Rating: R for kissing (Just to be safe)

Pairings: Barty/Tenth Doctor

Spoilers: Contains spoilers for the first five Harry Potter books and the
Doctor is in his Tenth regeneration. Set during GoF.

Archive: Yes, please

Summary: The Doctor goes to visit Barty again but he gets more than he
bargined for this time.

Author's note: Sequel to `Spanking Barty'

Dr. Who/Harry Potter: Part 2 - Kissing Barty (MM,hp,grope)
by Jade ([email protected])

Hot lips pressed against his and the Doctor found himself slammed against the
door of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher's office door, causing a
loud bang which echoed around the office. This really wasn't what the Doctor
had expected when he stepped out of the TARDIS this time.

The mouth moved roughly against his, and a tongue licked the Doctor's lips,
causing the Doctor to reflexively open his mouth, granting access. The Doctor
found himself kissing back before his senses reasserted themselves and he
pulled back slightly and looked into a face, identical to his, which
belonging to a Death Eater named Barty Crouch Junior. "What was that for?"
the Doctor asked in shock, nervously running his fingers through his hair,
ruffling it even more.

Barty smiled and answered, "Well, well, Doctor, I just thought I would say

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were pleased to see me," the Doctor
commented, smirking as Barty pressed his body against his. "I'd definitely
say you're pleased to see me."

"Well, what can I say? You're very. intriguing to me," Barty commented,
licking his lips.

The Doctor focused his eyes on Barty's lips and licked his own, lost in
thought. He realised that Barty had asked a question. "Hmm?"

"I asked you," Barty said, running his hands over the Doctor's chest and
paused, as he felt the Doctor's double heartbeat, "What the hell is that?"

The Doctor smiled. "I never said I was human."

Barty shrugged. "Double heartbeat, I can deal with that. So how is it you
look like me?" Before the Doctor could answer, Barty pressed his lips to the
Doctor's once more and roughly pushed the Doctor against the wall. The Doctor
spun them both around, still kissing Barty and pinned him to the door, which
shook under the force of the blow. Dust fell on both their heads, but they
ignored it as they carried on exploring each other's mouths. Their hands
wandered over each other's bodies as they kissed, matching each other in
their passion.

Barty backed the Doctor towards his desk and forced him on his back, knocking
the graded homework onto the floor. The Doctor rolled over until he was on
top of Barty and pinned him to the desk using his body weight to hold Barty
in position. The Doctor leaned forward and claimed Barty's lips with his own.

Barty, taking advantage of the Doctor's shift in body weight, rolled over
and fell of the edge of the desk, landing on top of the Doctor with a thump,
causing the Doctor to groan loudly. Barty climbed off the Doctor, stood up
and helped the Doctor up. "Sorry," Barty apologised, getting cut off when
the Doctor kissed him furiously as he ran his fingers through Barty's hair,
ruffling it. Barty found himself responding, enjoying the way the Doctor's
fingers massaged his scalp. The Doctor trailed his fingers down Barty's neck
and back, causing sparks down Barty's back in a trail following the Doctor's
fingers. Barty moved his hands through the Doctor's hair enjoying the feeling
of the Doctor's deceptively soft hair between his fingers.

"Don't be sorry," the Doctor said. "I'm tougher than I look. And so are you,"
he added as he grabbed hold of Barty's coat collar. He threw Barty against
the door, pinned him by the arms against it, and kissed him again, stopping
when there was a knock on the door that they were leaning against.

"Are you alright in there, Professor?" a young male voice asked on the other
side of the door.

Barty coughed and, in his best `Moody' voice, replied, "Of course I am
Potter. Why wouldn't I be?" he looked at the Doctor and added, in his normal
voice, "You were going to spank me, weren't you?"

"Well, it's time for our lesson and, we heard lots of banging." the voice
answered, sounding embarrassed. "I didn't realise you had company."

The Doctor stepped back. "That's my cue to leave. Remember, Barty, Harry's a
good kid. Just don't hurt him."

Barty's expression darkened but wisely kept quiet. "You know, he is my
master's sworn enemy and I need to keep him alive at least until the

"I know," the Doctor replied, scowling at the door as Harry's knocks got even
more impatient. "I can't interfere with history because this is an important

"So why are you here?"

"Well, I got a call saying there was an death eater in the area. I checked
the list and you were right on the top." the Doctor replied.

"Right, and what happens to me?" Barty said, trying to ignore Harry's
pounding on the door. "Oh for God's sake, Potter. I'm coming!" he
half-yelled, hoping Harry wouldn't notice the change in his voice.

"You better go." the Doctor commented, running a hand through his hair. He
turned towards the TARDIS and walked towards it. "Oh and one more thing, make
sure Cedric Diggory doesn't touch the cup."

"What? Why?" Barty asked, as he fished out his flask of polyjuice potion and
drank it down, shuddering in disgust, as his features twisted into 'Mad Eye'

"Well, let's just say. it's. I can't tell you. Do try and avoid meeting any
dementors. I had a hell of a time restoring you last time." the Doctor
warned, as he unlocked the TARDIS and stepped inside. "I'll be back tomorrow
but tomorrow you're getting spanked."

"Looking forward to it, Doctor," Barty muttered, watching as the TARDIS
vanished. Unknown to Barty, the Doctor had planted a seed of doubt in his
mind on whether he was following the right person or not. It lay in his mind,
dormant, until the right moment came to trigger it. He opened the door to
meet an embarrassed Harry. "Right, now Potter, what was all that banging
for?" Barty asked. "I almost thought we were under attack."

"Who was in your office with you, sir?" Harry asked. "I mean if you don't
mind me asking."

"None of your concern, Potter," Barty replied, injecting as much of Moody's
personality into his voice as he could. "Now, let's talk about dark spells."
he said, standing in front of the class, trying, and failing, to keep his
mind off a certain Doctor.

The End.

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