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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 11 (fff)
by LL

When I was little I'd been best friends with Dylan Mayfair. And now she'd
returned to Wisteria Lane it didn't take long to fall back in with her. She
hadn't changed much, though her hair was now styled, she wore cosmetics and
her tits had expanded quite nicely.

I don't keep secret the fact that I'm a girl who likes girls, but I don't
blare it from the rooftops. I leave that to Danielle and as she was dropping
her Mom at the airport this morning, my sexuality hadn't come up as I walked
Dylan to her first day at our school.

I had assumed Dylan was straight (the odds being that some one in Wisteria
Lane had to be), but as we entered the gates I saw Dylan give an admiring
glance to Miss Honeywell (who despite her name and attractive looks is quite
possibly the most evil teacher in the school - she never picks me no matter
how hard I put up my hand with the answer).

I gave Dylan a quizzical look and she must have realised that I had seen, as
she blushed, and muttered something about not always being sure whether she
was interested in boys. I replied that I was sure that confusion was
temporary, (though neglecting to say that my plan was the confusion would be
cleared by showing her the path to lesbian light). I took her to the
Principal's office and left to go to class.

* * *

Bree is away for a week with her local chapter of American Wives and Mothers
for Families Values group. By the sound of it the break consisted of a
mixture of lectures on why abortion was evil and blasting away at targets
with a variety of weaponry which was illegal in most states.

This meant that Danielle was staying with me and Mom for the week. After the
cheerleader slumber party Danielle had organised a few weeks ago her Mom
didn't trust her to be home alone. Not only had Danielle neglected to wash
the dishes, but there had been a wine stain left on the carpet.

Not that I was complaining, and neither was Danielle after Mom had said that
it would be okay if we shared a room. Well, it cut down on the laundry.

After we did our homework (or rather I did our homework whilst Danielle
gossiped to my Mom), Danielle and I watched a bit of TV, before going up to
my room. From the look on Mom's face I think she was regretting the 'no sex
on school nights' rule. Still it was her fault; I'd have quite happily fucked
during the week as well.

Whilst we went to bed early, we didn't go to sleep straight away and played
a few games. Obviously these games involved nudity, tongues, fingers, a
double-ended dildo and a strap-on going where the sun doesn't shine.

As Danielle lay naked in my arms afterwards I filled her in on the gossip on
the confused sexuality of our newest neighbour (if you can say newest about
someone who first wore diapers in the same house she is now). Danielle gave
a wicked smirk which told me she was thinking along the same wavelength as

"Didn't your Mom say she was out on Wednesday?" she asked.

I confirmed that Mom had said exactly that.

"Wouldn't it be a good idea to get Dylan over on Wednesday," she continued.

I agreed that as good neighbours it was important we showed how friendly we
were and what could be more neighbourly that helping Dylan settle in with an
evening of homework tuition.

Danielle's smile got wider, "I wasn't thinking of studying."

I then had to explain that neither was I. And to ram home the point I went
to work on Danielle's pussy.

* * *

"Bye, girls," Mom waved me and Danielle farewell as Dylan walked up the path.

We all waved back and I let Dylan into the house. "Where's your Mom going?"
she asked.

"She's got a date," I replied.

Dylan took off her bag, containing her school books and put it sown next to
the table, "That's a coincidence; so's my Mom."

Danielle, not wanting to feel left out, said, "So has Charlie."

"Must be something in the water," Dylan grinned, "Love is in the air."

"Probably just sex," I responded - I hate it when people start getting
romantic about screwing.

Kindly Mom had agreed not to cook before she went out, which a) meant that
none of us suffered from food poisoning and b) allowed me to experiment with
Bree's Chicken in Taragon and Cream sauce. I blushed as Danielle and Dylan
complimented me on my dinner, saying it was almost as good as their Mom's.
High praise indeed if you've eaten anything prepared by Bree or Katherine.

We then settled down to do our homework. This part of the plan didn't go
quite as planned. Danielle was more than happy to give me her books and
settle down in front of the television, but selfishly Dylan kept telling me
that she was happy to do her own German translation. I hope she's not so
self-centred in bed (it's bad enough with Danielle).

Study finished Dylan and I joined Danielle on the sofa. I was just planning
on the best way to get to Dylan's jugs when Danielle spoke up, "Dylan, have
you ever watched any porn?"

There was an immediate flush of red on Dylan's cheeks, "With my Mom? She'd
sniff it out as soon as I brought it in the house."

Danielle went over to where Mom kept our porn DVD's, plucked one out at
random and put it the player. After a few seconds of bluescreen a couple of
young women appeared on screen, before swiftly disrobing themselves and
getting down into a series of passionate positions.

As the film continued I stole a quick look at Dylan. She was staring at
the screen entranced, her hands clasped in her lap. I looked at the screen
again - the first woman was gorging on her partner's chest.

