WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age, even if depicted or referenced as otherwise in their original source material. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Lu Lingqi (Dynasty Warriors series), Diaochan (Dynasty Warriors series), Dong Zhuo (Dynasty Warriors series)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La Part 2
An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Bwhahahahaha!" Dong Zhuo let out a loud and hearty laugh after finishing the slurp of a golden, supposed to be for ceremonious use only goblet. Carelessly tossing the empty cup to the side where a frightened handmaiden had to compose herself as she hurriedly collected it up and rushed off to clean and refill it. "Now this! This is living! It's so much more peaceful now that wretched coalition against me has been dealt with!" He boasted with a toothy, vile grin. Before looking down at the woman resting by his leg. "Is that not so, Diaochan?"

"Yes my Lord... You truly are the best ruler of this land..." Diaochan purred as she gazed up at the man who she once attempted to have assassinated, but is now completely obedient to. Her hand rather lovingly brushing against his leg and a look of desire in her eyes. The result of being sexually 'broken' and made addicted to his cock after offering her body up to save her father's life. Now, so lost in this newfound state, she cares not that her father is long dead, nor how she once hated this cruel man who she not cannot stop thinking about. Him, and that cock that had broken her mind and spirit to leave her being a loyal and willing whore.

The news that Dong Zhuo had foiled the assassination attempt and captured the monster known as Lu Bu had sent shock-waves through the Kingdoms. The so-called 'Anti-Dong Zhuo Alliance' quickly crumbling amidst back stabbing and accusations. In turn, it allowed Zhuo to not only re-secure the Imperial Palace he now called home, but to fortify both it and his own army. Almost all the troops that had followed Lu Bu - who remained prisoner in the cells underneath the Palace - and some that had fled from the Alliance, were all too wiling to serve the self proclaimed Prime Minister of the land. As a result, Zhuo's arrogance and greed only continued, corrupting those around him as his quest for a land of wine, women and song that he controlled grew.

"Prime Minister?" An Imperial Court Minister approached Zhuo as he sat on his lavish throne.

"Hmmm??" Dong Zhuo was less than impressed, sneering down his nose at the weak man. "What is it? Another rallying army? Smash them at once!" He ordered pre-emptively.

"N-No Lord Zhuo!" He stuttered out in fear. "There... There is a woman who wishes to seek an audience with you, Prime Minister."

"...A woman you say?" Zhuo's interest was immediately grabbed as he stroked his haggard beard. "What woman is this?"

"She says she is the daughter of the captured criminal Lu Bu, my Lord." The Minister confirmed. "I believe she wishes to..."

"Send her in!" Dong interrupted with a loud yell as he smiled. "Let's see what she has to say! And if she is quite as lovely as I recall..." He added with a sinister chuckle.

The Minister hurriedly left the chamber, and soon returned as he led in the silver haired warrior maiden known as Lu Lingqi into the throne room before quickly departing. Clad in her form-fitting battle attire of sleeved, tight top with shoulder pads and gloves. Tight, shorts-like bottoms that are cut at the sides to the hip with thigh high boots and padding. All with colours of white, red trim and black with gold design. All topped off with a golden head piece with feathers in the side. Tellingly perhaps, she was walking in unarmed without her usual sword and shield weaponry.

"Ah yes... I remember you!" Dong Zhuo said with a leering smile as he looked over the beautiful woman's form. "The daughter of that scum dog who dared to oppose me." He recounted with a proud chuckle, as a taunt to remind her that his father failed to killed him.

"I... I am not here to excuse my father's actions." Lu Lingqi stated. A calm look on her face as she stared across at the man who was holding her father captive. "Nor am I here to beg for forgiveness."

"Oh? Then you'd better have a good reason to be here... I don't approve of those wasting my time..." Zhuo warned even as he still smiled.

Lingqi nodded, swallowing more than just her pride as she took a small gulp. She moved forward, and kneeled down in front of the cruel Prime Minister. "I offer myself." She said, with a tone of her voice that showed this was no easy decision she was making herself. "I will join... Your army... And serve you. In exchange for my father's release." She offered. The look in her eyes serious as she looked up at Dong.

