Dynasty: Sammy Jo finds Out (MF,MFF,inc,veg,voy,cons,ncon)
by Spyder

Carrington Mansion in Denver Colorado, a spacious home for the wealthiest
family in the state. Many parties are held here and that there are just as
many deals made in the home of Blake and Krystal Carrington. Of course the
millions of people that live in the surrounding area have always wondered
what goes on when the family are on their own with no parties filling the
halls of the coveted home.

In the den, Blake and Krystal are talking about what to do for a vacation
and when to take it, but Blake is leaving it up to her. Krystal leaves the
house to visit a travel agency to find out the best spot to relax from the
vigors of being the most revered businessman in the states. Blake in the
mean time goes to the kitchen to ask for a little lunch and as he does so
Fallon is moving into his chair once again without his knowledge.

Blake returns to the den and spots his daughter squeezing her tits, while
she moans with a great deal of pleasure. He walks over to her, slips his
hand over her large breasts and gently pinches the nipples. Quickly they
become rigid and her smile is widened as he licks her areolas, which are
so round and perfect. He mumbles that she is tastier than her mother Alexis
ever could be and far more receptive to his needs. Fallon moves into her
father's gentle motion of sucking her boobs and then stands up to remove
his clothes. While doing so, Fallon slides out of her skirt, panties and
socks, then lowers her nude body to the floor to await her dad's sexual

Seeing the well-hung cock of her father, Fallon sits up to take his rod in
her mouth and suck it until he has shot his load in her throat. Meanwhile,
in the hall a newly returned Sammy Jo is ushered into the house to await
the arrival of her Aunt Krystal. Deciding to investigate the hallowed
mansion of her step uncle, Sammy Jo stumbles across the moans of a man,
who she believes is having his cock sucked, opens the door to the den and
is shocked at the sight that greets her.

Blake looks over to the door and demands that the sexy blonde enter the
room and tell him what she is doing there. Sammy Jo walks gingerly into the
room states that she is Krystal's niece from Texas and that she is there to
visit or stay for awhile. Blake greets her while his cock drips of the cum
that Fallon drank out of it, introduces his daughter and tells Sammy Jo to
swear that no one ever knows of the sex he and Fallon are sharing. Sammy Jo
knows that she is sitting on a gold mine of deceit and decides to use it in
her favor.

Blake hears what she is demanding in terms of money, but has plans of his
own to end the blackmail. Fallon moves towards the sensual vixen, holds her
tight, and watches Blake remove her jeans and socks. She is not wearing any
panties, while leaving her shoes at the front door and Blake plunges his
fingers into her cunt. Sensing that she is a virgin, he licks his fingers,
followed by the hair surrounding her pussy. Sammy Jo goes limp in Fallon's
arms while Blake continues to eat her hot untouched sex hole. It is Blake's
turn to hold her as Fallon removes Sammy Jo's jean jacket, shirt, and bra.

Fallon sees the smaller breasts, slaps them gently, and watches, as the
nipples become erect and begins to suck them, almost making the young lady
cum on the spot. Sammy Jo squeals that she is a virgin, that they should
take it easy and try not to hurt her. With Blake free to watch, he takes a
different form of action by jamming his already hard dick into the not so
tight ass of his wife's niece. Again the young woman yells as his dick
penetrates her hole with strength that none of her boyfriends can muster.

About a half an hour later Blake shoots a load on Sammy Jo's ass and back,
then he asks Fallon to take turns with the young lady at sucking his cock.
The two horny bitches drain a load of cum from their older lover, stretch
out, and wait as Blake fucks both of them. In one and in the other he goes,
banging the pussies and ending the virginity of Sammy Jo. At this time the
butler enters the room with some lunch, places it on the coffee table, and
leaves before any of them can add him to the mix.
Noticing the food tray, Fallon grabs for the tow cucumbers that are UN-peeled
on a plate of veggies and prepares to use it any way she can. She slightly
peels them both and plunges on in the dripping cunt of her newest family
member, while the other is used in the ass of her father. Both of them moan
with pleasure at the treatment of Fallon and the cucumbers. Sammy Jo cums
once more and Blake runs form the room, as he knows that he shouldn't be
around to experience such sexual deviancy. Each of them eats the cucumber as
it leaves their holes with cum all over them. Shortly afterward, Krystal
enters the room and is somewhat angered that Sammy Jo arrived unannounced and
decides to exact some retribution.

Krystal takes hold of the nude Sammy Jo sucks her tits and finger fucks her
pussy. She then takes the bottle of wine, pours it on her niece's body and
then licks it off, while Sammy Jo explodes from her pussy. Fallon sits back
watches and then masturbates while the aunt and niece get re-acquainted.
Soon all three are fully spent and lies on the floor soaked with cum and
wine that they used to wet their appetites.

The End


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