I took another look at Dylan. Her mouth was open and the look on her face
suggested that she was overcoming any confusion quite happily. I slipped my
hand across and opened a few button's on her shirt. Dylan briefly looked
down, to see what I was doing, before returning enraptured to the scene
where one of the women slid a dildo into her friend's pussy.

Encouraged by Dylan's lack of concern I moved my hand beneath her shirt. Her
puppies were covered by a lacy bra. That, however, didn't present an obstacle
and I slid my hand beneath the material and started to fondle her right tit.
They were certainly large.

Dylan let out a small moan. Danielle, who had been concentrating on the film,
turned to see what had caused this. And on discovering it was me gave me a
scowl. I guess I should have waited until she was ready - but that's what you
get for conning me out of $20.

Danielle decided that the movie could wait and undid the rest of Dylan's
button's pulling the shirt aside, so the lace-covered tits were exposed. As
I continued to grapple with Dylan's right tit, Danielle pulled down the
material covering the left.

The bosom bounced out and Danielle bent down and started to suckle at the
nipple. Dylan groaned and closed her eyes - visual stimulation is never as
good as the real thing. I decided to follow Danielle's lead and moved my
head closer to Dylan's chest, before taking the mammary in my mouth and
starting to suck.

Of course this left my hands free, and what is a girl to do in this
situation? Well, one solution is to use this freedom to start undoing your
target's jeans. Which is what I did.

Danielle had the same idea and between us it was easy to slide the jeans down
so that only a pair of very, very small panties was covering Dylan's snatch.
Taking my eyes away from the tit for a second I looked down. Through the
transparent material I could see that Katherine Mayfair might not like porn,
but she had no problem with her daughter keeping her pussy trimmed.

Returning my face to the tit, my hand slipped beneath the material of the
knickers and began to rub against Dylan's quim lips. It wasn't long before I
realised I had competition.

Now in the theory of capitalism competition is good as it makes firms produce
better products at cheaper prices and this means the consumer benefits. Now
if Dylan was the consumer and Danielle and I were the firms and the benefit
was sexual pleasure the same principle applied from our fingers. Dylan
groaned as me and Danielle, slipped a finger each into her slit and competed
on who could produce the most satisfaction.

It's hard to tell who won (Dylan probably, as she was the one who came), but
soon the twat was leaking like a melting fridge, and Dylan was moaning and
straining under our two pronged sexual assault.

I broke my head away; "Shall we go upstairs?" I asked. Dylan just moaned
again and Danielle just slurped. I can tell when I'm beat, so I leant over
Danielle's ear and whispered quite what we could do in my bedroom. Danielle's
head came back so suddenly she almost knocked me over.

Dylan looked at the two of us with a glazed look on her face. Danielle
helpfully pulled her jeans the rest of the way down and then we both helped
her up. Putting our arms round her hips we guided her to my room.

We sat Dylan on the bed and she had recovered enough to unhook her bra, which
had fallen beneath her titties anyway and wasn't covering anything. She
stretched out her legs and I gallantly removed her panties. With a whirl I
tossed them so they landed on my bedside lamp.

"It's not fair," Dylan grinned wickedly, "You're both still dressed."

Me and Danielle looked at each other. Dylan did have a point. I slowly undid
my own shirt, letting it fall to the ground. Then I turned and waggled my ass
at Dylan and slowly slipped out of my trousers. Dylan whistled as she took in
my ass, barely covered by the thong I was wearing. Without turning round I
took that down too, giving Dylan a clear look.

Once I was satisfied she'd got a proper eyeful I turned round and let her
get a good sight of my shaven slit. Danielle was already undressed and lying
naked next to Dylan, she too seemed to enjoy the show.

I let them stare for a few moments longer, standing with my hands on my hips.
Finally I unclasped my bra and sent that whizzing through the air to join
Dylan's panties.

"Danielle, could you spread Dylan's legs for me," I asked. Danielle complied
and I knelt down and started to lick at Dylan's labia. I could hear Dylan
moaning and then the sound of Danielle's mouth going in hard against her
tits. As Dylan's pussy began to soak nicely I guessed she was enjoying the
two's up.

Feeling I'd done enough teasing, I started to dip my tongue into her slot,
increasing both the wetness and the moaning. With my normal cunt licking
skill I went to work on Dylan's clit. I think it's important that your first
lesbian licking is special, so I put all my wiles to work.

With my tongue smacking technique and Danielle's less refined (but still
enjoyable) snacking Dylan was soon in a state of sexual frenzy, screaming
and crying as the orgasms started to really hit home. I guess any confusion
has been vanquished - another victory for the light side.