"You? Serve my Lord??" Diaochan questioned with a disgusted tone. Her own familiar outfit now a far more skimpier, skin showing variety that let her breasts bounce as she stood up and glared down at him. "You don't deserve to serve one as wonderful as Lord Zhuo!" She announced as she glared.

"Ha! Now now Diaochan..." Zhuo said with a chuckle as he waved her off. "You made the mistake once of following that dog Lu Bu... At least his daughter knows who her better is!" He claimed as he grinned again, turning his gaze to her. "Serve me you say? Well well... That does sound quite promising!" He said with a bragging tone. "However, you have no authority to make any demands of me! So how about this for a deal shall we say... You serve me, and then... Then we'll see if you earn your father's freedom. How does that sound?"

"I..." Lu hesitated. Knowing full well that Zhuo is not a man to be trusted. Yet, without any army of her own and no land to call home, she had no choice. "Very well... I accept. I will do as you say, and... And I will earn my father his freedom!" She said. Sounding like she was trying to motivate herself in this less than perfect for her situation.

"Then it's agreed!" Dong accepted with a smile. "However... A woman like you? I can't exactly place you in the ranks of my army... I've still to trust you after all! So, instead... Come here... And Diaochan? Be a good servant and undress me." He ordered with a smirk cast at the already broken in slut by him.

"U-Undress?" Lingqi questioned as she moved up to slowly approach. "What is the meaning of Th-THIS?!?" She yelled the last word and gasped at what she witnessed. As Diaochan obediently did as ordered, removing the lavish attire Zhuo had over his crotch and lowered his pants.

Lingqi's eyes were wide and mouth open in shock as she locked onto the fat length that rested under Zhuo's bulging stomach. A huge cock that considering his appearance was very unexpected, with large sized balls to match amidst the mess of public hair at his crotch. Already hardening now too, no doubt from the thought of doing to this warrior what he'd done to Diaochan already.

"Th...That's a cock??" Lingqi questioned, already almost in a trance as she still walked forward towards the throne. Her eyes unable to rip away from staring at this manhood. "Th-There's no way... That b-big??" She stuttered as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing.

"Ah? She likes what she sees from her Lord, does she?" Zhuo just grinned at her reaction of awe. "This might be easier than I thought... Guide her down into things Diaochan! Let's see if she'll be of use to me..."

"With pleasure, my Lord..." Diaochan said without hesitation, even though it meant she wasn't getting to service him herself. She moved to Lu, placing hands on her shoulder pads to push her down to her knees. Leaving her face right in line with that mighty and meaty cock.

"The... The smell!" Lingqi gasped as the musk of his crotch hit her nostrils. Her lips twitching in response to sensations she's clearly never experienced before. "What... Wait, what is this? How can... HMMMPHH!!"

Before she could snap herself back to her senses, Lingqi found her mouth suddenly impaled on that massive cock. Diaochan using her hands to push the silver haired head down onto her master's pole. Causing the new servant to muffle protests as her eyes darted from the other woman to up to the grinning man she was now being made to service, but had willingly gotten herself into this position. Then again, her eyes locking down onto that member as her head was moved back upward to leave the crown just past her lips. Then pushing back down to 'bob' even though Lu wasn't making any motion herself. Stunned as she kneeled in front of this warlord, and allowed herself to be moved, and used, in such a sinful way.

"Hlllllkkkk!! Hmmmmppphhh!! Mmmmmm..." Lingqi groaned around this huge cock as her lips stretched around his size. Her hands perhaps out of instinct going to the fat thighs of this cruel, sexually driven man as she sucked on his cock, even as guided as this action was. The other woman's hands now making her head move at a smooth pace but still slow, allowing both her own master as he moaned and this soon to be broken in beauty savour every moment. Lu groaning with every upward or back down motion she was made to do. Feeling the sensations of his thickness filling up her obviously inexperienced mouth, and still taking in the stench of his crotch that only added to weaken her 'defences' against this sexual onslaught.

