WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Dong Bai(Dynasty Warriors series), Lu Bu(Dynasty Warriors series).

Co-Starring: Lu Lingqi (Dynasty Warriors series), Diaochan (Dynasty Warriors series), Dong Zhuo (Dynasty Warriors series)

Codes: Cons, MF, FemDom, feet.

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La Part 3
An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Bwhahahahahahahaha!!" Dong Zhuo laughed loudly as he sat back in his lavish throne within his Imperial Palace. Fully enjoying the life of luxury and sin he was in as the Prime Minister of the land. Not just because of his, in his mind, undefeatable position of power, but because of what he was witnessing in front of his spread legs.

One one side of his fat, rock hard cock was Lu Lingqi - the defeated daughter of his adopted son who was now his willing whore. Clad in what more resembled underwear than armour of tight shorts and a snug, open across the chest black top with thigh-high boots. Only her armour headpiece was what remained of her former attire. The other side was the woman who tried to orchestrate an assassination plot against him in Diaochan, who was also dressed in suitable attire for a broken in slut of a more skin showing version of her former dancing outfit. Both women were moaning as they kissed, slurped, and licked at Zhuo's cock to worship both it and him. A submissive action from women who had both tried, and ultimately failed, to oppose him.

"Wonderful work you whores!" Dong said as he watched on with a moan. "You both can't get enough of my cock, can't you?" He asked, even though it was clear what the answer was.

"Mmmmm... Yes Lord Zhuo..." Diaochan purred as she lifted away just to speak, before going back to flicking her tongue against his pole.

"Ahhhhh... Master Dong Zhuo's cock is the best!" Lingqi chipped in before she leant in to smack her tongue close to the base of his cock.

"Hahahahaha!!" He laughed again as he watched his sluts work away on him. "A land of wine, women and song! What more could I ask for!!"

"Well... You could give your granddaughter a plaything of her own you know!"

A new female voice spoke up, grabbing the attention of all three. Standing across from the throne with hands on her hips was Dong Zhuo's granddaughter. The white-haired beauty known as Dong Bai. Clad in her luxurious purple with black design dress that while was wide on the hips, was tight up top across her impressively large chest. Black stockings on her legs feeling to black shoes with spiked 'cuffs' above. The same kind that were in her hair to hold it into buns on both sides of her head.

"Granddaughter! What have I told you about barging in while I'm... Enjoying the spoils of my conquests!" Zhuo said with a laugh at his beloved granddaughter's appearance.

"It's not like I've not seen this before... Ever since you stopped that stupid rebellion against you!" She noted with a smile. "But my point stands... You've got two playthings of your own... But where's mine? Doesn't your granddaughter deserve to have some fun?" She said, putting on a pout and acting like she was sad. A contract to her usual cruel manner.

"Dong Bai! You want a whore of your own? I didn't know you were aligned that way!" Zhuo said as he scratched his haggard beard. "But in any event, you don't want one of these lowly whores... As of some use to me as they are."

"Grandfather, I didn't mean a whore! Although if I wanted to, I could have either men or women!" Bai said with a smirk. "But I certainly don't want any of those two that you have. I want one of my own, and I want a male plaything at that."

"Hmmmm... Then you shall have one!" Zhuo stated, sounding like he was making a promise. "I shall send some scouts out, and find you..."

"Actually, grandfather?" She interrupted him. "I know exactly who I want as my new plaything..." She said. A cruel smile creeping across her face as she spoke. "And it will help you out as well... Solving a little problem I've heard you've been having..."

* * *

"Release me!! You scum!!" Lu Bu roared as she struggled against the heavy, reinforced chains that were keeping him both against the far cell wall as well as sitting down on the ground. "I'll destroy you all! This entire castle! The whole land!!" He yelled his threat as the chains rattled around his legs, his arms, and connected to the shackles on his ankles and wrists. Almost fully naked, letting his incredibly muscular and powerful body be displayed, aside from a tattered cloth that acted as underwear which rested over his crotch and tied to the side.

