Desperate Housewives:
The Perfect Part 3 - The Perfect Taboo (mFf,f-mast,inc,anal,cream pie)
by Idanyboy

It's been a week since Danielle's amazing sex adventure with John and Mrs.
Solis. John had broken up with her since then. He told her he was in love
with Mrs. Solis and didn't want to lead her on. She accepted that and they
ended on good terms. But for Danielle, than night opened a door to feelings
she never felt before. She was horny. She needed to get laid and fast. She
never knew she had it in her - that desperate need for a good fuck - not
until she lost her virginity last week.

Ever since then she had been masturbating almost 3 times a day just to keep
herself calm. She enjoyed masturbating, and enjoyed the fantasized she had
while doing it. A lot of times she would just journey back to her adventure
at Mrs. Solis, but sometimes she would just make stuff up, like daydreaming
about the cute new neighbor that had just moved in across the street, or her
hot science teacher doing her after class.

She had fun exploring her boundaries. However, she always felt like something
was holding her back. As if those fantasies are okay, but it's not what she
really wants. Occasionally, while she was getting herself off, her mind would
inexplicably journey to the moment she caught Andrew, a week and a day ago.
Whenever that happened she would immediately stopped fingering herself and
tried to think of something non-sexual to cool herself off. And it worked
most of the time, until this afternoon.

She was fingering herself in her room, unaware that she forgot to lock the
door. She had her shirt on, and a skirt but no underwear. She was close to
coming, when she suddenly heard the door swing open. She looked over, and
there was Andrew, stunned and speechless, eyes wide open and looking down
between her legs, where her arm is, not really sure what to make of the

"Oh, god. Sorry! The door wasn't locked" he said, still not looking away.

"Get out, you pervert!" Danielle screamed at him and ran to shot the door.

"Sorry," he managed to mutter before the door closed on his face.

Danielle was frenetic. She was so embarrassed she started to sob. "Damn it!"
she thought, "I can't... He's always around."

Andrew walked back to his room, like a zombie, trying to grasp what had just
happened. He had just caught his baby sister masturbating, and she was
looking pretty fucking hot! No. No. He shouldn't think like that. He just sat
on the bed and started thinking, not about anything specific, just trying to
get his mind out of the gutter. His extraneous thoughts were disturbed by a
knock on the door. It was Danielle. She stood at the doorstep. She noticed
that Andrew was looking down at her crutch, as if he could see through her
skirt, which was now straightened.

"Hey," she said, so quiet he could barely hear her.

"Hey," he said back, same volume.

There was a bit of awkward silence for a few seconds.

"I guess now we're even," she broke the silence.


Danielle didn't say anything. She walked across the room to Andrew who was
sitting on the bed. She straddled him and set on his lap.

"What are you-" Andrew tried to speak up, only to be stopped by Danielle's
finger on his lips.

"You know, you should really learn when to shut up," she said, then kissed
him avidly on the lips. She held his head with both her hands, and he grabbed
her by the back, pressing her breasts against his chest. He let himself fall
backwards, so he was lying down, and Danielle was on top of him. Danielle
lifted herself and quickly removed the t-shirt she had on, exposing her
perfect teen breasts to her brother. She grinded her pelvis on his jeans and
giggled as she felt Andrew's cock growing underneath her, almost so intensely
it lifted her up a bit. She looked at him and smiled. She started wiggled her
hips back and forth on his swollen prick. Andrew was going crazy. He flipped
his sister over and was now on top of her.

"Ahh!" Danielle yelped and laughed. As her head hit the bed, she looked over
and smiled at her big brother. It was in this moment that she realized just
how much she loved him and just how much she wanted this. She was fighting
her desires for too long. Tears started rolling down her eyes again.

"What's wrong?" Andrew asked, worrying that he may have hurt her.

"Nothing. I just love you so much," she said and stroked his hair.

"I love you, too." he said and they both gazed affectionately into each
other's eyes.

"Well, isn't this nice?" a voice came from the direction of the door. There
stood Bree Van De Kamp, looking more gorgeous than usual, wearing a luscious
fur coat.

