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Desperate Housewives: Making It Part 3 (Fb,anal)
by Neenah

Bree was in the middle of the bed, wearing only a very short nightdress and suspenders. On one side an equally undressed Susan was reaching over the redhead to fondle her boobs, whilst on the other Gabby, who was also not wearing much, leaned in to lock lips, the two women kissing slowly and sexily as their hands stroked the other's havens. There was the sound of tittering at the door and for a moment the three women ignored it, continuing with their lesbian tryst. The door opened a little further and three heads popped round it, the young boys all beaming with delight as they watched the show in front of them.

Gabby broke the kiss, though neither she or Susan stopped rubbing at Bree's body and the redhead continued the favor and continued to brush her fingers over her friends' slots. Bree turned to the boys and tried to put on a motherly smile, "Weren't you boys supposed to be downstairs watching that TV show you like?"

Rodney smirked, he was a redhead and was playing her son for this shoot, "I brought them up here so we could see another show we enjoy."

Bree could see the lump in his pants and her breath quickened in excitement as she surveyed the other two shota studs and the huge packages they were hiding under their pants. She looked to her two friends, the two porn actresses also illuminated with desire. "As they're up here what about us making this little orgy more diverse and adding some sausage," said Bree, the script was poor, but she could appreciate the meaning.

"Oh yes, I've not had a proper schlong for so long," said Susan.

"Me neither and I've been admiring your Rodney for so long," Gabby looked down the bed lustfully.

"What are you waiting for boys?" Bree said, "Get undressed and join us."

The three boys quickly got undressed as the Director reminded them of the plans and the camera's moved position so they got it all in.

It didn't take long for them to start again, the three women on their knees to suck the shota stallions off, before they moved to three of them on their backs with their pussies being ploughed, shifting position for a doggy style (and swapping boys), before the boys moved up a hole to gape open the women's poopers and then swapping position and boy as each of the porn stars anally reversed cowboy on their young stud. It culminated in the three friends lying on the bed as the boys pumped over them and shot their jizm in arcs all over the women's faces. It was a fun shoot and the pay was good.

Afterwards the three women went to the shower, sharing it as they washed the spunk from their bodies. As they did so Gabby turned to Bree, "Tonight's the big night then?"

Bree nodded, a few weeks ago she'd starred in a movie with a shota stud called Jayden, a cute little black 11 year old stallion and the two of them had hit it off. They already had a couple of dates, once to a theater to watch a Transformers Movie, which he'd enjoyed and she hadn't and also to a pizza place, which he had also enjoyed and she hadn't. However on both dates she enjoyed being with him and especially when they'd found a secluded spot for her to park her car and jerk him off in the back seat. But with Danielle away they were going further. Bree smiled and soaped her hair, "His Mom is dropping him off at six and she's agreed, as it's not a school night, she doesn't have to pick him up until tomorrow. I'm getting him all night."

She smiled at the thought and rubbed her pussy. Her two friends smiled at each other noticing her touch.

"You enjoy it," said Gabby.

"I did an anal scene with him last week," said Susan, "He was great."

"We haven't done anal yet. He didn't fuck my ass on the set and we've taken it slow, I didn't want to him to think I'm one of those sluts who get porked in their pooper first date," Bree said.

"I know what you mean," Susan said, smiling, "and I am one of those sluts who gets butt fucked on the first date."

"Me too," said Bree, "I didn't want him to think that though."

Her friends smiled their agreement.

* * *

Bree waited nervously for the front door to ring. He was only two minutes late, but that seemed like hours. She jumped up immediately on the chimes, rushing towards the door before pausing at a mirror in the hall to check every hair was in place, that her make-up was perfect and the dress was tugged down low enough so that he would get a good sight of her cleavage. Then she took a breath to calm herself and coolly walked to the door to open it.

Jayden was standing there, hands in pockets, looking as cute and cool as any shota stud could be. He was wearing baggy pants and a loose fit top, with trendy trainers. He was beaming, his white teeth flashing against the dark skin and his hair was neatly cornrowed. His mother was in her car on the drive and Bree gave her a small wave to show she would take it from here. She leaned down and kissed her date on the lips, keeping them pressed for a long enough time that any watchers wouldn't mistake it for chaste.

"Come in," she took hold off his hand and led him in.

"You have a really nice house," he said looking around. One of the things Bree liked about him, apart from his oversized schlong, was that he was so polite.