As the man known as the most powerful warrior in the land continued to fruitlessly struggle against his restraints, the door across from him opened up. He didn't stop his movements until he looked up to see not another guard bringing him rations to keep him fed. Instead, a woman. One he recognised as being the relative of the man who was keeping him locked up like this.

"This is it?" Dong Bai questioned with a look of disgust as she stepped in, walking with a purpose as she moved forward without fear. Stopping just in front of Bu as she looked down. "The mightiest warrior in the kingdom... Just some little dog, chained up?" She scoffed, sounding and looking unimpressed as she stood with both hands on her hips. "All you need is a collar to make you complete."

"You... That coward Zhuo's granddaughter!" Lu remembered as he sneered up at her. "Has he sent you to further mock me?!"

"First of all it's Lady Dong Bai to you!" She scolded with a glare. "And secondly? He actually did allow me to come here, but not on his orders. I'm here with, shall we say, an offer for you."

"Ha! Your empty words mean nothing!" Bu snapped with anger. "Release me at once! It won't be long before I break these chains, and I..."

"SHUT UP!" Dong yelled sharply, silencing the warrior. "If you want your freedom, then you can try and earn it! Otherwise you can just stay here and rot for all I care, you disgusting dog!"

"Dog?!?" Bu spat with fury, tugging at the chains once more but only just rattling them even more. After a moment, he slumped back with a growl before he looked up. "...You... You said 'earn' my freedom?" He questioned with suspicion.

"Oh, so the mongrel does listen!" Bai mocked as she let a small smile appear on her lips. "Good... There might be a use for you yet. It's rather simple... My lovely grandfather just wants you to stay locked up down here until you eventually die..." She explained as she looked him over. "I think that you might have at least some other use to you. So, here's what we're going to do. I want to see if you can handle a... Let's call it, a different kind of battle than what you're used to." She said. A brief flick of her tongue against her top lip at the thought of what she was planning.

"A battle? Accepted!" Lu Bu rather arrogantly accepted, without even hearing the full terms of the agreement. "No one has even beaten me fair on the battlefield, and no one ever will!"

"Excellent..." She grinned down at him. "But if you lose? You're my pet. My plaything forever. Until the day you die. You'll do whatever I say, whenever I say."

"Since I won't lose, then that won't happen." Bu replied, smirking himself for once. "Do your worst then Bai! Lu Bu can withstand any test!"

"Then let the games begin!" She said with almost sadistic glee as she stepped forward. Reaching down with a single hand and tearing the cloth away from Bu. Disrespectfully tossing it forward onto his chest as she looked down at his crotch. "That's... That's it?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow as she placed hands on her hips. "The so-called mightiest warrior only possesses a tiny weapon?" She said mockingly before letting out a harsh laugh. "I suppose that explains everything... Big weapon, big armour... You've been compensating this whole time!"

"W-What?? Lies!!" Lu Bu snarled, trying to push up from his chained position, clearly insulted by her claim. Indeed, his manhood was not exactly something to be ashamed off. Looking like it matched the rest of him with a nice thickness, although currently not anywhere close to being hard. Still, to say that he was small was not the truth, but clearly had worked to get under the warrior's skin. "What kind of test is this?? Unchain me at once, and I will..."

"SILENCE DOG!" Bai snapped with a glare. Using her foot to push him back to the wall with a grunt, catching him off guard. "Who do think you are? Telling me I'm speaking lies?? If it wasn't just a waste of effort, I'd slice off this worthless thing between your legs!" She warned as she stepped back, eyeing up his muscular form again. "You're not even erect yet... Considering you're in the presence of someone like myself? I might be insulted... If you weren't so lowly to begin with." She said dismissively as she reached down to herself. A flash of a sick smile as she removed a heeled shoe, dropping it down before letting her stocking-covered foot slowly, teasingly travel up his thigh as she moved towards his crotch.

