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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 15 (FFfff+,anal,inc)
by LL

If you've read my previous adventures you'll know about my neighbour Dylan,
her confused sexuality and how Danielle and I straightened her out (well,
straightened may not be the right word, now I think about it). In the last
couple of weeks we've been making sure that Dylan gets lots of practice in,
and I have to say under my expert tuition (with some help from Danielle),
she really has improved and can munch pussy almost to my standard.

I've also noticed during out sex sessions with Dylan that Mom has also
started popping in with iced-tea and sandwiches, which would be very
considerate if you didn't realise how awful tasting they were (how anyone
can ruin a peanut butter on a couple of slices of bread beats me). If I had
a suspicious nature I could believe that Mom was trying to get an eyeful of
our teenage neighbour in the buff.

After one of our marathons we were sitting under the watchful eye of Mom,
trying to avoid eating. There was silence whilst Mom tried to coax us into
having another sandwich, when luckily Danielle had a brainwave (a sentence
I never thought I would be able to write without laughing) and changed to
the topic of conversation to her upcoming eighteenth.

She had been dropping hints about for quite a while (from the day after her
seventeenth if memory serves), but now decided to bring it out of the
closet. Bree had agreed to a fancy dress party, followed by an orgy. Mom
stopped ogling Dylan's naked baps as Danielle outlined the different
thoughts about what to wear (or not wear in one or two examples).

Luckily she mentioned, before Mom exploded with jealousy, that Mom would be
invited. The `Great Cheerleader Lick-out' had been a resounding success and
several of the team had coyly asked whether there might be a repeat

"Will Charlie be there?" Mom asked, "I never got a chance to go for her
last time." She looked at me accusingly, as did Danielle (which as she too
had cheated, was a choice bit of hypocrisy).

"All the cheerleaders will," responded Danielle, after she finished staring
at me.

"I'll have to think what to wear - any ideas Dylan?" said Mom. She can be
so transparent.

* * *

The day of the fancy-dress party arrived. I'd been preparing for a while and
had made out up a rather fetching `Little Red Riding Hood Costume'. After
thinking about it a while I had come to the conclusion that skipping through
the woods on a summer day, would be very warm. So Red Riding Hood would have
gone for a minimal costume, of a short red cape, which reached down to the
small of my back, a very short skirt which exposed my (red) panties and a
tight top, which nicely exploited my developing cleavage.

Mom on the other hand, had decided to go for her naughty Catholic schoolgirl
uniform, complete with plaits and painted on freckles.

We had just finished completing when the doorbell rang. I opened it and let
in Dylan. She whistled appreciatively, "Which superhero are you, then?"

"Little Red Riding Hood," I corrected her. She was dressed as a nurse, though
as she'd changed at home there were some adjustments in order.

I opened a few more buttons and helped her plump out her titties a bit
more, and then made her put on some suspenders and change her pumps into
high-heels. She did mention that whenever she'd been to hospital she'd
never seen a nurse dress like this, but I ignored her complaints - I can
be načve, but Dylan is even worse than I am.

Bree had asked Mom to bring a few things over and I waited, whilst Mom packed
the bag. For the record the few things we brought were four strap-ons, two
normal dildos, one massive twelve incher (with appropriate girth) and five
double-enders. Oh, and some nachos. We saw Katherine's car head out the drive
before heading across to Danielle's house.

Opening the door, she kissed us all on the our cheeks, "Superwoman?" she
asked me. "Little Red Riding Hood," I responded tartly.

Danielle herself had decided to go primeval and was dressed as a cavewoman.
A strip of fake fur was clad across her body, just about covering her pussy,
ass and one tit, leaving the other to bounce free enticingly.

The first few party-goers had already arrived and were dressed in a variety
of costumes, including a sexy bride, a semi-naked pirate, another nurse and
a full length dress whose skirt stuck out about three feet held in place by
a crimoline (that was Charlie, who seemed to have missed the group-sex part
of a fancy-dress orgy).

I walked into the kitchen where Bree, dressed in a full-length business
suit, was setting out some vol-au-vents. Okay, I lied about the business
suit. Bree had gothed herself up, her hair was spiked up, and she wasn't
wearing anything above her short leather skirt. Well, except for a chain
threaded between two nipple rings.

On one arms was a tattoo of a dragon, which was wrapped round a topless
maiden and seemed about to do something unspeakable with it's tail. On her
chest was another tattoo, this one of naked woman lying legs agape. I
pointed at it, "Are they real?"

Bree looked at me as if I'd gone mad; "It's fancy dress - not self mutilation
day. They're fake."

I lightly flicked one of her nipple rings, "Well those are real," I

Bree grinned, "It's not the only place I've got pierced." And to show me she
lifted up the leather skirt, to show me her nude twat, complete with a little
silver ring snipped through her lips. "It's supposed to increase arousal. I
haven't had time to test it yet."