"I neat house is a happy house," she replied. "Let me show you round."

She started with the main room, before going into the kitchen where the smell of pizza was already wafting from the oven and a large tub of ice-cream was defrosting on the counter. She showed him the back yard and the door to the garage, before leading him up the stairs. She showed him the door to Danielle's room and the door her son Andrew's old room, before he'd left, and then carried on down to open the door into the bathroom and show him the shower and bath, hoping he was imaging her naked and wet. From the broad beam on his face and rising mound under his pants he probably was.

Still holding his hand she led him to her bedroom. His smile got wider as he looked at her double bed, the covers neatly turned and aired, pink cushions sitting next to the pillows. Bree didn't think the beam on his face was from the frilly decorations on the bed cover, nor the scent of air freshener in the room. He sat on the bed and bounced on it happily, swinging his legs back and forth. "I like your bed," he said.

"It is nice and soft and comfortable, it's very bouncy," tittered Bree, briefly joining him and bouncing in unison. Then she stood and reached out her hand to take his, "I've got some pizza in the oven, is that OK for you."

Like most boys pizza was OK by him and he nodded, "Yes. I'm starving."

"Well leave some room for the ice-cream," smiled Bree, who was a big believer that the way to a shota stud's cock was by his stomach.

She led him down stairs to the dining room and sat him at the already set table. She left to finish the pizza, getting it out of the oven and cutting into thick slices. She gave him the lion's share as she didn't rate pizza herself, but she loved the way his eyes lit up when she brought it into the room, his mother had told her he could only have pizza as a special treat, but being on a date counted as one. She poured some drinks, a small glass of wine for her, a large beaker of coca-cola for him. He guzzled them both, whilst Bree ate more delicately and slowly, so she could taste the food (though she wasn't sure why she bothered as it was similar to cheese on cardboard) so that even though he had more she still finished after him. But it wasn't the food that made the meal enjoyable, but the company. They talked, Bree finding it easy to draw out the boy and talk to him about his school work and then something on favorite movies and sports. Then they talked about their week, Bree telling him about her scene earlier and Jayden telling her about an anal he'd shot on Friday evening. It sounded like good fun had been had by all and Bree tingled in excitement. She took away the plates and returned with the ice-cream, a massive bowl filled with several dollops for him and a much smaller one for her. He ate enthusiastically, the conversation carrying on.

Once he'd scraped the last bit of melted cream onto his spoon and into his mouth Bree picked up the bowls, "If you go into the main room I've got the latest Batboy movie, if you want to get it ready, I'll clean up in the kitchen.

"Okay," he said.

She cleaned the kitchen and spent a couple of minutes touching up her make-up in the hall. Then she went into the main room. Jayden was sitting on the couch, the remote next to him as the trailers paused on the large screen TV. He turned and smiled at Bree as she came in.

"Sit here," he said as if she was going to sit anywhere apart from next to her cute date.

Bree sat down. She lifted her arm around Jayden's shoulders so he could nestle into the crook, resting his head against her and lying in. He restarted the DVD and cuddled into Bree, as her hand seductively rubbed down his bare arm. The movie started, it wasn't Bree's thing, though as superhero movies went it wasn't too bad, the 12 year old playing Bruce Wayne/Batboy was cute and looked even cuter in the skintight bat costume, the villains were appropriately villainous and female lead, an actress well into her 30s was perfect for Bruce Wayne's love interest, even if the rating didn't allow them to show more than them waking up in bed together. The main thing was that Jayden enjoyed it, even if he said he'd seen it before. They talked a little as they watched, Jayden telling her things about the plot she hadn't realized and also flirting with her. She flirted back and asked questions for the bit she missed or didn't understand.

Her hand continued to rub at his arm until he moved position, sitting her knee and resting back against her. She moved her hands onto his thighs, stroking him. He turned and beamed happily at her, before snuggling back, his cornrows brushing at her chin as he relaxed into her. Occasionally she'd bring her hands right up and slide them over his package, feeling it stir and harden. Jayden didn't seem to mind, turning to her and beaming before settling back and pressing himself against her tits.

The credits came up on the screen and with some reluctance Bree and Jayden disengaged themselves. "Would you like a coca-cola or some more ice-cream?" asked Bree.

"Yes please," said Jayden.

Bree got up and went to the kitchen, filling a bowl with ice-cream and a large beaker with coca-cola before returning. Jayden was sitting relaxed on the couch and she put them on the table next to him, before sitting down. He took a sip of the coca-cola and put it back down. "I really enjoyed the pizza and that was a really good movie, it's been a great night," he enthused.

