!!! SICK STORY !!!

Usual warnings. Please don't read if under 18 etc, or if illegal to do so in
your locality. This story takes major liberties with the plot of the "Doctor
Who" story "Vengeance On Varos". If that displeases you, there are two things
you can do about it: 1) Nothing. 2) Like It.

Doctor Who: The Dungeons Of Varos
by Robin Banks

The Girl sat on a low cushioned chair, her left hand covered her face as
tears streamed down her face. A man stood over her, a man dressed in a grey
military uniform. "What's the matter?" Said the man briskly, "Do you grieve
for your friend?"

The girl looked up at him, her name was Peri, she was a dark haired,
curvaceous and voluptuous, and a very lovely example of womanhood. The man
looked at Peri, even though tears streamed down her face, grieving for her
lost friend, it was obvious to anyone how beautiful she was.

Gently the man's hand touched Peri's cheek, "Of course with a lovely young
woman like you, we can make more than one kind of video," the man said.

Peri looked up at the man puzzled, what on Earth could he mean she wondered,
but before Peri could say a word, Peri saw the man in front of her nod his
head to someone standing behind her. Almost instantly Peri felt something go
around her neck, then there was a loud metallic click, and Peri gasped in
horror, she had been collared.

The man in the grey uniform lifted Peri's chin, and looked deeply into her
eyes. Peri found herself wanting to spit into his face, but as these men had
killed her friend so casually Peri guessed that these militaristic brutes
would have no compunction in doing the same to her. As if to confirm her
opinion a cruel smile spread over the face of the man. "Well my dear Peri?"
said the man, his cold tone of voice sending a shiver of fear down Peri's
spine. "Your now going to be taken to what is according to viewer
appreciation figures the favourite part of the punishment dome," the man
paused briefly, "and I'm sure that our male viewers well especially enjoy
seeing you there."

The man looked over Peri's shoulder to the guard that had recently collared
her, "Take this girl to the dungeon," then Peri felt a sudden force on her
collar, there was obviously a leash attached to it, she stood to her full
height to elevate the pressure on her neck, but it did no good as the guard
pulled on the leash again, and Peri was forced, stumbling rapidly to follow

As the guard lead Peri through the twisting and confusing corridors of Varos,
that all looked the same to Peri, she had chance to think of all that had
happened to her to bring her to her current predicament. Peri had been a
botany student on vacation with her stepfather in Lanzarotte, and it had been
there that she had first met the mysterious man that she had so recently
witnessed murdered on the screens of Varos, the man only known as The Doctor.

When Peri had first met The Doctor he had been completely different to the
man that had just been killed, his physical appearance, his character,
everything that could possibly change in a person, did so in one sudden
horrifying moment. Indeed, if Peri had not seen the change with her very own
eyes, Peri would never have believed that The Doctor as she first met him,
and the man that she had just seen die were one and the same person. However,
Peri had the proof of her own eyes as to the changing appearance and
personality of The Doctor, and Peri had travelled with The Doctor in his
unlikely looking spacecraft to many different times and places, encountering
many different species when they did so.

Peri had found that whatever other changes occurred in The Doctor, one thing
remained constant, and that was that he was the sort of person who would
openly interfere in the affairs of other worlds and cultures, in an attempt
to change them for the better. It was this aspect of his personality that led
him and whoever was travelling with him, into constant trouble. And of course
The Doctor could not stop himself from interfering in the affairs of the
planet that he and Peri had recently arrived on, the planet Varos. Driven to
this planet in search of a vital ore to repair his malfunctioning space
craft, Peri and The Doctor had found a planet ruled by a military
dictatorship, and anyone foolish enough to rebel and bring about some kind of
democracy to Varos was horribly tortured, live on camera, and this was beamed
into the houses of every citizen of Varos for their entertainment. Now The
Doctor's need to interfere had led to his death, and even through Peri still
grieved for him, she wondered exactly what the man could mean when he had
said that she was to star in "another type of video". As the guard that had
lead Peri here by leash and collar paused before a large and heavy metallic
door, Peri had the feeling she was about to find out.

