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Desperate Housewives: One-Night Stand - A Second One Night Stand (MMMFFF, FF, anal, dp, atm)
by LL

"Hilarious," Bree van de Kamp gave a delicate laugh and let her fingers move to the young man's arm at the table beside her, positioning them casually just above his wrist and stroking gently through the soft dark hair that covered the young man's arm. Jake grinned, obviously pleased with the reaction that his tale had got. Bree smiled back, encouraging him in that belief; whilst she hadn't found it funny, it was a little coarse for her tastes, she could see why a nineteen year old college freshman would find a tale about burping in the middle of presenting a class paper amusing.

"Tell 'em about the time you found yourself locked out with just a towel, that's a hoot," Gavin said. He was as good-looking as his college buddy, but blonde rather than dark, with an earring in his ear and like Jake his hair was fluffed in what Bree thought was a stylish cut if you were eighteen. His arm was round the waist of her friend, Susan Mayer, and the brunette Milf was making no effort to dislodge it.

"If you want to hear a funny story, it's got to be that time we went to this party at this frat house and Jakie got so drunk he agreed to down this chilli powder mixed with beer;" said the final member of the trio, Ford. He was a touch smaller than his buddies who hit six foot, whilst he missed it by two or three inches, but he was broader and even more muscular, his chest and arms seeming to ripple under his tight T-shirt. Gabrielle Solis had made straight for him and her seat was so close to him she was almost on his knee, her arm lightly resting round his shoulder and her fingers stroking at a rough cheek. Ford grinned again, "The result wasn't pretty - from either end. The man's an animal."

Bree hoped that he'd tell the first story; it seemed a little less disturbing. Actually she hoped he wouldn't tell either story and instead would talk a little about his Major and his plans for the future, but she guessed she wouldn't have such luck. Instead she turned to him, putting on her most charming smile and said, "Go on tell. Let's hear..."

Her hand stroked at his arm again as he began to talk; she didn't really listen, going into autopilot and concentrating on looking both attractive and available. She thought Gabby and Susan were doing the same, smiling and laughing, touching the guys attentively and looking at them admiringly. The guys continued being young college guys, brash, boastful, never boring, but not sophisticated or charming or smart either. But then if Bree wasn't caring about the first three attributes, neither she nor her friends were particularly looking for the final three either. The women were all looking for young hard cock for no strings fucking and for that the three college guys were the jackpot; youthful, good-looking and with sports physiques.

It had been Susan who suggested it, her daughter was going to her ex-husband's for the weekend, and that reminded Susan that her ex's new wife was blonde with tits like mountains and legs so long that they seemed to go up her to her armpits. Susan's way of coping with this was to go out and get laid; last time she'd done it she'd invited Bree to join her in the quest for cock, reasoning her friend needed a good fucking as much as she did. She had been right, Bree was forced to admit, the casual no-strings banging leaving her reinvigorated and with a refound zest the next morning, despite her lack of sleep. Even a couple of weeks later Bree had felt her pussy tingling whenever she remembered the big dong pounding into her wet hole, and as she lay in bed at night she found herself reminiscing a lot. Unlike last time she had needed no persuasion when Susan had suggested it.

They were talking at one of their weekly poker games about where to go, what bars had the right mix of quality drinks, cheap prices, good-looking guys and lack of single attractive women, when Gabby said she knew some places. Unlike Bree and Susan Gabrielle Solis was not single, but her relationship with her husband was strained and even if it wasn't the ex-model had a reputation as a good time girl. As Carlos Solis was away a conference and wouldn't be back until way past midnight and on the theory it would be as easy to pick up three hunky studs as two Gabby had been added to the night-out.

Jake finished his story, which hadn't seemed at all amusing to Bree, but she took a quick glance at his flat chest, then his firm thighs and what seemed to be a lump in between and laughed; her friends smiling and giggling and pretending that Jake was a great raconteur. Ford picked up his beer glass and drained the remaining quarter in a couple of chugs. He put it down heavily on the table, "Another? You want some more wine Gabby? Bree? Susan?"

The glass in front of Bree was still half-full and neither Gabby or Susan was much further advanced. The guys could probably easily fit in another beer before the Milfs had finished. The redhead gave a quick glance to her friends, they gave small nods as she flicked her eyes towards the door, thinking what she was, that another round would just mean more stories of Ford skipping a taxi bill or Gavin waking up in a empty doorway. The Milf shook her head and made to stand up, "We better be going."

"Oh," said Jake, obviously disappointed and surprised, as it was early and he thought it had being going well.

Bree straightened up and waited for her friends to disengage themselves, before looking back down at the guys, a teasing smile crossing her face, as she said, "We're only a short cab ride away, do you want to come back and have a few drinks?"

The three men looked at each other, grinning and then back up to the sexy Milfs, "Fuck yeah," they said.

* * *

Gabby Solis giggled as she stood waiting for Bree to open the front door; her friend seemed to be having trouble finding the key in the dark and getting it to successful enter the lock. It was amusing to see that even Miss Perfect could forget to leave on a porch light before going out for the evening, made even more entertaining my the fact that Gabby had drunk just enough that the level for funny had slipped a couple of notches. Neither of those reasons were why she giggled, more that Ford, the good looking stud she had picked had squeezed her ass with all the subtlety of a drunken sailor in a whorehouse. Not that Gabby minded, if she wanted subtlety she'd have hired a silver haired escort not picked up a college kid from a bar. "Easy Tiger," she giggled, "Wait until we're inside."