"What is this?? What kind of trick..." Bu started to say as he watched her movement. Her dainty foot not just reaching his private area, but applying onto his cock with a surprisingly, considering her cruel nature, softness. The touch instantly got a gasp from him, and the next moment he gritted his teeth together knowing his mistake of letting his guard down. Already too late as seeing the effect, she ran her foot slowly along his size. Resulting in not just his cock starting to harden and grow, but her smirk was getting bigger as he was.

"I knew it!" Dong said with glee as she used her foot to easily stimulate the restrained warrior in front of her. Rubbing her foot back and forth over his member to force him to groan, even as he tried to resist the pleasure she was expertly making him feel. "All this talk of a fearsome warrior... The mightiest in the land... You're just another disgusting pervert!" She said as she wetted her top lip a little. Her gaze locked onto her own foot and the length underneath it. A twisted hunger in her eyes as she used the sole of her foot to tease and toy with a man who could easily defeat her in a fight on the battlefield. In a sexual contest? It appeared she had the advantage in more ways than one.

"You... You're just using dirty tricks!" He claimed as he glared back. Made to moan however as she switched her tactic. Using her stockings-covered toes to brush over the fat crown of his big, and now rock hard cock. Sliding them around and nearly all the way over his bell-end before she went back to rubbing his dick with her foot. "Ahhhhh! It will... Mmmmm... Take more than this to defeat me!" He claimed, even as he once again had to grind his teeth together from the effect she was having as he gave him this foot-job. Only using that one sole to work him over as she stood looking dominate with both hands on her waist, staring down and still fully clothed compared to his nude, chained up state.

"Big words from a little DOG..." She mocked his pride, sounding almost amused by his defiance even after just her foot had managed to not only get him fully hard but was making him moan. "You shouldn't keep promises you know you cannot keep to your superior, you know that?" She warmed as he locked eyes with him for an intense, cruel moment. Her foot changing course as she moved downward to run her big toe against his heavy ball-sack. Making the man who attempted to assassinate her grandfather groan out from her footwork. In the next moment he hissed in discomfort as she worked slowly around the outside of one, then up the 'middle' before across to stimulate the other. Before going right back to applying the sole to his underside for a slow but steady up and down motion.

He didn't respond this time, keeping his mouth in a snarl as he tried to suppress the groans she was now rather effortlessly making him let out. This in turn just encouraging the sinister beauty to have her way with this muscular hunk she had trapped in front of her. Keeping her foot sliding up and down onto his pole as she continued the sexual test on him. She was winning already but it was a fight far from over. The humiliation of the position and how she was using just her foot, compared to what he was used to hand, mouth of holes of a woman? She'd come into this with tactics and a plan - something the warrior known for using just pure strength and power couldn't combat against.

"BORING!" Bai suddenly announced as she took her foot off from him, much to his groaning surprise. "What good is a new plaything for me if all it can take for me to get you begging is just my foot?" She questioned as she looked down with a disgusted (or at least implied) look at him.

"Play... Plaything?!?" Lu Bu growled with anger, trying to push upward but instantly being shoved back by that foot that had just pleasured him.

"You should be honoured that I'm even considering that for a foul beast like you..." She claimed, before lifting the foot as she stepped around him to his side. "My wonderful grandfather just wants you to rot down here... I'm going to grant you the privilege of serving me instead!" She stated with a look across him before she lowered down, squatting at his size. "Or you should I say, I'm thinking about it... I'm not sure if this tiny thing can be of any use to me, let alone the rest of you..." She added with a sinister giggle.

Dong made good her threat as she reached forward with a single hand. Gripping him by the base of his (despite her false claims to the contrary) large rod in order to give a squeeze. Instantly making him gasp with a mix of pleasure and pain, much to her sniggering approval as she raised an eyebrow. As if to say 'that's all I have to do?'. More groans were to come when she started to pump his member with that palm in a slow, controlling manner. Letting him feel how surprisingly soft her palm is considering her cold and cruel personality. Treating his cock like it was her property already as she calmly ran the hand along him back and forth.

