages 'spared' be burnt to the ground and revenge gained over those who dared to defy him. In the retreat, forces were scattered and two Shu officers were captured and taken back to Zhou's Imperial capital. One male, and one female. Both of them with varying levels of influence in political terms, and of differing use in the twisted Shangri-La Zhou was creating.

* * *

"Right there..." Dong Bai, the cruel grand daughter of the Prime Minister ordered as her guards forced the prisoner forward into the hallway. Dressed in her dark purple dress with black trim and stockings, with her silver hair in side buns with spiked head pieces to match those around the top of her boots. "Oh? This is one of the sons of the 'God of War'?" She mocked as the man was forced to his knees in front of her. "Didn't put much of a fight out there, did you? You must be a dumb one to oppose my wonderful grand father!"

"I oppose any tyrant who brings suffering to the land!" Guan Suo bravely said back as he looked up, despite his arms being chained behind his back. The young son of Guan Yu was not however in his traditional green attire. Further humiliation as a prisoner to only be allowed to wear the basic white cloth over his crotch of basic underwear as he was made to kneel. The two guards behind him with their weapons pointed at him. Making his nicely toned, suited to be a warrior body on display. "Such is the will of my father, and his sworn Brothers!" He proudly stated, despite his hopeless position.

"Oh? You believe so?" Bai just laughed coldly at this defiance, looking over the man as she licked her lips a little. Liking what she saw and thinking he would be much better suited to be one of her play things in her own growing roster of handsome men. "Guan Suo, isn't it? Well, I think you're just a dumb little mutt... Maybe you need the right Mistress to put you in your place." She said, sounding like she was making it a statement rather than an opinion. "Just like that little girl of yours now knows her place in my grand father's court..." She said in a deliberately mocking tone, looking away from him. Sowing seeds into the man in front of her as she clearly knew something was going on.

"Girl?? Bao??" Guan's eyes went wide, but when he tried to stand the guards used the poles of their weapons to keep him down. The shining ends of the spears reminding him of the losing fight he'd be in if he resisted. "Where is she?? What have you done to her??" He demanded, more than just concerned for the well-being of his wife.

"Me? Nothing!"Bai said as she took a step towards him. Making him grit his teeth as she used the tip of her boot on the base of his chin, making him stare up at her darkly grinning face. "My grand father on the other hand... Well... If you be a good little dog and follow me? I'll show you what good your so-called 'wife' is for now..."

"F-Fine! I'll follow!" Suo agreed, clearly less than comfortable by this situation but wise enough to follow along. "Just don't hurt her, I beg of you..."

"Beg? Oh... You'll beg alright boy..." She said with a wicked laugh as she pulled her foot away and turned around. A snap of her fingers making the guards haul him to his feet and ensure he followed behind her as they walked further into the palace. "Beg for me to be your new Mistress..." She whispered under her breath with a twisted smirk to match.

* * *

"AHHHHH!! Mmmmm... L-Lord Zhuo!! P-Please!! I... MMMMM!!" The moans of Bao Sanniang echoed around the master bedroom. The naked beauty of Shu, and wife of Guan Suo, laying on the sheets as her body shifted back and forth against the spacious bed. Her legs held wide apart by the tyrant Dong Zhuo as he grinned through his huge, messy beard as he stood at the edge of the bed. Thrusting his massive, thick cock in and out of the moaning woman's snatch. His overweight to say the least body a contrast to her stunning frame as her impressively large and rounded tits bounced away with every pump she took. From an outsider's perspective, it would look like these two had been lovers for years with how much she was yelling out her delight from taking his big dick.

Perhaps why at the doorway her husband Guan Suo could only stare in shock and horror. Watching another man claiming his woman and making her scream out in delight. All the bulk of Zhou preventing the actual sight of the series of smooth and swift strokes he was giving to Bao. It was still obvious what was happening as his obese body rocked forward towards hers, sending her in turn shifting back against the bed. Her arms right back behind her long haired head as she gripped the sheets for some kind of support. Eyes closed and mouth open as she moaned out in clearly shameless fashion.