"Mmmmm! Ah yes Lu Lingqi! Mmmmm... I can see... Ahhhhh... A future for you yet in my court!" Zhuo said mockingly as he stared down. Watching his first prize whore helping his newest only to suck on his fat dick. His pleasure obvious as he groaned out. Feeling Lingqi's saliva start to coat his rod from the slurps and odd flick of the tongue out of reflex that he felt from her. "Deeper! I want to see... Mmmmm! The daughter of that beast of the battlefield... Mmmmm!! Taking my cock like she was destined to do!" He ordered, snapping his fingers to make clear his demand. Diaochan instantly nodded, and gripped onto the short hair of the soon to be whore. Without further warning forcing the head right down onto her master's shaft with a twisted smirk of her own. Hearing Dong moaning making her lick her lips with desire herself. Nipples rock hard and poking through her top as she watched another woman choke on the cock she herself was addicted to.

"HHHLLLKKK!! GAAAAAHHHHH!! Mmmmmphhh!! HHHHLLLKKK!!" Lu gagged loudly as her face became squashed into the jungle of pubic hair at his crotch. Eyes closed shut as she groaned. Her mouth barely adjusted to his size to begin with, but now having to deal with her throat getting invaded by the kind of cock she never had even dreamed could have existed before now. "GAHHHHH!!! Ulllkkkk!! MMMMMPPPHHH..." She groaned as her saliva splattered around this rod. Yet she made no effort to push off, both from how stunned she was that she was suddenly made to deep throat in the first place and the realisation that this was what she had agreed to do. Sucking a cruel, ugly man's huge cock in order to try and save her father's life. Leaving her with spit drooling out from the sides of her mouth as she gagged, dripping down his cock and off her chin in a sinful display.

"You'll never impress Lord Zhuo with this kind of display!" Diaochan scolded the other woman, hauling her upward and off his cock as Lingqi gasped for air. "My master deserves better than that!" She said, before bringing her back towards his member. Lips against the fat crown while Diaochan gripped the hair again. "Now be a good little whore, and serve my Master properly!" She added before once more making the warrior take that shaft between her surprisingly soft lips.

"Mmmmphhh!! Hmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." This time Lu did as she was ordered, even if it was through the already broken in beauty gripping her silver locks. No need for pushing now as partially from instinct, and a lot from the baptism by fire of the face fucking from before, Lingqi moved her head under her own power. Hands still on his thighs as she groaned around the fattest, longest cock she will ever likely take in her life. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmphh!! Hmmmm..." A moan escaping her as she looked upward at the grinning, foul face lustfully staring back as Zhuo continued moaning his enjoyment of her bobs. Her mouth handling half his size and clearly to his liking as she moved smoothly and at a nice pace. The kind of motion that would easily finish off any rank and file soldier, and perhaps even a few famous officers too.

"Mmmmm... She's getting the hang of this now, my Lord..." Diaochan said. Licking her own lips as she watched this new woman sucking on that big cock, even as she craves it so much herself. Not daring to step out of line and offend the man who had broken her mind and spirit.

"Ha! With a few more tries, she'll bee as good as your whore mouth is Diaochan! If not better!" Zhuo said with a hearty, mocking laugh as he enjoying Lu sucking him off a couple more bobs. "Enough for now! Lets see this body of yours that I get to enjoy until the day you die!" He added, making sure to remind her that she is now more than just a servant to him - he owns her, and already in more ways than one.

Once more, and quite submissively, Lingqi was pulled up from slurping on that dick by the other woman. Only gasping for air before she cried out in surprise again as Diaochan used her hands to pull apart Lu's top from the front ties, sending string and buttons flying as she hauled it open. Letting Lingqi's desirable and impressively curvy frame be fully seen with her large breasts bouncing free. The silver haired beauty biting her bottom lip as she offered no resistance to the other female as she slid the top, shoulder pads and all, off her body. Smirking, Diaochan didn't stop there as she then grabbed the shorts, ripping them clean off of the new slut's body to make her squeal in surprise as her pussy, with appeared to be slick already, was revealed with a surprisingly neatly trimmed tuft of hair above it.

