I don't won the characters of Dollhouse, they belong to Joss Whedon. Nor am I implying that any celebs in this story would a) do this in real life b) have any knowledge of an illegal slave trading organisation. It's all just fantasy...

Dollhouse: Hiring Echo - The Dominatrix Doll (FF,oral,BDSM,ws,celeb)
by LL

Hollywood is a city of secrets; behind its romantic faŘade they lie in the shadows awaiting the moment to spring out and wreck the lives of those who hid them. Which means that actresses with unconventional personal lives have to be very, very discreet - especially if they have young children and a reputation for wholesomeness to protect.

It wasn't for that reason the Dollhouse had been born, but it might as well have been. Only a couple of people ever knew what the assignment was, and who with, and one of them had their memory wiped on completion. It was expensive, services of that quality, didn't come cheap, but as Reese Witherspoon nervoulsy twitched at the curtains in the annoymous house she rented, she concluded it was worth it.

She looked at her watch, a few more minutes and her Doll, would be here. Taking a deep breath, she looked round to make sure everything was ready; the wine on ice, the leather crops, the handcuffs, the variety of sex toys, the ice-cream and fresh strawberry's were all laid out. Reese had been planning this for months, ever since a friend had given the name of a contact in the mythical Dollhouse. Though, to be fair, her Dollhouse contact had done most of the planning, only speaking to Reese when the actress needed to make a decision and choose which Doll she wanted. The contact had rented a house, one with a covered driveway so the neighbours couldn't see who came in or out, ordered the food, bought the implements. All Reese had to do was turn up.

Outside she could hear a van drive up; there was the slam of its back door. Reese hurriedly pulled out the bottle of wine and poured two glasses as she heard the vehicle reverse. There was the sound of footsteps on gravel. Then a pause and the doorbell rang.

Jumping as if hit by an electric shock, the actress took one final quick look in the mirror. Her cunt, freshly shaved, was on wanton display; framed by a white suspender belt holding up a pair of stockings of the same colour. Her only other clothing was a pair of black high heels. She quickly ran her hand through the hair, before stepping forward to open the front door.

If she was light, the beauty who stood in the doorway was dark. Her long brown was tied in a pony-tail, but one so loose it spilled over her naked shoulders. She was dressed in a leather leotard studded with metal which tapered down to cover her belly-button before sliding into a pair of black, studded leather, panties. Her own stockings were barely visible above a pair of thigh length boots. The pale face of the newcomer studied Reese with barely concealed contempt.

Gesturing the doll in Reese introduced herself, "I'm Reese Witherspoon. Pleased to meet you."

The dominatrix looked her up and down, her mouth fixed in a sneer of disdain, "I'm Echo. But you'll call me mistress."

Reese flushed in pleasure; it was just what she'd ordered. Oh, everyone said she was a success, but deep down Reese knew it was all a lie, she needed to be punished and controlled like the bad girl she was. Echo seemed to think the reddening of the blonde's cheeks were due to embarrassment as she snorted, "You are weak. It will be no challenge to discipline you."

"Please come this way," Reese walked into the main room, almost bowing at Echo as she strode in after her. As Echo looked round the room Reese picked up the glasses of wine and passed on to her. Even before the other glass touched Reese's lips, the doll drained hers one gulp,. Her dark irises fixed on the wine-glass, in Reese's hand and her voice sounded as cold as an iceberg, "Were you given permission to drink?"

Putting down the wine, Reese shook her head, "No," she said and looked at the carpet. Echo reached for a whip, and cracked it on the floor in front of the actress.

"These are the rules," Echo said, her tone suggested they were not up for debate, "One, you do whatever I say. You're going to get spanked anyway, but if you answer back, if you're slow or if you use your own initiative you're going to get whipped even more. Two, this is all about my pleasure not yours; I don't give a fuck if you orgasm or not. If you do cum it'll be an accident - though you'll want to thank me. Three, safety words..."