"So what's going to happen when we're inside?" Ford grinned as he slid his arms round her front and began to nuzzle at her neck.

Gabby giggled, "Let' see." Mentally she added, 'if Bree ever gets the door open.'

The redhead stepped away from the door into the moonlight, looking at her keys. Jake came with her, his hand resting lightly on the Milf's waist. Susan had moved even faster with her pick-up and was using the delay in opening the door to introduce her mouth to Gavin's, the forty-something divorcee and the eighteen year old college guy passionately making out a foot away from Gabby. The ex-model could see their hands moving up and down each other, like out of control octopi and their bodies gently rocking as their lips forced each other back and forth.

"Here it is," said Bree almost to herself and with the correct key opened the lock. She walked in, Jake following, his hand on her rump.

Gabby slid her hand down to take Ford's, "Shall we go inside?" she purred, oozing sexuality.

"Sure thing babe," the nineteen year old said to the older woman.

The lights snapped on, illuminating both the perfection of Bree's decor and how deep Susan and Gavin were in each other's mouths. Gabby took Ford over to the couch as Bree and Jake waited, with varying degrees of patience, for the kissing couple to come up for air and out of the cold. It took them about a minute, but eventually they took the hint and came in, sliding onto the sofa beside Gabby; Susan dangling a leg over Gavin's and pressing close beside the six-foot hunk. Bree walked over to her drink's cabinet and opened it, "Drinks, everyone?"

The others nodded their affirmation and Bree poured six generous measures into crystal tumblers, passing them to Jake to hand out. Once she'd poured the sixth she took a seat on the nearest wide comfy chair, Jake dangling his legs as he sat on its armrest. Gabby took a sip of her drink; Bree hadn't spared the expense, pouring her most expensive neat whiskey. Ford's gave a grimace, his palette not refined enough to appreciate quality, but he took another sip anyway. And as he did so he placed his hand on Gabby's thigh moving it up and down, squeezing at her flesh and threatening to go under her dress. Gabby drained her own glass, sure it was good stuff, but there was hot stuff beside her and holding a half-filled tumbler would cramp her style. She passed it to Ford, "Drink your own and then put them on the table," she said, her eyes glancing down at young man's muscular arm.

Ford drained his whiskey in one long gulp, blinking his eyes and twisting his face as the full potency hit him. Gabby placed her hand on his wrist encouraging it further up her thigh and under her dress. Beside her she could hear the slurps and sighs as Susan and Gavin resumed their tonguings. To her side she could see that Jake had also moved from the armrest onto the comfy seat with Bree and the two of them were starting to giggle and peck at each other's lips, Bree not yet finished with her drink and still holding the tumbler. It all made Gabby hot and excited.

She opened her legs wider, moaning in excitement as Ford's hand continued it's upward journey. "Oh yes," she murmured as his lips touched her neck, kissing at the flesh, before continuing to the bottom of her jaw. "Oh that's so good," she whispered passionately, as his hand stroked at her, closing in on her rapidly dampening pussy.

Ford's mouth moved onto hers and Gabby opened her lips. His tongue slid in, powerful and energetic; it probed and pushed, taking over her mouth and exploring it. Her own tongue curled against it, and she could feel the fizz of their saliva as they connected. Her moans were curtailed, replaced by grunts and slurps as she pressed back against him, her mouth twisting and contorting to meet his. The noises from Bree and Susan were loud as well, pleasure and passion intermixed in sighs and squeaks and sucking sounds. The sofa was quivering and shaking as the two couples wiggled and rocked on it; Bree's seat was no stiller.

Finger's touched at Gabby's panties, stroking at the thin material, as Ford reached all the way up. Gabby moaned in pleasure, with one hand pulling her dress up so that they were exposed. Ford's digits slid over harder, massaging her cunt through the cotton, making her wet. Gabby she reached down and pulled the underwear to one side to give Ford easy access to hole. "Oh yeah," she moaned as her fingers touched his wrist lightly in guidance.

He took the hint and began to rub at the naked hole, a finger dipping into the wet cunt. "That's so good," she gasped as the digit slipped in and out, pushing down and tickling her. Her back arched and the ex-model gave another squeak as the tip of Ford's finger swam over an erogenous zone. Groaning in pleasure Gabby shrugged herself out of the dress, letting it fall half-down and freeing a tit. "Oh yes, touch me," she groaned and resumed her full-on tonguing of Ford as the young man gripped the naked tit and began to squeeze and play with it.

"Ohhh, ohhh, that's so good," quaked Gabby as Ford's digit pounded into her pussy, making her whole body tingle in exhilaration. Her body bent and twisted as the orgasmic pleasure tore through her, racing round in a wave of sexual bliss. "Ohhh, fuck, that is so good. You're making me so hot."

The squeals and squeaks and moans from Susan and Bree also showed that they were enjoying their make-out sessions, their dresses tumbling from their shoulders and down to their waists. The brunette and redhead were giggling and groaning as their pick-ups played with the naked bosoms and brought their hands up under the women's dresses to tickle and tease their wet pussies. The young men pushed their fingers into the slits harder, making the women quiver with pleasure.