"My my... Now this is a body to be proud of!" Zhuo grinned as he rubbed his hands with glee, seeing that sensational body now just with her thigh high boots, gloves, and head piece on her. "You won't be covering up that while you're around here!" He informed her with a chuckle. "Now, climb on top... And show your master what use you'll really be to me!" He ordered with a far from subtle tone about what he wants.

"I... I understand... M-My Lord..." Lingqi responded, bowing her head a little as she spoke. Knowing full well what he meant as she stepped forward. Climbing up onto his lap, and gritting her teeth as her hands found their way onto the massive girth of his bloated, still clothed stomach. She looked back, about to try and reach but instead, as a good whore should, Diaochan was there to do the work. Using her hand to guide her, and in fact their, master's cock into Lu's pussy as she lowered her hips down.

"Ahhhh-AHHHHH!! AHHHHH!!" Lingqi gasped out with wide eyes again as the cock she'd just been sucking on filled up her snatch. Deeply, giving just like into her oral hole little time to properly adjust. A slap to the rear by the other female setting her off to remind her of her job as she got to work. Grinding teeth other once more as she attempted to focus as she began to ride her new Lord. Lifting her snatch upward to the head before pushing back down to mid-way. Causing them both to moan out as his fat length fitted snugly inside her tightness. All that saliva over him along with how slick her pussy was to start with allowing for an impressively smooth motion. It also got those inches way deeper into her than perhaps any woman who should be trying to resist this kind of man should take.

"MMMM!! Yes Lingqi! Ride me!" Zhou encouraged with a laugh. Happily relaxing back on his Imperial throne as he watched this young, beautiful warrior become more and more like just another lowly whore right in front of his cruel eyes. The literal best seat in the house as he could switch his gaze from watching her conflicted face moan out, to down to her ripe and large chest bouncing away. Or just down over his gut to see his cock vanishing into her snatch as she worked up and down on him. "Serve your master! MMMM... Show me how... Ahhhhh! A daughter of a demon can use a real man's cock!" He said with a demanding tone as he grinned. His moans showing he was already more than happy with proceedings so far, and who wouldn't be with such a stunning woman willingly riding their cock at such a steady, sensual pace. Of course he wanted even more, hence the taunts as he watched on. Not even bothering to thrust once up into her to make his newest 'prize' do all the work for him.

"UHHHH!! Oh fuck!! AHHHH!! It's... MMMM!! So big!! AHHHH!!" Lingqi moaned out with a gasp as she picked up the pace. Drops of sweat starting to form across her face as she rode with an increasing focus now that a woman trying to earn the freedom of her father shouldn't really be doing. Unable to stop herself giving in to this sinful demands from this foul and cruel man, as well as her own growing desires that she never knew existed before today. "AHHHHH... You're... MMMMM! You're filling me up!! I... I can't believe... AHHHH FUCK!! I'm taking it!!" She said between her groans. Head tilted down but her head piece remaining in lace as she also double checked the situation to watch her tight, wet snatch moving up and down this huge, thick cock. Her vaginal walls clenched around it as she took in more of those inches as her bounces went on. Looking, and sounding, less and less like a proud warrior of the lands that history would know as The Three Kingdoms. Now, more like another filthy whore of Dong Zhuo's morally corrupt court.

"Mmmmm... I felt the same way before I understood the truth..." Diaochan purred as she moved to the side of the throne. Resting a hand on her master's shoulder as she leaned against him in a loving (and broken in) manner. Watching the other woman bounce away on the cock she too was addicted to but rather than be envious, she was just happy to be helping her Lord to claim another woman. Just like she had been claimed herself. "Just give in Lingqi... Know your place, and your true calling... Being Lord Zhuo's personal slave and slut!" She added with a grin, before turning her gaze to that man as she used a hand to stroke through the mess of a beard he had on his hideous face.