The guards open a panel to the left hand side of the door, and reaching
inside he pressed a button. The door smoothly ascended until it was high
above the ground, and Peri could see inside to what had been hidden behind
the door. However, as much as Peri wanted to see behind the metallic door,
she felt the leash on her collar being pulled again, this accompanied by a
rude shrove from the guard that controlled her leash, made sure that Peri
quickly entered the large room. Then, after a brief pause, during which the
guard doubtless pushed another button in the wall, Peri heard the large
metallic door shut firmly and securely into place.

Peri was very frightened as she looked around the room, it had been described
to her as a dungeon, and that description fitted the room perfectly. Over
every wall there were implements that could be used to torture someone,
whips, paddles, chains, manacles, electrical equipment, and many items that
Peri did not recognise, and wouldn't even try to guess their usage, hung from
neat racks on every wall. As well as that, racks of all shapes and sizes,
were either hung from the ceiling or secured to a wall. Peri knew without any
doubt that she had been brought to this dungeon to be tortured, and at that
thought, a shiver of stark cold fear ran down her spine.

There was a table or bench of some kind, that leaned against the wall that
was furthest away from Peri. Standing in front of that table with his back to
Peri and the guard, was a man dressed in the usual militaristic grey uniform.
The man suddenly turned around, it was then that Peri noticed that half his
face was covered by a mask of some kind. Peri wondered if the man's face was
scarred, as his right eye stared at her, blue and clear as a mountain stream.
Whereas his left eye was completely covered by the mask. However, Peri had no
time to wonder, as the man strode decisively from the table, and stood mere
inches from Peri, with a cruel smile on his face, that grew broader and
crueller the closer he got to Peri.

Peri found herself lowering her head submissively before the man, the closer
he got to her. The masked man eventually came so close to Peri she could feel
his breath on her skin, and with one gloved hand, he lifted Peri's chin,
enabling his one uncovered eye to look directly into hers. "Remove your
clothing girl," said the man in a commanding tone, and although Peri felt
terribly afraid at that moment, and knew full well from having seen The
Doctor die, the consequences for defying these militaristic buffoons, Peri
found enough courage within herself to shake her head and reply "No, I

The man's expression grew very angry, and Peri felt tears of fear begin to
run down her face, "Strip or it will be done for you," the man commanded.

Peri found that she could only shake her head in negation, she still refused
to let these brutes, and god only knows how many Varosians watching on their
t.v screens, the pleasure of seeing her naked body.

The masked man looked over Peri's shoulder, where the guard whom had led Peri
to this dungeon stood, with the lease that he had so effectively controlled
her by in his hand, he said to the guard, "Maldack, grab hold of this silly
slut, and I shall strip her."

From somewhere behind her Peri heard Maldack's voice reply, "Yes Mister

Suddenly Peri felt the leash on her collar being released, and then she was
roughly grabbed from behind. Peri was a very physically fit young woman,
indeed she had been a high school track star, but even struggling kicking
and writhing as hard as she could, Peri could not escape the vice like grip
that Maldack held her in. As Quillum grabbed her ankles, Peri tried to twist
away, but if anything, Quillum's grip was even stronger than Maldack's.
Maldack easily removed each of Peri's shoes, and as she stood barefoot on
the cold hard floor of the dungeon, Peri continued to struggle, but with as
little success as before.

Quillum's hands then quickly went to Peri's waist, Peri knew that he fully
intended to strip her, and because of Maldack's strong grip, there was
nothing she could do about it. Quillum then quickly undid the belt that Peri
wore on her shorts, and without pausing he undid the fastening and zip that
kept Peri's shorts up, and Peri felt her terror and fear grow even more, as
with one swift move Maldack yanked her shorts down and kicked them to one
side. Peri continued to struggle as Maldack gripped her tightly, but it did
no good as Quillum's hands moved to the neckline of the blue leotard that
Peri wore underneath her shorts. The neckline was low and showed off Peri's
impressive cleavage, but Quillum did not pause for a moment to gaze at Peri's
lovely breasts, as he started to tear Peri's leotard away from her body.

Peri pleaded as the tearing sounds continued, she had no desire to be
publicly stripped. But she knew that somewhere there were camera's in this
dungeon, beaming every image of her ordeal to the watching populace of Varos.
Soon Quillum had finished tearing off Peri's leotard, and she was now dressed
only in brassiere and panties. Mister Quillum did not pause for a single
moment, instead his hands went to Peri's light blue bra, and he tore it off
as easily as he had torn off her leotard. Peri could not stop herself from
crying out, "Please don't do this", even though she had realised that these
men would show no mercy whatsoever. A judgement which was confirmed, when
Quillum's hands went to Peri's hips, and with one swift motion he removed her
panties, leaving Peri completely naked.