"MOM!" both kids yelled out. Andrew jumped off the bad, and Danielle set up
quickly, using Andrew's blanket to cover herself up.

"Mom, what are you doing here? I thought you said you'd be gone all

Bree, acting strangely nonchalant, talked calmly as she walked across the
room. "Well, I went over your father's cheesy motel to tried to seduce him,
and that bastard turned me down."

Bree stood in the middle of the room.

"I mean, would you've turned down this?" she said, and opened up her coat,
revealing a hot red bra that emphasized her perfect breasts, and a pair of
red panties, so tight and small, you could just make out her pubic hair.
Andrew's eyes blew wide open.

"Wow, you look amazing," he blurted out.

"Thank you," she said as she dropped her coat on the floor and set on
Andrew's bed.

"You wouldn't have said no to this," she focused her eyes on Andrew then
quickly averted them to her daughter "Right... Danielle?"

Danielle was alarmed. "What? Umm..." Bree smiled again. Before Danielle
answered, Bree spoke up again.

"Now, what is this?" She referred to both Andrew and Danielle, who naively
thought she might of missed the fact that Danielle is sitting on Andrew's
bad, topless. Bree looked over to Andrew who was staring on her breasts.
She smiled a bit.


"Umm" Danielle hesitated. Danielle couldn't utter the words. She just sighed
as a sign to her mother that whatever she must be thinking is true.

Bree made a silent "mmm" noise.

"Just tell me... have this been going on for a long time?"

"No," Andrew said. "This was the first time... ".

Bree looked surprised. She looked at Danielle who confirmed it with a nod.

"Wow!" Bree said.


"Mom?" Danielle spoke up. Andrew was still in a trance by the fact that his
mother was sitting on his bad in her lingerie, next to his sister who was
topless. He was afraid to speak.

"Mom?" Danielle repeated.

"Did you know..." Bree finally spoke. "...that Susan Meyer is having sex with
her daughter?"

"WHAT? She told you that?"

Bree started talking to herself. "They're so happy. They get along so well.
Maybe that's the way to keep your family. God knows your father isn't gonna
give it to me" Bree started rambling.

"Mom. MOM!" Danielle yelled out to her mother. Bree looked over to her
beautiful daughter and kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Holy crap!" Andrew yelped out, convinced that he is dreaming. Bree broke the
kiss and addressed her two children.

"I don't want our family to fall apart. I'll do anything to ensure that.

"What do you mean?" Danielle asked.

"Well... maybe the Meyers have a good idea. I mean they are pretty close."

"You mean you want to..."

Andrew could only murmur a "ah, jeez" through his lips. He felt like he's
about to burst out of his jeans.

"What? Am I not SEXY enough?" Bree looked over to her son.

"Come on, Andrew. I've seen the way you look at me. I know you wanna. Your
body is already agreeing with me..."

Andrew gulped.

"I don't mind," said Danielle. "Wouldn't be my first threesome," she said
with a smile.

"Well then. Andrew?"

Andrew didn't know why she's even trying to convince him. He's been gamed
the entire time just had some trouble speaking due to shock. But he got over
it now.

"OH HELL YEAH!" he said as he pounced on his mother, kissing her chest as she

"Oh Andrew!" she giggled out whilst trying to unbuckle his jeans. Danielle
helped her out. She jumped off the bed and stood behind Andrew. As her mother
unbuckled him, she pulled down his jeans, then underwear. Andrew was too
eager. He moved Bree's tiny little red panties aside with force and stuck his
raging penis into his mother's cunt, ramming his pelvis into hers.

"AHH, FUCK. GOD!" Andrew screamed out as he picked up the pace and was now
basically nailing Bree to the bed. He rested his head on her shoulder and she
placed her hand on the back of his head. It didn't take long and Andrew shot
his load inside his mother. He sighed and breathed heavily. He knew it wasn't
exactly perfect for Bree. He looked at his mother and mouthed out "sorry."