"Mmmnn yeah, let me suck it," Susan undid the pants of Gavin and pulled out his dong, ten inches of thick meat, purple veins pumping in excitement. It made the brunette salivate in lust. She slid down off the couch, still bouncing and squeaking as her friend, Gabby, was finger fucked beside her, and between her own young pick-ups thighs. She undid his shoes and pulled them off as he undid his pants with shaking hands and sausage fingers. She ended up helping him, taking hold off the pants and boxers. Free from them his hard cock seemed to get even larger and more suckable. "Let me suck that big boy," giggled Susan, "Let me suck it all up."

"Yeah, Susie, stick it in your mouth. I want those sexy lips on my cock," Gavin said, a passionate expression on his face. "Give me that blow job."

Susan's lips rolled down his prick, her mouth opening wider as she took more of it. There was no way she could fit it all, not without dislocating her jaw, but she went as deep down as she could, angling her head so that the dick pushed into the soft inside of her cheek, making it bulge. She paused as she reached maximum depth, considering of she could take more, and checking to make sure Gavin looked satisfied with what she'd got in so far. He looked happy, a wide beam, plastering his face so she decided that she wasn't going to get any more in and should concentrate on polishing the six or so inches she'd managed. "Oh yeah, Susie, that's so fucking cool," Gavin moaned as Susan started moving her head up and down, her lips brushing over his stretched flesh.

Gabby was on her knees beside her sucking at her pick-up's dick. The Latino, had removed her dress, leaving only on her panties and high-heels - and the panties were askew - her titties bounced and wobbled as her head bounced. After a few moments Bree and Jake came over, Bree's dress, like Susan's flapping round her waist. The young man took a seat beside his friends as Bree got between his leg and removed his pants. Susan sucked at her pick-up's dick, but with one eye watching as Bree opened her mouth and started to take Jake's member in her mouth. The young man groaned, "Fuck it Bree. That's good."

"Oh yeah, Gabby, you suck it as well," moaned Ford stretching back against the couch's back

"C'mon Susie, that's one hell of a BJ," gasped Gavin, his hands taking hold off the brunette's head.

The three neighbour's heads went up and down on the student's dicks, each of them slurping greedily and hungrily at the cock on offer, covering them with their saliva and pounding them against their cheeks. The three guys gasped and groaned, obviously enjoying the Milf's ministrations. In the middle Gabby was impressed the expertise her friend's were showing in giving head, especially Bree. Whilst Susan's enthusiasm was expected, she wasn't without experience, Bree was also going at it with more than anticipated vigour and skill, her mouth pounding down the dick and hammering it into her cheek. All the time she was slurping and licking, leaving the dick with a shiny sheen as her head ratcheted up.

"Oh suck it, baby, give me head."

"That's so fucking good, that's what I call a blow job."

"Shit, this is so hot."

The three guys gripped the sofa, almost pressing themselves into it as the sexy housewives desperately gobbled their cocks, the women's heads bobbing up and down energetically. The expensive couch creaked and groaned as the men, squirmed and rocked, as they were forced down, their thighs jiggle up and down in excitement as in the Milf's mouth their cocks vibrated deliciously. Susan knew if she carried on bringing her round lips down tightly on Gavin's cock he would explode in her mouth and he would love it.

But she wanted more - she wanted him in her cunt, fucking her, banging her, sending her to orgasm paradise.

"That seems to have made you ready," she said bringing her head back up and shaking her hair. The dick was hard and long, pulsating without being touched, dripping with her saliva and it made her giddy to think that it would be impaling her in moments. She stood up and, for a moment, considered going up to Danielle's or Andrew's empty rooms and using one of their bed. But then she glanced down at the Gavin; he was removing his T-short, giving her the perfect view of his hard dick and toned stomach and firm thighs and Susan knew she was too horny to waste time in taking him upstairs. She needed his dong now and she needed it bad. "Come give it me, fuck me hard," she growled and pulled her dress down the rest of the way.

Her panties followed, leaving her naked apart from her high-heels. She laid down on the rug, with a quick glance at her two friend's blowing away, she ran her finger over her slot, she could almost feel its heat. "Fuck me, fuck me so hard I faint."

Within seconds Gavin was on her, his large dick soaked with her saliva forcing itself into her cunt, which was wet with another type of liquid. Susan gasped as it pushed it ways down, the hard dong running over her sensitive spots in its quest to go as far down as it could. Gavin's hands were pressed to the floor either side of her, as he levered himself up and down, thrusting the dick deeper into her. His firm stomach was pushing at hers, she could feel the muscles beneath his skin, like iron; they rose and fell like bellows as he pumped into her, pressing her down into the floor, keeping her in place as his cock went down her slick pussy. Susan gripped at his back, her nails gripping him like claws, "Give it me all. Give me your huge fucking dick all the way. Screw my cunt, bang my pussy. Fuck it, fuck it so fucking good."

"Yeah, take it Susie, take it good. You're cunt is so sweet," Gavin gasped and raised himself again and again, hammering down deep into her.

Below him Susan squealed in excitement as his dong thrust in, his balls bouncing against her pussy lips, threatening to follow the dick into her cunt. He was going faster and harder, fucking her with all the vigour that a man in his late teens can muster - his cock hitting her clit and making her swoon with sexual exhilaration. "Yessss," she screamed, "Yessss! Fuck me harder. Bang my cunt!" Her legs wrapped round the small of his back, the high-heels bouncing and jiggling on her feet as he came up and down.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," "Uuurrrgghh, fuck, aaaahhh!" On either side of Susan Gabby and Bree were lying on their backs, naked apart from their high-heels, getting their front fuckholes filled and both loving it. The two of them rocked and shuddered, as their pick-ups fucked them with their big dicks, the two women's hands gripping at the students backs as they wrapped their Milf legs round the fit, muscular frames of the young men. "Ohhhh, yessss, ohhh, ohhhhh," "Aaarrrghh, urrrrhhh. Yessss! Yesssss!"