I didn't want to be too selfish, though and once I had my fill of juicy pussy
I pulled away. Danielle removed her head from Dylan's bosom and replaced me
on the floor. I went over to my sex-toy drawer and pulled out a small dildo.

I moved behind Dylan and kissed her neck. With my spare hand I started to
fondle the breast Danielle hadn't been feasting on, and started to slide the
dildo into my own hole.

Danielle has obviously been picking up some hints over the last few weeks, as
her twat licking skills have massively increased. Whilst not as good as mine,
Dylan seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

I didn't want to wank myself to completion, though. Just enough to give
Dylan a head start when she ate her first pussy. Once I was pleasured, but
not overdone I dropped the dildo on the bed and pulled Dylan into a lying
position. Danielle paused for a second as Dylan rearranged her legs so that
they lay on Danielle's shoulders and then went back to slurping.

I lay myself forward and carefully arranged it so that my pussy was over
Dylan's mouth. It meant that I was near enough to get a good close up of
Danielle's beavering away, which did nothing to dispel my horniness.

I was just starting to wonder whether Dylan had got the hint, however, when
I felt her tongue in my slot. She wiggled it, and then withdrew it. I waited
a few seconds and then her tongue returned, lapping enthusiastically, if not
artfully. It took her a while to find the clit (the tease!), but when she did
it was worth the wait.

I gave a sigh of contentment. This broke Danielle from her munching and our
lips touched as she kissed me. Soon our tongues were exploring each other's
lips and mouths. I could taste the juice of Dylan and I savoured the flavour
as my tongue rolled over Danielle's face.

Now Dylan had got into her stride I could feel the waves coming. I began to
moan and tremble. I could feel juices running from my pussy, and knew that
they would be going down Dylan's throat. I gave a cry as an intense orgasm
almost lifted me bodily in the air.

Dylan, being an amateur, thought this was enough. I pulled myself off her;
I'd have to explain later ‘once is never enough'. But I don't want to
overload her with too many lessons on her first go.

Once again Danielle replaced me. I went over to my drawer and got out my
favourite strap-on. As I pulled it up I hungrily watched as Dylan and
Danielle sixty-nined at each other.

I walked over and moved Danielle's head. With all the attention it had been
getting Dylan's pussy was well lubricated and my strap-on glided in like a
dream. Dylan gave a gasp as her virginity was taken and I began to slide in
and out. Danielle grinned wickedly at me, "I hope they'll be some left for
me," she said.

"If you're good," I smiled back.

Dylan had forgotten about Danielle's slot now as my rod probed her pussy.
Instead she was giving little muffled shrieks. Her back arched and her head
pushed deep into my bed. "Ohhhh, Julie. Fuck me. You're the best."

Not that she had anyone to compare me to.

Still I redoubled my efforts slamming the rubber against her clit, leading
her to further flights of ecstasy. I gave her an orgasm, paused, and then
restarted. Danielle sat crossed-legged beside us, looking a picture of
innocence (as innocent as you can be when naked, fiddling with your cunt
and with pussy juice dribbling down your chin) and waiting patiently for
me to finish.

I gave Dylan another orgasm and she cried out in pleasure. Leaving her
panting I withdrew. "Okay, your turn," I said to Danielle.

"Goodie," went Danielle and lay down on the bed, legs apart. I jammed the
soaking strap-on between her legs and started to do my press-ups. Danielle's
legs went up and over, straddling my hips and pushing me deeper. I wasn't
complaining, especially as her pelvic thrusts were in tune with my own,
allowing me to go deeper and slamming the top of the strap-on against my own

Danielle's moans got louder and she thrashed on the bed, disturbing the
sheets even more than they had been before. The first orgasm was easy; deep
and fast. For the second I was tiring. So Danielle and I went for a more
leisurely screw. Dylan helped by slipping her hand between us and playfully
tweaking at my nipples.

I could tell Danielle was about to climax, and I speeded up for the last
couple of thrusts before Danielle let out a yelp of triumph, as she came
yet again.

Exhausted I pulled back the covers and slipped into my bed.

"Are you two joining me?" I asked.

Neither needed a second invitation and soon I had a sexy teen on each side.

I drifted off to sleep for a few minutes, but was woken by the door swinging
inwards. I opened my eyes and looked at Mom. She grinned at the three of us,
"I take it you had fun tonight?"

Me and Danielle replied in the affirmative. Dylan just looked terrified - I
guess she hadn't realised how liberal Mom is.

"Okay girls, I'll see you tomorrow. Night." Mom shut the door.

"Wow, your Mom is so cool," said Dylan, when she'd recovered the power of
speech, "Mine would have hit the roof."

"She's a lesbian herself," I replied.

Dylan sighed wistfully, "You're so lucky. If only my Mom had a fucking like
tonight she'd be a lot more relaxed."

I kissed Dylan on the cheek and closed my eyes; that sounded like a


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