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Starring: Zhenji(Dynasty Warriors series), Dong Zhuo (Dynasty Warriors series)

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La Part 4
An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

The turmoil continued through-out the lands. Wu to the south gathering power, while Wei controlled the north. Rumours that to the east a fledgling kingdom was trying to form as well. The central lands to west saw a struggle of power as rival factions looked to seize control. Three specific groups - forces led by the self-proclaimed Emperor Yuan Shu, those by the nobleman Yuan Shao, and the cruel Prime Minister Dong Zhuo whose influence seemed to grow since successfully defying an assassination attempt. Despite the complaints about the growing injustice and inequality in Zhuo's territory. A deadlock that seemed no one could break, especially with many laying their own claims to land and positions of power.

Upon hearing however that Yuan Shu's claim was through holding the Imperial Seal, Dong Zhuo's forces mobilised. This, in turn triggered Yuan Shao's forces to move as the nobleman, blinded by his own ego, assumed that he could himself lead his men without aid from others to defeat with the previous alliance could not. Eliminate Dong Zhuo. What he, nor Yuan Shu, or anyone else could have predicted, was that Dong Zhuo's forces has a secret, powerful weapon.

Lu Bu. The strongest warrior in the land, once thought to have been killed after the failure to kill Dong Zhuo was now serving the Prime Minister as an officer of his army. Word spreading that Zhuo's granddaughter Dong Bai was in charge of the attacking forces, and thus commanding Bu. How did the once mighty warrior now only take his orders from such a cruel woman? Forces were sent into panic either fleeing or surrendering to Dong Zhuo's forces. Not all that surrendered were spared, but many were and all willingly submitted and joined the growing army of the warlord.

The centre of the central lands soon fell completely under Dong Zhuo's rule. Yuan Shu was slain without ceremony. Word being Lu Bu did all the work, but dragged the near lifeless man to his Mistress so she could deliver the final blow. Before Bai happily delivered the Seal as a gift to her grandfather. Yuan Shao, for daring to assemble the initial alliance that tried to defeat him in the first place, along with his sons, was specifically captured and taken to Zhuo's Imperial Palace for a public execution. Among those captured included a certain wife of Shao's second son...

* * *

"And who might you be?" Dong Zhuo questioned with a toothy smile as he looked over the woman being paraded in front of him. Sat in his usual regal attire, on his golden throne inside of his Imperial Palace. His hand holding the sacred Imperial Seal, the means by which a man could lay claim to being the Emperor of the land.

"My name... Is Zhenji." The dark haired woman responded. A cold look cast across at the man who was responsible for her capture. "My husband is Yuan Xi, the second son of Yuan Shao." She stated. An emotionless expression as she tried her best to remain composed despite having her arms tied behind her back. Her clothing was yellow based to match her standing with Shao's forces. A long dress that hugged her lovely figure nicely, open at the front to show off very long leggings that had criss cross pattern running up the legs to the ankles where her short, heeled shoes were. The top of her dress was open, showing off sultry cleavage from the corset-like part. A crown-like headpiece helping to keep the long ponytail of her hair in place.

"Ha!" Zhuo laughed as he stood up. "A woman like you? Married to a runt of that peasant pretending to be a nobleman?" He mocked as he approached her. "You're too good for the likes of that! No, instead? I shall keep you for myself!" He decided as he openly eyed her up with approval. "Get you out of that awful yellow for a start... It's certainly not the colour for you."

"You will do what??!" Zhenji questioned with narrow eyes, appearing dismayed by the statement. "I am a married woman! Such a thing is out of the question!"

"You will not be married for much longer!" Dong announced with a sinister chuckle. "Your husband... Your brothers-in-law... And your father-in-law will all be executed in public in a short while!" He informed her without any concern. "In fact... I think I'll make you watch as your marriage is killed off, as your husband is! Then there's nothing stopping you from serving me as one of my women!"

"You... You would do such a thing?" Zhenji questioned, her tone turning from that cold one to a rather more curious one. "To make a poor wife watch her husband... Her family... Being killed in front of her, while she could do nothing about it?" She asked, as she looked over the warlord with a suddenly already approving look.

"Yes I will, and I shall." Zhuo confirmed, still smiling as he noticed the change in this woman before him.

"That... That is absolutely... Cruel..." She said, as a small, dark smirk appeared on her gorgeous face.

