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Note: This isn't part of the Desperately Seeking Susan series, but a
standalone with no links. It takes part in Season Four, before Susan gives
birth and Julie heads to University.

Desperate Housewives: The Willing Cuckold (MFf,anal,inc,voy,preg)
by LL

Patting her stomach, Susan looked into the mirror, "I'm fat," she muttered
to herself, "fat and disgusting."

Her husband, Mike, looked up from the book he was reading, "Did you say

Susan looked into the mirror again, the child growing inside her had engorged
her belly to gigantic proportions. And whilst it had pushed her breasts up a
size that was the only improvement - her ankles were swollen, and her eyes
were dark from lack of sleep. And her stomach looked like a beached whale.
She turned away from Mike, "Do you find me attractive?"

It was a question Susan had been asking Mike a lot recently. He sighed and
answered as he normally did, "Of course - you're still the most beautiful
woman I've ever met."

Susan waddled over to the bed and pulled back the covers. Mike put down his
book and switched off the lights.

Beneath the covers, Susan's hand groped for his naked cock. She found it
and started to rub it into life. And stopped as Mike took her hand and moved
it away, "Not tonight," he said, "I've got to head off early tomorrow."

Susan turned away from him, in the darkness, he couldn't see her face. She
was ugly, and fat, and her husband didn't want to enjoy his conjugal rights
with her.

Soon she could hear Mike's light snores as he drifted easily into a deep
sleep. Susan lay awake. Her first marriage had been a failure as well, she
hadn't noticed at first that her and Karl's lovemaking had become tamer as
Julie grew within her. And eventually her sex-life had stopped all together,
whilst Karl's attentions had wandered to other women.

Susan didn't want to make the same mistake twice, but how could she keep
Mike, if he didn't find her sexually attractive. With these troubled thoughts
she eventually joined Mike in sleep.

* * *

Sitting at the breakfast table, with a half-touched bowl of cereal in front
of her, Susan was still pondering her marital problems.

Her thoughts were interrupted as her teenage daughter bounded down for

"Morning, Mom," Julie said cheerfully. She looked at the burnt pancakes
sitting in the middle of the table and reached for the cereal bowl instead.

Susan smiled mournfully, "Morning, Julie."

Julie stopped pouring the cereal. Since her parents divorce she had been
her Mom's confidant and agony aunt. Whilst this had stopped with Susan's
recent marriage, Julie still recognised the signs.

"Something wrong, Mom?" she asked.

Susan wiped a tear from her eye, "No - nothing."

Another tear trickled down her face. Susan brushed it away and sniffed.
Julie looked at her with an expression that suggested both disbelief and
impatience at her Mom's secrecy. It was a look that Susan had never been
able to ignore.

"Mike doesn't love me any more. I'm fat and I'm hideous," wailed Susan.

With a bit of coaxing Julie got the full story out of her. Then she leant
back and Susan could tell she was thinking. Finally Julie spoke, "As I see
it, the problem isn't that Mike doesn't love you. Because he obviously does
- the man went through fire to wed you. If you're not having sex it's not
because you pregnant - I mean Mom you look beautiful and I've heard Mike
say the same thing - dozens of times."

Julie paused, for a second, "It sounds like you need to spice up your love
life a bit. Try something new?"

Susan considered this for a moment, then she spoke, "That sounds like a
good idea. Any suggestions?"

Her daughter's face crinkled in frown as she thought, "Bondage?"

Susan pointed to her ankles, which were swollen, "I couldn't get handcuff's
round them. And anyway my back hurts if I'm stretched."

"What about, er, anal?" Julie suggested

"Done that doz. once or twice," Susan replied.

Leaning her head on her hand Julie continued to think. Susan watched as
Julie's fingers drummed against the table. Finally Julie looked up again,
"What about letting him have sex with someone else whilst you watch?"

"Yes - that'd work," Susan perked up. She mentally ticked off the potential
candidates. Lynette - Tom wouldn't go for it. Gabby - a night of passion
would probably leave Mike too exhausted for weeks afterwards. Bree - she
wouldn't have sex outside the sanctity of marriage. Edie - no way.

As she ran through the list of candidates she saw Julie get up and take her
bowl over to the dishwasher. Her daughter bent down to open it and Susan
watched her short night dress ride up her smooth thighs and reveal the
slightest trace of a shaved snatch. Susan grinned.

"Julie, how would you like to bang Mike?" she asked.