I like to think my helpful personality shines through in situations like
this. So I dropped to my knees and went down. Normally I'd tease for a bit
first, but I had a sneaking feeling I might have a lot of girls to go
through tonight, so I started to lap at the ring and lips it was threaded

Bree dropped her skirt, so that it half covered my head, and started to lean
on my shoulders. From her moans and shrieks I guessed that the ring was doing
it's job perfectly. Soon she was leaking juice, which together with my saliva
gave the ring a slippery feel. It was obviously high quality though, as I
couldn't taste even the slightest trace of a metallic zing.

I brought Bree to a monster orgasm, before sliding my head away and going
to munch on the vol-au-vents. The pussy juice I'd just swallowed gave the
appetisers a certain tasty flavour.

The party was in full swing by the time I'd finished eating. Music was
coming from the living room, where Danielle and her Mom seemed to be having
a battle over the precise volume. A couple of the girls were sipping away
at the dozen or so bottles of beer that Bree had allowed. I went and got
myself some coke (as in cola not the illegal narcotic) and looked around
for Mom.

At first I couldn't see her, then a shriek from Charlie's direction made me
look her way (I'd never heard her so loud before). Beneath her dress a pair
of feet, stuck out and I could make out the outline of the back of her head.
Even as I watched Charlie squealed again, and seconds later a dishevelled
looking Mom appeared, wiping her mouth. Perhaps Charlie's dress wasn't such
a bad idea.

I went over to Mom's bag, which was still unopened, and got out the nachos,
which I poured into an empty bag. I snacked on them for a few minutes, and
looked around. Various cheerleaders were starting to pair off, and I decided
that party was hotting up enough for the toys and poured them onto the table.
It didn't take long for Bree to add some from her own collection.

I removed my red panties and picked up my favourite strap-on (the one which
has a little knob to tickle my own clit as I use it). Slipping it on, I
walked over to Dylan who was shyly sipping at some lemonade.

I put my hand on ass and rubbed at her cheeks, beneath the uniform I could
feel she was still wearing underwear. Moving my hand under the skirt I soon
removed that disability, and continued to massage her tush - though now
with no material in the way.

I leant over and whispered in her ear, "Ready for your first anal adventure,"
I slid a finger over her back hole as I did so, feeling her jump in shock.

She blushed, but nodded.

I tapped Mom on the shoulder; she was kneeling in front of me with her head
between the birthday girl's legs. She reluctantly pulled her head away and
almost cracked her jaw against the rod I was shaking in her face.

"I don't suppose you could wet this could you Mommy?" I asked. Mom's a
sucker for my little girl voice (literally in this case) and opening her
mouth started to slurp at the cock. Danielle gave me a look, but Billie had
been waiting for her chance, and with Mom otherwise occupied, replaced her
in slipping tongue down Danielle's cunt.

Whilst Mom was lubricating the cock I turned and positioned Dylan so that
she was leaning on the sofa, with her dress pulled up her back. I started
to lightly prod my finger into her ass, making sure it was nice and ready.
Once I was happy the dildo was well prepared I withdrew it from Mom's

With one hand I steadied myself against Dylan's hip, whilst with the other
I pried apart her ass-cheeks and gently lowered myself in. From Dylan's
sudden exclamation she felt it rubbing inside her. It was a snug fit, and I
had to work it slowly for a few minutes until I was sure her hole was
expanded enough for a nice reaming.

I always like an ass-fuck (you may have noticed). And it is especially
enjoyable when your partner doesn't just lie back (or lean forward), but
takes an active part. At first Dylan was as still as a statue, apart from a
few moans. But as she got used to the strange feeling, she began to move
more energetically, clasping her butt cheeks together to keep it tight.

I removed my hands from her hips. One went upward and fiddled with her
buttons, until I undid her shirt. Slipping down the bra I felt her titties
come free, and bounced beneath her. With my other hand I slipped down to
her pussy and began to lightly run my fingers over her clit lips.

Dylan was soon shouting like an express train, and as the dildo plug rubbed
against my own clit I too began to moan loudly. Dylan came first, but I
decided that as it was her first time we shouldn't stop (and anyway I could
feel myself on the verge), so I continued to whack away.

When she came the second time it was pretty much simultaneous with me, and
we screamed in unison, like a pair of Opera Divas as the curtain goes up.

Breathing heavily I dragged my cock out of Dylan's hole and stepped back.
Turning I saw Mom was beside me, and she too had equipped herself with a
strap-on. She spoke to Dylan; "Can I come in?"

Dylan nodded greedily, and Mom followed me in entering her back door. I was
feeling peckish so left them too it and went into the kitchen.