"Hnnnnng... Why?... Ahhhhh..." Bu tried to ask a question but was cut off by a moan escaping him. Squirming slightly both against the chains that held him down and her stroking as she continued to make him experience pleasure in a way he clearly was not used to. Yet he had willingly agreed to try and 'defeat'. "Why not... Ahhhhh... Try and just... Mmmmm! K-Kill me then??" He said, almost as a challenge. The incredibly built hunk trying to resort back to what he knows best in fighting as he takes this slow and steady handjob. His eyes watching her hand slide upward and then right back down to the base as her fingers just brush against his balls before she moves back upward.

"Ha! Because that's what a real Lady does for her loyal, loving subjects..." She said in a very insincere tone as she glanced down at him. Using her free hand to push him back down into place with a press onto his broad chest. Still keeping her palm pumping away on his pole as she mocked him. "She gives them the chance to be of actual use to those who are better than them! Even if that peasant is a filthy, dirty dog like you..." She added. Using a finger to half-heartedly run around one of his nipples while she set her stroking hand off to work at a quicker pace. Immediately getting him moaning as his hips out of instinct bucked against her pumps. "SIT STILL VERMIN!" She snapped. A glare as she stopped the pumps, squeezing his rod to make him gasp but once he was sitting again, she went back to the stiffer now hand job as she asserted her dominance once more.

"S... Serve you??" Bu hissed out the question as he resorted back to trying to clamp his teeth together to try, and fail, to hold back the moans of pleasure this stroking the granddaughter of the warlord he'd tried to kill was doing to him. "Ahhhhh!! The great Lu Bu would... Hnnnnngg! N-Never serve... Ahhhhhh!!" He groaned as those pumps kept coming. Her other hand now moving over as she placed it on the tip of his crown. Using that palm to further work him over with an almost grinding motion. Sliding back and forth and all across the top while the other hand kept on sliding from the base up to just below the bell-end. The motion repeating with perfect timing as if she'd been practising this tactic for some time before today.

"Oh? Ungrateful are we? But I can hear you moaning out so desperately!" Bai cruelly teased with a laugh to match as she continued to double-team his large manhood with both her hands. Stroking and sliding on the head and the shaft of the restrained, moaning man who was once the adopted son of her own grandfather. Yet treating him like a sexual toy as she teased his member with her expert pumps and rubbing palm over the crown. All while fully dressed in her signature purple dress, while making the nude man she was kneeling beside sweat already from her handjob skills. "Does it really sound so bad? Serving me, someone you know is far better than you? Any sane man would be begging to just kiss my feet... And we know already how much you love my feet..." She added mockingly as she lifted both hands off from his tool to leave him groaning. "Then again... What would some wild beast know about class and honour... I suppose like all loyal pets, I just need to train you..." She said with a very sinister tone to her last words as she shifted in just a little close to him.

"Ahhhhhh!!" Lu Bu grunted out as she again went after his shaft with her hands. Now one hand cupping his balls to give a far more than firm squeeze to those sizeable orbs. The other gripping his pole as she went to work with a round of stiff and swift strokes. The sort that alone would have easily sent any normal rank and file soldier cumming within seconds, let alone with the ball play too. "I... MMMM!! I will not... AHHHH!! Will not l-lose!!" He claimed as he groaned. Eyes closed and legs tensing as they raised the knees up from off the floor in reflex from how she was pleasuring both parts of his manhood. Groping away at one ball then the next. All while her had slid sharply up and down the entire length of his shaft. Easily making him moan out and make those words of defiance sound more hollow with every stroke she delivered onto him.

"Lose? Who is losing here?" She teased, before releasing her grip on his cock. Tellingly leaving her sighing in relief, but his dick still rock hard and pointing upward. "You enjoyed that... Your dirty, begging for it moans proved that..." Bai said with a twisted smile as she stood up from the floor. "You know, moaning like that while I touched your cock? You're the adopted son of my grandfather right? That basically means were family..." She pointed out as she raised an eyebrow. "Are you really a warrior, or just a filthy pervert??"