"Oh dear!" Dong Bai giggled, standing beside the still stunned Suo as she watched her own grand father fuck another woman just a distance away. "Looks like your wife is just another of my grand father's whores!" She said in a very matter-of-fact tone as she turned to look at Suo. "All that effort you put in to try and help her escape from battle! Just for her to betray you and spread her legs for the man you tried to defy?" She let that sink in before she stepped up close to the captured man so she could whisper in his ear. "Such a shame a bitch like her doesn't understand... Loyalty..." She almost purred, as she let her hand roam down his toned body.

"I... I don't... I can't..." Suo tried to form words and reason for what he was seeing but found himself just stumbling as he couldn't rip his gaze from the sight before him. His wife, seemingly willingly, offering herself up to a hideous, fat man and loving every moment of it. Moans coming louder from her than anything he's heard from her before in their relationship. Her body arching off the bed in joy as her pussy was filled up in a swift and firm manner thanks to expert thrusting from the warlord. Ravaging the beauty who could hold her own in combat, but here and now looked more suited for being a whore in a Brothel than fighting on the battlefield.

Guan soon gasped when Bai, without invitation, snatched away his underwear cloth with a single tug. Exposing a cock that, while decently sized, was nowhere near Zhuo's vast and fat size. He was also already hardening, something that kept Bai grinning. "Ooooooh! Getting off on watching your wife whore herself out? Dirty dog..." She mocked as she gripped his pole. Starting to quickly stroke his size, causing Suo to groan as he still couldn't stop watching the love of his life being taken by another man. "Mmmmm... Such a shame you settled for such an unworthy woman... Now if you were smart and served me? I could make you feel really... Really good..." She seductively said again into his ear as she jerked him off. Making him moan as he stood. Easily pulling the strings of the man in his shell-shocked state to take advantage of him as she gave a quick, rough handjob to make him rock hard.

"F-Feel good??" Suo questioned with a gasp as he stared and watched his wife squirm and shake as she lay in the sheets. Her breasts bouncing away with every deep pump she happily took as a shine of sweat made her gorgeous body even more beautiful than she already was. A stimulating, if not so wrong, sight enough. But it was the hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him off with clear skill that was further clouding his thoughts. "It... Ahhhhhh! D-Does feel good..." He admitted with a hint of shame. His mind torn from this pleasure and the clearly wrong sight of his wife being fucked by another man just a distance away. Soon his eyes finally looking away from ahead of him to down at his crotch. Gritting his teeth as for the first time since marriage, another woman's hand other than his wife was working over his member.

Bai just laughed, seeing how already too easy this was to play with the handsome officer of Shu. "I can make it a lot better, little dog... Just be a good play thing, and listen to Mistress..." She instructed as she used her free hand to turn his head. Making him stare now at her gorgeous, smirking face while she stroked away. Making him moan again as she pumped stiffly and smoothly along his sizeable enough cock. The conflict in his eyes of how wrong this all was, yet how good it did feel to get this handjob from the Prime Minister's grand daughter, just as delicious to her (if not even more) than his own attractive body.

Across the room, Zhou and his latest prize in his growing harem of female officers had not even noticed the others watching from the doorway. Caught up in their own sinful act as Zhuo kept his grip on Sanniang's legs at the ankles. Keeping her legs spread wide for the ease of access into her wet and tight snatch. Obviously, she was used to taking a smaller and less thicker dick into her love tunnel but had been given a crash course in being used to a balls deep invasion from a massive weapon. His bulking gut hiding the sight, but the slap of his crotch connecting with her pussy sounding out along with their cries to show he was feeding every inch into the beauty who should not be enjoying cheating on her man as much as she clearly is.

"Lady Sanniang! You seem to be... MMMM... Enjoying yourself greatly!" Zhou said with a deep chuckle as he pulled his cock out of that already well fucked pussy. Noticing the groan she let out when he did so. "I assume that you're happy now you agreed to serve in my court?"