Seeing and hearing the ecstasy of her friends made Susan even more horny and wet and she drove her pussy up to meet the dick coming down, "Harder, harder, give it me as hard as you can!" she shrieked. Her pussy was ablaze with lust, soaking from the pounding it was getting and from the sight of other hard, erect pricks slamming into her friend's slick shaven slits. She dug her nails into Gavin's back, tearing at the flesh with passionate intensity, "Harder, harder, harder!" he did as she asked, ramming his member deep into her pussy. Susan squealed in pleasure, her back arching as beside her Bree also shrieked and writhed in pleasure, her body moving almost in partnership to her friends.

The orgasm was so powerful that it left Bree dizzy and so weak she just lay there. Only for a second though and then she recovered, arching herself to meet Jake's downward thrust and gripping his naked buttocks with her thighs to drag him far into her. It was such fun, she cursed herself for spending so long locked in a sex-poor marriage when she could have been out there, getting herself filled by well-hung young studs with no strings attached. Jake was superb, as well, she was lucky she'd chosen him - the others were big, but Jake had two inches on them and knew how to use it as well, slamming his cock into her cunt with such power and vigour she knew she could burst. The orgasms were flooding her, a perfect wave of pleasure, leaving her body warm and flushed and tingly, her cunt aching and stretched and soaked. "Yeah Bree, yeah," Jake panted as his dick connected with her clit again and again, "Yeah, yeah, this is such a fucking fuck."

Beside her she could hear the squeals and gasps from Susan as the brunette took her dick, and over from her the equally loud shrieks and shouts from Gabby as her pick-up slammed at her. It made Bree quiver with excitement, as she thought about what she was going to do next and how she was going to be doing it in the presence of two of her best friends; it made sense since they'd been the ones who'd persuaded her to try it.

She dragged her hands from Jake's back and used them to push up at his shoulders, stopping him coming down. He look momentarily confused, though his bafflement was swiftly replaced with a beaming smile as Bree said, "Do you want to bang me in the butt now?"

"Damn right I do," he said enthusiastically and pulled his prick out of her sopping pussy with a slurp.

"Okay sit on the couch," said Bree, "and I'll ride you like a bronco."

The young man nodded and did as he was told, taking the middle couch of the cushion. He gripped his large dong in his hand as Bree turned her back on him, and taking her ass in her hands, began to lower her backhole on his twelve incher. After Susan and Gabby had encouraged her, following their poker game, to try anal she had been preparing. They have advised her to use a dildo on her back passage before she went to bed and she had borrowed a butt-plug from Susan to stretch the hole when she was doing some chores around the house. It paid off, for an anal virgin her ass was remarkably supple and flexible, the dick starting to push into her hole straight away. It didn't go straight in, but Susan and Gabby had warned her not to expect that. They also, luckily warned her that, at first, it would be eye wateringly tight - and it was.

Bree raised herself, squirming slightly and blinking away the misty water that had appeared in her eyes. She paused before lowering herself on Jake's hard prong again. It squeezed in a little more, making her wince and shudder and gasp. She went up and down, slowly, gradually taking the dick deeper in her ass and wishing she could take it faster and fulfil her promise to ride him like a bronco. Luckily Jake either didn't notice her slowness or didn't mind as he took hold off her waist, gripping it hard and started to work with her, "This is so fucking cool man, your ass is so fucking screwable."

"Yes," Bree moaned, "I want it. I want it all." Quicker than she thought possible she was finding her butt was getting use to the anal invader, the walls stretching to accommodate it and the nerves tingling pleasantly as it brushed over them. She began to move a little faster, not too speedily, but with just enough vigour to allow the dick to move a little further in next time.

"Fuck my ass as well," giggled Gabby as she led Ford over to sit beside his buddy. As he sat down with his dick up the Latino began to lower her ass onto it, taking it in one hand to guide it in as the college student grabbed her sides and kept her in place. She was more experienced than Gabby at taking it in her butt, having had most of her boyfriends (before and after she met Carlos) fuck her butt since she was eighteen. It didn't take long for her to get the dick in her back hole and to start to rock it. "Oh yeah, give it me hard," she squealed, leaning back into Ford's broad chest and bringing her legs up. The young man slid his hands under her thighs and started to pound up, ramming his massive member up her hole. The housewife began to gasp and giggle in pleasure, "That's it big boy, bang my asshole open."

Like Gabby Susan had plenty of anal experience and so it didn't take her long to sit Gavin down on the last couch space and get herself impaled. Unlike Gabby she was happy to take the lead and let her young stud, if not lie back, at least take a more relaxed approach as she started to slide her butt up and down his pussy greased pole. He held her waist, rocking his hips in time with her, his dong spearing up her ass and spreading her tunnel. Susan moaned and gasped, writhing against him, wiggling and rocking to take more with each downward thrust. Despite being the last to sit on her pick-up's prick, she was so active and energetic she was the first to feel his balls under her cheeks and the full length impale her ass. She squeaked in pleasure as she felt it push through her thin wall into her clit, "Fuck, oh yeah, bang my ass, bang it good."