"MMMMM... Well said Diaochan! Come here..." Dong said, before grabbing Diaochan by her ponytail to pull her towards him. Forcing a lewd kiss onto her as he shoved his tongue straight into her mouth without warning. Getting a moan from the dancer as she quickly missed back, cupping his cheeks as the two started sloppily making out. Even as he was moaning from getting a ride from another woman at the same time. Showing no respect to either as he openly used them for his desires.

"MMMM!! I... I can't!! OH FUCK!! AHHHH!! AHHHHH!!" Lingqi squealed out, trying to speak but sensations and emotions overwhelming her. Eyes staring upward and her tongue nearly sticking out of her mouth as her cries of delight poured out. An intense orgasm leaving Zhuo's cock soaked with juices as she more rapidly bounced away now, like a new side to her that she's never known about before had been switched on. She wasn't even caring at that point that the man she was fucking wasn't paying her attention, busy making out with the other woman involved in this sinful encounter. "AHHHHH... MMMM... Oh... Oh by the stars... MMMM..." She groaned out as she finally came to a stop after near riding herself silly from that orgasm. Hands brushing across his stomach as she took a moment to recover. Even as she hissed from the feeling of all that cock being stuffed inside her snatch as she rested on his lap.

Feeling her stop, Zhuo rudely pushed Diaochan off from the kiss even as it left a trail of saliva hanging on his beard. "Who gave you permission to stop, whore??" He demanded with a sneer. Using his hands to grab her as he stood up from the throne.

"For-forgive me Lord Z-Zhuo!" Lingqi stuttered out as she was easily lifted up by his strength. Finding herself then dumped down onto the throne to sit, as he grabbed her by the ankles to spread her legs wide. "I... I've n-never felt something so... So amazing as that!" She admitted with a lustful tone. Her eyes once more locking onto his member as he moved back in.

"In that case, I will forgive you this once..." He smirked, enjoying the newfound honesty from this now former warrior. "However it's clear you need to understand your place... Another round of taking your master's cock will soon fix that!" He declared with a cold laugh as he lined his shaft up with her soaking snatch.

Without warning or indeed mercy, he slammed his cock home into his new property. Filling up her vaginal tunnel with every fat inch of his perverted cock. Causing his 'victim' to tense up as she grit her teeth. Body almost shivering from the sensations are she mentally clawed at her senses to remain with it against this sexual onslaught. A battle she immediately lost as he pulled back in order to thrust in balls deep. Sending her head tilting back as she moaned out. Tits bouncing as her body jolted back against the throne. The slap of his fat frame connecting off her stunning body sounding out with the squelch of juices as he filled up is new slut again and again with a deep, pounding motion.

"Mmmmm... Look at her Lord Zhuo!" Diaochan purred as she stood beside her master, leaning against him as she ran a hand across his far from toned chest. Watching his cock pummel the new fuck meat he'd acquired as thrust after thrust made Lu Lingqi squeal out in lust and delight as he took her on his own Imperial throne. "She's going to make such a lovely wh-OOOOOOOORE MMMM!!" The former dancer then gasped out as Zhuo slipped a hand right under her barely there costume. Easily finding her bare pussy and shoving two fingers into her tellingly wet snatch. Making her moan out as she clutched onto the grinning warlord as he finger banged her in an all too casual manner. "AHHHH!! OH FUCK!! AHHHH!!" She moaned out, already with her tongue shamefully hanging out of the side of her mouth - such was the pleasure from the digits alone of the man she's truly submissive and addicted to.