"Mmmmm... Y-Yes, Lord Dong Zhuo..." Bao said with a sultry groan as she stared up at him. Hey eyes with so much desire in them she didn't appear now to be a woman married to someone else. Certainly not this cruel, sex-addicted warlord.

"Then let us continue!" He stated, helping himself to turn her over on the bed. Bringing her hips up so she was on her hands and knees in front of him.

"Yes! Please!!" She begged, looking back at her new master. Unaware still that her actual husband was just a short distance away, having watched her cheat on him. "I... I need more!"

"I do love a good whore who knows what she needs..." Zhou said in a very back handed manner with a sick smile to match. More than happy to give her that, especially since it meant he got plenty of pleasure from it too. Pushing his cock straight back into Bao's wet, hot pussy and making them both moan out as he began taking her from behind. His clammy hands soon grabbing on her cutely rounded hips and the bottom of his stomach resting on the top of her backside. It only took a few groaning pumps before once more he was filling up her vaginal tunnel with his member. Not so much the force of that motion, but his sheer size connecting with hers making her rock back and forth against the pumps.

"AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Ooooooooooooooh yes!! Lord Zhou!!" She moaned out with not just the words, but a horny tone of a woman not acting like she was happily married to another man. Her large tits swaying back and forth underneath her as she stayed up in this doggy style position. A big smile on Sanniang's face as she stared back at the man who any normal thinking female would be repulsed by. "MMMMM!! Don't stop, my Lord!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM... Give it to me! Please!!" Yet here she was, loving every thrusting moment of this sexual action. Her wet snatch getting stuffed full more than she's ever gotten in her life. Hands once more gripping the lavish sheets of the extra large bed as she took this pumping without any objection. Not noticing at all the audience watching this all happen from the doorway as she begged for more of Zhuo's big, fat cock.

"MMMMM... For a land of so called peace and harmony... AHHHH... Shu certainly breeds some fine whores!" Zhuo said with a laugh. Showing no respect to the woman he was currently buried to the hilt inside of as he worked his shaft in and out of her slick but tight pussy from behind. Making her ass cheeks ripple when his overweight frame collided with her to send her rocking forward. His hold on her ensuring she staying straight in front of him so he could keep on driving his dick into his newest claim for his own misogynistic paradise. "Ahhhhh... Bet you're glad... MMMMM!! You'll be leaving that place behind... To be one of my personal sex slaves!" He added between his own shameless groans of pleasure. Loving the feeling of how snug her twat was all around his tool even after what was clearly an extensive round of fucking long before the 'guests' watching this all happen arrived. Zhuo only now starting to sweat a little compared to the coating all across Bao's stunning body.

"AHHHHH... L-Lady Bai! T-This... This feels... MMMMM..." Across the way there was a separate sexual encounter going on. Guan Suo now sitting against the bedroom wall on the floor. Legs spread and eyes closed as he moaned out. Already wrapped around the finger of Dong Bai as she used her actual hand to rapidly stroke his cock up and down. Pumping away briskly with the kind of rapid pace that would easily finish off any rank-and-file soldier. Pinned in place as her other hand was on his toned chest to keep him there. Bai still fully clothed compared to his naked state, which added to the humiliation as she easily reduced him to a moaning mess as he sat. Just using her hand to dominate his nicely sized cock with stroke after hard, gripping stroke.

"Mmmmm yes, good little dog... Moan for your Mistress..." Bai grinned as she jerked away at his shaft. Her hand moving all the way up and down the rod of the man she was looking already on the way to making one of her own personal play things. Her body close to his so she could hear every moan he let out from her hand work. Knowing full well her grand father was fucking this man's wife just a few feet away from them. Her focus was on manipulating this hunk's conflicted mind. Using those well practised strokes to make him be lost in pleasure. Easy picking for him to only see her now instead of the wife he's supposed to be caring about. Leaning in to capture his earlobe in her teeth. Causing him to gasp as he gave his dick a squeeze and a twisting grind around the base. Before going straight back to the rapid pumps and flicking her tongue out at the bitten ear to make him groan in pleasure. His war looking already lost to her skilled actions.