"That's okay, sweetie." she patted his head "We'll practice some more. We'll
get it."

Bree saw discontent on his face.

"Don't worry." she said with pep. "We'll have you up and about in no time and
try again."

"Yhea, but how-"

"Please. You think I got this far in life by not knowing how to give guys a
boner?" Bree said proudly. "Off" she ordered Andrew to get off of her. "Now
sit here, and watch."

Bree stood up, her pussy dripping with her son's cum. She lowered her panties
and walked out of them. "Danielle. Please get on your knees" she called on
her daughter.

Danielle obediently did as she was told. She was freakishly comfortable with
the whole situation. She kneeled down in front her mother's dripping cunt.
Bree looked over at her son. She put on an evil grin, leaned back a bit so
her crutch would come forward, then spread her pussy lips wide open. Danielle
knew immediately what was on her mother's mind. She reached in with her
tongue and started licking her brother's cum off her mother's pussy.

"Ahhh... Yeah. Tastes good, doesn't it, Danielle?" she said, keeping her eyes
on Andrew the whole time.

"Hmm hmm," Denial moaned affirmatively.

"Come on, wipe it clean," she said and started to moan as Danielle's tongue
reached deeper. Danielle felt herself getting wetter and sent her hand to
massage her own clit. Andrew just set there, fascinated by what's before him.
His erection was getting back and he started stroking it.

"Careful, honey, we don't want to have to 'pick you up' again," Bree said
with a motherly smile.

"Mmm" Danielle moaned out as she bit her mother's swollen clit.

"AHH" Bree yelled out. She closed her eyes and pushed Danielle's head towards
her, nearly tipping her off her balance.

Danielle held on by grabbing her mother's waist with her one free arm. Bree's
pussy was now dripping again, but with her own juices.

"OH, GOD!" she yelled out as she intensely grasped her daughter's hair. When
she came, her all body leaned forward, and she pushed Danielle's head as hard
as she could into her, making sure that she would touch her throughout her
climax. Danielle was pretty close herself, and her mother's orgasmic noises
pushed her over the edge. She came and screamed into her mother's crutch.

Andrew witnessed the whole event and was grinding his teeth. Man, he would've
cummed 10 times by now if he could. Both girls, panting and breathing
heavily, started to slowly regain control of themselves, and broke away from
their incestuous body-lock. Danielle just let herself fall to the floor, and
laid over on her back, looking straight up the ceiling, catching her breath.

Bree did no such thing. She was already pumped to keep her promise to Andrew.
She bent over to him.

"Liked what saw?" she asked with passionate eyes.

"Yeah," Andrew managed to speak out with his dry throat.

"Great." she said, and moved her head and whispered in his ear, "cause now
it's your turn."

A few seconds later, Bree was lying on her back on Andrew's bed, legs spread,
with Andrew's head between them. Danielle, still recuperating, managed to sit
up, leaning against the wall and watching over the happy couple. She already
lost her skirt and panties, and was now completely naked. Andrew was
completely naked as well, and only Bree still had her red bra on.

"Now... make it count," she looked down at her son and gave him the go ahead.
Andrew started franticly licking his mother's pussy lips. Bree tried to get
into it, but couldn't. She decided her son needed some guiding.

"Andrew!" He stopped. "Slower, honey. Make every lick matter."

Andrew slowed down his licking. Up and down, up and down, using all of his
tongue, as appose to just the tip as before.

"Ahh, yes, that feels good," Bree was finally getting into it.

Danielle in the meantime started fingering herself at the sight of her
brother licking their mom. It was hot, no question about it, and she was
feeling herself getting close again very quickly. Bree looked up at the
ceiling, focused on her orgasm she felt slowly coming.

"Is that good, mom?" Andrew foolishly lifted his head to ask for approval.
She quickly shoved his head back in.

"Don't stop, keep going!" Andrew found himself once again face to cunt with
his mother's red pubic hairs. He felt his animal instincts kicking in, licked
his lips then went back to licking her lips. He kicked it up a notch and
every other lick he would bite down on Bree's pussy lip and pulled on it,
sending her to heaven. She would give a silent moan each time he would do
that, not too quietly so he wouldn't know it's effective.