"AHHHHHH!! FUCK!! It's... AHHHH!! H-Hitting m-my WOMB!! UHHHH!!" Lingqi screamed out in delight as her hands gripped the arms of the throne of her new master. If he hit her any harder with his powerful and balls deep thrusts, perhaps her stomach would bulge from the girth of his member alone. Truly stuffing her full to the point of nearly re-sizing her soaking wet snatch at this point. "MMMMM!! M-More!! PLEASE!! AHHHHH!! D... Don't stop Lord Zhuo!! AHHHH!!" She begged as she moaned. Sweat now coating her perfect body, causing her silver hair to stick to her cheeks as she rocked backward in time with his pumps. Her breasts deliciously bouncing away as she took every deep thrust better than many an experienced brothel whore could ever dream of doing. Thoughts of rescuing her father far from her now past the point of broken mind as she only craved what she was getting right now. Dominated by the massive cock of the man who was now her master. Only her gloves, her boots, and signature head piece still in place through her now messy hair the reminders of her former life.

"BWHAHAHAHAHA!!" Zhuo laughed loudly and proudly at what he was doing, and quite rightly too despite his cruel ways. His manhood buried deep inside of one slut as she begged for more, while his fingers were stuffing in and out of another well 'trained' one at his side. Living out his dream of a land of wine, women and song with these two stunning women who if they were of right minds would never think once about giving any action to such an obese and repulsive man. "Take it! MMMMM!! Take it all, you wonderful whores!! HAHAHAHAHA!!" He cackled in delight again before moaning out. Making it look all too easy as he finger fucked one beauty while properly buggering another spread out in front of him. Only now starting to show signs of sweating in a sign again of his sexual superiority over these two women that he's reduced from dangerous warriors into desperate sluts.

"Hnnnnngggg... AHHHH!! OOOOOOOOOOH LORD ZHUOOOOOO!!" Diaochan moaned out as her knees buckled. Cumming hard over her Lord's fingers as he worked them briskly in and out of her twat. Leaving a big smile on her face as that tongue stayed dangling out of her mouth, while her eyes were crossing as they stared blankly upward. Juices dripping down her thighs as she shook and just about hung onto his side. Until he pulled out of her completely and without any respect, shoved her away to send her down to the floor with a thud. "Ahhhhhh... Ahhhhhh..." She gasped out in bliss, squirming on the floor in delight from her orgasm in a sex-drunk state. Her own hands now between her legs as she rubbed herself.

That left the daughter of Lu Bu to be the total focus on this perverted man. Grabbing her thigh high boots as he leaned over her. Making her curl up into almost a Piledriver position made worse by his vast weight pressing into her to make her groan. Soon the moans returned as he rammed his manhood straight down into her sex with thrust after hard, commanding thrust. The squelch of her juices just heard along with slap of skin hitting skin and their loud, shameless cries of lust. Using her as a living sex aid as he grinned over his latest prize. Moaning himself with every pump as he sent every fat inch into her love tunnel like he was attempting to drill straight into her womb from the hard nature of his pumps.

"AHHHHHH!! L-LORD... LORD ZHUO!!! I... I'M! I CAN'T!! AHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!" She again screamed out so loud the cries of passion were no doubt heard in the outer courtyard of the Imperial Palace. Lu Lingqi made to feel an even more intense orgasm than before by the same cock that has completely broken and corrupted her. Almost squirting out over that still pumping cock as her mercilessly forced her through every moment of an orgasm very few women, warrior or otherwise, should be able to handle. In a way, she hasn't from that fucked-silly look on her gorgeous, sweat-soaked face. A wide, drunk smile with her tongue similarly to the other woman hanging out the corner of her mouth. Eyes staring without focus and rolled almost completely upward into her head. Chest heaving for air while her tits bounce away as the thrusts keep coming. Looking far removed from the previously feared warrior of the battlefield she once was. Now just a fuck toy for this cruel and perverted man she made the mistake of offering herself up to.

"MMMMM... That's... That's a far better look for you!" Dong boasted as he chuckled. Finally pulling his dick out of that more than just well used snatch of Lingqi. "I'll be sure to get out an outfit that shows your whore body for me all the time." He added, before roughly hauling her off the throne by her ankles. Pulling her to leave her groaning when she hit the floor, then gasping as he grabbed her hair. "Now then... Enjoy a reward from your Lord! Don't say I'm not good to my loyal whores!" He said with a sick smile as he stroked his pulsing cock. Forcing her to that kneeling position with a handful of her sweat-soaked hair.

