This story is fictional, it is pure fantasy and is NOT a true representation
of the sex lives of Heather or Heide burge. If your under 18 then you are to
young to read this.

Double Teamed: The Rape Of Heather And Heide Burge (m/ff,ff,ncon,inc)
by Mia Is Da Bomb ([email protected])

Heather and Heide Burge were twin 14 year old girls who had just transferred
to a new school Palos Verdes. The two girls were really athletic and into
volleyball. The two were very pretty blonde girls who were very tall. At age
14 they were already 6 foot 1 inches tall. The basketball coach persuaded
Heather to try out for the basketball team. Heather said that she had a
sister who was just as tall, so the coach asked her to see if Heide would
join the team. Heather was the one more interested in sports while Heide was
the one who was a bit prettier and was more interested in boys. So it took a
lot of persuading for the Heather to persuade Heide to join the team. Nikki
the star of the team wasn't too happy about having these girls becoming the
coach's new favorites. So she decided to put these girls in their place.

Walking up to Heather she immediately started in on her. "Look you may be my
teammate but I don't have to like it, so don't get to comfortable here, this
is my team, and I'm the star." Nikki walked away after that leaving Heather
shocked. "Hmmm, well she seems friendly."

Heidi was practicing when she noticed the guy shooting baskets. He was the
star of the guys team named Galen Rogers. "Well, if I get close to him
playing basketball might not be so bad," she thought. Little did she know
Nikki had a thing for him too, in fact Nikki and Galen were what you would
call fuck buddies. Nikki had him wrapped around her finger, so seeing Heide
checking him out she decided that she would use him to get to both girls.
So her plan was set in motion.

First she walked up to Heather, "Hey, I'm sorry I was such a bitch before I
have a key to the gym you wanna help me with my free throws, you seem pretty
good at free throws?"

Heather was shocked at the sudden turn around but wasn't about to not, make
a mends. "Sure that sounds great" she responded.

"OK, great! I'll see you at 7 tonight."

After she left Heather she had her lover pass a note to Heide. Heide read the
note it said:

Hey there, Heide!
I have to say you are so incredibly hot!!! The gym is gonna be
unlocked tonight meet me there if your interested, later sexy!

Galen Rogers

Later that night Heather arrived at the gym first, she looked around and saw
no one, then suddenly a chloroform cloth was put over her mouth, she kicked
and struggled but whoever it was, was stronger than her, and soon she was out

A short time later Heide showed up, she was dressed in a white blouse a red
mini-skirt that showed off her long legs. To top off her outfit she wore red
3 inch high heels making her 6ft 4 in tall! She looked around the gym she
waited then started searching to find the guy. Her high heels clicking on the
floor as she walked made her easy to find. Soon she was also knocked out by
a figure from behind.

Heather woke up and found herself to be gagged and handcuffed and hanging
by the basketball court in the gym. Her ankles were tied together it was
apparent that she wasn't going anywhere. Then she saw Nikki looking up at
her, Nikki was wearing black 5 inch heels and black see-through lacey
underwear her bra was leather and had holes cut out so that her hard brown
nipples poked out of them.

"Well, I believe its time for you to learn your lesson on who calls the shots
around here, Heather!" Nikki pulled out a knife causing Heather to attempt to
scream under the gag. Nikki stuck the knife at the top of Heather's warm up
jersey. "I'd stop squirming Heather, otherwise your gonna stab yourself."

Heather hated this but knew Nikki was right. Nikki shredded Heather's jersey
from top to bottom exposing her small breasts in a white sports bra, it was
obvious that her nipples were hard as they were poking through the bra.

Nikki laughed, "Well, it looks like your a pain freak, get excited by being
treated like the little blonde slut you are!"

Nikki then took Heather's shorts and pulled them down exposing white panties
with little red hearts on them. Again she teased Heather with the blade,
rubbing the dull side against her pussy, Heather felt her body betraying her
and getting damp in her panties as they were soon gone after Nikki sliced
them off at the sides.

Then Nikki helped her down and got behind her, kissing her on the neck as
she held her cuffed hands up. She started kissing Heather's neck then went
lower to her breasts biting on her hard pink nipples. Then she ran her hands
to Heather's pussy and began to force three fingers hard into her cunt. Her
biting and sucking hard on her nipples, continued as she went crazy, as her
body was torn between pleasure and pain.

Placing Heather on her stomach she untied her legs, then opened her legs
wide. Then began to ferosciously eat out Heather's pussy. Heather tried to
squirm and get away but was soon held down by a Galen Rogers who was the
star of the men's team.

He held her down and allowed Nikki to eat her out from behind. He pulled out
his cock and shoved it up Heather's mouth. Now Heather was bound and was
having her pussy eaten and a huge 9 inch cock was being shoved down her
throat. Heather swallowed and swallowed as inch after inch was fed down her
throat. Before long her nose felt his pubic hair as she was swallowing all
of him. Nikki's cuntlicking finally drove Heather to an orgasm.

The guy pulled out of her mouth and he lifted her up on his lap and began
pumping his meat into Heather's tender vagina. Heather was actually a virgin
so it was a tight fit. Heather saw a flash and realized that Nikki was taking
Polaroid's of her handcuffed and getting her brains fucked out. Everytime
that she tried to get away the much stronger guy pulled her back in place.
Before long Heather was sobbing as her body betrayed her and she orgasmed
again. This caused him to shoot his load inside her as her cunt muscles
tightened around his cock.