After a while of this foreplay she patted his head to catch his attention
then turned to him. "Get up here" she said with a devious smile.

As her son climbed on and mounted her, she felt his chest pressed against
hers and she melted in the feel of pure intimacy. She stroked his hair and
grabbed it hard as he penetrated her once again. Slowly this time, she felt
every inch. After Andrew was completely inside her, he started to built up
a momentum and slowly picked up the pace as her went in and out of her. Bree
was worried he would cum too fast again.

"Slowly, honey," she said as she petted the back of his head.

Andrew obediently complied. He didn't want to mess up again. He slowed down
his motions, in and out, in and out. He kept on doing that and looked at his
mother's beautiful face. He always hated her obsessions with neat and
perfection, but whenever he wondered why his father is staying with her he
always assumed the reason was that she was just an amazing fuck. And now he
knew that he was right. So tight, so wet, so gorgeous, he just couldn't take
his eyes off her for a second. They both felt like they were the only two
people in the world right now, locked in a lustful body lock. Bree soon came.
She muttered out a few shallow breaths and moans and Andrew felt her vagina
tightening around his cock. She looked at him and grabbed his hair again as
she closed her eyes intensely. Andrew was happy that he managed to get his
mother off. As she came down from her climax, Andrew dared to talk.

"Mommy? Can I-" he got quiet.

"What is it, honey? Anything you want."

"Well, I-" he gathered the courage and asked her "I want to titty fuck you."

Bree smiled at his forwardness. "Sure" she permitted.

Andrew slipped his boner out of his mother's vagina and then lifted himself
to straddle her stomach, his penis positioned right in between her big
breasts. Bree bent her arms behind her beck in a very impressive way and
unhooked her bra. She turned to Danielle, who was still fingering herself,
naked on the floor. "Honey, you've been resting long enough. Come over here
and help us out."

Danielle got up and walked over the bed. She looked at the situation and
knew exactly what to do. She grabbed her mother's breasts and pressed them
together to engulf Andrew's cock. Andrew liked that. He immediately began to
pump in and out of the hole that was created for him. So supple, so tender
his mother's skin was. When he reached the upper side of the hole, there
waited Danielle's mouth. She reached her tongue out and licked the head of
his dick when it came to her. It was heaven!

"Oh, god this is so hot!" he said and started move his cock more rapidly.

Bree looked at him and knew he was close. "WAIT!" she spoiled the mood.
"Don't come yet. I want you to ejaculate on your sister."

Andrew was intrigued. So was Danielle. Andrew used all of his self-control
not to cum just yet and freed his raging boner from the titty lock his family
arranged for him. Danielle let go of her mother and Andrew got off of her.
Bree set up then kneeled down on the floor, helping Danielle assume the same
position opposite of her. Andrew stood up in between them, his cock pointing
to Danielle.

For Danielle this was a familiar pose. She licked her lips and set off to
work, wrapping her lips around Andrew's 8-inch cock and starting bobbing her
head back and forth. Bree, kneeling behind Andrew guided his hands over her
tits to play with them, wrapping her hands across his body and over
Danielle's head, pushing it forward.

Andrew felt a burning sensation as his cock disappeared into his sister's hot
lusty mouth. She did a pretty good job getting it in there, getting all the
way to his balls. After a few minutes like that, Bree guided the children to
another position, now Andrew is titty-fucking Danielle, while playing with
Bree's breasts from the back.

Bree reached out and grabbed Danielle's breast, doing exactly what Danielle
did for her a few minutes ago. Andrew didn't want this spectacle to end. He
held on as long as he could before he came on Danielle's tits and face, 2
massive loads on her hair, and one that missed her completely and landed on
the floor behind her.