"Ahhhhh... Ye-Yes... Yes Lord Zh... Lord Zhuo..." Lu's eyes flickered into focus. Far from recovered yet from her latest orgasm but lacking any free will of her own now, let alone strength, to resist this sex-driven warlord. She could only look up, once again staring at that mighty and meaty member as he pumped himself. Finding her tongue wetting her lips in a show that indeed she's been broken in - just seeing that length making her crave it any way and form she can.

Her new desire-filled mindset soon got what she wanted, but never would have thought about before today. With a deep grunt, Dong Zhuo dumping his load across those stunning facial features of Lu Lingqi as he stroked himself dry. Causing her to groan as the first hot shot of jizz landed high onto the headpiece she still wore. Her silver hair becoming matted from the spunk as it rained down to catch on the strands stuck to her cheek. More blasts coming as he coated her nose, lips, and chin. More than enough to drip down onto her neck and the tops of her heaving breasts. A grin on his face as he eased the last drops out, and deliberately wiped the, off onto her head piece in a sign of ownership. Lingqi left a cum-covered mess and only staying up thanks to the grip of her hair that he had.

"Diaochan! You worthless slut!" Zhuo snapped as he looked across. "Stop sleeping and help this new whore clean my cock up!" He demanded, before looking down at Lingqi. "You heard me... Do what you're good for, and service me... Like you're going to do every day, and every time I demand you to!"

"Ye-Yes Lord Zhuo..." Lingqi almost whispered as she gasped for breath. Able to just look up at her new Master as she leaned her cum-stained face towards his softening cock. Sticking her tongue out as she carefully ran it up and down the right side of his shaft. Out of newfound instinct making sure not to leave his cock messy from his own spunk from off of her own face as she tasted her own pussy juices from his shaft. Showing no disgust to the sensation either as she did as ordered.

Moving up to his other side, Diaochan obediently did as she was told. Eagerly using her tongue to lap at the cock she was more than just addicted to and similarly groaning at the taste of another woman from off of him. Staring up with lust at her master as she joined in the task to clean off his member. Replacing juices with saliva as she moved from the bulbous crown down to the mess of pubic hair without any hesitation.

"Mmmmm... That was a good introduction, wasn't it Lu Lingqi?" Dong said mockingly as he watched both her and his other loyal whore flick their tongues at his rod. "You love serving me, don't you?"

"Ahhhh... Yes, yes Lord Zhuo..." Lingqi quickly said in response to his question. Still running her tongue over his dick in between words as she spoke.

"You're far more suited to being one of my whores than fighting, so that's your duty now to me!" He informed her with cruel grin. "Oh, and I think I'll keep your father locked up for a while as well. No need for a filthy, traitorous dog like him to be running about. Don't you agree?" Zhuo asked. Openly going back on the 'agreement' he'd made with Lu that led to all of this in first place, and doing so without any hint of shame.

"My father?" Lu asked before licking Dong's cock again. "...What about my father?" She asked. Sounding like she'd forgotten about him completely. Despite him being the reason she came here in the first place. "Mmmm... I'm sure he'll forgive me... I serve Lord Zhuo now..." She said in a lusty, broken tone, before going up to swirl her tongue around the head of Zhuo's cock as she'd been ordered to do.

Hearing that, Zhuo just laughed loudly and proudly as he let his two whores clean up his member. Once more claiming another stunning woman of the Three Kingdoms as his own property, and one that will also fit in fine with his perverted mindset of how women should be in his own personal paradise. He would still have to deal with Lu Bu in some form, and probably soon before more trouble arouse from his enemies, but for now? Now, he had increased his personal collection of wonderful whores to two.

He had absolutely no intentions of stopping at just that number either.

* * *

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