Quillum stepped away from Peri, and nodded his head to the guard that was
still standing behind her. Without warning the guard rudely shoved Peri to
the ground, and as she rose to her hands and knees, Peri could not stop
herself from trembling in fear. But before she had a chance to ponder her
fate anymore, Peri heard someone snap of fingers, and then Quillum's voice
barked out another command. "Crawl to me on your hands and knees slut."

Peri felt terrified and humiliated having to obey this command, but Peri knew
that they looked upon her as nothing more as a piece of property, and not a
particularly valuable piece of property at that. So Peri quickly crawled to
Quillum, trying to avoid any further kind of punishment that he might have
in mind for her.

"Lie flat on your belly, with your arms outstretched," Quillum commanded, and
once again Peri obeyed, then after a brief pause during which Peri heard the
rattle of chains, and then a metallic click as manacles went around her
wrists and were firmly locked in place.

Quillum barked out another command to Peri "Stand up!", and even though
Peri felt ashamed to expose her naked body to Quillum and Maldack (and the
watching cameras), she knew that she would be treated mercilessly and
terribly punished if she disobeyed, beside which Peri reasoned, her nudity
had been exposed to Quillum and Maldack for quite some time now. With those
thoughts rushing through her mind, Peri quickly stood to her full height. It
was then that she noticed that there was a chain running from her manacles
to somewhere in the roof of the dungeon in which she now stood. Then Peri
heard rather than saw Maldack walk to her right side. It was then that Peri
heard the rattle of chains, and as she fearfully glanced to her right, Peri
saw Maldack turn some kind of wheel, and she felt her wrists being pulled
higher and higher, and they were above her head, with her arms stretched
straight. Eventually the chain pulled Peri's whole body upwards until only
the tips of her toes made contact with the ground. But of course the torture
did not stop there, eventually Peri felt her toes leave the ground, and she
swung slightly in the air, her entire body weight now being born by her
wrists. Quillum then grabbed Peri's ankles, and with a piece of rope he had
just picked up, her lashed her ankles tightly together, and then tied them
to a metal ring set in the floor.

Then from somewhere behind Peri, came the voice of the guard, Maldack. "How
many strokes should I give her Mr. Quillum?"

Peri looked fearfully in the direction of Quillum as he casually replied,
"Beat her senseless Maldack."

Peri gasped horrified, she could barely believe that these men were seriously
suggesting beating her senseless. And then suddenly without warning it came,
an incredibly loud crack followed by white hot pain across her bare backside,
Peri could do nothing except scream in pain. Again, came the crack, again the
pain, and once more Peri screamed. This happened a third time, and a forth,
Peri began to shake her head and plead. "Please no!" she managed to say
breathlessly, "Please don't whip me."

But her pleadings counted for nothing, as blows from the whip landed upon her
bare backside again and again. Again Peri tried to placate the men, anything
to avoid this terrible pain. "Please Sir, don't whip me," she cried, but once
again she was ignored, and the beating continued.

Peri was beginning to feel light headed and dizzy, her head hung low on her
body, she was no longer pleading, indeed she had lost the power to even
scream. Instead she parted her lips noiselessly, as the blows of the whip
landed on her naked backside, again and again.

Peri grew nearer and nearer to unconsciousness, but still the beating
continued. Rivulets of sweat ran down Peri's beautiful naked body, her
perspiration caused by the incredible pain of the beating. Lost in the fire
of her pain, Peri had no idea of what was happening, indeed, had she been
asked her own name, it was doubtful that Peri would have known the answer,
even if she had the strength to speak. And then suddenly Peri was forced
into bright alertness, and began to shiver uncontrollably, as Quillum threw
a bucket of freezing cold water, at her naked body, and brought her back
into full consciousness.

