The Doctor and the TARDIS belong to the BBC. All other characters are
creations of my overly vivid imagination (copywrite 1996 Brenda Vieths).
This is an extremely "X" rated story so if you are under 18, turn around
and don't come back til you are.

Since this is my first attempt at both a Dr. Who story and an erotic/x-rated
story, I would appreciate any comments you have (this is not an invitation
for horny men who are looking for cyber sex with me). Send the comments to
[email protected] Hopefully you will enjoy it (I certainly enjoyed
writing it).

Dr. Who: Teresa's Story (MF)
by Brenda Vieths

It started simply enough. I simply walked into my living room. Nothing
unusual about that. Except... well, except for the large blue police box in
front of my couch. That should not have been there. It certainly wasn't
there this morning. I would have remembered that. There was also the man.
Since there hadn't been a man in the house for months (hey, it had been kind
of slow lately), I knew he didn't belong. He didn't even look up from my
newspaper when I walked in. He just kept reading.

"Amazing," he said. "The things that humans will do to each other over
stupid things." He looked up at her. "A woman was actually killed for her
earrings. Can you believe that?" His blue eyes looked sad.

"Who the hell are you?" I finally said.

He smiled. "I'm the Doctor. And you are?" He extended his hand at me. I
ignored it.

"I am the owner of this house. How did you get in here? And why is that,"
I pointed at the blue box, "in my living room?"

"Ah, well it is quite simple actually. That is my TARDIS and it is
malfunctioning, again. It landed here and, since it seemed so quiet, I
decided to relax a bit and catch up on local events." He seemed satisfied
with that answer. I just stared at him, not quite comprehending the whole
thing. Under most circumstances, I was in total control of a situation. I
was in charge of an entire construction crew. A woman in charge of a lot
of large, obnoxious men. I wasn't a large woman, and at 5'-6" and 140lbs,
I wasn't an intimidating figure. I had to establish control early or they
would never respect me. It was a skill that had taken me years to perfect.
This situation was beyond my control and it made me upset. And it didn't
help matters that he was extremely attractive. He was taller than me, had
longish pale brown hair, slightly curly, a wonderful smile, and, of course,
those twinkling eyes. I shook my head to try to clear it of the nasty
thoughts flowing thru it. He was an intruder in my home, for God's sake,
not a potential lover. I looked at him again. He simply sat there looking
at me, waiting for me to respond.

"Why don't you fix it and leave then?"

"I didn't want to. In my life, quiet times are few and far between. I
thought I would enjoy it for a while." He sighed. "However, if you wish
for me to leave, then I shall. But," he paused, a slight smile playing on
his face, "I feel as though I owe you something for the use of your home.
Would you like to have a tour of the TARDIS? I'm sure you would enjoy it."

I thought why not. It was small enough that the tour shouldn't last long.
Then I could lock him in and call the cops. "Fine. Let's go."

* * *

A year later, I was trying to figure out why I hadn't left. I had been put
in mortal danger more than once (I think the doctor got some twisted kick out
of the danger) and I was tired of being scared. But then again, I had seen
things that few others had. Still, I should have left.

After two years, I had figured out why I stayed. I had fallen for the
Doctor. Stupid, really, since he had never shown me anything other than
friendship. From what I could tell, he was on body number 8 and was
pushing 1000 years old. He had seen a lot of people he cared about die.
I guess I didn't blame him for not getting closer to the people around
him. But the rationalizations didn't help when I hadn't had sex in
three years and I was horny as hell!

We had just gotten rid of a particularly annoying woman (she had a shrill
voice and a scream that could break glass) the morning before. The Doctor
thought it was best since I had decked the woman when she wouldn't quit
screaming at the Dalek squad surrounding us. It had made me feel much
better and distracted the Daleks enough to allow us to escape (I wanted
to leave her but the Doctor just looked at me crossly and I helped drag
the sobbing heap to safety). He had been avoiding me since then. Not
that I blamed him, I had been a real bitch lately and it didn't take much
to set me off (see earlier horny note).

I decided to work off some excess energy in the weight room I had discovered.
The Doctor didn't use it and I had taken it over. I changed into my workout
togs and proceeded to do two hours of intense lifting. I was sweaty, tired,
and a bit calmer when I was done. I ran into the Doctor as I headed back to
my quarters.