"I've enjoyed it as well," Bree tittered, "though it's the company that makes it." She looked at him seductively and he looked back at her with literally smoldering eyes. He was so cute and handsome.

Their heads moved towards each other magnetically. Bree felt his lips on hers, pressing at her and moving. She kissed back as forcefully and passionately, her hot breath exiting between the gap between her lips as she opened the mouth an inch. The boy lips moved round hers and his hands went to her sides, holding her. She did the same, her hands round his back, hugging him closer. The two of them made out on the couch, excited by the other's touch. Jayden's mouth moved from hers, but not to stop kissing, as he moved round her chin and throat, heading downwards.

She reached for her dress, tugging it downwards so her boobs were out. He beamed and lowered his head still further. The redhead breathed in deeply as the young boy's skilled and experienced mouth moved onto her mammaries. He sucked and licked them, making the nipples stand out and then running his tongue round the erect hardness. He pulled the dress further down, giving himself more space to suck the tits in. He switched from one to the other, the one he was sucking he would hold and squeeze in his boyish hands. Bree was lost in pleasure.

Her own hands were down on his thigh, moving up and over the huge dong. It was rock hard beneath his pants and Bree tenderly massaged and rubbed it, feeling the schlongs readiness.

Jayden descended again, encouraging her onto her back. He pushed up her dress and found her panties. He then pulled them off.

Down he went at her funhole. He began to kiss it first, his lips pressing down on hers and around the hole. The redhead gave a moan of excitement, becoming louder as he began to lick her. Slowly and then faster. His tongue went up and down the slit, easing it way between the slit walls and then up. He was skilled at cunnilingus, knowing exactly which buttons to press, how hard and for how long. Bree moaned as she came, her chest heaving and her face flushed. Her toy boys tongue ran up and down her slit quickly.

"Go for it Jayden, eat my pussy," the redhead moaned, "You're so good."

He slapped his tongue at her, drinking in her juice and creating more. The orgasms came and she groaned again, her hand on his corn-rowed head. He licked even quicker, using his tongue like a weapon. Bree groaned and cried out, loving the touch of him. She gave another louder gasp as she came.

He lifted his head and smirked. "Was that good?"

"You know it was," Bree smiled and tittered, sitting up and leaning forward to kiss him on his pussy stained lips. She pulled at his top, "We should take this off."

He nodded and together they removed it. "This next," he said and his hands went round the back of her dress finding the zip. The dress was already half off, but the two of them took it off fully, leaving Bree naked in front of the semi-dressed black boy.

It was the work of the moment to pull his pants down and then he was as naked as she was, his hard dick erect. They kissed again, as passionately as before, and then Bree lay herself down on the couch, bringing Jayden with her. He lay on top of her, still kissing as one hand stroked a tit and the other stroked her cunt, making sure it was wet. He guided his schlong into her ready hole, the big organ filling her as it slid in. Bree moaned, loving the sensation of big boy dick in her, it was the best thing in the world and she wished she'd discovered it earlier. Jayden was moving over her, his hands planted on both sides, his palms pressing down on the expensive fabric as he rose and fell.

"Good boy Jayden, give me that huge whopper," the redhead said as she shoved down into her. He was moving with an urgency, going faster and faster into her as he worked up his rhythm. His head was bouncing between her bouncing boobs, stuck between the cleavage so she could feel the scratch of his hard cornrows at them. His ass went up and down as he went faster. Bree wrapped her legs around him, letting them piston up and down to his rhythm. He panted and thrust, shoving himself all the way in her.

They changed position, so that he was sitting on the sofa and she straddled him, kneeling on her knees with her feet pointing towards the television. Up and down his huge schlong she went, this time it was her managing the pace, but they still went fast and hard. Jayden licked and kissed at her swinging mammaries as she rode him, his small hands gripping her ass cheeks.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moaned, tossing her red hair back, "Make me cum."

His large schlong poked upwards, going all the way in her dripping funhole.

"Oh yes," he moaned as he shot his hot jizm into her.

She panted and went down, lowering herself onto his lap and just for a moment letting his slender legs take her weight as his cock slowly shrank within her. She leant forward and kissed, "Jayden you were magnificent."