"Oh? And is that to your liking?" Dong said, pushing the buttons as he noticed how she seemed to like the sounds of this.

"...Prove it." She challenged as she looked him over. "Prove I was wrong to marry that man... Prove that I should serve you instead. Kill him." She said, with almost a demanding tone as she locked eyes with him. "Kill my husband. My father-in-law. All of them! Then? Then I will serve you... Dong Zhuo."

"Guards! Order the prisoners for execution to be brought to the central square, now!" Zhuo ordered, and with nods guards rushed off to the cells. Her turned back to his captive 'guest' with another smile. "It appears you have a taste for the cruel, Lady Zhenji..." He noted as he stepped close to her.

"A taste?" She replied, letting out a short but wicked laugh. "I have... An addiction for it... My Lord..."

* * *

Five minutes after the executions...

Dong Zhuo let out a long, proud and cruel laugh as he sat on the edge of his wide bed in his chambers. The bed high with it's posts and wide to accommodate not just his bulky size but for other women to rest with him. Tables by the beds with gourds and bottles of not just wine, along with candles and oil burners for the occasion. He was naked and grinning as he watched the also nude Zhenji kneel between his legs. Her hands stroking rapidly up his long and fat cock as she stared with wonder and desire at his size. Her rounded ass and ripe breasts on full display as she pumped his length. Already caring not for her late (of only a few minutes) husband as she willingly stroked her new Lord and Master.

"Lord Zhuo... Such a wonderful cock!" Zhenji purred as she stared up at the ugly, obese man she was pumping. Leaning in to plant a kiss on the tip of his bell-end before tracing down the side of his shaft before back to stroking him off. "Mmmm... I can smell the sin off this cock already... It feels delicious!" She said with a wicked smile before she moved back in. Promptly taking the crown between her full lips with a groan as she sunk down. Keeping her eyes locked up at him as she started to push her mouth down onto his pole. Clearly turned on my the cruelty she'd just witnessed against her former family as she starts to bob her dark haired head along this manhood.

"Ahhhhh... I'm most impressed Lady Zhenji!" Zhuo grinned as he watched her start to slurp along his member. Easily making him groan as she worked over the top half of his rod with her nicely damp and soothing mouth. Her hand still working over the bottom portion to brush through the mass of pubic hair around his crotch. "Mmmmm... To so quickly fit into your role as one of my sex slaves? Mmmmm... If only all women could be like you!" He praised in a very back-handed manner. Clearly only caring about how she could serve his needs than her own thoughts and feelings. Moaning again as her lips slid upward to just at the head before she pushed back down smoothly to just meet her stroking palm before she repeated the motion.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." She moaned around his member. Still gazing up with desire despite having sided with forces who opposed him. Now happily, and with a purpose, sucking him off as she showed impressive skill to take his inches deeply inside her talented mouth. Not making it look like she wasn't used to this kind of length and thickness, despite this being the biggest cock she's had to take in her life. His dirty words further encouraging her as her hands moved from off his pole to rest on his bulging belly. Using only her sinful mouth to service him as she slurped away. Saliva starting to seep out past her lips as she pushed her head down further onto his fuck-stick.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... You were most certainly wasted being just a wife to some scum son of that coward Shao!" Dong stated, further insulting the members of her family-by-marriage that he'd just had executed while she sucks away eagerly on his big cock. His hand gripping her dark hair as she slides further down onto his man-meat to keep him moaning. Clearly approving of the oral talents of this former noblewoman. "Mmmmm!! A life as a cock sucker... As some holes for me to use when I feel like it... That's a far more useful purpose for you Zhenji!" He stated before letting out another shameless laugh at his own plans. Making it fully clear she's nothing but another whore to him. Despite how she's deeply and willingly sucking him off right now as her saliva coats all of his fat inches, dripping down into her crotch and onto his balls for good measure.

"Mmmmmm!! Mmmmmm..." She let out a muffled moan around his rod at those words. Acting rather devoid of self-worth and honour herself as her cruel desires made that sound like a wonderful idea to live her life out. Rewarding her new Master for it by pushing her face right down onto his cock. Making herself gag when his inches got stuffed into her previously untested throat - another sign her now dead husband couldn't possibly match this massive size. "HHHHHLLLKKK!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMPPPHHH!!" With closed eyes she kept her gorgeous face pressed against the jungle of pubes for a long moment. Shivering herself with excitement at hearing the moans from the man she was deep throating. Before raising up with a groan as she went back to the bobbing. Eyes again locked up at the man she was now serving in more ways than one. The lust clear in those cold eyes as her hands slid across his stomach in contrastingly tender fashion to her usual attitude.