"Hello," I smiled at him.

He looked up and stared for a second. His face flushed and he quickly
shifted his eyes. "Hello." He started to walk away but I grabbed his arm.

"Look, we can't go on behaving like this. I said I was sorry for hitting
Rachael. She accepted my apology, can't you?"

He paused before answering then gave me a little smile. "It's not that,
Teresa. I confess, more than once, I wanted to do the same thing to her.
I should never have allowed her to stay as long as I did." I let my hand
drop. "I 've just been...distracted as of late and I am taking it out on
you. It's not intentional, however...," he shifted his eyes again.
"Maybe it is time for you to return home."

I looked straight at him, he wouldn't look at me. "No." I turned and walked
toward my room.

"I could make you leave," he called after me.

"You can try," I replied as I closed my door. I had no intention of leaving
anytime soon. Even though it was torture being around him, at least I knew
where he was. It made me feel better. Being home, alone, would be far

I peeled off the sweaty clothes and looked at myself in my full length
mirror. I had thick auburn hair that just reached my shoulders. My eyes
were pale blue with more than a few laugh lines surrounding them. My lips
curved just enough to be noticed. I wasn't a bad looking woman. And,
judging from some of the looks and comments I had received on Earth and
on the variety of planets we had visited, others thought so too. Except
the Doctor. He was cool as a cucumber. I even managed to be totally
naked in front of him once (it was semi-planned, I had gotten out of the
shower and left the door to my room open when I 'accidentally' dropped
the towel) and he didn't even pause.

I had firmed up since I had come on board. I was by no means skinny or a
hard body, but I was firm where I needed it and soft, well, let's just say
that I was soft in all the right places. I reached up and cupped my breasts.
They weren't huge, just enough to fill a man's hand. But, as an ex-boyfriend
used to say, anything more than a handful goes to waste. I squeezed my
nipples, twisting until they were hard. I closed my eyes and imagined the
Doctor running his hands up my body, his long fingers pinching and kneading
their way up from my ass. I moaned and opened my eyes. It was time for that
shower. And then I would open that new toy. I had burned out four of the
things in the last year and I had picked this one up a month ago. It was
time for it to be put to work. I turned on the shower and stepped in. As I
rinsed off the soap, I lingered on my clit. I leaned up against the wall and
twisted it as I pushed two fingers in my puss. I was so wet, my fingers slid
in and out easily. Just as I was about to cum, I stopped myself and climbed
out of the shower. I towel dried my hair and headed towards the closet with
my toy in it. It was 10" long and over 2" in diameter. It had it's own
internal power supply (it would supposedly last over 1000 hours) and it was
self-lubricating (I just love more advanced cultures). Rachael and the
Doctor had asked what I had bought on Larus but I had just smiled and told
them to mind their own business. I ran my fingers up and down it as I laid
out on my bed. I ran it over my nipples first, the tingles making me gasp. I
used my other hand to rub my hard clit. I relaxed and imagined the Doctor's
wonderful lips sucking at my nipple as his hands played over my wet skin. His
mouth would leave a trail over my body as he descended to suck my puss. I
slipped the monster into my puss, groaning as it stretched me out. I plunged
it in over and over, rubbing my clit harder and harder. I could feel myself
going over the edge again when I heard a knock at the door.

"Teresa, can we talk?", the Doctor called from the other side of the door.
True to form, the man had lousy timing. My mind was made up.

I pulled the vibrator out and dropped it onto the bed, not bothering to hide
it. I grabbed a short silk robe but didn't bother tying it. It hung over my
breasts but didn't cover my shaved pussy. I figured it was now or never. If
he wanted me to leave, then I was going to do my best to get him before I

I yanked the door open. His eyes quickly ran up and down my body. He blushed
and started mumbling, backing up. I grabbed his coat and pulled him to me.

"Oh, no you don't," I said as I covered his mouth with mine. I could feel
his body tense at first, his lips unresponsive. Then it was like a dam
broke. His hands pushed under my robe, his mouth opened, and his tongue
plunged in. He pushed me back against the door and pulled me off my feet.
I wrapped my legs around his waist as he dragged his mouth from mine and
took my breast in his mouth. I could feel his cock pressing against my
pussy. I weaved my fingers into his hair pressing his mouth harder onto
my breast. He nibbled at one nipple, causing me to gasp for air. His
fingers dug into my ass, pinching as he moved to my dripping slit. He

"This is wrong, I shouldn't be here," he said as he carried me to my bed.
He put me back on my feet and pushed the robe off my shoulders.