Beside her the other two housewives were moving faster and harder, as there assholes also spread and expanded to take in the full length of the dicks. The three women began to speed up, all three bouncing on the huge dongs, their legs spread out and their pussies quivering. "AAAArrrghh, aarrrggghh! Harder, harder. Oooooh, ohhhhh. This is so good. Fuck me, fuck me," there screams and squeals reverberated around Bree's main room. Up and down they went, Gabby taking back control and the others not giving it up and all of them more than adequately meeting Bree's promise of riding the guys like Broncos. "Uuurrhhhh. AAArrrrghhh. I can feel it. Oh my God, this is so good. I'm loving your big dick."

As she went up and down Bree knew why the others had persuaded her to try anal; her insides were cart-wheeling in ecstasy, churning and leaping with an orgasmic bliss that was so hot it was like she'd caught fire. She was an analholic now she knew, she'd never have enough of big pricks ploughing her pucker. And the best part of loosing her anal virginity - well the second best part after the orgasms - was that she was having her butt pounded with two of her three best friends beside her. She reached out her hands and her friends took them, the three of them wiggling them like in a Mexican Wave as they bounced up and down the dicks, soaking in pleasure.

"Aaaaaarggghh, yessssss, aaaaarggghh," Gabby squealed in pleasure as the dong dug deep up her ass, slapping at her special spot through the thin wall making her shudder as she came. She knew she wasn't the only one have anal orgasms; she could feel the vibrations from Bree as the redhead's nails dug into the Latino's palm. The couch was rocking so much from their combined pleasure, with that of Susan, it threatened to break. Gabby didn't mind, she spread her legs wider so that the they were rubbing against Bree's, their hot, clammy skin brushing together as they bounced. Reaching down between her thighs Gabby began to rub at her cunt. It had been soaking ever since she'd started making out with Ford, but it had got damper and more excited as the evening progressed through her blowing him, to him banging the cunt and now him pounding her tight asshole. She screamed and gasped , "Yessss, aaaarggghh give it me, give it me hard."

"Yeah, fucking yeah," Ford's upward thrusts were almost as violent as her downward blows, the two of them coming together in a frenzy of flesh slapping bangs and slurp as the dick raced up her open asshole. Gabby gripped Bree's hand, squeezing it, as a thank you for allowing her to join Bree and Susan in their pick-up. The redhead squeezed back, before letting out another scream of pleasure. Gabby knew how she felt, their was nothing like a good analising to put you on form; and this was damn good butt-fucking she was getting. A girl could hardly be blamed for enjoying it, Carlos hardly ever fucked her cunt anymore, and as for her ass - well it was at least a month since he'd enjoyed her in that hole. Gabby moved quicker, thrusting her hole down the cock, gasping in pleasure as it was filled and stretched and satisfied.

"I'm gonna cum," gasped Ford, "I'm cumming."

"Aaaawwww, oooohhhh," Gabby moaned as the warm cum pumped into her butt-hole, shooting up deep into her bowels before trickling down as she got up. She stood for a few moments, letting it run down her hole and out of her butt.

She turned to the others, Ford was collapsed against the seat, panting and spent, but Bree and Susan and the other two guys were still going strong, the two Milfs bouncing and squealing, holding each other hands, whilst with their other was rubbing at their juicy cunts. Bree moaned in pleasure, before saying, "Gabby, get my camera. It's in the kitchen, I want some shots."

"Mmnnn yes," giggled Susan, "Pictures."

"Okay," Gabby said. She walked into the kitchen, the cum oozing down her ass as she walked, and picked up the camera. It was a pretty standard digital one, little more than a point and click, but as ex-model Gabby had picked up a lot of hints from her snappers on how to take the best pictures, she was sure she could get some great ones of her friends fucking.

The two housewives were still enjoying their ass-fucking when she arrived back in the room. "Smile," Gabby giggled and took a couple of them just bouncing up and down, trying to make sure she got the huge dicks impaling them in the shot as well. She gestured for them to stop fucking, but remain in situ, as she lifted the camera again, "Bree, Susan, why don't you get closer together, give each other a bit of tongue."

The two housewives looked at each other, a slow smile spreading across Bree's face and a quicker one across Susan's. "I've never kissed another woman before," said Bree.

"It could be a night of firsts," giggled her friend, "I'm up for it if you are?"

Bree nodded a little reluctantly, "Okay, I'll give it a go."

Gabby held up the camera, watching in a viewer as her two neighbours' heads moved towards each other and their mouths met, she clicked the button as their lips opened and they began to kiss each other, sliding their tongues over and under each other. The Latino took a step back to take a few more shots, still taking in Bree and Susan's make out session, their hands resting on each other's titties, but also their spread legs and the muscular male legs underneath them, and the dicks pushing up into the women's assholes. "That's good," Gabby said as Bree and Susan broke away from each other, a broad beam on their faces showing that they didn't regret it.

"Before you carry on, I want to take one more pic," the Latino raised her camera again, "Guys could you lift them up of your pricks so that I can get one of their gaping assholes."

Susan giggled as Gavin reached under her knees and lifted him off his dick; her asshole suddenly felt cold without the dick burning away inside it. But she reached down and pulled at her cheeks, so that Gabby could get the best shot of her open ass, beside her Bree was doing the same, tittering as her cherry popped butthole was displayed for the camera. Susan smiled as Gabby clicked away, the brunette Milf was sure that this was a photo that neither she nor Bree would be sharing with their daughters.

"Hey, that looks good," Gabby smiled as she circled through the pictures, "Don't let me stop you fucking now."