"Mmmmm... So I take it you're agreeing to this arrangement?" Dong said with a big, proud smile. Seeing clearly how sinfully this only recently widowed woman is acting to him now. "To be one of my whores?"

"Mmmmm..." Zhenji groaned as she lifted off of his cock. Spitting a thick wad down onto his crown before she smirked up at him. "Absolutely Lord Dong Zhuo..." She confirmed seductively before using her tongue to swirl that saliva around the crown. "I serve only you now... I am your whore, to use as you wish..."

"Excellent!" He said, letting go of her hair as he shifted back, laying onto his lavish bed with that cock pointing upward. "Then show me what use you are to me!" He ordered, as he rested back in a far to casual manner for someone who had just had her husband and family killed several minutes ago.

"With pleasure my Lord!" She said with almost twisted glee as she climbed up. Mounting his lap as she reached down, guiding his member into her already tellingly wet pussy. Making them both groan as the tip brushed over her folds before she lowered down.

"MMMM Yes! Oooooooh fuck!!" Zhenji gasped out with a wide smile of her own. Feeling her tight pussy being forced to spread and accept this huge cock. Another sure sign her late husband was not even close to matching this kind of size. She quickly got used to the feeling as she started to move her stunning body onto her new lover and Master's dick. Shifting herself upward until a couple inches were inside before dropping firmly down with a groan. "MMMMM... Lord Zhuo!! You're so big!! Mmmmm... I can't believe I wasted my time... AHHHH... With that pathetic man I married!" She said lustfully. Licking her lips as she let her hands roam across that flabby gut of his as she bounced herself up and down on his rod. Moaning away without any hint of shame, let alone sadness for the dead family she was betraying by willingly being a whore to this twisted warlord.

"Mmmmm!! Aren't you glad that I'm such a... Mmmmm!! Good ruler to allow you this honour?" Zhuo said mockingly as he watched her ride smoothly on his member. Loving the tight and wet feeling all around his cock. Knowing himself he'd made another wise choice to add this woman to his growing personal harem of sluts from across The Three Kingdoms. Another display of both his arrogance and his power as he made her do all the work for him. Watching her frame rise and fall as she worked off his member with that sinful eagerness that he certainly approved of. Getting a great view of her sizeable chest bouncing in time with the motion of her stunning body as he gazed across.

"MMMMM!! Ooooooooh FUCK!! Yes you are!! MMMM... Such a good... AHHHH!! Wonderful Lord!" She praised him as she rode his member. Her eyes narrowing with desire as she took his stiffness in and out of her wet snatch at a steady pace. Her ponytail hair swaying with the motion as she worked her pussy further down onto his rod each time she let gravity aid with pleasing and pleasuring her new Master. "AHHHHH SHIT... I only... MMMM!! Regret... MMMM... Not being able to slay that scum myself... OOOOOOOOH MMMM... In order to serve you!" She said with a wicked smile and a rather obsessive look in her eyes at that thought, before she moaned out again as her twat approached his crotch to further fill up her tight tunnel. The idea of cruelty and moral corruption being to her liking, turning her on just as much as the feeling itself of her snatch being filled up far more than she's ever felt before in all her days.

"Ha! If that's what you want... MMMMM!!" The self-proclaimed Prime Minister said before he cut himself off with a groan. Watching this already willing and seemingly broken beauty acting like such a wild whore on his cock. Her bounces quickening as the slapping sound of her crotch connecting off of his began ringing out alongside their moans. "I'll make sure to have prisoners for you to kill! There's no shortage... Ahhhhhh! Of peasant scum worthy of punishment!" He decided with a chuckle, finding the idea of the woman bouncing away on his dick without any shame also being a handy means of dealing out punishment quite amusing. If it serves to keep her giving him this kind of great pleasure, then it's an easy price to pay to ensure he gets the best out of this sin-craving stunner and her soaking wet snatch.