Bree was happy. She turned Andrew's body over to her and sucked off what's
left from his cock. And She was pretty good at it, too. She took Andrew's
entire 8-inches in her mouth then slowly reverted, sucking so hard it felt
like a vacuum to Andrew. When she was finished, she pushed Andrew's body to
the bad, popping his tool out of her mouth. She stood up and wiped the cum
off the corner of her mouth.

"Get ready for another round in a few minutes." She tossed his way. Bree bent
over to wipe Danielle's face with the blanket that was now on the floor.

Andrew laid on his bed. He tried to relax but heard noises next to him. He
set up and there it was - he's sister, Danielle, was bent over completely,
ass in air, face on floor, licking the cum that was there, and Bree was
kneeling next to her butt, licking her cunt and ass hole. She then brought
her middle finger and started rubbing between Danielle's pussy lips rapidly,
occasionally shoving the finger in, making Danielle squeal a bit into the
floor. Andrew observed this and was pumped again.

"Wow, that didn't take long". She smiled at him as she used her fingers to
open Danielle's pussy lips.

"Would you like to fuck your sister?" She said with such an innocent voice,
then stuck a finger in her own mouth and rubbed it over Danielle's cunt.

"She's ready for you".

Andrew stood up then bent over a little to align himself. Then he shoved his
renewed erection into Danielle's pussy as deep as he could until he was
balls-deep inside his sister. Danielle, finally getting what she's been
craving for the past week, screamed into the floor as he started slamming
into her pussy.

"God, god, god!" she yelled out. Bree placed her hand from under Danielle and
started rubbing her clit.

"Fuck her, Andrew. Fuck your little sister" Bree shouted, grinning her teeth
and breathing heavily from of the pure lust of the situation.

Andrew kept ramming in and out, pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust,
almost knocking Danielle over each time. Andrew grabbed her elbows and pulled
on them, raising her upper body, which caused her hard nipples to point
forward. He rammed into her as he pulled her body harder to him, grunting
with each plunge.

"Yeah, you like your brother's cock, you little slut?" Bree said and started
moving her finger in and out of Danielle's mouth. after a while, Bree
couldn't be left out anymore. She took the opportunity and slid herself under
Danielle's body, her face right in front Danielle's penetrated pussy.

Andrew let go off Danielle's elbows and she fell right in front of her mom's
pussy, starting to lick and suck on it. Bree, on the other side of things,
licked Danielle's clit and Andrew's cock as it came out with each thrust.
Every now and then she would pull it out, suck on it, then stick it back in.
Andrew started increasing his motions and stuck his finger in Danielle's
asshole. This made Danielle abandoned her mother's hole and concentrate on

A few seconds later, she came hard on Andrew's rod. Her pussy fasten against
Andrew's cock and he couldn't hold on anymore. He grabbed his sister's elbows
again and pulled as strong as he could, pressing his balls against her clit,
then came inside her. Andrew's cum came gushing inside out of Danielle then
he retracted, squirting 2 more loads on her butt and one on his mother's
face. Bree was glad. She stuck her tongue up Danielle's pussy and licked the
cum off it as it leaked out. Danielle was shaking and quivering. Bree went
down to finger herself and came again a few seconds later.

All three family members just remained in their position for a few seconds.
The only movement seemed to be coming from Danielle's pussy, which was still
dripping out Andrew's cum.

"Wow, Andrew. Danielle. That was..." Everybody were breathing slowly.

Suddenly the phone rang.

"I'll get it." Bree slid herself from below Danielle and went over the phone
in her bedroom.

"Hey, it me."

"Rex. Hello."

"I need to come over to pick something up, is that okay?"

Bree suddenly remembered how she felt just an hour ago from the rejection of
her husband. She kept her composure.

"Sure," she said casually. She hung up the phone and entered the bathroom.
She looked at the mirror and saw herself. Her red hair seemed messy and
sweaty for the first time in years. Her face, covered with her son's cum.
She felt like such a slut, and she liked it.

"Well, now if we did get a divorce, at least I know which one they'll want
to live with," she smiled to herself.

