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Dogma: The Muses Desire
by Tricksterson

As a Muse, Serendipity was never entirely comfortable in Heaven. Oh it was
nice, in fact it was perfect, which was the problem. Her job as a Muse was to
inspire and when everything was perfect there was no reason to be inspired,
thus no reason for her.

Which was part of the reason she was here at the Center of Being, what
mortals called the Throne of Heaven. But of course first she had to deal with
that jumped up doorman, the Metatron.

"And *why* should the Godhead grant this wish of yours? It's never been done

"Well there's one reason right there," replied the Muse. "you know how *She*
likes novelty."

"Within limits." The Metatron stiffened like a dog hearing a whistle audible
only to it. "*He* will see you." The gender of the Deity was an old argument
between them even though both knew that God simultaneously encompassed and
transcended all concepts of gender and could appear as any, both or none at

One was not ushered into the prescence of God since God was of course
everywhere. It revealed Itself and you were suitably awed. What followed was
communication but not speech. Heaven was not a place as mortals thought of
places but a state of being as, in a very different way, was Hell. So those
that existed there had no bodies but instead forms best understood by means
of quantum mathematics. The upshot of this is that without speaking the Muse
conveyed the case for her wish which was that her time on Earth had infected
her with a love for the physical. She wanted a body but not quite the one
she had had before. She wanted sex organs. She wanted *sex*. She felt that
this would lead to new levels of inspiration.

Assent was given. With a condition which was immediately agreed to.

Instantly Serendipity found herself in an Earthly hotel room in bed and
naked but still sexless. Lying next to her was God in the form of the Small
Woman. For this was the condition: Serendipity would acquire gender but God
got to pop her cherry. God smiled at her at with that smile she felt her
body changing in a combination of agony and ecstasy. She looked own to see
labia and vulva forming out of blank flesh. At the same time God's form was
also changing Her vagina was swelling out like a balloon coming out of a
hole. Pushing and rippling a penis the size of a smokehouse keilbasa and the
thickness of a man's arm was growing out while the rest of her remained
female. Even the changes in her own body couldn't keep from staring in

When the pain/pleasure of transformation was over God and Muse looked at
each other almost shyly. God's hand went to Srendipity's breast, stroking
and plucking expertly at her flesh. At the same time His/Her lips descended
on the Muse's.

"Uhhh!" Wherever God's skin touched her an electric thrill not just of
pleasure but of pure joy coursed through her. The divine touch also
communicated Her/His wishes. As the kiss broke Serendipity bent to
His/Her cock running her lips along it's massive length, tingue flicking
out at random moments while her hand massaged the divine ballsack. She
knelt down between Deity's slender legs and licked slowly down it's
length to the root then took each heroically proportioned testicle in
her mouth in turn, lovingly sucking it at length. At the same time she
moved her body so that slender but strong fingers could enter into her
tight, newly made slit.

"Ah! Ah! OHHH!" Bolts of pleasure tore through her with every finger thrust,
each one greater than the last. She felt her legs and hips mauevered over to
God's face even as she prepsred to go down on Her/Him. At first she could
barly fit the head into her mouth but as soon as she thought this it shrank
to a more manageable, though still impressive length and thickness. Soon she
was working it slowly down her throat until she had taken it all in. At the
same time God's tongue, transformed into a secoond, smaller penis was giving
her a literal tonguefucking. The spasms of climax almost caused the Muse
tochoke as her throat muscles worked the massive organ she'd swallowed.
Slowly she disgorged it then stroked it urgently while licking and nibbling
around the head until Divinity came all over her face and breats in a wave
of molten gold cum that caused her to shake and moan yet again in orgasm as
it soaked into her skin.

She had barely recovered when she felt herself being gently turned over and
her divine lover pressing the length of His/Her body against her. She/He
kissed Serendipity lightly on the lips and entered her slowly, pushing in an
inch at a time so her love canal could stretch to accomodate His/Her massive
thickness. Thankfully her genitalia hadn't come with a hymen so that pain at
least she was spared.

"Ah! Ahhh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me God! Fuck me with your holy cock!!

The Deity spoke not but passion was evident on every line of Her/His face,
especially when the Muse reached and took one of His/Her nipples between her
teeth, biting down as she came, God's fingers wrapped in her long dark hair
as the sacred seed flowed into the Muse's body.

There was a blast of sound that shook the building followed by a burst of
heat and light and suddenly Serendipity found herself alone in bed and
covered in hundred dollar bills.

No longer material God watched invisibly, smiling down on the bemused Muse.
She would need the money particularly when she realized that was both now
mortal and bearing a child. A child destined to be mate and helpmeet to the
daughter of the Scion, even as Mary Magdalene had been to Jesus. Only this
time both would be of divine parentage and it would be *their* child who
would usher in the End of Days and lead humanity to it's final fate.

And before that Serendipity's expectation would come true. Her experience
would bring new inspiration and revolutionize the porn industry. All was


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