I stepped over Danielle and Lisa and tucked into the trifle. As I ate I
watched Danielle fulfil her hunger on Lisa's freshly shaved twat. Lisa had
been dressed as a naughty maid, but the only bit of her costume still on
was a the lacy black bra. And as I watched her titties thrust against the
material I mused that this might soon be off. Once I devoured the dessert I
positioned myself behind Danielle and guided my strap-on into her pussy.

They say that men can only concentrate on one task, whilst women can
multi-task. If that's the definition of gender; Danielle is male. As soon as
I entered her she moved her head away from Lisa's damp slit and began to bang
against me in time with my thrusts. With me pushing her head back down and
Lisa dragging at her we got Danielle back into place. She kept moaning
between licks, but when she did manage to get her tongue between the lips,
she was going deep.

As soon as Lisa came Danielle took that as sign to stop, and Lisa pulled
herself away. In turn she managed to get herself between me and Danielle,
and with her tongue started to compete for Danielle's attention. From the
increased thrashing I guessed Danielle wasn't complaining. I increased my
speed and finished Danielle off, she collapsed forward onto the floor, and
I left Lisa giving her undivided attention.

Wiping my forehead I returned to the main room, to sit down and watch
what was going on. Mom had finished with Dylan and was lying on the floor
sixty-nining with Charlie (who had removed her dress and was now just
wearing a pantyless corset and suspenders).

Dylan had also moved, though into a more adventurous pose. She was squatting
over Jenny; one of my double-enders thrust deep within them both. Behind her
Annalise was thrusting a strap-on up her ass. I sat down on the sofa to watch
Dylan's first DP. Bree, who had lost her skirt at some point, soon joined me.
And judging my the smudged lipstick, and drying juice on her face she had
been having some fun somewhere.

I nodded towards Dylan, "She's quite the pro - isn't she?"

Bree nodded, "She could do with a few technical pointers - but ten out of
ten for effort." From Bree, that was quite a compliment.

Suddenly our view was blocked as Danielle tottered in and sat between us.
She lay her head on my tittie for a few seconds and I could feel her tongue
slip out and begin to lick round my nipple bud. I gave a slight moan to show
my appreciation and Danielle, aware she now had my attention broke away.

"I want to be fucked again," she whined at me. I noticed that her hand was
slipping behind her back and was stroking at her Mom to make sure that she
too was concentrating on Danielle.

"Okay," I nodded and Danielle got up to lower her ass onto my cock. I began
to lightly rock, as Bree got up and searched through the toys on the table.
Before I got too intimate with her daughter, Bree had returned, a strap-on
in place. Recently the three of us had been practising plenty, so I didn't
need to stop, just using my hands to guide Bree into position.

Unlike Dylan, Danielle had been coached in the best techniques and we soon
got into an energetic, albeit tiring, rhythm. With the weight of both Bree
and Danielle, my strap-on was thrusting hard against within my pussy. Bree's
juice began to trickle down, intermix with her daughters and then flow
between Danielle's leg to merge with my own liquid.

I grappled with Danielle's tits, as her Mom started to French kiss her.
Danielle's was silent as she explored her Mom's mouth, but I could tell from
her shudders that she was enjoying herself as much as I was.

She came first, but myself and Bree kept her in position until we were both
sated. Breathing heavily Danielle finally heaved herself off me and dropped
onto the sofa. All around us, the others were also reaching exhausted
satisfaction (except for Charlie and Mom - who looked like they could stay
between each other's thighs all night).

Standing up Bree headed to the kitchen, I wrapped an arm round Danielle and
rested my head on her shoulder. I was reinvigorated when Bree returned,
with a birthday cake and eighteen lighted candles. I love chocolate sponge,
and Bree is a wizard with icing.

* * *

From the shower I could hear Mom singing. I lay in her bed, still exhausted
from the previous night's fun. On the bedside cabinet was a lesbian contact
magazine Mom had bought a few days ago.

I stretched over and picked it up. It was best to make sure Mom was still
keeping up high standards. I flicked through the pages, glancing at the
adverts Mom had ringed. They seemed alright.

I turned to the last page and looked at the final one Mom had noted

`Busty twenty-five year old - looking for older woman into water-sports' I
was slightly surprised Mom was showing an interest in that one - I'd never
known her show much interest in swimming.

But then my eye was drawn to the advert next to it. Underneath the picture
was the text `Single submissive Mom - looking for teen to dominate her.'

But it was the picture that drew me. The woman was naked, with one draped
coyly across her chest, whilst her other hand kept her naked pussy covered.
There was a small black square over her face, but even so I could make out
the shape and see her mouth posed in a pout. I looked again just to make
sure I was seeing right.

If it wasn't Katherine Mayfair, she had a twin.
_ _ _

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