As the shivering subsided and Peri's vision began to clear she noticed
Maldack, with the whip in his hand, coiled and ready for use, Peri wondered
what new abuses were going to be wrought upon her body now. With a sudden
crack, and a flash of white hot pain across her breasts as they were whipped,
Peri's questions were answered. Peri could not stop herself from screaming
once again, as the whip landed across her magnificent naked breasts, with
horrible force again and again. Peri had never been physically chastised in
her life before. So to have her backside whipped was bad enough, but to have
her breasts whipped was worse than Peri could possibly imagine. As the
whipping continued, and Peri felt the cold grip of unconsciousness grab hold
of her once again, she could only hope that this time she would not be
awakened by freezing cold water.

Had Quillum and Maldack known that Peri now wanted to fall unconscious,
they would have awoken her again and again with freezing cold water, only
to continue her beating on another part of her lovely exposed body. But of
course they could not guess this, so instead Maldack whipped Peri's breasts
using his full male strength, until finally, Peri slipped into
unconsciousness. Quillum looked at Peri's unconscious body with contempt,
"Get her down from there," he said to Maldack, "and I shall brand her before
you chain her to that ring over there," Quillum continued as he pointed to a
metal ring set firmly in place on the floor of the dungeon.

Maldack began to obey Quillum by untying Peri's ankles from the metal ring.
Then by means of the metal wheel set to one side of the whipping post,
Maldack lowered Peri's limp, luscious body to the ground.

"Lie her on her back," commanded Quillum, Maldack knowing that the Varosian
tradition was to brand slaves high upon their left thigh, obeyed.

Maldack looked at Quillum directly, he was a relatively new guard, and had
not seen a slave being branded before so he was naturally curious about the

"I have heard some guards say that it is better to brand a slave when she is
fully awake," Maldack removed a small metallic looking box from his pocket
and replied, "I tend to differ, in my view if a slave awakens branded she
feels more helpless and vulnerable, as then she realises we can do anything
we like to her, awake or asleep."

Maldack shrugged his shoulders, perhaps Quillum was right. With no further
conversation Quillum reached into a trouser pocket, and produced a
rectangular metallic box. He pushed a button on the outside of the box, and
suddenly a metallic element began to heat up. When the element had turned
red hot, Quillum suddenly turned the heated part and placed it against Peri's
left thigh, high on the thigh, almost on Peri's hip. Peri's bare flesh hissed
and boiled, as the branding machine did it's work. After a brief moment,
Quillum removed the branding machine from Peri's thigh, turned to Maldack and
said, "Chain her to that ring, as we discussed before," and without a reply,
Maldack dragged Peri's nude body over to the metallic ring.

How long later it was when Peri awoke, she had no way of knowing. She opened
her eyes, but could not see a thing, this was because she was hooded. Peri
felt something hard, round and leathery in her mouth, it was a ball gag, at
the back of her head Peri could feel the buckles and straps that held the
hood and gag tightly in place. As Peri senses awakened further, she could
feel she was restricted in other ways. Her wrists were close together behind
her back, and were secured in place by manacles. Peri's ankles were similarly
secured together, and of course the collar was still locked in place around
Peri's neck. Peri lay in her right side, and the cold air of the dungeon made
her shiver, and as she shivered, Peri realised that she was still naked. Peri
felt utterly helpless, she had been stripped, tortured, and now placed in
very secure bondage, she wondered what the Varosians had in store for her
next, and whether her suffering and degradation was still being beamed live
into every Varosian home.

At that moment Peri heard the doors of the dungeon being opened, and the
sounds of what seemed to be a struggle occurring. Amongst the many voices
shouting and cursing over one other, Peri could hear voices she recognised.
As well as Quillum and Maldack, Peri could hear two other voices she
recognised, namely those of two Varosians that had befriended Peri and The
Doctor as they had attempted to escape from the punishment dome, the husband
and wife pairing of Jondar and Aretta.

The sounds of struggling included sounds of tearing, and Peri guessed that
just as had happened to her when she had first been brought into the dungeon,
Jondar and Aretta's clothing was being forcibly removed. Suddenly, Peri felt
one of the guards stood over her, and she could hear chains and metallic
clicking, she could also feel another soft body next to her own, and it was
obvious that either Aretta or Jondar had been chained next to her. Peri
wondered which one of the two it was, and as she heard gentle sobbing she
guessed it was Aretta. Peri couldn't help but wonder whether she would play
a part in the torture of Aretta and Jondar, and if she was to play a part,
what new suffering would be brought about on her body and mind because of

It was then that Peri heard more metallic clicking, and what sounded like a
fire being lit. It was obvious that something very special was being prepared
for Jondar. Even though Peri had been unconscious when she had been branded,
from the moment that she had awoken she knew that she now bore a brand on her
skin, because of the pain from her recently marked thigh, and the smell of
her own scorched flesh, and Peri wondered whether Jondar would soon bear a
similar mark. And as if to confirm her wondering, Peri could hear the sounds
of a fire or brazier being lit.