"S... So what if I enjoyed it??" Lu Bu tried to sound defiant as he stared up at the white-haired stunner standing above him. "That proves nothing! It will take more than just hand and..."

"SILENCE!" Dong snapped with a glare, and immediately Bu did not speak back. "What that means, you idiot dog, is you've gotten to enjoy yourself at my expense! ME! Your Mistress and Lady!!" She explained with a cruel tone. "And that means you have to pay me back! Tenfold! Or else I will leave your pathetic, failed warrior corpse to rot in my grandfather's jail!" She warned, and had a glare on her face to show she was not bluffing with that threat.

"...How... How do I... Repay you then, L..." Lu started to say, but grit his teeth for a moment as the last scraps of pride he had left were stopping him for just saying the words. "How do I repay you... Lady Bai?"

Hearing that made her smirk with approval as she moved across, and over him. "Since you asked so nicely... You can use that ungrateful mouth of yours to some proper use!" She demanded as she swiftly straddled him. A muffled groan escaping him as she mounted his face in a squatting-style position. His upper body now covered by her dress but underneath she, as planned for this encounter, had not any underwear on underneath. Allowing her already slick, from the excitement of dominating his powerful warrior, pussy to be lowered down right onto his mouth. "Well? What are you waiting for scum?? Serve your Mistress! NOW!!" She yelled her demand with an angry stare down at between her legs, even though she clearly couldn't see him but only feel. Making her threats clear as she reached with her arms to grab a hold of his cock for a tight squeeze of a warning onto him.

"MMMMPHHH!! HHHMMMMM MMMHHHPPPP!!" Bu's eyes widened from the sudden state of affairs, but after groaning into her from her touch on his cock he wisely, but perhaps too easily considering his previous objections, did as demanded. His tongue not wasting time to slide up against her lower lips as his own brushed against her entrance. Flicking against her pussy with quick, but uncoordinated movements against her slick area. Showing that he wasn't in fact experienced with this kind of sexual act but working on instinct. Heavily encouraged by the threats of the woman controlling him now, went about it with eagerness that would not be expected from the proud and powerful warrior.

"Mmmmm... Yes my pet... Pleasure your Mistress..." Bai said with a moan of approval with a proud laugh to match. Slowly letting a hand of hers run up and down the cock of the man underneath her as a 'reward' for him following her orders. Not doing do with any speed, forcefulness or even effort. More just because she could, and to show him that doing as she said results in a treat - just like someone would train a newly acquired pet. "I bet you've never tasted something so delicious, am I right? Mmmmm... Not even that traitor Diaochan... Or whoever that whore was who spawned that daughter of yours... Could come close... Mmmm... To my status, am I right?" She bragged as she quietly moaned. Licking her lips in devious fashion as she looked down to where she felt Bu was underneath her dress. Having no intentions of removing any more clothing despite how completely naked he is below her.

Truthfully it was not Lu Bu's licking of her pussy that was getting her off. It was the fact he was doing it when he ordered him to. The most feared and powerful warrior of the land, who the mere mention of the name of could make men flee the battlefield in terror. Reduced down to a groaning, sweat-covered servant of the granddaughter of his own step-father who he had tried to kill. His tongue willingly, and with growing energy, flicking and lapping up at her wet pussy as it was pressed against his mouth. He could have been an eating out expert or just a virgin. His tongue running back and forth against her twat wasn't what was making her moan. His obedience to do so was making her wet and grin with sadistic pride.

"Mmmmm! Good boy... See how easy it is to get what you really want when you just do as you're told?" Dong mocked him as she lazily pumps his huge cock. Caring more about herself as she let her free hand slide across her dress-covered chest. Groping herself through her clothing to just get an extra groan out while her new plaything did his job underneath her clothing. "Mmmm... You want me, don't you? Bet you want... Ahhhhh... To serve and please me... No matter what I tell you to do, don't you? Mmmmm..." She continued to tease. Brushing her white hair back over her shoulders as she kept herself squatting over his face. Her hand still stroking his road, making him moan up into her snatch as he tried to pleasure and obey her. "Mmmmm... You understand now... What it means to serve someone better than you... Keep this up... Mmmmm... And I might let you experience a real woman for the first time in your pathetic life!"