* * *

Yawning, Mike put down the newspaper he'd been reading. He glanced at his
watch, it was getting late. He was about to go upstairs when Susan came
down, she had gone to bed an hour or go he thought.

"Can't sleep?" he asked. Susan was dressed in a short night-dress, which
covered her bump, but not her shaved slot.

Susan took his hand, "I've got a surprise for you," she said and started to
lead him upstairs.

Mike groaned inwardly. He had another early start tomorrow and the thought
of having a late night with Susan was not something he relished.

"The weekend's bet." Mike started to say as Susan opened the door to their

Whatever he was about to say caught in the back of his throat, as he stopped
moving and just stared. Julie was lying on the double-bed facing him. Her
head was propped up with one hand, as she looked at him quizzically. Her
naked tits were firm, but bounced slightly as she shifted position to allow
him a better view of her pussy. Even as Mike watched entranced Julie guided
her spare hand over her quim lips and rubbed lightly at them.

There was a cough behind him and Mike turned back to face Susan. She was
smiling, "Surprise," she pointed at her naked daughter.

Opening his mouth, Mike closed it again. His brain was refusing to function
properly. Julie was attractive, but she was also his step-daughter, so he
had never considered having sex with her. But here she was virtually throwing
herself at him, and doing so with her Mom's active approval.

"I thought we should try something new," explained Susan, "You fuck Julie
and I'll watch."

"Susan," said Mike. He was about to tell her this wasn't appropriate when
he felt his zip go down. Julie had slid off the bed and was kneeling in
front of him. Before he could say anything more she had unbuttoned his
jeans and was pulling them down. Mike gave a sharp intake of breath as
Julie reached into his boxers and tickled at the bottom of his ball sack.

Any further thoughts of turning down Julie soon went out of Mike's head.
His erect cock pushed itself out of his boxers and Julie ran her tongue
lightly round the end. Slowly she moved her tongue down his prick, licking
the flesh sensually.

Out of the corner of his eye Mike could see that Susan was sitting at the
dressing table. One hand was rubbing at her belly, the other was lost from
view underneath her bump, but from the movements Mike could guess what she
was doing.

He felt Julie's tongue at the base of knob, then onto his bollocks.
Suddenly she pulled her head back and reached for his boxers. She pulled
them and his jeans down to his ankles. Mike stepped out of them and pulled
of his t-shirt, below him he could hear Julie give a whistle of
appreciation as she took in his muscular torso.

And then her mouth was at his cock again. Except this time her lips were
round it and Mike could feel it entering deeper and deeper into her throat.
Her tongue pushed upwards, but as his cock went deeper it started to be
pinned to the bottom of her mouth, allowing only limited wiggle.

Gripping her shoulder's Mike started to thrust forward, he was silently
amazed at how much Julie could swallow. His ten-inches went in right up to
his ball-sack. He could see Julie's eye's watering as the dick slid past
her tonsils, but she didn't try to back away. She just pursed her mouth
round it more and sucked.

"Aaarrgh", there was a cry from Susan. Mike turned his head. Susan's legs
were spread as far apart as they could go and she was thrusting a finger in
and out of her own pussy with speed. She blushed when she saw Mike, looking
at her, but continued to frig away at her twat.

"Fuck her Mike, fuck her ass," Susan's spoke between gasps of pleasure.

Mike looked down at Julie, her mouth still planted round his cock. Her head
moved slightly as she nodded in agreement.

Stepping back Mike pulled his dick out of Julie's mouth, a dribble of
saliva came with it. Julie coughed and struggled to get her breath back for
a few seconds, but she was young and fit and the panting didn't last long.
She jumped onto the bed, lay on her back and pulled her legs back so they
were almost parallel with her ears.

Her back hole was small, with the skin tight around it. It would be a devil
of a job to get his cock in, even lubricated with her spit.

Extending a finger he rubbed the puckered flesh. Julie moaned lightly as
his finger slid across her naked skin. Susan moaned a lot louder as she
watched her husband's finger start to burrow itself in her daughter's ass.

Slowly Mike slid his finger deeper, waggling it as he did so. He could feel
Julie vibrating as the digit rubbed around her cavity. And slowly the
sphincter loosened, until Mike thought it was ready.

He pulled out his finger and getting onto his knees he pulled Julie towards
him until the tip of cock was resting neatly against the outside of her
ass-hole. He gripped Julie's waist and levered himself in.

There was a gasp from Julie and she gripped hard at his wrists. Using the
bed as traction she gingerly began to slide towards him. Julie's face was
contorted as the cock squeezed in. The tight flesh enveloped Mike's cock
and guided him downwards until he could feel his balls rubbing against her
butt cheeks.