"You were fun as well," he beamed back as she slipped off him. They kissed again, the redhead Mom and black boy finding renewed joy in each other's mouths. Their hands touched thigh and waist and stomach, gently brushing and caressing the flesh as they came down from their high. Then they lay together naked on the sofa, happy and relaxed and watched some cartoons of people fighting each other, which Bree didn't understand, but Jayden did.

After it was over Bree turned to her naked young lover. "Why don't you get washed and get to bed. I'll tidy up down here and join you in a few minutes."

"OK," he replied and went up the stairs.

Bree tidied up, putting the melted ice-cream and flat coca-cola down the sink and the bowl and glass in the dish washer. She folded Jayden's clothes and put them on the table for tomorrow, her own panties she dropped in the laundry basket and the dress she folded up and put in a bag ready to take to the dry cleaners. That done she went up and cleaned her teeth, defoliated her skin and brushed her red hair before going to her bedroom.

She opened the door. Jayden was already in the bed. He'd propped up one of the pillows and was sitting comfortably against it, his slender naked chest visible above the covers. He beamed happily as Bree walked sexily in, lust literally written on her face. She pulled back the silk sheets and exposed his large erect member. She got on the bed and crawled over to it, leaning on her hands and knees next to the massive penis. She kissed it, pecking her lips up and down the shaft. Jayden beamed happily, looking down as her as smothered his member with her lovely kisses.

"I love this cock, it's so big," she tittered between kisses. Her mouth went down to his balls, kissing the orbs and touching them with her tongue. He grinned widely, his teeth shining. Bree kissed his cock again and gave it a cheeky lick, before looking up so she could see his face, "You've taken me front, do you want to take me back as well?"

"In the poophole?" he asked excitedly and she nodded her confirmation as he eagerly said, "Yes."

"Let me get this cock nice and wet so it will slide in," said Bree. She licked it all over and then slid her mouth over it, running up and down the cock. Her wet mouth slathered all over the massive dick, swallowing it as deep as she could and making sure it was soaked with her spit. At the same time she as the dong was so large she didn't want to leave it entirely to lubricant so even as she was swallowing the dick she was using a small dildo on her back hole and making sure it was eased and prepped for the large cock that was going to come (and cum). She was soon ready, not wanting to make Jayden cum in her mouth from her over exuberant sucking when her butthole was aching for dong. She lifted her head, "You want to fuck my asshole now?"

"Yes," he grinned, "I love ass."

"I love being fucked in it as well," tittered Bree. She swiveled round onto her back and pulled her legs up and back as far as she could. Her young lover moved on top of the athletic porn star Mom, holding his prick and guiding it to her shitter. She gasped out as his large black dick entered her brown hole, spreading it out as he shoved.

"I'm in," he said needlessly. He gripped her legs and shoved, pressing his cock down her shitter.

"Oh, oh," Bree moaned as her anus was penetrated. With his expertise at fucking poopholes it didn't take long for Jayden to work up a powerful rhythm. His large schlong pumped down her hole, vanishing deep within it. He leaned over her, his hands down next to her waist and went in and out of the tight entrance.

"Oh," Bree groaned again. She loved having her butt banged, but she was glad she hadn't done it straight away - it was certainly worth the wait. Her young lover was filling the hole and fucking it so well that she was cumming with every shove. She rubbed her wet pussy, "Come on Jayden, oh, oh, make me cum."

"Your butthole is so tight, I could fuck it forever," he grunted as he pushed.

It was so good she hoped he would, "Oh, oh, oh, make it yours Jayden, fuck it open."

He was in a rhythm again, thrusting quickly at her hole, each time going in as deep as his prick could go and totally filling her ass so it was stretched. He panted as he did, his teeth gritted together as he pumped her hole hard. She cried out as his vigor made her cum, her hand rubbed harder at her soaked front hole. "Oh, oh, oh," she groaned as she was slammed.

Jayden was panting, but still going at her like a rocket. Her pooper was aching with the pummeling, but it was so worth it. She loved anal from young boys, especially cock-experts, who knew what they were doing and Jayden was a prime example of that breed. His humungous sized dick widened her with every thrust and made her ache and cum. His small hands were all over her as he fucked, his chest lying on her back for support. She could smell him and feel his sweat as body rubbed at hers. "Oh, oh, you're so good, oh, oh."

He came without warning, his cum in her back hole, filling the battered receptacle with his spunk. He pulled out and collapsed on the bed. Bree lay down beside him, kissing him passionately, her naked body against his. She could hardly remember a date this fun.


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