Susan gave a squeal of satisfaction as Gavin re-entered her open asshole. The brief interlude seemed to have reinvigorated them both and they began to pound together even harder than before, Susan sliding up and down his huge dick as he rammed it up into her. She started to rub her pussy, sliding a finger into the hole and trying to feel the dick pounding her through her wall. Her body reverberated as she searched, the hard cock slamming her and making her shudder and shake. She squeaked again, "Fuuuccckk, fuuuccckkk!"

Gabby was taking photos one handed, the other was doing the same in Susan and fingering her wet slit. She was obviously enjoying watching her neighbours being fucked, though probably not as much as she would have enjoyed having one of the huge dicks ploughing into her own backhole. Nor was she the only one enjoying herself, Bree was bouncing up and down as fast as she could, her large titties bouncing as she screamed with enthusiasm. Susan smiled, and not just because her own pick-up had pounded her spot, as she thought how difficult it had been to convince her friend to try it up the ass, and look at her now. She squeezed Bree hand, suddenly squeezing it even tighter as Gavin hammered a new orgasm into her. "Oohhh, ooohhh, yessss, ooooohhh!"

"Fuck, baby, fuck this ass is so fine," Gavin grunted, as he slammed up, his cock ripping deep into her asshole. "It is one fuckable butt."

"Yeah, it is, so screw it open," squeaked Susan, her body thrashing back and forth as the dick went up her. "Ohhhhh, ohhhh, yesssss, aaaarggghhh."

She quivered as she came, the couch creaking beneath her as Bree also screamed and shuddered, the redhead's skin flushed and red. Susan wiped some own sweat from her forehead, still more appeared, trickling down her face faster than she could rub it away. It didn't matter, though, even if the salt stung at her eyes, it was a small price to pay for the blissful pleasure from her ass.

"Oh God, yes, yes," Jake's face contorted as he came, Bree gasping and moaning as well as the goo shot into her ass. Susan carried on bouncing, watching as Bree staggered up, gasping for breath as Jake slumped down on the couch.

"Quick Bree, on your back, let me take a picture of the cum coming out your ass," Gabby squeaked in excitement. Bree did as she was told, smiling for the camera as she lay on her rug and pulled her legs back as far as they could go so that her friend could snap a shot of her gaped open and overflowing asshole.

As she watched her friends Susan fingered her own pussy, pressing at the wall which separated her cunt and ass, as on the other side Gavin treated it as a very bouncy trampoline. The Milf gasped and bucked and moaned as digit and dick met, sending even more intense paroxysms of bliss coursing through her. She shuddered some more and screamed in passion, "Oooohhh, aaaaarggghhh, fuuuckkkk!"

"Yes, dear God, yes, I'm cumming baby," panted Gavin, seconds before he shot his goo into her hole. The semen flooded the back passage, swamping her hole and plastering every millimetre of her tunnel walls in a silvery sheen, before it slowly began to seep out.

"On your back, Susan," Gabby shouted, "Lean back, take your legs, let me get a picture."

Susan rolled onto her rear, pulling her legs back and rocking on the top of her back. Some of the cum seeped back down her hole, some trickled out, she could feel it sliding down between the crack of her buttock cheeks, dripping onto Bree's rug. The redhead would have to clean it tomorrow, and probably her couch, which must have been covered with sweat and cum, his and hers. Susan stayed in position as Gabby snapped away. "That cum looks so yummy," the Latino giggled, "Can I lick it up?"

Susan giggled as she wondered what it would feel like to have Gabby's tongue licking her ass. She guessed she was about to find out, "Yes, sure you can," she smiled as she got onto her hands and knees.

Gabby gave Bree the camera, "Take some shots," she said.

Bree nodded and raised the camera as Gabby took position behind Susan, spreading her cheeks with her hands. The brunette Milf gave a whinny of pleasure as her friend started to lick and lap at her still open butt-hole, the lithe tongue slithering deep in and swirling round the chute as it's owner slurped and sucked at the cum oozing up the passage. Gabby moved faster, her tongue rattling up and down the hole, each lap bringing as much of the salty white goo into her mouth as the Latino could manage. Susan quivered and moaned, "Oh, ohh, oohhh."

It might not be as good as a hard dick pounding her ass, but the soft tongue was an agreeable change, soft and flexible compared to the hard and erect cocks, cleaning and soothing her battered butt. Gabby pressed her face harder between the cheeks, prying them apart and forcing her tongue down deeper, seemingly determined to pick up even the dregs of the cum. Susan's could feel her excitement growing again, a warm buzz developing in her pussy. It was made all the hotter by knowing that Bree was taking photos of her neighbour burying her head in the brunette's ass. Susan closed her eyes and cried out, "Ooooohhh, yes, eat my ass, gobble that cum, slurp it clean."

A wave of pleasure washed through her, making her shudder and quake, her moans loud and passionate. For a few seconds she was lost in the pleasure.

"Oh fuck, yeah, that's shitting hot," Susan opened her eyes as she heard the Jake speak from Jake. It seemed that watching Susan getting her ass cleaned out by Gabby had succeeding in making them all hard again, the three guys sitting side by side their erect pricks pointing upwards and trembling.