"MMMMM!! Yes my Lord! AHHHH!! Thank you my Lord!! MMMMMM YES!!" She loudly moaned out. Those cruel thoughts and visions flooding her mind as she grinned and swiftly road him Losing her mind already and perhaps any shred of real humanity she had in her before today. Submitting to her once held back desires, as well as to this sick warlord who just lay back to watch her bounce and bounce again onto his rod. So much so that as she bottomed out and took him in to the hilt, Zhenji brought herself to a sudden but loud orgasm. "MMMMM!! So... MMMMM... So cruel!! AHHHHHH!!" Juices flowing out over Zhuo's cock as she rode her way through a powerful, more than she'd ever felt before, sexual peak. Head rolling on her shoulders with delight as she kept her rhythm going even when the sweat dripped down her pretty, but usually cold facial features.

"Lady Zhenji! You are most impressive whore!" Dong said with an approving grin. "You will make an excellent member of my court... Perhaps even teach my other women how to better serve me!" He added with a groan, still feeling her snatch snug around his rod.

"Mmmmm... It would be my pleasure... Lord Dong Zhuo..." Zhenji said, wetting her lips as she readjusted her position, looking ready to start riding him again since he was still rock hard deep in her folds.

"Pleasure, being quite correct my cruel little whore..." He said with a snigger as he started to lean up. "Get off me, my cruelty loving succubus!" He ordered. "About time I showed you why I am the ruler of this land of wine, women and song!"

"Yes my Lord!" She quickly agreed, already dismounting as she spoke. Now laying on her side on the spacious bed as Dong moved behind her, raising up a leg as he pushed his cock back into that dripping snatch in order to start fucking her from the side.

The first thrust went in easily balls deep with a single, firm motion. Making her moan out and tilt her head back in delight even before he started the pumps. Those soon coming as she gazed back over her shoulder with lust at the man who had only had her husband executed earlier that day, and now was using her as his own sexual property. Her body rocking along the sheets as she was already getting roughly taken by her new Master. His pumps not holding back now she's fully used to his side, with that erotic slap of skin meeting skin sounding out each time he drove his shaft all the way into her still nicely snug snatch.

"MMMMM YES MY LORD!! AHHHHH!! MMMMMM..." The dark haired maiden moaned out loudly, almost panting like an animal in heat as she was stuffed full by his length again and again. Her generously sized tits jiggling as her body jolted from his thrusts. Ponytail shaking as strands of her hair started to stick to her stunning face from the sweat as she willingly took this pounding. "UHHHH!! MMMMM... Use me my Lord! AHHHHH!! Fucking... MMMMM USE ME!!" She groaned out the demand, even though she was already getting just that and truthfully now had no control over what she wanted any more. Especially concerning the man currently ploughing his fat manhood in and out of her wet twat as he made full use of his new property. His bulging stomach pressing against her back to make her arch slightly around his body while he pumped in and out from the side.

"Mmmmmm! Your eagerness is so delicious Lady Zhenji!" Zhuo chuckled before he groaned in pleasure. Driving his rod balls deep into her soaking folds every time he gave a stiff thrust to keep her squealing out in delight. The irony not lost on him calling her a Lady when she's acting in far from noblewoman fashion. A far too easily broken in slut, offering herself up to him in any sinful way he demanded of her. "Ahhhhhh! Aren't you glad... MMMMM!! I killed that worthless husband of yours? So you can now be... MMMM!! My wonderful, filthy slut??" He said, making sure to remind her of her betrayal of her now former and deceased family she was once proud to represent. A hand reaching around her to grope her bouncing breasts as he fucked her. That grip causing her to groan her approval out as she looked back with desire once again.

"MMMMM... H-husband?? Wh-Why would I have one of those when... AHHHHH!! I only serve Lord Dong Zhuo??" She questioned back, looking confused for a moment having become so lost in lust and mind broken that she'd forgotten her only recently executed husband. She instead focused on repulsive man banging her. Leaning in back towards him so she could press her lips against his. Moaning as her hair was grabbed so he could pull her in for a deep, sloppy lick lock. "MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!!" She groaned with her eyes closed. Happily wrestling his tongue with hers as they swapped spit. His hands still fondling her tits while he pumped stiffly in and out of her box. The sweat coating her body making her curves even more attractive than she already is. Completely contrasting the ugly, fat man behind her who was driving his cock in and out of her still begging for more snatch.