"You don't seem to be leaving," I replied as I undid his cravat and pulled
his shirt open. I spread my fingers over his smooth chest.

"No, I don't," he smiled at me, "do I?"

I pushed his shirt and coat off his arms, struggling to get them over his
hands. "Just touch me, lick me, taste me. I need you so damn much." I took
one of his nipples into my mouth and nipped it. He groaned in surprise. It
didn't take much time to get his pants and shoes off.

He had a wonderful body. All toned and firm. His ass was rounded without
being wide or bubbled. He had lean legs and muscled arms. But his cock
interested me most. It was at least 9" long and thick.

"Do you get to keep that in all your regens?" I smiled at him as I grabbed
his hard cock.

He moaned as I stroked him. "Believe it or not, yes. The eyes and the
penis. Amazing, isn't it?" I dropped to my knees.

"It certainly is." I took the head into my mouth and grazed it with my
teeth. His hips began to thrust forward. I pulled the length in, not
getting it all (my mouth isn't that big). I swirled my tongue around
the shaft and pulled it out. I teased the slit in his head, pushing my
tongue in it. He pulled my head forward and kept thrusting. I kept
this up until I couldn't take it anymore, I had to feel his body against
mine. I stood and claimed his mouth again. Our tongues twined together,
sparring back and forth. His nails grazed my skin, sending chills
through my body. My fingers flew all over his smooth body, pinching and
rubbing as I went. His hearts pounded against my chest. I pulled away
and laid on the bed, knocking the monster off in the process (I wouldn't
be needing it anytime soon). He looked over my body and kneeled above me.

"You are so beautiful," he said as he kissed my neck. "It has been so
difficult to keep away from you."

"You never seemed to...," I gasped as he nipped my shoulder. "Urrm, never
seemed to have any interest in me."

"From the moment I saw your picture in your house. You fascinated me. That
is the real reason I stayed until you came home." He smiled up at me. "And
the reason that the TARDIS 'suddenly' managed to repair itself once you were

I smiled back at him. "You dirty old man you. I wonder how many women you
have lured in that way."

"Not many. Most I ask or become stuck with. You didn't seem like you would
stay, so I plotted." He looked away, somewhat ashamed it seemed. I pulled
his face to mine.

"I don't mind." I kissed him. "I needed a shake up. And you have provided
more thrills than I could ever hope for. Now," I leered at him, "provide
some more."

He chuckled and proceeded to do as I commanded. He slid down to my puss and
sucked at my clit. He knew just how to pull at it, his teeth grazing over
it, tormenting me. He moved his tongue to my hole and trusted it in, sucking
up the juices already flowing from me. I was groaning, moaning, generally
throwing a fit. I hadn't felt this amazing in so long, if ever. After what
seemed like forever, he moved up and claimed my mouth again. He moved to
cover me but I pushed him onto his back. I impaled myself on his rod,
savoring the sensations. He groaned as my tight pussy covered his cock. I
slowly started to pump, my breasts bouncing. He covered them with his hands
and squeezed the nipples between his fingers. After coming 4 times in 10
minutes, I was losing my control. I was raking my nails over his chest, not
caring if I left marks. He pulled me down and rolled us over. He pulled my
legs over his shoulders and pumped fast and furious into me. I came 3 more
times before he lost control. His eyes closed and his fingers dug into my
hips. His whole body shook and he screamed out. He slowly pulled out and
leaned over me. We gently kissed as he laid on me. He then rested his head
on my breasts and stroked my body. I played with his curly locks.

"Oh, God, that was amazing. How long has it been for you anyway?" I asked.

"Let's see, roughly 500 or so years. There was this Time Lady that traveled
with me for a time but it was short lived and we parted company. There was
another Earth woman but it never developed into a physical relationship. I
won't push my lifestyle on a woman." He looked up at me. "And then there
are women like you who embrace the lifestyle as their own. I like that."

He slid up and began kissing me. I could feel his cock begin to harden once
again against my hip.

"You are ready to go again? That was quick." I wrapped my arms around his

He leered at me again. "Two hearts, remember."


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