Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own any of the BBC's Doctor Who characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Description: Kissogram Amy Pond is raped and strangled by a lusty former customer before the raggedy Doctor ever returns for her...

Content Codes: MF, ncon, snuff, scat, PWP, viol, fingering, oc

Doctor Who: Kill-O-Gram
by JD ([email protected])

The decision to rape Amy Pond had not been taken lightly. It wasn't an easy, conscienceless decision for Mick to make. The 50-year-old construction worker hadn't had an erection in five years. Then came the fateful night his workmates hired the girl to come and kiss him on his 50th. The redheaded 18 year old had given him a hug and a kiss that saw his cock hardening again. Amy's chirpy Scots accent sent a shiver down to his balls. Mick'd tried to chat her up, and that had been met by gales of humiliating laughter. Amy left with a cheery 'Goodbye, boys', and Mick's party had continued but all he could think about was the girl.

Amy had turned 19 and was due at Old Bert's 90th Birthday Party in the village hall by the time Mick's lustful fantasies had overcome the burly builder. His sense of humiliation and knowledge that the attractive teenager would never fuck him willingly led to his mental images growing increasingly violent. He thought about kidnapping her, keeping her in a basement as his sex slave. He thought about trying to bring some of his mates in to roast the girl like premiership footballers. In the end, he realized he would have to rape Amy Pond in secret, do his best to ensure nobody found out, and kill her to prevent being identified. As the final thought solidified in Mick's head he found himself getting hard again. Mick tugged his trousers down and jerked off as he imagined raping Amy in her death throes.

The small Gloucestershire village of Leadworth was the kind of place where people still felt safe. Quiet, calm, and rural, residents knew almost all of their fellows by sight, if not by name. Amy Pond always had a companion from the agency on jobs outside the village, but neither she nor her employers bothered with a minder within the village. Even the drunkest event Amy had attended professionally had been filled with friends she'd grown up with, and none of them would allow ne'er do-wells to get out of order. Old Bert's party promised to be another easy gig: show up, kiss, and stay for the rest of the night.

Mick's construction job was much more laborious. As he worked on the site his mind was filled with images of Amy Pond. In his favorite fantasy, born of his inner humiliated rage, he stabbed her repeatedly in the chest and stomach as he raped her. He wound grip her throat in one hand and the knife in the other, and see if he could hold from coming inside her until she died from shock and blood loss. He imagined her beg as he pounded her cunt in the first strokes of rape,

"No Mick! I'm sorry they laughed at you! You're a big handsome man with a huge cock, I'd fuck you without you holding me down!"

"Fuck you, slag! You worthless cunt!"

"Please nae, Mick!"

Mick imagined showing Amy his work knife, and the fear in her eyes. In his mind Amy Pond's voice grew more Scottish as she became truly terrified. It gave him a real feeling of triumph as he imagined his frenzied attack on the redhead. As her tight cunt took every inch of him he would stab again, and again with his knife. Her screams were music to Mick's imagination. Once, as he laid bricks, he came hard in his dirty work trousers. In his mind he sprayed into Amy's cunt while her splashed blood dribbled down his face. Another worker thought he was having a heart attack. If Mick managed in his masturbation fantasies to last past the mental image of killing Amy, he would hold an image of him masturbating across her corpse as he jerked himself raw.

Mick was bright enough, and controlled enough, to know that such a frenzied assault would leave too much evidence on him and on Amy Pond. He would have to reduce any risk of her biting him, or screaming so she could be heard. He couldn't leave his semen in her and expect to avoid a DNA test in the police investigation that would follow her death. He couldn't glory in her bloody destruction because bloodstains would see him equally screwed. In the end, Mick settled on strangulation outside Old Bert's party. Mick managed to find out when Amy was due as he made his plans.

Old Bert's 90th birthday bash started early and grew as darkness fell over the village. He was officially the oldest man in the village, and showed no sign of slowing down. The noise of loud celebrations from within the hall signaled a fairly wild party for residents. None of the neighbors complained about the noise because they were all inside. It seemed like half of Leadworth's population was crammed into the small building. Mick had been one of the first to arrive, volunteering as a distant cousin to help set up the party. He made sure throughout the day that everybody saw him with a Bud in his hand - even if they didn't see how little he drank from the bottle, until by the time Amy was due to arrive nobody would be in any doubt Mick was there all along.