Back across, the sweat dripped off of Sanniang's body as the female officer of Shu groaned out. Her body rocking sharply forward then smoothly back as she took the big dick of a man she's supposed to be fighting against from behind. Each motion making her groan out equally in sinful delight. Whether it was getting stuffed full to the limit when Zhuo pumped into her, or when he pulled a few inches back from her in order to slam back home into his new property. Every motion keeping that wide, twisted smile on his hideous face as he got to enjoy sex with a woman who, if she still had her right mind, wouldn't look at him twice unless it was to strike with an attack.

"UHHHHH!! YES!! MMMMM... Lord Dong Zhuo's cock!! MMMMM!! S-So good..." Bao moaned out. Her arms startling to slip as the pleasure was further overwhelming her and sapping her strength. His grip on her slim hips keeping that part of her body raised up so even as her face touched the sheets her ass was still raised up. Ensuring she still got the action she was lustfully, and without shame now, begging for. Her pussy dripping wet but still tight around his fat pole as he fed her it over and over again. "MMMMM!! AHHHHH FUCK!! YESSSSSSSSS... AHHHHH!!" She gasped. Her tits jiggling as they brushed against the now stained with sweat bedsheets she was being fucked on. The stimulation from her rock hard nipples against the expensive, but now perhaps ruined, material just added to her pleasure. The main focus of course was her snatch. Stuffed deeper and fuller than any time she'd had action with her actual husband before. Yet moaning out here like this cruel warlord was the only lover she'd ever need now to further show how far removed she is compared to the warrior officer she was before meeting him.

The action wasn't just contained to the bed, however. "Mmmmm!! What's this? Call this fucking??" Dong Bai snapped as she bounced her still dress-clad body up and down on her newfound toy's cock. Still keeping him sat against the wall but mounted on his lap, having gone from jerking him off to riding him. Insulting him even as she fucks his cock and makes him moan out. Her hands on the sides of his handsome face to make sure she stared up at him. Making it clear that she was the one giving him already the best sex of his life. "Fuck me damn it! Mmmm... Prove yourself worthy of being one of my pets!" She demanded and her voice, even between her moans, was making it sound like a threat. Her own large chest bouncing under her clothing as she worked her body up and down on his nicely long cock. Easily making him moan as he felt her tight, slick pussy working like a dream up and down his rod.

"AHHHHH... Yes Lady Bai! MMMMM!! I-I'll prove myself!!" Suo vowed as he did his best to thrust his hips upward to send his cock into the pussy of his new Mistress. Managing to match her timing so when she dropped down with a sinful smack into his nicely muscular body, he was able to thrust up. Every inch of his length fitting inside of the cruel beauty who has managed (with the help of the sight of her grand father fucking his wife) to break this man mentally to serve him. "UHHHH... I will prove myself, my Lady! AHHHHH... I'll prove myself!" He groaned, sounding like he was in a trance. Impressively able to pump up into this wickedly riding woman, despite his arms still being chained behind his back as she rides him. A smack of his crotch connecting with her body barely being heard over both their moans. Never mind the other sexual encounter going on in the room that Bai was very well aware of, but Suo had already forgotten about. Focused now on pleasing this new woman instead of the wife he should be caring about.

"MMMMM... Yes you lowly dog! Please me! MMMM... Prove yourself!!" Bai continued to demand as she grinned down at her newest conquest. Stands of her bright white hair swaying in time with the bouncing her body was doing. Showing off her own sexual skill as she rode his pumping cock in quick, commanding fashion. All while still with her clothing on, just underwear pulled to the sides underneath so she could fit all his cock up into her slick tunnel. "MMMM... If you don't please me... Ahhhhhhh... I swear, your punishment will be worse than death!!" She made a promise of her own, and with a sick grin to match. Knowing this man was disposable to her as any of her other play things were. For now, she was more than happy to take the husband of another woman as her own property. Bouncing away as she moaned, but not letting Suo think he was actually satisfying her yet - despite the clear reality of her cries showing he was already more than doing that.

