Different Strokes: Adopted Trouble
by Dirty Dan

When Phillip Drummond's long time housekeeper died leaving behind two
orphaned black children that he promised her he would see were taken care
of he decided the most logical thing to do would be to adopt the children.
Willis was the oldest at 12 and Arnold was only 8. The boys had grown up on
the rough side of town in the Harlem area. Mr. Drummond along with his 11
year old daughter Kimberly and their new live-in housekeeper lived in a
swanky penthouse apartment in downtown New York. The boys having come from
a rough upbringing in their still young lives had seen and experienced almost
everything. They also had grown up as the only two kids of working parents so
they spent a lot of time together and were especially "close". Phillip
Drummond had no idea what he was getting into.

Willis and Arnold moved in with the Drummonds and were helped into their new
room. They had nice new bunk beds and were in awe at their new surroundings
after where they came from. Despite the pleasant appearance that they put on
around the family, they felt somewhat deserted and alone. To help ease their
loneliness, unbeknownst to Mr. Drummond, Arnold wasn't using his bunk up top
but was sharing Willis' bunk on the bottom. The boys spent the night cuddled
in each others arms. Willis had convinced Arnold since both their parents
were dead that all they really had was each other. One night when they were
sleeping, Arnold had squirmed around so that when Willis awoke, Arnold's leg
was between his with his thigh right up against Willis' crotch. This caused
a stir in Willis reminiscent of when the two young brothers bathed together
in their low class Harlem apartment. They used to fondle each other and
Arnold would get Willis hard. Their momma always made them take a bath
together to save water but they actually really enjoyed it. He wondered what
their new family would think when they try to take a bath together ... he
drifted back off to sleep.

The next evening after dinner it was time for everybody to get washed up and
get ready for bed. Arnold and Willis bound upstairs and into their bedroom
with the adjoining bathroom. They stripped off their clothes and hopped in
the tub. They soaped up their washcloths and started bathing. Willis reached
out with his soapy rag and grabbed Arnold's little penis and started
caressing it. Arnold returned the favor and soon both boys were rock hard.
Willis yanked Arnold for a few moments. Arnold was still too young to cum but
he could still get hard and it felt good to be masturbated.

Remembering what they used to do in the bath, Arnold bent down and took
Willis' hard rod into his mouth. This all started one night a few years ago
when the boys were sharing a bath and Willis dared Arnold to lick his cock.
Being young and načve Arnold took the dare. They had been doing this fairly
regularly ever since. So as Arnold continued to suck Willis, Willis continued
to grow harder and pulled out right before shooting his load.

As they finished their bath and started to get out, Mr. Drummond and Kimberly
came up to say good night. They walked in just as the boys were getting out
of the tub. They stopped in their tracks and were dumbfounded. "What are you
doing, boys, both getting out of the bath at the same time?" asked Mr.

"We've always taken a bath together," answered Willis. "Mama used to say it
saved money ... that when you're poor you have to share things."

"Well, boys, those days are gone. You can take your own baths."

"Oh, OK. Thanks Mr. D." replied Arnold.

"Hahaha" laughed Kimberly. "Can you believe that, Daddy? They were taking a
bath together. How gross!!!"

"Now Kimberly ..." responded Mr. Drummond.

Mr. Drummond and Kimberly left as the boys finished drying off and getting
into their pajamas.

The boys were mad. They were humiliated by Kimberly's reaction. That rich
little stuck up bitch. She didn't know what it was like to live poor. She
needed to be taught a lesson. Miss prim and proper. She'd probably never let
a guy touch her. Willis knew how to get back at her and bring her down to

As they settled in to bed, Willis shared his plan with Arnold...

The next night, Mr. Drummond had a business meeting that would keep him out
late. The housekeeper always turned in early. After dinner the kids were all
washing up for bed. The boys made short order of their bath so that they
could set their plan into motion. They snuck down the hall to Kimberly's room
and listened quietly outside the door. Once they were sure that the shower
was still running they opened the door and snuck into the room. They opened
the closet door and climbed in hoping that they wait wouldn't be long.
Fortunately it wasn't. They had barely gotten the door closed when they heard
the shower go off. A few moments later Kimberly emerged from the bathroom
with a towel wrapped around her. As she walked up to her dresser, she dropped
the towel to admire herself in the mirror. The boys got a full view of
Kimberly's slender body in the mirror. Arnold gasped and for a moment
Kimberly got real still as if she heard something. But then she resumed
caressing her body. She ran her hands over her firm round breasts about the
size of baseballs protruding from her chest. After a few more minutes of
this, she bent down to get a pair of panties from her bottom drawer. As she
rummaged looking for the pair she wanted it afforded the boys a view from the
rear right into her teenaged pussy. The boys were really getting aroused now.
Kimberly stood back up pulling her panties up her legs. She turned and
started toward her closet giving the boys their first unobstructed live view
of her breasts. At that moment she reached for the closet door and pulled it
open ...

Willis jumped at her before she had a chance to react. He cupped his hand
over her mouth as Arnold looked on. Kimberly struggled but was unable to make
any more than a muffled scream. Arnold ran to her dresser and pulled out a
pair of panty hose. Returning to the bed where Willis had pinned Kimberly
down, Arnold pulled Kimberly's panties down her kicking legs. Once he had
them off, he handed them to Willis who crammed them into Kimberly's mouth.
Willis told Arnold to rip the hose down the middle separating the two legs.
After doing so, Willis took one leg and wrapped it around Kimberly's head
hold her panties securely in her mouth. Then he took the other leg and tied
her hands together securely behind her back. Kimberly laid there on her back
staring up at the boys, fear in her eyes and tears running down her cheeks.