Instead, he had slipped out the un-alarmed fire door at the rear of the village hall, and into the large patch of bushes that edged a farmer's maize field. The wasteland was favored in daylight hours by dog walkers who cheerfully failed to pick up any mess on the grounds that it wasn't on the path. Mick suspected the noise from the hall could be heard a mile away. Certainly from where he stood it was enough to drown all but shouted speech. He smiled grimly as Amy's car pulled up down the road, behind the long row of vehicles from people who'd chosen to drive to the hall and walk or taxi home.

She was lit up in the car for a moment before turning off the light and stepping out under the glow of a street lamp. She filled out a replica policewoman uniform with an extra short skirt in a truly arousing way. To a man like Mick, who hadn't had a woman in years, the temptation was unbearable. Adrenaline washed his system as he prepared for his fantasized act. He gripped in his hands the silk tie he'd found discarded in the hall by an over-heated reveler. In his pocket was a packet of condoms, to avoid leaving behind the traces that would lead police to him despite his 'never left the hall' alibi.

He glanced towards the door. An unforeseen problem had earlier appeared to present itself; smokers forced outside by draconian anti-smoking laws might have witnessed Mick drag the sexy young kissogram into the bushes on the waste ground, but as Amy arrived fate saw that the door was clear. Though nearly as tall as Mick in her black high-heeled shoes, Amy possessed nowhere near the burly older man's weight or strength. As she reached the stretch of path next to the bushes, her mind on what sounded like an exciting party, Amy heard movement and felt silk against her neck. She would be unable to enjoy the festivities.

Burly Mick had wrapped the silk tie around Amy's neck and dragged her into the bushes in one quick motion. Amy's scream of shock and confusion was choked off before anybody had a chance to hear it over the music. Almost overcome with fear, the young redhead tried to pull the tie away with her fingers. Mick hadn't wasted a moment. In the half-light he could see the silken tie digging into Amy's throat as he knotted it into a suffocating band around her ivory pale skin. Amy broke her nail extensions and scratched bloody lines in her own neck as she tried to get her thin fingers under the constricting material.

She could draw only the barest breath, and squeak out an inaudible protest. Amy's attacker had one arm beneath her replica police uniform top and directly onto a blouse covered breast. She realized only then that she was to be sexually abused in the patch of wasteland. Hot alcohol laden fumes bathed Amy's head as Mick tugged her skirt up her thighs from behind. He took a moment to grope Amy's small breast and a toned thigh in his meaty hands. Amy began to cry as her choked off pleas and struggles proved futile. She couldn't even get her shapely Scottish arse away as the burly man ground his crotch against it.

Mick hooked one foot around Amy's shins, and shoved her in the back hard. Amy virtually face-planted into the grass. She managed to get her hands down in front. The fall jarred her slim wrists painfully. Unseen by Mick she had also been shoved pretty-face first into a pile of dog shit deposited by a Great Dane only a few hours before. The stench rose around her as the stinking filth pressed into her dry mouth and across her tongue, while more smeared her pale skin darkly brown. Amy gagged hard, but the tight tie around her neck meant barely anything could come up. The vile mess suddenly seemed like the least of the slowly asphyxiating girl's worries.

Amy felt as Mick pulled her short dark skirt up over her waist. A light breeze across her nylons and panties told her she was exposed just before she heard the unmistakable ripping of her black nylon tights. Mick forced Amy's panties aside and began roughly frigging her ginger furred cunt with his thick fingers. As she tried momentarily to crawl forward and away, he gripped her painfully by the cunt and held her in place. Amy worked with one hand on the tie around her throat, and the other to try and dislodge Mick's grip. Mick ignored the redhead's efforts. He had his cock out behind her, and deftly rolled a condom down his fat shaft.