Still gripping her Mike pulled out his cock so that only the tip remained
in. Then he pushed forward again. There was less friction and Julie let out
a quick squeak. Her face started to relax and a smile began to form on her
lips. She let go of her grip.

As Mike pulled back again, Julie moved one of her hands to rub against her
pussy. As he thrust forward Mike saw her push a finger down between her
lips with a wild stab, and pull it back as he withdrew. He watched in
fascination as she pushed it again in time with his forward move.

Together they got into a rhythmic motion. And Julie was soon loudly moaning
as Mike's cock buggered her.

Desperate to prolong the fucking Mike tried to think of other things, ice-
cream, cars, Susan wanking herself beside him. It was the last thought,
which came unbidden into his head that pushed him over the edge. He pulled
the cock from his step-daughter and began to stroke it. Julie swivelled
from her back onto her knees and waited in a begging position.

She didn't have long to wait to collect her reward. Mike uttered an oath
and briefly shut his eyes. When he opened them his cock was still pumping
semen; it had covered Julie's nose and mouth, dripping down past her chin
to roll across her pert tits. Mike watched as the last drops came out and
slid down to settle on the teen's top lip.

Mike normally went flaccid at this point, but Julie didn't give him a
chance. As soon as she saw that no more sperm was going to come out she was
wrapping her lips round his still erect cock. Her tongue slid up, within
her mouth, and Mike could feel it rub against the tip of dick, cleaning
away the remaining spunk.

Susan wasn't sure whether she had cum more or Julie had. Her finger was
soaking wet with her own pussy juice, and she could feel the jizz trickling
down her thighs. Watching Mike fuck her daughter's ass had been more of a
turn on than she ever thought possible, and she couldn't believe how
beautiful her little girl looked with a cum mask.

She watched Julie clean Mike's cock. When there wasn't the slightest trace
of cum left on it Mike stood back. Susan looked at his erection - if it was
possible it looked even larger than before, though that was probably lust
just clouding her brain.

"You're turn," said Mike to his wife. And before Susan could react he had
strode over to the chair and picked her up in his arms. He carried over and
sat on the edge of the bed.

Susan relaxed in Mike's arms and let Mike move her. Mike twisted her round;
so that she was sitting forward on his lap, then he lifted her up slightly
and shifted her into position. Unlike Julie, she wasn't an anal virgin and
Mike's dick was still wet and slithery from her daughter's saliva, so the
cock slid up her ass-hole with a lot less difficulty.

Wiggling into position Susan began to bounce up and down on the shaft. One
of Mike's hands's slipped round and began to rub at her pregnant belly. His
rough callused hands could be surprisingly gentle as he massaged at the
stretched skin. Susan closed her eyes and sighed blissfully. Susan could
feel his other hand pulling her nightie down from her breasts, so that it
just covered her midriff. Mike started to squeeze one of her nipples
tenderly, and Susan felt a slight drop of milk lactate out. She groaned,
and began to concentrate on giving Mike a great ride.

Every time she went down she could feel Mike's bollocks rubbing against
her, and as she lifted herself up she could feel his chest hair brush
against her back. She began to move faster and drop down hard, so that
Mike's cock rocketed up her back tunnel. It was almost perfection.

And then it was. As she came down again, she could feel her daughter's hand
pushing apart her thighs. Once she had cleared some space Julie was between
her Mom's legs, licking at her labia, before trying to thrust her tongue
beneath the moving slot. Susan slowed to allow Julie to stick it in her
cunt and find her clit. Mike lifted her up slightly and took up the slack,
thrusting his cock upward into his wife.

In a rush of pleasure Susan started squealing as multiple g-spots were
stimulated at once. The pregnancy had made her horny as hell and a dick in
one hole and a tongue in the other was driving her into a heavenly series
of orgasms.

Finally Mike stopped and Susan staggered to her feet. Mike stood up
stroking his cock and Susan knelt beside Julie. She was just in time as
Mike came for a second time. A burst of white gooey liquid leapt out and
settled on Susan's cheek. Seconds later a second stream of cum joined the

Susan leant forward and rolled her tongue around her husband's erect cock,
licking away the remaining cum. She could feel Julie's tongue on her face,
as the teen lapped away the cum before it could drop away.

Breathing heavily Mike looked at his wife and step-daughter, "Early starts
are overrated anyway," he conceded
_ _ _

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