Bree had also noticed and she put down the camera and scooted over to Jake. Susan watched, as her formerly strait-laced friend, dipped her head and started to take the cock that just been in her ass into her mouth. The redhead began to bob up and down, making slurping noises as she sucked the twelve incher. She reached out to the other two sitting on either side of him and, taking hold of their ten inch dongs, she began to slowly work them up and down in time with her nodding head. Susan giggled, the sight of Bree dealing with the three guys added to the sensation of Gabby's tongue swirling round her ass making her pussy even damper and tingly

The Latino looked up and smiled, "I think that's done. There's not a spot of cum in that butt."

Susan giggled, "Shall we join Bree?"

Gabby licked her lips as she stared at the three rock hard members on display, "Oh, yes. Let's swap guys as well."

The two housewives dropped down beside Bree, their mouths taking over from her hands on Ford and Gavin. The three women's heads bobbed up and down, sucking greedily at the dick, all of them excited by the thought that the rock hard members had been pounding their asses open just minutes earlier. As they sucked their fingers played with their cunts, massaging and rubbing the slick slots, making them even wetter and raising their sexual ardour like a thermometer placed in a hot room.

"Mmmmnn," Bree could see Gabby raising her head from Gavin's cock, leaving a trail of saliva. The Latino looked greedily at her friend as her mouth worked up and down Jake's twelve incher.

Bree's head slipped of her pick-up's dick and she smiled at her friend, "You wanting to swap?"

"I was thinking I might have them together," Gabby said with a grin, "If you and the guys don't mind?"

The two guys nodded enthusiastically. Bree was less keen, she would have been willing to give up Jake, even with his huge dick - she wasn't selfish - but when she'd made the offer she assumed she'd be getting a ten inch cock in return; one she hadn't tried. But now Gabby had made the offer to the two students there was little Bree could do, but pretend to be fine with the idea. She gave a tinkle of a laugh, "Sure, Gabby. That'll be good, perhaps I'll share with Susan."

The brunette gave her an angry eye, as she was obviously enjoying slurping on Ford's cock. But even Susan's math skill would work out that if there were three guys and three women and one of the women took two that would mean the remaining women would have the share the last guy. She moved her head from the dick, leaving it shiny and said, "Come join me Bree, we'll lick this dick together."

The two Milfs started to lick and lap at the cock, their wet tongues sweeping over it from the tip at the top to the balls below. They moved without rhyme or reason, randomly following saliva trails or criss-crossing them or missing bits of his member entirely. At times, as they moved to the front of his prick, which was shared territory, their heads would bump or their hair would brush against each other's faces and they'd both titter and apologise before continuing to polish the dick. Ford didn't mind the lack of planning or quality control as he gasped and tensed, his hands on the Milf's heads and his eyes locked on Gabby and his two friends.

The sexy Latino had lain the bigger dicked Jake on the ground and had clambered on top of him, impaling her slick slot on his large dick. She rode it for a few moments, to get it nicely fitted in and for her cunt to clasp round it; before pausing. Leaning forward, so that her titties were resting on Jake's chest she placed her hands on her butt cheeks and opened them invitingly. She turned her head and gave Gavin a wanton glance, "Time for you to fuck this butt."

"Yeah, shit, fuck man, yeah," Gavin wasn't the most coherent guy she'd invite to DP her, but with his ten inches he was in the top twenty percent largest. She quivered and moaned in excitement as he took up position behind her and pressed the tip of his prong against her backhole. He gripped her round the front, squeezing her titties hard between his hand as he pushed his dick into her butt. "Oh, yeah, this is fucking great man, this is so cool."

"Ohhh, I know, ohhhh, that's it, push it in baby," moaned Gabby. Her ass was still flexible from her previous ass ramming and the prick slid down it, if not as snugly as key in a lock at least much easier than it would have been if his friend hadn't already done the opening. His dick was soon ramming in and out slamming down with speed. Gabby squealed and shuddered, "Ohhh, oohhhh, give it me, give it me hard."

Jake began to thrust up as well, powering his prick into the pussy, the large member stretching and filling the wet tunnel. At first he moved slowly, as if he was scared that Gabby couldn't take two dicks at once, but her passionate screams and squeals and violent ecstatic shudders told him that this was a woman who could take all he could give. He up his pace, ramming harder at her cunt, the big dick thrusting over her G-spots, going so far up the hole that he was almost penetrating her womb. Behind her Gavin was grunting as he too gave her the full length, his balls slapping at her buttocks so hard that it was like they were knocking to get in. The Latino shrieked louder, enjoying every second of the fucking, "Yessss, yessss, aaaaarrghh. Give it me, give it me, I want your dicks, I want to be fucked so good."

Sweat poured from her as she slammed between the young guys, her body rocking like she was a see-saw being jumped by two very boisterous children. The two thick cocks were packing her holes, leaving all the space occupied and making all her nerve endings sing like nightingales. They pounded together, squeezing her in half, as the guys upped their rhythm, slamming her in unison. It felt so good, so powerful - as the proverb said 'two dicks were better than one'. She screamed and gasped, "Harder, boys, harder, I want to be fucked!"

"Uuurhh, urrrhhh," Gavin panted as he ploughed into her butt, his muscular teen chest slamming into her back and his hands grappling with her titties. He pushed Gabby down, impaling her cunt half-way down his friend's cock, Jake supplied the other half, jacking his pelvis up and thrusting the dong into the wet cunt.

"Ooohhh, aaaarggghh, yessss," squealed Gabby, cumming furiously and repeatedly.