Peri then heard what could only be Quillum's voice. "Release the alien woman
from her bonds." Quillum casually remarked, "I intend to have her join in
with the torture of these two rebel scum."

Peri trembled in horror at this statement. All of her worst fears had been
confirmed. However, as she heard and felt a guard stand over her, Peri froze
in place, fearful that she would receive another beating if she disobeyed
these ruthless men in any way. Peri felt the man's hands on her ankles, and
she heard the metallic click as a key was inserted into the lock of her ankle
manacles, and then Peri felt her ankles released from the manacles, and she
could not stop herself from rubbing her ankles together to get some
circulation back into her ankles. The man's then quickly went to Peri's
wrists, which were of course secured behind her back, and he unlocked the
manacles that secured Peri's wrists tightly together. As she had done with
her ankles, Peri rubbed her wrists together, in order to get some movement
and circulation back into them. Peri then felt the man's hands go to her
head, and he began to unfasten and remove her gag. When it was removed, Peri
licked her dry lips, and while she did this, the man unfastened the buckles
that were keeping her hood in place, and slowly he removed it. Peri rapidly
blinked her eyes against the bright light of the dungeon. Finally the leash
that was secured to her collar was removed, but of course the collar that
went so closely around her neck. Peri then lay on her right side, naked apart
from the collar around her neck, and as she breathed deeply in fear as to
what might happen to her, Quillum barked out another order at her.

"Get on all fours," Quillum commanded, and although Peri's muscles were still
somewhat stiff, because they had remained in the same position, unused for
such a long time, she obeyed as rapidly as she could. Quillum's next order
quickly followed, "Crawl to Aretta, and kiss and lick every inch of her body,
but leave her hot cunt until last."

Peri shivered in terror at the command, she had never kissed another woman
fully clothed, and she had certainly never done so with nothing to cover her
nakedness except a collar around her neck. Peri crawled to Aretta, who was
chained naked on the floor of the dungeon, positioned in the shape of a
letter "X", her wrists and ankles secured widely apart to metal rings set in
the floor of the dungeon. As Peri crawled to Aretta she noticed Jondar. He
was also naked, and he was secured to some kind of metal frame. His wrists
and ankles were also secured widely apart, However, Jondar lay belly down on
the metal frame, a leather belt went tightly around his waist, and was
secured somewhere around his back, Peri knew that there was no way that
Jondar could move a single inch of his body. The brazier that Peri had heard
being lit, was only a short distance away from Jondar's naked buttocks, and
Peri could see half a dozen metal irons being warmed up in the brazier. Peri
shivered horrified, it was obvious to her that the metal irons were going to
be shoved up Jondar's anus, which because of his position on the metal frame,
was easily available to Quillum who was standing next to the brazier.

Fearfully Peri began to kiss and lick Aretta's nude body, terribly afraid of
the threat of taking Jondar's place, and having a red hot poker shoved up
her anus. So quickly but gently, Peri began to kiss Aretta's uncovered body,
starting at her left foot, more specifically her left toes. Peri continued
slowly kissing and licking Aretta's left leg. Her ruby red lips making
delicate contact with Aretta's velvety soft skin. Once Peri had finished
kissing every inch of Aretta's left leg, she moved to Aretta's right leg,
and began to repeat her actions there.

As Peri began to gently kiss and lick the fingertips of Aretta's left hand,
she heard a horrible scream from somewhere behind her. Peri shivered
terrified, the scream had obviously come from Jondar as a red hot poker had
been shoved up his defenceless anus. There was a loud crack, and Peri herself
cried out in pain, as a whip fell upon her naked backside once more.

"Get on with it slut!" said the stern voice of a guard, "Eat your fellow
slave's cunt out now!" and just to confirm his order the guard sent the whip
down onto Peri's defenceless backside once more.