The self proclaimed Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms just grinned into the kiss as his tongue slapped around that of his new whore. Almost disappointed at how easily she'd willingly given in to him, but more than happy to take full advantage of it. His bulk along with the force of his pumps continuing to make her sexy frame shift back and forth on the sheets of his bed. Starting to sweat now himself from the effort to give this kind of woman the action she deserves, but could never get from her now dead (by his orders) husband. Another squeeze of her chest to make her groan into his mouth before he broke the smooch. Letting out a loud laugh at this conquest as he gave her soaking twat another round of hard and deep pumps for good measure.

"MMMMM... Most excellent Lady Zhenji!" Zhuo said as he pulled out of her snatch. Leaving her whining from the empty feeling she now felt in her fell fucked snatch. "But I wonder... How cruel do you really wish me to be?" He questioned, as he already set her into place, rolling her over to her stomach but shifting back. Reaching across to grab a bottle off a table next to his bed.

"Mmmmm... As cruel as you want to be, my Lord..." Zhenji said with a purr. Sounding deeply lust-drunk already as she looked back over her shoulder. Not even needing to be told what to do as she got up onto her hands and knees, much like the sex-craving animal she's been broken to become. "Use me. Hurt me. I'll even hurt and kill anyone you want me to!" She states, wetting her lips again as she hoped her sultry tone my clear her desire for her new Master.

"Let's find out, shall we?" Dong said as he poured a clear liquid out of the bottle, applying what looked to be a lotion out over his member. Stroking it over himself a couple times before he shifted towards her. Making her gasp as he poured some out down into the crack of her rounded, shapely ass. "It would be so cruel to use the hole of a widow that your husband never got to use!" He said mockingly as he carelessly tossed the bottle away. Gripping her backside as he spread her cheeks, lining up his shaft with the final hole he'd yet to sample from her.

"AHHHHHHH-EEEEEEEE!!" Zhenji squealed out with wide eyes as she stared back in shock, awe, and still desire. Body tensing as she watched his huge cock force its way into her super tight back passage as the man behind her grunted. That lubrication helping, but it was still a motion met with great resistance. Yet, with the mix of lust and discomfort running through her body, it was making her moan out as she shifted back against his dick. "T-that hole? Being fucked?! AHHHHHHH!! It's... It's co CRUEL!! MMMMM!!" She groaned out, finding her upper body lowering towards the bed submissively. Having never taken anything, let alone a finger, into her gorgeous ass before. Not getting much time to adjust to the feeling either as the twisted man behind her, who had her husband killed earlier in the day, starting to thrust his cock in and out of her backside to make her sinfully groan out.

"MMMMM!! It is!! And don't... AHHHHH FUCK... You ever forget... MMMM!! Who did this to you!!" Zhuo made sure to remind her as he taunted his newest whore. Grinning as he stared down at the ass he was stuffed into. Watching her smooth cheeks jiggly delightfully as he pumped in or out of her rump. More than loving how right she was around him, and getting off on the fact that she was enjoying it just as much. Perhaps even more than him with how mind broken this gorgeous woman now is. "AHHHHH... I did! Your Lord! The ruler of this land!! MMMMM!! I claimed your backside as my property! My hole to fuck!!" He added between his grunts. His hands gripping her hips as he worked his cock back and forth to slide into her booty. Working gradually more into her ass with each thrust as he could tell she's never done anything like this before, but now will become extremely familiar with this sexual act.

"UHHHHHH!! MMMMM YES M-MY LORD!! UHHHHH!! USE... USE MY ASS!! AHHHHH!!" She nearly screamed out in desire. Her fingers clawing at the bedsheets as she moaned out. Cheek resting against the bed so her face was down, but ass up to be used by this man she's now calling her Lord. Even though he'd had her family and husband killed what already feels like a lifetime ago, but really was only under an hour ago. Her ass cheeks jiggling as her body rocked back and forth in response to his pumps. Juices leaking out of her snatch to dribble down her inner thighs despite not even touching herself down there. "AHHHHH,.. Use me... MMMMM USE ME!! FUCKING... FUCK!! USE ME!! AHHHHH!!" She was shamelessly begging. Sweat pouring off her face and her body as she took the first anal action of her life. Her tits swaying as they just brushed against the sheets from her slutty position as she took this butt fucking from behind. Barely with it in terms of staying awake as she took the kind of pumping that would wreck even an experienced Brothel whore.