She paused and took a step closer to Reese, her leather clad hand reached out and roughly grabbed the blonde's face, pulling it round so that they were staring directly into each other's eyes. When she continued her voice was so gentle that Reese had to strain to hear it, "safety words... they're aren't any. You are going to put yourself directly in my hands and hope I don't harm you. It's all about trust."

Echo let go off Reese's chin and gave a thin smile. Before the blonde could react Echo's hand came up again and her palm smacked loudly against Reese's cheek, leaving a red imprint, "Do you agree?" Echo's voice had the same icy hauteur as before.

"Yes," Reese nodded, careful to avoid eye contact.

"Yes, what?" came the sharp reply.

"Yes, mistress," said Reese in her most accommodating tone.

"Good. Now I'll let you quench your thirst in a moment, but first peel down my panties..." Reese bent forward. There was a snort from Echo, "...on your knees bitch."

Reese was impressed by the attention to detail the Doll's owners had gone. She had asked that she be shaved except for a small sliver of hair atop the pussy, and that was how Echo had been prepared. Reese remained in situ staring at the naked cunt, waiting for the next order. For, what seemed like an age, Echo was content to let her remain there as she drank the wine that Reese hadn't been allowed to touch.

"Put it under my cunt, slut," Echo passed the glass down. Reese did as ordered. For a few seconds nothing happened. Reese waited patiently, for first a trickle and then a gush of liquid until the yellow piss filled the glass. Echo shook herself and few more drops dripped in.

"Stand and face me," said Echo.

Doing as she was told Reese gingerly stood up, careful not to drip any of the liquid onto Faith's boots.

"Drink," Echo ordered.

Looking down at the piss, Reese paused, knowing even as she did so she had displeased her mistress.

"I said drink," Echo voice snapped at Reese like a whip.

Putting the glass to her lips Reese sipped, it was warm and bitter, and just thought of what she was drinking made her stomach contract. She took another sip and looked at Echo. The woman was smiling cruelly.

"How do you like my amber nectar?" the voice was like Cruella de Ville asking a puppy how they like the new Dalmatian Spot coat she was wearing.

"Very nice, Mistress," lied Reese and took another sip. She forced herself to swallow the acidic liquid, imaging it burning her throat and insides.

"You're lying," Echo was still smiling her wicked smile, "and liars get punished."

The voice was so cool, so reasonable that Reese shivered. Echo stepped forward, so close that Reese could feel the woman's warm breath on her cheek. She tensed herself for a slap, but instead Echo just ran her hand gently through the blonde's hair, before stepping back, "Later," she said, "finish your drink first."

Steeling herself Reese raised the glass for the third time and chugged it down like she was drinking beer at frat party. Taking it one gulp made it taste even worse than before and Reese gagged, almost bringing it back up. She forced it down, bringing her head up gasping for air. Echo looked at her, devoid of pity. The dominatrix turned and sat down on the sofa, spreading her legs.

She pointed at her twat, "My pussy has got piss on it, bitch. Clean it whilst I think of your punishment."

Getting on her knees Reese crawled forward, determined to do a good job. As her face got nearer she realised she was quivering at the thought of the punishment; she could tell whether it was excitement or terror or both. She reached up and took hold of Echo's labia, before sticking her tongue in. At first the taste was the bitter tang of urine, but soon it was replaced by the sweeter taste of girl cum. She lapped desperately, as Echo grabbed her head and pushed her deeper. Reese could feel the dominatrix trembling with every touch, but she remained in control, not making a sound. More and more jizz slid out of her cunt, coating Reese's face in its sticky goo. Suddenly, Echo grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her back.

"That was a fucking useless munch. I've been eaten better by church-going virgins," Echo snarled. There was a glint in her eye that hinted she might be lying, but Reese didn't want to press the point.

Not letting go of Reese's hair Echo stood up, pulling Reese roughly up, she brought her hand round with a crack against the blonde's plump buttocks. Reese let out a small cry of pain and Echo gave a thin grin, "Time for your first punishment, bitch."

She dragged Reese over to the wooden coffee table and with a sweep of her hand pushed the dildos littering it onto the floor. She shoved Reese down, then kicked her legs so that they were apart, finally she took some handcuffs and latched Reese's wrists to the table legs.