Back across the master bedroom, there was riding going on too. "AHHHHH MMMMM!! YES MY L-LORD!! AHHHHHH!!" Bao almost was screaming out now as she was mounted on top of Zhuo's massive cock. Bouncing away at a quick and lustful pace like it was second nature to her. Hands resting on the huge bulge of the warlord's stomach so that his view was just of the top half of her body. Shifting up before dropping down onto his crotch as she stuffed herself full with the fat dick she was now already not just used to, but addicted to. Her shameful display even worse considering her husband was only a short distance away, but here she was willingly riding another man. Her rounded tits shaking with every up or down motion she delivered as her long hair swayed behind her from the intense effort she was using to fuck her new master's shaft.

"MMMMM... That's the spirit Bao! Show me... AHHHHH... What a useful whore you'll be to me!" The wicked Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms said as he moaned. Resting his hand back in his hands as he watched the beauty from Shu raise and lower herself on his dick. Even though he could, he refused to even thrust up once into this stunner as she bounced away like this was her destiny to do. Making her do all the work to give him the pleasure he believed any and every woman should give him. "MMMMM... A girl looking like you? You're far more suited for this... AHHHHH... Than being a warrior... Don't you think?" He said mockingly and with a fitting snigger. Not even showing her a bit of respect considering she's gone from being a loving wife and a respected fighter to not just another of his sex-craving sluts. Just caring about the top notch pleasure he's getting from feeling her tight, wet snatch all around his member as she bounces away again and again on his huge, fat length.

"AHHHHHH... YES! YES!! L-LORD ZHUO!! LOOOOOOORD ZHUOOOOOOOO MMMMMM!!" She squealed out as she rode herself not just silly, but straight into a powerful orgasm as she fucked her snatch balls deep with his dick. A wide, cock-drunk smile plastered on her face as her tongue shamefully hung out the corner of her mouth, with her eyes rolled back and upward for good measure. Her snatch releasing juices to flood down over his thick prick and further to his crotch as her body more on instinct continued to bounce away. Allowing her to feel every moment of a sexual high that, if she could even remember the marriage she's actually still in, she never got from the man she's married to. Just as well, since the overweight tyrant she slumps onto didn't once pump into her. Smirking as he only cares for his own pleasure, and not about her in any shape or form.

"MMMMM... Come on boy! Don't let... Ahhhhh! Your Lady down now!" Bai laughed as she stood with her back against the door frame with one leg raised up and hiking her skirt up. Allowing Guan Suo, as the sweat dripped off his handsome body, to quickly and stiffly thrust his cock in and out of her wet snatch. "More! MMMM!! If you don't please me... AHHHHH!! I'll never forgive you for it! You don't want that now... MMMM... Do you??" She said tauntingly as she continued the mental manipulation of the once proud officer of Shu. Loving the sight of this young hunk being so desperate to please her, despite not just how wrong this all should be for him, but with his arms still bound behind his back. So it's only his hip movement to send his dick in and out of her pussy that's making her moan out - even if she's claiming falsely that it isn't enough to satisfy her.

"AHHHHH... I will please you! MMMMM!! I will, Lady Bai!!" Suo grunted as the sweat dripped down his youthful, attractive face. The smack of his crotch meeting the base of her pussy slapping out when he drove up into her. Impressing with this kind of pace and speed even without the use of his hands as he gave her the kind of action that truthfully before today he never knew he was capable of. "UHHHH... I'd... MMMM!! Rather die! Than let you down, my Lady!!" He said with a groan. Sounding like he was making a promise to this cruel female, despite the fact he was actually happily married to another woman. It didn't look like it here from how swiftly his was sliding his shaft in and out of her soaking snatch. Making them both moan out from this more than just sinful encounter that was going on alongside this beauty's grand father fucking this man's wife just a distance away.