"BWHAHAHAHAHA!! What a glorious day... MMMMM!! This has been!!" Dong openly brags as he grins. His stomach smacking off of her body as he goes in deep to her ass. Almost filling her backside up with every thick inch of his length that's now been stuffed into each of her equally fuckable and pleasurable holes over the course of him breaking her in to life as his new slut. "I killed your husband... AHHHHH!! Killed your father-in-law... MMMM!! And now I've taken you as my whore!! And you LOVE it!!" He reminded both her and himself, topping it off with another loud and cruel laugh. Watching his cock vanish between her rounded ass cheeks as he took her like she was just a living fuck toy to him. Seeing the sweat-soaked state she was in but caring not for her condition or mindset - only his own sinful pleasure. She was very attractive and could take his cock, and in the end to him that was all that was required for the land of wine, women and song he was building in The Three Kingdoms.

"I... I DO!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT LORD ZHUO!! I... I!! AHHHHHHH!!" Zhenji lost her mind once again, admitting to her sin and the cruelty of her life now. It all, along with the ploughing her now no longer virgin ass was taking, setting her off into another powerful orgasm. In fact, squirting out her juices such was her state of lust. Fluids spraying onto the sheets, coating her legs and even catching Zhuo behind her to make him groan. "AHHHHHHH... AHHHHHH... MMMMMM..." She gasped out as she moaned. Eyes blankly staring upward towards her own eyelids, as her tongue shamefully hung out of the side of her mouth to leave saliva drooling onto his sheets. If not for his grip on her hips, she'd no doubt collapse down onto the bed as her body shivered from the last moments of the most powerful cumming of her life.

The bearded, obese man grunted as he was able to pump one last time between her stunning cheeks. Her orgasm making her back passage tighten around his rod, almost causing him to blow a load there and then. He had other ideas however as he pulled out of her ass, taking just a moment to admire the now gaping state of her asshole before he let her slump down into the puddle of her own juices and sweat on the sheets. Gripping his cock as he added to the mess. Only needing a couple of strokes before he sent his seed splashing down onto the freshly fucked slut to maker her groan from the sensation. Cum splattering mostly onto her back in truly disrespectful fashion, but only sending some out onto the backside he'd just been deeply pumping. Grinning as he stroked out every last drop before gazing over the spunk that now rested all across her back and her ass.

"That will do for now, my Lady Zhenji." Dong announced as he slipped off to sit on the edge of the bed. Grabbing a jug of wine and loudly chugging it down with several greedy gulps. Tossing the container away to send it clattering along the floor before he stood up. "You will be a fine addition to my court as a whore! Perhaps even I'll allow you to see to administering punishments to those who commit crimes in my land... I do need some law and order now I've expanded my kingdom!"

Zhenji could only gasp at this point, laying in that sea of fluids on his bed as she was completely spent from taking such sinful action from her new Lord. Thoughts of her now dead family and husband not just far from her mind, but completely erased thanks to how corrupted he'd made her from that sexual session.

Zhuo took his time in getting dressed back into his Imperial clothing, figuring there was still hours in day left before the celebration banquet for his victory over the Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao. He might even get another round of sex with one of his other whores before then. As he approached his doorway, he paused to look back to the bed. "Lady Zhenji... I'm going to leave you now. Left in your sweat, your juices, and even my seed! How does that make you feel?"

With the last energy she had left, looking through her hair that stuck to her face, Zhenji looked across with a quite frightful, sick smile on her face. "It feels... Cruel... Thank you, my Lord..." She said lustfully, before her head slumped down, her cheek in the sweat as she fell into a deep, but much needed sleep.

Dong just laughed loudly as he walked out from the chamber without giving a second look back. Paying to attention even to the guards who saluted, and had heard every moment of the sex that had gone on. They peeked carefully around the doorway too see the broken in woman he'd just fucked not just senseless, but out of her humanity and dignity too. Life was truly good for the Prime Minister of the land.

A thought struck him as he walked away. Recalling the thoughtful gift of the Imperial Seal that his lovely granddaughter had gotten for him. Why stop at just being the Prime Minister? Why not claim the title of Emperor?

* * *

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