They put Heather back up where she was and retied her legs, she hung
helplessly, her body limp from the orgasms.

* * *

Heide woke up to find herself hanging in the girls' locker room handcuffed
on a locker. The basketball player that she had such a big crush on later
entered the room. He was naked his body had the scent of sex on it. With him
was Nikki who was also dressed like a dominatrix. Nikki again took out her
knife, she cut off all the buttons on Heide's blouse, Heide's bra was
exposed. She was wearing a sexy Victoria's Secret lacey bra that nicely
accent her cleavage, she was a little bigger in the chest than Heather, but
the push-up bra made her look a full cup size bigger. Nikki lifted Heide's
sexy mini-skirt to find that Heide was wearing a red thong.

"My God you really are a slut Heide," laughed Nikki.

Nikki let Heide down, the guy held her down as Nikki ate her pussy out.
Heide's pussy was shaved bald so it was very easy access. The man held the
knife to her chin and positioned his cock covered in Heather's pussy juices
at her face. "You better give me the best blowjob of my life you amazon
blonde bimbo or you won't ever worry about basketball again, you whore!"

Seeing he was serious she opened her mouth and started sucking him off long
and fast. She wondered what the taste was. "Had he fucked Nikki?" She
wondered. Heide was surprised at the fact that she kinda liked the taste.
She was hot, even though this wasn't what she had expected her night to be
like, she was loving Nikki's oral work on her pussy.

As her face was fucked she used her tongue to get him hotter, she figured
the sooner he came the sooner they might let her go. In no time at all he
was coming, he pulled out his cock and shot his load all over Heide's pretty
face. He pulled away and watched the two girl jocks go at it with each other.

Nikki ripped off Heide's bra and pinched hard as she could on Heide's hard
nipples. They were just like Heather's, hard, pink and pointed. Nikki brought
Heide to two giant orgasms as her biting on Heide's clit got Heide hotter
than she's ever been before!

Nikki smiled then pulled away she put her pussy in Heide's face and put the
knife at her throat like her male lover did moments ago. "You better eat
some good pussy you bitch, otherwise there's only gonna be one six footer
available to play on the team!"

Heide began to eat out Nikki trying to get as deep as she could with her
tongue in Nikki's sweet pussy. She felt the guy behind her and begged him
"Ohhh, please fuck me, ohhh, please!"

He didn't go for her pussy though, he started fingering Heide's tight
asshole. Her ass was tight but after a while he opened her up quite a bit.
Then he slowly pressed his cock at the entrance of her ass.

"Ohhh God no not there please don't stick it there."

He backhanded her then shoved his cock inside her ass. Heide was in tears
with the intense pain of his ass-fucking already even with only 5 inches
inside of her.

Nikki smacked her in the face, "Eat me, you bitch."

This brought her back to reality and she started pleasing her raven haired
mistress some more. Nikki rubbed Heid e's face as the guy behind Heide went
deeper and deeper inside her ass.

Now her ass was feeling his balls slap against her as her ass was filled with
all 9 inches of his cock. Nikki came all over Heide's face as she wasn't able
to hold back getting turned on at seeing this tall blonde getting her ass
fucked. Nikki reached down and diddled with Heide's clit and soon the clit
stimulation and the deep ass fucking was too much for the guy. He exploded
his cum deep into Heide's bowels.

When they were all finished Nikki took some Polaroid's of the cum covered
Heide. They brought Heide back out to join her sister. Both were shocked to
see the other there. They sat them both side by side, then Nikki spoke. "OK
girls this is how it will go, my boyfriend has a request for the two of you
sister to go lesbo with each other, so that's what your gonna do, if you
refuse these Polaroid's will be everywhere the bulletin board the teachers
lounge, to your parents. If you agree though, all you have to do is play
basketball the way I tell you to, only scoring so much a game and letting me
be the team star I deserve to be and all these photos will never get out."

The two looked at each other, then, deciding that had little choice the two
girls got in a 69 and the twin blondes began, each eating their sister out.
Nikki smiled and took more pictures. Galen masturbated seeing the two sisters
in this lesbian incest 69. He was getting so hard he walked over to Heather
and slid his cock up her ass, realizing her ass had not yet been violated. He
pumped into the super tight ass of the girl jock as her twin sister's tongue
did the magic on her clit. Her body then shook and shaked as Heather had an
orgasm all over Heide's face. Heide licked it all up and realized that she
had tasted this earlier. Then without even cleaning his cock off he stuck his
cock into Heide's pussy while Heather was still licking her sisters pussy.
Heather licked both Galen's cock and Heide's pussy as the double assault
drove them both crazy. Before long he was cumming and cumming inside Heide.

After that night the rest of the year Nikki averaged 24 points a game while
the Burge twins never scored more than 10 points a game. They kept their part
of the bargain not wanting to let the photos get out. Months later the Burge
twins found out they were both pregnant. Their enraged parents sent them off
to a strict private school and they were not heard from again. Nikki was
later recruited by a major college and made it to the WNBA.

The End


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