Peri cried out in pain, and quickly her heard darted to Aretta's most
intimate and feminine organs in order to avoid further punishment. Peri could
smell the warmth and wetness there, as her heard darted downwards. And as her
tongue took the first lick she could also taste the moistness that was there,
a moistness that was also now beginning to emit from between her own thighs.

As Peri continued to lick Aretta's soft warm moistness, she heard more
screams of someone in agonising pain. These screams could only have come from
the unfortunate Jondar, who was doubtless having red hot poker's shoved up
his unprotected anus. And even though Peri could hear Aretta's mumbled pants
of desire, Peri could also hear Aretta's tears of mourning as she heard her
husband being tortured to death. Peri could not help but wonder at the tumult
of emotions that was running through Aretta's mind. Also, she trembled
horrified at the men that were putting Aretta and Jondar through this awful
torture, and wondered fearfully as to what their plans for her might be.

Once again Peri heard the command of a guard. "Stop that slut!" said the
voice scornfully. Even though she was puzzled at the guard's change of heart,
Peri obeyed. Then Peri heard what was by now the familiar voice of Quillum
speak, "Crawl over to me slut.!, and although that insulting name offended
Peri terribly, she said nothing and meekly crawled to Quillum.

Peri felt a hand lift up her chin, until she looked directly into the stern
commanding face of Quillum. She could not stop herself from lowering he eyes
submissively, to which Quillum gave a chuckle that made Peri tremble with
fear. "Raise your head ever so slightly, alien bitch!" Quiilum barked out
this order with even more ferocity than usual.

More afraid than she had been then at any time before in her life,
nevertheless Peri obeyed perfectly and immediately. One more command came
from Mr. Quillum, then a succession of things happened very quickly. Firstly
Peri heard two zips being lowered, then someone grabbed hold of her bare
buttocks, and began to force those perfectly shaped cheeks apart. Peri cried
out in horror, convinced that there was about to be a red hot poker shoved
up her vulnerable, exposed anus. Just as Peri cried out, something was shoved
in her lovely mouth, and that something was Mr. Quillum's rapidly stiffening
manhood As quickly as Quillum was shoving his penis into Periís mouth.
Maldack was slowly but roughly, shoving his own stiffening prick into her.
Peri was horrified. Quillumís penis filled her entire mouth, and Maldack was
perhaps even bigger, and yet both were raping Perís oral and anal cavity as
if her feelings of pain or otherwise mattered not one jot to them.

All the way through her ordeal Perís levels of sexual desire had risen and
fallen as each new indignity was thrust upon her. Now her feminine needs had
risen from terror and humiliation, as two men had forcibly taken her from
different directions, to a sense utter wanton abandonment, as each of the two
men continued to use Periís lovely curvaceous body for their own pleasure,
and if Peri didnít enjoy herself these men did not care, they most certainly

For how long Peri knelt on all fours with not man but two thrusting his
intentions upon her soft female vulnerability she had no idea. All that she
knew is that her entire body was covered in sweat, and that she was rising
to a plateau of ecstasy the likes of which she had never known before. And
as she approached climax, so did Maldack and Quillum. And with a syncronicity
that defied all explanation, Maldack and Quillum simultaneously exploded with
pleasure, and as they did so, Peri tasted the impossibly bitter fluid that
was Maldackís semen hit the back of the throat, and she swallowed taking it
into her, needing any kind of refreshment, even one as unusual as this.
Finally Maldack dragged Periís almost unconscious body to a corner of the
room, and closed and locked her into a tiny cage. And even though she was
grateful for her torture to be over, she could nor help but watch her fellow
captives Aretta and Jondar.

Jondar lay perfectly still, tied securely to the metal frame, a large pool
of blood was underneath him and he was obviously dead. The rest of the
guardsmen stood over Aretta, each of them had his penis in his hand, and was
masturbating furiously. The inevitable happened, and each guard orgasmed,
covering every inch of Arettaís body with semen. Finally Quillum approached
Peri in her cage and as she slipped into blessed unconsciousness, he spoke
to her.

"Audience appreciation figures are through the roof for you, my little alien
slut!" he began, "Therefore our Governor has wisely decided that you may
live, for now, but tomorrow you will suffer as you never have before!"

And with that shocking news reeling in her mind, Peri slipped into

The End (perhaps!)


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