Beside the couch, just feet away, Bree and Susan continued to share Ford's prick, one of them licking round the balls and base, as the other slurped their mouth down over the tip and top. Between them they left the dick as shiny as a new nickel. They could hear the sounds of Gabby behind them, the squeals and grunts, the slap of flesh on flesh, the slurp of it through cum stained holes. Looking up they could see that even as they cleaned his cock he was entranced with the other threesome in front of him. Susan pulled her head up from his dick and murmured in her friend's ear, "I think we've lost him, I think he wants to join the dp."

Bree nodded, she'd have liked to keep Ford for a little longer, but she wasn't as knowledgeable in this as Susan, and certainly not as Gabby, and bowed to her friend's experience. She called out to Gabby, "Do you want a third?"

"Yessss, yessss, yessss!" screamed Gabby. There was no evidence she'd even heard Bree, never mind that she was replying to her, but Ford took it as a 'yes'. He scrambled over to the Latino. For a second Gabby looked surprised to find ten inches of dong pointing to her face, but she quickly recovered and slowed her fucking long enough to take it in her mouth.

A naked Bree and Susan moved onto the couch, sitting so close that they could feel each other's heat. On the rug Gabby was airtight, a big dick filling all three of her main holes, vibrating and shaking as she was roughly and enjoyably fucked. Bree slid a finger into her own cunt, masturbating vigorously as she watched her friend, beside her Susan was moaning and shaking as she also fingered her soaked fuckhole. The two neighbours jilled themselves harder and deeper, pounding at their twats, their bodies vibrating against each other.

"Oooohh," Bree giggled as a red flush burnt her skin and a wave of pleasure crashed in her. Susan gasped and tittered as well as she came. Neither of them stopped, plunging their fingers back into their slits to hit their special spots. They moved faster and harder, excited and turned on by the lewd scene in front of them. For a second the guys stopped, and Bree was worried they'd all cum before she was ready to stop playing with herself. But it was only a pause for them to swap holes, Ford taking the pussy for a second time as Gavin moved from ass to mouth and Jake replaced him, shoving his twelve incher up the Latino's back fuckhole. "Ooohhhh," Bree giggled again and rammed her finger in.

"Mmnnnn," moaned Susan and kissed Bree. The redhead responded enthusiastically - it seemed the right thing to do. Before tonight she'd never kissed another woman, never even seriously contemplated in, but now this was the second time she'd locked lips with Susan. It was even better than the first time, without the camera taking snaps was felt more relaxed, less on show, more able to slide her tongue over Susan's and let her friend's tongue play back on hers. "Mmmnnn," Susan moaned louder as her lips pressed on Bree's, "MMmnnn."

"Ooohhh, mmmnn," Bree squeaked, quickly replacing it with a moan of pleasure as Susan's hand slid to her cunt and started to share the hole with Bree's finger, her thumb pressing and rubbing at the clit. The carried on fingering her own pussy for a few more moments before she moved her own hand to Susan's slit, jilling it tandem with Susan's deft thrusts. The two of them kissed harder, their naked bodies pressing together, their fingers pleasuring each other's wet holes.

In front of them Gabby rocked and slurped, her body bouncing and her head bobbing as she was fucked in every way. Her skin was as red as a beetroot, flushed and wet with perspiration Every hole ached, her jaw, her ass, her pussy, all stretched wider than natural and kept open as the thick pricks pounded them. It was worth it, they were also tingly sensitive and with every hammering blow an orgasmic rush surged after it, keeping her in a state of permanent ecstasy. She wished it could last forever, but knew it couldn't.

"Fuck, I'm about to cum," gasped Jake.

Gabby pulled her head back from Gavin's cock, gasping for air, before quickly turning to Jake and instructing him, "In a moment - all of you - cum over our faces." The guys all grinned and nodded as Gabby pulled herself away and knelt, swinging round to the making out Milfs on the sofa, "Susan, Bree - cum bath if you're quick."

Susan and Bree joined her in seconds, the three housewives kneeling in a line with Gabby in the centre as the three students stood around them quickly jerking their dicks. It didn't take long for them to start spurting, blowing the warm tendrils of cum all over the neighbours, covering their beautiful faces in a silvery white shine. "Mmmnn, tasty," Susan giggled and began to lick away the cum covering her face.

"Yummy," agreed Gabby as she did the same.

"Lovely," Bree's tongue shot out as she cleaned the sperm from her chin.

Their tongues weren't long enough to get more than a portion of the cum covering them. But as good neighbours they were always willing to help each other and once they'd licked their own lips and chins they started to lick and lap at the cum covering each other, sucking it up with enthusiasm until they were as spotless as an albino dog.

* * *

"The cab's here," said Bree, taking the coffee cup from Jake.

The other two young men placed theirs on the coffee table. Bree was impressed that they chose to put them on coasters, they were well brought up.

"Thanks for the evening," Jake grinned and his friends agreed.

"No, thank you, it was fun," said Bree. She stood at the door, once more in her dress, waving at the guys as they walked towards the cab. Once they got in she didn't stay any longer, it was known by all six of the orgy participants that the students and the housewives wouldn't be seeing each other again.

Gabby put down her own coffee and picked up her purse, "I better be getting home, Carlos will be in soon and I want a shower first."

Susan stood up as well, "Can I help clean up?"

Bree looked at the rug, scrunched up and cum covered, the sofa stained and soaked with sweat and cunt juice. She shook her head, "No, I'll tidy before I go to bed. You know how I hate a messy house."

"We've got to do this again," said Susan.

"As soon as possible," agreed Gabby.

"I can hardly wait," replied Bree.

* * *

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