"MMMMMPHH!! HMMMMM..." The sounds of that offer clearly pushed the right buttons for the previously brash and egotistical warrior. His body pulling against the chains that held him down as he looked to push his handsome face deeper into the pussy of his new Mistress. Mouth firmly applied to her pussy lips as he kissed and sucked, leaving juices coating his lips and starting to dribble down his chin. His tongue pushing up into her folds as far as he could reach. Sliding, probing and exploring despite his lack of experience at doing it, let alone in this kind of position. All the plans and tactics she'd used on him had worked to perfection to break down his pride and his will. He wasn't just doing this because he had no other choice. He wanted to do this now. He wanted to pleasure this woman. His Mistress.

Feeling the new pace of his motion onto her snatch once again had Bai licking her lips with a sinful hunger. Not bothering to even grind her pussy down onto his face, but instead using her hand to pump his cock with a more firmer and quicker pace. Another reward for the new loyalty he was showing to her. "Mmmmm! Such a good little pet! I might have... Ahhhhh! A use for you yet for me!" She said. Still making sure to keep him in his place with the taunts and insults. Not quite satisfied yet with him even with how he's doing things that before his capture he would never have done on or off the battlefield. "Mmmmm... You'd love that though, wouldn't you? Serving me... Killing whoever I told you to... Worshipping my wonderful, delicious pussy whenever I allowed you to?" She said with a lustful tone, knowing full well the effect it would have on the man whose face was buried deep into said twat.

"MMMMMPHHH YHHHHHSSSSS MMMMHHHHSSSTTRRSSSS..." Was the muffled but eager response that Lu gave from underneath her. Obediently not even pulling away to speak as he lapped away at her snatch just as instructed.

"Dirty beast... Mmmmm! Not even having the manners to speak... Ahhhh! Without your mouth being full!" Bai mocked with a low snigger at his current state. Without warning she moved up from the squatting position. Leaving him gasping as he took in some air, and the sight of his mouth and chin coated with her juices now clear to speak. "You enjoyed that pet? Enjoyed trying to serve your Mistress?" She asked but with the firm sort of tone that made it sound more like a demand.

"Yes! Y-Yes, Lady Bai!" Bu responded with a nod as he stared up at her. His own voice not having the loud roar and roughness it did at the start of this encounter.

"Ha! I don't believe you!" She snapped, glaring down at him. "BEG! Beg for me, slave! BEG to experience your Mistress' pussy once again!"

"P-Please... Lady Bai..." He started to try and beg, even as his head lowered with a hint of shame at the words he was saying.

"LOUDER YOU SCUM!" Bai yelled as she stared down with a cruel grin. "I SAID BEG FOR ME! BEG!!"

"PLEASE MISTRESS!!" Bu roared back, meeting her gaze with an intense look of his own that only those who had been slain on the battlefield by him had seen before. "LET ME TASTE YOUR PUSSY AGAIN! I BEG YOU LADY BAI!!"

"Beg! Beg for me!!" Dong almost cackled now with her eyes wide in obsessive delight as she moved and mounted her new slave. Dropping down onto his crotch to make him moan. "Beg you scum! Peasant! Lower than a DOG!!"

"I BEG YOU! I BEG! I BEG!!" He repeated, looking across like he was hypnotised by this cruel woman. "Anything! I will kill! I will slaughter!! Anything Lady Bai!!"

"Do you submit?? Am I the winner?!?" She demanded as she reached under her dress, gripping his cock as she grinned.

"Of course!! You win!!" He said almost desperately with quick nods of his head. "Anything! I am yours Mistress! Yours!!"