"We're going to bring you down to earth, you stuck up rich bitch!" Willis
told her. She began to sob. Willis reached down and rubbed her pussy as
Arnold fondled her breasts. She squirmed and tried to roll over but Willis
was kneeling on her ankles.

Arnold whispered in her ear "You're such a snob. We're going to teach you a

Willis was running a couple fingers up and down her pussy now and Arnold was
getting increasingly rough with her tits. "Arnold, bite her nipples,"
instructed Willis.

Kimberly's eyes widened in horror as Arnold took one nipple into his mouth
and closed his teeth around it. With his hand he pinched the other nipple.
Arnold was somewhat obstructing her view of what Willis was doing so Kimberly
could not see Willis lower the zipper of his shorts and pull out his rock
hard manhood. Arnold stood up for a moment which gave Kimberly just enough
time to catch a glimpse of Willis. Just as the boys suspected, Miss
Goody-Goody had never seen a man's tool and the boys could tell it by the
look in her eyes. She started to fight more intensely so at Willis'
instruction Arnold laid down across her chest. Willis placed the head of his
rod against Kimberly's vagina ... just a teaser but Kimberly began to sob
harder. Thank goodness for the gag or all of New York might hear her!!

Willis began to push in slowly. After all, he didn't want to kill her with
his girth. Besides, he suspected that her hymen was still intact. A few
seconds later that was confirmed as he felt the obstruction. "Hey Arnold, we
got a virgin sister here. Not for long," he said as he rammed himself all
the way in shattering Kimberly's cherry.

She screamed into the gag as the boys laughed. Willis started a rhythm
thrusting in and out of her. Although Kimberly was well endowed in the tit
department for her age, she had absolutely no hair on her mound. For that
reason, Willis hoped that she was a late bloomer and not capable to getting
pregnant because he was about to shoot his load into her. Moments later
Kimberly felt Willis' whole body tense and wondered what was happening. Then
she felt a warm sensation in her pussy as Willis exploded into her. Willis
laid there for a minute on top of her as he started to go soft and then
pulled out. He and Kimberly were both panting hard. Arnold stood up from off
of Kimberly knowing from Willis' plan what was to come next.

As both boys stood over her Kimberly prayed that they were done with her.
But she feared from the gleam in Arnold's eyes that there was more to come.
She started to sit up but Willis pushed her back down. He rolled her over
and drug her to the end of the bed where only her waist up was still on the
bed. He then allowed her knees to fall to the floor. Kimberly's low bed was
just the right height to allow her knees to rest firmly on the floor with her
torso on the bed and her buttocks stuck into the air. While Willis had been
getting her into position, Arnold had gone to her closet had gotten out one
of her sturdy expensive belts. Kimberly had no idea what was coming next.

Willis said, "I bet yo goody-goody self ain't never had a spanking in your
life, have you? Well, that's about to change, too." While Willis held
Kimberly's head down into the bed, Arnold moved behind her with the belt.
"Yeah. You fixin' to get 11 licks, one for each year Mr. D. never gave one
to you."

Kimberly started to cry harder again, but was at least glad it was just
Arnold giving the spanking and not the older, much stronger Willis. However,
Willis had given Arnold specific instructions on how best to spank Kimberly.
Then Arnold started spanking Kimberly. She grunted with each lick. Based on
Willis' directions Arnold first laid one on Kimberly's left cheek, then her
right cheek, then on strategically placed so that the end of the belt hit
her recently deflowered womanhood (Arnold was secretly proud of himself for
his perfectly placed aim as Willis instructed), then one across both cheeks
leaving a bright red streak all the way across her rear. Four down and he
started over again with the same sequence: left, right, pussy, and both
cheeks. Then left, right, and on her pussy for 11. Kimberly was now sobbing
so hard that she thought she had counted 11 but wasn't sure. When Arnold
dropped the belt she figured it had been 11. Witnessing all this sexual
frenzy had gotten even little Arnold aroused and he felt this tightness in
his pants. "Alright little brother, your turn" said Willis.

With that Arnold unzipped his shorts and let his little boyhood spring out,
straight at attention. Kimberly turned her head and saw him. She continued to
sob but knew that after the abuse that her pussy got from Willis that this
would be nothing, it was just the sheer humiliation of it. But she didn't
know what the boys really had in mind. Arnold moved in behind her and his
penis laid against Kimberly's ass. When he rubbed himself up and down her
slit she felt him gathering moisture from her abused pussy. He stopped with
his cock at the entrance to her ass. The sexually načve Kimberly still hadn't
caught on. Arnold started to push at Kimberly's rear entrance. As the hood of
his cock entered her, her eyes got as wide as saucers with the realization of
what was happening.

Willis, who was now sitting on Kimberly's back, reached out and grabbed
Arnold and jerked him forward forcing his entire young boy penis into
Kimberly. She grunted at the intrusion. "Alright Arnold. Pull out and push
yourself in again," Willis coaxed.

"But Willis ... haven't we done enough?" replied Arnold.

"Almost, but I want to make sure Kimberly learns a lesson so that she'll
never give us a hard time again. We're going to be living with her for a long
time so we'll make sure it's a lesson she'll never forget."

With that Arnold did as instructed. Willis knew this could go on forever
since Arnold wasn't old enough to orgasm and would, therefore, be able to
last a long time. So after about ten strokes (pun intended) he instructed
Arnold to pull out.

Willis bent down and whispered into Kimberly's ear "Alright, we're done. I
hope you learned your lesson. If you say anything to anyone about this, we'll
do it again." With that the boys headed back to bed.

The next morning they all met at the table for breakfast. Kimberly refused
to make eye contact with the boys which made Mr. Drummond suspicious. But he
figured she just must not be feeling well today and nobody said a word as the
kids all headed off to school.


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