Hearing that promise made Dong Bai laugh proudly at how she'd broken this once proud, honourable warrior into her newest living sex toy. That fact being what actually sent her over the edge so she came all over that pumping dick. Licking her lips as she let him continue to thrust in and out of her box, but not telling him that he had already more than done enough. Knowing that he was so lost in this new obedient mind-set he couldn't tell the obvious from the flow of her fluids down his pole that he'd gotten her off. She was more than happy to let him continue 'proving' himself until she was bored of him. After all, he was just one of her many pets... And likely one of just more to come.

Just across the room, Bao had been pulled off the bed down to her knees in front of the tubby warlord as he stroked his throbbing cock. A grin on Zhuo's bearded face as he groaned out. Soon plastering the pretty face of the beauty from Shu with his thick, hot seed. Making her groan and smile as she, like an already well trained whore, just sat and took his load. His jizz splashing not just across her cheeks, nose, mouth and chin, but catching into her hair over her forehead and at the sides of her face. Matting through it so even a long steam bath might not be enough to clean up the mess he was making over her. Not stopping his strokes until he was starting to go limp in his grasp. Allowing him to wipe the last drops onto the top of her nose for good measure to leave the face of another man's wife covered with his cum. Just cementing her new place as one of his whores.

Meanwhile in the corridor just outside the master bedroom Dong Bai was grinning herself. Pinning Guan Suo with a hand so those chain-bound arms were against the wall. Her free one wildly stroking the sweat-coated hunk's pulsing cock as she stared down at his manhood. Letting out a wicked laugh as she forced the married man to orgasm. His impressively sized load spraying out down onto the floor so not even onto a part of her still clothed body. Making him moan as he stared up at the ceiling in delight for a sexual high he won't likely forget. Even if by now he's long forgotten about the wife he actually has, so controlled he's become by the wicked plan of this silver haired stunner.

"Hmmmm... I suppose that will do." Bai lied, still acting like all of this wasn't enough for her. "Next time? You will have to do better to please me!" She told him, using a finger on the hand that had just been jerking him off to make her look to him.

"I... Forgive me, m-my Lady..." Guan said submissively. "Next time... I will not fail you." He said between gasps as his chest heaved for air.

"You'd better! You don't want to make me sad now, do you?" She teased as she turned away. Not letting him see with cruel smirk she now had, knowing she'd conquered this man and made him another of her play things to use and fuck however she wanted to. "Come on! Let's go get you washed up, my little dog... I think I might let you play with me again before the day is over." She said over her shoulder. Snapping her fingers, but before the guards who had been standing by, and sporting hard-ons in their clothing, could react Suo was already moving. Obediently following his new Mistress so the guards just could only follow behind as they were no longer needed to keep the broken, bound and naked man in check.

Back inside the room, Dong Zhuo laughed as he sat on the edge of his bed. Watching as Bao hungrily licked at his cock to give him a good cleaning up, even with her face covered in cum. "So Lady Sanniang? Remember our deal?" He said, looking down at his newest whore. "That if you served me, that I would let your husband go from my prison? I've changed my mind." He said with a wicked grin, showing he had no intentions of honouring their deal at all. "I'll let him stay as a prisoner of my court. Is that acceptable?"

"Mmmm... Husband?" Bao mumbled as she gave his cock, as it started to harden again, another round of licks. "What husband, my Lord?" She asked, looking up. So fucked senseless that she's forgotten about the man she was trying to save in her husband by agreeing to fuck this tyrant.

Hearing that, he just laughed long, loud and proudly at what he'd made this woman become. Just another whore to add to his ever-growing land of wine, women and song. Still, maybe he'd find some use for that prisoner husband soon enough. Perhaps his wonderful grand daughter could make him one of her 'play things' she's always wanting more of?

For now though, he'd enjoy another round with this beauty of Shu. He'd already claimed and taken women aligned with Wei, Wu and now Shu along with a couple 'others' too. For any other man, that would be more than enough. For him? It was still just a small step into creating his Shangri-La. He was far from finished yet, and he'd happily crush any Kingdom foolish enough to get between him and that warped dream of his.

* * *

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