"In that case... Enjoy your submission my pet!!" Bai said with victorious pride as she dropped herself down straight onto his huge, fat cock. Her head tossing back as she moaned out loudly from her tightness being filled up beyond limits she thought possible. A smile still on her face as she listened to her new servant moaning deeply from the sensations of her walls clamping around him. Soon turning her gaze to meet his, and seeing the face that earlier was staring venom and daggers or hate her now being one of broken desire and want. A sight alone that made her pussy shiver with twisted delight. "MMMM... Enjoy every moment of it..." She lustfully said as she gripped his broad shoulders before setting herself off into the motion. More than satisfied with the results, she allowed herself to now fully enjoy this moment as she began harshly riding this once proud and dominate warrior's cock. The sight of it hidden under her lavish dress but the sensations more than being felt by the both as they moaned shamelessly out.

"AHHHHH!! LADY BAI!! MMMMM!! Y-Your pussy!! AHHHHH!! It's... MMMMM!! From the Heavens!! MMMM!!" Bu stated between his groans. Body trying to arch towards his Mistress the best he could from his still chained down position, showing how newly shattered his spirit and mind were to say and act in ways he would have never dreamed of before today. Moaning each time the granddaughter of his own adopted father dropped down onto his cock to take every thick inch inside her wet pussy. Making the motion seem effortless as she raised and lowered herself in smooth and swift fashion that left the ends of her bright white hair bouncing in time with the motion of her body.

"MMMM!! Yes... Yes I am my dirty little pet!! Heavenly!! The best... MMMM!! You'll ever get to experience..." She made sure to remind him even as she moaned herself from being stuffed full with the biggest cock she's ever taken in her life. Which now is her property thanks to her skilled and planned sexual breaking down of this once feared warrior. Not even breaking out in a sweat despite her aggressive and commanding riding of such a huge cock. A contrast to the soaked state of the hunk she's mounted on top of as he groans out with every up and down movement she makes. "AHHHHH... Say it! Say that I'm the best! Better than... AHHHHH!! That stupid whore Diaochan!! Than any other woman!!" She demanded between her own moans. Once again with a wild look in her eyes as if hearing those insults about other women were more of a sexual thrill to her than the actual act of fucking she was engaged in.

"MMMMMM!! Yes!! AHHHHH!! Yes you are Lady Bai!! YES!!" Bu yelled in agreement as he groaned and gasped. Looking like he was deep in trance or under a spell as she stared up at the woman he should be trying to escape from if he was still sound of mind. Now he cannot think about leaving her side or her orders, such is his state of submission to her cruel and calculated sexual ability. "MMMMM!! No woman... AHHHHH!! Could ever compare to you Mistress! None!! AHHHHH!!" He stated in words that were not truly his own, but now likely never would be now he was gone from being a warrior to a servant. His moans of delight and pleasure as his cock experiences such a tight and soaking wet twat all around it show that thoughts of pride and honour are now long gone from his mind. Seeking only to get pleasure from, and from obeying, his new Lady and Mistress.

"MMMMM!! Good pet! Good... AHHHHH YES!! Wonderful pet!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Dong Bai let out a loud and long cackle of vile delight as she tilted her head back. Orgasming all over the cock of Lu Bu underneath her but not from his huge dick being deep inside her. More from his completely submission to her. The excitement of having claimed the feared warrior as her own property doing for her more than even five or sick hung men pounding a whore in a gang bang could do for a normal woman. The dress she still wore hiding the sight of her juices slowly and without much ceremony dripping down the shaft she was bouncing on. Wetting her lips one more time as she rode out her orgasm with the assist of her plaything's cock. All with a wide, twisted smile on her gorgeous face.

"Mmmmm... I suppose you wish for release now, do you my little dog?" Bai mocked as she suddenly dismounted him now that she'd gotten off. Leaving him groaning with disappointment at the empty feeling around his cock.

"Ye-Yes! Please Lady Bai!!" Bu begged, sounding desperate as he struggled in his chains. Cock looking like it was throbbing out in the 'open' as he stared up at his Mistress. "Please allow me to have release!"

"THEN SAY IT! Say you're a dog that needs his Mistress' to let him get release!" She demanded with a sinister glare as she raised her shoeless foot back up, pointing her toes at his crotch.