"I think I'll finish off these strawberries before I begin," said Echo. She moved behind Reese, for a few seconds the blonde could hear her footsteps before she left the room. Reese waited and waited, the fear in her stomach began to blot out the excitement. Then she heard the clack of Echo's high-heeled boots again and breathed a sigh of relief.

It was short lived as heard a crack of the whip. It landed on the table top, snaking across the wood and making a bang like a gun. Reese gave a whinny of fear as she watched it fly backwards. The second whip ripped apart her suspender belt, but with supernatural skill didn't touch her skin. Echo stepped forward and pulled away the torn garment, Reese could feel the woman undoing her shoes and then slipping her hands under the suspender and pulling them off.

"You'll be naked for the rest of the time, slut," Echo's voice was triumphant, "get used to it."

"Yes mistress Echo," replied Reese, wondering if that was her punishment. If it was, she was disappointed.

The harsh crack of the whip across her buttocks told it wasn't, "Aaarrgghh," she screamed. Three more lashes wiped across her cheeks in quick succession, each laid with precision so that they criss-crossed in a tic-tac-to grid. There was a pause and then Echo repeated the same manoeuvre on the small of her back, Reese again screamed. Again there was a pause and Echo moved back to her butt, again creating a small grid. She alternated between buttocks and back until Reese was sobbing in pain. Then she walked away, leaving the blonde in place.

In amongst the pain Reese admired her skill. She had stipulated that her skin wasn't to be broken, the whip had been placed to create maximum pain but only leaving a red welt. Gradually the pain receded from sharp knifes to a more dull throbbing and she Reese stopped snivelling, waiting for her mistress to return. She couldn't see a clock, but it seemed like hours before she heard Echo coming back. The dominatrix bent down and fastened a dog collar round Reese's throat. She moved and stood in front of the blonde, put her hands on her hips and stared down.

"Good doggie," her lips curled upwards, but the corner of her eyes didn't crinkle.

"Yes mistress," replied Reese.

"Doggies don't talk, they bark," Echo said sternly, "Bark for me little doggie."

"Woof, woof," said Reese lamely.

Echo's foot stamped down on her fingers, pushing them onto the carpet, "That's not very good doggie, bark properly."

Grating her throat, Reese barked, once, twice, three times. On the fourth bark Echo stepped off her fingers.

"Good doggie," she bent down and patted Reese's head, "time for training." Reese felt a lead being snapped into place on the collar. Then Echo stepped back again, "You've no tail."

She stepped out of sight for a second and Reese felt something being pushed deep into her ass. She gasped as the rough edges scraped within her, but stopped just above her ass's g-spot. Echo was determined to make sure she didn't orgasm. The dominatrix stepped into view, she wrapped the lead round one hand and then unlocked the handcuffs with the other.

"Come on little doggie," she tugged at the lead, Reese followed on her hands and knees. As she passed a mirror she saw that it was a whip handle which had been stuffed in her butt, she had to admit the trailing leather did look a little like a dog's tail. Echo led her out into the back garden and Reese was glad that the Dollhouse had got one surrounded by a large wooden fence. Bending down the dominatrix unhooked the lead and patted Reese's head again.

"There's an obedient little doggie," said Echo, she bent down and picked up a double-sided dildo. Reese felt a frisson of excitement, perhaps she after her whipping Echo was going to allow her some pleasure. Instead the brunette threw it down the garden and slapped Reese hard on her ass, "Go fetch in your mouth doggie."

Reese scampered on her hands and knees towards the dildo. It wasn't easy picking it up without her hands, especially given its girth. But eventually she managed to pick it up and returned to Echo, dropping it at the dominatrix's feet.

"Good doggie," Echo patted her head again, then picked up the dildo and threw it again, "Fetch."

As Reese returned she saw that Echo had screwed the end of a dildo into her leather pants. Reese dropped the double-ender in front of her mistress and looked up, the strap-on waved in her face.

"Can you beg little doggie," asked Echo.