She wiped the cum off her face with a towel and got in the shower. She washed
the last drips off her and just stood there as water went down her chest down
her love triangle and into the drain. She got out, Dried herself off and
blow-dried her hair and fixed the way she always does. She got dressed and
walked to the hallway. On the way she heard through the door to Danielle's
room some moaning and panting. She felt glad that she released this fun side
of the family. She walked down to the kitchen and noticed a chipped mug on
the counter. She started attending to it. A few minutes later, Rex came by.

"Listen, um, about what happened today..."

"You humiliated me, Rex. For no good reason."

"I'm sorry."

"I was there. I was willing. Normal men don't say no to that."

"You, you upset me."

"See, but I don't think that's the reason. After I left the motel, I um, did
some thinking about us and our sex life, and I realized there has been a
disconnect, but it's coming from you."

"That's ridiculous." He discarded her allegation swiftly.

"How many years have we been making love, and you've started to ask me
something, but then you stop?"

"I, I don't know what you're talking about."

"You are unhappy with our sex life because you're not getting something from
me, but you're simply too afraid to ask."

"My problem with our sex life is that you can't stop thinking about the house

"Well, then, if that is the case, then take me, right here, right now.
The house is spotless. There aren't any burritos lying around to pull my
focus..." She said, feeling herself getting horny for the who knows how
many times today.

"I'm not in the mood."

"Why not? We haven't had sex for months, Rex. Most normal, red-blooded men
would be climbing the walls by now."

"Please, don't do this."

Bree started closing in on her husband, making him take a step backwards.

"Rex, whatever you want, I'll go there with you. I will go there with you,
you just have to say it out loud. Do you wanna fuck Danielle? Do you want to
watch me fuck her? Tell me, what do you want? What do you need?"

"I need for you to stop talking like this." Rex said nervously, thinking that
all she just said was just to tease him.


"Because you sound like a whore."

"No I don't. I sound like a woman whose husband won't touch her. Rex, after
Mary Alice killed herself, it all hit me. We all have our secrets, and I
think it's time for you to tell me yours."

Rex stood there, trying to come up with words. Eventually he just sighed.

"I'm going." He said as he walked to the door and walked out.

Bree sighed to the view of her husband leaving. She walked up the stairs and
opened Danielle's door. There Andrew was doing her doggy style on the bed.
"Hey. Need a third?" she said and sashayed through the room, closing the door
behind her.

EPILOGUE - Picture Perfect

It's been 3 weeks since Bree Van De Kamp had started having sex with her
kids. She found happiness within herself she never knew existed, and she
liked the sensation of doing something so wrong. Today it their annual time
to take their family portrait, and Bree, Andrew and Danielle arrived in a
cab. Rex, the father, drove himself from his motel.

"Thanks for coming. Even though we're separated."

"Hey, I'm only doing this for the kids." Rex replied.

"Where ARE the kids?" he wondered.

"Oh, I think they went to use the restroom. I'll go get them."

Bree walked over to the restroom door just as it opened, and out came Andrew,
followed by Danielle, who was adjusting her dress. She looked at them and
they looked at her, they all shared a little smirk.

"How do I look?" Danielle stood in front of her mother. She was wearing an
innocent yellow dress with flowers imprints on them. Bree took a tissue out
of her purse and aimed it on her daughter's cheek.

"You've got some left on your face" she said as she wiped the side of her
daughter's mouth.

"Perfect," she said and smiled at her. She looked at her daughter and sighed.

"You're so grown up," she said and patted her cheek, then sent her on her

* * *

"Alright, on the count of three," The photographer yelled out. Bree stood in
between her two children, each of her hands is on the lower back of each
child. Rex was standing next to Andrew, looking at the camera, completely

"One... Two..."

"Everybody smile," Bree said as she smiled herself, and just when the
cameraman got to "three" she lowered her hands and grabbed both their asses.


A few days later Bree got the picture back. It shows her and both her kids
with huge smiles on their faces, almost laughing, and Rex in the corner
looking confused. She put the picture in a wooden frame and placed it in a
30-degree angle on the shelf over the fireplace.

"Perfect" she said, and walked away with a smile...



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