"I'm a dog!! Mistress Dong Bai's dog!!" He yelled back as his chest heaved outward. "A dog that needs my release!!"

"Wonderful..." Bai said almost with a purr of lust as she softly applied her stockings-covered foot onto his cock. Not even flinching despite that rod being coated in her own pussy juices. "Then cum! Cum you worthless, pathetic dog of mine!" She demanded as she started to run that foot over his thick inches one more time. With this round however she moved her sole quickly and firmly along his size. Deliberately applying a little pressure so that his cock was made to lean back towards him for an arching shape. Working with a purpose and even wiggling her toes ever so slightly to enhance the pleasure. Easily making the once feared and said to be unstoppable warrior moan out as he bucked against the chains that still held him down. A broad, wicked smile on her face from seeing such a built man shaking with pleasure.

"Lady... LADY DONG BAI!! AHHHHHH!!" Her foot work easily set him off, finishing him just as she'd started. Rubbing her foot back and forth while making his member be pushed back at an angle. That meant when he started to shoot his load, it landed back onto his own muscular body. The first shots managing to just hit his chest and upper body, before the rest splattered down across his ripped abs and his stomach. Each stoke of her foot making him almost whine in pleasure between his gasps. Sweat dripping from his face as he panted for air just like the 'foul dog' she'd been calling him all this time. Her sliding motion of her little foot not stopping until the last spurt was dripping out of his bell-end and his cock began to soften under her touch.

"Hmph... I suppose that will do." Bai said, sounding unimpressed as she lifted her foot off from him despite everything she'd put him through. "I can't expect a new pet to perform as fully as I demand..." She mocked, not even looking at him as she put her shoe back on. "But... Considering I have my Grandfather's reputation to uphold as well as my own... I'll forgive you for your pathetic performance today." She stated, glaring down at the sweat-soaked warrior on the ground in front of her.

"Th... Thank you, Lady Bai..." Lu Bu managed to gasp out. His head hanging obediently down as he took in breath. A shadow of his former self, now broken by this beautiful but cruel woman. "A... A dog like me... Does not deserve forgiveness..."

"You don't! But you know your place now..." Dong said with dirty smile. "And that? That pleases me..."

Using her foot, she moved it across his body. Applying it to his chin to make him look up at her as she gazed down. "Whose pet are you?" She asked.

"Mistress' Dong Bai's pet." Bu answered without hesitation.

"Good. Never forget that." She flatly replied, removing her foot to leave him slumping again.

She stepped away, turning as she walked to the doorway and snapped her fingers. Quickly a group of guards poured into the room, assuming position and saluting the granddaughter of their leader, who herself was essentially a commander and master of them all. "Unchain him, then get this dog washed up." She ordered without even looking at any of them men. "Find him some rags too to put on. I'll need to ask grandfather to get him some more appropriate for his position clothing now that he knows his place."

She walked on, but stopped just as she was about to step out of the cell. "Oh, and Lu Bu?" She said over her shoulder. Pausing as he she heard the rattle of chains to show he'd reacted to her call. "I take good care of my playthings... Never forget that... Dog."

With that, she stepped away and down the corridor with a sway in her step. A wide, proud smile on her face knowing what she had accomplished today. The mightiest warrior in the land Lu Bu. Broken, beaten, and now her personal plaything and pet. Which meant she now controlled the most powerful fighter across the warring kingdoms. In turn, her grandfather now controlled him - and considering how rival armies were attempting to make power plays on his lands? Who would dare stop an army with the monster known as Lu Bu in the front line? She knew this would make grandfather very happy and in return, she'd be happy. Maybe he'd get her a new palace of her own to stay in?

As she walked away, a thought struck her that made her let out a sinister giggle. Maybe as her grandfather took over more of the land, she'd get to make new playthings of her own? Better yet, she could go out and take them for herself... And leave any women good enough for Dong Zhuo as a gift. After all, that's what family do... And she knew just how much better this world would be if they all just were good pets to herself and her loving grandfather...

* * *

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