Mick shifted his weight forward until Amy was under him. With a lip smacking slurp he tasted Amy Pond on his fingers. She was really fighting hard beneath him, but he could tell her much-reduced oxygen supply was really beginning to take a deadly toll. Amy's movements were already losing co-ordination as Mick forced his cock between her thighs and past the crotch of her panties to sheath it into the girl. A slightly louder choked gag was the only expression of pain Amy could manage as the big man unceremoniously forced his hard rubber wrapped cock deep inside her. Mick's weight on Amy Pond's small body allowed her even less air as he raped her.

The rustling in the bushes went unnoticed by the drunken revelers who came out to smoke cigarettes at the hall door. Amy could see them only a few feet away from her as the rapist crushed her into the dirty grass and fucked her silently and hard in the shadows. Her pale face might have shone out more if the dog shit smeared from chin to forehead didn't break up the shape. Amy held out a desperate hand, and pounded it on the soft grass, but the men at the door were too intoxicated to notice.

She heard Mick chuckle in her ear. He loved that his victim was ignored in her suffering. Amy's cunt was tight, the red furred lips stretched around his cock, fulfilling the rape fantasies he'd had since the kissogram came to his party. Mick hadn't realized it, but the oxygen starvation to Amy's brain had a similar effect as for autoerotic masturbators. Her cunt grew unexpectedly slick with arousal around him. Amy was aware too of the pleasure in her belly and the hardness of her nipples within her blouse. She hoped she passed out before she came; the shame would be as bad as the assault. If her throat weren't so constricted, she would have moaned unwillingly between her pleas for mercy.

Mick shifted his weight a moment, looking for a longer stroke. Amy Pond made a last frantic attempt to pull away before her strength failed her. She slid from Mick's rigid shaft and surged forward before his hand tangled in her luxurious red hair and pulled back. Mick shoved Amy's face down hard, cutting the last gasp of air off with a choking mouthful of cold dog shit. He was back inside her instantly. Mick felt Amy's body shudder as he fucked her to an unwanted, hated orgasm. The grass at Amy's inner thighs was wet with the same arousal that soaked her labia and dribbled around Mick's cock. Amy mouthed a final 'No!' before her eyes rolled back and she went from fear and arousal, pain and pleasure, to blessed unconsciousness.

Amy's body was pressed limply into the ground with the lack of oxygen and a disrupted blood flow. The dog shit pressed into her eyes as her face drooped down one final time. Mick was enjoying her cunt spasms around his cock so much he failed to notice Amy was no longer struggling beneath him. Her face had a final calmness as Mick's thrusts from on top pushed it back and forwards in filth. She was so warm, so tight, so gripping even in death. The sense of power he felt over the pretty young thing was too much for the burly man to bear.

Mick gave a final few strokes as he filled the tip of his condom with more seed than he'd shot in years. He wouldn't have thought his old balls capable of producing so much, but driven on by Amy Pond's near dead body he came like a man twenty years younger. He knew the danger of discovery every second he tarried brought, but Mick stayed inside Amy's cunt for five minutes after he came. He was so euphoric with satisfaction that even the dog shit didn't smell badly to him as he regained his breath in great gasps for air.

Mick withdrew from Amy's corpse slowly, ensuring his wilted cock didn't leave the condom behind, or allow his seed to spill. While he had sprayed inside or across the dead kissogram in his fantasy, he knew he couldn't risk it in reality. As it was, he'd left some small evidence behind, but he knew that the CSI shows overrated what could be proven. Mick slipped his cock back into his trousers with a final lingering look at the body face down on the grass. The only downside of raping the girl in the dark and from behind was that he hadn't been able to see her face. Mick was back inside the hall before anybody even noticed his earlier departure through the back door. The knotted condom was flushed into the sewage system before his rejoined the dance floor.

The drink had been flowing so well that when Amy failed to appear to kiss Old Bert, there were only a few knots of discussion about where she'd got to instead. Mick overheard drunken friends convince each other they must've missed the girl, while Old Bert himself was on his fifth glass and wouldn't remember if his old mum had come back. Amy Pond's glazed-eyed corpse was discovered by another dog walker the next morning, stiff and cold, and with her ass still in the air. Her panties were still tugged to the side, and the walker had to pull his dog away from nosing in Amy's cunt. Mick's first rape ended his qualms of conscience, and he knew it would be only a matter of time before he did it again.

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