Due South: Better Together (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Constable Benton Fraser of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stepped into
a dark chamber inside the Canadian Consulate. Walking beside him in the
darkness was his boss, Margaret. She was a tall, attractive brunette in her
mid-thirties. Fraser and her had been working together for awhile. As time
went by, their working relationship took a turn for the romantic. It had
been awkward at first. He was an old-fashioned guy and she was his boss,
after all. But they didn't let that stop them. Tonight was the night they
had been secretly hoping and waiting for.

Fraser followed Margaret as she led him into her chambers. She sat him down
on the bed, after lighting a candle. He looked at Margaret Thatcher as she
undressed. She had a nice body. Firm body at that. Nice, pale pink skin,
long black hair and pale blue eyes. Sharp, angular features. Full lips.
Nice, round butt and firm tits. Margaret looked at Fraser. Tonight was their
special night. They had worked together for years. He was the quiet, decent,
often enigmatic man from the Great North. She was a canadian city girl
transplanted to Chicago by the Canadian government. She had a crush on Fraser
for years and she suspected that he knew but if he did, he did not act on it.
Oh, well. Tonight he was hers.

Benton looked at the beautiful young woman who stood before him. She was very
attractive. And the fact that she was his boss did nothing to deter from

"Like what you see?" Margaret asked.

Yes, I do." Fraser said. He got up and slowly walked up to her. She looked at
him. His body was muscular though not overly so. Just right. She touched his
hard biceps and flat belly. She caressed his firm buttocks. Fraser leaned for
a kiss and she put her arms around him. They kissed. He felt her tongue
playing with his and her soft hands caressing his body. He was not inactive
and caressed her in a most soothing way. Margaret felt a little thrill when
Benton Fraser touched her. They kissed and caressed each other for a moment
before Fraser felt truly aroused by her.

They went to bed. Fraser had Margaret lie down while he kissed her and began
licking his way from her neck to her chest. He suckled down on her tits and
caressed the areolas. He made his way down to her belly and caressed her
navel before going to her pelvis. Margaret shuddered when she felt Fraser
blowing his cool breath on her pussy. He licked her pussy, sticking his
tongue into her love hole. Margaret caressed his head and ground it against
her pussy as he worked on her. He licked her clit and ate her out, tasting
her juices and licking her from the inside out. Margaret had never had such
a caring lover. As he continued to work her body, playing her like a fine
musical instrument, she experienced an intense orgasm, brought on by his
amazingly knowing touch. Margaret screamed in pleasure, and Fraser gathered
her into his arms until the feeling subsided.

Margaret looked at the handsome young man who had brought her so much
pleasure. She was determined to return the favor. She made Fraser lie down
and took his erect cock in her hand. Smiling, she took him into her mouth.
Slowly, Fraser let out his breath. Margaret sucked his cock head and licked
at his balls while pumping her slim hand up and down around his manhood.
Fraser closed his eyes, determined to enjoy this to the max. Margaret looked
at him as she did what she did, and was determined to bring him pleasure.
She licked his balls tenderly, then sucked on his dick head after flicking
her tongue around it. Fraser grunted. She continued what she was doing until
he gasped. She knew what was coming, and prepared herself for it. He came,
shooting his load all over her face. Margaret drank his seed. She licked him
until he was dry, taking time to taste his essence.

Finally, Fraser opened his eyes. Margaret smiled. "How was it?" She asked.

"Great," Fraser said. He pulled her into his strong arms and placed her on
top of him. She straddled him. Their naked bodies pressed against each other.
Margaret felt Fraser's hard cock underneath her. She wanted to feel him
inside her. She crouched on him and slowly lowered herself onto his member.
His hard cock pressed against her pussy. Slowly, he entered her. Margaret
closed her eyes when she felt Fraser's cock slip into her. She placed her
hands on his shoulders for support and began to bounce up and down on him.
He thrust into her, giving it to her slow and deep. Every thrust brought him
deeper into her, while every bounce of her shapely body brought her down, to
the place where their bodies became one. She opened her eyes, and looked at
him as they made love. Fraser took her hands and kissed them. She smiled at
him. He thrust harder into her, going deeper and she encouraged him by
bouncing faster and harder on him. The deliciously hot pain in her belly
fired up her passion. They went at it like this for awhile, before he came
inside her.

They changed positions. Margaret lay on her back and Fraser raised her legs
so that they rested on his shoulders. He pressed his cock against her pussy,
and she put her arms around him, welcoming him inside her and urging him to
go harder. He did, thrusting hard and deep. They made love like this for a
long time, at times tenderly, other times, roughly. Time and again, he came
inside her and she came too. Their screams of passion resonated inside the
empty Canadian Embassy. Finally, sated, they lay on the bed, cradled in each
other's arms. Margaret looked at Fraser. She smiled and kissed him. Neither
of them said anything. There was nothing to be said. They loved each other.
Both of them had known this for awhile. Consummating their relationship was
just the first step.

The End


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