Reese could. She sat on her knees and bent her wrists so her hands looked like a pair of dropping paws, and tried to give a sad bark. Echo laughed, a sound that sent chills through Reese. Then she patted the blonde's hair again, "Good doggie, open wide for your reward."

Reese opened her mouth as far as she could. Echo roughly gripped at her head and slammed the cock in with an accurate, but hard, precision. Reese felt it push in, grating against her teeth, pinning down her tongue, bashing against her tonsils, before starting to go down her throat. She struggled to breathe and choked on her own saliva. But Echo was holding her strongly pushing her head forward, so that the dildo went in deeper, "Take it bitch," demanded Echo, all traces of puppy-love gone from her voice.

Choking Reese did as she was told. Her breath came in snorts and she could feel bile covering the dildo as she retched. Echo started to buck back and forth, never letting the cock come out further than Reese's tonsils, but then ramming it further down her throat. Tears sprung to Reese's eyes and her eyeliner ran down her face like an abstract painting. Finally Echo pulled the cock out and Reese bent over, choking out her saliva onto the floor, but even in her current state she made sure not to drop any over her mistresses shiny black boots.

"Do you want a drink?" Echo pointed to a dog's dish, full of water, "Drink it all."

It wasn't easy to lap it up, and as much of the water splashed on her face and floor as into her mouth. But Reese began to become more careful when Echo started slapping at her ass when she spilled. At first the taste of the cold water was refreshing, but Echo kept refilling it until Reese felt her bladder about to burst.

"Mistress..." she started to ask for a toilet break, but before she could say anything more Echo savagely slapped her across the face.

"I haven't given you permission to speak," she said in a calm voice, which was even scarier than if she'd shouted or shown emotion.

Reese nodded, blinking back tears. She knew she would get punished for what she was about to do, but the pressure on her bladder was so great she couldn't help herself. Relaxing her muscles she lent loose a stream of hot piss onto the patio. Echo took a step backwards and looked at her with derision.

"If you've finished lick it up," she ordered.

Reese bent down and lapped at the puddle. If anything it was more humiliating than drinking Echo's and several times she looked up with pitiful eyes, hoping that the Doll would take pity on her. The dominatrix just stared down at her, showing no sign she even understood the word mercy. Eventually all that was left of the piss was a stain on the patio.

"We've almost finished for today," Echo sat down on one of the patio chairs and stretched out her legs, "but before I go, I want you to lick clean my boots."

Reese wanted to do well, to show Echo that pissing herself was a temporary aberration, that she was a good girl, a willing slave. Her tongue ran over every inch she could find of her Mistresses boots, until her mouth was dry and her tongue numb. And even then she continued until the boots had been licked clean. Echo looked down at her, the brunettes face a mask of contempt. She raised her boot and kicked at Reese, sending her sprawling onto her back, "Fucking useless slave. I'm off."

Without another word she pulled the whip out of Reese's ass and stalked out of the house.

Reese just sat there crying softly. She had been made to drink piss, beaten and humiliated to a level beyond what had ever happened to her before. She would certainly be using the Dollhouse again...

* * *

In her plush office overlooking the cityscape of Los Angeles Adelle DeWitt looked at the accounts. The Dollhouse was making a hefty profit this quarter and it was in no small part due to Echo. The young woman had many skills, but it was the amount female celebrities were willing to pay for her services that made her such a valuable asset.

The phone rang and DeWitt picked it up, "Yes... yes I've heard of you... we're very discreet... you've heard about Echo... I agree she is one of our best Dolls... you want her to do what... oh, I'm sure we can arrange that."

DeWitt smiled. Yes, Echo was a very profitable part of the Dollhouse.
_ _ _

Do you want to hire Echo? e-mail me at [email protected] and if I like your idea/celeb I'll craft a story around it.

But 1) No promises 2) Sadly Echo will only do female celebs (DeWitt has recently written that into her contract) 3) She's a Doll and does a variety of things, but to stop me getting bored I probably won't do a sub-dom scenario unless I can make it different from what I've done 4) I won't do jailbait under sixteen, and 5) I'll probably draw the line at rape, bestiality and snuff.


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